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Name : ING STEVEN CONVENS Total Experience: 15 Years


Marital Status /DOB : Single/1971 (38 years old) Languages: English, German, French, Dutch, Italian (basic) Nationality /Mobility : Belgian (USA H1B Visa & EU Work Permit) / Worldwide Skills & Experience:
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Hoeve van Gemp 5, 2430 Laakdal (Belgium) Mobile:+32 477/313509 eMail: sconvens@hotmail.com Oracle 8i/9i/10g, MS SQL 7.0/2000/2005/2008, MS Access, Watcom (Sybase) XP-Professional, VISTA, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, VMware and Citrix Visual Basic, VBScript, VBA, Perl, RIS, SQL, PL/SQL, PML 1/2, PMLNet Bachelor in Engineering Master in Chemistry with a minor in Process Engineering 91-95•International University College of Technology Group T, Leuven, Belgium Industrial Automation (Pneumatics, Electro Pneumatics, Hydrolics, PLC) 98•VDAB Training and Education center, Hasselt, Belgium

Industry Exposure:

09•Engineering & Construction Training board Piping Layout/Design Trainer& Coach Process, Power, Offshore, Petrochem, Cryogenic, LNG, Nuclear, and Pharmaceutical

Steven Convens’ Chemical Engineering Background along with his IT knowledge has given him the extra mileage in all the aspects of CAD & PLM System Administration/Implementation as well as Information & Plant asset life cycle management. Polyvalent with a huge appetite for knowledge and drive for efficiency, he is equally comfortable with the leading FEED intelligent 2D CAD systems (SmartPlant P&ID and INtools/SPI), the more complex principal detail engineering 3D (piping) design systems (Aveva PDMS, Intergraph PDS & SmartPlant 3D) and the convoluted principal Plant PLM data management, data integration and inter-company collaboration systems as SmartPlant Foundation. All above combined with heaps of engineering experience, common sense, pragmatism, an eagle-eyed end deliverables focus & an aversion for the "bleeding edge" of technology, makes him a valuable asset to any Project. Steven Convens has gained outstanding knowledge on piping specifications (ASME B16, B31, ANSI, EN, DIN, BS, pressure ratings, material types), multi discipline engineering workflow, engineering processes, procedures and terminology. He is in addition a strong advocate of rule-based & Object engineering as well as configuration management, however at the same time he is extremely conscious of the hazards involving the Data Centric vs. Drawing Centric Engineering Workflow Paradigm shift. Over 15 years of knowledge & information management experience was achieved in various hands-on administration & coordination roles on worldwide Process, Power, Pharma, Offshore & Nuclear projects for leading EPC companies, Owner/Operators, PLM IT consultancy firms & last but not least THREE!! Times Technip, TWO times Bechtel and TWO !! times Intergraph itself (owner of both PDS & SmartPlant Products). In summary Steven Convens perceives himself as having an optimal balance between both theory and practice (software vs. engineering practice), a holistic view of engineering, having a strong sense of project ownership and strong commitment to speed up productivity and optimize costs. He enjoyed in addition working abroad on numerous occasions and is happy to team up on any overseas assignment.
Steven Convens•Hoeve van Gemp 5•2430 Laakdal•Belgium•Mobile+32 477 313509•Email>sconvens@hotmail.com p 1/10

Galopin. Weight Control. MDS. Spec sheet template creation. Material Text.5 Project Creation. •Generation of Smart loops and Enhanced smart loops using Loop drawing module of INtools.5) & Data Management Advisor Feb 2010 – June 2010 EDF CNEN (National Center of Nuclear Energy). MDS. Isodraft symbol Library. IM/EXPLANT. SPECON. UDA. Installation of Oracle for SPI. Invensys Catalog Creation Steven Convens•Hoeve van Gemp 5•2430 Laakdal•Belgium•Mobile+32 477 313509•Email>sconvens@hotmail. France •Prepared Set-up PDMS V12. •Prepare the Powersoft report (*. France •PDMS V12 suite of software installation and trouble shooting activities. SP3D Hangers and supports •SP3D Bulk-loader & Piping Spec Data. (GLOBAL. Access Control Database Back tracking.Model2000. Terminal Strips.com p 2/10 . Project troubleshooting. EMEA) on the use of INtools & SPPID for project execution •Key member in optimizing engineering workflows& reducing total installation costs (TIC) taskforce •Contribute and Participate in Project Kick-off Meeting & Communication with customer. LEXICON.) reducing cycle time. multiplexers & FTA’s into SPI •Creation of Loop wiring Diagrams. ABA. PDMS Global V12.PSR file) and import the same PSR file to prepare browser. SP3D Set-up. PROPCON. User & Group's creation in SPI&SPF •Writing PL/SQL queries to rectify changes so as to reduce the man-hours required for the job. Modifications as per project requirements. SP3D Drawings. Wiring of Instruments & Panels using wiring Module in SPI •Import data from excel file to SPI database.5 Global Project with 12 Satellites for the four Nuclear UK EPR's including GLOBAL. Reports & Layout •SP3D Common Apps. PARAGON.SP3D Structure Modeling. DRAFT •Authored and implemented various PDMS Project Execution procedures for smooth project roll-out. Freedom and Simulate to assess model data completeness Aveva PDMS Administrator (V12) & Intergraph SmartPlant 3D Administrator (SP3D2009) Sept 2009 – Feb 2010 TECHNIP (Major Onshore & Offshore EPC Company). Reconfig etc •PDMS CATS & SPECS (Thorough experience with PDMS MARIAN Interface for SPECON. •PDMS V12 project architecture and Databases. ISODRAFT. Concrete Design & Quantities) •Familiar with EDF Coding system (ECS). Project