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Unilec Engineer Ltd.

Unilec Engineer Ltd.

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Dear Sir, As per our Tally training schedule, Training conducted as your Gurgaon Office From 20-12-2010 to Training attended by : Name 1. Ashwani Kumar 2. P.D. Sharma 3. Satish 2. Rohtash 3. Balwant 4. K.K. Mishra 5. Jagmal 6. Anand 7. Mukesh 8. Ajay Sanawar 9. Naresh Arora Trainer: Mr. Manjeet Siwach Deptt. Finance/Coordination Finance Finance Purchase Purchase Purchase Store Store Store Planning Authorized By Person

Modules Covered Master
y Accounts Master

Mr. Ashwani, Satish & P.D. sharma
y Inventory Master

Mr. Rohtash

sharma Journal : Mr. Sharma GRN : Mr. Ashwani.D.D. sharma Sales : Mr. Ashwani. Satish & P. Sharma Production Voucher : Mr. Sharma Inventory Voucher : Purchase Order : Mr.D. Ashwani.D. Ashwani. Satish & P.D. Anand & Mukesh Rejection In : Mr. Sharma Purchase Excise : Mr. Ashwani.D. Rohtash. sharma Payment : Mr.D. sharma Purchase Non-Excise : Mr. Satish & P. Sharma Rejection Out : Mr. Satish & P. Satish & P. Sharma RGP : Mr.D. . Satish & P. sharma Receipt : Mr. Ashwani. Sharma Debit Note Excise : Ashwani.D.D. Jagmal. Ashwani. Satish & P. Ashwani. Satish & P. Sales order : Mr. Sharma NRGP : Mr.D. Ashwani. Sharma Debit Note : Mr. Ashwani. sharma Stock Journal Voucher : Mr. Satish & P.D. Ashwani.D. Satish & P. Sharma Credit Note : Mr. sharma Stock Issue : Mr.Transaction : Accounting voucher : Contra : Mr. Balwant & K. Satish & P.D.K. Satish & P. Satish & P. Satish & P. Satish & P. Ashwani. Sharma Credit Note Excise : Mr. Ashwani.D. Ashwani. Satish & P. Ashwani.D.D. Ashwani. Satish & P.

K.ERP9 Software Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. (Tally Implementation & Training Executive) For De Diamond India Pvt. Mr. Mishra Mr. Mr. Mr. Ltd. Manjeet Siwach Mr. Mr.K. Mr. Mr. Tally training is done on Original version of Tally. Mr. Balwant Mr. Training Start time Training End Time 3:00 PM 5:00 PM 21-07-2009 9:00 AM 6:45 PM 22-07-2009 11:00 AM 6:45 PM 23-07-2009 9:30 AM 3:00 PM 3:00 AM 6:00 PM . Mr. Ltd. Rohtash Mr. Mr.All trainees are satisfied with the training provided by Nandini Infosys Team. Mr. Mr. Ashwani Kumar For Nandini Infosys Pvt. (Site Tally Implementation & Training In charge) De Diamond Tally Training Program Sheet Date 20-12-2010 Training Attend by Mr.

Tally Data Implementations 10:00 AM 18:00PM PAYROLL TRAINING SHEET Dear Sir. As per our Tally training schedule. Training conducted as your Bawal Office From 21-09-2009 .20-12-2010 Unilec Engineer Ltd.

(Masters) (A) Employee Group (Deptt. Payroll Info. Ashok Panwar 1. Payroll Reports (A) Statement of Payroll (I) Payslip (II) Pay Sheet (III) Payroll Statement (IV) Payment Advice (V) Payroll Registers (VI) Employee Pay Head Breakup (VII) Pay Head Employee Breakup (B) Attendance Sheet (C) Attendance Register . salary. PF & ESI Process) (B) Accounting Vouchers (I) Process for Administrator.) (B) Employee (C) Attendance & Production Types (D) Pay Heads (E) Salary Details 2.Training Process to Mr. Transactions (A) Payroll & Attendance Transactions (Attendance. EDLI Contributions & EDLI Admin Charges) (II) Process for Salary Payable (III) Process for ESI Challan (IV) Process for PF Challan 3.

