The similarities between these two characters are that they are both on the run.

The character in Evasion is on the run from 3 henchmen and the character from the Bourne Identity is on the run from the government.

This is the first shot of the man-on-the-run. This is the POV shot (point of view) of the henchman noticing the victim walking across the street.

This is a shot of the victim in the Bourne Identity named Jason Bourne.

The difference between the two characters is that one of them is on the run from a small gang, whereas the other is on the run from a large organisation. The character in the Bourne film has lost his memory and therefore can t remember who he is; as he is trying to find out he gets caught up in a ll sorts of violence and is constantly being chased. This is contrasted in Evasion as this character is only on the run from a small gang and they do not chase him for very long, but this is not to say that they won t chase him again.

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