MIRROR, MIRROR, ON THE WALL MY REFLECTION I learned observation and evaluation and features of them.

Firs tly, I learned observation describes actions or behaviour and it is a kind of a mirror. We talked about the observed s feeling, expectations,the aim of observer and so on. At the same time, I learned that observers can be a fellow teacher, a teacher trainee and even parent. Then, we read the teachers remarks about observation. I love most Anna who likes being observed and getting feedback. Secondly, I learned evaluati on judges actions or behaviour. We mentioned that it could focus on general or specific subject. I think being evaluated provides that teachers see negative and positive sides and correct themselves. Moreover, I learned that while evaluating, he should give importance to turn of evaluation ( positive-negative-positive). Finally for this week, I learned constructive feedback. I really like it because it focuses on description and observation rather than interference and judging. We talked about steps of constructive feedback. I like step 5 (offer specific suggestion) because this step is more useful to evaluate myself. At first, I had diffuculty in understanding difference between evaluation and observation but I understood them during the lesson. I need to focus on steps of constructive feedback because I can forget them.