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Published by: Sue-Anne Robinson-Silkes on Mar 12, 2011
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Alice’s Tea Party Printables

I created the following printable tags to give my daughter’s Alice and the Mad Hatter Birthday Party a custom touch. I hope you enjoy them as much as she did!

Each of the tags and labels comes in with both the spotted and striped backgrounds.

The first page contains tags which can be cut out with a 2” hole punch (you can use a scalloped or smooth edge punch), or cut along the square edge. Attached to toothpicks to use as cupcake picks. I used these for the favors also. Simply punch a hole in each tag and attached it to a cute juice bottle (drink me) and one to a jar with gumballs (eat me) with a coordinating ribbon. Printing these tags on cardstock works best. The second page contains a 4”x 4” tag that can be attached to a decorated, or painted, dowel, and stuck in an arrangement to be used as a centerpiece. The smaller 3” x 3” tags were cut out and attached to small white paper shopping bags used for the favors. They can be customized with each party guest’s name. Printing these tags on cardstock works best. The smaller labels found on the third page can be used as water bottle labels or as napkins rings. You can either laminate the labels, or cover them with clear packing tape, to make them waterproof. Printing these labels on regular paper works best. The larger labels were cut in half and used as food labels You can make them standup by gluing a folded piece of cardstock to the back of each. Printing these tags on cardstock works best.

Drink Me! Eat Me! Drink Me! Eat Me! .

Happy Birthday Happy Birthday .

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