Administration.OutilsEDF •Extensive PML2 & PMLNet coding to watch over data integrity and data consistency for the downstream CMMS apps and to reduce the margin for error in during engineering data entry. domain Initialization. hence increasing quality •In-house Subject Matter Expert for Engineering Data Warehouse solutions application. P-A-U hierarchy Creation. PARAGON. Paris. SP3D Tools. •Report retrieved all the wiring details from device panel to DCS panels. •Import of Instrument Index. Label Library. OPENSTEEL) PML1/2 Programming •ISODRAFT & Reports Customisation.SP3D HVAC Modeling. Parametric Assemblies. SmartPlant Foundation Administrator April 2008 – Sept 2009 INVENSYS ( Management Automation Contractor).SP3D Isometric Drawings. SPECON. DRAFT. Merging. Admin & GWC. SP3D Electrical Modeling SmartPlant Instrumentation. Enhanced Smartloop customization. Marshalling Racks. Retrieval. NA. Substitution) •Thorough knowledge in all modules of PDMS.ODE.PDMS/SMARTPLANT/PDS – Administrator &Trainer I M M E D I A T E WORK EXPERIENCE A V A I L A B L E Aveva Global PDMS/MDS Administrator (V12. Worked with the business units maximizing engineering data warehouse return from FEED & Detail Design Systems •Used AutoDesk Navisworks 2010 Review. •Project Setup.Boutique. Project Replication. configurations •PDMS Project upgrade. Back Up Activity. •PDMS Review model File &3D DXF/DGN creation.Lutin. Inter operability & data exchange with PDMS •SP3D Piping & Equipment Modeling. Tag rule library. SmartPlant P&ID. Rules Library. PROPCON. •Addition of User defined fields (UDF) and User defined tables (UDT) in SPI admin module. Batch Extractions •DRAFT Administration (Sheet Library. •Report involved writing SQL Queries that will fetch data from approximately 25 SPI tables •Creation of Instrument Index. ISODRAFT.ReconObj. London. Representation Library. Importing data from SmartPlant P&ID 2007 to SPI. Bolt Table. Reconfigure of earlier projects with latest version. SKEY Definition. ADP Config. •Far-reaching PDMS extracts exposure (working/standard/global) for Nuclear Staged & Controlled design •Tested New Nuclear PDMS Applications (Nuclear Room Manager. OIDSniffer. LEXICON. Paris. Style •Library. Symbol Library. •Authored various INtools Project Execution procedures & provided man-hours estimated for sales •Project setup. Specs. Grids •Smart3D Power Toys. ABA. PARAGON Gset/Pset. United Kingdom •Administered SmartPlant Instrumentation 6/7/2007 with Oracle 8/9i/10g & Project/As-Built Domains •Trained 32 people globally (APEC. •Watcom backup and restore. Space Mgmt.

Navisworks Jetstream for PDMS. scheduling •Creation of Instrument profiles. Data Consistency Check & Fixing Errors •Responsibilities included those associated with the implementation of a new installation of Aveva PDMS 11.4 & MDS 11. •Developed new presentations and formats as needed to get everybody on the same page or address changing needs . SmartPlant P&ID Administrator March 2006– March 2008 M.6 administration of PDMS projects in a PDMS GLOBAL V2. Draft. MDS Hanger Template Creation •Setup& Modification of MDS CATA. Installed &Configured load balanced Citrix Intergraph PDS. Conducted Audit on data provided by subcontractor. USA . Deliverable Manager (DM). for Piping. Entity conversion blocks) and Pepperl+Fuchs FieldConnex fieldbus infrastructure components Catalogue Data into SmartPlant Instrumentation •Updating database as per client's requirements related to browser.CALGARY.KELLOGG/KBR (Major LNG EPC Company ). LEXICON. Eplan.0 and SmartPlant Instrumentation 7.Transformation& Loading) to enhance data Quality Aveva PDMS. CEA.2 and SmartPlant Foundation Basic Integrator to monitor completeness. Isogen. Structural. ARCADIA.3 &SmartPlant Instrumentation (INtools) 7.CANADA Steven Convens•Hoeve van Gemp 5•2430 Laakdal•Belgium•Mobile+32 477 313509•Email>sconvens@hotmail.8 & 4. SmartPlant Explorer 4. •Managing work flow for project execution.2 & Watcom.2 & Modification of EFschema to map data between tools •Use of SmartPlant Foundation 3. •Project management and administration of DRAFT & ISODRAFT on both a project specific and cross-project basis. commissions and rate guarantee periods •Completed bid analysis in order to create an ideal benefit plan for clients •Coordinated all materials until the final carrier and bid was selected •Maintained superior relationships with carriers and internal clients in a professional demeanor. OPENSTEEL SDNF. release of data. revisioning. Piping. London. Equipment .W. Orthogen & Pelican Forge Piping Support Modeler Servers. advised and consulted Fluxys in the selection of new P&ID and E&I software tools •Drafted request for quotations working in tandem with the Engineering Manager to determine the best P&ID and E&I software tools vendors and products for the internal clients •Created and maintained bid specifications files for the carriers (Intergraph. a. HVAC. wiring and spec module.Orchestrated and lead onsite demos/vendor visits. •Deployed SmartPlant P&ID 4. MDS ABA Drawings & Hanger Templates to suite project specs. ISODRAFT. INtools or SmartPlant Instrumentation. •Experience of PDMS modules such as ADMIN.6 environment. MDS. • Model Object Manager (MOM). Symbols & customization of Enhanced Smartloop templates. PPE. •Improve Quality of 3D Design Model& Consistency and reduce “piping checking time” thru the implementation of Intergraph’s SmartPlant P&ID to PDMS 3D Comparison& Data Validation Tool •Performed data transfer between SmartPlant P&ID 4. surge protectors. Hazid & INtools 6.PDMS/SMARTPLANT/PDS – Administrator &Trainer I M M E D I A T E A V A I L A B L E •Imported both MTL Foundation Fieldbus Catalogue containing