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S Texas House of Representatives State Representative / Helen Giddings District 109 ‘August 20, 2008 ‘Governor Rick Pery State Capital, Room 28.1 ‘Austin, Texas 78701 Ms. Rissie Owens, Chair ‘Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles 8610 Shoal Creek Boulevard ‘Austin, Texas 78757 Re: Jeffrey Wood: Dear Governor Petry and Chairwoman Owens; 1 join my fellow colleagues from the Texas House of Representatives in writing to urge a review of the facts of the case and for the Board to commute Jeffrey Wood's death sentence to a life sentence. Further, I hope that you would act favorably on such a recommendation. As I am certain that you are aware, Mr. Wood is set t0 be ‘executed on August 21, 2008. Mr, Wood was convicted of capital murder under the Texas Law of Parties, It appears evident that he neither killed, nor anticipated that Daniel Earl Reneau would kill, Kris Keeran. He did not anticipate that a murder would occur and was not in the store when the murder took place. The shooter, Danny Reneau, has already been ‘executed for this crime. When asked on death row to identify the shooter, Reneau had a one-word reply, "Me." This case is similar to the case of Kenneth Foster, whose death sentence under the Law of Parties was ‘commuted by Governor Perry in 2007, ‘While Jeffrey Wood deserved to be imprisoned for his participation in the robbery, he should not be executed. T find the facts of his case, as well asthe application of the Law of Parties, to be particularly bothersome. ‘The death penalty is supposed to be reserved for the worst of the worst, It seems clear to me that Jeffrey Wood isnot a man for whom the death penalty should be applied. I respectfully request that clemency be granted, Respectfully, fled Addeng) Helen Giddings State Representative, District 109 CCommatices: Chair Business & Industy ¢ Vice Chair Mouse Administration « Higher Bien » Higher & Palle Benton Pinance, Slat PO, Box 2910 1510 N, Harpion Ste 6940 usin, Texas 78768-2910 ‘pasate, owns 75112 ‘s12565.0953 ‘Srb.234 8708 PAX: 812409:5887 Fag 8722086705

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