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March 16, 2011 — March 29, 2011


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Get to the bottom of the Tattoos, piercings and mods with a bent edge




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August 19–21, 2011
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March 16, 2011 fab

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#420 March 16—29, 2011
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Cover Credits Photography: InkedKenny, inkedkenny.com Photo assistant: Mat Muir Wardrobe/prop stylist: Robert G Ridgway Grooming: Taylor Borris, TRESemmé Hair Care/judyinc.com Location courtesy of BluGod Tattoo and Piercing Studio, 548 Yonge St, 416-923-3332, blugod.com. Jeans & accessories courtesy of Priape, 501 Church St, priape.com
fab March 16, 2011




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The Old Testament was written thousands of years before the New Testament. May I suggest you start to read the New Testament, which tells the life, teaching and return of Jesus. It is about being in That a relationship rather than just feeling another religion. You wrote of Retro porn makes a comeback fab gay sex survey inner cleansing. This is best achieved by asking God to remove anything that he does not want for us and come live inside us. A regular inner cleansing is best achieved by seriously talking to God in prayer. This will also involve listening to him. God does hear us and knows what is the very best for us. I find that most often when I get serious with God, he will tell me to wait. If I continue to pray God does hear and will answer in ways that are true, healthy, clean and very often in ways I do not expect. You also wrote about sin. That is not a popular word. God will forgive us if we ask him with sincerity and honesty. Many great heroes of history were forgiven by the living God and went on in devotion to him and service to one another. — Al Stewart

To have and to hold

I just wondered why you stopped posting the PDF of the magazine on your website. I usually can make it to Toronto only once or twice a month, and unfortunately when I do, I’m usually nowhere near the Village. So when I stumbled upon the magazine posted online over a year ago, I was highly delighted (not to mention, it’s also easily stuck on my iPad to flip through). Anyway, I’m sure I’ll manage to survive, but I thought that I’d ask anyway. — Jim Wylie Editor’s note: The launch of the newly revamped fabmagazine.com has seen a few glitches and, unfortunately, the downloadable PDF was one. Until this oversight is remedied, each issue will be posted as a complete PDF download in the “fab Blog” section of fabmagazine.com, so no one will miss a single issue.

Get to the bottom of the

Penetrated by God, or holy enema

Thank you for the editorial “Being Christian is disgusting” [fab #418, Feb 16]. I am very interested that you have recently started to read the Bible. Many young professionals are doing it. Did you notice it is unlike any other book? It is divided into Old Testament and New Testament.

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March 16, 2011 fab


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Leaving permanent marks


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ecret Historian: The Life and Times of Samuel Steward, Professor, Tattoo Artist and Sexual Renegade recounts how Steward lost his job as a professor when it was discovered that he also ran a tattoo parlour. In the 1950s tattoos were a signifier of rough trade and all things unseemly. It didn’t matter if it was “Mom” that was etched into a man’s flesh; it was still, as late as 1994, “rife with associations to goons, goofs, bikers, tribal warriors, carnival artists, drunken sailors and floozies,” according to Jon Anderson of the Chicago Tribune. Not such bad role models for gay men coming into their own. “The tattoo has always been a metaphor of difference,” says Margo DeMello in Bodies of Inscription: A Cultural History of the Modern Tattoo Community. Gay men, cherishing their outsider status, eagerly embraced body modification as fashion. Barbed-wire bicep-encircling tattoos became a common butch accessory. Creativity flowed as tribal designs and other emblems of strength adorned well-sculpted bodies. Some added pink ribbons to commemorate those they had lost. In 1989 influential icon Cher flaunted her numerous tattoos and took them mainstream (again, sailors were involved) in the video for “If I Could Turn Back Time.” It was only a matter of time before everyone had a tattoo (or several), and what was once daring became a fashion statement (or frequently, when unicorns or cartoon characters were involved, a fashion faux pas). Rumours that Cher has begun to have her tattoos surgically removed will be proven only if she and Christina exchange roles in the remake of Burlesque. Closer to home, a series of “Tattoo regret?” ads, touting a laser tattoo-removal parlour, have begun to appear in Toronto newspapers. They often run in tandem with a laser hair-loss prevention clinic; perhaps ray gun–wielding doctors are redefining masculinity — as a blank canvas of skin and a full head of hair. A television ad mocks the bicep decoration of a self-conscious hipster while extolling white-picket family life as truly butch. Does this mean body mods might finally be transgressive again? Comedian Billy Elmer advises, “Women, don’t get a tattoo. That butterfly looks great on your breast when you’re 20 or 30, but when you get to 70, it stretches into a condor.” The warning that a tattoo is permanent and may not reflect your future self is a valid one. However, when I was toying with my first tattoo, I happened to browse an issue of Biker Babes. The centrefold was a 71-year-old biker chick proudly posing topless on a Harley. Her breasts sagged and her multiple tattoos were blurred by the crepelike folds of her skin. A cautionary vision? Not exactly. She had lived. The defiant spirit that had led to those tattoos still breathed within her wizened frame and that was enough to encourage me. Our lives as gay men will always involve a certain degree of outsider status; to document that and wear it on our flesh is a proud statement that goes far beyond a fashion trend.


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fUll frontal
Snapped shirtless
“I was bashful about having him remove his shirt. He looked stunning in nearly every shot,” says photographer Andrew B Myers of his friend Eugen Sakhnenko. Myers’ photograph is part of this year’s SNAP! fundraiser, an annual silent auction that raises much-needed funds for the AIDS Committee of Toronto. Being involved in an event that has its roots in activism is a thrill for Myers. “It’s meaningful enough to somehow be a part of this cause. But to merge it with the strong photography community in Toronto is unique and quite important to me,” he says. Myers knew, despite his own bashfulness, that Sakhnenko would work perfectly for the piece. “I wanted to depict timeless or classic-looking young men enjoying a seemingly endless summer, and he stood out to me as someone who would work well if he simply combed his hair back.” — Ryan English

SNAP! is Sun, March 27 at 6pm at the National Ballet School, 400 Jarvis St. Info: snap-toronto.com

Dirty-talking teacher
“We look at pornography all the time for obvious reasons,” says Tim Dean, a professor at the University at Buffalo. We can all agree to that, but Dean, the author of Unlimited Intimacy, an acclaimed study on bareback culture, wants “to see how not looking at porn has become highly eroticized, too.” In the keynote lecture at this month’s Queer Theory, Visuality and Sexuality Graduate Colloquium at the University of Toronto, Dean will look at the cultural history of obscenity and at anti-porn movements, such as the XXX Church, to examine new ways of thinking about porn. When asked if studying sex takes all the fun out of it, Dean laughs: “I watch a lot of porn and I go to sex clubs all in the name of research.” — Jonathan Valelly Dean’s lecture, “Obscene, On/Scene, the ‘Other Scene’: An Ethics of Looking at Pornography,” is Wed, March 30 at 6pm at the Munk School of Global Affairs, 1 Devonshire Place. Info: utoronto.ca

“As a young boy, my room was plastered with photos of bodybuilders. Naked, oiled male bodies.” Arnold Schwarzenegger talks to Austrian newspaper Krone about his childhood tendencies. “It was the right set for me, and it was the right set for them.” Tom Hooper, Academy award–winning director of The King’s Speech, on filming in the same location as a gay porno. US$29.95 Cost of a Biniki — a bra designed to lift and enhance a woman’s butt. US$39.95 Cost of a Maniki — a butt bra for men — at biniki-fashions.com. US$8.95 Cost of a basic athletic supporter from jockstrapcentral.com. “You’ll end up with a gay cow.” Journalist Scott Mills responds to a Ugandan witch doctor’s proposal to drive, by beating him with chickens, Mills’ demon gay spirit into a heifer. “I have weird superstitions about sex. If you’re not having sex with someone who really loves you they can screw up your energy.” Lady Gaga tells Britain’s Grazia magazine that she is a romantic. “It’s totally sick when you think about it. Where the hell is everyone else?” Twenty-year-old Anton Hysén on being the first Swedish soccer player to come out.

Nudes on track
The bathhouse raids attacked and then galvanized our community in 1981; TNTmen have created unclothed community since 1997. The raids are remembered in a special screening of the almost lost documentary Track Two; members are flaunted in TNTmen’s Naked Cabaret & Dance. Two great events, but which is fiercer?

Track Two mooD HiSTory eNTerTaiNmeNT
Anger over an attack on our community and sexuality Midsections had to be covered at the tubs in 1981 Retro haircuts but cutting-edge protest slogans

A joyful celebration of our community’s bodies and sexuality Midsections have to be exposed at TNTmen events Singers, dancers, comedians — all nude

FierceNeSS quoTieNT
Lest we forget…

Progress! All proudly prurient

We wouldn’t be able to dance naked and celebrate our sexuality in a mainstream club if it weren’t for the protests that changed our lives forever. Strip down, have fun and then honour those who made it possible. — Drew Rowsome Track Two screens Tues, March 29 at 6:30pm at Buddies, 12 Alexander St. Info: xtra.ca. The TNTmen Naked Cabaret & Dance is Sat, March 26 at 8pm at Goodhandy’s, 120 Church St. Info: tntmen.org.