MTL-Relcom Fieldbus products (Power Supplies. United Kingdom •Advanced Aveva PDMS Training & Modeling capabilities in core disciplines. Plantspace P&ID). Intergraph PDS & SmartPlant PID Administrator March 2005– August 2005 ACRES PARSONS (Major EPC JV). •Installation of SmartPlant Foundation 4. Cable Racks. accuracy &consistency of Data between SmartPlant P&ID and Instrumentation/INtools •Publishing& Retrieving Data to SP Foundation as well as registering& de-registering SPPID & SPI •Configuration of Various SmartPlant Foundation Reports and registering them via the loader •Reviewed SmartPlant Foundation VTL (Validation. GLOBAL.com p 3/10 .1 (SPex). Clash Check. Uploaded and upgraded SmartPlant P&ID data from Subcontractor. Plant4D. SmartPlant Instrumentation and SmartPlant Explorer Expert August 2005 – February 2006 FLUXYS (Belgian National Grid Gas Carrier). DESIGN. CATVIEW.k. Eplan21.0 on Oracle 9. Bentley Systems) with their appropriate tools (SmartPlant P&ID. Intergraph PDS. SPECON.0 •Deployed & Promoted SmartPlant Explorer/ SmartPlant Markup on vast SmartPlant PID project •Conducted Client Presentations & Demonstrations on SmartPlant P&ID and SmartPlant Explorer •Rolled-Out. MDS.maintaining departmental consistencies •Negotiated with carriers for competitive rates. PDS & Point Cloud Data IM Consultant PLM –SmartPlant P&ID. Connectivity & Clash Manager Setup •Customization for project specific requirements and to reduce labor-intensive input in PDMS •Basic Practical knowledge of PML 1/2 programming language and Operating System scripts. Brussels Belgium •Assisted. Resolve clashes. Automated Drawing Production (ADP) &Multi-Discipline Supports (MDS) •Vast practical experience developing & managing PDMS Catalogues & Specifications. PARAGON. DRAFT.2. Structural Steel. Megablocks. PROPCON. REVIEW(SHARE).a "CATS&SPECS".

generated and maintained material take-off (MTO) reports. structure. Produced supporting documents for projects including operation procedures and audits procedures. Dimension and Spec Tables. France •Responsible for developing and maintaining the PDS reference material database. Monitored project budgets. effectively and on schedule. assist users in application problems. gas& cryogenic refining company) Paris. Implement and monitor the 3D CAD model. material selections and material take-off (MTO) including valves and specific item specifications. Piping Job Specifications. Sch/Thk Definition& Material Grade •Developed an external MsExcel application to verify& double-check correct wall thickness selection •Interfaced with the piping department and informed the project Coordinator of specification updates and modifications.5 CNRL work sharing •SmartPlant P&ID Setup and Customization. coordinate the disciplines in CAE/CAD organization. •Interfaced with engineering contractors to ensure project procedures and standards were met. Coordinate input to Model Progress System. manage files. Coordinate inter-discipline activities. Evaluated and tested new software releases prior to distribution. Standard Note libraries. material requisitions for piping commodities and piping mechanical specialty items. •Provided technical leadership in improvement of PDS data integrity. Ensured PDS Models are in sync and kept up to date with Intelligent SmartPlant P&ID drawings. implementation. paper piping & valve specifications. Configured and managed the PDS Interference Detection environment. •Interpreted & Converted to PDS readable Piping Commodity Classes (PMC) and PDS Piping Component data (PCD). Provide technical support for the translation of CAD Drawing deliverables. Engineering Database strategy & project procedures. •Validated engineering contractors PDS data for alignment with Air Liquide standards. Navisworks Freedom Model review •Achieved 400% drawing production optimization thru the implementation & Training of Orthogen •50% Structural design man-hours reduction thru SDNF exchange implementation with contractor •CAD project coordination with internal engineering/design departments and external contractors including A/E's and customers (data exchange) Developed & Implemented Project Execution Plans •Development of Reference Data for all engineering disciplines. •Supported the various project needs and responding to contractor requests. •Coordinated with. solve plotting issues. Process data from intelligent P&ID's. material selection. •Wrote& Maintained reference data for wall thickness calculations dependent on Specific Reference Data as Corrosion Allowance. •Experienced working with and assigning stock codes (commodity codes) to piping components •Maintained RDB data text files with appropriate documentation of issues and revisions.2 CNRL work sharing and SmartPlant P&ID 3. execution and closeout stages. Code lists& Labels. Intergraph PDS Administrator/Coordinator December 2003– May 2004 PROJECT MANAGEMENT (Major Pharmaceutical EPC ). and responded to requests from Air Liquide engineering & projects personnel. Intergraph PDS Piping Spec RDB Coordinator & Piping Designer Steven Convens•Hoeve van Gemp 5•2430 Laakdal•Belgium•Mobile+32 477 313509•Email>sconvens@hotmail. Ireland •Managed all of the PDS related applications and activities on a Multidiscipline 1500 Iso Pharma project for Johnson& Johnson (3 batch API reactors) project ensuring that all the PDS inputs and outputs from the engineering disciplines. and work processes. In other words Object and Text libraries. design deliverables and staffing needs to meet the project milestones. procurement and construction teams are integrated efficiently. standards.com p 4/10 . Developed. •Resolved corrupted Piping Model and ISO extraction