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run play

laugh sleep

eat sing
boy girl

dog cat

bird baby
blue happy

hungry tired

excited silly
Luck of the Irish Grammar Game!

The students can create six sentences using one noun,

one adjective and one verb on the practice mat.

Attach the color coded rainbow cards to the rainbow

adjective cards, color coded birdie shamrock cards to
the birdie shamrock noun cards and the color coded
shamrock cards to the shamrock verb cards so that the
students are able to self-check.

The children can then write one of the sentences on the

worksheet and illustrate.

Sentences Cheat Sheet:

The blue bird will sing.
The happy girl will laugh.
The hungry baby will eat.
The tired boy will sleep.
The excited dog will run.
The silly cat will play.

Write your sentence.




Illustrate your sentence.

The The

The The

The The
will will

will will

will will