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These works are. Where we have extrapolated information. As you may already know. Middleearth. Each is a comprehensive compendium describing all the notable characters from one of Ender's varied races. the mystical dell cradling darkness and the stars burning white fire overhead. flavor. or gamemaster. as the setting for countless adventure games." Since we derive the material in Elves from authorized sources. Posthumous publications edited by his son Christopher shed additional light on the world of Middle-earth. In addition. their eyes shining and their voices like silver. Keep in mind. The alphabetical listings cover the appearance.the Ages of Middle-earth. adventure game supplements. Of course.'" etc. adventure games include fantasy role playing and simpler storytelling games. Elves is the second title in ICE's Peoples cf Middle-earth'" adventure game series." Orcs. serves as a sort of actor/ director. as well as other major works by J. and adventure. listening to the murmur of the stream. THE SoURCES This is an authorized secondary work." Other volumes include Valar & Maiar. intrigue. or the images of things that never were and never wi116e. and meet the Elvish heroes from all . cloaked in the mystery offorgotten memory. Elve's serves as a helpful tool for gamemasters and players seeking knowledge about Ender' s basic nature and themes. It is an ideal reference work for anyone using any major fantasy role playing game guidelines. illuminated by shafts of sunlight cast by a Sun grown suddenly young. Material describing individual Elves follows." Hobbits. gamemasters have chosen Ender. especially ICE's Middle-earth" series." and it has been developed so that no conflict exists with any of the other primary publications. Over the years.R.fter)'" and Lord if tbe Rings Adventure Game"" systems. Imagine the Hall of Pire in Elrond's Imladris. ElvlS is based on extensive research.R." Trolls. And. we insure that any interpretive material fits into Professor T olkien' s defined patterns and schemes. and consistency-c-or as an adventure gaming locale.R.R. this section includes provisions for adapting or translating all of these game stars and bonuses to other adventure games. These games are akin to plays or interactive novels. The referee. Tum the pages of Eive«. Each work in this collection documents a specific race or group found in T olkien' s Middleearth. we provide citations to pertinent sections in TIe Hobbit and TIe Lord if tbe Rings. We conclude with appendices. and background of each figure. ADVENTURE GAMING . Everyone combines their imaginative talents to conceive a spontaneous story which is never short of action. This work includes a host of terms and charts pertaining to ICE's Middle-eartb Role Playing. Ever and again. always remember that the ultimate sources of information are the works of Professor J. Witness Celebrirnbor lifting a Ring of Power from his forge." Dwarves. Picture the misting hills of Lindon. USING THIS WORK Elves begins with a section covering the general history of the Eldar along with an overview of the nature of the immortals. Or observe in your mind's eye the heart of ancient Laurelindorinan. it is the Elves who direct the turn of events and impart their essence to the very nature of existence. and geological data. scattered with standing stones and ruins from the First Age. characteristics.0 INTRODUCTION Envision the Queen's garden in Lorien. throughout history. Come to the feast table where Arwen sits in canopied chair. Middleearth's places of enchantment are the places of the Elves. while the players portray the main characters. motivations. sweet music on the air and fair Elvish faces alight with the joy of song and the beauty of poetry. You will find an explanation of these arcane concepts in the appendices. that this is by no means the "sole official view. We respect and uphold the high standards associated with the legacy of J. Tolkien. Tolkien. To encounter and treat with an Elvish lord is to experience the soul of Middle-earth. Galadriel poised tall and slim beside her mirror. we either omit citations or refer to publications in ICE's Middle-earth adventure game series. the mound of Amroth ringed with leafless white trees and pale golden mallorn.''' Rolema. carpeted with grass of green as vivid as the Springtide of the Elder Days. The penultimate section presents statistics (in table form) for use in the context of adventure gaming. Gaze into Galadriel's mirror and witness the future. By blending material from primary and secondary sources with rational linguistic.R. Since this work is intended as a general role playing supplement.1. though. including a glossary of terms relevant to the Eldar and their history. It is specifically based on TIe Hobbit'" and TIe Lord iftbe Rings. Those wishing to explore Endor in the context of an adventure game will find this work invaluable. the past. Listen to Elrond's words of sage advice. Tolkien. we furnish you with summaries and charts describing each character in a fantasy gaming context.R. after all. No fantasy world exceeds Tolkien's marvelous creation in terms of depth. cultural.

filled with the light of Aman. tall and agile. and from this corrupt stock bred Orcs.1 AN OVERVIEW OF ELVES Like the other Free Peoples. and at times even convoluted. they are the most blessed of the Free Peoples.1. The Valar loved Ern's newborn creations and wished to bring them to the light of Aman." for they were the first to utter words.1 ELVEN HISTORY The divisions and sub-divisions of the various Elven kindreds are complex. Fair and fine featured. prideful wars. immortal and strong. They lived in the twilight lands. Morgoth. they retain a special love for light and an inner spirit endowed with unique gifts. even now. . now hated the Elves because they were cherished by the others. or "Speakers. such as Men and Dwarves. It includes many players. they are a cursed race--one burdened by the Hand of Fate. They call themselves the Quendi. as well as the actual kindreds as they existed in the Second and Third Ages of Middle-earth . Unable to create life himself. to save them from Morgoth and the evil that he was already bringing into Middle-earth.2. Finwe. many of the Elves heeded their stirring words and followed the Vala Huntsman west. they were afraid to leave their home under the stars. It was at the summons of the Valar that the Elves first divided. or Firstborn. a large bay in the inland sea ofHelcar in eastern Middle-earth. THE AWAKENING OF THE FIRSTBORN 2.. far from the light of Valin or. When they returned. He sent out his shadowy servants and captured many of them in the darkness. the greatest of the Valar who had turned away from his brethren before the beginning of creation. Initially. and grand achievements. Born under the stars before the ascension of the Moon and the Sun. the Undying Lands. and Fianor 2. despite their gifts. he tortured and perverted the Elves he imprisoned. were the first of'Eru's Children to awaken. no race understands language and song like the Firstborn. THE FIRST SUNDERlNG Fingo!fin J Finaifin. brilliant and proud. but three of their kind journeyed to Valinor with Orome to see for themselves the glory of the Undying Lands. These were Ingwe. and. for many years before one of the Valar-s-Orome the Huntsman-discovered them. and Elwe. the Elves have many branches and many figures of note. Their tale is one of long migrations. In this section the basic migrations and divisions will be described.0 ELVES The Elves. Yet. In the early years of the world. the Elves awoke under the stars on the shores of Cui vienen. before the Sun and the Moon first rose. who later became Kings.


Vanya, Siuda, and Silvan Elf

But not all the Elves wished to leave their native land. Some had come to love the starlight ofMiddle-eatth and chose to stay behind ..Those Elves who declined to follow the Valar became known as the Avari (Q. "Unwilling"), and they became the lesser Silvan Elves. They were by far the most plentiful of the Elves, and. despite harassment by the Black Enemy. spread through eastern as well as much of western Middle-earth. Those who followed the summons of the Valar and undertook the Great Journey westward to Aman became known as the Eldar. And yet, still some lingered along the road or turned back. or were lost. But those Elves who completed the long and difficult journey were made greater by their stay in the Undying Lands. and forever after their descendants held the pure light of Aman in their eyes.

The Eldar were those who made the great journey to live in the blessed land of Aman, There were three kindreds: the Vanyar, Nolder, and Teleri. The Eldar came to the Uttermost West via an unusual mode of transportation: the island T 01 Eressea, which. moved by the power of the sea-Vala VIrna, made two trips from Middle-earth to the Undying Lands. The first carried the Vanyar and Nolder: the second carried the Teleri (Q. "Hindmost") who had lingered on the long road and missed the first island voyage.

The T eleri themselves did not remain undivided, however. There were three groups, led by the brothers Olwe and Elwe, and another T eler, Lenwe, When they reached the vales of Anduin, Lenwe and his people turned away from the journey and remained in Middle-earth. They became the Nandor and vanished from the histories for many years. West of the Blue Mountains, EI we (one of the original ambassadors to the Undying Lands) encountered Melian the Maia and fell into a trance of love. While he was lost, most of his kindred (hut not all) went over the sea with Olwe's people. Elwe at last awoke and founded a realm in Beleriand with his Maia wife Melian. As ruler of Doriath he went by the name Elu Thingol (S. "King Greycloak"). His people were known as the Sindar. The rest of the T eleri achieved the West; there they dwelt on the isle ofT 01 Eressea, in sight of Valin or. The Maia Osse taught them the art of shipbuilding. and they were ever after the greatest shipwrights and sailors in all Arda. They sailed to the coast of Arnan where they built the beautiful city and wharves of Alqualonde. The T eleri were considered the fairest singers in all Middle-earth (rivalling the Vanyar) and called themselves the Lindar, This name related later to one of the titles of the Golden Wood. Laurelindorinan.

The Nandor (Q. "Those who turn back"), though technically of the T eleri and so the Eldar, are an exception, since they never travelled to the Undying Lands, and so did not see the light of the Trees. Therefore, they were referred to as Moriquendi (Q. "Dark Elves"). Some eventually went on to settle in Ossiriand, but most remained east of the Misty Mountains, spreading through the forested lands there. These later came under the rulership of the Sinda King Thranduil in Mirkwood and of course Galadriel in L6rien. OF TiRION AND THE V ANY AR Fairest of the Eldar, and known as the Fair Elves. the Vanyar were the most beloved by the Valar. They were the first of the three kindreds to set forth on the Great Journey and the first to arrive in the Undying Lands, led by their King, Ingwe. Together with the Noldor, they built and lived for a long time in the fair city of Tic ion. Some time later, however, they moved further westward through the gap in the Pel6ri (Q. "Mountains of Defense"), and there they made their permanent home. Only once did the Vanyar ever depart Valinor: to aid the Ainur in battle against the Black Enemy. When the evil Vala was at last defeated, the Fair Elves marched back to their home in victory. There is no record of any Vanya ever again leaving the Blessed Land. OF FEANOR AND THE NOLDOR The Second Kindred of the Calaquendi, both in numbers and order of arrival in Aman, the Noldor were also called the Deep Elves. Finwe was their King. They were the most skilled of the immortals in crafts and lore, the most fiery of spirit. proud and curious. It was the Naldo Feanor who made the Silmarils, and, because of his unwillingness to surrender them. doomed his kindred to a hopeless war against Morgoth to recover the stolen gems, and later to exile from Amari. When the Black Enemy took the Silmarils and fled with them to Endor, the Nolder attempted to purslle him over the water by stealing the great vessels of the T eleri, The T eleri resisted, and the Noldor, in their desperation, slew a great many of the defending shipbuilders to win the boats. Great was the anger of the Valar that Elf would slay Elf. A storm swallowed many of the stolen ships, and the surviving Noldor carne to the wastes of Araman only to be met by the Vala Mandos who doomed them to exile from Aman forever for their hideous crime, the Kinslaying of Alqualonde. The Noldor had seen the light of the Two Trees, but lived out their days in Middle-earth as exiles. It is sadly ironic that Feanor's grandson Celebrimbor was seduced by Morgoth's servantSauron even as Feanor was corrupted by the evil Vala's deceptive words. Twice did the Noldor put all of Middle-earth in peril because of their insatiable desire for knowledge.


Ruled by Lenwe, the Nandor dwelt many years in the woods along the Anduin. Some spread to the river's mouths and lived there beside the sea. Others passed by the Ered Nimrais and then came north again, settling in the wide lands of Eriador. These latter Nandor enjoyed peace until the third era of Morgoth's captivity, when at last the fell beasts of the Black Enemy departed their lairs and ravaged the lands, Then. led by Denethor, son of Lenwe, the Eriadoran Nandor fled into Beleriand, There they were welcomed by Thingol and his Sindar, The Eriadoran Nandor intermarried with their hosts and ceased to retain a separate cultural identity. Although the Sindar were more noble than the Avari, they were yet Moriquendi, never having reached the shores of Aman. Their homeland was the realm ofDoriath in Beleriand, ruled by Thingol and MeIian. The Sindar gained great wisdom under the tutelage of Melian the Maia and her husband, who was counted a Calaquende, and so they became known as the Grey Elves. They spoke Sindarin, and originated Runes, or Cirth, for the keeping of records. With the fall ofBeleriand. the surviving Sindar migrated eastward, some remaining in Lindon, while others travelled to live with the Noldor in Eregion, or, east of the Misty Mountains, in L6rien and Mirkwood.

Before delving into the details ofElven physiology, it is perhaps worthwhile to comment on the sociology of tbis powerful race and how they are sometimes erroneously perceived. Though the mists of time may eventually blur understanding of the nature of the Firstborn, it remains clear during this period that they were not simply a collection of ethereal beings who lived in utopian societies where there were no laws. no social structures or other such mundane organizational boundaries. Indeed, it seems that only the Silvan Elves (and to a lesser extent, a number of the Moriquende T eleri) even desired this sort of existence, who in fact generally lived in realms ruled by Sinda or Elda Kings, as was typical of Elven hierarchies. The Sindar dwelt in kingdoms as well, but it was the Nolder more than any other kindred who sought order and design in all facets of their lives. They possessed governments (usually monarchies) and frequently elaborate guilds and brotherhoods. Families tended to rule not only realms but the guilds within them in a dynastic fashion.



There existed two different hierarchies among the Elven peoples: that of geographical location, and that of family or kindred. The accompanying chart should help to clarity the distinctions of the divisions. The Calaquendi (Q. "Light Elves") travelled to the Undying Lands and witnessed the radiance of Arnan, and the light of the Two Trees. Their kindred includes all descendants, for the light permeated the very being of the Firstborn and left with them an internal brilliance which they carried with them forever. Sometimes, a visible aura shone about a Light Elf. The Moriquendi (Q. "Dark Elves") never made the journey to Aman, or stopped along the way, failing to achieve their destination. Of the Dark Elves, the Sindar ("Grey Ones") started toward the Undying Lands and travelled as far as the western shores of Middle-earth before halting. They lived in Doriath under King Thingol (Elwe) and the Maia Melian. Thus they achieved greater wisdom and understanding than most Moriquendi, yet did not personally witness the Light as did the Calaquendi. Their essence was neither dark nor light; they were the Elves of Twilight. Paralleling this geographic distinction is that of race. All of the Vanvar, Noldor and Teleri were considered Eldar (Q. "People of the Stars") even though some T eler groups did not complete the journey (specifically the Sindar and Nandor). Those Elves who were not Eldar were, by definition, Silvan.

Elvtn Maid. Attt1lding



When the Firstborn awoke on the shores of Cui vien en, with them awoke language in Middle-earth. It is the Elves-or, appropriately, the Quendi (Q. "Speakers") as they called themselves-who taught all other races and creatures language, each after its fashion. When the Eldar went West, however, they encountered the Valinorean Tongue of Aman, and adopted it for their own. Indeed, this may have occurred as early as the return of Ingwe, Elwe, and Finwe from Aman with Orome the Vala. This became the pure tongue Quenya. The many Silvan tribes still in Middle-earth, though influenced by Quenya initially, diverged and changed with the flows of the world, and the original EIven speech became fractured and rusticated by myriad dialects. By the Second and Third Ages, the Silvan and Eldarin tongues had become so di.vergent that the two had no common ground. Where Silvan Elves lived with Sindar or Nolder, they invariably learned Sindarin and used it except when exclusively among their own kind. The Silvan Elves of Lorien, for example, spoke Sin darin, but with an accent, harkening to their Greenwood Silvan origins. The Sindar knew Quenya, but adapted it for their own use, creating a language less formal and more practical for everyday writing and conversation, a language that became known as Sindarin. Thingol, their King, banned the use of Quenya among his people after the Kinslaying of Alqaalonde, and, with the passing of the years, even the Noldor came to use Sindarin as their common tongue, reserving Quenya as a formal, ritual;stic language. The T engwar were the first written letters ever devised, invented by the Naldo poet Rumil of Tirion. The pure version of the T engwar was known and used only in the Undying Lands. Feanor later adapted and revised this alphabet, and the Feanorean T engwar attained much more widespread use, both in the Undying Lands and in Middle-earth. Both of these written alphabets were cursive, meaning that they were designed to be joined, written in flowing strokes as with a pen. They were somewhat impractical for engraving, but the Great Smiths in Eregion-andSauron himseIf.-were up to the task. Sauron's inscription inside the One Ring was engraved in cursive Tengwar. Much later the Sinda Bard Daeron invented the runes called the Certhas Daeron("Cirth" or "Letters" ofDaeron). These were much more angular and suited to stonework. The Dwarves of Moria particularly loved this writing style and adopted it as their own.

unmarred skin. carefree youths. even after thousands of years. Elven communities. It is true.. respectively. and generally labored even as did mortals in their society. Elves did not need sleep to rest their bodies as did Men and Dwarves. if subtle. for a few hours each night..Elves may see things otherwise. the sweetness of fruit or the luminescence of gems from deep within the earth. their clothing was worn for decoration. instead. Elves. light of the Two Trees in Arnan carried with them a reflection of that splendor. and only those Elves upon whom the weight of Middle-earth lay heavy. Elves healed quickly. mined. looked like beautiful. that the Elves had different mental capabilities. however. With song they rejoiced in the magnificence of Ea. weaving spells of great power and subtlety. Elves possessed less body hair than humans. especially sight and hearing. differences. in fact. like any community. Elves had several important. The lesser kindreds. Some of the Elves. Not so for Dwarves. and Elven men had no facial hair. they were not idyllic communities where there was no need for work. In a world where oaths were not empty promises but calls to the Valar themselves. could hear into each other's minds. With their fine features and perfect. This aura was not necessarily obvious. for music was the Essence of Arda. required economic support: again. Elves were able to see on a clear starlit night as well as if it were full daylight. cooked. The women of the Elves were usually between 5'6" and 6'2". but the lesser beings of Middle-earth could sense it. and all Elves could discern sounds that humans could not. PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS Although basically similar in appearance to mortal Men in many ways. ritual played an important role. (Dwarves." (LotR1490) Perhaps most remarkable was the fact that Elves did not age or grow old. The most subtle of all the characteristics of the Elves was the aura that bathed each of the Calaquendi. they entered a sort of trance. are thought of differently. the Eldar. Only in the depths of their eyes could one perhaps feel a glimmering of the true age of the greater Elves. Highly resistant to extremes of natural heat and cold. modesty. and Men. and at full maturity the aging process stopped. who knew the Valar more as esteemed and revered teachers than actual deities. The Elves worshipped Eru for the beauty of his creation.REuGION Religion in any organized sense was unknown to the Elves. and even the most odious labor did not weigh on them at all. a waking dream during which they meditated upon the beauty ofEa or in which they recalled happy times earlier in their long lives. Worship of Em was very informal. As a race. Elves gardened. and their bodies were immune to all disease and infection. without the necessity of speech. The Elda lords. Elves were invariably more handsome in appearance man their mortal brethren. . Their bodies matured through a slightly longer adolescence than mortals. and they showed no scars. were muscular of build and unquestionably the most physically powerful individuals in Middle-earth. like an afterglow of that first illumination. This is not to say that the Eiven societies were devoid of ritual. The males ranged in height from 6' to 6' 10". especially the Eldar. perhaps." an Elf could still see a few feet. although they could not regenerate severely damaged organs or body parts. though. his body was reincarnated and he was free to live in the Undying Lands-though forbidden to return to Middle-earth until the end of the world. They were virtually immortal. Within the guilds and other groups. and in weight from 160 to 250 pounds. after a period of waiting. With song and chant the Elves wielded the Essence. the Valar. Elves were generally just as strong as any mannish warrior. Indeed I have heard that for them memory is more like to the waking world than to a dream. In what a Man would have called "pitch blackness. built.) In this way they saw themselves on equal. Those who had seen the. a shimmer dancing on the edge of their vision. standing with all other beings. as a rule. though perhaps different. camouflage. and were also slim. "The One") as the creator of all things: the earth. there was a great deal of ceremony. They celebrated the light of the stars or the sound of falling water. unless slain in battle. Should an Elfbe killed. created by Aule. now forever darkened through the evil ofMorgoth. they were taller than most Men (save the high Edain) though tending to he less heavy of build. and among the Noldor social formalities were often observed with an impassioned zeal. Virtually all Elves worshiped Em Iliivatar (Q. or. Although to some this race might have appeared fragile. Their senses were extremely keen. Perhaps it was because of their ability to "walk as if in a waking dream" which gave them a reputation of being free of care and responsibility. his soul was transported to the Halls of Mandos in Valinor where. Gimli the Dwarf made this observation as the Fellowship of the Ring left Lorien: ". involving no specific temple or other structure more elaborate than an open garden.

THE AVAR MORIQUENDI These were the Silvan Elves. Most. the Noldor had hair of dark brown to raven-black. This included. but slightly lesser in stature. or light brown hair and. the original tongue of the Eldar. having not seen the Light of Amari. The Noldor were a noble and courageous race. Most of this kindred were of substantial build. They were similar in appearance to the Sinda groups.1. a great demon of Morgoth. In general they were more of a mix of types than the Noldor or Vanyar.. with darker hair (generally chestnut to dark brown) and eyes. Some of the greatest warriors of the First Age were Naldo lords. lightly tanned skin. THE NOLDOR In appearance. grey or hazel eyes.. Below is an excerpt from The Lord if tbe Rings where Gandalf.. for they lived in the woods. with eyes of dear blue or violet. forests.2. the Sindar and N andor were neverth eless more nob le than the Avari. fair skin. possessing a wiry strength and great agility. you saw him for a moment as he is upon the other side: one of the mighty of the First-born. THE SINDAR AND NANDOR Less tall and lordly than the Elda kindreds. Another one of the great N oldo warri ors was Glorfindel. The Silvan Elves were also known as the Wood-elves. beloved of the Valar. and Glorftndel stood against the Riders: "' . who lived in Elrond's House in the Third Age. THETELERl The third group of the Calaquendi had sandy. preserving Quenya as much as possible as a ritual language for specific occasions. this group spoke Sindarin almost exclusively. even under their Doom. Fingolfin and Finarfin. some of whom were able to hold their own in single combat with a Valarauko (Balrog). which was in fact the Elvish version of Valinorean." The Noldor spoke Quenya amongst themselves and with the Vanyat in Aman. but the vast majority in Middleearth adopted Sindarin as their every day tongue. He is an Elf-lord of a house of princes. and dark brown or grey eyes-. Galadrid. and as such he was King of all the Elves. Ingwe was their King. because of their preference for spending extended periods of time outdoors.-wirh one exception: the children of F inwe. being an offshoot of that group. THE ELVEN KINDREDS 3 THE VANYAR The Vanyar had golden hair and fair skin. and mountains of Middle-earth. but when living with the higher kindreds invariably adopted Sindarin. and against both the Seen and Unseen they have great power: "'I thought that I saw a white figure that shone and did not grow dim like the others. Their musical skills were unsurpassed. Fingolfin. of the house of Fin arf n. son of Finwe and India. except perhaps by the Lindar (T e1eri) who learned the art of song from the Maia Osseo The Vanyar spoke pure Quenya. Was that Glorfindel then?' "Yes. most rustic of the Kindreds. and the trait was passed to their offspring as well. and most numerous. the daughter of Finarfin. was accounted the greatest warrior in all of End or. Most were also able to communicate in most of the western Silvan dialects. the mental language of the Valar. though they lacked the aura of the Calaquendi. who behaved with dignity and heroism. Physically they resembled the T eleri. All tended to be slender. and Indis of the Vanyar. both possessed hair of gold like their mother. tended to be taller and stronger. Spread throughout Middle-earth. is explaining to Frodo what happened at the Ford when the Hobbit briefly put on the One Ring. Not surprisingly. in Rivendell. They were the tallest and most beautiful of the Elves. blond. of course. with greater opportunity for diversity. The true Calaquende T eleri. They were also a more numerous kindred. with the distinctive High Elven bearing and aura.those who have dwelt in the Bles~ed Realm live at once in both worlds. had darker. King of the Noldor. . they spoke their own tongues. surpassing all the other Elves and Men. who lived on Eressea. amongst themselves. Their sons.

SIN DAR "Grey Elves" NANDOR Some afterwards entered Beleriand I I LAIQUEND1 "Green elves" of Ossiriand I UMANYAR The Eldar who were . or "Light Elves. Thus. the T eleri produced three sub-groups that never emigrated to Aman and never saw the enchanted light of the V alar's Blessed Realm. From the Avari. who constitute most ofMiddle-earth's Elven peoples. They. many of whom now reside in the Undying lands. there are two ways to classify the Quendi: (I) the Avari versus the Eldar: and (2) the Moriquendi versus the Calaquendi. "Dark Elves." Their brothers who went west into Aman are called the Calaquendi. and the "Ref users" who remained in the East of Middle-earth. not of Amari I I CALAQUENDI "Light Elves" of Aman MORIQUENDI "Dark Elves" (They never saw the Light of the Trees) I . The Eldar produced the three great kindreds of the Vanyar. and Teleri of the Undying Lands-together with the Nolder who returned to Endor-while the Sindar and Avari of Middle-earth are counted as Moriquendi. Noldor. Noldor. QUENDI The Elves I ELDAR Elves of the Great Journey from Cuivienen I I AVARI "The Unwilling" Elves who Refused the Great Journey I VANYAR All went to Arnan I NOLDOR All went to Aman I TELERI 1 I Who went to Aman I Who stayed in Beleriand I Who left the march of the T eleri east of the Misty Mtns. for their history states that they were twice sundered. Dividing before they left the shores of Middle-earth. The first separation of their people produced the Eldar and Avari: the "People of the Stars" who made the Great Journey toward the Light of Aman. and Teleri.CLASSIFICATION OF ELVEN GROUPS There are two ways to classify the noble Quendi. like the Avari. The tree illustrates their relationship. are called Moriquendi. came the Silvan Elves of lore." The Calaquendi include the Vanyar. It was the Eldar who produced the second sundering. as noted.

AEGNOR(I) Aegnor was the fourth of the five children ofFinfarfin and Earwen, the others being Finrod, Orodreth, Angrod, and GaladrieL Despite their father's return to Valinor following the Prophecy of the North, he and his brothers remained caught up in Doom of the Noldor and continued on to Middle-earth in pursuit of Morgoth and the Silmarils. Aegnor's friendship for the sons of Fingolfin tied him to this sad quest, during which he perished. Although less reckless and aggressive than the sons of Feaaor or Fingolfin. he nevertheless embodied the Nolde qualities of pride. bravery, and curiosity. Upon returning to Ender, Aegnor settled on the slopes ofDorthonion with Angrod. This they held in fieffrom Finrod, ro whom they swore allegiance. Because these grassy, windswept hills lay along the northernmost point of the line of defense against Morgoth, the brothers lived amidst an omnipresent danger. It was hardly surpising that they were among the first to fall in the Fourth Battle ("BatrIe of Sudden Flame"; S. Dagor BragoUach) against the Black Enemy. Aegnor was a prince of the Noldor. Extremely tall (7'0"), he enjoyed a warror's build and the fair features of the House of Finarfin, His blond hair sparkled in the moonlight and his blue eyes gleamed in the heat of battle.



Hits: 225 Melee OB: 380 Missile OB: 350 AT: 20 (ISO).

RM Profession: Fighter. RM Stats: Co 102, SD 90, Ag 104, Me 91, Re 100, St 103, Qu 104, Pr roo, In 94, Em 96. RM Skills: Acrobatics 60, Acting 80, Administration
50, Adrenal Defense 30, Adrenal Moves 80, Ambush 20, Athletic Games 60, Climbing 120, First Aid 32, Fletching 46, Foraging 67, Frenzy 81, Gambling 45, Leadership 82. Linguistics 15*, Music 77, Navigation 84, Perception 121, Publicspeaking 91, Riding 67, Sailing 42, Seduction 85, Signaling 3 I, Singing 86, Skiing 34. Stalking & Hiding 112. Star-gazing 60, Strategy/Tactics 68, Subduing Il2, Swimming 81, Tracking 87. Weather-watching 64. RM Spells: 270 PP (x6 PP multiplier). Open Mentalist lists to 30th lvl. Appearance: 91.

Knows all


LoR Profession:



LvI: 90. Race: Noldo. Home: Slopes of Dorthonion, Names: (S. "Fen-fire"; Q. Aikanarc), MERP Hits: 225 Melee OB: 380 Missile OB: 350 AT: PI (ISO).

LoR Stats: Strength 8, Agility 8, Intelligence 5, Movement 5, Defense 7, Melee OB 13, Missile OB 13, GeneralS, Subterfugt> 8, Perception 8, Magical 3, Endurance 230. LoR Spells: Camouflage, Concentration, Calm. LoR Experience Points: 50.700.


MERP Profession:


MERP Stats: AG 104, CO 102, IG IOO, IT 94, PR 100, ST 103. MERP Skills: Acrobatics 60, Acting 80, Administration (Influence) 50, Ambush 20, Athletic Games (Athletic) 60, Climbing 120, First Aid 32, Fletching (Craft) 46, Foraging 67, Gambling 45, Leadership (Influence) 82, Music (Artistic) 77, Navigation (Lore) 84, Perception 121, Publicspeaking (Influence) 91, Riding 67, Sailing (Athletic) 42, Seduction (Influence) 85, Signaling 31, Singing (Influence) 86, Skiing (Athletic) 34, Stalk/ Hide 1 12, Star-gazing (Sky-Watching) 60, Strategy/Tactics (Lore) 68, Swimming 81, Tracking 87. Weather-watching (Sky- W arching) 64. MERP Spells: 270 PP (x6 PP multiplier). Knows all Open Essence lists to 10th lvl.

High Elven Sword (Terecris)-(S. ''Troll-cleaver'') A galvorn broadsword, it strikes as two-handed sword which delivers twice the normal concussion hits. It uses the broadsword's fumble range, and is a Holy Sword which yields an Impact critical in addition to any other critical strikeresult, MERP., +50 OB; bearer receives a constant Haste or Light V spell for up to 10 minutes (60 rnds) a day. RM: +50 OB; bearer receives a constant Haste or AlkaT (Iv130. Light's Way list) spell for up to 10 minutes (60 rnds) a day.


.MERP: PPx6 multiplier; wearer may still cast
spells; negates 50% head crits (roU of01-50).

RM: PPx6 multiplier; wearer has no penalty for
casting Mentalist spells; negates 50% head crits (roll ofOl-50).

Full shield.
MERP/RM: +40 DB. Read Si161, 84, 120, 150-1, 305-6.314, 362.


A NOTE REGARDING THE ELVEN CHARACTER DESCRIPTIONS This sourcebook describes Elves covered in ICE's Middle-earth Role Playing game products. Most entries are based directly on the characters created by J.R.R. T olkien. Those character names marked with an asterisk (*), however. indicate entries based on characters developed by ICE for game use. These characters were not invented by, or used by, Professor T olkien. Nonetheless, they provide variety and should help you understand some of the elements required when developing your own high level characters.

AEGNOR(II) IN ROLEMASTER Hits: 175 Melee OB: 200 Missile OB: 160 AT: 20(90). RM Profession: Alchemist (Fighter).

RM Stats: St 101, Qu 98, Em 97,. In 72, Pr 99, Ag
99, Co 100, Me 87, Re 84, SD 67. RM Skills:Acting 45, Administration 50, Appraisal 65, Architecture 110, Chemistry 60, Climbing 60, Cr.afting I I 6, Diplomacy 38, Directed Spells 50, Disarm Trap 30. Falsification 40, First Aid 21, Fletching 58, Leadership 24, Leather-working 67, Linguistics 12*, Mathematics 81, Music 40, . Perception 90. Pick Lock 50, Riding 40, Rope Mastery 42, Runes 60, Seduction 40, Singing 71, Smithing 100, Spell-mastery 35, Stalk/Hide 90. Staves & Wands 80, Stone-carving 64, Swimming 60. Wood-carving. 86. RM Spells: 180 PP (+3spell adder, x3 PP multiplier). Knows all Base Alchemist lists to 30th level, also Mentalist Solid, Liquid, Gas Manipulation lists to 20th level, Magician Base Fire Law list to 20th. Appearance: 96.

AEGNOR (II)* Aegnor was an associate of Celebrimbor since their years together in Nargothrond, and though not the most adept at delicate operations, he is a master of fires and furnaces. A Lord Forger, he supervised all smelting operations at the Mfrdaithrond ("Halls of the Jewd-s~ithsjj) in Ost-in-Edhil. In fact, he designed most of the forges and smelting facilities .. Although generally a good-natured and patient man, he had no time for Annatar, the "Lord of Gifts," and never shared his most powerful forging secrets. An impressive figure, Aegnor was 6'10" tall, and very strong of build. His hair was dark brown, and his eyes so dark blue as to be almost violet. AEGNOR(II)

AEGNORell) LoR Profession: Bard.


LvI: 30.
Race: Noldo. Home: Beleriand: Ost-in-Edhil. Names: (5. "Fell-fire"); Lord Smith of Mlrdaithrond. AEGNOR(II) IN MERP Hirs: 175 Melee OB: 200 Missile OB: 160 AT: eh (90). MERP Profession: Mage.

LoR Stats: Strength 6, Agility 4, Intelligence 4, Movement 3, Defense 4, Melee OB II, Missile OB 10, General 4, Subterfuge 7, Perception 7, Magical 3, Endurance 144. LoR Spells: Fire Bolt, Protection from Magic, Luck, Speed. LoR Experience Po:ints: 30,600. AEGNOR'SPRINCIPAL ITEMS Broadsword (Morgurth)--{S. "Black Death"), a galvorn broadsword, it cannot be fumbled, and, should Aegnor's opponent try to parry, there is a 50% chance the foe's weapon is cut in half (magi cal items may receive a bonus). MERP /RM: +40 OB, Bracelets-Of amber laen. They can be used simultaneously, and both must be worn for either to work They confer complete protection from all heat, electricity, and cold to the hands and lower arms, MERP/RM: Left, +3 spell adder; right, PPx3. AEGNOR'SLESSERITEMSOF NOTE Armor-Mithril chain: protects as plate. +20 DB. Longbow-+ 30 OB. Forging Tools-Complete set; doubles speed of work. Collar-MERP: Continuous Resist Heat and Resist Cold. RM: Continuous Fire Armor and Ice Armor. Ring-Gold with blue diamond,

MERP Stats: ST 101, AG 99, CO ICO, IG 97, IT 72,
PR99. MERP Skills: Acting 45, Administration (Influence) 50, Appraisal 65, Architecture (Lore) I 10, Chemistry (Lore) 60, Climbing 60,. Crafting (Craft) 116, Diplomacy (Influence) 38, Directed Spells 50, Disarm Trap 30, Falsification (Craft) 40, First Aid 21, Fletching (Craft) 58, Leadership (Influence) 24, Leather-working (Craft) 67, Mathematics (Lore) 8 I, Music (Artistic) (Artistic) 40, Perception 90, Pick Lock 50, Riding 40, Rope Mastery 42, Read Runes 60, Seduction (Influence) 40, Singing (Influence) 71, Smithing (Craft) ICO, Stalk/Hide 90, Use Item 80, Stone-carving (Craft) 64, Swimming 60, Wood-carving (Craft). 86.