problems. CAD translations. RDB customization Interactive Spec Writer. Customized extraction of PDS model data for stress analysis using Caesar II. •CAE/CAD Coordination on projects which involves preparation and execution of the CAE/CAD Execution Plan. liaison with IT operations and CAE/CAD office support. Implied Materials. Cork. the project manpower. •Act as a single point of contact to apply PDS CAD procedures in an effective and efficient manner in fulfilling project requirements. decentralized and work shared environment. Thickness Equation. •Supported development of work plans and schedules for the assigned work including estimate of material quantities. material descriptions and the PDS piping specifications.PDMS/SMARTPLANT/PDS – Administrator &Trainer I M M E D I A T E A V A I L A B L E •Specific accountable under the Canadian National Resources Limited (CNRL) Client configuration for: Project Setup and Customization. clean up data & provide QA Intergraph PDS Administrator/ PDS Piping RDB Spec Writer June 2004– February 2005 AIR LIQUIDE (air separation. This during project start-up. support project databases. •Experienced information transactions between multiple engineering contractors and the owner/operator in a centralized. The reference material database included: the component dimension tables. Custom PDS and Material Data Publisher Report development. the progress & the schedules. PDS 7.

consultancy. Created INtools.) •Continuous operation and improvement of the CAD/CAE Information Technology (IT) concerning functionality. Vancouver. Increase the user's sensibility for PDS CAD/CAE usage (costs. Alias I-Sketch. Admin.January 2003 INTERGRAPH(Process & Building Solutions). PDS 3D Theory. Drawing Manager. Piping &Isometric Drawing Generation Training Intergraph 2D/3D PDS Application Consultant August 2000 – April 2001 ALSTOM POWER BOILER (Major Power EPC Company). Responsible for issuing 150 Iso's on a weekly basis. Ensure the application of Alstom Power wide engineering. SmartPlant Review. Piping Spec and RDB Configuration. used in the process and plant design industries. with great result and appraisal. •Created& maintained Piping Specs within the MARIAN MLCL Module. PDS 3D project Setup and Administration. Stuttgart. piping and Electrical & Instrumentation level. The work region was not restricted to the Toronto Area but included visits to Montreal. upgrade strategy and implementation). etc. consultancy. Frameworks Plus. aka SmartPlant Reference Data •Recommended by SnamProgetti’s Piping Manager to help Subcontractor close out a 1000 piping isometrics Project. Interfaced daily with the piping/material department and informed the Project Coordinator/Piping Manager of specification updates and modifications. Intergraph PDS Piping Spec Writer/ FW+ Structural Steel Designer January 2003 – May 2003 IMPAC OFFSHORE ENGINEERING. •Reported to Project & Piping Manager on the progress. everything that got the piping isometrics out. mainly in the PDS arena however also on process. Coordination of PDS CAD/CAE system administration. PDS CAD/CAE user administration and PDS support •Release management of software tools used (planning. quality and completeness of PDS Model. design and drafting procedures& practices. Planning and implementation of PDS CAD/CAE infrastructure.Brussels. License planning and solving of license issues. Act as the technical interface between software/hardware vendors and service providers and users (internal and external). Implementation of a global CAD project architecture. engineering and IT systems personnel. Internal Setup utility. •Received additional training for 3DS Orthogen. queries and reports. Administration options and user management. PDS work sharing. development and scope/project management for Intergraph’s PDS (Plant Design System) and SmartplantP&ID /Review/INtools products including PDS2D and SPPID to PDS3D data transfer. •3D Structural Steel Modeling in Frameworks Plus & drawing generation of offshore LNG barge Intergraph PDS. Calgary and Huntsville. training. Equip. quality.1 client and server installation. Hamburg. Responsibilities included. Was solely responsible for modeling & production 250 Iso’s in 3 months time.NL •General duties included front line support. Project initialization. SmartPlant Instrumentation Database Setup utility. availability and security in the area of CAD project coordination with internal engineering / design departments and external vendors. SmartPlant P&ID and INtools Application Engineer April 2001. Flew weekly between Paris& Rome to detect and resolve bottlenecks in the workflow. demonstration and training for Intergraph’s PDS (Plant Design System) and SmartPlant products. but not limited to. •Analysed & wrote Initial Specifications for Technip's PelicanForge& PDS Piping Support Modeler •INtools 4. material descriptions & the PDS piping specifications. suppliers including Application Engineers and customers (data exchange). France/Rome Italy •Brought in as ISO&PDS RDB coordinator during (6000) Iso scrunch time.PDMS/SMARTPLANT/PDS – Administrator &Trainer I M M E D I A T E A V A I L A B L E May 2003– December 2003 TECHNIP–SNAMPROGETTI JV (Major EPC’s). •Orchestrated various training courses/seminars including.com p 5/10 . SmartPlant P&ID specifications & work instructions. Toronto. demonstration. Germany •Primary Responsible for developing and maintaining four(4) PDS mixed DIN/ANSI & AWWA piping specs (PCD’s )The reference material database included: the component dimension tables. PelicanForge SupportModeler. Establish and setup of strategic direction (future planning) in the area of CAD/CAE. Paris.3 & 5. but were not limited to PDS Equipment Steven Convens•Hoeve van Gemp 5•2430 Laakdal•Belgium•Mobile+32 477 313509•Email>sconvens@hotmail. Germany •Provide the technical and administrative guidance and support for Intergraph PDS application to design. PDS Piping and equipment modeling. Support problem resolution with IT Service Centers Identify opportunities for application of new Information Technology Intergraph 2D/3D PDS Application Specialist/Engineer January 2000 – June 2000INTERGRAPH (Process & Building IT Solutions Company). Belgium/Hoofddorp. Sybase InfoMaker. Exposure to COMOS PT/ET/EMSR •Provide guidance& training to enhance the in-house Intergraph PDS knowledge& performance to engineers & designers. Canada •General duties included front line support. •Exposure to SmartPlant 3D v4 Setup.

