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The strategies aim at covering the entire area and population of
the city with an effective road network by 2012, as well as
improving the surface condition of the roads by 2021.

Augmentation and asset rehabilitation.

While the peripheral areas are to be provided with surfaced
roads, up-grading of the existing roads shall be taken up to
extend, renovate and enhance the roads. Plans shall be taken
up in a phased manner so as to optimise the cost and surface
condition and shall include upgrading earthen roads to
bituminous roads and Major corridors and roads shall be
upgraded to cement concrete roads. The programme shall
also include completion of the Ring Road.

Widening and strengthening of road structures and
removal of encroachments.

With due consideration to the growing traffic intensity,
major roads, corridors and state highways running through
the city are to be extended and expanded. This shall involve
construction of fly-overs, bridges etc., the works on which
are already in progress. This shall also involve removal of
encroachments on road margins and strengthening of road
structures with pavements, footpaths and surfaced margins
with a provision for storm water lines.

Planning for an outer ring road

To avoid any improper connectivity and to have proper road
alignments at a later stage when the peripheral areas outside
SMC are merged with SMC, the concept of an outer ring
road connecting all such areas should be envisioned.


All major roads to be expanded to 4-lanes and converted to
cement concrete roads

Increase degree of connectivity to 100 percent and
Introducing the concept of outer-ring road

Completion of the ring road from Lal Darwaja to Ved
Darwaja and Connecting the areas on the northern side of the
River Tapi with a bridge across the river

Improve connectivity in peripheral areas of the south and
south-west zones by construction of small bridges across the


During the first phase, the ring road,
all major roads and important regional
corridors within the city limits shall be
taken up for up-gradation by 2012.

The Goal

The year 2021 envisages 65 % “all
weather roads” and a total road length
of 1130 km is expected to cover the
entire area and population of the
Corporation by 2012.


National and State Highway
Regulatory Authorities

Traffic Police, Surat
Surat Municipal Corporation
Citizen’s council

Sustainability Indicators

Road density
Per capita road length
Concrete road length/ total road

The Capital Improvement Programme
towards investments in roads &
bridges is directed towards improving
the intra & inter connectivity of the
peripheral areas of the corporation
and up-gradation of major roads to all
weather roads by 2012 and 2021,

Surat City Development Plan (2006-2012) 130

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