MERP Spells: 180 PP (+3 spell adder, x3 PP multiplier). Knows all Essence lists to 10th level,

MERP; casts Unseen 3x/ day.
RM: casts Invisibility True 3x/ day.

SeeICE's Lorien 23,33, 56,

ALDAN* Master of the Craftsmen's Glade in Lorien, Aldan is a superb wood-worker. His slender fingers are never guided poorly by his rock-steady hands. Whether in conflict with an armed foe or a block of rough-hewn wood. Aldan measures each cut of the blade he holds-be it his favored long knife or his treasured carving tools-with the utmost confidence and precision. Long years gathering wood out of doors have bleached the fair Elfs hair to a hue resmbling pale sunlight and imparted ruddiness to his complexion. He is large for a Sinda, 6'9" and 240 pounds, and well-muscled. His duties as Master of his chosen glade keep him close to Caras Galadhon more continuously than in the days of his youth. but he takes a ramble through the farther reaches of L6rien once a moon. ALDAN LvI: 18. Race: Sinda. Home: Lorien, Names: Aldan




Long Knife-- The intricately carved mithril blade never loses its razor-sharp edge. Aldan uses it to prune living trees and, when pressed, defend himself and his charges. MERP/RM: +20 OB. Longbow~Arrows shot &om this fine bow fly truer than those flung from others. MERP/RM: +15 Missile OB. Wood-carving Tools-TIlese wonderful tools permit a master wood-carver like Aldan to work his art more easily than ever. MERP/RM: +20 to Wood-carving maneuvers. See ICE's Lsrien 57.

An Elda maiden of the Vanyar, Amarie was Finrod's beloved. Nonetheless, she remained in the Undying Lands when Finrod went into exile in Middle-earth, awaiting his return from the wars against Morgoth. Amarie was breathtakingly beautiful, possessed oflong, rich blonde hair and unusual deep emerald green eyes.

(S. "Tree-wright")'

AwANINMERP Hits: 125 Melee OB: 100 Missile DB: 120 AT: No (30). MERP Profession: Warrior. MERP Stats: ST 99, AG 99, CO 89, IG 73, IT 51, PR 95.

LvI: 105. Race: Vanya. Home: Aman (the Undying Lands).

MERP Skills: Climb 60, Pick Locks 45, Perception 50, Rope-mastery 40, Fletching (Craft) 35 , Leather-working (Craft) 60, Riding 95, Woodcarving (Craft) 100. MERP Spells: None.

AMARJE IN MERP Hits: 200 Melee 08: 150 Missile OB: 160 AT: RL (ISO). MERP Profession: Animist. MERP Stats: AG 100, CO 97, IG I02, IT 104, PR
lOS, ST 94. MERP Skills: Athletic Games (Athletic) 91, Climbing 81, Crafting (Craft) 81, Dance (Athletic) 127, Diplomacy (Influence) 87, Directed Spells 88, Diving (Athletic) 52, First Aid 132,. Meditation II 2, Music (Artistic) 120. Perception 127, Riding 91, Read Runes 127, Seduction (Influence) 90, Singing (Influence) I I 5, Skiing (Athletic) 80. Stargazing (Sky-Watching) 75. Use Item 132. Swimming 91, Weather-watching (Sky-Watching) 70.

Hits: 125 Melee 08: 100 Missile OB: 120 AT: 1 (30). RM Profession: Fighter. RM Stats: St 99. Qu 98. Em 76, In 45, Pr 95, Ag 100, Co 89, Me 56, Re 70, SD 78. RM Skills: Climb 60, Pick Locks 45, Perception 50, Rope Mastery 40, Fletching 35, Leather-working 60, Riding 95, Wood-carving IOO. RM Spells: None. Appearance: 98.

MERP Spells: 525 PP (xIO PP multiplier). Knows all Channeling lists to 10th lvl,

LoR Profession: Warrior. LoR Stats: Strength 4. Agility 4. Intelligence 0, Movement 3. Defense 3, Melee OB 7, Missile OB 8, General 5, Subterfuge 2, Perception 5, Magical O. Endurance 8 I. LoR Spells: None. LoR Experience Points: 16,500.

Hits: 200 Melee OB: ISO Missile OB: 160 AT: 12 (ISO). RM Profession: Cleric (Healer. Astrologer).

RM Stats: Co 97. SO 100. Ag 100, Me 103. Re 101.
St 94, Qu 99, Pr I05, In I04, Em 104.

Endurance 257. Fire Bolt.~ Protect as AT 12 with +60 DB. RM: It provides bearer with continuous Protection True. Perception 7. Knows aU base Astrologer. Singing I IS. Defense 4. Robes of Light-Negate 50% of criticals to the body v: (roll 0 I -50). Sustenance. RM: +50 OB. Stargazing 75.. Swimming 91. Agility 8. Damage Resistence. and provide a constant Alkar spell. RM: Enables wielder to cast up to 300 PP / day of spells from Healer lists. AMARlE'S DaggerLESSER ITEMS OF NOTE lOx normal throwing range. Melee OB 12. Riding 9I. Music 120. General 4. RM: Enables wearer to cast Commune True spell 3 x/day. Movement 5. MERP: Protect as RL with +60 DB. and restoration spells. Climbing 81. Seduction 90. Balance.400. MERP. Meditation 112. Ring. Dance 127. Directed Spells 88. AMARlE LoR Profession: Bard. Diplomacy 87. Intelligence 9. First Aid 132. Diving 52. Skiing 80. "Este's Hand") Eliminates recovery time for all healing. IN LoR LoR Stats: Strength 9.~ It provides bearer with continuous Bladeturn Diflections. and Self-Healing to 50th [vl. LoR Spells: Charm Animals. A11Iarie' Read si l30. RM Spells: 525 PP (x I 0 PP multiplier). lifegiving. MERP: Enables wearer to cast Intuitions V spell 3x/day. . Healer. Crafting 81. Blade/urn V. MERP: Enables wielder to cast up to 300 PP / day of spells from Animist lists . Perception 127. Subterfuge 7. Staves & Wands 132. AMARrE's PRINCIPAL ITEMS Staff (CamesteHS. Speed. A PPx I 0 multiplier suited to all realms and professions.. and Diflect V spells. and Protection III spells. Runes 127.RM Skills: Athletic Games 91. Linguistics 3*. MERP: +50 OR. RM. Calm. Magical 7. Missile OB 13. Spell-mastery 88. Headband-Protects as full helm. Appearance: 108. Weather-watching 70. LoR Experience Points: 50. negates 50% of head crits (roll 01-50). and enables wielder to cast Absolution Pure spell when it delivers a critical strike. Channeling 102. Knows Mentalism Cloaking. and provide a constant Aura rif Flame spell. and Cleric lists to 50th lvl.

MERP Spells: None.. Subterfuge 5. AMoiR IN MERP AMD1R IN LoR LoR Profession: Warrior. Public Speaking 78. LoR Spells: None. "Shadow-cleaver. AMo1R's PRINCIPAL ITEMS Sword (CirdaeHS. Missile OB 9.. 258. Ambush 2. Hits: 160 Melee OB: 180 Missile OB: 140 AT: PI (80). MERP/RM: AT PI/I7. Amdir ruled a peaceful land until the end of the Second Age. Magical 0.500. MERP/RM: +20 Missile OB. Acting 30.A.") A yellow laen two-handed sword which bursts into flame upon the user's command. IT 83. Home: Lorien.AMDfR Amdir was the King of Lorien from S. General 4. Music (Artistic) 60. Movement 3. Sailing (Athletic) 52. Co 100. and pale gray eyes. RM Spells: None. Public Speaking (Influence) 78. SO 90. PR 96. Acrobatics 60. Gil-galad summoned Amdir to fight in the Last Alliance of Men and Elves. Agility 5. Race: Sinda. Tracking 30. CO 100. Names: Malgalad (S. LoR Experience Points: 25. Em 94. MERP Stats: ST 100. Qu 100. MERP Profession: AmJf. Pr 101. he was the essence of a Sinda noble. . 243-44. RM Stats: St 100. Intelligence 2. the bracers fit Amdir's arms perfectly. Bracers-Forged of mithril. In 89. 1780 to SA 344 I. who abdicated it to the Sinda lord. They have a 50% chance of blocking any hand. Swim 80. With the downfall of Numenor and the sudden return of Sauron to Middle-earth. or forearm critical. strong features. wrist. AG 100. RM Skills: Climb 76. MERP/RM: Protect the arms like greaves. Acting 30. the flames cause another Heat critical of equal severity. Mithril Chain Mail-Incredibly light yet protective mail that offers good protection without being more cumbersome than wearing a linen shirt. AMDtR IN ROLEMASTER Hits: 160 Melee OB: 180 Missile OB: 140 AT: 17 (80). LoR Stars: Strength 5. Amdir was tall and slender-6'7" and 200 pounds. Stalk/Hide 60. Ag 99. Perception 50. Rope-mastery 40. Appearance: 104. Re 88. AMDtR LvI: 35. Stalk/Hide 60. Endurance lIS. His son Amroth assumed the throne at the beginning of the Third Age. Longbow-This well-made bow is rarely far from Amdir's hand. Swim 80. Tracking 30. Rope-mastery 40. Acrobatics 60. Warrior. Ambush 2. Me 77. RM Profession: Fighter.. "Radiant Gold").57. Perception 50. Perception 5. MERP Skills: Climb 76. He received the throne from Celeborn. Lorien's lord was slain in the Battle of Oagorlad along with most of his warriors. If the weapon inflicts a critical. Melee OB 10. MERPjRM: +30 OB. Read tit 240. IG 91. Longbow's range is double that of a normal bow. Music 60. Defense 3. With his fair hair. SeeICEs L6rien 23. but inflict no missile penalty due to armor. Sailing 52.

Surface Ways. MERP Spells: 350 PP (x7 PP multiplier). 124. RM Profession: Ranger. MERP: PPx7 multiplier for Ranger spells. Navigation 45. SO 84. Music (Artistic) 85. and Lore list to 10th Ivl. Gambling 50. Perception 145. Diving 80. Qu 101. Endurance 183. In 105.247. Home: East Beleriand. Stalk/Hide US. AMRAS IN ROLEMASTER Long . Foraging 116. his Feanorian passions and pride still ran very deep. 142. MERP: +40 moving maneuver bonus and permit wearer to cast spells from Lofty Bridge list (up to IOth level) lOx/day. Together. Leadership (Influence) 70. Balance. MERP/RM: +60 OB. and Lore list to 20th lvl. Tracking 136. MERP Skills:. Climbing 145.IG PR 94. Singing 99. Diving (Athletic) 80. AMRAS IN LoR LoR Profession: Bard. Seduction (Influence) 60. Defense 4. AMRAS' PRINCIPAl. however. Read Sil60. IT 105.50/ day from Herb Mastery list. LoR Experience Points: 42. Magical 7. they both swore the awful Oath of Feanor and both fell prey to its Doom. knows Detection Mastery. "Noble Bow") long bow of are and Troll slaying. Climbing 145. ST 102. 153. Gambling 50. casts Protectionill and Unseenspells up to 3x/day. Subterfuge 9. Race: Noldo. Frenzy 96. RM Spells: 350 PP (x7 PP multiplier). Me 89. MERP. Disarm Trap 83. Adrenal Moves 100. Strategy/Tactics (Lore) 121.600.Bow (Aracu)-{S. MERP Stats: AG 104. Wielder can fire 2 arrows/ round with no penalty. Melee OB 12. Amras joined them in the assault on the Havens of Sinon. Seduction 60. Speed. Perception 9. Swimming lIS. Tracking 136. Martial Arts Sweeps 80. Fletching 80. Intelligence 6. may also cast PP+. Perception 145. Swimming 115. Amras was virtually a mirror image of his twin brother Arnrod. 2x normal range. and were nobly handsome with blonde hair and blue eyes. Ambush 22. Channeling 68. Skiing (Athletic) 65. Disarm Trap 83. Weather watching 89. fumbles only on a roll of OI. Missile 08 12. Star-gazing (Sky-Watching) 48. Pick Lock 83. MERP Hits: 215 Melee OB: 260 Missile OB: 310 AT: RL (95). Appearance: 97. . Weather-watching (Sky-Watching) 89. RM: PPx7 multiplier for Ranger spells. RM: casts Alkar and No Sense spells up Boots. he died beside his twin. AMRAS' LESSER ITEMS OF NOTE Medallion. ITEMS MERP Profession: Ranger. Subduing 110. Star gazing 48. Pick Lock 83. Athletic Games 125. Hits: 215 Melee OB: 260 Missile OB: 310 AT: 12 (95). Concussion's Ways list to 25 lvl. Knows all Ranger lists to 10rh Ivl. AMRASIN LvI: 70. Dance 90. Camouflage.. Music 85. Blood Law list to 20th lvl. Martial Arts Striking 80. Acting 78. Adrenal Defense 50. Skiing 65.305. Signaling 84. Blood Ways. Singing (Influence) 99. The brothers were unusually tall (7'0") as was normally the case of the great Noldo princes. AMRAS RM Skills: Acrobatics 95.. Em 99. looking much like the Vanyar. Use Item 63. Fletching (Craft) 80. knows Detection Mastery list to 25th lvl. may also case PP+50/ day from Plant Mastery list. 100. There. like Amrod. St 102. Leadership 70. Acting 78. Stalk/Hide 135. Cloak. Athletic Games (Athletic) 125. Signaling 84. When his brothers Maedhros and Maglor attacked the Sindar in Falas in hope of recovering Beren's Silmaril. Foraging I16. 1:0 3x/day . Re 100. Genera14. First Aid 110. 83. First Aid 110. Agility 8. they were the youngest of Feanor's seven sons. Acrobatics 95. Ambush 22. Ag 104. Pr 94. Unfortunately. Navigation (Lore) 45. RM Stats: Co 105. Dance (Athletic:) 90. Linguistics 11*. Staves & W~nds 63. Knows an Ranger lists to 50th lvl. Riding 95. Movement 4. Strategy/Tactics 121. RM: +40 moving maneuver bonus and permit wearer to cast spells from Lofty Movement list (up to IOthlevd) lOx/day. possessed a milder temperament than was normal for his line. LoR Spells: Charm Animals. Amras was a superb hunter who. Like their brothers. Strength 8. Martial Arts Stalking 80. CO 105. Riding 95. LoR Stats.AMRAS A Noldo Elf of me House of Feanor. Martial Arts Sweeps 80.

Amrod was Noldo Elf of the House of Feanor, The twin brother of Amras, he was one of Feanor's youngest and most even-tempered sons. (See "Amras" description above for more details.)

RM Spells: 350 PP (x7 PP multiplier). Knows all Ranger lists to 50th Ivl; knows Detection Mastery list to 25th lvl, Concussion's Ways list to 25 lvl, Blood Law list to 20th Ivl, and Lore list to 20th lvl, Appearance: 97.

LvI: 70. Race: Noldo. Home: East Bderiand.

LoR Profession:


Hits: 215 Melee OB: 260 Missile OB:
AT: RL (95). MERP Profession: Ranger. MERP Stars: AG 104, CO 105, IG PR 94, ST 102.

IT 105,

LoR Stats: Strength 8, Agility 8, Intelligence 6, Movement 4, Defense 5, Melee OB 12, Missile OB TT, General 5, Subterfuge 9, Perception 9, Magical 3, Endurance 182. LoR Spells: Camouflage, LoR Experience Shield, Strength, Speed. Points: 40,500.



MERP Skills: Acrobatics 85, Acting 83, Ambush 30,
Athletic Games (Athletic) I IS, Caving 55, Climbing 135, Contortions 78, Disarm Trap 93, First Aid 100, Fletching (Craft) 90, Foraging I I I, Gambling 62, Leadership (Influence) 73, Martial Arts Striking 90. Martial Arts Sweeps 70, Music (Artistic) 95, Navigation (Lore) 39, Perception 145, Pick Lock 93, Riding 105, Seduction (Influence) 60, Signaling 71, Singing (Influence) 86, Skiing (Athletic) 90, Stilk/Hide 145, Star gazing (Sky Watching) 60, Use Item 73, Strategy/Tactics (Lore) III, Swimming I05, Tracking 134, Weather watching (Sky Watching) 85. MERP Spells: 350 PP (x7 PP multiplier). Knows all Ranger lists to 10th lvl: knows Detection Mastery, Surface Ways, Blood Ways, and Lore list to 10th lvl.

Long Bow (AracuHS. "Noble Bow") long bow of. Ore and Troll slaying. Widder can fire 2 arrows/ round with no penalty. MERP /RM: +60 OB; fumbles only on a roll of 01; Zx normal range.

Medallion. MERP: PPx7 multiplier for Ranger spells; may also cast PP+50/ day from Plant Mastery list. RM: PPx7 multiplier for Ranger spells; may also cast PP+SO/ day from Herb Mastery list. Cloak. MERP; casts Protection ill and Unseen spells up to 3x/day. RM: casts Alkar and No Sense spells up to 3x/ day. Boots.

MERP; +40 moving maneuver bonus and permit
wearer to Cast spells from Lofty Bridge list (up to IOth level) lOx/day. RM. +40 moving maneuver bonus and permit wearer to cast spells from Lofty Movement list (up to 10th level) lOx/day. Read Sil60, 83, 124J 142J 153,247,305.



Hits: 2 I 5 Melee OB: 260 Missile OB: 3 10
AT: 12 (95). RM Profession: Ranger. RM Stats: Co lOS, SD 84, Ag 104, Me 89, Re 100, St 102, Qu lOT, Pr 94, In IDS, Em 99. RM Skills: Acrobatics 95, Acting 78, Adrenal Defense 50. Adrenal Moves roo, Ambush 22, Athletic Games 125, Channeling 68, Climbing 145, Dance 90, Disarm Trap 83, Diving 80, First Aid 110, Fletching 80, Foraging I 16, Frenzy 96, Gambling 50, Leadership 70, Linguistics 11*, Martial Arts Stalking 80, Martial Arts Sweeps 80, Music 85, Navigation 45, Perception 145, Pick Lock 83, Riding 95, Seduction 60, Signaling 84, Singing 99, Skiing 65, Stalk/Hide 135, Star gazing 48, Staves & Wands 63, Strategy/Tactics 121, Subduing 110, Swimming 115, Tracking 136, Weather watching 89.

AMROTH Amroth, son of Amdir, was a Silvan Elf-king noted for the founding of the port of Dol Amroth on the western shores of Belfalas (in Gondor). A great seaman and architect, he was a brilliant engineer and scholar with an emotional character. His passionate, compulsive love for the Elf maiden Nimrodelled to his unfortunate death in


Hits: ISS Melee OB: 190 Mi.ssile OB: 130 AT: 17 (100).

Arnroth ruled the Kingdom of L6rien, following his father's death at the end of the Second Age. His long reign was generally peaceful but. in T.A. 1981, it abruptly ended. The appearance of a Balrog in Moria caused his beloved Nimrodel to flee the Kingdom and, although torn by his loyalty to his people, Amroth followed her flight . . When Amroth found her beneath the eaves ofFangorn Forest, she refused to return to the Golden Wood. Instead, the two decided to depart for Aman, where they hoped to marry. They elected to leave from Edhellond near Dol Arnroth, Tragically, Nimrodel went ahead but was delayed and, when Amrorh arrived at the Haven, he sawbut one ship. The Elf-king waited for his love until the autumn winds rose and the weather worsened. Then, one stormy night-while Amroth slept on the ship-the vessel came untied in the high waves. Sundered from the shore, Amroth leaped into the roaring sea and tried to swim back to land, only to perish in the maelstrom. His vain attempt became legend, but nothing is known of the fate of the maiden for whom he died. A warrior and a noble, Amroth was taller than his Silvan kin (6'6"), although his sandy hair and blue eyes were characteristic of his line.

RM Profession: Fighter. RM Stats: Co 102, SD 84, Ag TOO, Me 99. Re 87, St 101, Qu lOT, Pr 97, In 94. Em 93. RM Skills:Acrobatics 40, Administration 65. Ambush 3, Architecture TOT, Athletic Games 65, Climbing 35, Dance 45. Directed Spells 50, Leadership 95,
Lingtlisti.cs IS'", Meditation 45, Music 39, Perception 65, Public speaking 60. Seduction 84, Singing 85, Star gazing 43, Swimming 50, Weather watching28.

RM Spells: 35 PP (x5 PP multiplier). Knows Earth
Law list to 20th lvland Nature's Ways list to rOth



9 I.


LoR Profession:


LoR Stats: Strength 7, Agility 7, Intelligence 4, Movement 4, Defense 4 Melee OB I I, Missile OB 9, General 2, Subterfuge 7 Perception 7, Magical 2, Endurance I 10. LoR Spells: Charm Animals, Camouflage. LoR Experience Points: 29,400.

Drawing Table-Crystal. MERP/RM: Provides +50 bonus when drawing or designing. Trowel-Intelligent, mithril,

Lvl: 3S.
Race: Sinda. Home: Dol Amroth, L6rien on Cerin Amtoth. AMROTH IN MERP Hits: ISS Melee OB: I90 Missile OB: 130 AT: Ch(100). MERP Profession: Warrior. MERP Stats: AG 101, CO 102, IG 90, IT 94, PR 97, ST lOT. MERP Skills: Acrobatics 40, Administration (Influence) 65, Ambush 3, Architecture (Lore) rOI, Athletic Games (Athletic) 65, Climbing 35, Dance (Athletic) 45, Directed Spells 50, Leadership (Influence) 95, Meditation 45, Music (Artistic) 39, P..rception 65, Public speaking (Influence) 60, Seduction (Influence) 84. Singing (Influence) 85, Star gazing (Sky Watching) 43, Swimming 50, Weather watching (Sky Watching) 28. MERP Spells: 3S PP (x5 PP multiplier). Knows Earth Law list to rOth Ivl and Nature's Ways list to 10th Iv!.

MERP/RM: Permits use of Earth Law list (RM: up to 20th lvl; MERP: up to 10th lvl),

MERP/RM: Permits use of Nature's Ways list to 10th Ivl.

. MERP/RM: x5 PP multiplier.

MERP/RM: +30 OB.

Full Shield.
MERP/RM: +30 DB; enables wielder to cast up 60 PP / day worth of spells from Light's Way list (RM: to 30th lvl: MERP: to TOth Ivl).

MERP / RM: +30 OB.
Plate Armor~Reduces armor maneuver penalties by

25. MERP/RM:

+30 DB; AT PI/20.

MERP/RM: Provides +25 bonuse for all seduction attempts accompanied by song.

Read LotIU 441 42, 454; LotRlII I st, 506. See ICE'sL6rim 25,57.

ANGROD Angrod was the third of the five children of Finarfin and Earwen, the others being, Finrod, Orodreth, Aegnor, and GaladrieL Because of his friendship with Fingon, he returned to Middle-earth with his brother Aegnor. There, they joined with Fingon and the hosts of Feanor in the pursuit of Morgoth and the Silmarils, Although somewhat reckless and aggressive like Aegnor, Angrod was truthful, and provided King Elwe (the Lord ofDoriath) the full story of the Naldo Rebellion. This act endeared him to the otherwise embittered Sinda monarch, and the two maintained a distant relationship despite Elwe's disdain for the Noldar. Angrod later settled on the slopes ofDorthonion with his brother Aegnor. Together they ruled their frontier fief as vassals of Finrod and provided a bulwark against invasions out of Angb:md. Caught in the slaughter of the Fourth Battle with the Black Enemy, he fell alongside his brother amidst the Harne and carnage that engulfed their


Hits: 235 Melee OB: 395 Missile OB: 360
AT: 15(130).

RM Profession: Fighter. RM Stats: Co 103, SO 94, Ag I04. Me 99, Re 100. St 105, Qu 103. PI' WI, In 90,. Em 90. RM Skills :Acrobatics I 12. Acting 87, Adrenal Defense 60, Adrenal Moves 100, Ambush 30. Athletic Games 85., Climbing 157, Dance 55,
Diplomacy 48. Directed Spells 45, Disarm Trap 80, Diving 57, Fletching 48, Foraging 1.30. Frenzy 117, Gambling 24, Leadership 91. Linguistics 18*, Martial Arts Stalking 80, Martial Arts Sweeps 80, Music 112, Navigation 105, Perception 130. Pick Lock 96, Public-speaking 95, Riding 92, Seduction 77, Singing 82. Stalk/Hide 132, Star-gazing 30, Strategy/Tactics 130. Subduing 125. Swimming 107, Tracking 110.



RM Spells: 285 PP (x6 PP multiplier). Knows all
Open Mentalist lists to 30th Iv!. Appearance: 90.

A great warrior and a descendant of Finarfin, Angrod was quite tall (7'2") and noble in bearing. His physic'll attributes were typical of his lineage and, like all of Finarfin's line, he had blue eyes and blond hair+-resembling a Vanya.

LoR Profession:


LvI: 95. Race: Nolde. Home: Dorrhonion. Names: (S. "Iron Champion"; Q. "Angarato"),

LoR Stars: Strength 8, Agility 8, Intelligence 4, Movement 5, Defense 5, Melee OB 14, Missile OB T 3, General 5, Subterfuge 9,. Perception 9, Magical 10. Endurance 2 12. LoR Spells: None ... LoR Experience Points: 45,000.


Hits: 235 Melee OB: 395 Missile OB: 360
AT: Ch(I30). MERP Profes~ion: Warrior. MERP Stats: AG 104, CO r03, IG PR 96. ST 105.


IT 90.

MERP Skills: Acrobatics 112, Acting 87. Ambush 30, Athletic Games (Athletic) 85, Climbing 157, Dance (Athletic) 55, Diplomacy (Influence) 48, Directed Spells 45, Disarm Trap 80. Diving (Athletic) 57, Fletching (Craft) 48, Foraging 130, Gambling 24, Leadership (Influence) 91, Martial Arts Striking 80, Martial Arts Sweeps 80. Music (Artistic) I 12, Navigation (Lore) 105, Perception 130, Pick Lock 96, Public speaking (Influence) 95. Riding 92, Seduction (Influence) 77, Singing (Influence) 82, Stalk/Hide 132, Star gazing (Sky Watching) 30, Strategy/Tactics (Lore) 130. Swimming 107, Tracking 1 10. MERP Spells: 195 PP (x6 PP multiplier). Open Essence lists to 10rh lvl, Knows all

War-flail (Beleg CamangrenHS. "Mighty Hands of Iron") This twin-chained, redeog flail is a holy weapon that can be wielded in one hand. It fumbles only on a roll of and delivers 2x normal hits, as well as yielding an additional Impact critical (same severity) whenever it delivers a critical strike. MERP/RM: + 50 OB.



Helmet-Negates 50% head crits (roll 01-50). MERP: PPx6 multiplier; wearer may still cast spells. RM: PPx6 multiplier; wearer may cast Mentalist spells with no penalty. Armor.

MERP: AT Ch (+50 DB) and provides continuous Alkar spell upon concentration. RM: AT IS (+50 DB) and provides continuous Light V spell upon concentration.
Long Bow--Permits 2 attacks/round without penalty.

MERP/RM: +50 OB. Read Sil ct. 84, IlI-ll2, 120, 128-29, [50, l51, 305-6,356.

Movement 4. In 94. Ambush 24. MERP Profession: Bard. First Aid 96. Acrobatics 92. Music 73. SO 103. Monk's Tunic-e-Enchanted tunic provides wearer the ability to change his skin and clothing color to suit surroundings . Knows all Monk base lists to 30th lvl. Agility 6. . Knows Essence Hand. Martial Arts Stalking 65. MERP: Essence PPx5 multiplier. Unbarring Ways. Stalk/ Hide 110.Weather~ watching 92. RM: Essence PPx5 multiplier. Horne: Mithrim. Pick Lock 80. Directed Spells 40. Pick Lock 80. Disarm Trap 8 I. Singing (Influence) 55. Climbing 96. Fletching 45. Hits: 155 Melee OB. InteIligence 6. Caving 75.ANNAEL Annael was a Sinda Elf who hid with others of his kind in Androrh. MERP/RM: +25 OB. in keeping with his storied destiny. Pr 74. Me 89. Swimming 76. being a fugitive in a relatively desolate area. Ambush 24. ANNAEL IN LoR LoR Profession: Bard. Balance. Martial Arts Sweeps 75. Tracking 60.ding True spell Sx/ day. Subtle. Physical Enhancement. Luck. Meditation 80. He became the foster father of Tuor. ANNAEL'S LESSER ITEMS OF NOTE Bracers. Directed Spells 40. LoR Stars.. Strength 5. MERP Spells: 200 PP (x5 PP multiplier). Annael was a classic Sinda and had sandy hair and grey eyes. Cookery 75. the caves of Mithrim.. compassionate. Re 97. Leadership (Influence) 86. Adrenal Defense 50. Athletic Games 60. 225 Missile OB: 250 AT: 12 (175). Appearance: 78. Contortions 65. Singing 55. MERP /RM: serves as AT RL/I2 (+40 DB) and gives a +50 bonus for stalking and hiding maneuvers. Speed. belt provides wearer with use of Lll1. ANNAEL RM Spells: 200 PP (x5 PP multiplier). Detecting Ways. Perception 97. Disarm Trap 81. IT 94. Athletic Games (Athletic) 60. IG 103. Perception 97. Defense 4. General 3. MERP/RM: +40 OB to Martial Arts attacks. Swimming 76. PR 74. Linguistics 15*. LoR Experience Points: 20. Contortions 65. Acting 43. and Elemental Shields lists to 10th lvl. RM Skills: Acrobatics 92. he stood taller (6'7") than the average Grey Elf. Cookery 75. Shield. MERP Stars: AG 99. Caving 75. Foraging 120. LoR Spells: Healing. Monk. Knows all Open Essence and Bard base lists to 10th level. ANNAEL IN MERP Hits: I S5 Melee OB. Missile OB 12. Annad lived an ascetic life. ANNAEL IN ROLEMASTER Kynac-e-Can be thrown 500' with no OB penalty (it returns to thrower's hand foHowing round). Weatherwatching (Sky-Watching) 92. Tracking 60. Endurance 145. Adrenal Moves 85. CO 94. Acting 43. Foraging 120. Calm. Race: Sinda.100 ANNAEL's PRINCIPAL ITEM Lvl: 50. RM Profession. Subterfuge 8. Stalk/Hide Iro. Perception 7. First Aid 96. RM Stats: Co 94. Meditation 80. Qu 102. Fletching (Craft) 45. 225 Missile OB: 250 AT: RL(I75). Melee OB 1 I. Ag 99. Em 103. strikes as +40 OB rapier. ST99. Re(2d5i1238. and above all rugged. spell attack RRs. MERP Skills. Music (Artistic) 73. Martial Arts Sweeps 75. Magical 3. Leadership 86. Martial Arts Striking 65. Climbing 96. Lesser Illusions. Headband-Protects as a full helm and negates 10% ofhead critical (roll W-W). Essence's Perceptions. St 99. maneuvers. belt provides wearer with use of Landing speH lOx/day. However.

Race: Naldo. Weather-watching (Sky-Watching) 81. LvI: 40. Seduction (Influence) 80. Perception 95. Stargazing 67. Staff of Storms. Weather-watching 81. CO 96. Pr 84. . Amulets of Water Breathing. St 59. Intelligence 6. Signaling 50. PR 84. Administration (Influence) 45. MERP Profession.ARANWE The father ofVoronwe and a friend ofTuor. Climbing 76. MERP Skills: Acting 45. Mathematics (Lore) 84. LoR Spells: Protection from Magic. Melee OB: 120 Missile OB: 50 AT: No (55). MERPIRM: +. . He was a skilled mage. Use Item 101. MERP / RM: permits wielder to cast up to 100 Hits: roo ARANWE IN MERP MERP Stats: AG 89. Music 70. Names: (S. for they obscured Varela's lights. Meditation 96. Spell-mastery WI. Singing (Influence) 65. Riding 95. Endurance 110. MERP Spells: 200 PP (+7 spell adder). But Ardana wished only to go to Middle-earth and rule a land of he I' own under the stars. ARDANA LvI: 40. Meditation 80. Perception 95. Appearance: 86. With him a plan was forged.v. Morgoth sent her to discover a way to bring down the Lights when he hirnselffailed. When the Sun and Moon arose-dearly machinations of the Valar to blot out the starsher allegiance to Melkor was complete. MERP Stars: ST 81. "Lady of the Land"). ARANWE IN ROLEMAsTER Read s: 239. Magical 5. and former follower of Varda. and Light Law lists (MERP: up to 10th lvl: RM: lip to 20th level). Perception 7. Wind Law. and all Open and Closed Essence lists to 20th lvl. LoR Stats: Strength 3. Luck. Mage. ARANWE IN LoR LoR Profession: Bard. Trickery 64. Movement 3. ARANWE Belt-Weather ARANwE'S ITEMS OF NOTE proof. Music (Artistic) 65. ARDANA" A beautiful Elda woman. Ag 89. +7 Essence spell adder. Singing 60. Short sword. She did not mourn the passing of the Two Trees. R. Singing (Influence) 60. Knows all Mage base lisa. ostensibly to recover the SilmariIs. IT 102. Meditation 96.30 DB. RM Spells: 200 PP (+7 spell adder). +30 RRs. IG 90. The Lady. Subterfuge 4. MERP Profession: Mage. Directed Spells 95. Weather-watching (SkyWatching) 68. PP I day of spells from Water Law. Directed Spells 95. Melee OB 8. Stalk/Hide 80. MERP I RM: Permit wearer to run on water for 5 minutes (30 rounds) per day. along with a dark alliance to rival any in Middle-earth in later ages. Signaling 50. Fire Bolt. Aradana (S. 50 AT: 1(55). Runes 95. where she met Morthaur (g. MERP IRM: Permits wearer to breathe under water up to 1 houri day. Riding 95.NI Profession: Magician.). Use Item 85. IT 100. Defense 3. Swimming 85. Staves & Wands 101. Boots of Waternmning. Directed Spells 95. It was not long before the Black Enemy's servants discovered her and twisted her mind to a dark path. Star-gazing (Sky-Watching) 96. RM Stats: Co 74. PR 101. and all Open and Closed Essence lists to IOth lvl. General 5. RM Skills: Acting 45. Race: Noldo. ST 59. MERP Skills: Acting 60. Aranwe was a devoted servant of the Vala Ulmo. Strength. MERP IRM: +45 OB. Knows Wind Law and Water Law lists to 50th lvl. AG lOO. Climbing 76. Leadership (Influence) 95. SD 101. Perception 95. South she travelled. Qu 94. Music (Artistic) 70. Calm. Home: Mumakan. Me 102. Sustenance. Speed.800. Re 104. Swimming 85. Public-speaking (Influence) 68. Star-gazing (Sky-Watching) 67. all other Mage lists to 30th lvl. Read Runes 85. "Noble Taker"?). CO 74. Em 104. LoR Experience Points: 19. Ardana left Aman with her Noldo kindred. Read Runes 95. ARDANA IN MERP Hits: 100 Melee OB: 120 Missile OB: 60 AT: No (I IS). Linguistics 18>:<. IG 104. who was well-studied in the Laws of Water. Hits: 100 Melee OB: 120 Missile OB. Crafting (Craft) 72. Shield. Home: Gondolin. Mathematics 84. Diplomacy (Influence) 82. In 102. Agility 4. Missile OB 5.

will. Subterfuge 7. acts as a Astrologer x6 PP multiplier. Luck. MERP: Allows use of the Direct Channeling list to 10th level. Sustenance. Melee OB 8. Diplomacy 82. Administration 45... ing images of all the members of the Court. Perception 95. MERP/RM . Agility 6. LoR Spells: Shield. interac- . Singing 65. Spell-mastery 85. Movement 3. RM: it creates a continuous Mirrormind. RM Skills: Acting 60. 4x a day with 2x concussion hits. A. RM Stats: St 81.. All Base Astrologer lists to 30th level. SO 99. RM Profession: Astrologer. AmANA IN ROLEMASTER ARDANA'S LESSER ITEMS OF NOTE to Surcoat-Black gossamer sewn with tiny diamonds like a starfield. Liquid Manipulation. casts Darkness 500' radius at will. Gas Manipulation to 20th. Leadership 95. LoR Experience Points: 28. Open Essence. Appearance: 99. Public-speaking 68. Co 96. Linguistics 14*. Allows use of the Dark Channels list to 30th level. protects the head as a full helm.Three foot long with an ebony handle and mithril head. strikes as an unholy mace. Stargazing 96. Magical 4. Intelligence 2.. Mentalist Solid Manipulation. General 3. Runes 85. 16-17. Music 65.MERP Spells: 960 PP (x6 PP multiplier). 200. as communication devices. Channeling 70. containUsable deck. Missile OB 5. fires a +20 Shock Bolt. Seduction 80.. Concentration.iana SeeICE's Court of Ardor II. it creates a continuous ProtectionIll. Directed Spells 95. Pr 101. RM . Channeling Weather Ways list to 30th and Barrier Law list to 10th.. ARDANA's PRINCIPAL ITEMS Sceptre-. Defense 3.. Crafting 72. +30 OB. etc. In 100. With her Master Ardana can cut in (or listen in) on all other tions (except the Male Featur's illicit use). ARDANA IN LoR LoR Profession: Bard. Clairvoyance. Staves & Wands 85. Meditation 80. Circlet-Of rnithril. Calm. RM Spells: 960 PP (x6 PP multiplier). Re 98. Me 97. All Base Mage lists. acts as a x6 PP multiplier. MERP/RM: +60 DB Black cloak-Casts Ring-Mithril invisibility at Hits: 100 Melee OB: 120 Missile OB: 60 AT: I (1 IS). Ag 100. and Open Channeling 10th level.. Stalk/Hide 80. Weather-watching 68. Perception 7. LoR Stats: Strength 3. MERP . Qu 99. Adrenal Defense 20. Em 69. Cloaking to 30th. Trickery 64. with a black diamond. Enchanted Card Deck-Master Ardan Deck. Endurance 156.