i. London. FORMAT FILE EDITOR and Material Data Publisher Intergraph 2D/3D Plant Design System Administrator Oct 1998. Created 2D/3D demonstrations and presentations for management appraisal. DBaccess. •Batch uploaded & extraction of data into PDS database using SQL. Used both Diskshare and Diskaccess to exchange data and have a close integration between Unix & NT Work Station. Brussel.. Documentum. Stress Interface. Ran training courses for leads and designers on design review.1 support of three work sharing joint ventures. AIM. assemblies & training of CAD personnel. Piping Support Modeler. MatrixOne) for Global Plant asset life cycle management Steven Convens•Hoeve van Gemp 5•2430 Laakdal•Belgium•Mobile+32 477 313509•Email>sconvens@hotmail.03 and PDS 2D/3D 6. Setup a former Silicon Graphics (IRIX 5.e. Drawing Manager. Maintain and upkeep various design models& flow diagrams generated by PDS. piping commodity data (PCD’s). Realized as-built PDS models & performed quality checks. encompassed 2200 piping isometrics and was in mixed ANSI/DIN standards. Netherlands •Conducted analysis study of the Plant Information Management Cycle of the Global Borealis Group. setup a Test express project and.3. resource planning and the budget. viewing and printing high-fidelity plots via the web. Senior 3D PDS Piping Support Coordinator Sept 1999 – Dec 1999 BECHTEL (Engineering Procurement and Construction Company). Created an on web technology based Graphical User interface to Designreview for easy access. SYSGEN. Modified DDL’s to allow work sharing. plus EEraceway. •Administered a Digital Printing Room. Setup PDS interference checking. SQL and Oracle.3. using industry practices and rules of thumb.e. supported RDB. Belgium/Utrecht. •Setup and troubleshoot Designreview 3. Use EDG & Axiom utilities to fix corrupt CAD files. PERL. •Examined interaction/data exchange Solidedge & PDS. Familiarized with ORTHOGEN. RIS.7.3) PDMS Review station to act as FTP server. Piping Designer. piping material classes (PMC). ISOGEN setup. Explored the implementation possibilities of Smart Plant Explorer. SPOOLGEN.Sept 1999 BECHTEL (Engineering Procurement and Construction Company) Rayon. •Secured connection with Access97 via ODBC to the PDS Oracle database for easy reporting •Setup Isogen & Iso extraction. Supplied the basic information for an International Application Rollout. Responsible for 6. quality assurance procedures and engineering workflows. Perform set-up. MSAccess •Related any problems with models or data to database.0 web-technology based application allows retrieval. Oracle server & workstation setup. Belgium •Coordinated the work sharing process between Fluor Daniel and Raytheon and assisted with all aspects of PDS 3D version 6. •Assisted Bayer Management in the PDS acceptance. Intergraph Plant Design System Owner/Operator March 1998. evaluated RSwires and INtools 4.2=>6. Intelligent P&ID’s & EEraceway.3 products.2 project deliverables. •Encouraged people to take benefit of the cost-effective use of 3D visualization in the construction. •Worked closely together with piping engineers. loaded Windows NT on to TDZ2000 stations to act as server. Report Manager. routing piping as part of design effort. •Converted and uploaded AVEVA PDMS models via ExPlant into Intergraph PDS. •Further elaborated EDEN. Piping and Equipment FORMS development skills in the PDS environment.PDMS/SMARTPLANT/PDS – Administrator &Trainer I M M E D I A T E A V A I L A B L E Modeling. Mechelen. Daily responsibilities involve PDS Piping troubleshooting. EDEN. Assured Y2K compliance.e. Scheduled and intermittent data backup & PDS report.1 engineering environment. •Wrote the specifications and implemented P&Gs Intergraph PDS 6. Expanded my knowledge on MDL and Microstation related programming languages. Piping Spec writing. Assisted the evaluation of three PLM/PDM products (i. RIS. Material Data Publisher. Uploaded Oracle 8. Expanded knowledge on Design and Piping Layout routing. Frameworks Plus.2. pipe supports. Configured DLT & DAT drives. •Developed and maintained CAD/IT standards. i. SmartPlant Review. Interacted daily with Intergraph personnel. Facilitated the reviews and progress of the design.1 data/software upgrade. DBaccess. UK •Conducted for the Piping department the full PDS 6. Clash Management. Designreview or workstation. pipe specs (PCD and PMC) & ISOGEN.Jan 1998 CAP GEMINI (Business & IT Consulting).Oct 1998 PROCTER & GAMBLE (Food and Beverages Engineering). system support and development for in house PDS system. PeHVAC.3. Thailand •Contracted to Bayer to act as their representative for preserving 2D/3D PDS 6. This Microsoft ASP and IIS 4. PDS2D P&ID. Experience piping and layout design of a process plant.1 Plant Information Management PLM Consultant Nov 1997.com p 6/10 . Isogen customization. The Polycarbonate project executed by Foster Wheeler.