March 16, 2011 fab



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fab March 16, 2011


that air about it is there. I can see where people could be turned off by it because in the Village it doesn’t matter as much who or what you are. There, even if you always know what you’ll get, they’re being real about it. It’s consistent in a good way. The west end can feel pretentious sometimes. Some people in the west-end scene don’t want to be a stereotype or be that gay who goes to the Village. But I just don’t get westend guys who say, “I don’t go to parties in the Village because it’s always the same guys, and they’re all screwing everybody.” I’m like, Well you’re the same way and you’re screwing everybody in Queer West, too. That whole thing kind of ceases to matter. JV: Your big party at the moment is Dream// Date, complete with a chalkboard and vintage dating shows. MM: I came up with Dream//Date because I kept reading missed connections on Craigslist that were so messed up. People go to a bar and meet someone and choose to do a what-could’ve-been game instead of doing something right then. It’s kind of making fun of that but working with that idea. I want to have a party that’s so good, where you meet so many new people that you have a bunch of missed connections to write on the chalkboard and make it work. JV: What parties should we be looking forward to from you this spring and summer? MM: Dream//Date is my only monthly right now. But I’m going to pitch some ideas come Pride to keep the Vazaleen vibe going and bring people out. I’ll be guest DJing Snakepit at Henhouse again soon, which is great. I just love queer women. They know how to drop the bullshit and just party without demanding things off the menu. I feel like I can play my guilty-pleasure jams and people are like, “Oh, I didn’t know you get down like that!” JV: What are your turn-on jams? MM: I like music that sparks emotion, ’cause that’s the point. Songs that make me feel nostalgic about love, my ideal boy, music like that. So as cheesy as it is, I like stuff like Sufjan Stevens, Arthur Russell and stuff that makes you want to be in love and meet a dreamy guy — new wavey, slightly sentimental stuff. JV: And you sometimes DJ in a jockstrap... MM: Well yeah, there’s that. I do like those.
Tara Fillion

Maxin and relaxing, spinning some tunes

For three years now, Max Mohenu has been making a name for himself in Toronto as a DJ, promoter and music journalist. Jonathan Valelly sat down with him to ask about the west-end scene, his production projects and the music that turns his crank.
Jonathan Valelly: You’re something of a figure in the Queer West scene, where you live and play. What do you think of that neighbourhood’s label? Max Mohenu: I’m weird with “scenes” because of the connotations and the flip that people like to put on it. I enjoy everyone I’ve met and all the people doing things in Toronto. It’s about what people are bringing to the table. I’m not necessarily only Queer West. I like some things in the Village, like the Black Eagle, which has that sort of vintage, punk, cruisey vibe to it. You get a bit of an adventure or a thrill, and the Eagle is bringing in some new sexy parties, like Cock Fight, which is really good. JV: So it’s more about people who are trying new things than so-called scenes? MM: Yeah. I mean, The Beaver is the only bar really trying new things in the west end. They’re constantly stepping up their game. The five-year anniversary parties, Hotnuts, Goth Drag... Those nights are hot at The Beaver because those are things Will would be doing right now. It’s sad that he’s gone, but it’s so interesting to know that one man could have done so much that, even being gone a year, his spirit is still alive. Will would be proud. JV: Still, some see Queer West as no less exclusive than the Village. Is it wrong to write it off as a hipsters-only affair? MM: It’s not necessarily a hipster thing, but

Mohenu is a guest DJ on Wed, March 30 at Snakepit at the Henhouse, 1532 Dundas St W. Check out his writing at diamondatlas.tumblr.com and catch-fire.com. Jonathan Valelly is a fab writer who loves chasing a dream date in any part of the city.


March 16, 2011 fab

rd and ostino gets to the ha n Scott Dag latho hairy heart of Mascu
eep in the woods, 11 men gathered together for a primal rite of passage and tests of inner and outer strength to determine who among them would rise above not only each other, but all men. They must conquer... the Masculathon!” While this description may read like the back cover of a Titan porno, Masculathon is a new comedy web series from filmmaking brothers Josh (above right) and Robi Levy (above left). It’s a series that is both a satire of and a celebration of men, masculinity and the average Joe. Josh Levy says the new project grew out of their conversations as 30-something brothers: “He’s straight, I’m gay, and it’s given us a lot of insight into each other and men in general that we wanted to share with a wider audience.” The brothers invited their friends and favourite Toronto comedians such as Brian Barlow, Robin Collins and Jonathan Soja up to a cabin near Bobcaygeon, north of Peterborough, for a fast and intense three-day shoot. “All these guys came in character and stayed in character all weekend,” Levy says, and while the Masculathon events were plotted out, the actors improvised their dialogue as their characters competed to take the place of The Man. “The Man represents the spirit of men,” Levy says. “A new one has been chosen every 17 years from the dawn of time... The Last Supper was actually a Masculathon,” he teases. When it came time to cast the role of the living embodiment of masculinity, there was really only one choice: venerable fab columnist Paul Bellini. “God, I’m so nelly,” laughs Bellini. “I thought, ‘How can I do it?’” But with his four-day scruff, mirrored sunglasses and motorcycle, Bellini as The Man is “a little bit subversive, a little bit perfect,” says Levy. “Paul and I have been best friends for, oh God, maybe 16 years. We co-wrote my first feature, Hayseed, and we created the TV show Locker Room together.” Levy reveals, “Long before I met him, I actually entered The Kids in the Hall’s ‘Touch Paul Bellini’ contest. Paul has been my muse.” “Oh, I wasn’t the first choice,” says Bellini. “Josh wanted Scott Thompson, but Scott couldn’t do it. I think it was Robi who said, “Oh, just let Bellini do it.” Insisting he’s not an actor, Bellini combined the look of Canadian character actor Don Francks with the voice of a straight buddy named Gary to create The Man. But with three days of heavy costumes, out in the woods, shooting until 1am, he says, “I got very bitchy. I was exhausted. The fucking thing was a Masculathon!” “Josh is all about preserving masculinity,” says Bellini. “A lot of people don’t like that; they see it as ‘straight-acting,’ but I’m sorry, it is sexually appealing. Let’s stop looking at it as the ‘enemy’ or the ‘lie’ and see it for what it really is: another way of being. It’s not all self-loathing. Some guys are just butch, some guys are just nelly, and some guys go back and forth.” That male spirit, says Levy, is what The Man Masculathon celebrates. “Without getting gives out manly into identity politics, the only point we make lessons? is that gay men are men, too.” Having a gay character embraced without question by the others shows, he says, “the most political thing we can do is just be ourselves and be open with the people in our immediate circle. What a lot of men really want is to communicate.” Each week, for the rest of this year, a new video will be added to the Masculathon YouTube page, some brief, some epic. “It’s like a choose-your-own-adventure,” Levy says. “You can watch as much or as little as you like, in order or out of order.” Levy has also approached artist Jason Bone to do a spinoff comic book. “The best part is that there’s nobody getting between us and our audience. There are no advertisers, no studio execs giving us notes. We just get out there and say what we want to say.” Spoken like The Man himself. Info: youtube.com/masculathon Scott Dagostino is a fab writer who enjoys funny men of all demeanours.
fab March 16, 2011


Robin Compton


D e ntis t

drrobincompton@ hotmail.com N EW PATIEN TS WELCO ME FLEXIBLE HO URS MO N DAY TO FRIDAY www.drrobincompton.ca
80 Charles Street East Lower Level Toronto,O N 416.926.1502

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March 16, 2011 fab

are stretchi ification to find out why gays mod


rld of Andrew Robertson pierces the wo ng their image


fab March 16, 2011



Jawborn likes to stretch himself to the limit.

Major is a modified man.

n the 1970s, while the punks across the pond were jamming safety pins anywhere they could pinch an inch, the godfathers of modern piercing, Jim Ward and Doug Malloy, began to research piercing and tattooing in the West Hollywood gay fetish scene. In 1978, Ward opened Gauntlet, the world’s first commercial body-piercing studio. This underground movement would explore the limits of what the physical body can endure and how it can be reshaped. “Jim helped to reinvent piercing,” says Blair McLean, a former body piercer turned branding and scarification expert. “People were just sticking safety pins through their bits, and he decided that it would make more sense to use medical syringe needles and simple surgical stainless steel jewellery, the process that modern body piercing is based on to this day. His new ideas about how piercing should be done opened the whole industry to being able to pierce anything because of this guy in the gay community coming up with a better technique.” McLean himself created a new technique called multiple strike branding, which allowed him to create larger, more elaborate designs using multiple scorching strikes with a smaller tool. One such design is Astro Boy, branded on the calf of vintage-clothing specialist Justus and designed to match his tattooed sleeves. Justus’s adorable “It was the only cartoon I was allowed branding. to watch as a child,” Justus say. “Astro Boy taught that technology was good up until a point. At the time, I was interested in modern primitive culture and doing a series for CBC Radio. I meditated and fasted for 10 days and then got branded by Blair. It was intense and it was done bit by bit, like a fine poker. It was painful and you smell burning flesh, then you feel like you’re flying and the endorphins kick in really quick.” While Justus used tattooing and branding to reference elements of his childhood, McLean says the choice is often tied to sexuality. “People want to explore their anatomy,” says McLean. “Gay people have a lot of angst and frustration. We take it for granted when we live downtown, but a huge percentage of the gay community doesn’t, and when they get to the city, they want to explore themselves. People come out at different ages and have to catch up on their understanding of sexuality. One story I’ve heard quite a bit is that people want to have ownership of their body and sexuality by putting a ring through something or getting a tattoo.” Nos Jawborn, 28, a former modification artist who is now a professional cycling instructor and an environmental activist, believes mods are embedded in gay culture and identity. “Body piercing has been with the gay community for a long time,” he says. “It’s not so much a question of why the gay community is drawn to piercings, but rather to realize that it’s been a part of our culture for decades. I don’t think that there is any particular kind of psychology that draws people to body mods, but I do believe we all make our mark on our bodies in some way or another in this life, be it tattoos and piercing,



