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Scholarships and

Advanced Training

Now that I have

a scholarship,
what is the next step?
5th Floor NALIS Building
Corner Hart and Abercromby Streets,
Port of Spain
(868) 625-6724
Ext: 2032, 2070, 2064

S ch o la r ’ s I nf o r m a t i o n G u i d e
(Effective September 1, 2008)
ALLOWANCE USA Brazil Mexico Colombia Nigeria Guyana Jamaica India
Currency in Which Allowance is payable US $ US $ US $ US $ US $ US $ US $ US $
Non-Salaried 1165 848 932 815 647 299 300 631
Salaried 943 684 751 657 539 240 285 509
Book Allowance 900 627 545 602 546 550 240 467
short course 604 570 625 548 460 424
Clothing long course 900 862 948 828 683 642
replacement 148 143 154 137 114 106
Incidental Travelling Allowance 132 114 121 110 114 37 13 85
Special Equipment Allowance 196 143 154 137 266 240 143 106
*Paid to persons in temperate zone only
Note 2: Rates are currently under review
(Effective September 1, 2008)
Trinidad & United New
ALLOWANCE Barbados Canada Switzerland Australia India France Netherlands
Tobago Kingdom Zealand
Currency in Which Allowance is payable TT $ BDS $ CAN $ UK £ Swiss francs AUS $ NZ $ Rupees Euro € Euro €
Non-Salaried 2,418 1,491 1,072 794/635* 1,847 1,261 958 10,677 937 948
Allowance Salary pd
Salaried in post 1,172 864 561/450* 1,539 1,051 795 8,884 781 790
Regular 3,846 2,663 937 349 1,319 631 779 8,953 671 679
Book Allowance
Medical 5,495
short course N/A 552 212 1,099 751 568 7576 557 565
Clothing long course 812 307 1,648 1,124 852 11,211 838 846
replacement 141 63 275 189 142 1,879 140 139
Incidental Travelling Allowance 176 115 37 275 189 142 1879 140 139
Special Equipment Allowance 1,967 469 260 74 642 441 332 4,212 317 311

Note 1: Two rates of Personal Maintenance Allowance (PMA) currently apply to Non-Salaried and Salaried Scholars in the United Kingdom.
The existing (higher) rates £794 and £561 respectively apply to those students pursuing studies and residing in London.
Note 2: Rates are currently under review
next steps are…

through the scholarship process.

undergraduate degree programme only.

on your scholarship!

a scholar must be a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago.

You would have already received a letter from the Scholarships

course outline. This excludes Medicine and Law (including the

maximum period of five (5) years of studies. Please note that

Legal Education Certificate or its equivalent), which requires a
In order to be eligible for the award of a National Scholarship,

your programme of study must lead to the award of one (1)

The Scholarship allows you to pursue an undergraduate (first)
This document provides a step by step guide on taking you
and Advanced Training Division informing you of your recent

the acceptance letter from the academic institution and the

achievement. However, we know you’re wondering what the

degree ONLY for duration of three (3) years or as specified in

Scholarships are for Unit C
full time studies only. Engineering Management Sciences Social Sciences
Applied Sciences Accounting International Studies/
Here’s a little reminder of the documents required for the processing International Relations
of your award: Chemical Engineering Business Administration Political Science
Computer Engineering Communication Studies Psychology
• Letter accepting scholarship Computer Science Economics Social Work
Electrical Engineering Finance Sociology
• Confirmation of Citizenship (as indicated on the bio data
Industrial Engineering Management Studies
page of the original passport)
Information Technology Oil And Gas Management
• Electronic Birth Certificate Mechanical Engineering Sports Management
• Original Academic Certificates Manufacturing /Process Petroleum Engineering
• Letter of Acceptance from the University Telecommunications
• Letter of Accreditation
Unit Head: Dhanraji Ramlakhan ext 2027
• The name of your Guarantor and Witness (who must both Charmaine Sookal ext 2026
provide one (1) form of national picture ID, a local address Omega Khan-Smith ext 2068
and contact information) Vitra Nanan ext 2021
Lisa Parag ext 2021
• Contact information : Your Guarantor, Your Witness and
Yourself NB: To ensure that your email is answered, kindly email the head of the Unit
• Completion of Online Application/Recipient Form which is and carbon copy all the other officers
available at (Applicable to CAPE
• Salary Particulars and Tax Assessment (Public Officers Only)
• Bank Account Information (Scholars Studying at Local

You are kindly asked to provide a copy of all the above mentioned

Notably, there are four (4) categories of National Scholars therefore the
documents and procedures which will enable each group to proceed
on your award are varied.