Commodity Synonym library.e. In this workshop.4 PDS Project with 4.3 WindowsNT 4. Calculation and validation interfaces. a powerful feature within the SmartPlant P&ID product. SmartPlant P&ID Automation Layer (Advanced) 2000•Intergraph Education Center. Import interface.Shiva Lanrover. With the Automation Layer.000 2D/3D CAD system. Experienced Front-end PDS user support. RasterCAD.0. Cisco Router. and the piping portions of ASME Section III. General topics in the course include: pressure design. the student will learn how to integrate an external data source with SmartPlant P&ID and will create an example routine to extend its functionality. Italy •Conducted the top down implementation and troubleshooting of a $300. The practical aspects of material selection and fabrication will be considered.3 RDB. TCP/IP. system development/administration of the CAD system and experience working with large multi-discipline projects. B31. Operations and Engineering Dep. Piping Design. including the creation/editing of equipment/piping models. Proliant.3. Altris. Belgium Tools to Help Manage PDS 3D Specs in a Project (Advanced) 2000•Intergraph Education Center. •Experience/duties in design. How to Increase Productivity with ISOGEN (Advanced) 2000•Intergraph Education Center. Nuclear Power Plant Components. Alabama.com p 7/10 . including simple hand analysis methods and computer based analysis methods. and extraction of piping isometric drawings using ISOGEN. structural integrity and other guidelines and standards established for plant design. •Coordinated the evaluation of three Product Data Management systems (i. •Used PDS functions.1. Huntsville. Power Piping. •Incorporated complete 2D CAD environment (Acad R14c4. including an understanding of creating classes and implementing interfaces. creation & revision of composite drawings & pictorial rendering. Classes 2 and 3. Hasselt.1 (Plant Design system) reduces engineering costs with 30% and operates on an Oracle7. INtools) COURSES Industrial Automation (Pneumatics. Steven Convens•Hoeve van Gemp 5•2430 Laakdal•Belgium•Mobile+32 477 313509•Email>sconvens@hotmail. flow and sizing considerations.1 PDS windows NT project. An intermediate level of Visual Basic experience is required. ISDN.verify RDB library.Oct 1997 TECHNIP ITALY(Engineering P&C company). Chemical Plant and Petroleum Refinery Piping. you will be able to extend the product in ways to fit your specific work processes. of the Amoco PTA3 plant. Examples of the required analysis and sources of further information will be provided. Huntsville. •Created database which monitored the piping-supply. AIM.PDMS/SMARTPLANT/PDS – Administrator &Trainer I M M E D I A T E A V A I L A B L E Overall IT/Plant Design CAD Manager March 1996.e. you can seamlessly integrate your existing project applications with SmartPlant P&ID. a civil FEA software package. Interfaced PDS with Gtstrudl. USA In this seminar experienced PDS 3D users will learned about key productivity features such as repeatability. in limited time. Novell 4. received from Novartis. revision control and creation of isometric control sheet using ODBC. In addition. Alabama. will be demonstrated. to 6. GTXRaster. the critical path of a plants construction. dynamic loads. PLC) 1998•VDAB Training and Education center. These tools will help ensure the integrity of the model with the reference database as well as keeping the specs up-to-date. Huntsville.Belgium/ Rome.e.11. equipment loads. dead loads. Intergraph PDS 6. •Established and governed full fledged LAN/WAN i. Alabama. New Jersey. Unix emulation. Key topics include: the SmartPlant P&ID data model. i. Geel. NT 4. flexibility analysis. •Perform terminal setup of CAD Systems at user locations & equipment maintenance coordination. Familiarization with PDS modularization.0 environment. and supports and restraints. RAS. USA In this seminar experienced PDS 3D spec writers learned about the diagnostic tools available with PDS such as Reference Data Base Revision Manager. Piping Job Spec Report Manager. Analysis and Fabrication 2000•The Center for Professional Advancement. access. Bolts and Gaskets. Novasoft) for the Maintenance. Hydrolics. USA The course reviewed the basic requirements of the various sections of the ASME B31 Code for Pressure Piping with emphasis on B31. Electro Pneumatics. Applications of these concepts. USA This workshop introduced the Automation Layer. East Brunswick. hubs. •Responsible for creation of intelligent P&ID’s /data sheets for an J&J Pharma Hydrogenation Unit •Upgraded successfully a UNIX 5.

