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The Path of Self Healing

The Path of Self Healing

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The Path of Self Healing
koos kora
The Path of Self Healing
koos kora

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Published by: Koosraj KORA VENCIAH on Mar 14, 2011
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THE PATH OF SELF HEALING To a close friend (L.


We must understand and see that our mind is made up of consciousness (a mixture of knowledge, impulse and ignorance), which itself is nothing but psychic energy. Our whole being, knowing, becoming, desiring, feeling, thinking, experiencing is rooted into that psychic energy. The psychic energy operates at three different levels: the semiunconscious (ignorant) level, the semi-conscious (impulsive) level and the conscious awareness (knowledgeable) level. These three levels or states of consciousness

constantly compete with each other in order to get a greater share of the psychic energy for gratification and fulfilment. This is why at a given point in time a person appears to be intelligent, at another time the same person becomes impulsive and excited, and at a different time, he seems dull and destructive. We are all normally victims of these swings among the levels of consciousness. The actual realisation of this reality triggers off understanding, compassion, forgiveness and tolerance in us.

Six enemies operate at the two inferior levels of semi-conscious and semi-unconscious. The unconscious level, which is the deepest and most primordial, is characterised by the absence of consciousness, lack of any sense of self, being or becoming.

1. At the egoic level, we usually express our desires and passions (pleasures and worries). This is our semi-conscious mind, which is more or less shadowy, with some amount of light and some amount of darkness. On this field, the six negative forces that usually predominate are 1. sexual attraction and ideation, 2. anger and irritability 3. desire for pleasure and avoidance of pain and suffering, 4. beliefs, superstitions, lies and hypocrisy 5. egoism and egotism, and 6. comparisons and competitions. At this level, however, these six forces are more or less manageable owing to the presence of the light of conscious awareness. (This is the weak and corruptible level of consciousness, which is future oriented because it always seeks a future gain, gratification or state, to be attained immediately or as soon as possible).

2. At the semi-unconscious level, where the mind fails to exercise conscious control and where darkness, lack of conscious awareness and ignorance predominate, six dark forces find their roots and try to overpower the semi-conscious mind through unconscious promptings and urges. These dark forces manifest as: 1. immoral sexuality, pornography and bestiality, etc, 2. apathy, brutality, cruelty, 3. avidity, greediness, addiction, obsession, 4. delusions, hallucinations, compulsions 5. vanity, tyranny, conceit, selfglorification and 6. jealousy, scheming and hatred. (This is the powerful and crude level of consciousness, which is rooted in the past, in our early life experiences, especially in the most difficult and unfinished businesses that have been repressed or rationalised but not emancipated. These are our internal demons that continuously haunt our consciousness and keep us in the dark. Fighting blindly against them simply drain us of our energy and vitality.)

The psychic or mental energy of human consciousness, when subjected to the light of conscious awareness, gets translated into virtuous, pious or awakened (religious) forces and actions. Being full of light, these strive to dispel ignorance, impulsiveness, unconscious motives and dark forces from taking roots in our consciousness. These psychic friends, born out of the light of conscious awareness, are: 1. affection, goodness and caring 2. forgiveness and an understanding heart, 3. self-sacrifice, self-restraint and sharing, 4. awareness, honesty and wisdom, 5. altruism, commiseration and charity, and 6. respect for differences, appreciation of individual uniqueness and mental openness. (This is the sensitive and refined level of consciousness, where love and compassion play an important part. It is rooted in the present, in the simple joy of being alive and experiencing life). Moving from this level up, one is bathed in the higher state of light, the higher self that illumines and animates all the individual entities of the world, as units of consciousness, just like the sun.

The best approach to cleanse the mind of these six enemies, who are in reality very much intertwined, is by becoming aware of their presence, power, actions and consequences on ourselves, our lives and on those who interact with us. By becoming intensely aware of that, they become irradiated by the light of conscious awareness and lose their power and

vitality. With greater awareness and deeper observation without any blind and impulsive struggling with them, they are dissolved just as darkness is dispelled by the light. By staying more and more in the living present, in the awareness of the moment without any desire to escape, to fight, to win, a great miracle occurs and we become healed and full of light and love. A sad heart can never truly love but a healed heart is full of love and wisdom. This is the whole philosophy of self-healing. Philosophy means philos

(affection) and sophia (wisdom), which may connote the wisdom of love or the love for wisdom. The great masters of the past have offered a simple method for cleansing one’s psyche:

Follow the light of the Conscient Face gently the inner Demons Fight, fall and rise till the End. Fortify your own inner Faith Finish this stupendous Game Flourish in blissful Holiness.

May all be full of light, affection and wisdom!

koosradha@gmail.com 25.05.2010

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