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open door

open door

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Published by Pam Perry

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Published by: Pam Perry on Mar 12, 2011
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Getting thoughts from your heart to paper is a most
exigent and arduous task. The laborious struggle of
a writer is only softened and eased by the family of
precious individuals that support him. I am thankful
for such a family.

First to God — your mercy, grace and favor still
amaze me. Thank you for this chance at life. To the
love of my life, Deborah, you are not only my wife, but
my best friend. Thank you for your prayers. To my
precious daughter, Brittany and my new inspiration
and grandson, Malachi, thanks for having patience
with me. To all of my family, I truly love you.

To the excellent and hard working editorial team of
Lori Brooks, Nichelle Gardner, James Gillis, Janelle
Gillis, Towanna Hinton, Tamara Jones, Vanita King,
Christine Mallory and Shenell Shepard. Thank
you once again for your continual support. To the
membership of Harvest Life Changers Church and the
Lyle and Deborah Dukes Ministries partners, thank
you for your prayers and support.

Lyle Dukes


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