SO 94. in southern Mumakan. RM Stats: St 78. Read Runes 34. Lord of Orbs (Court of Ardor). LoR Stats: Strength 2. Boat Handling 29. Administration (Influence) 79. Concentration. CO 87. IG 97. too. razor-sharp +20 OB. Of aU the myriad things born of earth. Dance 43. Home: Menelcarca. Acting 64. The user still expends PP at the full spell level. He dreams of a continent fully cloaked by rainforest far oftener than a land forever veiled in starlight (the aim of the Court of Ardor). Perception 5. Base Spell OB is + 20. Use Item 78. In 97. LoR MERP Stars: ST 30. Movement 2. AmARON IN ROLEMAsTER Hits: 80 Melee OB: I 10 Missile OB: 50 AT: I (90). Clairvoyance. Agility 0. He is slight for one of the Noldor~6t5" and 160 pounds-but his haughty demeanor more than makes up fo·r his relative lack in stature.700. He keeps all potential rivals at a distance. Race: Silvan Elf. MERP/RM: Allows the wearer to use the MERP Light Law list or the RM Open Mentalist list Brilliance up to ten levels higher than normal. Dance (Artistic) 43. Re 94. making it easy for the user to blend into the background. though.. he seems diminutive. this I" orb has special magical powers. preferring to work behind the SCenes. Staves & Wands 78. General 4. Names: Ardaron (S. AG 65. MERP Ikasha. Acting 64. RM Spells: 40PP (x4 PP multiplier). Stalk/Hide 67. Music (Artistic) 39. . He is quiet and reserved. Arduin's skills as a Seer are valued by the Ardan court. the jungles north of Angkirya spark Ardaron's passions most fiercely. PR 96. CO 67.ARDARON* Ardaron is Lord of the Suit of Orbs within the Court of Ardor in southern Middle-earth. AiwARON IN LvI: 9. Perception 80. Herald of Orbs (Court of Ardor). Music (Artistic) 39. Swim 65. Intelligence 2. Home: Angkirya. Short Sword-A LvI: 20. Calm. Public Speaking (Influence) 76. Sky-watching 26. Melee OB 8. giving another +30 to the user's DB. Stalk/ Hide 67. Administration 79. It strikes as a short sword.. ARDUIN'" Arduin is the. Me 99. Perception 52. Missile OB 5. LoR Spells: Luck.-A multi-bladed throwing weapon. Perception 52. Public Speaking 76. "Forest Lord"). Swim 65. Charm Animal. MERP / RM: +25 to any hiding maneuvers. Pr 99. AG 50. AJWARON IN MERP/RM. It is attuned to Ardaron and cannot be used by any other. IG WI. RM Profession: Mentalist. RM Skills: Climb 42. Herald of'Orbs within the Court of Ardor in southemMiddle-earth. Administration 79. Swim 65. He covets a greater sphere of power and influence. ARDUIN Hits: 80 Melee OB: I 10 Missile OB: 50 AT: No (90) MERP Profession: Mage. MERP Skills: Climb 42. The herald spends most ofhis time in research and contemplation of the things he discovers. Acting 64. Boat Handling 79. MERP Skills: Climb 42. Defense 2. Cloak-c-Changes color at will. Appearance: 97. Perception 52. Trickery 54. LoR Experience Points: 14. Public Speaking (Influence) 76. Trickery 54. blade made of mithril. Ag 56. SeeICEJ~ Court oj Ardor 24. Runes 34. Qu 74. LoR Profession: Bard. but will return safely to the user after being thrown up to 100' away. Subterfuge 5. Star-Gazing 26. PR97. Ardaron knows all Open Mentalist lists. The orb is a x4 PP multiplier. Ardaron is affiliated with the element earth and wears the hooded robes of forest green donned by the lesser nobility of Orbs. but few of the lords feel any dose friendship for him. MERP Stats: ST 78. Endurance 84. even for a Silvan Elf-S'lO" and 140 pounds-and beside his magnificent Noldo cohorts. Ardaron knows all Open Essence lists. Names: Arduin (S. specifically. IN ARoUIN MERP Profession: Mage. ARDARON ARDARON's PRINCIPAL ITEMS Crystal Orb--Attached to a mithril chain worn about the neck. Magical 1. Sky-watching 26. Trickery 54. Em 54. Race: Noldo. "River Lord"). Us~ Item 78. Co 87. he cherishes designs on Ardaron's position: Lord of Orbs. IT 98. MERP Spells: 40PP (x4 PP multiplier). and it can create a blurring effect around the user. His stature is small. Music 39. MERP Hits: 50 Melee OB: 50 Missile OB:AT: No (70). Boat Handling 29. Base Spell OB is +20. IT 84.

Agility 0. ARDUlN IN ROLEMASTER Hits: 50 Melee OB: 50 Missile 08: AT: 2 (70) RM. Ag 97. The orb is a x4 PP multiplier. Stalk/Hide 80. Ag 54. Perception 92. Ardaron knows an Seer Base lists to rOth level. Music 39. Chemistry 35. Trickery 54. Administration 45.. Channeling 70. Appearance: 104. giving another +30 to the user's DB. and it can create a blurring effect around the user. Architecture 57. Weather-watching 49 RM Spells: 102 PP (x4 PP multiplier). Qu 99.. Intelligence 0. Trickery 45. CO 98. Home: Menelcarca. Climbing 45. though. In 100. SeeICE's Court oj Ardor 24. too. RM Stars: St 86. Me 97. Diplomacy (Influence) 92. Adrenal Defense 30. Singing (Influence) 32. Swim 65. Endurance 44. Pr 101. Climbing 45. Mathematics (Lore) 84. Runes 34. RM Stats: St 30. Acting 64. Singing 32. ARoOVAL IN MERP RM Spells: 27 PP (x4 PP multiplier). Appraisal 37. Public Speaking 76. Use Item 87. Ardfrval was 6'6" tall. Missile OB O. "Lord of the Heights?"). Star-Gazing 26. Short Sword--Razor-sharp blade made of mithriL MERP/RM: +20 OB. RM Profession: Astrologer. The Astrologer. Race: Noldo. Names: (S. Staves & Wands 87. All Base Astrologer lists to 30th lvl.500. MERP Profession: Mage. Defense 1. Melee OB 5. situated upon a lone. and Cloaking lists to 10th lvl. Diplomacy 92. ARDOVALIQI Charming and yet somewhat reclusive. Swimming 30. Chemistry (Lore) 35. Music (Artistic) 62. LoR Stats: Strength -2. Staves & Wands 78. AROUIN's PRlNCIPAL ITEMS Crystal Orb-Attached to a mithril chain worn about the neck. MERP/RM: +25 to any hiding maneuvers. Mathematics 84. Music 62. Appearance: 90. Me 78. SO 102. Subterfuge 5.MERP Spells: 27 PP (x4 PP multiplier). Swimming 30. Arduin knows all Open Essence to IOth level. Pr 102. It strikes as a short sword. MERP Stats: ST 86. his accomplishments including the corruption of the Starseer Conclave. IT 100. Administration (Influence) 45. Meditation 74. MERP / RM: Allows the wearer to use the MERl' Light Law list or the RM Open Mentalist list Brilliance up to ten levels higher than normal. . Co 98. Directed Spells 70. All Base Mage and Open Essence lists to 10th Iv!. "Lord of the Stars") . with curly brown hair and pale blue eyes. slender. RM Skills: Acting 72. General 5. MERP Spells: 102 PP (x4 PP multiplier). Magical 0. Luck. Re 76. Em 89. Stalk/Hide 80. Re 98. Mentalist Telekinesis. Directed Spell OB is +I4. ARDOY AL IN ROLEMASTER Hits: 120 Melee OB: 120 Missile OB: WO AT: I (I20). the I" orb has special magical powers. LoR Spells: Clairvoyance. ARDOVAL LvI: 34. Falsification (Craft) 48. Meditation 74. Cloak~Changes color at will.. Channeling Barrier law list to 10th. making it easy for the user to blend into the background. Administration 79. however. . AROUlN IN LoR LoR Profession: Bard. Trickery 45. Architecture (Lore) 57. Runes 82. There is no basis for such ideas. Movement I. AG 97. rot. Spell-mastery 43. Base Spell OB is +9. Perception 5. Seduction 102. MERP Skills: Acting 72. Em 53. SO 95. Weatherwatching (Sky-Watching) 49. He served faithfully the Dark cause. Star-gazing 91. Arduva] was solitary master of the lofty Arctan observatory Menelcarca (S. Concentration. Dance 43. IG PR98. In appearance. LoR Experience Points: 7. Read Runes 82. RM Skills: Climb 42. Maumakan. Hits: 120 Melee OB: 120 Missile OB: 100 AT: No (I20). Linguistics I6*. Perception 92. Co 67. Falsification 48. The user still expends PP at the full spell level.. In 89. Boat Handling 29. Movement. but will return safely to the user after being thrown up to roo' away. Ikasha-A multi-bladed throwing weapon. Legends tell that the Menelcarca. sheer mountain. Seduction (Influence) 102. Stalk/ Hide 67. Perception 52. It is attuned to Arduin and cannot be used by any other. Mind's Door. Star-gazing (Sky-Watching) 91. Qu 45. was so high that ArduvaI could actually talk to Morgoth in the Void. Directed Spells 70.Profession: Seer. Arael (S. "Fang of the Heavens"). Appraisal 37. Directed Spells OB is +14. Base Spell OB is +9.

Aredhel became closer to her son. and fen before her kin in the halls of her youth. AREDHEL IN MERP/RM: +40 DB. but Aredhel interposed herself in the missile's path. Martial Arts Striking 90. MERP /RM: casts invisibility at will. Ring-Allows Arduval to teleport instantly to Menelcarca from anywhere. Home: 'Nevrast. ARDOvAL'S LESSER ITEMS OF NOTE AREDHEL Aredhel was sister to Turgon. Enchanted Card Deck-An Ardan Deck. MERP Skills: Acrobatics 83. Aredhel was tall (6'5"). allows free use of Light Law to 10th level. IT 105. Use Item 65. Movement 3. Beautiful and possessed of a haunting charm. Usable as communication devices. delivering an electricity critical in addition to any other. Names: (S. and creates an enhaced Aura at a thought. Adventure stirred her soul. AR. CO 101.42-43. Quarreling before Turgon's royal seat. MERP Dagger-Can be thrown as far as 100' with no subtraction. Melee OB 8. The Noldo daughter of Fingolfin. MERP: A x4 PP multiplier. Martial Arts Sweeps 75. LvI: 70. the White Lady. Unfortunately. and they married. Seduction (Influence) 120. and then in Nan Elmoth.. Provides +30 to DB. Hits: 201 Melee OB: 200 Missile 013: 255 AT: RL(I05). LoR Experience Points: 27. Their union produced the traitorous Maeglin. Trickery 81. Her restless spirit prompted her journey afield. Headband-Protects Bracelet-Creates the head as a full helm a shield vs attack spells . Singing (Influence) 91. she was the Elf-king's youngest child and only daughter. the jealous heir of Turgon. Race: Naldo. Leatherworking (Craft) 49. When she fled from Ed and tried to establish her son's claim to the throne ofGondolin. Hers was an unsettled life. Aredhel captured EoI's fiery heart. Eol proved to be crazed and. MERP Stats: AG 100. where she met and fell in love with the smith Eol.gnaling 40. . had dark hair. Intelligence 4. Endurance 138. LoR Stats: Strength 4. Meditation 80. ST 99. MERP Profession: Ranger.300. Subterfuge 6. Provides +30 to DB.ARDOVAL IN LoR LoR Profession: Bard. Balance. Perception 7. transluscenr complexion. "Noble Elf'). and casts a Light V spell at a thought. Animal Handling . and possessed a pale. "White Lady"). Concentration. contains images of all the members of the Court of Ardor. Stargazing (Sky-Watching) 45. allows free use of Mentalist Brilliance to 30th level. IG IOO. Analysis.35. MERP Spells: 350 PP (x6 PP multiplier). but loved to ride and hunt in the wild. Riding lOS. RM: It is an Astrologer PPx4 enhancer. Swimming IIS.EOHEL Belt-Creates a defensive barrier. lvl. She died from the wound. She lived in the hidden city of Gondolin during her youth. MERP/RM:. Magical 4. Weather-watching (Sky-Watching) 43. She wore only silver or white. MERP/RM: +25 OB. Si. Foraging 60. Aredhel the White. Acting 78. Agility 5. Cloak-Will change color at will. Knows all Ranger Base lists and Open Channeling lists to 10th SeeICE's Court cif Ardor 17} 22. and adds 50 to hiding. First Aid 56. See Ardana for details. Read Runes 40. PRJNCIPAL ITEMS Item ARDOvAL's Pendant-A I" diameter crystal orb with a tiny pentagram etched within. Missile OB 7. Defense 3. earning the name Ar-Feiniel. Dance (Athletic) 68. Ar-Feiniel (5. Eol followed her. Stalk/Hide 125. Climbing 125. Music (Artistic) 93. PR 103. General 4. Perception 110. the incensed Eol fired a poisoned dart at Maeglin. Gondolin. and returns to ArdCtval instantly. LoR Spells: Clairvoyance. Ambush 10.+30 to DB vs attack spells. it also resulted in Aredhel's early death. as Maeglin grew.

AG 95. Acting 78.lg. SD 87. ARIEL IN ROLEMASTER Locket. His last visit extended to become_ a lingering idyll of mirth and tenderness. Ambush 10. IT 101. Ag roo. RM Spells: 45 PP (x5 PP multiplier).305. bringing Ariel wondrous curios found during his travels. AREDHELS LESSER hEMS OF NOTE Hits: 90 Melee OB: AT: No (30). lived in the Galadharm (S. Ride 10. Base Spell OB is +5. but her demeanor was eternally cool. Em T01. Public Speaking (Influence) 60. Pr [01. Stargazing 45. Long Sow-Can be fired 2x/ rd without penalty and each arrow delivers 2x usual hits. Agility 5. Camouflage. MERP/RM: AT RL/I2 (+50 DB) Cloak. St 99. Linguistics 19>:<. RM Stars: Co 101. Climbing 125. wearer's head as a full helm. AREDHEL IN LoR LoR Profession: Bard. MERP/RM: +45 OB. Unable to mend the rift in her heart. Endurance 206. Strength. Co 72. ARIEL* Ariel a native of Ost-in-Edhil in the Second Age. or Stol1erullrlil1g spell for up to 10 minutes (60 rnds) per day. Ag 90. Me 90.. Swim 20. Qu 100. Movement 5. MERP Stars: ST 89. PR 83. In 79. SD 65. Armor. Short sword-Green laen blade yields 3x usual hits and slays canines. Sal1drulll1i. Singing 91. Defense 6. Swim 20. Music (Artistic) 45. LoR Scats: Strength 4. MERP Skills.: Stalk/Hide 110. Healing. MERP Spells: 45 PP (x5 PP multiplier). Martial Arts Sweeps 75. He returned ever to Ost-in-Edhil from his adventures. In 105. Perception 8. Re 83. Missile OB 1I. Perception 45. five open Channeling lists to 10th Ivl. RM Profession: Ranger. Runes 40. She had given her heart to a Noldo wanderer.400. Melee OB 11. Home: Ost-in-Edbil. W earher-warching 43. Race: Nolde. CO 72. Stalk/Hide 125. First Aid 56. MERP/RM: enable wearer to use either limbnmning. MERP/RM: +60 OB. MERP Profession: MERP Missile OS: 90 Animist. Subterfuge 8. Ranger base lists to 50th lvl. Trickery 8 T. Seduction 120. "Maiden of the Stars")' ARIEL IN RM Spells: 350 PP (x6 PP multiplier)' Knows all. Read Runes 40. Staunch Wounds 45. Appearance: 105. Ariel knows all Lay Healer lists. Foraging 60. Animal Training 35. Acting 40. Base Spell OB is + 30. Appearance: 108. Charm Animals. MERP/RM: provides +30 bonus to perception . Intelligence 5. 131-38. RM Skills: Acrobatics 83. Riding 105. Me ror. General 4. RM Skills: Stalk/Hide I 10. RM Stats: St 89. Adrenal Defense 50. before sailing into the West. MERP/RM: Channeling x6 PP multiplier. Martial Arts Stalking 90. Riding TO. Signaling 40. LoR Spells: Speed. Boots. MERP/RM: +30 bonus for hiding and swimming maneuvers . Dance 68. Music 93. she devoted herself to tending to the ills of others. ReadSil60-61.AR£OHEL IN ROLEMASTER Hits: 20r Melee OB: 200 Missile OB: 255 AT: 12 (105).358. LoR Experience Points: 41. Balance. Adrenal Moves 80. RM Profession: Missile OS: 90 Lay Healer. Ariel knows all of the Animist Base lists. Runes 40. IG 62. Hood-Protects rolls. Ariel never saw him again. Acting 40. She was painfully beautiful. Em 100. Sustenance. "Wooded City") of the haven and worked as a healer. Perception 45. Swimming lIS. spoke ?f a wedding troth and pleaded for one last tramp 111 the wilds. First Aid 45. Pr 103. Music 45. He. Hits: 90 Melee OS: AT: 1(30). Meditation 80. Leather-working 49. Staves & Wands 65. Perception 110. Luck. Public Speaking 60. Re 98. Magical 5. Qu roo. Names: Ariel (S. ARlEL LvI: IS. Spell-mastery 78.

General 3. Arien is 6'2". Earring-The opal in this earring matches the one on Ariel's hand. Clairvoyance. LoR Spells: Luck. Ag 99. Appearance: I 10. RM Spells: 34 PP (x3 PP multiplier). Concentration. the earrings must be worn together to function. Subterfuge 8. AG 99. Intelligence 3. MERP/RM: x3 PP multiplier. Perception 4. PR 94. Perception 6. RM Stats: St 78. a powerful Noldo who once served the late King Oropher. Channeling 78. ARrEN IN ROLEMASTER Hits: 80 Melee OB: 80 Missile OB: AT: 1(70). Pr 99. Base Spell OB is +20. MERP Hits: 80 Melee OB: 80 Missile OB: AT: No (70). Names: Arien (S. Swim 30. Endurance 67. and her eyes are brilliant green. In 87. even among the immortals. LoR Stats: Strength 2. .900 ARIEL'S PRINCIPAL ITEMS Ring-A simple mithri1 Band set with an opal of unusually large size. Riding 50. Missile OB 7. Melee OB O. See ICE's Mirkwood 99. MERP Stats: ST 78. LoR Experience Points: 9. Runes 47. Acting 90. See ICE's LOrien 37.ARrEL IN LoR LoR Profession: Bard. Magical I. It halves the recovery time for all healing spells. Defense 3.750. Base Spell OB is +20. Missile OB 0. Co 78. Earrings-Fashioned of mithri1 and jade. Longbow-A Ariel bow of exceptional quality. Charm Animal. RM Profession: Seer. MERP Spells: 34 PP (x3 PP multiplier). AluEN'S PRINCIPAL ITEM Calm. Healing. MERP Skills: Stalk/Hide 100. Magical 2. Perception 85. Endurance 67. Re 96. The Dark Lord detected her attempt and took control of the her with his powers. Me 98. IT 93. Home: Ceber Fannin. Swim 30. CO 78. Music 25. Ride 50. Qu 99. A1uEN LvI: 17. Sustenance. LoR Experience Points: 9. Movement 3. Agility 4. Agility 4. LoR Stats: Strength 2. Arien dwells with the insane lord and his other assistants at Ceber Fanuin in southern Mirkwood. She was assigned by her master to manipulate and weaken Huinen. Movement 3. Music (Artistic) 25. Intelligence 4. Ariel knows all Seer lists. She is a rare beauty. ARIEN* Arien was seduced to evil by Sauron long ago while trying to spy on him with her seeing spells. weighs ISS pounds. Ariel knows all Open Essence lists. IG 97. MERP / RM: + I spell adder. Defense 3. RM Skills: Stalk/Hide 100. 124. Melee OB 6. SD 89. Subterfuge 7. Acting 90. Perception 85. Her chestnut hair brushes her ankles when she frees it from its braids. Read Runes 47. "Maiden of Sunlight"). Em 85. 56. MERP Profession: Mage. LoR Spells: Luck. ARIENIN LoR LoR Profession: Bard. Race: savan Elf. and carries her body with feline grace. General 2. AIuEN IN MERP/RM: +15 Missile OB.

Disarm Trap 86. Swimming 91. War Hammer-Glows faint blue within 1000' (and bright blue within 100') of Orcs. possessed an excellent memory. Music (Artistic) 34. Me 101. Perception 93. St 105. Ag 102. Star-gazing 42. Public-speaking (Influence) 64. RM Seats: Co 104. while not particularly brilliant. Knows Essence's Perceptions. Perception 7. Physical Enhancement. Stalk/Hide 106. As suggested by his name. Em 97. Pick Lock 71. Arminas (accompanied by Gelmir) carried a vital warning from the Yala Ulmo to the Noldor at Nargothrond. Missile OB 12. Names: (S. First Aid 45. Shields lists to 5th lvl. IG 97. Strategy/Tactics (Lore) 85. Athletic Games (Athletic) 93. ST 105. Strategy/Tactics 85. LoR Stats: Strength 8. to riding maneuvers. ARMINAS IN ROLEMASTER MERP/RM: +30 OB. Animal Handling 45. and determination made him a fine herald and a superb messenger. Foraging 60. Home: Dorthonion. Skiing (Athletic) 56. Tracking 95. Climbing 101.. From there. "Royal Tower")' MERP Hits: 170 Melee OB: 255 Missile OB: 245 AT: Pl(I40). later Falas. Ambush 10. Frenzy 80. Pr 94. Arrninas was a stalwart fighter whose tremendous strength enabled him to hold his ground against most foes. Leadership (Influence) 89. Skiing 56. Stalk/Hide 106. Star-gazing (SkyWatching) 42. and Hits: 170 Melee OB: 255 Missile OB: 245 AT. Swimming 91. Melee OB I I. MERP/RM: +35 DB Saddle. He was also a great rider who. Race: Noldo. LoR Spells: Strength. Magi. delivers 2x usual hits. Agility 7. leading to the disaster at the Battle ofT umhalad. Dance (Athletic) 50. IT 45. Leadership 89. ARMINAS RM Skills: Acrobatics 45. Signaling 65. Re 70. First Aid 45. In 4. Martial Arts Stalking 50.. Seduction (Influence) 82. MERP Spells: 70 PP (x2 PP multiplier). Movement 4. ARMINAs' ITEMS OF NOTE MERP Profession: Warrior. Subduing 102. Singing (Influence) 82. Disarm Trap 86. RM Profession: Fighter. Climbing 101. lvlERP/RM: +35 OB. Ambush 10. 20 (140). Animal Training 45. LoR Experience Points: 31. MERP Skills: Acrobatics 45. Qu 101. dependability. Perception 93. Foraging 60. Endurance 127. Defense 4. Seduction 82. Intelligence 2. Linguistics 8*. Armor-Minimum Full Shield. Riding I 16. Music 34. Singing 82. SD 98. Knows Essence's Perceptions. ARMINAS IN and Elemental LoR LvI: 35. J RM Spells: 70 PP (xl PP multiplier). Read 5il212. This dispatch was unfortunately unheeded byTurin. His loyalty. Subterfuge 7. Adrenal Defense SO. Riding I 16. Athletic Games 93. Dance S0. Appearance: 93. Signaling 65. CO 104. and yields an Impact crit (or some severity) in addition to any critical strike. . ARMINAS IN LoR Profession: Bard. Essence's Ways lists to 5th [vl. Adrenal Moves 60. MERP/RM: AT P1/20 (+35 DB). maneuver penalty of zero.950.ARMINAS Arrninas was a Noldo warrior who followed Angrod before the latter's death in the Battle of Sudden Flame (the Fourth Battle against Morgoth). He later dwelt with the Sinda shipwright Cirdan in the Havens of Sir ion in Falas. PR 94. MERP Stars: AG 102. . Pick Lock 7I Public-speaking 64. Martial Arts Striking 50. General 4. MERP/RM: Provides +20 Long Bow-Fires silently. Tracking 95. Physical Enhancement.

Magical 0. Perception 50. Herding 70. Intelligence I. Pick Locks 70. Endurance 75. she was over twenty-seven hundred years old. MERP Spells: None. When she married Aragorn in T. Like her father Elrond and her uncle Elros. where she and Aragorn had pledged their love some 162 years before. Stalk/Hide 74.E'" Arvaire is Mistress of the Weavers in L6rien. 3019 (after a 39 year engagement). Defense 2. Because of her exquisite countenance and sublime nature (and the waning of the Elves' presence in Endor). MERP Skills: Climb 40. LoR Stars: Strength 2. Movement 2.A. Home: Lorien. None in the land weave cloth so fine as the lengths that fall from her loom or spin thread so strong as the skeins produced by her spinning wheel. she was buried on the Cerin Amroth. Names: Arvaire (S. Perception 5.A. Arwen gave Aragorn a number of children. RM Skills: Climb 40. CO 81. 120. General 3. Rope Mastery 52. Em 67. ARv AIR£. Pick Locks 70. RM Stats: St 79. Race: Sinda. Rope-mastery 52. LoR Spells: None. MERP Profession: Scout. Born in T. she lived with her family in Rivende:ll (S. ARVAIM'S PRINCIPAL hEMS Spinning Wheel-Incapable Loom-A permits normal enchant of tangling the thread. RM Profession: Thief. Agility 4. ARVAIRE IN LoR LoR Profession: Scout. She then retreated to Lorien. "Peredhil"). Re 76. and rhus became mortal. Co 81." Arwen was known for her glowingly dark beauty. Ag 96. The enchantments speeding her tools are but half the story-s--Arvaire's small. wonderful and ancient tool. Leather-working (Craft) 64. nimble hands and her empathy for the essence of textiles form the true source of her genius. AG 98. .A. After marrying Aragorn. and together they enjoyed many golden years before sharing the "gift of death.ARVAIRE IN ROLEMASTER Hits: 120 Melee OB: 80 Missile OB: 120 AT: I (35). Stalk/ Hide 74.200. Qu 100. she was known as the Evening Star of her people.A. Leather-working 64. "Imladris'") throughout her early life. IT 87. Arvairi ARVAIR. Me 89. including one son. ARVAIRE Lvl: 15. Arwen moved to Minas Tirith in Gondor following her wedding. MERP Stats: ST 79. Arwen had the choice ofIife accorded to all Half-elves (S. Perception 50. IN MERP Hits: 120 Melee OS: 80 Missile OS: 120 AT: No (35). Missile OB 8. RM Spells: None. PR 78. She could live and die as a morral human or she could select the course of the immortal Firstborn. Pr 90. she chose his fate. Upon her passing in the winter of F. ARWEN Arwen was the beautiful Elda daughter ofElrond and Celebrian. 241. Weaving (Craft) 100. Appearance: 97. Melee OB 6. and she lived there as Queen until her husband's death in F. until after the War of the Ring. SO 65. Animal Handling 70. It also makes it easy for the user to the woven doth (if she has such an ability)' SeeICE's Lorien 57. where she spent her last months. which was reminiscent of her ancestor Luthien. Subterfuge 6. LoR Experience Points: 16. 1G 72. "High Weaver"). the loom its user to weave cloth at three times the rate. Weaving 100. 121. In 85.

IG 105.AR. Perception 96. Evenstar (Q. ARWEN IN LoR LoR Profession: Bard. Daughter of Twilight. MERP Profession! Bard. MERP/RM: Provides wearer with a +50 bonus for hiding and stalking maneuvers and gives the wearer a + 100 bonus for climbing. Stalk/Hide 110. Read LctRI 299-300. Swimming 75. Riding 60. First Aid 65. Runes 85.310. MERP Stats: AG 99. 56. SD 94. General 4. MERP Skills: Climbing 60. Magica12. Em 100. Read Runes 85. LctRIlI Hits: 90 Melee OB: 160 Mi. Seduction 95. RM Profession: Bard. Perception 7.421-428. which negates 60% of head criticals (roll 01-60) and acts as a full helm (without impeding spell casting). Endurance 64. "Royal Maiden). then Gondor. Defense 3. Pr 105. Perception 96. MERP Spells: 75 PP (x6 PP multiplier). Directed Spells IS. ARWEN'S LESSER ITEMS OF NOTE MERP Hits: 90 Melee OB: 160 Missile OB: 135 AT: RL(95). MERP/RM: Serve as AT RL/I2 (+35 DB) and provides wearer with +25 bonus for all moving maneuvers. ARWEN IN Elven Cloak (Imladagollo HS.. First Aid 65. Qu 102. Me 101. mithril symbol is shaped like a leafy wreath. Re 97. Knows all Bard Base lists to 10th lvl: knows five Open Mentalism lists to 10th lvl. and landing maneuvers. Skiing 79. Swimming 75. Riding 60. Crown of Arwen.303. Stalk/Hide 110.456. Directed Spells IS. acrobatics. Staves & Wands 76. Missile OB 9. "Cloak of the Deep Valley") A hooded.100.307. Singing (Influence) 101. Star-gazing (Sky-Watching) 89. "Undomiel").486. Crafting 45. Melee OB 10. Movement 3. +45 OB. Dance (Athletic) 90. Skiing (Athletic) 79. LoR Spells: Calm. RM Skills: Climbing 60. Subterfuge 8. CO 90. MERP/RM: It is a x6 PP multiplier. Race: Half-elf. RM Stats: Co 90. Ag 99. Use Item 76. Seduction (Influence) 95. Music 73. . LoR Stats: Strength 3. Meditation 85. Royal Gowns-Non-encumbering. Home: for nearly 3000 years in Imladris.313. ST 84.WEN ARwEN's PRINCIPAL ITEMS Lvl: 15. Dance 90.312. Linguistics 16*. PR 101. ARWEN IN ROLEMASTER Long-knife-Acts MERP/RM: as a Holy rapier. In 100. Intelligence 5. Singing 101. grey-green cloak.This delicate. IT 100. Names: (S. St 84. Crafting (Craft) 45.150. Yields a 20th level Sleep X spell whenever it delivers a critical strike (target sleeps for I round per 10 RR failure).ssile OB: 135 AT: I2 (95). finally L6rien. Concentration.300. Meditation 85. LoR Experience Points: 17. Agility 6. Music (Artistic) 73. Knows all Bard Base lists to 10th Ivl: knows five Open Essence lists to 10th lvl. Star-gazing 89. RM Spells: 75 PP (x6 PP multiplier).