March 16, 2011 fab


bodybuilding or drugs.” Jawborn’s interest in body modification began in his teens, when he discovered pain and modification as a means to self-awareness, pleasure and spirituality. His mods currently include pencil-sized nostril piercings, 1.5-inch stretched earlobes, an inner-lip tattoo of two arrows and the word “dick,” a large Prince Albert piercing and a multitude of tattoos, each with its own meaning. “I’ve had many more mods in the past that I’ve since grown out of,” he says. Even with body modification, nothing is necessarily forever. Justus feels that he has grown out of his Astro Boy sleeves and is in the process of doing what tattoo artists refer to as a cover-up, turning cartoons into old-time sailor tattoos. “As people grow older things change, and fortunately, I am able to change mine,” he says. While Justus is going back to rework some older pieces, Scott Major is adding more. He has tattoos over 80 percent of his body, has surgically altered his ears so they’re pointed and has sub-dermal halfdome Teflon implants in his chest. His interest in mods began in childhood, when he idolized tattooed men. “To be heavily tattooed was always what I envisioned my body was going to look like,” Major says. “Seeing it on other guys is a turn-on for me, so that was kind of what started it. Once I started getting tattooed, it became an addiction and I couldn’t stop.” With very visible tattoos and modifications on his face, neck and hands, Major’s art isn’t easily covered up, but he doesn’t feel it has limited his career. He currently works as a customer service rep for squirt.org. “My job’s not there to define me as a person,” he says, speaking to society’s shifting attitudes. “Because of the acceptance of tattoos and piercings in modern society, it has become acceptable to be fully sleeved and have your ears stretched and work in a regular job. No one seems to care anymore.” It may be acceptable to have mods in the workplace, but some can have an effect on your love life. In the world of body modifications, what is sexy to some will not be to others. Full-sleeve tattoos can be incredibly attractive, while penis-splitting, subtraction (amputation) or penectomy (removing part of the penis) might not be. A trip to online body-mod supersite bmezine.com might cause flushed cheeks in some viewers and panic attacks in others. When asked about the fetishizing of body mods and his own Prince Albert, Jawborn

Major and his buddy Ben LaPierre are just two of many tattooed, pierced and modified gay men.

fab March 16, 2011



says, “Of course there is a sexual element to my tattoos and piercings, but no more than getting a haircut and the purposes it serves,” he says. “Lots of people find tattoos, piercings and great haircuts sexy. Having my cock pierced has made my sex life lots of fun, yes, but it’s definitely not a showstopper.” Major agrees that arousal is in the eye of the beholder. “With any fetish, it can be sexually driven, or it can just be fetish in how you live and the way you want to present yourself,” he says. “For me it’s both. I find heavily tattooed men attractive, but I’m not stuck on tattoos being my visual need for a person to be attractive to me. You can turn anything into a sexual desire.” Justus views practitioners of the more extreme mods like penis splitting with a kind of reverence. “I’ve seen penis splitting, and it’s not my thing, but I respect it,” he says. “It’s beyond life changing, almost like going through a sex change in terms of how far you can go with your body, and I take my hat off to them.” Body mods have also, perhaps controversially, exploded into the world of fashion and pop culture. Nicola Formichetti, the new creative director at the Thierry Mugler fashion house and stylist to Lady Gaga, is one of the visionaries responsible. Formichetti tapped double-amputee Paralympian Oscar Pistorius as the new face of A*Men and chose Montreal’s Zombie Boy, aka Rick Genest, who sports full skeleton tattoos over his face and body, to appear in Gaga’s “Born This Way” video and on the runway at Paris Fashion Week. “I do envy Rick’s celebrity status at this point,” says Major, an admitted Gaga fan. “I was telling friends of mine I need to find his publicist.” But will gays start sporting sub-dermals to answer the call of their Monster Mother? “Gaga has created an effective way to portray an evolved human race,” says Mike Munich, one of Gaga’s backup dancers and Haus of Gaga member, noting that the temporary prosthetic transformations for the “Born This Way” video took two and a half hours to achieve. “It’s very beautiful in an unconventional way, which suits the strange and unusual look she has for representing a race free of judgment.” Munich thinks that to really transform, people need “a sense of self-love and acceptance. If you are unhappy with your current appearance, you need to be changing for yourself and not for exterior validation. Own your uniqueness, don’t compromise yourself for anyone, and be the person you want to be, no matter what anyone else tells you.” Andrew Robertson is a fab writer who loves bad boys covered with ink, steel and attitude. Special thanks to BluGod Tattoo Studio at 548 Yonge St for the use of their temple of ink for our photo shoot. Info: blugod.com

Munich saves his mods for videos and the stage.



Gaga and Genest get freaky.


March 16, 2011 fab

Zombie Boy, aka Rick Genest.

6. How do you feel about the following sexual activities? you’re curious about you don’t enjoy you enjoy

Welcome to fab’s third annual gay sex survey!

Are you as curious about gay men’s sexual lives and fantasies as we are? Does fab cover the sexual frontiers you are eagerly exploring? Are your voyeuristic/exhibitionist impulses aroused? Are you ready to get deeper and dirtier? The responses to our last two surveys were overwhelming, exciting and occasionally shocking. Please take a few minutes to fill out this year’s installment. Let us know your stats, kinks, desires and curiosities. It’s totally anonymous, so don’t hold back. Tell the truth — it’s always better than fiction. The results and analysis will appear in fab’s Sex Survey results issue, available Wednesday, April 27, 2011. The survey can also be filled out online at fabmagazine.com.

The basics
1. You are (choose one) celibate in a monogamous relationship in an open relationship in a polyamorous relationship in a relationship that he thinks is monogamous married, in a monogamous relationship married, in an open relationship single and searching for a long-term relationship single and gleefully promiscuous other/comments __________________________________________ 2. You have sex (choose one) biweekly daily monthly never weekly filling out this survey is interfering with your non-stop sexual activity other/comments __________________________________________ 3. Which is more important? (choose one) companionship romance sexual heat other/comments __________________________________________ 4. What is the most important component of satisfying sex? (choose one) an adventurous attitude a big cock a hot body intimacy kinkiness a sense of humour a tight ass other/comments __________________________________________ 5. You are (choose one) a bottom a top versatile a versatile bottom a versatile top other/comments __________________________________________

anal sex (bottom) anal sex (top) bondage (dom) bondage (sub) bukkake (giving) bukkake (receiving) cock and ball torture (giving) cock and ball torture (receiving) crossdressing cuddling electro-stim (giving) electro-stim (receiving) exhibitionism voyeurism fisting (giving) fisting (receiving) flogging (giving) flogging (receiving) foot worship (giving) foot worship (receiving) frottage gangbang (giving) gangbang (receiving) group sex hand job (giving) hand job (receiving) kissing mutual masturbation nipple play oral sex (giving) oral sex (receiving) oral sex (mutual) pnp rimming (giving) rimming (receiving) role play scat (giving) scat (receiving) sounding (giving) sounding (receiving) spanking (giving) spanking (receiving) sploshing (giving) sploshing (receiving) watersports (giving) watersports (receiving) other/comments __________________________________________
fab March 16, 2011


7. What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever been asked to do sexually? __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ 8. What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever done sexually? Did you enjoy it? __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ 9. What is the most intense thing you’ve ever done sexually? ___________________________________________________________ 10. What is your ultimate sexual fantasy? Have you made it a reality? ____________________________________________________

11. Describe the perfect ass. ___________________________________________________________

The beautifully bent
1. Which sex toy... (choose one) would you most like to own? would you gets the most use in your never want to use? household?

The boys
1. What’s the first thing you notice in a man on the street? (choose one) build basket eyes hairstyle sartorial style shapely ass smile other/comments __________________________________________ 2. What is the first thing men notice about you? (choose one) build basket eyes hairstyle sartorial style shapely ass smile other/comments __________________________________________ 3. What is the most attractive part of a naked man? arms ass balls chest cock eyes face feet legs nipples smile other/comments __________________________________________ 4. You prefer a man’s body to be (choose one) garnished with tufts of hair gorilla-like, a full pelt manscaped meticulously shaved into submission smooth as a baby’s bottom other/comments __________________________________________ 5. Do gentlemen really prefer (choose one) blonds brunettes redheads shaved heads other/comments __________________________________________ 6. Is there an ethnicity that you find particularly attractive? yes no comments _________________________________________________ 7. Which ethnicities do you find particularly attractive? (choose as many as you like) Asian Black East Indian First Nation Greek Italian Latin Middle-Eastern Nordic Slavic other/comments __________________________________________ 8. What is the size of the perfect cock ____ inches (length) ____ inches (width) the average cock ____ inches (length) ____ inches (width) your cock ____ inches (length) ____ inches (width) other/comments __________________________________________ 9. How do you feel about the size of your cock? ___________________________________________________________ 10. Describe the most attractive cock you have ever seen. ___________________________________________________________

anal beads bondage rope buttplug chastity device clothespins cockring costumes/uniforms dildo double-ended dildo Fleshlight handcuffs massage oil nipple clamps penis pump sling snake bites sounding rod whip/flogger other/comments __________________________________________ 2. You consider yourself to be (choose one) very kinky mildly kinky/exploring totally vanilla other/comments __________________________________________ 3. How many people do you like... to have watch your sexual activities? _____ to join in your sexual activities? _____ to watch engaged in sexual activity? _____

the more the merrier the more the merrier the more the merrier

4. Which of these fantasy figures have you had sex with? (choose one) boss clergy member coach delivery boy doctor fab writer firefighter landlord mascot personal trainer plumber policeman politician pornstar pro athlete relative straight man teacher other/comments __________________________________________ 5. Which of these fantasy figures would you most like to have sex with? (choose one) boss clergy member coach delivery boy doctor fab writer firefighter landlord mascot personal trainer plumber policeman politician pornstar pro athlete relative straight man teacher other/comments __________________________________________ 6. Choose the celebrity you would most like to have sex with ______________________________________ least like to have sex with ______________________________________


