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Published by: Huyen Le on Mar 13, 2011
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1. Abstract (5%) 2. Introduction (5%) Who are the companies? Industry? Describe the deal. Means of payment? Premium?

Hostile or not? Big or small player What is interesting about the case?

3.Company overview (10%) What are companies about? Trade internationally or only within Europe? Pie chart of products offered. State sources: company report etc.

4.Deal Rationale (20%) Why are they doing this deal? Strategic aspects What is the evolution of 2 companies within the 3 -year pre-deal? Is it subject to growth internally? Has the industry been doing the same? Is it the first one doing or following the others? If the first one, does it get the best target? Peer comparison by ratios. Using table for every year of each company.

5.Critical Evaluation (30% ) What is the assumption? Using fiscal year end 2005 from annual reports Using spreadsheet on Cityspace Beta ± using end of 2005 data, can get from Bloomberg. After all the valuation, was the price fair?

6.Epilogue (15%)

7.Conclusion (5%)

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