Meditation 95. (S. ST 104. Subterfuge 8. Martial Arts Striking 113. Pr 103. who shared Beleg's love for adventure. Together. Anglachel is a two-handed weapon that performs like a bastard sword. Appearance: 89. black Galvorn two-handed sword made by Eol. Climbing 168. clearing much of the region of marauding Orcs. RM Skills: Acrobatics 88. Martial Arts Sweeps 93. Strategy/Tactics 96. Endurance 188. Beleg later acquired it from the arms stores at Menegroth. An Unholy weapon. Leather-working (Craft) 80.. When the Demon-wolf'Carcharoth ravaged Doriath. Navigation (Lore) 88. Sword (Anglachel)-(S. Foraging 125. Meditation 95. Adrenal Moves 90. The galvorn blade treats a foe's armor (but galvorn and ithilnaur) as ifhe had none. Em 89. Leather-working 80. FI~tching 112. Belegmethis end. His deeds befitted this legend. it is mute. Home: Doriath. Agility 9. he aided his lord Elwe and stood beside the dying Beren. they campaigned along the northern frontier. Sailing (Athletic) 112. Melee OB 14. BEl. but Elwe's wife Melian claimed that the blade was cursed with its maker's malice. perhaps. Names. "Mighty"). Ag 108. the sword will attempt to cast a 40th lvl Friendslayer curse spell (Curses list> Ivl 25) on its owner/wielder Ix/day. BELEG'S PRINCIPAL ITEMS MERP Profession: Warrior. Signaling 126. Martial Arts Stalking 113. Publicspeaking (Influence) 135. IfRM is being used. 415 Missile 08: 415 AT: PI(125). PR 103. BELEGlN LoR LvI: 75. MERP Skills: Acrobatics 88. Seduction (Influence) 130. BELEG BELEG IN ROLEMASTER Hits: 225 Melee OB: 415 Missile OB: 415 AT: 20 (125). Public-speaking 135.BELEG Beleg was a Sinda warrior and woodsman. Beleg Cuthalion (S. Ambush 15. Acting 47.. LoR Spells: None. and later he helped the Western Army in the futile struggle at the Fifth Battle against the Black Enemy (Battle of Unnumbered Tears). and chief of the rnarchwardens ofDoriath. Acting 47. MERP/RM: +90 OB. Martial Arts Sweeps 93. Beleg was a fast friend of the Adan bandit Turin Turambar. but Turin-mistaking his ally for an Ore hiding in the darkness-cut down Beleg with the Elven warrior's own weapon (the great sword Anglachel). Re 87. . Skiing (Athletic) 85. Linguistics 12*. The mighty bowman sought to rescue his Mannish friend. Weather-watching (Sky. Riding 148. MERP Spells: None. Signaling 126. The spiteful smith gave it to Elwe in return for a land grant. RM Stats: Co 104. He was. Qu 106. IG 89. Stalk/Hide I 1. Strategy/Tactics (Lore) 96. Navigation 88.. it also delivers an extra Heat and an extra Slash critical (of one less severity) in addition to any critical strike it yields. General 4. the Bow. stolen by maeglin from his own father. Ambush 15. Subduing !OO. In 92. W cather-watching 85.. Defense 5. LoR Stats: Strength 8. Adrenal Defense 90. malicious evil can be tied to the hate its maker's hate. Music 83. Movement 5. "Iron-flame") The great. when Turin was captured by Orcs. CO 104. Me 84. Fletching (Craft) 112. RM Profession: Fighter.Watching) 85. Race: Sinda. Frenzy 140. Riding 148. Tracking 95.3. Hit results are 2x normal . St I04. Leadership 140. Stalk/Hide I 13. Its subtle. Magical I. Climbing 168. Perception I03. MERP Stats: AG !O8. Missile OB 14. It is the mate of Anguirel. Singing (Influence) ror. It may be wielded with I hand with a -20 OB penalty. MERP Hits: 225 Melee OB. Tracking 95. IT 92.I ro. Perception 7. Perception 103. LoR Experience Points: 4 I.Although the sword is intelligent. Foraging 125. "Mighty Strongbow). Leadership (Influence) 140. Sailing 1I~J Seduction 130. Intelligence 4. SO 90. However. SkIIng 85. RM Spells: None.EG IN LoR ProfessionrW arrior. Swimming 123. Music (Artistic) 83. Swimming 123. He fought alongside the Edain in their early struggles against Morgoth's Orcs. Singing 101. the finest Elvish archer to ever draw a bow.

MERP/RM: +50 to all hiding maneuvers . General 3. but they were never delivered or paid for. LoR Spells: Luck. 5x ranges. Fumbles on a 01.278. Strategy / T aeries 20. and Essence's Ways to 5th Ivl. (+30 DB). Subduing 64. Missile OB I I. Trading 60. Agility 6. His actions and obsessions with the thieving arts did little to allay this perception. Endurance W3. Some denied his lineag~. Re 99. Read Hob 220. Pr 89. Brilliance. BLADORTHIN Bladorthin was called "The Great" because of his ominous size and great strength. RM Stars: Co 97. 1999 and . Climbing 45. Race: Sinda. Adrenal Moves 60.Bow (Belthronding)-Be!eg's great black yew bow. However. LoR Stats: Strength 7. Trickery 80. Sailing 78. seldom speaking or acting without ulterior motives. Leadership . having spent overmuch time in training both for combat and throwing.. PR 89. Administration 78. does additional Cold crits. SD 65. Defense 3. Cloak of Stealth. Trickery 80.. The last spears commissioned were from the Dwarves of Erebor: "each had a thriceforged head and their shafts were inlaid with cunning gold. Ambush IS. Mathematics (Lore) 25. 225 AT:. MERP Stars: AG IOO. LoR Experience Points: 26." BLADORTHIN RM Spells: 26 PP (x2 PP multiplier). neither its stock or string will break. he was an overly cunning King. BELEG'S LESSER ITEMS OF NOTE MERP Spells: 26 PP (x2 PP multiplier). CO 97. Important 2770. Riding 30. Pl(90). Falsification (Craft) 65. ST 103. BLADORTHIN IN MERP Hits: 150 Melee OB: 235 Missile OB. Linguistics 8*. Smithing 50. MERP/RM: +30 DB. silenced. + I 5 to Stalking and Hiding.243-8. Ag 100. possibly his bodyguards who were probably more noble than he. Yields 3x normal hits and delivers an Impact critical (of two less severity Ivls) whenever it yields a critical strike result. Essence Hand. and also designing and commissioning especially well made or magical spears.. MERP/RM: +50 OR Armor-Wears Cloak.550. Attack Avoidance. Navigation 65.. Sailing (Athletic) 78. L~~h MERP/RM: +25 to Picking Locks and DIsarming Traps. Leadership 49. Appearance: 83. Sword-Orcand Troll-slaying obtaining Anglachel.225-6.. MERP/RM: +20 on moving and adrenal maneuvers. Em 78. Falsification 65. RM Skills: Acting 82.Diplomacy 92. Riding 30.. MERP/RM: +88 OB. sword. user can also make a second attack each round with the butt of the spear agamst the same target as a quarterstaff MERP / RM: +45 OB. Climbing 45 •. BLADORTHIN IN LoR LoR Profession: Bard. Strategy /T aeries (Lore) 20. and the wondrous weapons and armor he commissioned for his soldiers. In 95. Bladorthin was a lover of the spear. and Illusions to 5th lvl. RM Profession: Rogue. IT 95. MERP Profession: Scour. . Ambush 15. Knows Illusions. Melee OB 12. IG 94. Me 80. Perception 8. used prior to as if wearer had no armor. ReadSill90. (Influence) 49. Knows Cloaking. Dates: Died sometime between TA. encumbers as Edhellond. Public-speaking (Influence) 72. Mathematics 25. BLADORTHIN's hEMS OF NOTE Galvorn Tipped Spear-Triple concussion hits. Only a person with a +40 or more Strength bonus can string it. Diplomacy (Influence) 92. Home: Dol Arnroth: later MERP/RM: AT:PI/19 AT:Ch/I4. Fires 2 arrows/round without penalty and has lOx normal long bow range. Subterfuge 10. Administration (Influence) 78. Magical 2. Swimming 65. Unbarring Ways. Armor-s-Silenced. Swimming 65. Navlgatwn (Lore) 65. +30 to Stalking and Hiding.230. claiming various sorts of nefarious falsification or substitution. BLADORTHIN IN ROLEMASTER Hits: ISO Melee OB: 235 Missile DB: 225 AT: 19 (90). St 103. Movement 4. Qu 101. Public-speaking 72. LvI: 26. Smithing (Craft) 50. Boots of Litheness. MERP/RM: AT PI/20 (+50 DB).2'5 1-7. Intelligence 3. MERP Skills: Acting 82. His assassination is generally thought to have come from within his own realm.

Defense 2. 56. RM Skills: Climb 45. IG 75. SD 67. his predecessor ruler of Mirisgroth. in the Maumakan. Camhragol utilized and corrupted the unarmed combat skills he originally learned from Tulkas. Movement 2. . Boat Handling 50. Base Spell OB is + I O. MERP Profession: Warrior. Magical Endurance 81. General 3. PR 101. Cambra go I was a truly imposing presence. BRETHIL LvI: I6. Perception 82. Rope Mastery 45. Calm. Base Spell OB is + IS. Urn of Growth-A seed placed in this soil-filled urn will grow to maturity in three days. Missile OB 7. Perception 82. Names: Brethil (S. Qu 96. Names: (5.. Appearance: LoR Profession: LoR Stats: Strength 0. MERP Spells: 32 PP (+4 spell adder). BRETHILIN LoR Bard. AG 93. CO 89. Race: Noldo. CO 99. Home: Ost-in-Edhil. later Beleriand. He was quickly seduced by Morgoth and became one of Sauron's lieutenants. Cambragol went with his Noldo brethren to recover the Silmarils. tending the herbs there or meditating on their beauty. "High City") ofOst-in-Edhil during the Second Age. Monk. RM Stats: St 67. Co 89. but Endor only awakened his lust far power. Swim SO. Stats: ST 76. making him a bit smaller than the average Naldo. The Monk. then finally Mirisgroth. Brethil knows all Open Channeling lists. He was the premier grower of plants-for both medicinal and aesthetic purposes-in the haven. Ropemastery 45. PR 83. preferring to pass all his hours in h is gardens. Healing. RM Spells: 32 PP (+4 spell adder). plus the Creations list. CAMBRAGOL MERP IN Hits: ISO Melee OB: 160 Missile OB: 220 AT: No (155). CAMBRAGOL* One of the cruelest Elves ever to walk Middle-earth. Melee OB 6. Karol Dekdarion: The IT 95. Re 95. The Monk consolidated his position in a manner which would have made the Black Enemy proud. 1. Riding 62. Dagger-' -A sharp dagger that Brethil uses primarily for pruning shrubbery. Subterfuge 3. He turned killing into a brutal art. He liked to joke that his lack of stature just made it easier for him to get down to earth. MERP Skills: Climb 45. IT 89. . LoR Spells: Luck. CAMBRAGOL LvI: 35. Shield. There can be little doubt that Cambragol assassinated Dru1 Chaurka. SeeICE's Lsrien 37. being of the house of Finrod. Charm Animal. Pr 98. Read Runes 56. Race: Naldo. Concentration. RM Profession: Animist. "Silver Birch"). Ag 90. AG 100. MERP/RM: +3 spell adder.BRETHIL* Brethil the Herbalist lived in the Ardhlarem (5. Agility 3. Stalk/Hide 30. Boors of Silent Passing-These well-made leather boots permit their wearer to walk without making a sound with his footfalls.. Em 55. MERP Stats: ST 100. Swim SO. TaU and muscular of build. Brethil stood 6'5" and weighed 200 pounds. Protection from Magic. MERP Profession: MERP Animist. Sustenance. plus the Plant Mastery list . Most folk failed to see his point. He rardy retired to the chambers of his abode. Perception 6. Ride 62.. One ofche most physically powerful of the Noldor. I 00. In 95. BRETHIL'SPRINCIPAL ITEMS Necklace-A beautiful mithril piece set with an exquisite emerald. IG 95. 93. Home: Valinor. Read Runes 56. had goldenblond curly hair and blue eyes. Intelligence 2. BRETHILIN ROLEMASTER Hits: 125 Melee OB: 80 Missile OB: 90 AT: I (35). BRETHILIN MERP Hits: 125 Melee OB: 80 Missile OB: 90 AT: No (35). Me 84. Stalk/Hide 30. MERP /RM: +20 OB . LoR Experience Points: I7. "Sudden Hand"). Brethil knows all Open Channeling lists and Animist Base lists.. Boat Handling SO.

Mathematics (Lore) 80. Cambragol knows all the Monk Base lists to 30th lvl: Essence Essence Hand. Qu 101. Climbing 80. Pick Lock 51. Falsification (Craft) 92. Stalk/Hide 100. Cambragol . Architecture 41. Navigation (Lore) 74. Chemistry 30. Strategy/ Tactics I 16. Chemistry (Lore) 30. Me 91. Administration 57. Ambush IS. RM Skills: Acrobatics 82. Administration (Influence) 57. Pr 101. Martial Arts Sweeps 130. Disarm Trap 45. Singing (Influence) 54. Signaling 98. Essence Perceptions. Sailing 77. Navigation 74. Disarm Trap 45. Em 99. Cambragol knows all the Open Essence lists to 10th lvl. RM Profession: Monk. Perception 40. Athletic Games (Athletic) 82.MERP Skills: Acrobatics 82. Ambush 15. Diving 35. Skiing (Athletic) 35. Martial Arts Stalking 130. Swimming 66. Public-speaking 85. Climbing 80. Stalk/Hide 100. Meditation 91. Frenzy 95. Acting 42. SD 99. In 89. Signaling 98. and Unbarring Ways lists to IOth. Pick Lock 51. Athletic Games 82. Public-speaking (Influence) 85. Seduction (Influence) 102. Adrenal Defense 80. Meditation 9 I. MERP Spells: 70 PP (x3 PP multiplier). Perception 40. Seduction 102. Contortions 67. Re 88. Ag 100. Leadership (Influence) 55. Appearance: 102. Contortions 67. Adrenal Moves IOO. RM Stats: St 100. Co 99. Leadership 55. Diving (Athletic) 35. Music (Artistic) 46. SubdUing 12 r . CAMBRAGOL IN ROLEMASTER Hits: 150 Melee OB: 160 Missile OB: 220 AT: I (ISS). Singing 54. Architecture (Lore) 41. Sailing (Athletic) 77. Linguistics 11*. Falsification 92. Martial Arts Striking 130. Mathematics 80. Swimming 66. RM Spells: 70 PP ex3 PP multiplier). Martial Arts Sweeps 130. Acting 42. Skiing 35. Music 46. Strategy /T acties (Lore) I16.

RM Spells: 102 PP (x5 PP multiplier). Seduction 62. Usable as communication devices. and RRs vs spells. Names: (S. Staves & Wands 62. Endurance 13 1. Linguistics 9°. Charm Animals. x3 PP multiplier. MERP/RM: +25 OB (strikes as a +40 rapier). Seduction (Influence) 62. her daughter. Agility 6. LoR Experience Points: 27. Camring was of average height and powerfully builtthough he fought only when absolutely necesary to defend himself. Enchanted Card Deck-An Ardan Deck. 2 wrist) bands of gold. Camring was a Healer bound by Ardana's charisma and a hopeless love for Morden. Robes-Nonencumbering. Agility 5 Intelligence 2. LoR Experience Points: 33. maneuvers. also allows channeling of healing spells as far away as 100'. also serves as locator for other Court members to Teleportto Camring in an emergency. SO 56. Me 98. Meditation 85. Cookery 72. Concentration. First Aid 92. Knows all Base Animist and Open Channeling lists to rOth lvl. then Aurax-Dur in Maumakan. Melee OB 9. Enchanted Card Deck-An Ardan Deck. Cookery 72. AG 98. Co 101. Read Runes 52. Home: Beleriand. Usable as communication devices. Perception 7. MERP Profession: Animist. Calm Spirits lists to 20th. IT PR 97. LoR Stars: Strength 5. MERP Stars: ST 95. 44-45. CAMBRAGOL'S LESSER hEMS OF NOTE Hits: 160 Melee OB: 140 Missile OB: 0 AT: 1(85). See Ardana for details. "Chill Hand"). CAMRING A reluctant member of the Court of Ardor. General 2. healing the wounded. Appearance: 94. CAMRING IN ROLEMASTER CAMBRAGOL'S Bracers--( of Dekdarion). CO 101. Perception 92. General 3.. MERP/RM: Protects as a helm. First Aid 92. contains images of all the members of the Court of Ardor. RM Skills: Channeling 45. PRINCIPAL ITEMS CAMRlNG IN MERP Hits: 160 Melee OB: 140 Missile OB: 0 AT: No (85). returns instantly. In 10I. Music 45. LoR Spells: Balance. Nerve Law. Runes 52. Meditation 85. Sweeps & Throws. MERP Spells: 102 PP (x5 PP multiplier). LoR Spells: Calm. Music (Artistic) 45. contains images of all the members of the Court of Ardor. Bone Law. Calm. He remained almost exclusively at Aurax-Dur. Healing. Ag 98. Magical 3. Subterfuge 3. Defense 3. Movement 3. He had dark brown eyes and short black hair. Knows all Base Bealer lists to 30th lvl: Channeling Concussion's Ways. MERP/RM: It is a x5 PP multiplier. RM Stats: St 95. Landing True) as needed. Camouflage. Swimming 65. LoR Stats: Strength 6. Chemistry 67. Em 99.600. MERP/RM: add +30 to the following: all Strikes. DB. MERP/RM: Can cast Fly 3x/day and Landing (RM. Defense 3. Ring-Yellow sapphire in gold.CAMBRAGOL IN LoR LoR Profession: Bard. Pr 97. LvI: 34. Perception 3. Organ Law. Race: Nolde. CAMRlNG IN Kynac-Can be thrown up to 200' without distance penalty. Use Item 62. Speed. See ICE's Court oj Ardor 17. They allow the wearer to parry melee and missile attacks with equal ease. Movement 4. MERP Skills: Chemistry (Lore) 67. Singing 50. See Ardana for details. . tor. Allows wearer to administer any herb without the usual preparation. Blood Law lists to 25th. Subterfuge 6. Re 67.· Allows the casting of Lifekeeping. IG 65. Missile OB 12. MERP / RM. Singing (Influence) 50. Melee OB 10.23. CAMRlNG'sPRINCIPAL hEMS Pendant (of Lirana}-A 2" diameter flat topaz in gold setting. Swimming 65. MERP/RM: Can cast Invisibility Ix/rnd Belt. Qu 99. RM Profession: Healer. Endurance 165. Muscle Law. Missile OB 0. CAMRJNG LoR LoR Profession: Bard. Magical 3. Headband. four (2 ankle.600. Intelligence 4. Purification to 10th. Perception 92.

As a result of this early encounter. RM Stats: St 98. MERP Spells: None. Strategy & Tactics (Lore) 88. Leadership (Influence) 92. Qu 99. Caranthir with his other most unwise brethren (Curufin and Celegorm) Jived a restless. After the collapse of the front in the Dagor Bragolloach. Exemplary in this regard is his underrating of the valor of the Edain and so indirectly increasing the losses of the Haladin. Caranrhir then dwelt with his brothers Amras and Amrod. Home: Celebannon. . Perception 8 I. He fought valiantly in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad and was wounded. Stalk/Hide 85. Perception 6. Re 76. Adrenal Defense 88. Melee OB 9. Appearance: 96. CARANTHIR A Naldo prince.. it was Caranthir's allies under Uldor the Accursed. its bearer can walk across water as if it were solid. Stone of Water Walking-When holding the stone. Strategy & Tactics 88. Me 89. Caranthir was responsible for guarding the difficult eastern front against Margoth. Naturally. CAMTHAUON LvI: 17. 62. the Silmaril fighting against Thingcl's heir Oior. the most harsh in retaliation of real or supposed affronts. Agility 4. causing much discord between the Noldor and King Thingol. and a 300' MERP/RM: Can cast Invisibility Ix/rnd Long Door3x/ day. Caranthir was the first Elf to encounter the Dwarves. as a helm with no spell casting LoR Profession: Warrior. the fourth son of Feanor. IG 85. IT 90. Trickery 34. Climb 99..CAMR1NG'S LESSER ITEMS OF NOTE CAMTHAUON IN LoR Sword of Defense-Will "dance" to defend him should he be stunned (or worse). Subterfuge 6. Stalk/Hide 85. all future trade between the Dwarves and Elves passed through Caranthir's hands. MERP Skills: Acrobatics 75. All three were killed when they assaulted Men egrothin an attempt to steal. Endurance 77. Magical 0. "Hand of Strength"). Of all the sons of Peanor he was the quickest to anger. CO 9I. LoR Spells: None. RM Spells: None. Ag 99. the nonAdan Men of the East. 37. MERP Stats: ST 98. Movement 3. CAMTHALION* Camrhalion hails from Celebannon. who at that time were beyond the Ered Luin in the cities ofNogrod and Belegost. See ICE's Mirkwood 60. the Master of Celebannon. 20. Headband-Acts penalties. MERP Profession: Warrior. however. Missile OB 10. In 91. Perception 81. a poor judge of character. LoR Stats: Strength 3. Leadership 92. Afterwards. Shield. Defense 4. Intelligence 3. LoR Experience Points: 20. RM Profession: Fighter. Adrenal Moves 85. CAMTHAilON IN ROLEMASTER Hits: 120 Melee OB: 140 Missile OB: 155 AT: 17 (60). MERP/RM: Ix/rnd. PR 70. SeeICE's Court ojA. and destructive life in Beleriand. MERP/RM: +30 DB. SD 52. he had quickly taken the awful Oath of Feanor. Climb 99. making him and his people very wealthy. CAMTHALION IN MERP Hits: 120 Melee OB: 140 Missile OB: 155 AT: PI (60). Few within the woods can best him in battle or as a leader of Elves. Can cast either Bladeturn or Deflection +20 vs directed spells. Pr 87. He is the second in command to Ohtar. Cloak. Race: Silvan Elf .rdor 17. Em 93. or his unreasoned hatred of the sons of Finarfin. who betrayed the Eldar that day and caused the terrible defeat. homeless. AG 99. Co 91. Camthalion possesses the stature of a Noldo-6'6" and 200 pounds-but is imposing in more ways than his physical size. CAMTHALION'S PRlNCIPAL ITEM MERE/ RM: Allows underwater breathing. RM Skills: Acrobatics 75.400. the principal trade center of the Wood-elves in northern Mirkwood. Trickery 34. Genera14. and wields considerable power over his little domain. and one prone to misunderstandings and missed opportunities. Sandals. Names: Camthalion (5. MERE/ RM: Can cast Wateff'ltnning at will.

reloads itself(fires every round with no penalty). MERP Spells: 195 PP (x5 PP multiplier). Concentration. Em 88 RM Skills: Acrobatics 50. Appraisal 8 I. Haste 3x/ day.ANTH1R CARANTHIR'S PRINCIPAL ITEMS LvI: 65. refusing to pass through the Dwarven City. With his wife. Full shield-Unencumbering. Disarm Trap 88. Disarm Trap 88. PR 100. Celeborn and Galadtiel went east of the Blue Mountains and established the realm of Eregion. MERP Hits: 155 Melee OB: 241 Missile OB: 200 AT: PI (I35). Sense Mastery. Subduing 100. and Movement lists to 5th lvl. Stalk/ Hide 121. St 106. CO lOT.eth Arnoediad in Ossiriand. he ruled until Celebrimbor led a bloodless uprising against them. CARANTHIR IN ROLEMASTER Sword (CaranlhachHS. Riding 108. having lived for many thousands of years and seen much of both good and evil. Read: Si160.100. Falsification (Craft) 45. Appearance: 96. Weather-watching (Sky-Watching) 94. Names: The Dark. MERP Profession: Warrior. 236. Perception 10 I. "Sudden Bow") Light crossbow. MERP: x5 PP multiplier. Climbing 116. Subterfuge 8. Galadriel departed for L6rinand. He met Galadriel when she came to Doriath in the First Ageto learn from Melian the Maia. after Nirna. Celeborn was a Sinda of royal blood. MERP/RM: AT: PI/20 (+45 DB). Frenzy 116. taking no part in the affairs of Ost-in-Edhil. Race: T eler (Sinda).153. Perception 7. Ambush 20. LoR Stats: Strength 9. Fire Bolt 5x hits +50 Sx/ daily. Knows all Open Essence and Open Channeling lists to 5th lvl.124. Stalk/Hide 121. Linguistics 16*. Pick Lock 83. constant Landing (RM: Landing Tf'tu). There they lived together until that land was overrun. 305. does double concussion hits. MERP Stats: ST 100. IG 100. Crossbow (Cubeleg)--(S. RM: x5 PP multiplier for Mentalism. Movement 4. Strategy/Tactics 121.145-46. Falsification 45. Tracking 94. CARANTHIR IN MERP Hits: 190 Melee OB: 300 Missile OB: 280 AT: PI(I95). Race: Noldo. Knows Item Lore. Re 90. Magical 3. MERP Skills: Acrobatics 50. In 98. After the fall ofBeleriand. Helmet-Negates 50% of head crits. he is accounted wise. Home: Doriath in Beleri~md. Melee OS 12. Me 72. Adrenal Moves 80. JG 96. CELEBORN A kinsman of Elu Thingol ("Greydoak"). Missile OB 13. Climbing 116. Ambush 20. 83. LvI: 40. MERP Stats: AG 107. Endurance 179. Swimming 98. Pick Lock 83. CO T04. PR 100. AG 99. CELEBORN Hits: 190 Melee OB: 300 Missile OB: 280 AT: I (195). Defense 5. Although Celeborn's history is not so illustrious as GaladrieI's. living in a fortified country house. Leaping Sx/ day.Lorien. Fletching (Craft) 62. Seduction (Influence) 80. even among the Eldar. Cloak. Fletching 62. Ag 107. Qu T07. Appraisal 81. Self-Healing. may be held and fired with one hand. RM Stats: Co 104. Adrenal Defense 40. Home: Thargdion (the easternmost part of Beleriand). IT 96. does additional heat crits. CARANTHIR IN LoR LoR Profession: Scout. CELEBORN IN . Seduction 80. Leadership 80. "Red Leaping Flame") Red laen broadsword.19293. Leadership (Influence) 80. LoR Experience Points: 38. Publicspeaking 101. Weather-watching 94. Pr TOO. then to the region of Beleriand of Amras and Amrod. MERP/RM: +50 OB. IT 100. RM Profession: Rogue. ST 106. He remained there for many years. +30 hiding. RM Spells: 195 PP (x5 PP mult:iplier). 195. but Celeborn stayed behind in Eregion. General 5.CAR. MERP Profession: Scout. LoR Spells: Camouflage.112-13. MERP / RM: +30 DB. MERP/RM: +30 DB. SO 60. MERP/RM: +30 OS. Brilliance. Cloaking.157. Tracking 94. Perception 101. Strategy/Tactics (Lore) I2L Swimming 98. CARANTHIR'S LESSER hEMS OF NOTE Armor-Silent and unencumberinp. Public-speaking (Influence) IOI. Intelligence 3. Agility 9. permits casting of Mentalism spells. Riding 108.

Sailing (Athletic) 106. Swim 72. Ern 72. SO 60. 19. Missile OB 11. Skiing 60. MERP /RM: +30 DB. See ICE's Lorien. Intelligence 2. Qu 100. Movement 4. CARlHIR* A rakishly handsome Sinda with tawny hair and deep grey eyes. Agility 5. aloof demeanor characteristic of his kindred. Appearance: 90. Defense 4.. Navigation (Lore) roo. Athletic Games 50. Weather Watching 72. AG 100. Wood-carving (Craft). Defense 4. RM Stats: St IOO. 458-62. Stalk/ Hide 1I I. Magical 0. Riding 89. Music (Artistic) 75. RM Stars: St 98. Co 101. etc. MERP Hits: 150 Melee OB: 120 Missile OB: ISO AT: 1(-60). Rowing (Athletic) 50. Rope Mastery 57. Leadership 85. "Red River")' CARlHIR IN Hits: 155 Melee OB: 241 Missile OBi 200 AT: 20 (135). SD 95. Navigation 100. Endurance 93. Race: Sinda. He is slender-6'7" and only I 90 pounds-and his nimble frame makes it easier for him to maneuver in any vessel. MERP Profession: Warrior. Re 97.. Star-gazing 78. Subduing 91. Perception 7. Rope Mastery 81. Star-gazing (Sky-Watching) 78. CO 98. CELEBORN IN ROLEMAsTER LvI: 18. Missile 08 10. 45. SaiJing (Athletic) 80. strung with Elf~hair (will not break). Weather-watching (SkyWatching) 72. Em 82. Mithril Plate-Ithilnaur alloy protects as full plate. Skiing (Athletic) 60. Signaling 89. Me 96. Public Speaking 30. Linguistics 14". Music 75. Intelligence 5. RM Skills: Administration 80. Perception 4. IT 66. Movement 2. Sky-watching 60.. Leadership (Influence) 85. Public Speaking (Influence) 30. Singing 45. 27-28. Swim 72.200. Ring-Gold. Melee 08 12. General 4. Boat Handling 80. Re 79. Frenzy 89. Of Slaying Orcs. He is Master of the Boatmen's Glade in L6rien. Seduction (Influence) 40. MERP Stars: ST 98.LotR II 54-55. Public-speaking 85. RM Profession: Rogue. Perception 45. Woodcarving 60. etc. Woodcarving (Craft) 60. Me 45. MERP Skills: Diving 40. Public-speaking (Influence) 85. Melee OB 8. In 87. Rowing 50. PR 79. Sailing 106. LoR Experience Points. CAlUHlR IN LoR LoR Profession: Warrior. Appearance: 100 CELEBORN IN LoR CARIHIR IN ROLEMASTER LoR Profession: Warrior. Riding 89. Woodcarving. Climbing 60. Music (Artistic) 20. Perception 45. Athletic Games (Athletic) SO. MERP/RM: AT P]j20(+30 DB) but w~ars as AT Ch/I3. Rope-mastery 57. Seduction 40. Names: Carihir (S. In 96. . Endurance I 17. Longbow-Fires every round without penalty. Rope Mastery 81. Navigation 60. Weather Watching (Lore) 72. Diplomacy 45. Pr 98. LoR Spells: None.MERP Skills: Administration (Influence) 80.. Meditation 84. IG 76. 56. adopting Instead an energetic. LoR Stars: Strength 6. MERP Spells: None. Music 20. CARIHIR MERP Spells: None. Ag 99. LoR Stats: Strength 4.800. set with an ernerald. Seduction (Influence) 50. Diplomacy (Influence) 45. Ag 99. Carihir is something of a rogue. Meditation 84. Singing (Influence) 45. He eschews the medatative. Climbing 60. Tracking 85. LoR Experience Points: 28. General 4. Qu 101. Acrobatics 30. Agility 5.Weather-watching 72. LoR Spells: None. Swimming 71. Acrobatics 30. Perception 96. 45. Signaling 89. Co 98. RM Skills: Diving 40. RM Spells: None. Subterfuge 8. Rea. Long Sword-Ithilnaur alloy. CELEBORN'S PRINOPAL ITEMS Hits: ISO Melee OB: 120 Missile OB: 150 AT: I (60). MERP / RM: +30 OB. 88. Home: Lorien. Stalk/ Hide I II. Magical 3.dLltR 1457. RM Spells: None. Pr 100. Swimming 71. MERP /RM: +45 OB. LotR ill 309-25. engaged manner of interacting. Perception 96. Subterfuge I. and there are few in the region who can match his skill on water. 2x normal range. RM Profession: Fighter. Tracking 8S. Seduction 50.

Tracking 54. Perception 7. MERP Profession: Animist. Me 70. In 86. RM Profession: Animist. MERP/RM: +15 Missile OB.. MERP Spells: 20 PP (x4 multiplier). Swim 80. MERP/RM: x4 PP multiplier. MERP/RM: +20 to user's Navigation skill. Riding 70. SO 50. Composite Bow-A supremely accurate bow. but is light and easy to wear . LoR Experience Points: 24. MERP Skills: Climb 62. Perception 88. Stalk/ Hide 60. MERP/RM: +20 OB. Music 60. PR 73. Melee OB 10. Public Speaking 74. His daughter Laithen works beside him in the winery. IT 78. Missile OB 8. CARNIL Chain Mail-Fashioned of mithril. Magical!. Music (Artistic) 60. Swim 80. RM Spells: 20(x4)=80PP. Agility 4. Co 96. IG 66. Read Runes 45. RM Skills: Climb 62. Stalk/ Hide 60. if the wearer stops running. Ride 70. LoR Profession: Bard. Base Spell OB is +5. Sailing (Athletic) 60. Pr 96. Carnil knows all Animist Base lists. RM Stats: St 95. Rope Mastery 40.CARIHIR'S PR1NOPAL ITEMS CARNIL IN LoR Sextant-An especially fine navigational device. Carnil knows all Animist lists. Protection. General 3. MERP Hits: 160 Melee OB: 150 Missile OB: 120 AT: PI (75). Read Runes 45. Ag 94. unlike his son Orrere who left the family calling to learn smithing among the Gwaith-i-Mirdain. Boots of Water-Running-Permit their wearer to run across water.. plus the Ranger Path Mastery list (to lOth level). Re 86.. His grapes produce the finest wines of the vineyards along the banks of the Sirannon." the name of a star). . plus the Ranger Path Mastery list (to 10th level).150. Base Spell OB is +5. Intelligence L Movement 2. Names: Camil (5. Carol! serves on the Council of Lords in Ost-in-Edhil. 56. Celebrian CARNIL IN SeeICE's £6. CARNIl IN ROlEMASTER Hits: 160 Melee OB: ISO Missile OB: 120 AT: 17 (75). MERF/RM: +20 OB . It gives the user the protection of plate mail. Home: Just north of Ost-in-Edhil. Appearance: 96. . AG 97. Perception 88. However. Qu 99. Sustenance. Em 45. CARNILO Carnil was among the first of the Eldar to settle in Eregion. LoR Spells: Healing. Subterfuge 5. MERP Stars: ST 95. Race: Noldo. Short Sword-Never leaves Carihir's side for long. Defense 2.rien 40-42. "Red Point. SeeICE's L6rien 57. Endurance 108. Ropemastery 40. LoR Stats: Strength 3. Track 54.. he will sink. Public Speaking (Influence) 74. CO 96. Amulet-The gold and opal amulet enhances the bearer's spell-casting abilities. Sailing 60. Broadsword--The enchanted blade glows within 1000 feet of an Ore or Troll and acts as a sword of Ore and Troll Slaying. CARNIL'S PRINCIPAL ITEMS Shield. LvI: 20.

family. hearth and home. Seer spells ranges multiplied x5. Naturally. she suffered so that she became weary of Middle-earth and sailed over the Sea within the year. Race: Sinda/Noldo. Singing (Influence) 101.700. Spell-mastery 75. <{-56. CELEBRiAN IN LoR LoR Profession: Bard. Animal Handling 68. Skiing (Athletic) 85. SO 102. Displacement III . CELEBRiAN'S ITEMS OF NOTE Hits: T30 Melee OB: 105 Missile OB: 60 AT: No (60)' MERP Profession.(6'5"). Directed Spells 45.. gardens. <{-59 . Skiing 85. Endurance 107. all Open and Closed Mentalism to 20th Ivl. and Arwen Evenstar. Bard. Tragically. Riding 81. Celebrian was gentle. 2510 leaves jar the Undying Lands. Perception 7. Climbing 56. She delights in children. Swimming 71. Melee OB 7. CO 80. Cookery 98. peacfuI. RM Skills: Acting 60. Item Analysis. talI. +25 to Stalking and Hiding. MERP Spells: 105 PP (x7 PP multiplier).IG ST78. Read: LotR I JOO. LoR Spells: Calm. Home: Lorien. Re 98. Agility 4. and quiet. Climbing 56. Seduction 80. St 78. MERP Stats: AG 97. Cookery 98. Celebrian's travelling party was ambushed on a trip from Imladris to Lorien and overwhelmed by Orcs of the Misty Mountains. Staves & Wands 85. Meditation 102. But she does not care for thmgs of VIOlence: weapons or armor or war. Animal Training 68. Rather she is meek and unobtrusive. Read Runes 106. MERP: x7 PP multiplier. MERP Skills: Acting 60. Missile OB 6. she strolls the meads or swims the ponds and streams of blessed Imladris. Weather~watching (Sky-Watching) 83. Defense 3. o« 88. Knows all Bard Base. First Aid 95. PR 102.3 spells up to 20th level. Movement 3. due to her lineage she is noble in bearing. Stalk/Hide 6 I. CELEBRfAN Hits: 130 Melee OB: 105 Missile OB. Pr 101. Imladris.A. Administration 30.CELEBRiAN CELEBRiAN IN ROLEMASTER A true Elda lady. MERP/RM: +30 OB. First Aid 95. General 4. spell ranges multiplied x5. Crafting 101. LotRIII 401.Dipl~macy (Influence) 83.A. +20 to moving maneuvers. Though she was rescued by her sons and healed of poisoned wounds by Elrond. CELEBRiAN IN LoR Stars: Strength 2. Appearance: 102. Seduction (Influence) 80. T. and things of quiet ~eauty. Perception 91. Charm Animals. T. Stalk/Hide 61. stores . Administration (Influence) 30. Dance (Athletic) 98. and blonde. non-attack spells do not fumble. Directed Spells 45. MERP/RM: +30 DB. Bladeturn or Difkctions 3x/ daily. Luck.lists and Open Essence lists to 10th lvl. Em 99. the wife ofElrond. Perception 91. Nor does she carry herself with the arrogance or pride of so many in her family. RM: x7 PP multiplier. RM Profession: Seer. Singing 101. Linguistics 21*. Riding 81. Magical 5. Elrohir. Me 101. RM Stats: Co 80. Clairvoyance. Star-gazing (SkyWatching) 94. and the mother of Ella dan. IT 99. Use Item 85. in the evenings. Meditation 102. Intelligence 4. non-attack spells do not fumble. Important Dates: TA. 486. 60 AT: I (60). Celebrian is the only child (apparently) ofCeleborn and Galadriel. Concentration. Silver or White Gowns. Silver Laen Dagger.3x/ daily. Ag 97. Mentalism Golden Rod. kind. RM Spells: lOS PP (x7 PP multiplier). 2509 captured and tormented by Orcs. MERP LoR Experience Points: 23. Often. Weather-watching 83. Diplomacy 83. Subterfuge 5. Runes 106. Star-gazing 94. Music 106. Dance 98. 100. In 100. Swimming 71. 100 marries Elrand. Music (Artistic) 106. stores 3 spells up to 10th level. Knows all Seer base lists to 30th lvl. LvI: 35. Crafting (Craft) 101.