March 16, 2011 fab

7. Choose the pornstar you would most like to have sex with ______________________________________ least like to have sex with ______________________________________ 8. You have had bareback sex never once a few times many times always other/comments __________________________________________ 9. In what situation would you have bareback sex? any time never when in a committed relationship when status is proven when status is disclosed other/comments __________________________________________ 10. Have you ever had an STD? yes no other/comments __________________________________________ 11. Did having an STD or an STD scare change your sexual behaviour? yes — safer sex from then on no other/comments __________________________________________ 12. What is the hottest thing anyone has said to you after sex? ___________________________________________________________ the hottest thing anyone has said to you during sex? ___________________________________________________________ the most disgusting thing anyone has said to you after sex? ___________________________________________________________ the most disgusting thing anyone has said to you during sex? ___________________________________________________________ the most disturbing thing anyone has said to you after sex? ___________________________________________________________ the most disturbing thing anyone has said to you during sex? ___________________________________________________________ the most hilarious thing anyone has said to you after sex? ___________________________________________________________ the most hilarious thing anyone has said to you during sex? ___________________________________________________________

online adam4adam.com bear411.com bigmuscle.com dudesnude.com facebook.com findfred.com gay411.com gaydar.co.uk gayromeo.com m4m4sex.com men4sexnow.com manhunt.net plentyoffish.com recon.com squirt.org twitter.com other/comments __________________________________________ public places Cawthra Park Cherry Beach David Balfour Park Hanlan’s Point High Park Queen’s Park Trinity Bellwoods other/comments __________________________________________ apps Boys Ahoy Grindr Jack’d Scruff other/comments __________________________________________ 3. What is the strangest place you have ever had sex? ___________________________________________________________ 4. What is your best pick-up technique/line? ___________________________________________________________ 5. What is the worst pick-up technique/line you have ever been subjected to? ___________________________________________________________ 6. What pick-up technique/line works on you? ___________________________________________________________ 7. In an online profile, the biggest (choose one of each) turn-on is a cock shot a chest shot a face pic a full-body shot a photo with personality and humour romantic text sexually explicit text a spread-ass shot text with personality and humour 8. Have you ever met a sex partner online and agreed to meet without exchanging photos? yes no What was the result? _________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ 9. Where do you most like to jerk off? (choose one) in the bathroom in bed on cam in front of an audience in a group at the gym in public at work with someone else other/comments __________________________________________ 10. What is the most atypical place you have ever jerked off? ___________________________________________________________ 11. What is the most times you have (during a day) jerked off ______ had sex ________
fab March 16, 2011

turnoff is

The bearings
1. Your favourite place/way to pick up is a bar a bathhouse a church the gym an internet dating site a nightclub an internet sex site a phoneline on the street a social gathering by using an app other/comments __________________________________________ 2. Where have you had the most success picking up? (choose one) bars/nightclubs Alto Lounge The Barn The Beaver The Black Eagle Boutique Bar Buddies Byzantium Crews & Tangos Flash fly Fuzion George’s Play The Gladstone Goodhandy’s O’Grady’s Remington’s Straight WAYLA Woody’s Zipperz other/comments __________________________________________ bathhouses The Cellar Central Spa Oak Leaf Steam Baths Spa Excess Steamworks Urge other/comments __________________________________________


12. At what age did you first masturbate? ________ ejaculate? ________ participate in oral sex? ________ participate in anal sex? ________ come out? ________ other/comments __________________________________________ 13. How did it feel the first time you ejaculated? ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ 14. How did it feel the most recent time you ejaculated? ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ 15. What is the most atypical thing that has inspired/aroused you to masturbate? ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ 16. What consistently inspires/arouses you to masturbate? ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ 17. You masturbate because it feels good you’re bored you’re tense Glee is a rerun it’s a habit why not? you’re too lazy to have someone do it for you no one else can handle your cock as well other/comments __________________________________________

6. You have been filmed in a sexual act for fun been filmed in a sexual act for money been photographed in a sexual act for fun been photographed in a sexual act for money been photographed nude for fun been photographed nude for money already become a star on XTube 7. How do you feel about others viewing material of you nude or engaged in sexual activities? aroused ashamed eager to hear if it arouses them vaguely embarrassed proud other/comments __________________________________________ 8. How do you feel when viewing material of yourself nude or engaged in sexual activities? aroused ashamed vaguely embarrassed proud other/comments __________________________________________ 9. Who would you most want to prevent from seeing material of you nude or engaged in sexual activities? (choose one) your co-workers your family your father your grandparents your mother your partner your priest your sugar daddy none of the above — everyone is welcome to enjoy other/comments __________________________________________

The budget
1. How many different men have you had sex with so far in your life? ________ you had sex with in an average year? ________ 2. Have you ever paid for sex? yes no been paid for sex? yes no other/comments __________________________________________ 3. How much would you pay for _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ would you want to be paid to perform _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________

The basics II
1. What is your number-one sex tip for survey readers? ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ 2. What do gay men most commonly do wrong during sex? ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ 3. How old are you? ________ 4. Your postal code is __________________ 5. Is there anything else you’d like to tell us or that you think we should include in future sex surveys? ________________________________ ________________________________ _______________________________ ______________________________

anal sex (giving) anal sex (receiving) a blow job fisting (giving) fisting (receiving) a massage a romantic night out watersports (giving) watersports (receiving)

4. What do you think of sex workers? they provide an essential service you envy their career choice you pity their career choice other/comments __________________________________________ 5. What is the one sexual act you could not be paid or persuaded to do? ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________

Thank you for filling out the fab gay sex survey. The survey can be dropped off at or mailed to our office: 491 Church St, Ste 200. Toronto, ON. M4Y 2C6 Be sure to read the results in our Sex Survey results issue on Wed, April 28.


March 16, 2011 fab


Paul Bellini

Heavenly brew and not-so-manly mead
or the past year, Scott Thompson and I, with the help of CBC producer Jeff Goodes, have been podcasting at scottfreepodcast. com. Mostly we just talk dirty for 20 minutes, and sometimes we bring in guests like Elvira Kurt, Brad Fraser, Trevor Boris or the Scorpio Twins to liven things up. We don’t have lots of listeners, but there are rabid fans who send us artwork to show their appreciation, like Seattle artist Jade Gordon, who sent this gorgeous portrait of me as a mead fairy hovering over Buddy Cole’s shoulder. We have no sponsor for the podcast, so when Jeff asked what our dream sponsor might be, Scott suggested mead. But wasn’t that some swill concocted by the Vikings? Mead is an alcoholic beverage produced by fermenting a solution of honey and water. It is also on record as being the oldest alcoholic beverage in human history, so I was stunned when I went to a Beer Store and saw that mead is still friggin’ available. I got a bottle of Trafalgar Brewing Company’s Tropical Mead, which tastes like a grapefruit cooler and is ideal for a Club Med Viking. Ancient grogs have been on my mind a lot lately. I recently attended a beer promotion at the Bier Markt at 58 The Esplanade. Carlsberg has partnered with the Grimbergen Abbey in Belgium to bring its draft to Canadians, one of only 12 such lucky countries on earth. The brew, a dark, semi-sweet beer called Grimbergen Dubbel, is served in shallow bowl-shaped glasses. As is the


European tradition, it is not served overly chilled. It goes down smooth, not something you can say about all dark ales. I remember my first Guinness, so reminiscent of a liquefied loaf of rye bread. Grimbergen Dubbel, lovingly double-malted and boasting a bittersweet flavour with hints of caramel, is not that type of beer. To launch the brand, Carlsberg brought two Norbertine monks from Grimbergen Abbey to Canada. Abbot Erik de Sutter and Father Karel Stautemas appeared in the crisp white robes of their order. They told the assembled media that the closely guarded recipe for their brew dates back to 1128 AD. The order uses a phoenix as its logo, as the abbey was ravaged by fire in 1142 then destroyed during a religious war in 1566 and demolished again in 1798, each time rebuilt as though it was a running gag in a Warner Bros cartoon. I spoke to Father Karel, a jolly man. “Every Sunday afternoon I taste with five friends Burgundy wines blind,” he explained in his charmingly accented English, “and we must choose the year, the village and the farmer who made it.” What a life. I guess they’ve got to have some perks to make up for celibacy. Father Karel seemed pleased that I enjoyed their alcoholic offering. “Why does everything delicious come from Belgium?” I asked. “With all due respect,” he agreed, dismissing a nearby Canadian cheese platter as inferior. Nevertheless, Father Karel has a soft spot for Canadians. “Thank you to the Canadians for all the things they did for us in the Second World War. We don’t forget that. Not the British, not the Americans — it was the Canadians who liberated Belgium.” Carlsberg is rolling out Grimbergen Dubbel as a premium beer, which means you can’t buy a two-four at the Beer Store. It is meant to be enjoyed in high-end bars and restaurants, always served in its signature glass. Though Grimbergen Dubbel is no longer brewed at the abbey itself, the monks retain final say on how it is marketed, using the royalties to fund life in the abbey and to provide cultural support to their community in Belgium. So drinking their beer is a lot like making a charitable donation. Connoisseurs of fine beers will adore Grimbergen Dubbel, the oldest beer recipe on earth. “The Beer of Legend” is how Carlsberg is pushing the brand, and discriminating drunks should definitely investigate. Father Karel would insist. As for mead, leave it to the Vikings. paul@fabmagazine.com
fab March 16, 2011

Jade Gordon immortalizes Buddy and Bellini.


