AIM: To prepare Trading, P&L a\c, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow statement & Fund Flow statement by using tally 7.2 Software.


Step 1: Start the program.

Step 2: Click Start²


Tally 7.2.

Step 3: First create a company information²

create company & enter the company details

such as company name, address, e-mail, sales tax number, financial year book beginnings from & dealing of accounts.

Step 4: To create ledger click gateway of tally ² ²

accounts information ²

create ledgers

multiple ledger/single ledger ² create sender the details of ledger under respective list of

group such as salary paid, rent paid, commission paid under indirect expenses.

Step 5: To make a voucher entry, click gateway of tally²

accounting voucher & there are

number of voucher entries like purchase, sales, payment receipts, contra, debit note & date, & enter the entries as we want.

Step 6: To display the Balance sheet, click gateway of tally² details of balance sheet, press Alt+F1 keys.

balance sheet & if we want full

Step 7: To display the P&L a/c, click gateway of tally² . display² trail balance.

click gateway of tally² display² trail balance.Step 8: To display the trail balance. RESULT: Thus the program is complied & executed successfully. Step 11: Stop the process. Step 9: To display the cash fund flow/statements. . click gateway of tally ² Ratio analysis. click gateway of tally² display trail balance Step 10: To display the ratio analysis.

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