Shakespeare : Romeo, wherefore art thou?

( Where are you Romeo?) 
Malaysian English

: Eh, Lomeo, you where-ah?

Malaysian English .

Mandarin. . and etc .Bahasa Rojak. Malay. Hokkien. Tamil. Cantonese.MALAYSIAN ENGLISH 1) Manglish .The vocabulary of Manglish consists of words originating from an English based .

or Bahasa Melayu. An example is suffixing sentences with lah.History  Manglish = Singlish  Since 1968. many Malay words have become part of common usage in informal English or Manglish. "Don't be so worried-lah" . While English is widely used. has been the country's sole official language. as in. Malay.

Definition: Officially and On.  Malaysia has no intention of formulating its own English  There is no such term as Malaysian English in any official context  ³Manglish" was coined after "Singlish" . a unique dialect of English spoken in Malaysia.The Streets  Manglish is short for Malaysian English.

alamak.Differences and Similarities MANGLISH Malay+ English Common use . aiyoh SINGLISH Chinese + English .

especially Really meh? when a person is sceptical of something. Often used in online chatroom by the youth in Malaysia. oledi. It is derived from and has the same meaning as the Chinese expression " ". often in a rude or impolite way. Derived from the word "already". take this! Used when asking questions. dy. speakers will often pronounce as 'ridy' I eat 'd' 'loh'.Manglish Particles Word Lah Meaning Used to affirm a statement (similar to "of course"). Derived Like that lor! from the Chinese expression " ". I eat 'oledi' lor d. I eat 'ridy'. Frequently used at the end of sentences and usually ends with an exclamation mark (!). edy. Cannot meh? Derived from the Chinese expression " ". ridy . although in speech. Example Don't be an idiot lah! Nah meh Nah. Used when giving something to another person. Used when explaining something.

Used as a literal translation from the Malay word 'ada'. where 'got' is substituted for every tense of the verb 'to have' Example Why is he so naughty one ah? Got/ have You got/have anything to do? (Kamu ada apa-apa untuk buat?) I got already/got/will get my car from the garage.Word One/ wan Meaning Used as an emphasis at the end of a sentence. and also in Chinese "Nali you?" as spoken in Malaysia) . The arrangement of words is often also literally translated. The use of this particular particle is widespread in Manglish. Got or not? (Really?) Where got? (To deny something. It is believed to derive from the Chinese way of suffixing " " at sentences. as in Malay "Mana ada?".

Manglish 2 ‡ Other language as first language .Types of Manglish 1. Manglish 1 ‡ English as first language 2.

Malaysians have a right to speak their own kind of English . many Malaysians won¶t understand .Manglish has become part of Malaysian culture and heritage .It sounds µfake¶ for Malaysians to speak proper English .Language is a communication tool .It¶s better to speak broken English than not speak English at all .If you speak proper English.Should Malaysian speak Manglish or proper english?  The case for .

Speaking Manglish makes you sound uneducated .Manglish isn¶t even English .Manglish prevents Malaysia from being competitive . it is not appropriate for written English .To communicate effectively. you need to speak properly .Even if Manglish is okay for spoken English. The Case Against .

it s up to you to decide how you want to speak English .Conclusion Now that you know the cases for and against Manglish.

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