Deep Dish

Rolyn Chambers

photos by

Wingo Du and Tony Fong

Cash is so money @ FML Mondays n a far-off land, straight guys stand guard and watch as women get drunk on the dancefloor. Throw in a handful of fashionable fags and you get the off-the-chain Wednesday night party at Cobra nightclub. Word has it that some of Lady Gaga’s dancers will be here tonight. We have yet to see any, but host homo Matt Barker is doing his best to keep his little monsters pacified by pouring shots of Grey Goose down their throats. Wildness follows as partiers, including Chris J Nevin and Sloan Cobain, Derek and Patrick dance on tables, grinding up shake off a case of on whatever animate and the Mondays @ David and inanimate objects happen to FML Mondays Dennis are be in front of them. The night all laughs finds a good balance between @ FML gays who need more than the Mondays Village and straights who need more than the Entertainment District. But what is a straight party without a fistfight? Cue eight drunk boys. Fists fly, DJ Craig glasses break and women shriek Dominic as the brawling mass is pushed Roy and Taz raises the out the door while the music are urban roof with style plays like some amazing cowboys @ FML @ FML theme song. Mondays Mondays • There lives a DJ named Craig Dominic and a promotional company called MoJo Vanessa and Toronto. Throw in a special Robert are fine Corey retro music night and you’ve and fiery @ Cobra gets silly got tonight’s version of FML by sipping Mondays at Fuzion. Having @ Cobra DJed now for three years, Dominic dusts off his discs and unleashes classics by Spiller, ’N Sync and Paula Abdul. I spit out my gin and tonic on the back of someone probably too young to remember when Abdul was actually talented — I am that excited. But it is Whitney Houston with her wailing diva voice that really gets the boys, like Aeryn Pfaff, wearing thick silver-plated chains and high-end sneakers, excited. With couches arranged around a small impromptu dancefloor, it’s an intimate and cozy affair orchestrated by host Joey Viola. The unlit back dining room, meanwhile, becomes the perfect spot for others, like Ry Lockhart, to get more connected. “I’m just texting,” he protests. Maria, Tyler and John are Mike, Chris and Matt all have ready to throw down West Side different versions of giving Story style @ Cobra 22 March 16, 2011 fab good face @ Cobra


Nik and Mat clearly are getting up to trouble @ Pegasus

• Way, way up high on the second floor exists a magical gay pool hall called Pegasus. There men with long hard sticks are engaged in Monday League Night. Manager Jesse (who is apparently straight) greets me in a shirt David, Faye and Joshua have very busy hands @ Pegasus that blares “Homosexual Tendencies.” “I used to go to Jarvis Collegiate, so I’m comfortable with the gay scene… and my own sexuality,” he says as cute bartender Michael bends over innocently in front of him to refill Shea and Len get in a little hands-on the soda machine. The four red billiard tables pool-cue action @ Pegasus in back are all occupied. It’s a jeans and T-shirt kind of place, with men of all ages and backgrounds taking turns handling their sticks. Winning becomes secondary as conversations overshadow scores. Instead of playing pool, we pretend to play electric darts before diving into a sweaty session of pinball. • Watching an epic battle, a loud boisterous crowd rallies behind two opposing fighters. But these boxers are all women at Girl Fight, which takes place at 99 Sudbury. Cheers and taunts are Anna Von heard as the opponents take their Frances positions. Organized by the Toronto lays the Jesse and Michael Newsgirls Boxing Club and Anna Von smack down have homosexual @ Girl Fight Frances of Pink Mafia, the exhilarating tendencies @ Pegasus event is a benefit for Nellie’s Women’s Shelter. Backstage, women prepare for Robbie and Rob are lovers their bouts, hitting punching bags and not fighters @ Girl Fight taking in last-minute advice from their coaches. Out front, rowdy groups of every demographic possible sit or stand around the regulation-sized boxing ring. The cheers become deafening as Von Frances takes to the ring like a prizefighter. Unfortunately, her opponent, Christine Noble, has at least 10 pounds of lean muscle on her and wins quickly. “The training was intense. Commitment to it was a lot more liberating than people think,” Von Frances says after. But it’s not who wins or loses, it’s the fact that they raise more than $5,000 so that women in need… can live happily ever after.

Roger is a master gamer @ Pegasus

Don, Dan, Mark and Ryan know it’s not easy fighting like a girl @ Girl Fight

Nico and James get feisty @ Girl Fight

fab March 16, 2011



Max MacDonald

anier has always been synonymous with quality leather. Even with powerhouse luxury brands dominating the mainstream fashion press, the company retains a large and loyal customer base. It is not the first place stylehungry men look for leather, but Danier is changing its image one garment at a time. The name Peter DeFreitas may not cause the same hysteria as Lagerfeld or McQueen, but you’ve probably tried on or even bought one of his creations. DeFreitas, a graduate of Sheridan College in ’84, is Danier’s head menswear designer. He once worked with

Danier’s leather man
the Frankfurt Opera Company, and over the past few years he has evolved Danier’s men’s collections into something more fashionforward. With LG Fashion Week approaching — March 28 to April 2 — fab shines a spotlight on a Canadian designer who, despite dressing thousands, has gone relatively unnoticed. Max MacDonald: What are the biggest challenges of designing at Danier? Peter DeFreitas: There are always challenges because our customers tend to view leather garments as investment pieces. I find that men buy leather pieces they can count on; however, the challenge is to have them return every season. MM: What are your favourite men’s pieces from the spring/summer 2011 collection? PD: The yellow crumpled pigskin that has been drum-dyed. For this spring/summer the treatments and finishes are amazing. For example, there is a safari blazer that has been dyed and twisted by hand as it dries. Those are the pieces that immediately come to mind. The best range of our collection can be found at our Yorkdale store, which is one of the largest nationally. MM: How do you think Danier’s leathers differ from Northbound’s or Priape’s? PD: What we do is different. At Northbound they work in cow leather, whereas at Danier we use softer skins with a lot more wash. I love what Northbound does, but they go for a more masculine shape and have a variety of pieces they offer. MM: What can we expect to see from Danier for fall/winter ’11? PD: We are always looking to provide what our customers ask for, and I follow and spot what trends are hot. For fall, look for shorter bomber jackets, threequarter-length coats, more washed skins and colour-blocking, featuring blue-grey combinations. More and more of our stores are asking for coloured items. MM: What do you recommend from Danier for fall/winter ’11 wardrobes? PD: Grab yourself a great piece where the leather has a texture to it. It’s even

better if you can see the grain, and there has to be something about the cut that catches your eye. MM: Which designers do you wear? PD: I love Margiela, and I love shopping in Paris. I do wear a lot of Zara. I don’t buy a lot of expensive clothes, but when I do they are unique. Of course, I wear Danier. My husband and I are the same size, so he wears it too. To see the full spring/summer 2011 menswear collection, visit danierleather.com style@fabmagazine.com


March 16, 2011 fab


Phil Villeneuve

A spoonful of Danish sugar
hen I speak with Danish pop goddess Oh Land (aka Nanna Øland Fabricius) before her Toronto show, she tells me that a few older people have said her music reminds them of Mary Poppins. It’s a very accurate reference because Oh Land is like the magical, musical nanny but with a dark and sexy twist. Now a “resident” of Brooklyn (she’s been in her apartment a total of three weeks since moving there in September), the nomadic Dane purposely didn’t move to Manhattan because she needs to see forests and trees. She’s a fiercely adventurous traveller, having left home at 16 to live in Stockholm, and she likes to surround herself with nature. This becomes obvious when listening to her stunning self-titled debut (out Friday, March 25 on Sony). It’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard. Sugary pop with orchestral flourishes, moody slow-jams and beautifully layered harmonies (which she composes and creates herself), it’s music for futuristic forest fairies and other lesser-known creatures. It’s epic stuff, as befits her background: she’s a trained ballet dancer, her mother is an opera singer and her dad is a theatre organist. “The way I write, I use all my senses and put my emotions into the stories,” she explains. “I kind of imagine what it looks like, where the story is happening, what it smells like and what it feels like. My music is very cinematic.” I ask her what her album might smell like. Oh Land answers without hesitation: “It would probably smell like rain in the forest.” Info: ohlandmusic.com

Oh Land is Poppins fresh.

A dash of Danish spice


op act Carsten Andersson has a very different background. This DanishGerman gay pornstar has recently stumbled into making dance music. How does this not happen more often? The silky smooth bodacious blond started as a gay porn actor when he was 19. He then tried his hand at pop music by joining a German boy band called Eastern Block. After word leaked that the buff beauty had made gay porn, he was booted out of the band. But this got the attention of London production team Zebra 1, who had worked with UK groups like Sugababes and Hearsay. “Zebra 1 had a vision of a porn boy doing music,” Andersson says in his adorably thick German accent. “And that was me!” Together they created the track “Fun,” which became a surprise dance hit in

Denmark. It was also submitted to Eurovision but made it only to the semifinals. A gay porn/pop star competing at Eurovision: now that would be good television. You may not have heard of this gentle white stallion’s pop success simply because he doesn’t like to perform live. “The problem is I have always been really shy,” he admits. “I know that sounds ironic for a porn actor, but I’m really shy in front of people, especially singing in front of people. “Doing porn is something so different for me because you’re with a small team and just the cameras around you. I have offers for shows, but I always cancel them because I’m a porn actor and am always going to be. Having done a song doesn’t mean I’m Elton John.” Info: carstendavidson.com

Andersson’s shy side on view. tunes@fabmagazine.com For reviews and photos of Lady Gaga and Janet Jackson’s Toronto concerts visit fabmagazine.com
fab March 16, 2011


Wed, March 16
Coming Out, Being Out, a discussion group for gay, bi and trans people 25–40. 6–8pm. 519 Community Centre, 519 Church St. the519.org Snakepit. DJs Light Fires (Reg Vermue and James Bunton) spin at this weekly queer dance party. 10pm. Henhouse, 1532 Dundas St W. No cover. henhousetoronto.com

John Crouch, Ryan English, Michael Lyons, Drew Rowsome, Eduardo Sabate & Jonathan Valelly