Celebrimbor knows all Mage Base lists. and he established the Gwaith-iMirdain. RM Profession: Alchemist (Fighter). Eregion until his death. Mathematics 106. ClImbtng 65. Re 94. Disarm Trap 136. Subduing 95. who created the Silmarils and the Palant1ri. Leather-working (Craft) 111. Crafting (Craft) 146. Rope Mastery 116. he spent many years in Beleriand working with the most illustrious Elda smiths. CELEBRTM80R LvI: 50(65). Climbing 65. Mathematics (Lore) 106. Linguistics 25*. Falsification (Craft) 35. Wood-carving (Craft). IG 101. Few pupils are bright enough to follow his instruction. MERP Spells: 195 PP (x9 PP multiplier). Perception 106. The Dark Lord tortured him to death trying without success to learn the hiding places of the Three Elven Rings. Ag 101. he shared his techniques of ringmaking with Annatar grudgingly and in return for considerable knowledge from the Lord of Gifts. Stone-carving (Craft) 13 I. Skiing 84. CELEBRIMBOR IN ROLEMASTER Hits: 180 Melee 08: 210 Missile OB: 160 AT: 20 (153). MERP Skills: Administration (Influence) I 10. Neither could have achieved as much without the other. but often his eyes hold a distant softness. an almost wistful look. but Sauron's efforts-though effectivelacked the subltery of the Elven works. where he studied the ways of his grandfather. A~chitecture (Lore) 120. Smithing 146. Wood-carving. In 90. Publicspeaking 95. Strategy /T aeries (Lore) 1 14. the master Smith is soft-spoken. Spell-mastery 85. Unfortunately for the Smith. Read Runes 90. but he has a deserved reputation for impatience with others. in S. Skiing (Athletic) 84. Race: Nolde. a powerful item which has the power to stay the wearying effects of time. surpassed only by Feanor. There they founded the realm of Eregion. PR 100. Star-gazing 58. Home: Originally Beleriand. Meditation 95. His glance can be as sharp as knives. Riding 42. Leather-working I I I. Seduction 95. "Hand of Silver") the Smith was born and lived his early life in Nargothrond. Unique rituals) known only to certain individuals or groups (such as the Cwaith-i-M{rdain). Stalk/Hide 85. "Silver Fist". SO 76. Nargothrond. MERP Profession: Mage. Leadership (Influence) 96. Fletching (Craft) 121. MERP Stats: ST 99. Crafting 146. Star-gazing (SkyWatching) 58. Fletching 121. Music (Artistic) 87. Disarm Trap 136. Perception 106. CO 98. Singing 50.A. Pr 100. honing his skills. Riding 42. Trading 101. Runes 90. Chemistry (Lore) 80. Swimming 70. Singing (Influence) 50. It is a poorly kept secret that he loves the lady Galadriel. 139. Frenzy 81. Stone-carving 131. Diplomacy 80. Appraisal roo. A tall Noldo (6'8"). Trap-building 106. RM Skills: Administration no. Swimming 70. Note: MERP rules do not cover alchemy-the creation oj enchanted articles-bemuse. Music 87. Although Celebrirnbor never lived in the Undying Lands. His hair is dark brown. must beused in special places on specialmaterials. with many of his fellows. giv1l1ghim a commanding presence. Smithing (Craft) 146. Celebrimbor is very strong. Trap-building (Craft) 106. Celebrimbor is arguably the second-greatest smith in the history of Middle-earth.") CELEBRIMBOR IN MERP Hits: 180 Melee OB: 2IG Missile OB: 160 AT: PI (153). with a large bone structure. Em 101. Directed Spells 80. RM Stats: St 99. Pick Lock 121. Me 99. and he has no time to coddle those who are not. went eastward over the Blue Mountains.CELEBRIMBOR Among the greatest of the Nolde Elves. 139. He also possesses Feanor's fiery spirit. Sauron the Maia probably learned more from his mind than Celebrimbor might have guessed. Leadership 96. Celebrimbor is a basically secretive individual.. Feanor ("Spirit of Fire")' When the War of the Jewels ended. Mere cleverness or skill or book-learning does not s!iffice. Appraisal IO~. 1697. IT 97. In the end S:debrimbor was taken by Sauron while desperately detending the gates of his beloved Guild-hall. Pick Lock 121. Co 98. Qu 100. Bard Base lists. Meditation 95. Q. "T elperinquar. Diplomacy (Influence) 80. Public-speaking (Influence) 95. In manner. embedding magical properties into weapons) aml0r) and other articles is much more thana systematic process. Strategy /T aeries I 14. Staves & Wands 96. Celebrirnbor forged for her a second Elessar ("Elf-stone''). . Celebrimbor (S. As a token of his affection. his eyes are a dark. Use Item 96. Stalk/Hide 85. then Names: (S. in Middle-earth. Directed Spells 80. and Operr Essence lists to 10th level. Falsification 35. AG 101. he. Chemistry 80. silvery grey. Rope Mastery 116. Seduction (Influence) 95. Architecture 120.

MERP/RM:x9 PP multiplier.000 cubic feet of water to ice in one round. Celebrimbor . Subterfuge 6. except Invisibility.220. Of Cold. It is highly intelligent and empathic. (3) Fire the Icy Wind. Unbarring Ways. it gives off a chilling mist and delivers a Cold Critical equal in severity to any other critical given. Shield. which he has to 50th lvl. Ice Law. Appearance: TOO. LoR Stars: Strength 6. It gives 3x damage to creatures of fire. and Elemental Shields. acts as a Holy weapon. x6 concussion hits. it has no range subtraction. and delivers x9 damage. +33 DB. CELEBRlMBOR IN LoR LoR Profession: Bard. firing from the tip of the sword. Calm. Defense 6. CELEBRIMBOR'S PRINCIPAL hEMS Lesser Elven Ring~Of mithril with a clear gem. Broadsword (SUhelkaHQ. Missile OB 10. Strength. adds 33 to RRs against all realms of Power. Fire Bolt. Delving Ways. Celebrimbor also possesses many researched Alchemy spells beyond the scope of the usual lists. a base +90. It is able to Long Door. Items which normally protect the wearer from cold have no effect. Protection from Magic. Wind Law. Invisibility once/round. centered up to 300' away with no range subtraction and a base +30. Intelligence 6. which appears as a stream of blue-white energy.. Celebrimbor knows all Base Alchemist lists to 50th lvI. Melee OB 11. Sulhelka is also capable of summoning 3x per day the Uttercold. LoR Spells: Balance. The Uttercold may take one of three forms: (I) Transform up to 10. to 20th. It is considered Channeling because of the unusual nature of the power. (2) Deliver a IOO' radius Cold Ball. Speed. Perception 8. Luck."Icy Wind") A clear Iaen ( enchanted glass) broadsword with an edge of Eog. Magical 7. Using the Ice Bolt table. the concentrated power of the sword aimed at a single target up to 600' away. as well as the Base Magician Light Law. MERP/RM: +45 OB. will Haste the wearer at will. He has all Open and Closed Essence lists to 20th. Endurance 290. and Fire Law lists. LoR Experience Points: 55. instantly appearing in Celebrimbor's hand from as far as 100 miles away. General 6. Movement 5. The wielder is immune to all cold.RM Spells: 195 PP (x9 PP multiplier). Agility 6.

224. protects as a full helm. and adds +33 to all forging operations. -2 to chance of MERP/RM: +20 OB to all bowfire. Yet the High Smith's secrecy often discouraged his pupil. fine leather and shaalk. He dwelt in Barad-dt'ir where he studied the black arts intensely and assisted Sauron during his alchemical labors (although he did not take part in the forging of the One Ring).A. LotR I 3I8. 3 I. There he stayed as Master Smith until T. fires every round without penalty. When Annatar (Sauron in disguise) arrived at Ost-inEdhil in S. Celedhring was among those completely intrigued. 355. Mithlor and his wife elected to sail across the Great Sea into the West. electricity and cold. and allow wearer to work as if not wearing gloves (non-encumbering). MERP/RM: AT Pl/20 (+30 DB). Cdedhring followed his sire's calling. In S. His hair was long and bluish silver-white. 1200. CELEDHRING* Celedhring was born in Gondolin in the later years of the First Age. was one of the Master Smiths of the city. Celedhring had been promised stewardship over the lands ofEregion and Lindon when the Dark Lord achieved total victory. MERP/RM. standing 7'0" and weighing 220 pounds. and also has a 50% chance of negating any head or neck critical. natural or magical. the Dark Lord confronted the EI£ He revealed his true nature and offered Celedhring unlimited knowledge and a place of power at his side in return for absolute loyalty. natural or magical (will darken to protect eyes from bright light). ReadUT 235-8. shaalk and other elements. 357. living in peace until the end of the First Age. he returned to Mordor. As High Smith of the Dark Tower. With the passing of Sauron and the fall of Barad-dt'ir (T. There Celedhring achieved his full stature. He remained there until his death. and black robes and carried a staff carved of priceless Dirwood. Celedhring forged several lesser Rings of Power and assisted in the creation of all but the Three Elven Rings. Celedhring served the Dark Lord in Mordor until the end of the Second Age. Their son chose to remain behind in the newly founded city of Ost-in-Edhil. 332.In the Third Age. In the shaping of gemstones he grew most proficient. Circlet-Of mithril and adamant. but could and did sway his servant's decisions. He possessed great knowledge and shared it freely. electricity and cold. Sauron could not directly exert his will upon Celedhring through it. before he reached the mountain walls of Mordor. 2l-22. so too did his greed and desire for power. Celedhring fled north to the Ered Mithrin where he hid from the vengeance of his fellow Eldar. 56. As his skill increased. many smiths of the Mirdaithrond befriended him.. and Celedhring longed for a more open teacher. creating items of power for Sauron's minions.250-2. worn on his left hand. 1580.A. He uncovered many of the mysteries of forging under the tutelage of Celebrimbor. which came during the cataclysmic end of the Lord of the Rings. Before Maeglin betrayed Gondolin to Morgoth. he rejoined Sauron in Dol Guldur. the Nolde Mithlor. Celedhring learned much under Annatar. Sil214. he continued to labor at the forges. Such was Celedhring's infatuation with Annatar that he accepted the offer and became one of Sauron's most powerful servants. Face Shield-Of laen. Annatar left Ost-in-Edhil for Mordor.254. MERP/RM: +45 OB. but wears as AT Ch/I3. light. Sauron knew of his student's pursuit and. He wore elaborate grey. 398. yet the lessons took a slow toll upon his character. silver. He sought to work with the Lord of Gifts continuously..A. it can analyze any material or alloy within 30 feet. Mithlor took his wife and young son to a small haven east of the Ered Luin. He became a smith of the Mlrdaithrond. Gloves-Of eog and shaalk which confer total protection of hands and arms from heat. learning lore unknown to even the sages.A. His father. these plans were destroyed. Following the fall of Barad-dfrr. See ICE's Lorien 15. Following the fall of Morgoth and the surrender of Sauron. Bowguard-Of fumble. 294 I. CELEBRIMBOR'S LESSER ITEMS OF NOTE Composite Bow-Of dirwocd and shaalk. Stores (and can cast) up to three 10th-level Essence spells/day. The badge of the Elf s devotion was a lesser Ring of Power. Celedhring was a tall and well-muscled Noldo. Departing Dol Guldur with his master. strung with Elf-hair (will not break). 3019). provides total protection of face and neck from heat.Mithril Chain-Improved ithilnaur alloy protects as full plate. . Celedhring forsook the cityto follow the Lord of Gifts into the Black Land. specializing in metals and jewelry. Amulec-c-Highly intelligent.

Stone-working 120. Me 96..200. Mathematics 80. Fletching 140. Appraisal 140. Use Item 99. Pr 97. Caving 20. Missile OB 0. Perception 92. Base Spell OB is +15. Acting 80. MERP Skills: Administration (Influence) 84. Architecture 100. Knows all Open Essence lists. Falsification 100. Perception 9. Leather-working 110. Agility 5. Spell Mastery 80. the Black Elf. then Numeriador. Trickery 60. Protection from Magic. Magical 4. CELEDHRJNG IN ROLEMASTER Hits: 120 Melee OB: 75 Missile OB: AT: 12 (50). MERP Profession: Mage. Detect Traps 120.. Animal Training 40. Qu 99. Weather-watching 30. then Ost-m-Edhil. RM Profession: Alchemist. then Barad-dur. Public Speaking 30. Home: Gondolin in Beleriand. Stalk/Hide 100. Base Spell OB is +15. LoR Stats: Strength 3. RM Stats: St 86. MERP Spells: 120 PP (x6 PP multiplier). CO 87. Channeling 30. Diving 40. Woodworking 120. CeleJbring . Appearance: 91. the Black Smith. Ride 42. Sailing 20. Seduction 40. Meditation 40.CELEDHRJNG CELEDHRING IN MERP LvI: 40. Race: Noldo. Concentration. MERP Stats: ST 86. Strength. Martial Arts Strikes 20. Intelligence 5. Climb 25. Ride 45. LoR Spells: Item Analysis. RM Skills: Climb 50. Re 95. the Smith of Dol Guldur. Rope-mastery 40. Celedhring knows all Alchemist lists and Open Essence lists. RM Spells: 120 PP (x6 PP multiplier). and finally Barad-dur again. the Master Smith of Mordor. Pick Lock 80. Speed. Tracking 60. Crafting 160. then Dol Guldur. Trading 40. Adrenal Moves 20. Movement 3. Subterfuge 7. Diplomacy 80. Luck. Co 87. Sustenance. PR 97. First Aid 50. Ambush 8. Melee OB 6. Adrenal Defense. Cooking 60. "Chilling Silver"). LoR Experience Points: 37. Martial Arts Sweeps 25. Endurance 172. Ag IOO. IG 101. SD 64. Leadership 60. In 94. Swim 80. Smithing (Craft) 82. Em 101. Hits: 120 Melee OB: 75 Missile OB:AT: RL(50). Perception 132. AG 100. Staves & Wands 160. General 6. CELEDHRING IN LoR LoR Profession: Bard. Names: Celedhring (5. IT 94. the Master Smith. Defense 4. Clairvoyance. Music 40.. Smithing 168. Runes 91. Administration 120. Gambling 10. Read Runes 120.

greedy and proud. The great hound Huan gave his loyalty to Celegorm. PR 103. IT 106. ST 106. Nargothrond. +10 to wearer's RRs. 65. Both grew unable to tell friend from foe. He was very fair to behold and accounted among the close followers of the Vala Orome. Maranya-. + 10 DB. CELEGORM Celegorm was a Nolde prince. (Ce1edhring. Home: Aglon and Hirnlad. is immune to this effect. unencumbering. They became cunning and evil. to Celedhring. He became the most woodcrafty of all the Noldo Elves.CELEDHRING'S PRINCIPAL ITEMS T auruin-(S. MERP Stats: AG T07. the staff is inscribed with myriad tengwar runes. and helping her to escape when the twisted Celegorm finally suceeded. Upon achieveing the age of his normal death. Race: Noldo. The ring's wearer ages at one-tenth his normal rate. MERP Profession: Scout. "Wood of Red Flame") Forged of Dirwood. IG 88. T auruin delivers an additional Heat critical of equal severity. he is transformed into a wraith. for he played a heroic part in the first battle against Angband. Names: the Fair. of the Noldor. MERP Hits: 185 Melee OB: 265 Missile OB: 310 AT: PI (210). Celegorm's greatest evil was done when he attempted to steal the Silmaril-bearing Nauglamir from Menegroth. . woven from spun mithril and grey MERP/RM: +20 DB. the third son of Feanor. they cannot SeeICE's Corgoroth51-52. the Huntsman CELEGORM IN Ossiriand. However. free use of the Light Law list to 10th/30th level. There Celegorm was slain by Dior. Thingol's heir. Flames on command. wearer has free use of the MERP Mage Lofty Bridge spell list to 10th level or the RM Closed Essence Lofty Bridge spell list to 20th level. it was Celegorm and his closest friend and ally Curufin who were most severely affected by the Oath of Feanor. When afire. MERP/RM: +40 Man-slaying weapon.· -A lesser Ring of Power forged by Celebrimbor himself under the tutelage of Annatar in the Halls of the Jewel-smiths. Forging Tools-Attuned be used by others. It can be wielded to strike as a mace. CO 106.) MERP/RM: PPx6 (Essence/Mentalism). Huan left Celegorm to aid Beren and Liithien. Mithwath-Robes linen. being an Elf. CELEGORM CeiegcY1n LvI. do not interfere with spell casting. twice even frustrating Celegorm's attempts to abduct Liithien. He was also-initially at least-valiant.

Animist). Sandnmning. At the end. Orcs. Sailing 66. Agility 9. "Ship Maker")' Talisman. Ambush 16. Speed. Perception 131. Movement 5. and Open Channeling lists to 10th level. Meditation 85. SD 70. MERP/RM: +60 OB. Singing 85. the Ring of Fire (later given by him to Gandalf). of the kindred of the Sin dar. Rope Mastery 54. of slaying carnivores. MERP/RM: Constant Limbrunning. Leadership (Influence) 112. Public-speaking 99. triple concussion hits. and swimming maneuvers. tumbling. Administration 70. Strategy/Tactics 124. Animist Base lists. can fire 2 arrows/round with no penalty. Em 78. Melee OB 12. Crafting 45. and sorrowed as Gil-galad fell before Sauron. 236. Adrenal Moves 90. CELEGORM'S LESSER ITEMS OF NOTE LvI: 60. Read Runes 45. Leadership 112. Missile OB 13. Administration (Influence) 70. Falsification (Craft) 80. Tracking 118. Concentration. Re 90. Stalk/Hide 118. 62. RM Skills: Acrobatics 50. Cirdan was tall (7'4"). Cirdan was in the host with Gil-galad at the side of the last King of Lindon. Seduction (Influence) 131. Luck. l52. Strategy/Tactics (Lore) 124. Cloak & Hood-Negates 50% head crits.77. Navigation (Lore) 89. RM Profession: Rogue (Ranger. His ships were among the finest ever built. Sailing (Athletic) 66. He was close to Elwe and Finrod. He was entrusted with the Elvish ring of power Narya the Great. Frenzy r IS. laen. Endurance 207. Climbing 98. Most often he guarded the coasts from any naval assault issued from Angband. Tracking 118. Riding 103. Skiing 50. 123. 83. protect head as full helm with no spell casting penalties. LoR Experience Points: 37. Meditation 85. He was a member of the White Council and was revered for his legendary wisdom. Me 80. 195. Publicspeaking (Influence) 99. Crafting (Craft) 45. Boots. Then he remained hidden with his people on the Isle of Balar. Sustenance. no penalties. climbing. Climbing 98. Swimming 88. Rope Mastery 54. Runes 45. hiding and moving maneuvers. Signaling 95. white in color. Seduction 131. he sailed West himself on the last ship to leave Endor. Knows all Ranger Base lists. Hits: 185 Melee OB: 265 Missile OB. RM Stars: Co 106. the Undying Lands. Race: Sinda. Defense 5. Calm. CELEGORM IN LoR MERP/RM: +35 DB. Adrenal Defense 40. Broadsword-Green laen. In 106. Cirdan avoided all of the terrible quarrels between the Noldor and Sindar. 305 CiRDAN One of the wisest and most heroic in spirit of all the Elves. Names: (S. Skiing ( Athletic) 50. 172-73. Cirdan dwelt in the Falas until it was overun. In the Erst Age. Appearance: 104. Use Item 55. LoR Spells: Balance. RM Spells: 390 PP (x6 PP multiplier). Home: Falas.500. Trickery 104. knows all Animist base lists to 20th I vI. Ambush 16. MERP/RM: AT: RL/I2 (+50 DB). Falsification 80. Singing (Influence) 85. St 106. Subduing 125. +30 to DB. Qu 106. Knows all Ranger Base lists to 50th lvi. MERP/RM: x6 PP multiplier for Channeling. 310 AT: 12 (210). Read Sil60. Intelligence 5. Perception 131. Music (Artistic) 67. CiRDAN LoR Profession: Bard. CELEGORM'S PRINCIPAL ITEMS Bow (AracuHS. arrows fired are of slaying Trolls and Orcs. Pr 103. Camouflage. Cirdan was an Elf of the T eleri. 169-70. Trickery 104. General 4. Charm Animals. Music 67. Staves & Wands 55. Gloves."RP/RM: +40 acrobatics. Stalk/Hide I 18. He stayed in Middle-earth on the shores of the Falas at the urging of the Maia Osseo Cfrdan and his people were thus called the Falarhrim ("Coast Dwellers")' Clrdan was both a great mariner and shipwright. floats in water. the Isle of Balar. Signaling 95. and Trolls. Grey Havens.MERP Skills: Acrobatics 50. 176. He was on the field of battle at least once when he led a seaborne force to relieve Fingon dangerously beleagured in Hithlum. Full shield-Green unencumbeting. 192-93. He has a most unusual physical traitforanElfin that by the end of the Third Age he began to look old and grew a long white beard. Navigation 89. Subterfuge 9. CELEGORM IN ROLEMASTER Armor-Unencumbering. Ag 107. During the Second and Third Ages Cirdan was Lord of the Grey Havens. Magical 5. where he supervised the construction of many great ships. MERP/RM: +30 perception and hiding. lO7. MJ:. ranges 2x normal. Stonerunning. MERP Spells: 390 PP (x6 PP multiplier). LoR Stats: Strength 9. Linguistics 13*. Swimming 88. MERP/RM: +45 OB. Perception 8. . Riding 103. "Noble Bow) Fumbles only on a 1.

Bracers (OssannaHS. Diplomacy 100. LoR Stats: Strength 5. Appraisal 90. MERP Profession: Animist. The ruby "glows" like fire. MERP/RM: (I) Wearer can cast an unlimited number spells of any level from the Fire Law. allows use of Water Law to 50th and Liquid Alteration (Mystic base spell list) to 30th lvl. ST 96. Stalk/Hide 86. Music Ioo. Skiing 80. casts Weather Mastery at lOath level using the caster's PP. Riding 101. Knows all Cleric and Animist base lists to 50th lvl. Agility 6. Use Item 80. casts Nature's Lore at 10th level using the caster's PP. Appraisal 90. Singing (Influence) 95. Missile OB 7. Diplomacy (Influence) 100. Ring (SUlrosturHS. Music (Artistic) 100. Clairvoyance. IT 108. Perception 7. Crafting (Craft) 136. Rope Mastery 95. unencumbering. WoodI carving (Craft). Swimming 136. floats in water. Ring (Narya the Great)-The Elven Ring of Fire. but the ring is invisible to all but Sauron and the Bearer of the One Ring. Architecture (Lore) 115. SD 103. Me 106. RM Profession: Cleric. Foraging 65. MERP/RM: AT Ch/I6 (+45 OB). Weather-watching 129. Meditation 105. Directed Spells 60. Acting 86. Swimming 136. Protection from Magic. Calm. IN ROLEMASTER. Read Runes 91. Seduction (Influence) 101. Nature's Lore lists. Luck. Mathematics (Lore) 91. Bard. Leadership 136. PR lOI.) . First Aid 112. RM Spells: 420 PP (x8 PP multiplier). "Gift of Osse"). General 8. "Sea Armor" or "Sea Cloak") Mithril and blue laen. orb-like ruby placed in a seemingly delicate.CiROAN IN MERP LoR Profession: CiRDAN IN LoR Hits: 120 Melee OB: 120 Missile OB: 90 AT: No (100). Intelligence 7. Movement 6. Star-gazing 108. Magical 7. MERP: +50 Navigation rolls. Seduction lOI. Em 98. Ag 99. Skiing (Athletic) 80. Sr 96. Sailing 143. RM: +50 Navigation rolls.000. Sphere (GaergilHS. Diving 105. Fletching (Craft) 95. Detection Mastery. RM Stats: Co 96. Re 103. x8 PP multiplier for all realms. . MERP Stars: AG 99. Navigation (Lore) I36. Knows all Animist Base lists. Rope Mastery 95. Wood-carving. Composed of a large. Foraging 65. Singing 95. for it embodies the Secret Fire. Endurance 162. CO 96. Subterfuge 6. Diving (Athletic) 105. Directed Spells 60. Perception 106. Architecture I IS. Linguistics 29*. Defense 5. Administration 105. Pr 101. red-geld setting. (Cirdan confers Narya to Gandalf when he comes to Middle-earth. Climbing 80. Narya loses its power and becomes visible. Item Analysis. "Master of Wind and Foam") Mithril ring with a large star sapphire: may independently control the "wind in the sails" of up to I mph/lvl for up to I ship/Iv!. Crafting 136. LoR Spells: Balance. RM: AlkaT at will. allows use of Water Law and Wind Law to 10th. Stalk/Hide 86. Ships must be visible. 102. MERP Skills: Acrobatics 80. Star-ga2ing (Sky-Watching) 108. In 108. CiRDAN AT: I (100). Mathematics 91. Publicspeaking (Influence) 113. IG 103. Signaling I I I. PRINCIPAL ITEMS CiRDAN'S Armor (GaerennonHS. Strategy/Tactics 118. Signaling III. 119. Narya has the power to rekindle the fire of Men's hearts. it is the incarnation of the passion for life and freedom-the antithesis of the darkness that subdued Men in the grim days of the War of the Ring. MERP: Light Vat will. Spellmastery 105. white eog and mithril bracers. Administration (Influence) 105. Ranger Base lists. Hits: 120 Melee OB: 120 Missile OB: 90 o« RM Skills: Acrobatics 80. LoR Experience Points: 33. Fletching 95. Navigation 136. Strategy/Tactics (Lore) lI8. 119. Leadership (Influence) 136. Leather-working (Craft) 85. Acting 86. With the destruction of the One Ring. Melee OB 8. First Aid 112. Concentration. "Sea Star") Clear laen sphere (I ' diameter). and Open Channeling to lath lvl. Healing. Public-speaking II 3. +30 on all ship and water maneuvers. +30 on all ship and water maneuvers. MERP Spells: 420 PP (x8 PP multiplier). In a sense. Adrenal Moves 60. Climbing 80. Meditation 105. Leather-working 85. Riding 101. all Open and Closed Channeling lists to 20th Ivl. Staves & Wands 80. Runes 91. Weather-watching (Sky-Watching) 129. One of the Three Elven Rings of Power created by Celebrimbor and the Smiths of Eregion. Sailing (Athletic) 143. Perception 106. no maneuver penalties.

the wearer. MERP/RM: +30 OB (attacks as a Rapier). CfRDAN'S LESSER ITEMS OF NOTE MERP Stats: ST 101. CURUBOR IN ROLEMASTER Hits: ISO Melee OB: 180 Missile OB: 200 AT: 15 (50). 304. MERP Profession: Scout. RM: Wearer can deploy continuous spells from the Inner Walls list (Mentalist Base).(2) RM: Wearer can deploy continuous Unpresence and Nondetea spells (from Mystic Base list. Home: Mirisgroth. (9) Wearer has a +30 bonus to DB. SD 96. CURUBOR Enchanted Card Deck-An Ardan Deck. Kynac-I50' parry up to 3 foes simultaneously. Race: Nolde.120. may be fired every round without penalty. Subduing 91. Defense 3. RM: Wearer has continuous Fire Armor (from the Open Essence list. Perception 6. 320. or within sight of (whichever is greater). Sailing 67. Signaling 75. Trickery 103. AG 101. Usable as communication devices. Swimming 60. LotRl3I5. RM Profession: Rogue. Second onIyto Morthaur in his understanding of mechanical contrivances. Co 99. Names: (S. Subterfuge 8. Curubor stood 6'5" tall.212. Skiing 96. Trap-building (Craft) 120. CURUBOR IN MERP Long Kynac--Mithril/ eog alloy. 397 LoR Profession: Scout. Magical 0. Appearance: 93. Music 85. MERP Skills: Acrobatics 75. CURUBOR'S PRINCIPAL ITEMS uaus CURUBOR* Serving the Monk in Mirisgroth. IT 64. (3) MERP: Wearer can deploy continuous spells from the Protections and Physical Enhancement lists. particularly elaborate traps and locks. Persuvious. Public-speaking (Influence) 68. Sailing (Athletic) 67. does additional Impact and Unbalancing crits. Elemental Shields). Acting 54. except that it protects from all natural heat and fire. IG 90. 23. Strategy/Tactics 86. LoR Experience Points: 23. General 4. (8) Wearer cannot be stunned. MERP / Ri\1: +25 OB. (7) Regenerates 3 hits/round for wearer or anyone the wearer touches. CO 99.246. Swimming 60. Skiing (Athletic) 96. Longbow-Compact. . PR 96. Stalk/Hide 120. Frenzy 110. "Clever Hands"). Climbing ISO. Curubor' s position in the Court of Ardor was primarily as a consultant on various devices and installations. Adrenal Defense 50. . RM Stars: St 101. 196. Acting 54. Perception 80. Tracking 98. Pc 96. Curufill. Cookery 35.. Cookery 35. Pick Lock 120. War Hanuner-Ithilnaur. Stalk/Hide 120. Tracking 98. Singing 80. MERP/RM: +35 DB. Seduction (Influence) 86. Climbing ISO. 396. CURUBOR IN Heavy Crossbow-Floats in water. Hiding). throwing range without penalty. Adrenal Moves 55. 300. Star-gazing (Sky-Watching) 50. Contortions 64. MERP / RM: +45 0 B (RM: the parry strikes casts a 30th level Weapon Slayer spell). with the classic Noldo black hair and brown eyes. Re 85. LoR Stats: Strength 6. 298. Melee OB 10. MERP/RM: +35 OB. Me 89. 383-84. Endurance 99. Disarm Trap 105. Em 78. Signaling 75. RM Skills: Acrobatics 75. (6) MERP: Wearer has continuous Resist Heat spell. Perception 80.244. Navigation 95. Caving 35. Caving 35. floats in water. Ambush 35.. Navigation (Lore) 95. Full Shield-Unencumbers. (4) Wearer' s RR is doubled when resisting detection by the Dark Lord. +30 OB.700. In 64. Contortions 64. Public-speaking 68. Hits: ISO Melee OB: 180 Missile OB: 200 AT: Ch (50). Qu 101. Missile OB I I. SeeICE's Court of Ardor 17. Trickery 103. LoR uasa se. See Ardana . (5) Wearer can deploy a continuous Prayer spell which adds +30 to any RRs and maneuver rolls made by friends within 30' of. floats in water. MERP/RM: +30 OB (attacks as a Rapier). Disarm Trap 105. Trap-building 120. Music (Artistic) 85. Intelhgence 3. Ag 100.. CURUBOR'S LESSER ITEMS OF NOTE Lvi: 24. if used to parry. 96. Main Gauche-Can MERP/RM. Ambu~h 35. he was constantly in demand. LoR Spells: None. Seduction 86. 299. Star-gazing 50. Singing (Influence) 80. contains images of all the members of the Court of Ardor. 92. Pick Lock 120. Linguistics 7*.247. Movement 4. Agility 6. 254. MERP Spells: None. l28. Strategy/ Tactics (Lore) 86. and the modification is 20. RM Spells: None.

Wood-carving (Craft). and the terrible Oath of Fenner. LoR Spells: All. Runes I98. Note: MERP rules do not cover alcblmy-the creation 0/ er)cbanted articles-because. Stonecarving ISO. Perception 8. Rope Mastery 121. Names: The Crafty. Trap-building 145. Ag 104. Leatherworking (Craft) 160. Finrod: they finally succeeded in capturing Luthien.9 PP multiplier). Architecture (Lore) 136. arrogance.. they attacked Menegroth to take the Silmaril there for themselves. Directed Spells 92. Knows aU Mage Base lists and Open Essence lists to 10th. Trickery II 8. Administration (Influence) 118. committing more murder in the process. . they dominated the councils of Nargothrond and drove out the rightful King. PR JOI. he was the greatest craftsman of all the Noldor and could have been a great help to his kin. Movement 5. Endurance 200. IG IT 94. then Menegroth.SO 50. In 94. Imbedding magical properties into weapons. LoR Stats: Strength 7. Swimming 73. Directed Spells 92. Melee OB 11. Signaling 115. known only to certain individuals or groups (such as the Gwaitb-i-M{rdain). then Nargothrond. then went to Middle-earth: dwelt in Himlad with Celegorm before the Dagor Bragollach. Knows all Alchemist base lists to 50th (and some beyond).. Qu 105. Appearance: 100. Use Item 208. no. MERP Profession: Mage. Stone-carving (Craft) 150. Stalk/ Hide 118. Disarm Trap 218. General 7. Em 108. Smithing I76. Riding 183. RM Stars: Co JOO. Acting 94. However.. muslbe used in spetia I places on special materials. Mathematics ISS. Ambush 10. CURUFIN Curufin was the fifth son of Feanor and most like him in skill and disposition. Crafting (Craft) 186. The extent of his crimes was great: with Celegorm he twice attempted to abduct and imprison Luthien herself. He was also known as a wonderful rider. Falsification (Craft) 110. Contortions 88. MERP Skills: Acting 94. Riding 183. CURUFlN MERP Spells: 525 PP (x9 PP multiplier). Linguistics 18*. Read Runes 198. Magical 5. Climbing 83. Ambush 10. Mere cleverness or skill or book-learni'lg does not s~ce. Swimming 73. Pick Lock 233. LoR Experience Points: 4 I AOO. Trap-building (Craft) 145. Staves & Wands 208. Defense 6. Falsification Leather-working 160. Mathematics (Lore) 155. Subduing 90. RM Profession: Alchemist (Rogue). Wood-carving. Me 100. Subterfuge 8. otber articles is mud: and more than a systematic process. Smithing (Craft) 176. Intelligence 7. pride. MERP Stats: AG 104. Missile OB 7. being overwhelmed with ruthlessness. Spell-mastery 112. 144. Disarm Trap 218. Appraisal 141. Trickery 118. Agility 8. Perception 113. Chemistry 98. Perception 1 I 3. Signaling I IS. he was the most evil of the Noldor. but Huan the hound of Valin or set her free and they two went 1:0 aid Beren. Architecture 136. In the brothers' most foul act. a1'111or. CURUFIN IN LoR LoR Profession: Bard. in Middle-earlb. Appraisal 141. Contortions 88. St 103. RM Skills:. Trading 125. CO 100. roe. Race: Nolde. They were both slain by Dior. CURUFIN IN ROLEMASTER Hits: 145 Melee OB: 225 Missile OB: 100 AT: 20 (170). Stalk/Hide I 18. Crafting 186. . knows all open and dosed Essence to 50th lvl. Next to his father. RM Spells: 525 PP (. ST r03. knows Fire Law and Wind Law to 50th lvl. Re 107. Rope Mastery 121. Unique rituals. Pr WI. Strategy/T aeries 96. LvI: 75.CURUFlN IN MERP Hits: 14S Melee OB: 225 Missile OB: 100 AT: PI (170). Climbing 83. 144. Administration I I 8. Strategy/Tactics (Lore) 96. Home: Born in Valin or. Pick Lock 233. Chemistry (Lore) 98.

