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Browse through linkers HORISONTALLY and interchange them… but NEVER VERTICALLY!

Additi on

; but whereas or while in spite of + N/ing despite + N/ing except for + N/ing apart from + N/ing (un)like + N/ing beside + N/ing in contrast to + N/ing contrary to + N/ing even though although whereas much as except that + S + V while whilst even if as in contrast in the contrary as a matter of fact however on the other hand in fact besides ;

Reason → Result





; and or while …such as… both…and… not only…but also… (n)either…(n)or except that + S + V in addition to + N/ing beside + N/ing together with + N/ing apart from + N/ing further to + N/ing alongside + N/ing

in addition additionally moreover furthermore for example in fact similarly (also) likewise (also)

due to + N/ing owing to + N/ing thanks to + N/ing because og + N/ing in response to + N/ing as a result of + N/ing on the grounds that since inasmuch as insofar as in response to as a result of which which is why reason(s) such as to result in + N/ing to lead to + N/ing bring about, trigger, inice, initiate, generate, produce, create, give rise to, provoke (a feeling), spark of (a war) consequently (responsibility) accordingly (two situations match) hence thereby as a result thus logically as a consequence


with the aim of + N/ing the motives in + N/ing the purpose of + N/ing with a view to + N/ing in order (not) to + INF as (not) to + INF in order that + S + V so that S + V

if on condition that providing that provided that as long as unless (if+aux+not) (not to be used with: should, must)

before + N/ing prior to +N/ing until during + N/ing while as after + N/ing since + N/ing following + N/ing as soon as once


with the purpose with this in mind


unde r

this tha t suc h no

condition circumstanc es case

beforehand before that formerly (political) previously during that time meanwhile in the meantime simultaneously

equally besides what's more on top of (all) that

still yet nevertheless nontheless

subswquently (time sequence)

in otherwise (if not)

afterwards (sexual) after that next then

Adverb-linker (;)

 - …the fact that + S + V / N + which…

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