http modules and other features that are not supported by designers.NET objects that help ASP. Code requirements and the practical limitations of each operation will be discussed. Alabama.PDMS/SMARTPLANT/PDS – Administrator &Trainer I M M E D I A T E A V A I L A B L E including materials for high and low temperature service. USA This update workshop is designed for engineers and designers who will use the SmartPlant P&ID software to generate intelligent P&ID’s. cutting. Workflow Considerations. This course is focusing as well on how to setup and configure SmartPlant P&ID work share and projects. data access with ADO. Area of Responsibility.NET process each incoming request. as well as the economics of material selection and alternate fabrication processes. We will analyze the set of . Project Setup/Configuration Considerations.com p 8/10 . During the week you will get hands-on experience using with Visual Studio . Hoofddorp. The course covers the Pelican Forge Support Modeler for Intergraph PDS. model pipe supports and create fabrication drawings. You will learn how to setup. It nevertheless is also the basis for the future VT Administrators or Super users.NET and either C# or VB. the user will be fully qualified to model pipe supports and produce fabrication drawings. A demonstration was held of computer software that can be used to assist in piping analysis. Learn how to use the SmartPlant application to optimize the creation of P&ID’s with the v3. Comos VT 2003•Innotec Education Center. Huntsville.NET applications that use server side controls. INtools Considerations.NET.NET classes to build an extensible web application. Backup Strategies. Huntsville. You will learn how to set-up a project with SmartPlant Manager and the details of SmartPlant P&ID reference data management and customization. Web Forms. and your own custom .0 NEW Features and Enhancements. You will also get a deep understanding of the ASP. Expedite Data entry.NET types. Brussels. the practical reasons for modifying the existing types. reference Data. SmartPlant P&ID 3. Germany The Comos VT Seminar is the first in line with the End User in mind. Belgium Essential ASP.NET types and others to build your web sites.0 Features & Enhancements 2002•Intergraph Education Center. see exactly how your . the administrator will be fully qualified to support and customize the components. The Netherlands This hands-on course is intended to teach Designers and Engineers how to open and navigate Support Modeler projects. and so you can work effectively with http handlers.NET to build and test ASP. Schwelm. user controls. The Netherlands This course is intended for administrators interested in installing. bending. interface and fabrication drawings produced by SupportModeler. and state management. Web Services. and learn how you can use those . setting-up and customizing SupportModeler. both to understand the code being generated for you by Visual Studio’s designers. At the completion of this course. The Comos philosophy and the general use of Steven Convens•Hoeve van Gemp 5•2430 Laakdal•Belgium•Mobile+32 477 313509•Email>sconvens@hotmail. configure and admin work share and projects with SmartPlant Engineering Manager.NET architecture. At the completion of this course. You will also learn some best practices for working in work share environment.aspx pages are turned into . Hoofddorp. covering the latest technologies for architecting such applications. You will learn about the compilation engine of ASP. welding processes. heat treatment requirements and non destructive examination. The course covers the Support Modeler for Intergraph PDS Pelican Forge SupportModeler User 2002•Intergraph Education Center. Essential Microsoft ASP. In this workshop seminar experienced SmartPlant users will learned about key SmartPlant features such Standard Plant creation. Pelican Forge SupportModeler Administrator / Customization 2002•Intergraph Education Center.NET 2001•Guidance Training Center.NET is a week of in-depth exploration of the core issues involved with building browsercentric web applications. You will learn about the new server-side and validation controls. and how you can plug your own code into this extensible pipeline. USA This course is the foundation for those who will administrate and customize the application to meet specific work processes and standards. Alabama. Fast-Track Considerations for Implementing SmartPlant P&ID 2002•Intergraph Education Center.NET.

