Business Communication Case Study

Submitted by: Mehwish Shams BBA 2K8-A

T.J. is facing a problem that many people face when working in a group. T.Js group member K.C., has copied work assigned to him from internet and has not given proper references. K.C has also not done the work properly. T.J. asked K.C. to give him the work with proper citation. This time K.C. included source in brackets at the end of copied text. Now T.J. problem is not only that his group member is involved in plagiarism his main problem is to make his group members realize that plagiarism is a serious issue. There assignment or project can not only be rejected but they can get an F grade for coping without giving references depending on their institution plagiarism policy. Advice: Firstly they should not inform the teacher. This issue should remain within the group. Informing the teacher will not help them much in fact this will create miss understandings within the group. The problem should be solved by all group members. It seems that K.C. does not know how to give proper citation, so the group members should spend few hours with him and tell him how to give proper citation. The group members should tell K.C. politely that when he copies something from the book or internet or any other source he should give reference. This will help K.C. and he will not do this mistake again. Similarly K.C. should also understand that plagiarism will not only Affect his grades but also the grades of group members. The group members should ask K.C. to start taking interest in the task assigned to him. It is quite apparent that T.J. is more worried about this issue than other group members so T.J. should talk to them as well and tell them that this is a very serious issue. As group member A said that K.C. did this before too so the group members should take this matter seriously so that K.C. would not do

this next time. In case that K.C. does the same mistake again then teacher should be informed.

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