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101 Ways to Promote Your Real Estate Web Site

101 Ways to Promote Your Real Estate Web Site

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Published by: pap71 on Mar 12, 2011
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If you are sending a fairly large amount of data, you might want to send it as an
attached file to your e-mail message. However, only include an e-mail attach-
ment if the recipient is expecting it. You would never consider going to someone’s
home, letting yourself in, finding your way into their living room, and then
leaving your brochure on the coffee table. However, people do the online equiva-
lent of this when they send an unsolicited attachment. The attachment is sent
across the Internet to the recipient’s computer and is downloaded and stored on
the computer’s hard drive. This is considered quite rude and, in most cases, is

Also, unless the recipient of your e-mail is aware of the file size and is expect-
ing it, don’t send an attachment that is larger than 50K. Although your Internet
connection might be a cable modem or a T1 line, and a 3 MB file is sent in
seconds, the person who is receiving your message and attachment might be using
an old 14.4 Kbps modem and a slow machine. If you send a 3 MB file, it might
take the person with the 14.4 Kbps modem two hours to download the file. Need-
less to say, he or she won’t be too pleased. Yes, there are still people on dial-up.
Another factor to consider when sending an unsolicited attachment is that
the attachment you are sending might be incompatible with the operating sys-
tem or the software on the recipient’s system. You might be using a different

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platform (Mac/PC) or different operating system, and the recipient might not
be able to open and read your file. Even PC to PC or Mac to Mac, the recipient
might not be able to open and view the attachment if that particular program is
not installed on his or her machine. Someone using an old version of Corel
WordPerfect might not be able to read a Microsoft Word 2007 document sent
as an attachment. Thus, you have wasted your time sending the file and the
recipient’s time downloading the file.
Finally, it is a well-known fact that e-mail attach-
ments can act as carriers for computer viruses. Many
people will not open anything with an attachment, even
if it is from someone they know, unless they have specifi-
cally requested a file. You might unknowingly send some-
one an attachment with a virus, and even if the file you
send is virus-free, you could still take the blame if recipi-
ents find a virus on their system, just because you sent them an attachment.
Basically, avoid sending e-mail attachments of any type unless you have the
recipient’s permission. Be mindful of the size of the file you intend to send,
compatibility with other platforms, and computer viruses. One alternative to
sending a large attachment is to post the file on a Web server, and in your e-mail
message direct users to a URL from which they can download the file.

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