Besides the standard Process engineering know-how the user will be exposed to tools enabling much more efficient work Comos ET/EMSR 2003•Innotec Education Center. More in particular the difference between document oriented and object oriented Engineering will be shown and explained. including SIL verification and validation. Teams. The Netherlands This course covers the principles around the integrity of the safety-instrumented systems. the attributes and user rights. It nevertheless is also the basis for the future ET/EMSR Administrators or Super users. Tips. Foreign and Multiple (MDB's) Databases Workshop: SmartPlant P&ID – Advanced Troubleshooting. Tips and tricks to help users and automation Steven Convens•Hoeve van Gemp 5•2430 Laakdal•Belgium•Mobile+32 477 313509•Email>sconvens@hotmail. IEC 62061 en ISO 13849-1. With the Query and Global Change Utilities the Administrator will be exposed to powerful tools to change or search local or globally in a project specific objects. such as turning detailed error logs and running utilities to troubleshoot problems within Intergraph SmartPlant P&ID and SmartPlant Engineering Manager. P&ID’s are a key element in HazOp studies. Rather than have an application that relies solely on manual input from the study team. SPPS integrates with SP P&ID to provide an accurate representation of the plant fro analysis in SPPS. Germany The Comos ET/EMSR Seminar is the first in line with the End User in mind. Participants will learn how to conduct a SIL study the specific requirements of the guidelines laid by ANSI/ISA-S84. tips. SPPS is vastly different from HazOp software solutions of today. SPPS does not just impact on the safety task but has wider implications for project and plant operations. improving quality and lowering risk. documents or properties. including Project Environment Variables. elements. and Tricks 2008•INTERGRAPH 2008 PAID TRAINING SEMINARS During this workshop. Dictionary. More in particular the difference between document oriented and object oriented Engineering will be shown and explained. AVEVA PDMS Basic Administration 2007•AVEVA Solutions Limited. SmartPlant Process Safety (SPPS) formerly know as HAZID 2005•Intergraph Education Center. Properties. The Netherlands SmartPlant® Process Safety software greatly enhances the safety management capabilities of the company by reducing the time and cost involved in running hazard and operability studies (HazOp) but also by bringing the safety systems of the company within electronic management. scripts and methods will be demonstrated which will simplify administrative tasks Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Workshop 2005•AIB Vincotte. It is also used as a visual representation of Faults and Consequences to aid brainstorming within a HazOp Meeting. Besides the standard Electrical& Instrumentation engineering know-how the user will be exposed to tools enabling much more efficient work Comos Administrator 2003•Innotec Education Center. The Comos philosophy and the general use of documents and specific Object for the Automation Industry is covered.com p 9/10 . The course could include the incorporation of SIL into your facility/company risk assessment program. Germany In the Comos Admin seminar material will be covered which the Comos Administrator will need for the day to day management and enhancement of the database. Users & Databases. Besides all above also useful tools. All the data from the hazard analysis is then stored in a database. Schwelm. Madingley Road. IEC 61511. Hoofddorp.01 IEC 61508. It also covers the Creation of Catalogues.01 and IEC 61511 to measure the reliability of SIS. SPPS uses knowledge based software to track parameters and guidewords throughout a plant applying them where necessary. It also teaches the users the applicability of SIL. base objects catalogue. High Cross. attributes.PDMS/SMARTPLANT/PDS – Administrator &Trainer I M M E D I A T E A V A I L A B L E documents and specific Object for the Process Industry is covered. connections. UK This module explains how to create PDMS Projects adding all the required Administration Elements. and tricks that may be used to help isolate and/or resolve problems more quickly. SIL is used in both ANSI/ISA-S84. A range of techniques will be discussed. Schwelm. Cambridge. you will learn about various troubleshooting techniques. CB3 0HB.

Vendor interfaces save time and money by eliminating the need to retype the same data multiple times.com p 10/10 . including a list of “Do’s & Don’ts” for SmartPlant P&ID. Attendees will learn more about using WBS grouping to extract isometric drawings. Business & personal references for Steven Convens are available and will be furnished on request Steven Convens•Hoeve van Gemp 5•2430 Laakdal•Belgium•Mobile+32 477 313509•Email>sconvens@hotmail. Workshop: SmartPlant Instrumentation – DeltaV Interface 2008•INTERGRAPH 2008 PAID TRAINING SEMINARS Intergraph SmartPlant Instrumentation 2007 works with selected vendor-provided I/O loading software. Introduction to SmartPlant Foundation 2008 2008•INTERGRAPH 2008 PAID TRAINING SEMINARS This training class will introduce attendees to the newly released SmartPlant Foundation 2008. and compared between domains and the inconsistencies are ultimately resolved by engineers. I/O interfaces such as DeltaV enable the automation engineer to work in the choice of software most familiar for I/O loading. it is positively encouraged. These inconsistencies form the substance of the evolving engineering design basis. understanding the isometric extraction process. The discussion will include current software prerequisites in addition to licensing requirements. This workshop will illustrate how information from the tools is segregated. However. including Emerson DeltaV. Demonstrations will include enabling of the vendor interface in SPI 2007 and a sample of robust interface capabilities. new document functionality will be introduced. Workshop: Data Segregation& Inconsistency Using SPF 2008 Domains 2008•INTERGRAPH 2008 PAID TRAINING SEMINARS This workshop will focus on the important new domain capability offered by SmartPlant Foundation 2008. Previously the SmartPlant Enterprise architecture had provided a single domain (the shared domain) for correlation of data provided by the SmartPlant Enterprise tools – an enforced consistency environment. Users will gain hands-on experience with the SmartPlant Foundation 2008 Desktop Client and learn how the user interface has changed. Finally. while enabling the designers working in SmartPlant Instrumentation (SPI) to transfer that work into SPI automatically. the ability to reserve a vendor document. including vendor documents. engineering is an iterative process for which in the early phases inconsistency is not only allowed. Also. This workshop will spotlight the basic procedures for enabling this I/O loading interface to SPI 2007. managed. SmartPlant 3D Advanced Isometric Configuration 2008•INTERGRAPH 2008 PAID TRAINING SEMINARS This training class is designed for SmartPlant 3D administrators. and troubleshooting.PDMS/SMARTPLANT/PDS – Administrator &Trainer I M M E D I A T E A V A I L A B L E developers better utilize the software will also be shared. and administration documents. reference plane definitions. updates governing document vaulting will be covered.