SWOT – INDIAN ECONOMY Strengths 1. Large pool of skilled and unskilled manpower. 1. Diversified nature of economy. 1.

Huge English speaking population. 1. Large base of technocrats Ex- 3rd largest in terms no of engineers. 1. High growth rate of Economy 1. Abundant Natural resources. Weakness 1. Majority of work force engaged in Agriculture. 1. High rate of poverty.(42 % of population). 1. Low productivity. 1. Poor Infrastructure. 1. Red tapism , corrupt political system and Bureaucracy. 1. Rural- Urban divide and Unequal distribution of wealth. Opportunities 1. Inflow of FDI more. 1. Cost of Production is low 1. Large percent of young population. (41.05%). 1. Huge Natural gas deposits, agricultural resources etc. Threats 1. High Fiscal deficit. 1. Population explosion. 1. Seasonal nature of Agriculture. 1. Volatility of crude oil prices. 1. Unwanted political interventions and growing corruption in the system.

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