The Categories of National Scholars are:

• Scholars pursuing studies in Trinidad and Tobago
• Scholars pursuing studies abroad
• Scholars who are Public Officers
• Citizens from other countries who are awarded scholarships
by the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Unit A The following steps are applicable
Humanities/Education Earth Science Mathematics
to all categories of scholars:
Archaeology, History Agriculture Actuarial Science
Cultural Studies Environmental Sciences Mathematics Step 1
Dance/Drama/ Music Forestry Statistics Acceptance
Fine Arts Geography, Geophysics
Languages Geographical Sciences
You must indicate acceptance of your award in writing to the Ministry
Library and Information Science Geology
of Public Administration, Scholarships and Advanced Training Division
Media, Journalism, Visual Arts Marine Studies
within one (1) month of being informed.
Theatre, Meteorology
Theology Petroleum Geosciences
Subsequent to your acceptance, if your award is not taken up
Teaching/Education Palaeontology
within one (1) year the scholarship will be considered to have
Unit Head: Wendy Durham ext 2402
Julien Raeburn ext 2094
Grace Harper ext 2029
Leela Arjoon
Claire Greaves
ext 2063
ext 2215 Step 2
Otthalie McMillan ext 2092 Submission of Documents and Completion of
Application Form

Depending on the category you fall within, your application form

will be completed either before or after an offer of a scholarship was
Unit B You are required to visit the Scholarships and Advanced Training
Medical Sciences Physical Sciences Natural Sciences Law Division to submit all the required documents as indicated above. The
Allied Health Architecture Biology Environmental Law Scholarships and Advanced Training Division will verify that all the
Dental Technical Studies Botany Oil and Gas Law relevant documents and information have been received.
Forensic Science Technology Studies Chemistry
Physiotherapy Urban and Regional All persons granted scholarships by the Government of Trinidad and
Planning Life Sciences Tobago will be required to sign a scholarship agreement. This is a
Psychiatry Valuation Sciences Physics legally binding document (contract) which details the obligation of
Sports Medicine Zoology the Government, the scholar and his guarantor.
Veterinary Sciences **It is important that all required documents are submitted, for
the agreement preparation process to begin.
Unit Head: Maureen Ramjohn-Bickraj ext 2024
Evelyn Alfred ext 2028
Sherine Kalloo ext 2031
Dawn Singh ext 2066
Francine Lohar ext 2031
Anselm Emmanuel ext 2305
Step 3 4. Important Notice
Verifying Agreement Information Recipients of Open National Scholarships can pursue their
studies at any accredited academic institution locally or
abroad. Recipients of Additional National Scholarships who
Once all the required information listed above is provided, a draft of are not pursuing studies at the University of the West Indies
the agreement will be prepared and forwarded to you via e-mail so will be paid tuition fees and allowances, equivalent to that
that you and your Guarantor can peruse the agreement. Both parties payable to scholars pursuing studies at the University of
are required to READ and review the draft contract to ensure accuracy the West Indies. All tuition fees will be paid directly to the
of information and that all parties are aware and understand the Terms academic institution on behalf of the student, on receipt of
and Conditions of the Agreement. the invoice from the institution.
Once you have reviewed the draft contract, kindly contact your Scholar Please visit our website at for
Support Officer to arrange an appointment to visit the Scholarships additional information on scholarships, including the support
and Advanced Training Division for signing your Contract Agreement. services and allowances payable to scholars.

5. President Medal Recipients

Step 4 Scholars in receipt of the President Medal Award are
Signing the Agreement entitled to funding which would allow them to complete an
undergraduate first degree and post graduate degrees up to
You must visit the Division on the date and time of your appointment the PhD. Funding will be provided for a maximum period of
with both your Guarantor and your Witness. Please remember these seven (7) years.
persons must provide one (1) valid form of national picture ID when In order to proceed from an undergraduate programme to
signing the contract. Once your contract is signed the following the post graduate programmes, President Medal scholars
document will be provided:- are required to provide evidence of enrolment into the post
• Letter to the University informing them that you have graduate programmes to ensure the continued payment of
been granted a scholarship and will be funded by the scholar allowances and fees to the University which are via
Government. the Trinidad and Tobago Foreign Embassy, Consular Office or
Once the contract has been signed it will be forwarded to the
Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Administration for signature. SCHOLAR SUPPORT
Once the contract has been signed by the Permanent Secretary, you
will be contacted to visit the Scholarships Division to collect the
contract in person. In the instance that you are unable to collect the Please call
contract in person, a designated individual can collect the contract
on your behalf with written Authorisation from you. The letter must 623-4724/8578 or 625-6724
clearly state the persons name and national identification information. or visit
The person must produce the identification stated in the letter and
sign as having received the contract on your behalf.
and the extension next to the name of the Officer
** The payment of allowances commence once the agreement is signed. Whether
you are pursuing studies locally or abroad you are required to provide your bank Please email or call one of these officers
account details to facilitate the payment of allowances. Local scholars provide if your field of study is in one of these areas
local bank account numbers and scholars studying abroad provide account
numbers provided by the Unit Trust Corporation. Scholars pursuing studies locally
receive allowances monthly whilst, scholars studying abroad receive allowances Tell us your area of study!
quarterly. These officers can help you!
Scholars pursuing studies abroad must note that Allowances are paid
on a quarterly basis as follows:
Scholars who are
Public Officers
• On November 28th for quarter December to February
• On February 28th for quarter March to May Scholars who are Public Officers pursuing studies locally should refer
• On May 28th for quarter June to August to the steps applicable to all categories of scholars mentioned
• On August 28th for quarter September to November above.