Falsification (Craft) 90. 195. His melodies were inspired by Luthien's beauty. CO 87. Perhaps he dwelt for a time at Land Daer. When Luthien finally escaped Hinlorn. marked on some maps of Middle-earth. DAERON LvI: 90. +33 Tabard (NaramhaHQ. Bracelets-Also identical to Feanor's. Singing (Influence) 192. is probably the oldest form of common writing in Middle-earth. "Fire-shield") Sleeveless tunic for alchemy and other exercises identical to Feanor's. 83. bleeding hits are doubled in severity. but when defending against attack (it does so automatically) it becomes a brilliant reflective silvery field enveloping Curufin's entire body (treat as Alkar). Swimming 80.70. . 169. Daeron wandered away in despair to seek her. "Iron Cutter") Black eog dagger made by Telchar of Nogrod.. Mathematics (Lore) 95. IT 97. Daeron may be assumed to have been an extremely passionate. Eventually he passed far into eastern Middle-earth where for many. MERP Profession: Bard. MERP/RM: +33 to all forging operations. The blade was eventually taken from Curufin by Beren. if the wearer concentrates the amulet may attempt to absorb any spell attack thrown at the wearer (50th level to resist) and pass the power points of the spell to the wearer and let him know what spell was thrown. The tunic also allows free lise of all spells on the Fire Law list. electricity. Dance (Athletic) I45. Naramba is cunningly woven of fine cloth as well as shalk and laen filaments. Race: Sinda. Alchemy T ooIs-Forge. MERP/RM: +33 DB. L92-93. DAERON IN MERP Hits: 190 Melee OB: 225 Missile OB: 220 AT: PI (145). highly set intelligent. Curufin uses this dagger after he loses Angrist.Iby in 111ithril/laen. Directed Spells 90. ST 88. 'B' ~. Knows all Bard Base lists and all Open Essence lists to 10th level.. The garb gives total protection from heat. deft. He was loremaster and bard to King Thingol. Lesser Elven Ring-9x PP multiplier. bellows. 2x concussion hits.73. etc. and his fate is entirely unknown. Skiing (Athletic) 87. Names: (S.CURUFIN'S PRINCIPAL ITEMS Knife (AngristHS. Acting 185. Appraisal 170. Invisibility once/round. MERP/RM: +50 to forging operations. eastern Middle-earth. they are matched wrist guards of mithril. 776. MERP/RM: +75 DB. He fell deeply in love with Luthren. can analyze any material or alloy within 33 feet. shimmering grey. Read Runes 150. of slaying Elves. Perception 165. Climbing 86. MERP Stats: AG 104.. many years he sang his love and loss of Luthien. . 123. Longknife (DurcarakHS. 305. 236. DAERON Dacron was a Sinda Elf and considered to have been the greatest of all Elvish minstrels. and twice betrayed her to Thingol in the matter ofBeren. "Dark Fang") Black eog dagger. or cold. Mt"RP/RM: Acts as AT Pl/20 (+66 DB). hits as a broadsword. Its natural color is a soft. . I Read sa 60. MERP Spells: 630 PP (x9 PP multiplier). shalk and ben. the ruins at the mouth of the Greyflood river. since it was widely used by both Men and Dwarves. can store (and cast) lip to six 20th-level Essence spells. Meditation 120. This writing. IG T08. Diplomacy (Influence) 118. casts Speed1113x/ day. the Cirth. 4x concussion hits. Music (Artistic) 184. Daeron disappeared from h istory of the Eldar. 152. 172. 'E' becolnes 'E' p 1 'Ai) . us becomes 'C' . "Shadowed"). Stalk/Hide 180. levels to RRs vs all realms of power. and skillful individual-no one compared with him musically in Middle-earth.77. Further to his credit is his reworking of the ancient Grey-e1ven runic alphabet. Home: Donath. Publicspeaking (Influence) 145. protecting the hands and arms from the elements in the same manner as the Naramba above. cuts iron easily. Use Item 175. magical or non-magical. PR I09. MERP/RM: +45 OB. raise criticals one degree ('A' becomes 'B'. Star-gazing (Sky-Watching) I IO. MERP Skills: Acrobatics 60. The tunic does not encumber at all. Amulet-Blood 11. Seduction (Influence) 153..

Acrobatics 40. Public Speaking 52. Music 64. Swim 50. "Wright of Foam"). and movmg maneuvers. Staves & Wands 175. Bard spell ranges increased by xIO. Intelligence 1. Qu 95. normal concussion hits. 357. Agility 8. SD 60. Camouflage. Mystical Change) to 50th lvI. 166. Perception 10. Em 107. Perception 165. Music (Artistic) 64. DANIROS'" Daniros was a descendant of the House ofFingolfin. Co 100. 113. RM Profession: Rogue.DAERON IN ROLEMASTER Hits: I90 Melee OB: 225 Missile OB: 220 AT: 17 (145). Acrobatics 40. Diplomacy 118. Missile OB 7. Stalking. 172. Sailing 20. + I / Ivl to Bard Base spell attack rolls (maximum of 40). MERP Stats: ST 94. Subterfuge 11. Perception 43. Acting 52. Protection from Magic. a 30th level SleepX a critical strike per 10 RR failure). Falsification 90. Names: Daniros (S. Concentration. AG 96. In 97. Race: Noldo. Perception 43. hits as +40 OB rapier.300. Pr 109. Knows all Bard base lists to 50th lvl. Sailing (Athletic) 20. Seduction (Influence) 66. RM Stats: Co 87. Music 184. Appraisal 170. Magical 5. DANIROS LvI: 12. CO 100. Missile OB 11. Clairvoyance. Re 75. Em 60. RM Profession: Mystic (Bard). Qu 102. uaui 493.S Open or Closed Mentalism or Essence lists. Swimming 80. Climbing 86. LoR Stats: Strength 3. MERP/RM: +25 OB. MERP Skills: Climb 45. Lute"). Kynac-c-Returns (+50). RM Skills: Acrobatics 60. Endurance 239. Cloak (DaecolloHS. Swim 50. and thus a possessor of the prized golden hair so rare among the Noldor. Runes ISO. Rope Mastery 40. "Shadow Cloak) MERP/RM: +50 to DB. RM Spells: None. MERP Spells: None. DANIROS IN LoR DAERON's Harp (TinculinHS. Movement 3. DAERON IN AT: PI (75). Many a merry song was inspired in the gardens and terraces of Ost-in-Edhil by Daniros' brews. In 83. IT 70. Intelligence 8. Directed Spells 90. Home: Ost-in-Edhil. LoR Stats: Strength 4. Skiing 87.700. Ag 104. Perception 4. to thrower the following round. Re rOI. Melee OB I I. Seduction 153. SD 96. Fortunately. Acting 185. MERP Profession: Scout. General 4. DANIROS IN MERP Hits: 130 Melee OB: TIS Missile OB: 90 RM Spells: 630 PP (x9 PP multiplier). Stalk/Hide 180. Pr 99. LoR Experience Points: 45. Item Analysis. GeneralS. Rapier-Mithril. 3x Read sa 95. 183. Yields spell whenever it delivers (target sleeps for I round results. LoR Spells: None. Hiding. Melee OB 8. MERP/RM: AT PI/I7 RL/9. DANIROS IN ROLEMAsTER LoR LoR Profession: Bard. Seduction 66. Public Speaking (Influence) 52. Calm. double bleeding MERP/RM: +45 DB. LoR Spells: Balance. Public-speaking 145. Magical 0. Dance 145. he was the master of his own brewery from which flowed malt beverages of wide acclaim. . Star-gazing 110. PruNCIPAL hEMS Hits: 130 Melee OB: 115 Missile OB: 90 AT: 17 (75). Spell-mastery 75. Speed. Appearance: 103. Luck. Me 103. LoR Experience Points: 17. Mathematics 95. encumbers as AT Armor-Silent. Defense 5. Rope Mastery 40. Appearance: 97. 3 Mystic Base lists (Confusing Ways. Linguistics **. Movement 5. Endurance 77. He also had pale blue eyes and a penchant for strong ales. DAERON'S LESSER hEMS OF NOTE LoR Profession: Scout. Charm Animals. "Dream Harp" or "Dream MERP / RM: x9 PP multiplier for Mentalism. Ag 96. RM Stats: St 94. Bard spells with duration of concentration last I round/level. Subterfuge I. Meditation I20. IG 68. Me 56. Acting 52. RM Skills: Climb 45. Hiding. Singing 192. PR80. Defense 3. St 88. Agility 3.

Short Bow-Mallorn. . IG 92. RM Profession: Fighter. Missile OB 12. St 104. Lofty Movements Ways to 5th IvJ. DENETHOR IN MERP Normal Shield. Perception 95. Endurance 129. DENETHOR LoR Profession: Bard. Read 5i154. He was the son of Len we who forsook the main T eler host and left with his following for parts unknown. SD 98. and the vast numbers of the enemy which assailed them on Amon Ereb.Does not encumber. DENETHOR Denethor was a Sinda Elf-lord of the Laiquendi of the Nandor. MERP/RM: +10 Missile OB. Appearance: 93. Knows Nature's Lore to 10th level and Nature's Movement to Sth IvI. with no LvI: 45. LoR Stats: Strength 8. Hits: 160 Melee OB: 265 Missile OB: 275 AT: SL (120). Movement 4. Ag 103. IT 93. Tracking 95. Leadership (Influence) 96. 96. Athletic Games (Athletic) 90. Meditation 87. o« 104. Haste X 3x/ day. PR !o2. Leather-working (Craft) 64. Riding 98. Stalk/Hide 110. MERP Profession: Warrior. Ambush 10. 265 MissUe OB: 275 AT: 8 (120). but he and his people died in battle in a legendarily heroic stand. Fletching (Craft) 118. no penalties. RM Stats: Co 101. As the Eastern Lands became more perilous. Longbow-A finely wrought blade with a MERP Spells: 45 PP ex3 PP multiplier). Foraging 105.200. double concussion damage. Denethor and the Laiquendi provided some desparately needed help for their allies in the First Battle ofBeleriand. MERP/RM: +20 DB. Re 92. Me 90. Woodcarving (Craft) 54. Chain Mail-Exquisite mithril mail that protects like plate mail. Seduction (Influence) 85. Weather-watching (Sky-Watching) 94. Climbing I IS. Diplomacy (Influence) 69. 56. ST 104. Melee OB 12. Such was inevitible in view of the Laiquendi's lightness of armor and weaponry. fires 2 arrows/round penalty. MERP/RM: +25 OB. MERP Stars: AG 103. MERP/RM: +20 OB. Denethor took the remaining Elves across the Ered Luin into Beleriand. 94. Intelligence 5. Defense 4. MERP Skills: Acrobatics 45. but encumbers as though the wearer bore no armor.. Em 88. Caving 35. DENETHOR IN LoR and Weather SeelCE's L6rien 37. Race: Sinda. Skiing (Athletic) 43. General 4. In 93. MERP/RM: +25 OB. Knows Nature's Law to 10th lvl. CO 101. DENETHOR IN ROLEMASTER well-made bow. LoR Experience Points: 3 I. LoR Spells: Balance. Three Javelins. Agility 8. mallorn. Singing (Influence) 94. Public-speaking (Influence) 60. He became reacquainted with the Sindar and was given Ossiriand in which to dwell. Ring-Features Hits: 160 Melee OB. RM Skills: RM Spells: 45 PP (x3 PP multiplier). Pr 102.DANIROS' PlUNCIPAL ITEMS Ithilnaur Broadsworcl-A sharp edge. Dr. MERP/RM: Allows user to cast any Mentalist Brilliance spell (up to lOth level) three times per day. Speed. Subterfuge 8. a large amethyst in a gold setting. MERP/RM: AT SL/8 (+30 DB). Magical 2. the iron weapons of the Orcs. the Land of Seven Rivers. Home: Ossiriand. Perception 7. Music (Artistic) 94. Herding 85. Swimming 94.NETHOR'S LEssER ITEMS OF NOTE Armor-c.

Dance 110. Dior himself was tall (7'8") and possessed the fair complexion and silver hair of his father. Strategy/Tactics 101. CO 107.. Qu 107. He was Thingol's heir. all Open and Closed Essence to 20th lvl. Linguistics 8*. Me 95. ro. Fletching 118. Eluchd (S. MERP Profession: Bard. IT 90. Dior married a kinswoman of Thingol named Nimloth and conceived three children by her: Elured. and wore the necklace from dawn to dusk. Re 99. DIORIN MERP Hits: 225 Melee OB: 425 Missile OB: 410 AT." DIOR The son of Beren and Luthien.. MERP Spells: 500 PP (x8 PP multiplier). Dior's might in combat and in magic was demonstrated in the outcome of the tragic battle. MERP Skills: Acrobatics 30. and Elwing the White. Public-speaking 60. Herding 85. Elurin. In 90. RImes 160. Diplomacy 106. After Luthien died and departed the circles of the world for all time. Leadership 145. SD 88. Riding 98. Climbing I IS. Seduction 170. Perception 145. "Thingol's Heir"). Ag 106. Those who coveted the Silmaril and dared not to take it from Luthien now moved against Menegroth. R1v1 Spells: 500 PP (x8 PP multiplier). Home: T 01 Galen. he was the most lovely of all Eru's children.DiD. Pr 105. IG 104. Adrenal Moves 50. Swimming 1 IS. Wood-carving 54. Meditation 87. Crafting 80. Staves & Wal1ds 155. and from dusk to dawn. Curufin. Frenzy 130. First Aid 145. Race: Half-elf. Caving 35. Adrenal Defense 60. and Open Essence lists to 10th lvl. Climbing 100. R1v1 Skills: Acrobatics 45. the Nauglamfr came to Dior. for he slew all three Noldo princes. Names: Aranel (S. Mathematics 80. Riding 90. and Eldar. Stalk/Hide I!O. Linguistics 18. "The Beautiful"). illumined by the blood heritage of three great races within his person: Maiar. Bearing the Nauglamir and its Silmaril about his throat. Bard Base Lists. Music 167. Menegroth. DIOR IN ROLEMASTER Hits: 225 Melee OB: 425 Missile OB: 410 AT: 20 (225). Tracking 95. Music 94. and Caranthir. Subduing 80. Administration 98. St 107. Acting 125. Perception 95.} died very early in the 6tb ClIItUry I. While yet on T 01 Galen. Appearance: 106. He was unable to resist its beauty. Seduction 85. Weather-watching 94. MERP Stats: AG 106. Fletching 120. Ambush Athletic Games 90. Edain. Signaling 13 I. Stalk/Hide 120. RM Profession: Magician (Fighter)' RM Stars: Co 105. PR 105. . PI (225). Singing 94. Directed Spells 195. Knows all Magician base lists to 50th lvi. Adrenal Moves 90. Doriarh. Skiing 43. ST 107. Frenzy 90. Caving 100. Architecture 78. Em 104. Thus came no less than three sons of Feanor: Celegorm. but was also slain himself. Foraging 105. Meditation 142. Leadership 96. Important Dates: Born in tbe late 5tb Century 1 A. Knows all Mage Base lists. Leatherworking 64. Trading 85. DIOR Lvi: IOO. Diplomacy 69. Public-speaking ISO. Spell-mastery 95. Swimming 94. Dior was supernally beautiful. Singing 129.A. Subduing 125.

DIORIN LoR LoR Profession: Bard. MERP Skills: Acrobatics 90. EARENDIL IN ROLEMASTER Hits: 245 Melee OB: 395 Missile OB: 440 AT: 20 (140). Holy. point of return for Dior's daggers. Em ID5. Navigation 175. ReadSi1188. Diplomacy (Influence) 100. Perception 9. Stalk/Hide BO. Magical 6. Singing 120. LoR Experience Points: 60. 234. RM Stats: St 102. Diving (Athletic) 80. Full Shidd-Mithril defend wielder.. "knocked down" result) using the OB of its wielder with the sword to parry. Calm. Co 103. LoR Stars: Strength 8. MERP/RM: +60 OB. Three Oaggers-. LoR Experience Points: 54. Concentration. Athletic Games 70. Magical 0. LoR Spells: Balance. lord of the Winged Drakes. General 5. CO W3. Singing (Influence) 120. Rope Mastery 154. For the War ofW rath he came down to do battle with the Dragons of'Thangorodrim and slew Ancalagon. Melee OB 14. gives control of Dior's shield..4. causes additional Cold and Unbalancing criticals . Subterfuge 8. MERP Profession: Warrior. MERP/RM: +45 OB. additional Impact and Unbalancing criticals: when wielded with two hands does Sx concussion damage. Intelligence 9. Missile OB 14. Meditation I20. Riding 68. Clairvoyance. Healing. Dance 75. Earendil was sentenced to forever ride in a great ship across the sky. Appearance: 105.. IT 105. triple concussion hits. Music 130. 235-36. who was the son ofBeren and Luthicn). treat shield as AT PI/20 (+100 DB). Acting 78.. and laen. slays weapons or shields at 30th level. AG 102. His line continued in the persons of Elrond and Elros. Linguistics 17*. floats and "dances" to E.. Stargazing (Sky-Watching) {20. may Long Door back to wielder's hand within 5000': hit as swords. Endurance 263. Riding 68. Agility 7. finally the Heavens. General 5. Rope Mastery 154. Re 100. Intelligence 8. LotR1261. LoR LoR Profession: Warrior. PR 104. use long bow ranges. In 105. Speed. Ambush 20. EARENDIL The son of T uor and Idril (daughter of T urgon) escaped the sack of Gondolin to marry Elwing (daughter ofDior. RM Spells: None . Pr 104. constant Alkar (MERP: Light 17). loR Stars: Strength 9. Subterfuge 9. First Aid 100. RM Skills: Acrobatics 90.000. Diplomacy 100.. Ag 102.RENDIL LvI: 100. Navigation (Lore) 175. IG 100. Perception 1 W. Weather-watching 165. Public-speaking (Influence) 96. Signaling 141. Dance (Athletic) 75. Perception 8. Climbing 85. Stalk/ Hide 130. x8 PP multiplier for any realm. Melee OB 14. Athletic Games (Athletic) 70. permits Essence casting with no penalties. PubliNpeaking 96. Seduction (Influence) 120. Missile OB 14. the Silmaril bound on his brow. Seduction I20. Subduing 120. Star-gazing 120. Swimming I 10. he sailed to Aman to plead with the Valar for aid against Morgoth. Race: Noldo/ Adan. Protection from Magic. Fire Bolt. will "dance" for up to 13 rounds by itself (or until it receives a . Endurance 223. Ambush 20. EARENDIL IN MERP/RM: adamant and gold ben. EARENDIL MERP IN Hits: 245 Melee OB: 395 Missile OB: 440 AT: PI (140). . In the end. Music (Artistic) 130. Meditation 120. Adrenal Moves 90. Diving 80. Sailing (Athletic) 180. Signaling 141. Movement 6. Names: (Q. DIOR'S ITEMSOF NOTE Annor-Unencumbering. Sailing 180. Climbing 85. Acting 78. Home: Gondolin. Camouflage.. MERP/RM: AT PI/20 (+60 DB). With the aid of one of the Silmarils given to him by Elwing. Luck. Defense 7. First Aid 100. and gathered the Amur for a last march into Endor to cast down the Black Enemy. Movement 4. Weather-watching (Sky-Watching) 165.900. MERP/RM: +45 DB. stores 3 spells/day simultaneously of any level. "Lover of the Sea"). Me 100. Perception I ro. Agility 9. Ring-Emerald MERP Spells: None. LoR Spells: None. SD 105. Defense 7. Rl\1[ Profession: Fighter. -Mithril and laen. Qu 101. Manwe found sympathy. MERP Stars: ST 102. Swimming 110. Two-handed Sword-s-May be wielded with one hand.

Light Law list. Knows all Animist Base lists. Riding 92. MERPjRM: +90 OB. MERP Skills: Acting 130. Charm Animals. Electric. Appraisal 125. Home: Tirion. wan !i G··ti")W· h ' 1t reat crown fashioned oftwigs from the Two Trees and swan plumes. Qu r03. and all Open Essence lists to 10th level. Name: (Q. IG 103. ST 98. RM: Protects as AT 20 (+30 DB). She bore Fin arf n five children: Finrod. Defense 3. Item Analysis.345. triple the normal range and no distance subtractions. Orodrerh. Protects the head as a full helm (no spell casting penalties) and negates 50% of head critica]s. Runes 140. Meditation 180. Pr I04. Agility 8. C rown (AI . Perception 8. and Illusions list are at the disposal of this wielder of the Silmaril.334. + I00 to hiding (chameleon properties ). CO 96. Race: Teler. Wearer may take the form of a giant swan for 88 hours/week..EARENDIL'S PRINCIPAL hEMS EARWEN ]N ROLEMASTER Bow (CuthalionH"Strong Bow") An Eiven longbow.341. Re 99. she was the daughter of Olwe and wife to Finarfin (a Noldo).. . Ag 102. Directed Spells I10. RM Skills: Acting 130. Astrologer Starlight:>. "Sea-lady")' EARWEN IN MERP Hits: 200 Melee OB: 24 Missile OB: 120 AT: PI (I50). EARWEN'S PRINCIPAL ITEMS Lvi: 115. Ill. 177. Linguistics 26~. . Finarfin's offspring could claim kinship with Thingol GreycIoak. Seduction (Influence) 150. Dance (Athletic) 140.. Movement 4. First Aid 90. Seduction ISO. allowing Earendil to find Aman. constant Alkar (MERP' Light V). Clairvoyance. Read Sil 60. Appraisal 125. Subterfuge 9. LoR Experience Points: 50.. Em 103.Dance 140. 315. MERP/RM: +45 DB. Music (Artistic) 175. Healing. RM Stats: Co 96. All such spells have lOx normal range. Spell-mastery ISO. and Essence Light Law (and beyond) are at the disposal of this wielder of the Silmari!. Star-gazing 165. Directed Spells 110. GeneralS. Perception 180. casts Swimming True for 8 hours /' day.325. First Aid 90. Angrod. it was the instrument of Ancalagon's demise. Robes of Aman-Naturally silvery-white in color. SO 101.ding (chameleon properties).700. PR 104. Swimming 122. 306. Read Runes 140. Holy. Fire Bolt. . Singing 180.. RM Spells: 575 PP (xI2 PP multiplier). St 98. x12 PP multiplier for any profession. MERP / RM: +88 OB. . acts as a spear. IT 105. It burned away the mists which d guarded the Undying Lands. Meditation 180. and Unbalancing criticals. Holy: it had. Staves & Wands 130. Melee OB 2. Use Item 130. Intelligence 8.. Endurance 272. RM Profession: Astrologer. Diplomacy (Influence) 120. + 100 to hi. Perception ISO. Diplomacy 120. bound with golden mithril and adorned with an adamant ruby. casts Lightning Bolt 8x/ day (+88. Hies. Me 100. Protection from Animals.quanna HQ "s . 200 Melee OB: 24 Missile OB: 120 AT: 20 (ISO). Earwen was the niece of Elwe Thingcl: through her. Staff of Light~Mal1orn MERP Statse AG 102. EARWEN An Elda of the T eleri. 304~9.348. . Magical 10. In IDS. EARwEN ]N LoR Readsa l22. casts Bladcturn or Diflauon once a round at a thought. 312. Riding 92..354. Appearance: r03. Sustenance. MERP Profession: Animist. 298~300. Swimming 122. Singing (Influence) 180. Concentration. Missile OB 8. the Silmaril was absolved of its injurious qualities (perhaps by the grace of VOIr a). 305. MERP: AU of the powers of the Sound/Light Ways list. wearer is impervious to aU heat or cold. additional Heat. Music 175. 8x concussion hits). Stalk/Hide 180. all Open and Closed Channeling and Mentalism lists to 20th level. Samaril~When borne by Earendil. 319-22. Aegnor. Shield. MERP Spells: 575 PP (x12 PP multiplier). Knows all Astrologer base lists to 50th lvl. 302. RM: All of the powers of the Channeling Light's Way list. LoR Spells: Calm. and area of effect. MERP: Protects as AT PI (+30 DB). Stalk/Hide 180. Mentalist Brilliance list. EARWEN LoR Stats: Strength 5. and Galadriel. duration. aU Open Channeling. Stargazing (Sky-Watching) 165.. casts Mystic Base spell Displacement Vat a thought. LoR Profession: Bard.

Magical 4. Dance 40. LoR Spells: Healing.. IT 99. Public-speaking 84. Public-speaking (Influence) 84. Music 80. Stalk/ Hide 110. Knows Detection Mastery. Movement 6. Music (Artistic) 80. Me 94. Adrenal Moves 65. Administration (Influence) 75. and Concussion's Ways to 10th IvI. A mighty warrior. Signaling 54. and one ofT urgon' s two chieflieutenants. Perception 120. ST 109. IG 93. Endurance 172. Swimming 80. . Subduing 102. Acting 60. the Lord of the Balrogs. He was tall (7'3"). Stalk/Hide 110. Athletic Games (Athletic) 95. the guardian of the innermost gate.ECTHELION (OF THE FOUNT A1N) Ecthelion was tremendously strong and stalwart. Perception 8. Climbing 90. MERP Spells: 100 PP (x3 PP multiplier). Administration 75. Purifications. but distinguished by a herculean physique uncommon among the Eldar. and Surface Ways to 10th IvI. RM Stars: Co 107. Qu !O4. Leadership (Influence) lOS. General 5. in single combat. Ag 104. RM Spells: 100 PP (x3 PP multiplier). ECTHELION IN LoR Profession: Bard. Ecthelion was a captain ofGondolin. Subterfuge 8. Light's Way. Strategy/Tactics (Lore) 95. Dance (Athletic) 40. Intelligence 5. Climbing 90.000. Purification. In 99. outdone only by the greatest kings and princes among the Elves. Martial Arts Sweeps 45. LoR Stars: Strength 9. Missile OB 12. ECTHEUON LvI: SO. SO 106. Ambush 19. MERP Stats: AG 104. Leadership 105. Re 93. Eiil'tndil MERP Hits: 225 Melee OB: 315 Missile OB: 265 AT: PI (280). Riding 95. Strength. MERP Profession: Warrior. Athletic Games 95. St 109. Linguistics 10*. CO 107. Likewise his courage and srrength of will was such that he could stand before Gothmog. Riding 95. Frenzy I!O. Defense 7. Home: Gondolin. Acting 60. PR 103. However he is best remembered for the remarkable feat of slaying Gothmog. Pr !O2. RM Profession: Fighter. Appearance: 101. Melee 08 13. Ambush 19. Em 90. LoR Experience Points: 42. Strategy/Tactics 95. Race: Noldo. ECTHEUON IN ROLEMAsTER Hits: 225 Melee OB: 3 I 5 Missile OB: 265 AT: 20 (280). MERP Skills: Acrobatics 60. Swimming 80. Perception 120. Sound/Light's Way. In that contest Ecthelion also RM Skills: Acrobatics 60. Martial Arts Sweeps 45. ECTHEUON IN LoR died. Agility 8. Knows Detection Mastery. Martial Arts Stalking 60. Signaling 54. Martial Arts Striking 60.

Holy. . etc. Home: Nargothrond. MERP: AT PI (+88 DB) Constant Utterlight I. fire. casts An Elf ofN argothrond.111 helm with an adamant diamond set upon a silver spike. electtrtcity. (Celebcollo }-(S. Trolls. LvI: 70. Edrahil very perceptively persuaded Finrod to tum his crown and throne over to Orodreth. IG 103. "Helm of the Star Jewel") A mithril £1. MERP Stats: AG 102. 239. floats before its bearer to protect him. undead).• heat.ECTHEUON'S PRINCIPAL ITEMS EDRAHIL Helm (ElmirtholHS. no spell casting penalties. Edhrahi[ Spell Bending True 5x/day (MERP: Dispel Essence and Dispel Channeling). RM: AT 20 (+88 DB). ST W4. his own brother. EORAHD. acts as Resist Heat except that it protects against all natural elements (e. CO 103. negates 50% of head crits: wearer cannot be stunned. casts Dreams ill Ix/day. 55-56.g ... Then he and nine others accompanied Finrod as he went with Beren and Luthien on the quest of the Silmaril. MERP: Constant Light V. instead of simply casting the authority away. constant Displacement ill and Haste X 3x/ day. constant Bladeturn and Haste ill 9x/ day. RM: +44 to DB and maneuvers. casts Commune True Ix/day. Read Sil194. "Demon Cleaver") 2-handed battle axe. Race: Noldo. additional Electric and Unbalancing criticals. Shield (Tinmirthalion}-(S. PR IOO. ECTHEUONS LESSER ITEM OF NOTE Dagger-5x/ ranges. Constant Utterlight V. "Brilliant Armor") Unencumbering mithril. ice. "Shield of Sparkling Jewels") Full shield. of slaying minions of Morgoth (demons. 242.) and its bonus is 20. Edrahil was the greatest of the loyalists who refused to forsake their allegiance to King Finrod Felagund. EORAHIL IN MERP Hits: 225 Melee OB: 335 Missile OB: 320 AT: PI (140)' MERP Profession: Warrior. Orcs. Battle Axe (Kirrauko )-{S. acts as True Armor (Elemental Shields Ivl SO). MERP / RM: +45 DB. wearer cannot fumble maneuvers. MERP/RM: +50 OB. Cloak. Armor (RilennonHS. He perished with Finrod in Sauron's pits in Tol-in-Gaurhorh. cold. MERP: +44 to DB and maneuvers. MERP/RM: +300B. IT 98. UT 46. weapon striking shield must save vs a 20th level Weapon Slaying. RM: Constant Alkar. transparent blue laen faceplate. dragons. 50-5Z. "Silver Cloak").

MERP Spells: None. LoR Stats: Strength 8. Contortions 170. Crafting (Craft) 170. Public-speaking (Influence) 92. Administration 100. Strategy /T actics (Lore) I03. AG 98. Singing (Influence) 210. Home: Aman. EORAHIL IN ROLEMASTER ELEMMiRE An Eldaof the Varryar. St 84. Endurance I82. Athletic Games (Athletic) I45. RM Stats: Co 103. Qu 89. Singing 84. Diplomacy 210. Pr 100. Seduction 185. Runes 150. Caving 100. Contortions 70. ELEMMiRE IN Hits: 225 Melee OB: 335 Missile OB: 320 AT: 20 (140)' RM Profession: Fighter. Seduction 90. RM Stats: Co 88. Stalk/Hide 150. Directed Spells 125. Subterfuge IO.MERP Skills: Acrobatics 76. Architecture 80. Linguistics 40*. Publicspeaking 92. 174. Me 107.. Administration 80. SD 106. all Open and Closed Mentalism lists to 50th level. Acting 200. Leadership (Influence) 124. RM Profession: Seer. Martial Arts Sweeps 80. Acting 45. Riding 100. Seduction (Influence) 185. RM Spells: None. Armor-Minimum RM Skills: Acrobatics 120. Dance (Athletic) 260. Star-gazing (Sky-Watching) 151. MERP Stats. Perception 9. Contortions 70. RM Skills: Acrobatics 76. EORAHIL'S LESSER iTEMS OF NOTE Hits: 190 Mdee OB: 175 Missile OB: 70 AT: 20 (103). Spell-mastery 163. Martial Arts Sweeps 80. Stalk/Hide 200. Martial Arts Striking 80. Intelligence 6. penalty only -20. Knows aLI Seer and Bard base lists to 50th level. Diplomacy (Influence) 210. Riding 96. IG 107. Me 90. ReadSil 170. SD 95. Administration (Influence) IOO. Qu 101. Swimming no. Swimming 100. Caving 100. Acting 200. Staves & Wands ISO. General 5. MERP/RM: May fire every round without penalty. Adrenal Moves 60. Athletic Games (Athletic) 80. The song laments the grievous tale of the destruction of the Two Trees by Morgoth and Ungo1iant. Use Item ISO. Defense 5. Names: (Q. Caving 95. Perception 225. Singing 210. Directed Spells 125. Appraisal 180. In 106. Read Runes ISO. Diving (Athletic) ISO. Diving 150. Athletic Games 145. CO 88. Ambush 24. Leadership 124. Ag 98. Stalk/Hide 150. Administration (Influence) 80. Em 96. Swimming 1 IO. Star-gazing 151. Cookery I24. LoR. Full Shield. RM Spells: 540 PP (xI2 PP multiplier). Em 102. Magical 3. Riding 100. Caving 95. . Knows all Mage Base list. PR I07.900. Music 95. Martial Arrs Stalking 80. LoR Experience Points: 45. Missile OB 13. Re I06. Athletic Games 80. Ag 102. ELEMMIRE LvI: 90. Appearance: 106. ST 84. Appraisal 180. Perception 225. Movement 5. Linguistics 15*. Strategy /T actics r 03. St 104. Appearance: 99. War Hanuner. Race: Vanya. Frenzy 120. this minstrel wrote the Aldudenie known to all the Calaquendi. MERP Hits: I90 Melee OB: 175 Missile OB: 70 AT: PI (r03). Perception 145. Cookery 124. MERP/RM: AT PI/20 (+45 DB). Architecture (Lore) 80. EORAHTL IN MERP Skills: Acrobatics 120. MERl?/RM: +45 OB. Light Crossbow. Climbing 120. Stalk/ Hide 200. Crafting 170. MERP/RM: +30 OB.. Spells: None. Ambush 24. Music (Artistic) 95. MERP Spells: 540 PP (x12 PP multiplier). Swimming 100. In 98. 172. Melee OB 13. Music (Artistic) 200. ELEMMiRE IN ROLEMASTER LoR LoR Profession: Bard. Agility 7. Riding 96. Bard Base lists. Pr 107. Re 103. "Star-jewel"). Diplomacy (Influence) 125. Subduing 112. Dance 260. Signaling 95. Seduction (Influence) 90. Music 200. Acting 45. Climbing 120. IT 106. Singing (Influence) 84. Signaling 95. Contortions 170. MERP Profession: Bard. and Open Essence lists to lath level. Perception 145. Diplomacy 125.