Deko-ze @ Sopra on Thurs, March 24

Farra N Hyte & Heaven Lee Hytes @ Buddies on Fri, March 18

Learn new techniques and celebrate the delicious male physique through photography — perhaps you’ll become the next Robert Mapplethorpe. 6:45–9:45pm; part 2 is Fri, March 25. Limelight Books & Photographs, 892 Pape Ave. $100. Glitz and Glam! Thank you, ma’am! Hosted by Carlotta Carlisle. 7pm. Crews & Tangos, 508 Church St. No cover. crewsandtangos.com There are only three rules at Deep, Dark & Naked. 8pm. Spa Excess, 105 Carlton St. Regular rates apply. spaexcess.com ClubTop. A new monthly “romp” hosted by Jared with DJ Mark Falco spinning pop brilliance and Stock Bar boys spinning heads. 9pm. Flash, 463 Church St. $5. flashonchurch.com Yes Yes Y’All: March Edition. Toronto’s hottest hip-hop jam with DJs Hollyrock, Sammy D, Elle Nino, J-ilLL and Stunts. 9pm. Annex WreckRoom, 794 Bathurst St. $6. theannexwreckroom.com Hazed is hosted by Joseph Patrick and Sofonda Cox Who will be inaugurated Cox. into Delta Sigma Phi? 10pm. Goodhandy’s 120 Church St. Goodhandy’s, $10. goodhandys.com

Shake & Pop, with DJs Sumation and Blackcat, busts a cherry with a night of dance, house and top 40. 10pm. ZipperzCellblock, 72 Carlton St. No cover. zipperzcellblock.com Shamrocks & Shenanigans St Paddy’s party hosted by Bears by Nature. 10pm. The Black Eagle, 457 Church St. No cover. blackeagletoronto.ca AX Party Nights gaysian night with DJ Alex spinning, Donnarama and J-Mag performing. 10pm. fly, 8 Gloucester St. $5 before 11pm, $10 after. aznxp.com Battle Pop. This round is Beyoncé vs Rihanna with DJ Craig Dominic and attitude from Devine Darlin. 10pm. The Barn, 418 Church St. $5. thebarnnightclub.com Foxxxy Fridays with those sinilicious sisters Farra N Hyte and Heaven Lee Hytes. DJ Alex spins. 10:30pm. Buddies, 12 Alexander St. No cover. buddiesinbadtimes.com

Thurs, March 17
Flashers of the Week Contest with host Dan the Man. 9pm. Flash, 463 Church St. Full or day membership required. flashonchurch.com TNTmen’s Naked Night, every third Thursday, featuring DJ The Robotic Kid. Clothes check at the door. 10pm. The Black E a g l e, 457 Church St. No cover. blackeagletoronto.com St Patrick’s Day Blowout: Luck o’ the Irish Party with those lovable pots o’ gold Donnarama and Georgie Girl. 10pm. Woody’s, 465 Church St. No cover. woodystoronto.com

Sodom Runway @ Goodhandy’s on Sat, March 19

Mon, March 21
Ivory Towers. 10pm. Goodhandy’s, 120 Church St. $7 before 11pm, $10 after, $5 students. sodom.ca Sinful Saturdays, hosted by Walther Aguilar, is a night for the men, not the boys. 10pm. Alto Lounge, 582 Church St. No cover before midnight, $5 after. Full Moon Fetish Party with DJ Neill MacLeod. 10pm. Steamworks, 540 Church St, 2nd level. Regular rates apply. steamworksonline.com Fit. Work it out with DJs Kris Steeves and Phil V. 10:30pm. The Beaver, 1192 Queen St W. $5 cover. beavertoronto.ca Older LGBT Program screens Long-Term Relationship, about an LA boy who is through with being single. 1–5pm. 519 Community Centre, 519 Church St. the519.org Racism and LGBT Healthcare: A Forum for Service Providers explores the impact of racism on LGBT health. 6:30–8:30pm. OPSEU Regional Office, 31 Wellesley St E. Village Pool League gets ballsy every week with competing teams throughout the Village. 7pm. Pegasus, 489B Church St. No cover. pegasusonchurch.com Dirty Bingo hosted by Gloria Hole and Lena Over — get naked for charity. This week is a benefit for SOY. 8:30pm. Zelda’s, 692 Yonge St. No cover. zeldas.ca

Urge. Toronto’s downtown sex maze. 8pm– 4am. 199 Church St. $9. urgetoronto.com College Night has DJ Sumation and guest spinning dance on the second floor. Devine Darlin, Heaven Lee Hytes and Tynomi Banks are Girls Gone Wild on the first floor. 10pm. The B a r n , 418 Church St. No cover. thebarnnightclub.com

Sat, March 19
Balls will roll at the Toronto Historical Bowling Society Fundraiser, starting at 1pm. Followed by the squirt.org Best Men’s Ass Contest, hosted by Sofonda and DJ Chris Steinbach at midnight. Woody’s, 465 Church St. No cover. woodystoronto. com Pink Ink, SOY’s creative writing program, where queer and trans youth learn, share ideas, work and create. 2–4pm. 519 Community Centre, 519 Church St. soytoronto.org Sounds and Urethral Play Workshop with Sir Tony. 3–7pm. Then Toronto Leather Pride celebrates Spearhead’s 41st anniversary at 10pm. The Black Eagle, 457 Church St. $10. blackeagletoronto.ca Big 3 @ The Big Z, hosted by Clint Lyckher, Daytona Bitch and Heroine Marks, has cheap martinis, contests and giveaways. 9pm. Zelda’s, 692 Yonge St. No cover. zeldas.ca Sodom Runway has haute couture meeting DIY fashion in a Crack Couture Fashion Show. Hosted by Myles Sexton and Aeryn Pfaff with DJ Sumation and the coronation of the new Queen of Sodom,

Thurs, March 24
Swingin’OUT has drop-in beginner swingdance lessons — no experience or partner needed. 7pm. 519 Community Centre, 519 Church St. $5. swinginout.ca OUTwrites, a meeting place for queer writers to share ideas and work. 8–10pm. 519 Community Centre, 519 Church St. outwrites.org Flawless, hosted by Woodrow Monteiro with DJs Sumation and Deko-ze. 10pm. Sopra Upper Lounge, 265 Davenport Rd. $5. sopra.ca Red Light Thursdays, with DJ Mike Vieira spinning smooth house, is oh so cool and stylin’. 10pm. Lo’la, 7 Maitland St. No cover. lolamartinis.com Latin Night. Caliente. 8pm. Spa Excess, 105 Carlton St. Regular rates apply. spaexcess.com Cock Fight: 3-Cock-Monty Edition hosted by Mistress Frostitution. Dirty contests and Toronto’s only incontinent shooter boy. 10pm. The Black Eagle, 457 Church St. No cover. blackeagletoronto.ca

Fri, March 18
Male Erotic Photography Workshop has one spot left for the March classes.

David Morales @ Maison on Mercer on Fri, March 25

Fit @ The Beaver on Sat, March 19 B-Girlz @ Buddies on Fri, March 25

Sun, March 20
Investiture II crowns the crème de la queens with hosts Farra N Hyte and C a r l o t t a C a r l i s l e. 6pm. C r e w s & Tang o s, 508 Church St. No cover. crewsandtangos.com The Curtain Rises: 2011 Festival Preview. Inside Out’s sneek peek at the hottest in queer cinema from around the globe. 7pm. TIFF Bell Lightbox, 350 King St W. $8–16. insideout.ca Drag Queen Trivia hosted by Fabulous Amanda has nightly prizes and a chance to win a trip for two to Montreal for Pride. 8–10pm. The Bishop and the Belcher, 175 Bloor St E. No cover. bishopandbelcher.com Karaoke Night. Queers sing for beers. 10pm. O’Gr ad y’s, 518 Church St. ogradyschurch.ca

Tues, March 22
Bisexual Men of Toronto: peer support and social meeting for bi or questioning guys. 8–9:30pm. Sherbourne Health Centre, 333 Sherbourne St. bimot.org So You Think You Can Strip? A weekly amateur night. 9pm. Remington’s, 379 Yonge St. $5, students no cover. remingtons.com
Divine Intervention, hosted by Heaven Lee Hytes, is sure to bring the rapture. 11pm. George’s Play, 504 Church St. No cover. playonchurch.com

Wed, March 23
Granny Boots: Too Asian??? SOO ASIAN!!! Queer Asians take over with performances by Ma-anh Tran, Ramon Vitug, Wrong Note Rusty, Man Chyna and more. 7:30–10pm. Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen St W. No cover. gladstonehotel.com


March 16, 2011 fab

fab March 16, 2011


Swingin’OUT @ The 519 on Thursdays

Thurst, with DJ ViVi Diamond and a performance by Cassandra Moore, will leave you salivating for more in this chic new space. 10pm. Alto Lounge, 582 Church St. No cover. Get wet at H20, hosted by Heroine Marks and Honey Brown. 11:30pm. Crews & Tangos, 508 Church St. No cover. crewsandtangos.com

Shout, Shout, Let It All Out is a workshop by gay men for gay men that explores the safe and healthy release of anger, fear and sadness. 1–4pm. 490 Sherbourne St. No cover. Naked Cabaret & Dance, presented by T N Tm e n . 8pm–midnight. Goodhandy’s, 120 Church St. $5 members, $8 non-members, $5 students. goodhandys.com Pop Machine with DJ Shane Percy. 10pm. WAYLA, 996 Queen St E. $5. whatareyoulookingatbar.com New York City Beats. DJ/producer Honey Dijon spins house with DJs Shawn Riker and Mike Vieira. 10pm. fly, 8 Gloucester St. No cover before 11pm, $10 before midnight, $15 until 1am, $20 after. flynightclub.com Tapette with DJ Phil V has all the boys frenching. 10:30pm. Naco Gallery, 1665 Dundas St W. No cover. nacogallery.com

