A presentation on Job Portal Site

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Jani Punita A. Mehta Kinjal M. Parth Joisar G. Monika Parmar P.

com ‡ It is a job portal site designed to have communication between jobseekers and recruiters. ‡ Here job seekers can upload their resumes and specify location. . ‡ And recruiters can to buy the resumes from the administrator as per his/her requirements.Introduction to Ishujobs. field where they want to work.

Features ‡ Job seeker s Area features: ± Search jobs by area. state. etc. company. country. ± Submit resume ± Make your resume from experts ± Save jobs and applications ± View and Update your profile . function.

Features ‡ Employer s Area features: ± Posting jobs and advertisements ± Manage job posts ± Browse resumes after successful payment ± Resume email alerts .

Features Administrator panel features: ± Search / List / View / Edit / Delete employer's and job seeker s accounts ± List/ view employer s profiles ± Search /List /View /Edit jobseeker s resumes ± List / View / Approve / Disapprove job posts ± List jobs waiting to be approved and nonapproved ± Approve/ disapprove advertisements as per payment paid .

Posting credits. PayPal Log.Features Administrator panel features: ± Add/ Update/ Delete packages of resumes to be bought by the recruiters ± Manage prices for posting credits and for subscriptions. ± View reports of Subscription of advertisements. etc. ± Create / Send newsletters to Employers or Job Seekers .

resumes or profiles ± Customize forms like posting form. profile form. jobseeker/ employer s sign up form. ± Customize search form . resume form.Features Administrator panel features: ± View all the outgoing emails sent or are in queue to be sent ± Payment modules like PayPal ± Edit categories of jobs. etc.

Uniqueness in Ishujobs. ‡ We have link of home page on every page so whenever user wants. ‡ If the candidate doesn t contain the resume. he/she can move to homepage.com ‡ This site is comparatively more user friendly and easy to understand. then he/she can have the resume from our experts. . Any nontechnical person can work with the site.

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