MERP/RM: AT Pl/20 (+30 DB). General 3. Note: See illustration on page 3. Dagger. Magical 5. ELENDOR IN ROLEMASTER Hits: 125 Melee OB: I60 Missile OB: 160 AT: 17 (70). ELEMMtRE'S hEMS OF NOTE Robes of Aman. MERP/RM: +20 Missile OB. Armor-Shimmering chain mail is made of mithril. Leadership 89. Trickery 64. ELENDOR'S PRINCIPAL ITEMS ELENDOR~ Elendor is a powerful warrior. Shield. Agility 4. SeeICE's Court of Ardor 24. Dance (Artistic) 76. but she has little use for such artificial structures. Trickery 64. Strategy & Tactics 78. MERP Skills: Acrobatics 65. Strategy & Tactics (Lore) 78. Composite Bow-Enchanted. Climb 62. Mind's Door. Item Analysis. ELENDOR IN Read sa 76. The sight of the Lady striding into the ranks of her enemies-her glistening blade hewing and hacking-is an image those lucky enough to survive rarely forget. Appearance: I03. General 7. Melee OB 10. In 45. Missile OB 10. Climb 62. LoR Stars: Strength 4. MERP Stats: ST 97. casts a 10th level Sleep X spell when it delivers a critical (sleep for 1 rnd/IO% failure). It irks Elendor that SOldun's position as Lord of Swords is considered higher than her own. Defense 5. SO 95. Diving 79. Co 92. Athletic Games 90. Seduction 56. Swim 75. Intelligence 8. Broadsword-Clear laen broadsword with good balance and an exceptionally sharp edge. Subterfuge I I. Dance 76. and there are few brave enough to withstand her ferocity in the realm of the court. Perception 12. RM Skills: Acrobatics 65. can cast spells from the Shifting. RM Stats: St 97. Em 23. Missile OB 6. Qu 98.600. Sleep. Luck. RM Profession: Fighter. RM Spells: None. CO 92. "Lady of the Stars"). Movement 2. ELENDOR Ring-Allows the user to move with Haste (or Speel) for four rounds once per day. much less that of the battlefield. Race: Noldo. PR92. LoR Experience Points: 18. MERP: Constant Bladeturn). Harp. Pr 89. LvI: 16. MERP/RM: +33 DB. and Movement lists to 50th level using the wielder's power points. Lady of the Suit of Swords (in the Court of Ardor). Adrenal Defense 89. Ag 78. LoR Spells: None. MERP: xI2 PP multiplier. MERP/RM: AT PI/I7. MERP Hits: 125 Melee OB: 160 Missile OB: 160 AT: PI (70). Home: Tirgoroth in southern Middle-earth. Diving (Athletic) 79. Perception 31. The ring is attuned to £lendor and can be used by no other. Athletic Games (Athletic) 90. Melee OB 10. IG 28. . Perception 3. Defense 2. Only when crossing her blade with a foe's sword does she come truly alive. +20 DB. Stalk/Hide 75. Endurance 239. Swim 75. Boat Handling 79. Perception 3 I. LoR LoR Profession: Warrior. IT 44. At 6'5" and 185 pounds. LoR Experience Points: 45. can cast spells from the Living Change and Lofty Movement lists to 10th level using the wielder's power points. Cloak of Mists-Silence at will. MERP Spells: None. +33 to maneuvers. Re 32. +100 to hi. Magical 0. she is a statuesque Noldo in prime condition. LoR Spells: Balance. Adrenal Moves 78. it provides excellent protection without weighing the wearer down. Names: Elendor (S. (RM: Constant Displacement V. Seduction 56.000. Intelligence 0.ding. Clairvoyance. Stalk/Hide 75. Endurance 78. Movement 5. Agility 3. It can also summon a great bird of Tirgoroth to the user at need. MERP/RM: +35 OB. AG 88.ELEMMfRE IN LoR loR Profession: Bard. Calm. Me 43. Charm Animals. MERP/RM: +25 OB. Subterfuge 6. LoR Stats: Strength 3. Leadership (Influence) 89. ELENDOR IN MERP Profession: Warrior. Boat Handling 79. RM: xl2 PP multiplier for Mentalism.

They decided to remain with the Dunedain into the Fourth Age after Elrond departed over the sea. Dance 145. Name: (Q. Public-speaking 97. "Elf-man")' LoR Profession: Bard. Stalk/Hide 131. Singing (Influence) 141. Like his brother. allows frce usc of Sound/ Light's Ways and Spell Defense lists to IOth using wielder's power points. In addition to these exploits. .and fought their way to Pelatgir. and Open Channeling lists to 10th level. Appearance: 105. Perception 8.000. ELENWE during the terrible Robes of Meditation-c--x? PP multiplier any realm. Star-gazing (Sky-Watching) 122. thus choosing mortality along with their sister Arwen.. CO 80. Em 99. MERP Hits: 1. x7 ranges on information and communication spells. She perished Crossing of the Helcaraxe. n. Movement 3. 135 Melee OB: 140 Missile OB: 0 AT: 2 (90). Staves & Wands 98. Calm. PR I06. all Open Channeling and Mentalism lists to IOth Iv!' all Open Channeling and Mentalism lists to 20th lvl. ELENWE IN ROLEMASTER Hits. Missile OB 0. Seduction 98. ST78. MERP Stars: AG 90. Meditation 121. Charm Animals. Music (Artistic) 135 •. Strength. ELLADAN LvI: 25. Bright Staff. away on many campaigns. MERP: +50 DB. allows free use of Light's Way and Repulsions lists to 50th using wielder's power points. Weather-watching 96. They sailed from there with the host of Lebennin and Langstrand and arrived at a critical time during the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. Use Item 98. held the respect of these mighty individuals. Elladan . They rode to the north with the Dunedain to aid Aragorn. Agility 4. Defense 3. Directed Spells 20. RM Stats: Co 80. they accompanied him through the Paths of the Dead. Directed Spells 20. RM Skills: Acting 165. Race: Vanya. Item Analysis. The brothers were Half-elves and so had the same choice presented to Elros and Elrond: human life and mortality. General 5. Melee OB 9. Concentration. Subterfuge 9. Perception 126. In I06. loR Stats: Strength 2. but never forgot her suffering.98. Spell-mastery I IS. RM Spells: 390 PP (x7 PP multiplier). Race: Half-elf. Read Runes 88. Stalk/Hide 131. both were part of the councils of the Lords of the West-indeed. Linguistics 30*. Ag 90. Magical 6. Meditation 121. Clairvoyance. W cather-watching (Sky-Watching) 96. Names: LoR (S. Jeweled Headband-Mithril and star-jewels. Open Essence lists.Perception 126. MERP Spells: 390 PP (x7 PP multiplier). Sleep. Endurance 197. Pr 106.35 Melee OB: 140 Missile OB: 0 AT: No (90). LoR Spells: Balance. MERP / RM: +30 DB. Qu 88. Music 135. Knows all Astrologer base lists to 50th lvl. Riding 98. loR Experience Points: 27. RM: +50 DB. Riding 98.arrd Elrohir demonstrated their thoroughly heroic and wise characters often in the War of the Ring.ELENWE ELENWE'S ITEMS OF NOTE An Elda of the Vanyar. Me 104. Dance (Athletic) 145. St 78. "Star-maid"). LvI: 65. he swore vengeance against all Orcs when Celerbrian was captured and held. Elenwe was wife to T urgon and the mother of Idril. RM Profession: Astrologer. Home: Imladris. SD 103. l36. Runes 88. ELENWE IN . Seduction (Influence) 98. Read sa 90. Singing 141. ELENWE IN ELLADAN Elladan was one of the twin sons of Elrond and Celebrlan (the other being Elrohir). IG 98. Public-speaking (Influence) 97. Home: Titian. They hunted Orcs relentlessly thenceforth. The brothers succeeded in rescuing their mother. Star-gazing 122. Intelligence 6. Knows all Animist Base lists. or Elvish life with immortality. IT 106. MERP/RM: +30 DB. MERP Skills: Acting 165. Gondolin. wearer heals 3 hits/minute outside under a star-lit night sky. MERP Profession: Animist. either +50 to stalking and hiding or Alkar (MERP: Light V) at will.

Athletic Games (Athletic) 80. Star-gazing (Sky-Watching) 55. concussion hits are doubled. very bright within 100'). Singing 110.. Foraging 92. . Seduction 82. silent. MERP Skills: Acrobatics 40. casts Haste X on wielder 3x/ day (MERP: Haste Il19x/ day). Knows all Ranger base lists to 20tb and 4 Open Channeling to IOrh Ivl.500. Leatherworking (Craft) 68. Tracking 100. First Aid 85.456. LoR Spells: Calm. Movement 5. Swimming 86. In I03. Athletic Games 80. MERP/RM: AT 20 (+20 DB). Music 112. "Cloak of the Sky") sky blue. of slaying Orcs and T rolls. Strategy/Tactics (Lore) 80. Ag 102. Linguistics 16*. Martial Arts Striking 65. ST 101. Fletching 65. Woodcarving 35. Subterfuge 8. Strategy IT aeries 80. First Aid 85. IT 103. Star-gazing 55. Tracking TOO. glows cold blue in vicinity of Orcs (dim within 1000'.300. LoR Experience Points: 31. Em 94. Caving 68. Caving 68. Seduction (Influence) 82. Leather-working 68. Weather-watching 60. MERP/RM: +25 OB. s. Rope Mastery 45. Knows all Ranger Base lists and all Open Channeling lists to 10th level. LotRill 60. ELLADAN'S PRINCIPAL ITEMS Sword-Gurthdur (S. Mathematics (Lore) 50. Leapillg lOx/daily. RM Skills. Cloak (MenelcolloHS. Sustenance. Acting 35. PR 98. fires every round with no penalty. Herding 12. Use Item 65. Acting 35. MERP/RM: +20 OB. Music (Artistic) 1I2. Meditation 90. Adrenal Moves 80. Martial Arts Stalking 65. MERP Profession: Ranger. Endurance I10. Elladan & Eirobil' EllADAN LoR Profession: Bard. Acrobatics 40. Navigation (Lore) 65. Skiing (Athletic) 75. Sailing 30. MERP Spells: 100 PP (x4 PP multiplier). MERP Stats: AG 102. Meditation 90. Ambush 12.Weather-watching (SkyWatching) 60. RM: +30 DB.rOL Qu 102. Herding 12. Singing (Influence) 110. Swimming 86. Melee OB 10. Ring-Wearer can move without leaving footprints or sounds continuously. Leadership (Influence) 80. Signaling 90. Appearance: 99. cloak allows gliding from heights (drop IOO'/rnd and saiI100'/rnd) as often as desired (requires a high point to drop from). Pick Lock 42. tasarung and ogamur.389. Intelligence 7. Frenzy 65. Signaling 90. IG 98. Re 100. RM Spells: 100 PP (x4 PP multiplier). Rope Mastery 45. IN LoR LoR Stats: Strength 6. rnithril. continuous Landing True. Sailing (Athletic) 30. Me 97. Healing. I 39. Foraging 92. Leadership 80. CO 98. 468. Climbing 91. SO 100. Perception 96. Staves & Wands 65. Agility 7. Magical 4. Camouflage. ELLADAN ROLEMASTER IN Hits: ISO Melee OB: 170 Missile OB: 165 AT: 20 (120). Subduing 95. Pick Lock 42. continuous Landing. Animal Training 30. Pr 98. Read LotR. "Death of the Dark") Sister sword to Gordur. RM Stats: Co 98. Wood-carving (Craft) 35. Stalk/Hide I 11. Disarm Trap 86. has only a-20 minimum maneuver penalry. Mathematics 50. "Sudden Bow") Sister bow to Cucaran. Disarm Trap 86. Riding lOI.ELLADAN MERP IN Hits: ISO Melee OB: 170 Missile OB: 165 AT: PI (120). Defense 5. Fletching (Craft) 65. RM Profession: Ranger. Climbing 91. MERP: +30 DB. Navigation 65. Riding 101. Perception 7. General 4. Skiing 75. Animal Handling 30. Creal letlp 5x/ daily. Stalk/Hide 1I I. Bows-c-Cubragol (S. Ambush 12. but changes color to that of surroundings if desired (+50 hiding). Missile OB 10. ELLADAN'S LESSERITEMSOF NOTE Plate Armor-Of deep blue steel and mithril. Perception 96. all ranges are tripled. MERP/RM: x4 PP multiplier.

ELROHIR One of the twin sons of Elrond and Celebrian. Martial Arts Striking 65. Meditation 90. and goblins-to exterminate these threats to travellers and peaceable folk. Names: (S. Perception 96. Endurance I10. Ambush 12. IT 103. Riding 101. Missile OB 10. Ring-Wearer can move continuously without leaving footprints or sounds. General 4. MERP/RM: AT Pl/20 (+20 DB). Disarm Trap 86. very bright within 100'). Linguistics 16*. Weather-watching (Sky-Watching) 60. Stalk/Hide 1 I 1. Track 100.. Signaling 90. Climbing 91. MERP/RM: x4 PP multiplier. Plate Armor-Of deep blue steel and mithril. ELR. "Dread of the Dark") Sister sword to Gordur. 389. concussion hits are doubled. LoR Experience Points: 3 I. Staves & Wands 65. ELROHIR'S PRlN'CIPAl. Athletic Games 80. Sing II 0. The pair were often absent from Rivendejl. Riding 101. ELR. Leather-working 68. Leadership 80. MERP Skills: Acrobatics 40. 75. wargs. Fletching (Craft) 65. Herding 12. ELROHIR all Open Channeling lists to IN ROLEMASTER Hits: ISO Melee OB: 170 Missile OB: 165 AT: 20 (120). Ag I02. ST 101. silent. Me 97.OHIR RM Spells: 100 PP (x4 PP multiplier).OHIR'S LESSER ITEMS OF NOTE HS. Caving 68.300. In 103. Camouflage. Martial Arts Stalking 65. Mathematics (Lore) 50. Ambush 12. Intelligence 7. Bow-s-Cdcaran (S.468. PR 98. RM Stats: Co 98. Athletic Games ( Athletic) 80. Ski. Animal Handling . Sustenance. Leadership (Influence) 80. Acting 35. Mathematics 50. Adrenal Moves 80. Caving 68. Perception 7. Subterfuge 8. Seduction (Influence) 82. fires every round with no penalty. Em 94. casts Ha~teX on wielder 3x/ day (MERP: Haste 1l19x/ day). cloak allow gliding from heights (drop IOO'/rod and sail 100'/ rnd) as often as desired (requires a high point to drop from). MERP Profession: Ranger.456.500. MERP /RM: +25 OB. Home: ImIadris. of slaying Orcs and Trolls. LoR Spells: Calm. mithril. Race: Half-elf. Seduction 82. Elrohir swore vengeance with his brother Elladan against all Orcs after their mother was captured by such. tasarungand ogamur. no. Leaping 1Ox/ daily. MERP Stats: AG 102. Magical 4. Appearance: 99. RM Skills: Acrobatics 40. Swimming 86. Rope Mastery 45.c) 30. Leather-working (Craft) 68. Knows all Ranger base lists to 20th and 4 Open Channeling to 10th IvI. IG 98. Wood-carving 35 . Swim 86. First Aid 85. Use Item 65. often away on campaigns. Navigation 65. Strategy/ Tactics 80. Meditation 90. . Acting 35. ITEMS LvI: 25. Melee OB 10. Foraging 92. Sailing (Athleti. Foraging 92. Agility 7. all ranges are tripled.OHIR IN MERP Hits: ISO Melee OB: 170 Missile OB: 165 AT: PI (120). LoR Stats: Strength 6. Singing (Influence) Skiing (Athletic) 75. Healing. Tracking 100. Cloaks (Menelcollo "Cloak of the Sky") normally sky blue but changes color to that of surroundings if desired (+50 hiding). CO 98. Pick Lock 42. Music (Artistic) Il2. has only a -20 minimum maneuver penalty. Great Leap Sx/ daily. MERP: +30 DB. Weather-watching 60. seeking dens of evil-the lairs of wolves. Climbing 91. Star-gazing55. continuous LAnding True. Perception 96. Read LctR 139. Subduing 95. Frenzy 65. SO 100. "Red Bow") Sister bow to Cubragol. Rope Mastery 45. Defense S.. Fletching 65. Re 100. Wood-carving (Craft) 35. Sword-Gordur (S. MERP Spells: IOO PP (x4 PP multiplier). Music 112. Pr 98. RM: +30 DB. RM Profession: Ranger. St 1OJ. LctRll160. Knows all Ranger Base lists and 10th level. "Star-rider")' ELR. glows cold blue in vicinity of Orcs (dim within 1000'. ELROHIR IN LoR LoR Profession: Bard. Strategy/Tactics (Lore) 80. Movement 5..30. Herding 12. First Aid 85. Animal Traintng 30. Qu 102. continuous Landing. Navigation (Lore) 65. Pick Lock 42. Stalk/Hide III. Disann Trap 86. Sailing 30.. Signaling 90. MERP/RM: +20 OB. Star-gazing (Sky-Watching) 55.

enraged that the Noldor were not enslaved by the One Ring. Elrond's influence was also felt at the end of the Age. Staves & Wands 116. and struck by a poison dart. Adrenal Moves 80. Adrenal Defense SO. and Elrond healed her wounds. Swimming 108. MERP Spells: 255 PP (x9 PP multiplier). Soon after the beginning of the War of the Elves and Sauron. planning to recover the Rings of Power by force. The conflict closed the Second Age. or to eventually die as do men. Elrond could be demanding. Music 142. Gil-galad sent Elrond with a force to aid Celebrimbor. became a safe haven for Elves and Edain alike for the remainder of the Second Age and the entirety of the Third. The Third Age brought much joy and sorrow to Elrond.It was at that time (c. Architecture 101. being descended from Mehan and Thingol. Strategy/Tactics 125. Appraisal II 6. Subduing 130. Acting 131. Elrond again went to war by Gil-galad' s side and saw him fall (with Anarion and Elendil of the Edain) before Sauron. Elrond was not able to save Eregion. Foraging 90.IG IT 101. Bard Base lists. Administration 126. Directed Spells 125. he would not allow his daughter to marry any man less than the King of both Arnor and Gondor. when he sheltered Frodo. however: though he loved Aragorn. then Lindon in the Second Age until around 1693-97. Linguistics 45*. ageless life of the Elves. Public-speaking 130. Soon afterwards she took ship to the West. Crafting 95. Riding 103. Singing 120. the Last Homely House. Her sons rescued her. in the Misty Mountains. MERP Profession: Animist. Athletic Games 81. Ambush 20. but retreated with a number of survivors to a narrow valley along the western side of the Misty Mountains .A. Elrond served as Gil-galad's herald. The Dark Lord. Meditation I35. It saw the birth of his daughter Arwen and twin sons Elladan and Elrohir. Leather-working 80. Elrond knows all Animist Base lists. More specifically. MERP Skills: Acrobatics 60. Home: Originally Beleriand. Runes 126.. his wisdom sorely needed at that time of crisis. Navigation 65. Martial Arts Stalking 90. S. Seduction 100. Pick Lock 73. they were a blend of Maia.In the War of the Last Alliance. Martial Arts Sweeps 90. and Elrond was able to rescue the mightiest of the Three Elven Rings: Vilya. Spell-mastery 140. Climbing 98. AG 99. This refuge. Mathematics 95. ELROND IN MERP Hits: 230 Melee OB: 268 Missile OB: 250 AT: PI (143). Elda. It was in Rivendell that Aragorn was reared. 1697) that he founded Imladris. Open Channeling lists. Signaling 1 IS. Diplomacy 130. "Star Dome")' Elrond ELROND Elrond and his brother Elros were amoung the first of the Peredhil ("Half-dven"). PR 102. Despite their loss. Leadership 145. First Aid ISO. Race: Half-elf (Elda/ Adan/Maia). the Valar gave Elrond and Elros a choice: to be immortal as the Elves. CO 102. Because of their mixed immortal and mortal lineage. Star-gazing 138. 101. when the latter became King of Lindon. Stalk/Hide 130. the sons of Earendil the Mariner and Elwing the White. Dance 85. Ring of the Firmament. the soul departing to a place only Mandos knows. and Adan blood. ELROND LvI: 65(85). and Open Essence lists to 10th level. Names: (S. MERP Stars: ST 98.Weather-watching 126.. the endless. Perception lSI. both in Beleriand and in the early days of the Second Age. though not a fortress. Skiing 95. when he established Imladris ("Rivendell"). He presided over the Council where the fate of the One Ring was decided. assaulted Eregion and laid seige to Ost-in-Edhil. . the Alliance was victorious. learning from the greatest Loremaster alive. Elrond chose to live as the Firstborn. but she lost the desire to live in Middle-earth. Beren and Lurhren. Disarm Trap 68. But in 2509 his wife Celebrian was ambushed by Orcs.

Runes 126. Appearance: 105 ELROND IN LoR LoR Profession: Bard. Martial Arts Stalking 90. . Elrond could control the river in Rivendell. yet the Three were so powerful that the Dark Lord was unable to act upon his suspicions. Skii~g 95. it is amazing that the place remained hidden for so long. Leather-working 80. and the weather in the entire valley. the holders of the Elven Rings were free to utilize them to the fullest. Star-gazmg 138. Subduing 130. In appearance Vilya is a ring of pure gold set with a large. the wearer. Subterfuge 7. Crafting 95. (6) All healing done by wearer has one. Navigation 65. Ambush 20. Rivend~ll and Lorien held a special. (3) Wearer can deploy a continuous Prayer spell which adds +30 to any RRs and maneuver rolls made by friends within 30' of. Me 102. LoR Spells: All.third normal recovery time. Public-speaking 130. and Water Law lists to 10th level. Dance 85. Seduction 100. Movement 5. Staves & Wands 116. Earth Law. Pr 102. Directed Spells 125. Nondetec.spells can also be enacted with a radius to shield an entire area. Intelligence 8. . Diplomacy 130. Missile OB 12. General 3. RM Skills: Acrobatics 60. For example. 57. Stalk/Hide 130. Riding 103. Endurance 434. Athletic Garnes 81. RM Profession: Cleric (Bard. Appraisal II 6. Elrond was able to perform feats of restoration without equal in Middle-earth. he also has at his disposal the Base Bard and Cleric lists to 50th level. and recovery 1S always complete (with a few exceptions). and Inner Wall spells. or within sight of (whichever is greater). Utilizing a unique combination o~ healing skills (RM: Lay Healer and Clerical Healing skills).Weather-watching 126. clear blue sapphire. RM Spells: 255 PP (x9 PP multiplier). St 98. Mathematics 95. It was in Rivendell where Vilya abode that decisions were made. Music 142. spells (from Mystic Base list.Singing 120. As long as Sauron did not possess the One.900. Vilya is of healing and strengthening. and Liquid Manipulation to 60th level. Narya k~ndled hearts to action. Defense 5. These . Perception 151. Sauron's servants scoured the countryside and yet seemed unable to penetrate the veil about Irnladris. elusive status In Sauron s mind. Linguistics 45*. Nenya shielded. ELROND's PRINCIPAL ITEMS Vilya (Ring of Air)-Mightiest of the Three Elven Rings of Power. RM: Allows wearer free use of the Mentalist lists Gas Manipulation. Disarm Trap 68. Solid Manipulation. Ranges are variable but usually 10100x normal range listed. Re 101. with a concealed entry. Hiding). Spell-mastery 140. LoR Experience Points. a land of complete repose-almost retreat. SO 93. (4) +33 to Constitution Bonus and to Defensive Bonus. (8) Wearer cannot be stunned. Melee OB 12. Strategy/Tactics 125. Ern 100. (2) Wearer's RR is doubled when resisting detection by the Dark Lord. Adrenal Defense 50. Surely he must have been aware of th~mand perhaps even suspected that an Elven Ring was at work. Leadership 145. Architecture 10 1. Meditation 135. Elrond knows all Open and Closed Channeling and Mentalism lists to 50th level. First Aid I SO. Perception 10. (7) Wearer (or whomever he touches) regenerates at the rate of 10 hits/end.ELROND IN ROlEMASTER Despite Rivendell's location in a narrow valley Hits: 230 Melee OB: 268 Missile OB: 250 AT: 18 (143). Qu 100. LoR Stats: Strength 6. Indee~. Administration 126. Fighter). RM Stars. it was given to him by Gil-galad just before his departure as co-general of the Last Alliance of Men and Elves against Sauron. In 101. Acting 131. (5) MERP: Allows wearer free use of the Wind Law. Pick Lock 73. Ag 99. Agility 5. ELROND'S SPECIAL POWERS Healing-The Master of Rivendell had powers which transcend some of the concepts and restrictions in the spell lists. Adrenal Moves 80. Swimming 108. Martial Arts Sweeps 90. actions planned. . MERP/RM: Vilya's specific powers: (I) RM: Wearer can deploy continuous Unpresena spell. Magical 18. Lay Healer. Perhaps more than the other two rings. Co 102. Signaling lIS. Climbing 98. (9) Vilya acts as a PPx9 Enhancer (any profession). Foraging 90.

The youth went with his family to dwell in Menegroth after it was sacked by the Dwarves ofNogrod. LoR Experience Points. 15 DB. Climbing 70. MERP/RM: +50 OB. IG 96. the sons of Feanor renewed their hostility against all who withheld the gem from their possession. Defense 1.Sword (HelkaluineHQ. Circlet-Acts as a full helm. Em 102. Oior determined to raise the realm ofOoriath to new glory.231. but the oath of Feanor shortened his labors prematurely. RM Skills: Ambush 2. Agility 6. of ithilnaur with a gleaming edge of dear blue laen (enchanted glass). MERP/RM: +35 OB. 38 1-83. Caving 25.. General 0. bright within 100'). Me 90.. Stalk/Hide 55. LotRII 53. RM Profession: Fighter. It-like many of the weapons made at this time-glimmers with a chill blue light when near Orcs (dimly along the edges within 1000'. Elurin departed T 01 Galen and came with his family to Menegroth. MERP Spells: None. Movement 1. Climbing 70. Stalk/Hide 55. EmOND's LESSER ITEMS OF NOTE ELURED IN MERP Hits: 70 Melee OB: 140 Missile OB: I 10 AT: PI (lIS). Neither child was seen agalll. The glory ofDoriath waxed until the Nauglamir (with its Silmaril) came to Diorupon the deaths of Beren and Luthien. LvI: 5. "Elu's Heir"). The Sin dar of the Thousand Caves received them gladly and took Dior for their King. LoR Spells: None. RM: Wearer has continuous Unpresena. and Blur. no spell casting penalties.289~520. Elured was born on T 01 Galen.325-330. Pr 103. The Sindar there were prostrate with grief at the loss of their King. PR 103. RM: Confers the following powers to the wearer at will: Displacement V. They assaulted Menegroth. etc. Of Slaying Orcs and all creatures of Fire. IT 92. Riding 65. MERP Skills: Ambush 2. Diflections V. MERP Scats: AG 104. also has a 50% chance of simply annulling any head critical. Elurin was seized with his brother Elured by the servants of Celegorm and abandonned in the woods. MERP/RM: AT PI/IS (+30 DB). it is a great cloak of grey doth. slaying many. Race: Hal f-elf. determined to gain the jewel. Frenzy 20. Elven Longbow-Has triple the normal range. The sons of Feanor assaulted the stronghold. Subduing 20. Elured was abandoned in the woods with his brother Elurin by the servants ofCelegorm. Linguistics 3*. RM Stars: Co 103. Invisbility True. Read LotR I ZOO. ELURED Eldest son of Dior and Nimloth. ! Read Si1234. Diflections. . SO 90. In 92. Athletic Games (Athletic) 40. and so many of their kin. ELURED IN LoR LoR Profession: Bard. MERP Profession: Warrior. Singing 30. Ag 104. Music IS. Missile OB 9. Perception I. Invisbility 1. Foraging 25. OB. Singing (Influence) 30. Qu 105. MERp· Confers the following powers to the wearer at will: Bladeturn. delivering a Cold Critical whenever another Crit is indicated. Athletic Games 40. The sword cannot be fumbled when used by an Elf. Mantle of DoriathWoven by his ancestress Melian. Foraging 25. Helkaluine is also a weapon of coldfire. Resist Heat. CO 103. MERP/RM: +30 to all Bardic Songs. loR Scats: Strength 6. Endurance 45. ST 105. 236-237 ELURIN The second son ofDior and Nimloth. etc.750. and will Haste its wielder at a thought. When the Nauglamir and its Silmaril came to him upon the deaths of Beren and Luthien. Swimming 70. Music (Artistic) IS. No tale recounts their fate. Magical 0. Intelligence 4. Re 96. Names: (5. "Shining Blue Ice") Broadsword forged in Beleriand. RM Spells: None. Melee OB 9. EWREO'S LESSER ITEMS OF NOTE Silver Harp--AIways in tune. and Resist Cold. Caving 25. Swimming 70. Appearance: 101. Subterfuge 5. Queen. Home: Menegroth. Armor-Fine ithilnaur chain is virtually unencumbering. PI/I7 (+15 DB). LotRlII 57. ELURED Short Sword-+I5 Short Bow--+IS Target Shield-+ Breastplate-AT OB. St 105. 6. EwRi:D IN ROLEMASTER Hits: 70 Melee OB: 140 Missile OB: 110 AT: 17 (lIS). giving off an intense cold when desired by its wielder. It is also a Holy weapon. Riding 65. etc.

.. Swimming 60.. MERP/RM: +20 DB. Elwe's doom took shape when he acted to prevent the marriage ofLttthien to the heroic Adan Beren by demanding a Silmaril as bride price. MERP/RM: +5 OB. IN LoR LoR Stats: Strength 6. the Dwarves. . forbade the speaking ofQuenya in his realm. Meditation IO.. Thus Elwe's fate was sealed. He was considered High King of the Elves east of the sea. Usually cautious and wise.. Frenzy 30. his brother Olwe led the TeIeri over the sea. ~ .. Endmance 30. Although of the Urnanyar. Caving 20.-~ "--.. IloUle:~enegroth. Elwe was accounted a Calaquende because he witnessed the light of Aman when he traveled to the Undying Lands with Finwe and Ingwe before the Eldar began their long journey west. InteHigence 4. RM Stars: Co 101. LoR Spells: None. but he could not resist the beauty of the jewel which entrapped him. the third and last. ReadSil234. He was the tallest of Ern's children. For many years Elwe ruled Doriath guided by his own wisdom and the foresight of his Queen. of the Elda kindreds. Agility 6. 505.. MERP Stars: AG I06. Subterfuge 4. Movement 0. ST T03. Meditation 10. His domain prospered for many years. SD 96. CO 101. Elwe refused all intercourse with the House of Feanor after he learned of the Kinslaying at Alqualonde.~ ---.. Qu 106.Beren obtained one of the gems from Morgoth' s crown and brought it to Donath's King. Linguistics 4*. his fate became inextricably bound to Middleearth by his love for Melian the Maia. Elwe' MERP/RM: +5 OB. None. Suspicion developed between the Sindar and the Noldor when the latter did not recognize Elwe's authority as High King in Beleriand-and so flouted his wish for no interference by them in the affairs of the T eleri.:.. Music 30.. IG 98. RM Spells: None. When the King found these steadfast ones.~----. MERP Profession: Warrior. Stalk/Hide 45..EwRiN LvI: 3. Though he longed for Valinor. Race: Half-elf. Melee OB 7. He withstood the jealous. ITEMS OF NOTE EL WE SINGOLLO Elwe was King of the T eleri. _. Singing 25. Riding SO. MERP Spells. yet most populous.. . ELURiN LoR Profession: Bard. After great and terrible adventure.'~.. . MERP Skills: Ambush I. ELURiN's Short Sword. LoR Experience Points: 5. IT 95. . . Subduing 30. Short Bow. He had beautiful silver hair. Music (Artistic) 30. Magical 0.. Target Shield.. Defense I. coveting the treasure. Breastplate. Melian wed Elwe and bore him their lovely daughter Liithien Tinuviel. he remained with them and renounced his journey to the Undying Lands. -~ -. Riding 50.. Re 98. Appearance: .- MERP/RM: AT PI/I7. "Elu's Remembrance")' ELURiN IN MERP Hits: 50 Melee OB: 99 Missile OB: 109 AT: PI (80). . he grew proud and angry upon encountering injustice. ELURiN IN ROLEMASTER Hits: SO Melee OB: 99 Missile OB: 109 AT: 17 (80). Athletic Games (Athletic) 35. St 103. Important Dates: Died circa I. RM Profession: Fighter. Caving 20. slew him..---=i::""'__ ~-. Singing (Influence) 25. Missile OB 7.. RM Skills: Ambush L Athletic Games 35. standing an unprecedented 8'2". In 95. .. When he set the Silmaril in the N auglamir (a Dwarvish present received from Hurin ) and displayed it before those with even less resistence to its light than he. Climbing 45. Climbing 45. Em 100. Swimming 60.. 236-37 "- . Ag I06. Names: (S.. Perception 0. Pr 101. A few who did not think Elwe dead remained. oath bound sons of Feanor... General I..400. Me 90. While he wandered love-struck through the forests of Nan Elmorh._ . Stalk/Hide 45. PR 101. and denied the Edain enterance into Doriath.A.