Fri, March 25
The Miss Conception Show has drag and comedy — and she even sings live. 9–11pm. Zelda’s, 692 Yonge St. No cover. zeldas.ca Pansexual Sex Party. DJ Todd Klinck spins for two floors of drinking, dancing and cruising amidst a multitude of cruising genders. 10pm. Goodhandy’s, 120 Church St. $10. goodhandys.com Drama Queen. DJ David Morales brings his huge classic house sounds to the sequel to Dean and Dan’s Boxing Day blowout. 10pm. Maison on Mercer, 15 Mercer St. $25 advance. Synchro. DJs Denise Benson, Lucie Tic, ORLY and Pho spin the eclectic love. 10pm. Andy Poolhall, 489 College St W. $5 before midnight, $10 after. andypoolhall.com Dance Camp Megahits with DJ Mark Falco spinning vocals. 10pm. fly, 8 Gloucester St. $5 before 11pm, $10 after. flynightclub.com Gowntown is a crazy amateur drag contest hosted by the B-Girlz with Boylesque TO. DJs Dwayne Minard and Mike B spin the afterparty. 10:30pm. Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, 12 Alexander St. $8. buddiesinbadtimes.com Metro Fridays with DJ Jeff Kirkwood spinning house classics. 11pm. Byzantium, 499 Church St. No cover. byz.ca

Sun, March 27
Snap! 2011 hosts a silent auction of single-edition photographs with proceeds benefiting the AIDS Committee of Toronto. 6pm. National Ballet School, 400 Jarvis St. $90. snap-toronto.com

@ Remington’s

Cock Fight @ The Black Eagle on Thurs, March 24

Mon, March 28
Moose Knuckle Disco, hosted by Miss Margot and her crew of DJs. 10pm. Sweaty Betty’s, 13 Ossington Ave. No cover. FML Mondays. Doctor DJ ViVi Diamond treats your case of the Mondays. 10pm. Fuzion Resto-Lounge, 580 Church St. No cover. fuzionexperience.com

Tues, March 29
Rage. Xtra hosts a public screening of Track Two, a film about the bathhouse raids of 1981. 6:30–11pm. Buddies, 12 Alexander St. PWYC, proceeds to the 519 Seniors Program. Bad Boys’ Night Out with DJ Chris Steinbach and the Bad Boy Prize Wheel. 10pm. Woody’s, 465 Church St. No cover. woodystoronto.com

Sat, March 26
Bears, Baths & Beyond with DJ Danny White. 1pm. Steamworks, 540 Church St, 2nd level. Regular rates apply. steamworksonline.com

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Mark Falco @ Flash on Fri, March 18 & fly on Fri, March 25

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March 16, 2011 fab


BLOOR ST Hayden St

◗ ◗ ◗ ◗ ◗


The 519

Bay Bloor Radio
www.baybloorradio.com www.baybloorradio.com



WELLESLEY ST Maitland St Alexander St Wood St
3 5 24 4 69 12





Carlton St Granby St McGill St

Avenue Rd

Bloor St W


Ossington Ave



Queen’s Park



Wellesley St

Lansdowne Ave

Bathurst St

Spadina Ave

University St

Dufferin St

ADVERTISE IN fabCITY! Call 416-925-5221

College St

College St Gerrard St

Jarvis St

Carlton St Gould St.



St W

Queen St W

Queen St

Sherbourne St

Yonge St

King St Front St





fabCITY! fabCITY!

Call 416-925-5221

379 YONGE STREET 416.977.2160



Parliament St

Dundas St

Bay St

Mutual St

Manulife Centre, Bay Street South of Bloor Manulife Centre, Bay Street South of Bloor Manulife Centre,416-967-1122 Tel: Bay Street South of Bloor Tel: 416-967-1122 Tel: 416-967-1122 Mon.-Wed. 10-7, Thurs.-Fri. 10-8, Daily 10-7, Thurs.-Fri. 10-23, Sat. 10-6 Daily 10-7, Thurs.-Fri. 10-23, Sat. 10-6 Daily 10-7, Thurs.-Fri. 10-23, Sat. 10-6 Sat. 10-6, Closed Sunday www.baybloorradio.com

Cawthra Park AIDS Memorial

Dundonald St



Isabella St Gloucester St

7 10


Charles St

fab March 16, 2011


business directory
LOSE WEIGHT • GAIN MUSCLE GET READY FOR PRIDE 2011! Personal Wellness Coach working in Toronto’s LGBT Community:






Roy Runions
Sales Representative
416-462-1888 roy@royrunions.com www.royrunions.com RE/MAX Hallmark Realty Ltd., Brokerage©
The Original Mexicali Restaurant Since 1980

$5 OFF
Food orders over $40 4pm-11pm
545 Yonge Street, Toronto 416-929-3629 • www.hernandoshideaway.com

RoyRunionsFABcmyk.indd 1

I m m i g r a t i o n is for lovers!
Foreign Students & Workers Please call us to see if you qualify in the new Canadian Experience Class

5/21/09 7:01:39 PM

To advertise call 416-925-5221


Complete immigration services Competitive pricing Friendly, knowledgeable staff Extraordinary success rates

Not sure where to begin? Call us today for a FREE assessment 1377 Bathurst St. Toronto
David LeBlanc, Bruce Ferreira-Wells, Certified Canadian Immigration Consultants CCIC - CSIC We donate to Lesbian and Gay community support agencies for every new client

Successful clients

416.651.8889 • w w w . i m m i g r a t i o n s e r v i c e s . c a

416-922-2203 556 Sherbourne Street Toronto, Ontario M4X 1L3 www.IsabellaHotel.com Only 2 minutes to the village.

ide Net World W errides Fares & Ov LINE BOOK ON

Travel Agency 569 Yonge Street 1-800-335-2304 info@etravelair.com


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t w i t t e r. c o m / f a b m a g a z i n e
March 16, 2011 fab

business directory
Isabella Hotel & Suites 416.922.2203 556 Sherbourne Street Toronto IsabellaHotel.com

legal services
Immigration is for lovers Ferreira-Wells Immigration Services 1377 Bathurst St. 416.651.8889 immigrationservices.ca Robert I. Blanshay, Immigration Lawyer 228 Gerrard Street East 416.413.4955 robert@apply2canada.com

computer services
Around The Clock I. T. Solutions Ltd. Business, Home, PC’s, Mac’s, Servers, Networking Toronto 416-657-4395 Mississauga 905-301-4541 Durham 905-706-7030

pet services
BuddyLuv PET SPA Professional Pet Grooming & Doggie Daycare Promoting Well-Being in a Homestyle, Cage-Free Spa 12 Irwin Ave. 416-920-PETS (7387) www.buddyluvpetspa.com

cosmetic dermatology
Dr. Daniel Schachter & Dr. Anne Curis Cosmetic Dermatology 208 Bloor St. W., 4th Floor 416.922.6869 unlockyourbeauty.com

Phillip Coupal Phillip Coupal Counselling + Coaching Relationship Skills and Practices Individuals • Couples • Groups 416.557.7312 phillipcoupal.ca

real estate
Christopher Kowal Royal LePage Urban Realty 416.461.9900 chriskowal@rogers.com Roy Runions, Re/Max Hallmark Realty Ltd. 416.462.1888 royrunions.com

Dr. Elon Griffith 25 Charles St. W, Toronto, ON 416.923.3386 Dr. Kevin Russelo & Associates 117 Maitland St. 416.966.0117 Dr. Martin Sterling & Associates 2 Bloor St. W. Suite 1904 416.923.8042 Dr. Varshney and Dr. Ioannidis 741 Broadview Ave, Suite 308 416.466.6400 www.broadviewdentalclinic.com

Hernando’s Hideaway 545 Yonge Street 416-929-3629 www.hernandoshideaway.com

tattoos & piercing
Exotix Studios Tattoos and Body Piercing 163 Spadina Ave 2nd Floor416.259.9361 www.sixbodyart.com

health & wellness
Christine Morrell Personal Wellness Coach 416-816-2938 christinehblwellness@gmail.com

travel services
Travelair 569 Yonge Street 1.800.335.2304 etravelair.com

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call fab @ 416-925-5221
fab March 16, 2011



www.EcosCleaning.com info@EcosCleaning.com 416-878-9527

Toronto’s Greenest Cleaners
TWO HANDSOME CLEANERS. New condo cleaning business with a big discount for limited period. Out and proud of you and your home. Ph: 416-827-7965 Cleaning_guys2011@hotmail.ca

PARALEGAL SERVICES - A Licensed and experienced Paralegal to represent you in Court; Small Claims Court, Landlord Tenant Board, Traffic Court, Provincial Offences, Summary Criminal Charges, Licence Appeal Tribunal, Criminal Injuries, Employment and Human Rights, and all Administrative Tribunal & Board Representation. Toronto and GTA, over 15 years Experience. Call Anthony 416-2018882 ext 1 www.TorontoLegalHelp.com

MY HOME RENOVATIONS. CALL us for all your renovation needs. No job is too small. We do drywall, textured ceilings, crown moulding, replace windows, doors, painting and much more. Call for a free estimate. Terry 416-467-5959.