) DAY BY DAY TALLY TRAINING SHEET Dear Sir. By . As per our Tally training schedule..(D) Statutory Reports (I) Computation (II) Provident fund Monthly Form 5 Form 10 Form 12A Monthly Statement Annual Form 3A Form 6A (III) Employee State Insurance Monthly Form 3 Monthly Statement Annual Form 5 Form 6 (Trainee Signature by Ashok Panwar) (HR Head Sing. Training conducted as your Bawal Office From 21-09-2009 to 22-09-2009 .

Local Consumable Material P. Process for Non Excisable GRN With Purchase Order & without Purchase Order 3. Create GRN against two three Purchase Order. This Problem Solved now & Generated GRN in Tally Software Process for GRN to Mr.Training Process to Mr. Jitender 1.O. Process for GRN with Multiple Purchase Order only for One Customer . 2. 3. Jitender & Anil Process for Purchase Order to Mr. Create Second GRN against Pending Purchase Order. 4. & mention narration.O. By Anil trainee) (Sing. Adjustment of GRN against P. (Sing. Process for Excise Goods Receipt Note (GRN) with Purchase Order & without Purchase Order 2. 3. Multiple Currency use Purchase Order Problem. Tally Generated Purchase Order Problem. Problem. Jitender Kumar Start Time 11:30 am to 12:30pm Start Time 02:15pm to 05:30pm Dated 24/11/2009 Training Attend by Mr. Purchase Order Process is completed & Create current month P.O. Jitender Kumar Start Time 02:00pm to 06:00pm 1. Create a new GRN against Purchase Order. By Ramesh Trainer) (Sing. 2. Anil 1. By Jitender Trainee) De Diamond Tally Training Program Dated 23/11/2009 Training Attend by Mr.

Returnable Store C.Jitender Tranee) De Diamond Tally Training Program Date 23/11/2009 Training Attend By Mr. Returnable Goods Return to Customer use in Debit Note Excise & non Excise 9. Ashok Kumar Start Time 10:30am to 01:00pm & 02:00 to 03:15pm & 05:00pm to 05:30pm 1. Process for Multiple Godowns Selection use of material process 5. Daily Base Attendance . By Mr. By Mr. Main Store B. Process for Scrap Invoice with Excise (Sing. Create a Excise Debit note in case of Excise & Non Excise Purchase return 11. Process for Quality After GRN Processing 6.Ramesh Trainer) (Sing. Repeat of Payroll Master Information 2. Quality process Completed after Transfer of material Location A. Material Transfer Main Store to Production Store 8. Create a new Attendance Voucher A. Ashok Kumar Start Time 12:30pm to 01:00pm & 2:30pm to 05:30pm Date 24/11/2009 Training Attend By Mr.4. Create a Rejection Invoice 10. Scrap Store Excisable 7.

Use of Two Formula Create a Attendance voucher A.Statement of payroll Pay sheet f12 Configuration Show Attendance Sheet = Yes & save it And Export to Excel After then prin. 6. Process for Employer PF part 9. Process for PF & ESI Payment with auto filter 12. By Mr. See Reports salary with Attendance Gateway of Tally Display Payroll Report .Ramesh Trainer) (Sing.B. Auto Filter Attendance 4. Process for create Payroll Voucher After Checking Salary details With Attendance Sheet. Process for Employer ESI part 10. Manual Attendance B. Process for Administrator Charge 11. 7. Process for Salary payment cash & bank Payment (Sing. Process for Employee Salary with Auto filter 8. Create Attendance Voucher after Create Payroll Voucher Use in Auto Filter System 5. Manual Base Attendance 3.Ashok Tranee) . By Mr.

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