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101 Ways to Promote Your Real Estate Web Site

101 Ways to Promote Your Real Estate Web Site

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Published by: pap71 on Mar 12, 2011
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Once you have found e-zines that reach your target market, you should consider
a number of other factors before you make a final decision on placing your ad.

• Check the ads displayed in the e-zine for repetition. If advertisers have
not advertised more than once, then they probably did not see very posi-
tive results.

• Respond to some of the ads and ask the advertisers what their experi-
ences were with advertising in that particular e-zine. Be sure to tell them
who you are and why you are contacting them. If you are up front, they
will probably be receptive to your inquiry.

• Talk to the e-zine publisher and ask questions (e.g., how many subscrib-
ers there are). Ask what other advertisers have had to say about their
results. Find out what types of ads they accept and if there are any
restrictions. Check to see if the publisher has a policy of never running
competing ads. Maybe the e-zine has a set of advertising policies that
you can receive via e-mail.

• Find out if the publisher provides tracking information and, if so, what
specific reports you will have access to.

• Find out if your ad can have a hyperlink to your Web site. If the e-zine
allows hyperlinks, make sure you link to an effective page one that is
a continuation of the advertisement or a page that provides details on
what you are advertising.

• In some cases e-zines have an editorial calendar available to assist you
with the timing of your ad. The editorial calendar will tell you what
articles will be included in upcoming issues. If an upcoming issue will
have an article relating to your types of real estate listings or services or
your geographic location, you could choose to advertise in that issue.
You might contact the editor regarding a review of the services you offer
or submit an article relevant to the issue topics.

• Make sure that the advertising rates are reasonable based on the num-
ber of subscribers, and ask yourself if you can afford it. Find out the
“open” rate, or the rate charged for advertising once in the e-zine. Ask

250 101 Ways To Promote Your Real Estate Web Site (realestate.maxpress.com)

what the rate is for multiple placements. If you are not in a position to
pay for the advertising now, ask if there are other arrangements that
could be made. For example, the publisher might accept a link on your
Web site in exchange for the ad.

• Develop your ads with your target customer in mind. They should at-
tract your best prospects. Wherever possible, you should link to your
site or provide an e-mail link to the right individual within your real
estate organization.

• Develop a mechanism to track advertising responses. You could use dif-
ferent e-mail accounts for different ads to determine which ads are bring-
ing you the responses. You can also use different URLs to point viewers
to different pages within your site. If you have a good traffic-analysis
package, you can track the increase in visitors as a result of your ad.

• Make sure you are versed in the publication’s advertising deadlines and
ad format preferences.

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