Fabulous/ChurCh Wellesley
Bright, Beautiful Retail or Offices with wood strip flooring - approx. 3,000 sq. ft. of prime space - suits clothing, furniture and accessories, lighting, small wares and professional offices.
Esbin Realty Corporation, Brokerage

YOUNG SLIM BEAUTIFUL 20, white, 135 lbs, 5’10”, 8”cut. Great smile, great fun. Relax and be at ease! Discretion, respect, maturity. Call Roger at 647-293-5879 33/5’9”/175/7.5” RUSSIAN Nik for certified deep tissue relaxing massage + vers, bi, friendly, discreet, openminded. IN/OUT – Downtown 416.834.5415 FIT ASIAN MUSCULAR, 26, 5’8’, 145LB, 7.5 “ long, thick, uncut, sexy, good looking, smooth, cleanshaven. Smooth chest, very nice smile, athletic butt and great legs. Straight acting, swimmers build, well into speedos. Erotic nude massage, sensual, downtown. Call Nick – 416-342-0226 BLACK HUNG TOP gives nude massage & hot sex (watersports & fisting also offered) , 24 hour in calls/ out calls. 416-917-3036

HOT GROUND FLOOR Business Opportunity- Get Paid to Enjoy Life! Work ON the Adult Industry without working IN the Adult Industry. Visit: www.AllXClubExtreme.com ATTRACTIVE GUYS NEEDED! FIT & SEXY gay men needed to market and sell nutrition supplements and weight loss products to the LGBT Community. Sales experience an asset but not required. PAID CASH. Start Immediately Christine 416.816.2938

MASSAGE (non-sexual) cont’d
4SEASONS MASSAGE THERAPY CLINIC - Male and female registered massage therapists available (CHARLES-YINGCHENG GUO, RMT.) Receipt issued for insurance. 40 Wellesley Street East. Suite 301. Deep tissue/sports/ Swedish, relieve pain, muscle tension, stress. By appointment: 647-833-3274 www.4seasonsmassage.ca RELAXATION MASSAGE $50/HR. Bloor/Jarvis. Relax your body & reduce stress while I work your muscles with a combination of swedish, reflexology, trigger points. 1.5hr/$70. Appt. Avail. 10am-10pm, 7days. Call or text Marcos 647-881-1545 marcosmassage@gmail.com, www.wix.com/marcosmassage/spa BRIAN FARR RMT,CNP. Therapeutic Swedish/ Deep Tissue/Hot Stone massage and Nutrition. Insurance receipts provided. By appointment 647-343-7985 (Bay/ Bloor area) or visit nutritiousnation.ca

MALE DANCERS 19+ wanted for Remingtons, 379 Yonge St, 416-977-2160. Call or see manager after 9 pm

CONVENIENT DOWNTOWN LOCATION. Waxing, body hair shaving and trimming, electrolysis, facials and relaxational massage by certified skin care technician and electrologist. Weekday evenings & weekend daytime appointments available. Call Dave 416-578-1511. MALE AESTHETICIAN Waxing, electrolysis, microdermabrasion, facials, pedicures, manicures. Studio located at 40 Wellesley East #301. Tuesday-Saturday 10am-8pm. www.aestheticsbysorin.com Call Sorin for appointment 416-924-2557.





Tel: 416-922-0777 ext. 305 email: sweinberg@trebnet.com



Sydney Weinberg, Sales Representative


DAVE NEARY, COUNSELLOR Counselling and Psychotherapy, www.daveneary.com, dave.neary@ sympatico.ca, 647-985-6535, Convenient Yorkville Location, Addictions, Depression, Sexuality, Trauma, Stress, Anxiety, Relationships

on www.squirt.org

USA - PALM SPRINGS - Private home to rent —http:// web.me.com/michaelbakish/Site_5/Welcome.html


BODYWORK, BUTT WORK light bondage, massage, 6’ lean musc. WM. Thai, Swedish Hot Oil, Hot Stone. On table, in/out Hotels. Therapeutic massage. Insurance receipts available. Bloor W/Dufferin. David 416-532-0666 massagehotace.com SENIOR 4 SENIORS Fit mature masseur offer total fullbody massage for senior men. Theraputic and tantic. Downtown. Surrender to the sensations. Senior Rates. Daniel 416-598-5097 “ I KNEAD YOUR BODY!” Relax, unwind, release tension due to stress, with an older, mature masseur. Only $60. (students $40.) Downtown location. 416-964-6906. Anytime.

MASSAGE (non-sexual)
STEVEN MCKEOWN RMT. Alexander/Yonge. Therapeutic Swedish/Deep, Craniosacral, Thai, Hot Stone, Reflexology. Insurance receipts provided. 416-8785688 Online booking at www.torontormt.ca BRENT ROUSSEAU RMT for treatment of muscle injuries, pain and stress management and enhancement of physical health and well being. Day, evening and weekend appts available. Insurance coverage. Visa accepted, free parking. 416-708-3996. Broadview/Danforth. Visit my website at www.brentrousseau.com. DEEP AND THOROUGH massage in attractive, professional environment. Includes Swedish, Shiatsu, Reflexology, sound and energy work. Intro session $55. Bloor/Spadina. Call Hugh 416-924-4941 BRADLEY PAYNE RMT. Offering Swedish, KMI: Structural Integration and Thai massage. Appointments available Monday – Saturday. www.paynetreatment.com 416-537-8854 cell: 416-707-0100.

Free to post & browse. Videos, pics & reviews
Join now! Full Access Code: FESC

Year round full service, seasonal office at 501 Yonge St., 2nd floor. All returns EFILE from $39.00 B.A. (Economics & Accounting) H&R Block certificate. Todd 416-230-4756

LOCAL CUTE BI GUYS. Call 416-915-2487.Try FREE! Code8109 GAYLIVENETWORK.COM 1-877-837-7570 Call. Talk. Hookup. Fast. Easy. Local. Gay, Str8, Curious and Bi men in 100’s of cities across the US & Canada. FREE Trial 18+

@ fabmagazine.com

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March 16, 2011 fab


heroine Marks

‘At that moment I knew we would click.’
ne of them is spoiled and the other is rotten, but it is hard to tell which is which. Katherine (left) and Nikki, the hostesses of Spoiled Rotten Thursdays (9pm at Crews & Tangos), first met a year and a half ago after being introduced through mutual friends. It was their love of luscious lashes, hair extensions and booze that brought the two crazy ladies together. “My first impression of Katherine was that she was tall, skinny and gorgeous,” says Nikki. “I watched her perform and at that moment I knew we would click.” Katherine says the first thing she noticed about Nikki was her physical assets. “I thought she was a wonderful dancer and had legs that went on for miles!”


Like all queens, they share openly the things they like and dislike about each other. “The one thing I like the least about Katherine is that she’s so damn nice,” says Nikki, who finds the concept of kindness foreign. “You rarely see Katherine without a smile on her face.” Katherine, on the other hand, admits her complaints come from her envy of Nikki’s dance training. “She can dance up a storm and break the house down.” In the end, these two have a mutual respect for each other. “She can turn any awkward situation into a funny one,” says Katherine. “She can make anyone laugh at just about anything.”

Katherine Dior & Nikki Chin
- one and a half years

To be profiled, email a short bio and/or pic to together@fabmagazine.com

Isn’t it time you got hard?
A better viewing experience with digital-cable quality picture on your TV - the way porn was meant to be watched. More than 80 different movies showing each week, plus original programming & broadcast premieres.
Image courtesy of bijouworld.com


Call your local cable or satellite TV provider and tell them you want to get hard. Roger’s digital cable customers, call 1- 866-ADULT- 4-U to order.

h a r d t v . c a

i n q u i r i e s @ h a r d t v . c a
fab March 16, 2011


fab GUY

Drasko Bogdanovic

Name: Patrick Age: 28 Sign: Aquarius
think it’s important for people to know I do have all my teeth. I grew up mainly in the southern US, which is quite different than Canada,” jokes Patrick. “I have only been in Canada for a year, but I am getting used to the cold and snow. I am kind of a tropical homo.” Patrick is looking for a stable guy who will be able to put him first. “I don’t want someone who can’t hold a conversation or a job,” he says. His ideal date includes a little one-on-one time over drinks, and to unwind, he likes a hot shower and cuddling while watching TV. “I love to get dirty, so anything outdoors is amazing,” he says when asked about his hobbies. “I love four-wheeling, swimming, skiing, snowboarding and working out. Typical guy things, I guess.” Patrick thinks his best feature is his eyes because they “seem to catch most people’s attention.” What do people get wrong about Patrick? “I am actually a big softy,” he says. “I have a tough outer shell, but I really am a big teddy bear.” More photos by Drasko Bogdanovic at draskobogdanovic.ca




To compliment or become a fab guy, email fabguy@fabmagazine.com
Fab guy sponsored by the Stag Shop
Enhancing sexual well-being since 1972.

379 YONGE St. (Near Gerrard) TORONTO-CANADA www.remingtons.com - 416-977-2160

Enter a ballot for monthly prize giveaways from


449 Church St. Toronto


March 16, 2011 fab

fab March 16, 2011


yes, we still sell turntables
Vinyl records offer the most musical sound quality, warmer than CDs and much better than MP3s. Not only do we carry a wide selection of turntables, we also offer our FREE TURNTABLE CLINIC to help you protect your investment. We also sell phono cartridges, needles and accessories. Now, for the first time since the sixties, we're excited to be selling vinyl records again. If you're passionate about great sound, come into BBR, where we love the music just as much as you do.

The Turntable Show
• Kurt Martens of Project will open your eyes and ears to the magic of long playing vinyl records. • Discover how to put your old turntable back in service with the help of BBR's Turntable Clinic. • Discover how easy it is to transfer your favourite LPs to your computer using an affordable USB transfer box and simple software. • This presentation includes an amazing CD vs LP comparison listening session.
• Our most popular event! Friday March 18 Noon, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm Saturday March 19 11am, 1pm, 3pm

MANULIFE CENTRE, ENTRE, TREETSSOUTH SOUTH OF BTORONTO, TEL: 416-967-1122 MANULIFE C BAY S BAY TREET OF BLOOR, LOOR, TORONTO, TEL: 416-967-1122 www.baybloorradio.com MON-WED. 10-7, THURS.-FON.-THURSSAT. 10-6, 10-9, SAT. UNDAY www.baybloorradio.com M RI. 10-8, . 10-7, FRI. CLOSED S 10-6

Bay Bloor Radio
t h e r e ’ s o n l y o n e

Pro-ject turntables start Pro-ject turntables start at $399
LIMITED QUANTITIES www.baybloorradio.com

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