Scholars who are Public Officers pursuing studies aboard should refer
Scholars are therefore encouraged to be judicious with how they
to the steps applicable to all categories of scholars mentioned
allocate their money over the quarter.

Agreement Signing Scholars who are Public Officers are provided with letters:
In the instance that the scholar is already abroad the agreement is sent • Informing their Ministry that they are the recipient of a
to the scholar via the relevant Embassy, Consular Office or Mission. scholarship from the GoRTT and requesting salary particulars
The scholar is able to sign the agreement in the presence of the staff are necessary for the payment of the salary loan
of the Embassy, Consular Office or Mission or can sign in the presence • To the Chairman, Board of Inland Revenue requesting a Tax
of a Notary Public. The Notary Public must affix his official stamp on Assessment on the scholar
the agreement. The agreement must then be sent to the Scholarships
Division via the nearest Embassy, Consular Office or Mission. Public Officers are required to:
• Ensure that all arrangements are made with their Ministries so
Upon receiving the agreement from the Embassy, Consular Office or
that they can proceed on no pay study leave on the grounds
Mission the Guarantor and Witness is contacted in order for the signing
of scholarship policy
process to be completed.
• Submit salary particulars and tax assessment to ensure that
the salary loan payable to Public Officers on the grounds
Additional Scholarships Recipients who of scholarship policy is honoured by the Ministry of Public
opt to pursue studies abroad Administration, Scholarships and Advanced Training
Student who have been awarded an Additional Scholarships who Division
have opted to study overseas are not entitled to airfare, however
they are required to submit a copy of the relevant VISA. The above
mentioned guidelines for Scholarship Recipients pursuing studies
abroad are applicable with the exception of the guidelines for the
purchase of airline tickets.

Additionally, fees equivalent to the cost of similar degree programmes

pursued at the University of the West will be paid on behalf of the
scholar to the relevant Universities abroad via the Trinidad and Tobago
Consulates or Missions.

Tuition fees equivalent to that paid to the University of the West Indies
will be paid to the academic institutions by the Trinidad and Tobago
Foreign Embassy, Consular Office or Mission upon receipt of official
invoices from the academic institution.
Scholars who are Teachers pursuing the Bachelor of Education
Degree at the University of Trinidad and Tobago
Scholars pursuing
Scholars who are Teachers should refer to the steps applicable to all
studies overseas
categories of scholars mentioned above.
After you have signed your contract, you will be provided with:

• A letter to the University;

• A letter to the relevant Embassy; and
• Do not have to fill out an application form • A letter to the Unit Trust Corporation which enables the
• MUST ensure that all arrangements are made with the scholar to open a TT$ International Visa Debit Card Account.
Ministry of Education so that they can proceed on no pay
study leave on the grounds of scholarship policy Tuition fees are paid directly to Universities via the relevant
• MUST ensure that Salary particulars are submitted to Embassy, Consular Office or Mission.
the Scholarships Division to ensure that the salary loan
payable to Public Officers on the grounds of scholarship Visas
policy is honoured by the Ministry of Public Administration, When applying for your Visa please note the following:
Scholarships and Advanced Training Division
• Students studying in the United States will be required to
obtain a J1 Visa
• Students studying in the United Kingdom will be required
General scholarship to obtain a Tier 4 Visa

guidelines • Student Studying in Canada will be required to obtain the

IMM 1294 study Visa
1. An award not taken up within one (1) year will be considered
to have lapsed. Airline Ticket
2. The scholarship is tenable at any accredited academic Once your Visa has been collected from the relevant Embassy, you are
institution. The course of study must be accredited. required to obtain quotations from three (3) Travel Agencies for a ONE
WAY ECONOMY CLASS Airline Tickets. It is advisable that you only
3. Please note that you will be required to enter into a Scholarship
secure the quotations from the Agencies. Flights should not booked
Agreement, which requires that you serve the Government
at this stage.
of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago on completion of
your studies. You are required to provide this Ministry with
A copy of the Visa and the three quotations which were sourced should
the name and address of the person who can guarantee your
be submitted to your Scholar Support Officer. The Scholar Support
undertaking of the Agreement. This information must be
Officer will then issue to you an invoice for the selected Travel Agency
provided on the Form mentioned at 6 (ii) above. This person
to provide you with the One Way Ticket to your destination.
must sign a Letter of Guarantee in your favour.
When you visit the office to sign your Scholarship Agreement,
you must bring along your Guarantor and someone who Unit Trust Corporation Account
can witness both you and your Guarantor’s signature to the The Unit Trust Corporation will provide you with your account number.
Agreement. Please note that they are required to present This number must then be provided to your Scholar Support Officer
some form of national picture identification. Your Guarantor for processing your allowance payments.
cannot be be your spouse. In addition your witness cannot
be the spouse of your Guarantor.