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Magnetic Modules

Simply, DM Magnetic Modules

are very small magnetic chucks.
They have been designed with
flexibility and affordability in

Two types are available,

“double magnet” (DM) where
both top and bottom faces
can be magnetically energized
independently or “single
magnet” (M) where the top face
only is energized and each unit
is provided with table clamp

As with all DocMagnet Chucks,

the top face is all steel– no resin.

Each Magnetic Module has a

clamping force of around 1700
LB (7.6KN) and when fully covered, a depth of field of around 15mm.

Multiple Modules can be simply “daisy-chained” together to provide uniform clamping on large plates.

A variety of removable top tooling (pole extensions and adaptor plates) can be utilized to provide better
access to the workpiece and/or provide tool clearance.


Voltage options: 200-240, 400-480V

(specify when ordering). 110V is
available as a “special”

Controller Types: DM-C-DM, DM-C-M

Max number of Modules per controller:

Subject to voltage and controller size,
more information on request.

Pole Size: 50 x 50mm


“M” type Modules only are provided


Wa rra

with two (2) counter-bored holes

suitable for ½” or M12 Cap Head A 3-year materials
Screws for table mounting. and labor warranty, as
well as a performance
guarantee, is offered
with these products.

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