DNA of Events

By Nikul Gala MBA M&E 092516113

Target Audience: Dentists & Parents Reason: Dentists are the people who know about oral care and suggest dental products. Time Frame: Weekend Reason: Dentists & Parents are accessible. as the benefits of the products can be explained. y y Toothpaste launch y y Objective: To introduce the product & also create awareness.Petrol Dealers Meet y y Objective: To discuss issues/ prospects Target Audience: Retailers & dealers of Petroleum Products Reason: As they are the people concerned for petroleum products. mountaineers and nature lovers. Reason: Health Centre. one of the highest mountain plateaus in Vasai. Location: Conference Hall Reason: As it s an appropriate place to meet and discuss on various issues. Target Audience: Age 18 Location: Tungreshwar (Vasai) Reason: Tungareshwar is at an altitude of about 2177 feet. Parents as they are the one who decide the brand to be used. The best time to visit Tungareshwar is during the rains or the winter season. Location: Will be held at a major health centre as a conference. It is thickly wooded and offers many opportunities to trekkers. y y 2|P a ge . y y Class picnic y Objective: Adventure & Educational Trip Reason: To give knowledge about camping activities and ecological environment. Time Frame: Weekday Reason: As it s a business meet.

3|P a ge .y Season: Monsoon Reason: Best time to trek & view environment y y Time: Morning 4 am to Night 8pm Time Frame: Weekday Reason: As it s an Industrial visit which is part of syllabus.

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