Me 100. Protection from Magic. may cast Essence spells while wearing armor with no penalty.ctlUII 388. 261. Leadership (Influence) ISO. Dance 56. 143-44. Race: Sinda. Swimming 100. Re 103. Public-speaking (Influence) 145. Names: originally Sindacollo.400th level spell (i. + I0 Essence spell adder.183-86. Undead. . It is red eog. Perception 126. Closed. It is enchanted.e. Star-gazing (Sky-Watching) 125. Necklace (Nauglamir)--(S. Diplomacy 60. MERP/RM: +50 OB. Appraisal I II •. Ag 107. Music 130. It was perhaps ofDwarvish manufacture by the smiths of Nogrod. MERP: Gives wearer the ability to cast the Mage Base lists and open Essence lists to 10th level (using his own PPs). SD 104. Crafting 88. MERP/RM: AT Pl/20 Long Bow-2 (+50 DB). ELWE SlNGOLLO IN LoR Armor-Unencumbering. the wearer's Pr/PR stat bonus increases by +125. 91-97. Strength. Architecture 125. RM Skills: Acting 96. Agility 9. ReadSil52-53. Administration 121. MERP Profession: Warrior. Spell-mastery 100. and Magician Base Essence lists to SOth lvl. 55-56. Appearance: lOT. Missile OB 13. "Dwarf necklace") Inestimably costly. Intelligence 9. Star-gazing 125. Pr 105. does additional Heat criticals. Singing (Influence) 120. LoR Experience Points: 71. Home: first Donath in Beleriand. When burdened with the Silmaril. Subterfuge 9. Stalk/Hide 135. Noldor and Dwarves who see it must also resist a. MERP Spells: 600 PP (+ I0 spell adder). Item Analysis. all Open. Perception 9. I.166-68. Administration (Influence) 121. In 102. Magical 7. Elu Thingol (S. 190. Climbing 165. Fire Bolt. Climbing I65. Perception 126. RM Spells: 600 PP ( + 10 spell adder).. does triple concussion hits. Ambush 25. ELwE SINGOLLO'S PRINCIPAL ITEMS MERP Hits: 340 Melee OB: 350 Missile OB: 320 AT: PI (195).100. IT 102. Swimming 100. Concentration. Ambush 25. iu. "King's wrath") The great broadsword of Elwe in Doriath and later of the Kings of Numenor. Public-speaking 145. Dance (Athletic) 56. MERP/RM: +77 OB. set with many precious and heavy gems. Endurance 370. arrows/end with no penalty. negates 50% of head critrcals. Movement 7. protects head as a full helm. ELWE SINGOllO'S LESSER ITEMS OF NOTE Hits: 340 Melee OB: 3. RM Stats: Co 103. "King Greymantle")' ELWE SINGOLLO IN LoR Spells: Balance. a Passion Aura) or strive to obtain it even at the risk of near certain death. LotR! 260. Singing 120. 199.35. RM Profession: Fighter. and gives constant Alkar (MERP: Light V). Meditation 125. Camouflage. Crafting (Craft) 88. MERP/RM: Raises the wearer's Pr/PR stat bonus by 50. RM: Gives him the ability to cast the Magician Base lists and the open and closed Essence lists to 50th level (using his own PPs). ELWE SlNGOLLO IN ROLEMASTER Sword (Aranruth)--(Q. ST 107. MERP Skills: Acting 96. rchitecture A (Lore) 125. 58. Em 105. Riding 100. 227. l88. General 7. Frenzy 130. Caving 1. rests on the wearer's person lightly and comfortably. Melee OB 13. slaying vs Balrogs. any armor it strikes is treated as skin (i. 189.157. then the cave palace Menegroth by the enchanted river Esgalduin. Qu 107. Appraisal I I 1.. PR 105. Leadership ISO. Clairvoyance. Speed. CroWD (The Gift of Melian )-Elwe's crown. Goblins.172. Defense 7. Caving 135. LoR Stats: Strength 9. Strategy/Tactics 121. does not encumber.127-29. MERP Stats: AG 107. 231-33. Riding 100. 121. LoR Profession: Warrior. Seduction (Influence) I 10. no spell casting penalties. Meditation I25. Linguistics 13*. Strategy/Tactics (Lore) 121. Full Shield. Subduing 130. and Dragons. Stalk/Hide 135. Trolls. Wargs. Shield. CO 103. All Open Essence lists and Mage Base lists to 10th lvl. IG 105. speaks all Elvish and Dwarvish tongues. Seduction 110.ELWE SiNGOLLO Lvl: 50(120). Music (Artistic) 130. 20 i-02.50 Missile OB: 320 AT: 20 (195). AT No/I). MERP/RM: +50 DB. However. Diplomacy (Influence) 60. St 107. it is highly intelligent.e.

General 3. Dance (Athletic) I IS.. Diplomacy 140. In I05.fUll helm. W~en Fean~r's sons sought the SilmarlI at Elwing's home In Arvernien. Directed Spells 50. Rope Mastery 80.. Runes 135. ELWING 1 I 3. Stalk/Hide 185. aU Open and Closed Channeling to 20th lvl. Acting IOO. Knows all Base Animist lists. Swimming 175. Diplomacy (Influence) 140. x7 PP multiplier for Channeling. Pr I03. 291-3. 304-10. Defense 3. Home: Menegroth in Donath. wearer may take the form of a giant sea-bird and fly at 350'/rnd for 8 hrs/ Linguistics 25>Cl. There she married Earendil and bore him two sons: Elrond and Elros. Stalk/Hide 185. Me 103. Caving 80. . IT 105. St 84. Appearance: LvI: 50. Calm or Sleep given at will on a critical result (20th level effect for RR. Staves & Wands 120. RM Stats: Co 87. turning her mto a bird. Directed SpeUs 50. RM Profession: Animist. Seduction 145. Diving (Athletic) 126. Public-speaking (Influence) 125. Elwing persuaded the Teleri to sail the ships of the Host of Valin or. Speed.Intelligence 8. LoR Seats: Strength 4. Perception 190. finding refuge with the Elves who dwelt by the mouths of the river Sirion. she cast herself with the jewel into the sea. Music (Artistic) 120. ELWlNG IN LoR LoR Profession: Bard. Herding 80. Dance I IS. Use Item 120. PR 103. I round / 10 pt of failure of RR). Signaling ISO. SD 104. Meditation 75. P~r~eption 190. Star-gazing (Sky. RM Spells: 250 PP (x7 PP multipli. Movement 3. ST 84. +50 to stalking and hiding maneuvers. Singing (Influence) 160. Strength. Melee OB 9. no spell casting penalties.ELWING ~he daughter of Dior and Nimloth. Concentration. Read Runes 135. Subterfuge I I. Endurance 163. Navigation (Lore) 135. Charm Animals. Seduction (Influence) 145. LoR Spells: Calm. IG I03. Aman. Missile OB 4. 302. Race: Half-elf. they won through the Shadowy Seas. Read:Si1122. CO 87.. Robes. :MERP/RM: AT RL/I2 (+60). Rldmg 200. MERP/RM: Can cast Alkar (MERP: Light V) at wilL negates 50% of all headcrits. First Aid 90. Diving 126. Herding 80. Animal Training 135. She could speak with birds and was considered their patron. Sailing 95. LoR Experience Points: 33. MERP Spells: 250 PP ex7 PP multiplier). MERP Profession: Animist.Watching) I 10. First Aid 90. all Ranger base lists to 10th lvl. MERP Skills: Acrobatics 90. Naviga~i~n 135. RM Skills: Acrobatics 90. Camouflage.600. especially the birds of the Sea. Open Channeling lists. Wreath of Plumes-Made of the feathers of sea-birds . Staff. Magical 5. and while Earendil spoke to the Valar. Music I20. 178. ELWING EL WlNG IN ROLEMASTER Hits: 175 Melee OBi I45 Missile OB: 50 AT: 12 (105). Caving 80. Elwing escaped dun~g the attack by the sons of Feanor on Menegroth (unlike her brothers Elured and Elurfn who were lost). +30 to all moving maneuvers. Re T03. Knows all Base Animist to 30th lvl. Ag 96. protects wearer's head like a. She departed with the Nauglamir and its Silmaril. the White Tower on Belegaer. she remained of the Firstborn. Reunited with Earendil. . Climbing ISO. Acting 100. 315. Swimming 175. ELWlNG'S ITEMS OF NOTE Elwing the White. Arvernien. MERP Stats: AG 96. Animal Handling 135. Rldmg 200. Signaling ISO. however. Star-gazing 110. UIrno saved her. Em roo. Rope Mastery 80.. IN MERP Hits: 175 Melee OB: 145 Missile OBi 50 AT: RL (105). PUblic-speaking 125. Weather-watching (SkyWatching) IrO. Singing 160. willing to sacrifice herself rather than let the stone co~e into 7vil hands. Meditation 75. Climbing ISO. Elwing was the first to make the choice of the Halfe1~en. Names: (S. Spell-mastery 80. Foraging 120. Agility 5. Weather-watching Ira. and Ranger Base lists to IOth level. :MERP/RM: +45 OB. Perception I I. Sailing (Athletic) 95. Foraging 120. Qu 99. "Star-spray").

Frenzy 120. Race: Teler. Spell Enhancement. Foraging 125. Trap-building (Craft) 132. Tracking ISO. Riding 60. Gate Mastery. Foraging 125. Perception 180. and other articles is much more than a systematic process. Eol is renowned for his creation of the superlative metal galvom and the forging of the black swords Anglachel and Anguirel (see articles on Beleg and Maeglin for descriptions and stars of the swords). Ag 103. in Middle-earth. knows Rune Mastery. Re 106. MERP Spells: 455 PP (xlO PP mUltiplier). Rope Mastery known only to certain individuals or groups (such as tbe Gwaith-i-M{rdaln). conceived a traitorous son (Maeglin). Delving Ways. Stone-carving (Craft) 170. Unique rituals. RM Stats: Co 100. Tracking ISO. Home: the woods of Nan Elmoth. Riding 60. EO. Woodcarving (Craft) 160. He was tall (7'6") and exceptionally adept at learning.EOL Eol is accounted the most skilled of all the Siuda smiths. Smithing (Craft) 180. Pick Lock 125. IT 106. Mere tleveme« or skill or book-learning does not sl1Jice. Mathematics (Lore) 125. Swimming 40. Em 108. RM Skills: Ambush 22. Disarm Trap 110. . MERP Skills: Ambush 22. Swimming 40. Subduing 90. Crafting (Craft) 190. Runes 98. For this crime he was hurled off the cliff Caragdur to his death. Ea1's personal history is grim and tragic. RM Profession: Alchemist (Rogue). He was closest of all the Elves to the Dwarves-from whom he obtained his incomparable smithing skill. Unbarring Ways.A. Read Runes 98. Fletching (Craft) 95. Falsification (Craft) roo. al! other Open and Closed Essence lists to 20th lvl. Staves & Wands 98. Pick Lock 125. Note: MERP rules do not cover alchemy-the creation oj enchanted articles-because. Climbing 80. must beused in specialplaces on special materials. Names: the Dark Elf: EOLIN MERP Hits: ] IS Melee DB: 300 Missile OB: 225 AT: No (144). Knows all base Alchemy lists to 65th. IG 108. Appearance: 99. the Sindar. Leather-working 160. Trading 145. Seduction (Influence) 125. Eiil Important Dates: Executed sometime in I. MERP Profession: Mage. Qu 90. Disarm Trap 110. He fashioned cursed swords. Appraisal 145. Fletching 95. and likewise the fruit he brought to Arda. Detecting Ways. Falsification 100. Rope Mastery 100. Elemental Shields. Pr 70. MERP Stats: AG 103. Linguistics 6*. embedding magical properties Into weapons. armor. PR 70. ST 101. St 101. CO 100. Stone-carving 170. RM Spells: 455 PP (xIO PP multipli. Knows all Mage Base lists. Dark Contacts. EOL IN ROLEMASTER Hits: I IS Melee OB: 300 Missile DB: 225 AT: 4 (144). and the greatest Elven smith of all time with the exception of Feanor and Celebrimbor. 4th century. Stalk/Hide 160. Architecture (Lore) 70. SD 45.L LvI: 65. Architecture 70. Smithing 180. Use Item 98. Open Essence base lists to 10th lvl. Dark Summons to 50th. Climbing 80. Stalk/Hide 160. Leatherworking (Craft) 160. Me lOS. He was gloomy and aloof. Crafting 190. Perception 180. Trapbuilding 132. Seduction 125. Mathematics 125. and possessing no fondness at aU for the Noldor. Appraisal 145. and murdered his wife Aredhel in the culmination of a long fit of madness. scarcely caring for his own people. Wood-carving 160. In 106.

Stalk/Hide 85. Star-gazing (Sky-Watching) 103. Riding 80. and decor of galvorn. eog. Appraisal 60.EOL IN LoR LoR Profession: Bard. Perception 112. LoR Spells: Balance. Star-gazing 103. In 99. "The Grey Helmet") Fashioned of galvorn with a grey laen face-shield (instantly tints to protect eyes from any bright light). Galdor of the Grey Havens. Use Item 85. may be thrown using javelin ranges. ST 70. MERP: Acts as Resist Heat except that it protects against all natural elements (e. MERP Profession: Animist. Fire Bolt. Erestor was the chief among Elrond's advisers. ReadSil92. Open Channeling lists. Defense 4. PR 102. Swimming 50. laen.g. Melee OB 12. Weather-watching (Sky-Watching) 86. Calm. Item analysis. ERESTOR IN ROLEMASTER MERP Hits: 95 Melee OB: 145 Missile OB: 50 AT: 14 (85). Perception 10. Riding 80. . BRESTOR LvI: 40. Subterfuge ro. RM Spells: 160 PP (x5 PP multiplier). MERP Stats: AG 80. Knows all base Seer lists to 30th lvl. RM Skills: Acting 85. wearer may work in heat. Me 101.. Appraisal 60. makes head.) and its bonus is 20. MERP/RM: +50 to all smithing or crafting maneuvers. and several counsellors ofElrond's House. Intelligence 9. Swimming 50. IG r03. treat sword as AT Pl/20 (+100). Music (Artistic) 95. SO 102. RM Profession: Seer. does not interfere with spell casting. mithril. Sustenance. Diplomacy (Influence) 96. ice. Em 98. Mathematics 105. fire. electiricity. Re 103. Climbing 40. Leadership (Influence) I I I. Ag 80. Singing 68. Climbing 40. neck and face immune to any elemental damages. IT 102. 132~38. Stalk/Hide 85. Perception I r2. Mathematics (Lore) 105. no spell casting penalties. Complete Smithy and Tools-All of galvorn. Qu 82. triple concussion damage (does Sx concussion hits when thrown). 201~02. Meditation 100. Public-speaking (Influence) 85. Frodo was introduced to Gimli. Knows all base Animist Base lists. RM: Acts as constant True Armor (Elemental Shields IvI 50). "Dances"-will fight for up to I 3 rounds by itself (or until it receives a "knocked down" result) using the OB of its wielder with the sword. Leadership I I L Linguistics 21". Pr r02. etc. Hits: 95 Melee OR: 145 Missile OB: 50 AT: Ch (85). Holy (actually unholy). Camouflage.800. Boromir. . Administration (Influence) 75. all Open and Closed Mentalism to 20th lvl. Missile OB II. all of whom were then unknown to the Hobbit. Race: Nolde. and Open Essence lists to 10th lvl. MERP/RM: +50 DB. Runes 88. may be flown (600'/rnd) up to 3x/day. may be ridden as a boat by I person (250'/ md). MERP Skills: Acting 85. EOL'S PRINCIPAL ITEMS ERESTOR At the beginning of the Council of Elrond. Public-speaking 85. Strategy/Tactics 65. Endurance 168. Strategy IT actics (Lore) 65. heat. Read Runes 88. or electric forges without bodily protection. Home: Rivendell (Imladris ). "Gloomy Demon") Twohanded sword. or tipped with adamant. ERESTOR IN MERP Sword (Fuincauko)-(Q. Singing (Influence) 68. Meditation roo. Administration 75. LoR Experience Points: 34. General 5. cold. Shield (GUltha1ion)--(Q. St 70. can Long Door to Eel's hand at his mental command up to 666 miles away. Spells: 160 PP (x5 PP multiplier). Diplomacy 96. Staves & Wands 85. Helm (Thinthol)-(Q. hilt-guard. skin is AT No/4 (+44 DB). AgHity 5. Movement 4. Appearance: 100. black cog with edges. floats to defend wielder. "Mageshield") Wan shield made of ga'ivorn. Weatherwatching 86. MERP/RM: Weapons which strike the protected areas must save vs a 50th level Weapon Slaying or be destroyed. The Smith's Ring-xIO PP multiplier for Essence. Music 95.. MERP/RM: +75 OB. LoR Stats: Strength 6. CO 77. Magical 3. RM Stats: Co 77. Legolas. Spell-mastery 98. cold.

to Lvl: 20. Track 40. LoR Stats: Strength 4. though. RM Skills: Ambush 2. Magical 3. LoR Experience Points: 21. Qu roo. Pr 98. Magical 0. it will give away. RM Spells: None. Music 35. +25 OS. Despite his cheerful demeanor. he never forgets the seriousness ofhis charge. Missile OB 4. in stalking. Melee OB 9. F ANAR IN ROLEMASTER Staff-Mallorn and crystal sphere. Rope Mastery 50. Hits: 180 Melee OB: 190 Missile OB: 200 AT: I (IOO). Perception 8. Missile OB I I. allows caster to cast Open Channeling and Open Essence spells at one third the normal! PP cost. Subterfuge 4. Calm. Acrobatics 40. Full Shield. LoR Experience Points: 20. If he stops while on a fragile limb. Me 79. Endurance 96. Lorien cannot rest secure in the power of the Lady's Ring alone. casts Paralyze I 5x/ day. RM: +25 OB. Farrar possesses a merry disposition. Acrobatics 40. Melee OS 11. IG 58. residing in each for a week. Defense 4. MERP Skills: Ambush 2. Tracking 40. "Cloudy"). General 4. Public Speaking 45. Music (Artistic) 35. Clairvoyance. LoR Spells: None.6rien 57.000. Ag 100. He must be running for the boots to work. Race: Nanclo. Em 60. Rope Mastery 50. ERESTOR'S LESSER hEMS OF NOTE Hits: 180 Melee OB: 190 Missile OB: 200 AT: No (IOO). MERP/RM: +30 Missile OB. Perception 79. Subterfuge 6. AG IOO. Vigilance on the Wood's borders is necessary to thwart determined intruders. Boots of Limbrunning-The enchanted footgear allows the wearer jump from branch to branch among the trees. Read LotR 1315. be fired every round without penalty.700. RM Profession: Fighter. Intelligence 5. MERP: x5 PP multiplier.ERESTOR IN LoR FANAR IN MERP LoR Profession: Bard. Concentration. Fanar is Master of the Guardian's Glade. RM: x5 PP multiplier for Mentalism. casts Hold Kind 5x/ day. MERP/RM: +20 DB. Luck. Intelligence 0. FANARIN LoR PANARO Fanar's long. MERP. See ICE's I. CO 99. Movement 3. Appearance: 102. MERP/RM: +20 OB. He continuously travels the circuit of the perimeter flets manned by the Guardians of the Wood. IT 79. PANAR loR Profession: Warrior. MERP Stars: ST 98. MERP/RM: +60 DB. RM Stats: St 98. with their long bows. Shirt-A white linen shirt woven through with threads ofmithril. General I. Movement 4. Re 56. allows caster to cast Open or Closed Mentalist spells at 1/3rnd normal cost. Co 99. LoR Spells: Balance. . In 78. Names: Fanar (S. Agility 5. Public Speaking (Influence) 45. Perception 6. MERP Profession: Warrior. Home: L6rien. His visits are marked by drills: with the long knives horne by his forces. FANAR'S PRINCIPAL ITEMS Broadsword-The enchanted blade was expressly forged for Slaying Orcs. SD 77. Longbow-The magical bow can. chestnut hair and tanned skin stand out among the paler hues of the haven's primarily Silvan and Sinda denizens. rallying the Guardians with lively song and light-hearted jokes. crossing limbs far too fragile to normally support the wearer's weight. Defense 3. LoR Staes: Strength 4. Item Analysis. MERP Spells: None. and practice of the language of bird-cries used to communicate over distances. Broadsword-Grey ben. Agility 4. PR 88. Endurance IIO.

a willowy WOman who dresses primarily in grey. To his credit stand the Feanorean lamps. Melee OB 7. Base Spell OB is knows all Alchemist lists and Open and the Animist Base Herb Mastery list level). Longbow. MERE /RM: +25 OB. the passion for an active and aggressive development of his powers. craftsman. Home: The Mfrdaithrond outside Ost-in-Edhil.300. . CO 86. Music (Artistic) 65. IG 96. Subterfuge 5. She uses her skills to heal injured or burned smiths. and alchemist. Feanor was the mightiest and most accomplished of the Nolder. if the user stops running. which preserved the only remaining radiance of the Two Trees. Fanari works primarily with herbs and alchemical substances. she is recognized and well-liked by the smiths. Sustenance. AG 97. and to sprint across water as if it were solid. MERP Spells: 30 PP (x4 multiplier). and her knowledge of chemistry is valuable in the creation special fires. black hair and eyes of pale gray. Agility 3. Acting 50. Magical 2. LoR Spells: Fire Bolt. Acrobatics 72. Race: Noldo. Healing. Intelligence 3. Defense 3. She holds a secret love for Finculin. Stalk/Hide 54. Public Speaking (Influence) 45. Fanari Essence lists (to the LOth PP (x4 multiplier). "Clouded Fire"). MERP/RM· +60 to the wearer's Hiding skill.FANARl* A lady of the Noldo. FANARlIN ROLEMAsTER Appearance: 104. Ag 96. Concentration. the Palantfri. Orrere. Hits: I ro Melee OB: 90 Missile OB: 80 AT: No (30). and in genius the greatest of the Children ofEru. It also allows the wearer to pass freely through heavy undergrowth. Rope Mastery 54. From silima he fashioned priceless jewels. Leather Wristband-An enchanted spell enhancer. Em 96. Though not one of the Gwairh-i-Mirdain (S. Acting 50. Tracking 70. RM Profession: Alchemist. Tracking 70. Pr 95. Rope Mastery 54. General 3. First Aid (Lore) 70. RM Spells: 30 + I 5. RM Skills: Swim 62. Perception SO. and WaterrwlningThese amazing boots permit the wearer to run straight up stone walls. In each case. Base Spell OB is +5. the Silmarilli. Gold Chalice-This use instantly. Speed. 56. Feanor was the eldest son of Finwe and the only child of the King's first wife Mlrie]. Acrobatics 72. Missile OB 6. enchanted cup prepares herbs for SeeICE'! L6rien 23. sensitive. the revised Tengwar alphabet. Names: Fanari (S. His greatest creation was the crystalline substance silima which captured light and then shone contnuously thereafter. roo PR 87. and once close to Finculin (before the advent of Annatar). Limb-. Ride 57. Fanari has very long. FANAlU's PRINCIPAL ITEMS Lvi: IS. MERP Stats: ST 75. IT 89. Sailing 45. Stalk/Hide 54. none could rival him. MERP MERP/RM: x4 PP multiplier. is aware of her feelings and suspicious of her because of them. possessing phenomenal innate gifts of mind and hand. he is obssessed with his work and his own powers. Endurance 76. SO 78. MERP Skills: Swim 62. Me 88. Shield. and treatments. but knows in her heart that he will never care for her or anyone. FANARl FANAR11N LoR LoR Profession: Bard. the magical effects cease and the laws ~f physics apply normally. From the beginning he was a prodigy of unprecedented skill and formidable intellect. Co 86. Read Runes 82. Dagger-The magical blade glows when Orcs or Trolls are nearby (within feet). and the art of fabricating gems and. Perception 50. to dash across tree branches (even if the limbs are too fragile to support the wearer's weight). Re 80. MERP/RM: +20 Missile OB. Riding 57. for he was an unparalleled smith. At the forge. Luck. Qu 97. Fanari knows all Open Essence lists and the Animist Plant Mastery list (to the 10th level). alloys. Music 65.. Cloak-Seems to change color to blend into any background. She is slender and stands 6'2" tall. Staunch Wounds 70. LoR Experience Points: 18. Public Speaking 45. observant. MERP Profession: Mage. terrible Naldo prince. Hits: I ro Melee OB: 90 Missile OB: 80 AT: I (30). Seduction (Influence) 60. "People of the Jewelsmiths"). Sailing (Athletic) 45. Movement 3. Read Runes 82. Seduction 60. Calm. He was first instructed by his father-in-law Mahtan and then by the Vala Aule himself. FEANOR A great and. and. Protection from Magic. crystals. LoR Stars: Strength I. RM Stats: St 75. Perception I. FANARI IN Boots of Stone-. In 89.

armor. "Spirit of Fire"). birthname is Curufinwe. RM Spells: 1170 PP (xI2 PP multiplier). Before the estrangement bewteen husband and wife. and many other terrible deeds. knows all Essence base lists to 20th Ivl. Staves & Wands 285. he vowed in the name ofIluvatar and at the risk of everlasting darkness to achieve his aim. IG 112. Feanor resolved against the command of the Valar to return to Middleearth. Star-gazing (Sky-Watching) 158. Diplomacy 60. Fletching (Craft) 265. all Open and Closed Essence lists to 50th Iv!. Rope Mastery 250. Knows all base Mage Base lists. Home: Arnan. embedding magical properties into weapons. Use Item 285. Subduing 250. His wife Nerdanel bore him seven sons: Maedhros. Chemistry 200. Fletching 265. and Inorganic Skills to I OOth). Trap-building 285. Caranthir. MERP Spells: 1170 PP (xI2 PP multiplier). Music 230. Nerdanel restrained to some degree the excesses of Feanor's passrons. Knows all base Magician and Alchemist base lists to 50th (Fire Law. Seduction (Influence) 210. Strategy/Tactics 232. Wood-carving Note: MERP rules do not cover alchemy-the creation oj enchanted articles-because. When Morgoth killed the Two Trees. Me IIO. AIl seven of his sons swore with him. Meditation 190. In his excessive pride and anger. Gambling ISO. Administration (Influence) 85. Seduction 210. he instigated the Kinslaying at Alqualonde. Wood-carving (Craft) 275. Smithing (Craft) 310. Maglor. Ambush 35. Signaling 245. Stalk/Hide 190. Runes 285. PR 107. St 103. Riding 180. Rope Mastery 250. Swimming 100. Leamerworking (Craft) 225. Feanor was mortally wounded in Dor Daedeloth when he was overwhelmed by Balrogs after his reckless pursuit of an Orcish army. Bard Base lists. Crafting (Craft) 400. Qu 105. Directed Spells 200. Directed Spells 200. Names: (S. Smithing 310. the desertion of Fingolfin in Araman. Appearance: 105. in Middle-earth on many campaigns. Public-speaking (Influence) 280. MERP Skills: Acrobatics ISS. Linguistics 30$. Crafting 400. Leadership 261. Falsification (Craft) 100. and Amrod. Leather-working 225. RM Skills: Acrobatics ISS. Disarm Trap 245. Fighter). Imbedding. Celegorm. Spell-mastery 206. stole the Silmarils. Trading 250. Caving 160. He sought revenge on Morgoth and the recovery of the Silmanls. Perception 205. Gam- . Skiing 95. Frenzy 235. Stone-carving (Craft) 286. Singing (Influence) 195. Architecture 280. Publicspeaking 280. Appraisal 300. Skiing (Athletic) 95. Administration 85. In 88. Pr 108. Adrenal Moves I SO. Perception 205. and an aggressive demeanor. Ag II 0. MERP Stats. Unique rituals} known only to certain individuals or groups (such as the Gwaith-i-M{rdain). bling 150. Martial Arts Sweeps 130. Leadership (Influence) 261.I Feanor's influence on the history of Ea was profound. Music (Artistic) 230. Mathematics (Lore) 260. MERP Profession: Mage. Acting 90. Adrenal Defense 50. HANOR IN MERP Hits: 250 Melee OB: 510 Missile OB: 510 AT: PI (I 80). In the terrible Oath of Fe anor. Martial Arts Striking 120. Pick Lock 255. Read Runes 285. and then slew Feanor's father Finwe. Meditation 190. Acting 90. Mere cleverness or skill or book-learning does not sl-!ffice. Falsification 100. Tracking 236. Feanor was not known for wisdom. Climbing 180. Em 112. Signaling 245. Chemistry (Lore) 200. in Middle-earth. CO rot. Disarm Trap 245. Climbing 180. Architecture (Lore) 280. Riding 180. Appraisal 300. 275. Martial Arts Sweeps 130. Stalk/Hide 190. Race: Noldo. and other articles is much more than a systematic process. ST 103. SO 66. AG 110. Athletic Games 160. Trap-building (Craft) 285. Mathematics 260. Curufin. IT 88. Strategy/Tactics (Lore) 232. FEANOR LvI: 130. Enchanting Ways. RM Stars: Co 101. Swimming 100. FEANOR IN ROLEMASTER Hits: 250 Melee OB: 510 Missile OB: 510 AT: 20 (180). Re 110. And many of the Nolder followed him upon his departure from the Undying Lands. must beused in specialplaceson specialmaterials. Tracking 236. RM Profession: Alchemist (Magician. Star-gazing 158. Singing 195. Caving 160. Stone-carving 286. Athletic Games (Athletic) 160. Martial Arts Stalking 120. Diplomacy (Influence) 60. The Noldo was tall (7'6"). with coal black hair. and Open Essence lists to 10th level. Amras. Light Law. Ambush 35. piercing eyes. Pick Lock 255.

General to. LoR Experience Points: 75. the presence of a magical item. acts as Tire Armor and Lightning Armor. able to Long Dood33 miles to Feanor at his mental call. lO6-07. anyone within 5' takes a 'C' severity Heat critical.. Tabard (Naramba}-(Q.Constant Resistente except bonus is +50. Missile OB IS. 78~79.. working tools. The tunic does not encumber at all. Wallmnlling. Limbmnning.may be thrown 1000' with no penalties. etc. FE-ANOR'S PRINCIPAL ITEMS Sword (AncaruinHS. 229-33. 493.: +88 OB. and x5 area or volume (for area effect spells only). Protects as a full helm. Windrnnning at will. MERP/RM. MERP: constant Light Vand Utterligbt 1at will.900. Subterfuge I L Perception I!. "Jaws of Red Flame") twohanded sword. metal. . Its natural color is a soft. Amuler-e-Store 5 spells any level. RM: Displacement V Sx/ day. shalk and Iaen. blade of mithril. MERP/RM. The garb gives total protection from heat. LotRI1258. The tunic also allows free use of all spells on the Fire Law list.lruin)-{S. fir~. "Cloak of Silima) Shimmering silvery-white hooded robe worn at all times when Feanor is not doing craft work. LoR Stats: Strength 8. hilts of golden mithril and adamant ruby. No spell casting penalties. Bra.. 305. negates 50% of head crits. Any spell cast at wearer must save vs a IOOth level Dispel or it has no effect and the power points are added to wearer's own (may not exceed his normal maximum). 260. telepathic.22. Melee OB IS. Curufin has an identical garb. 75. vessels. RM: constant Alkar and Utterlight X at win. Light V for MERP). or cold. Feanorcan innately sense the existence and realm of a spell. and electricity) and its bonus is 20). 98. and triple concussion hits. Lahoratory-(In Aman) Stocked with priceless jewels.. MERP/RM: Acts as AT Pl/20 (+66 DB). RM: Landing True (6000' effect). completely analyze any material within 50 feet. . 76. highly intelligent. the category of spell used. electricity.-range is 100'.. UT 23. Flip I at will. Movement 8. RM. WatelTUnning. Perception-With his incredible Empathy. protecting the hands and arms from the elements 'in the same manner as the Naramba. Caster may immolate at will: cannot be stunned. made of wonderfully worked golden mithril plate and chain. Holy.· Caster may use any healing spell on himselfusing his own power points (this trait causes the caster to glow with a deep orange aura when it is used). or a magic-using being or person. shimmering grey.. MERP: Landing ( 6000' effect). Defense 10. x5 range. but when defending against attack (it does so automatically) it becomes a brilliant reflective silvery fidd enveloping Feanor's entire body (treat as Alkarfor RM. FEANOR'S SPECIAL POWERS Clothes (SilitnacolloHS. MERP. It protects as AT P1/20 (+88 DB). "Fire-shield") Sleeveless tunic for alchemy and other exercises. continuous Presence V spell. LotRl11388. Haste at will. Read Si160-72. does an additional Heat critical. st. Agility 10. Of Heat: the sword flames when wielded.: Adds +65 to all smithing and crafting work.146. Waterrunning. MERP/RM. Windrunning. Naramba is cunningly woven of fine doth as well as shalk and Iaen filaments. Boots (Ta.248. Endurance 372. Ring of Fire-Gold mithril and dear laen with a large adamant ruby. Intelligence 10. (MERP: acts as Resist Heat except that it protects against heat. LoR Spells: All.celets~ They are matched wrist guards of mithril. magical or non-magical.FEANOR IN LoR LoR Profession: Bard. 355. etc. l54. Ail Fly spells are at double speed. and red eog. continuous Presence spell. MERP . all fire spells cast by the wielder are x5 hits. Negate 50% of leg and foot crits. forges.251. xI2 PP multiplier any realm. Magical 12. 82-90. Circlet-Of rnithril and ruby adamant.235-36. "Feet of Flame") Winged boots. Bladeturn 5x/ day. or stunned unable to parry. alchemical distillations. Ltmbrnnl1illg.: Constant Resistence True.

Speed. Perception 8. he did not become true slave to the Black Enemy. In the waning of the Noontide oN alinor. Skiing (Athletic) 35. Singing 86. Swimming 67. It was otherwise with Elves of lesser stature. Signaling 92. Administration 67. RM Spells: 108 PP (x5 PP multiplier). Martial Arts Stalking 50. Directed Spells 95. Movement 3. The Illusionist. Spell-mastery 70. LoR Spells: Balance. Angband. Home: Valinor. Publi. S LESSER ITEMS OF NOTE MERP/RM: +25 OB. FEA TUR' Kynac. +40 OB rapier. Signaling 92. PPxS (Mental- MERP/RM: +30 DB. Movement lists to 25th lvl. it protects Fearur's mind. LoR Stats: Strength 3. Endurance 155. But the way was dosed. Stargazing (Sky-Watching) 81. Ambush 10. Adrenal Moves 70. Strategy/ Tactics (Lore) 75. Seduction I 12. Meditation 70. Concentration. Meditation 70.c-speaking 42. MERP Spells: 108 PP (x5 PP multiplier). Beleriand. LoR Experience Points: 27. Acting 122. RM:: continuous MirrorminJ. Magical 8. Star-~azing 81. Clairvoyance. Linguistics 16*. Em 99. Angkirya in Mumakan. Leadership (Influence) 84. Lost on the grinding ice of the far north he prayed to Manwe for forgiveness. Dance (Athletic) 30. Directed Spells 95. along with many others. Subterfuge 7. Singing (Influence) 86. Contortions 45. Qu tor. SD 87. Diplomacy 66. Ag 100. both were graced with golden blond hair and unusual amber eyes. PEATUR FEA TUR (I) IN ROLEMASTER Hits: 130 Melee OB: 130 Missile OB: 120 AT: I (120). Camouflage. RM Skills: Acrobatics 45. Use Item 83. Perception 110. Administration (Influence) 67. For many years he and his sister (see below) were pupils ~f these two. Intelligence 100. Headband-Protects as a helm. SeeICE's Court oj Ardor 17) 29-30. the Valar Nama (Mandos) and Irmo (L6~ien). Pendant-Crystal ist) enhancer. while he was corrupted. Co 99. Strategy/ TactICS 75. Falsification 90. IG 101. Tbe Twin Fiatun .700. Re 96. Knows all Base Mystic to 30th lvl: Mentalist Mind Mastery. Mathematics 66. see Ardana. Climbing 80. Dance 30. and the male twin was sent back to undo his wrongs. Falsification (Craft) 90. creates enhanced Blur effect. but soon regretted h is decision.TUR (I) (I) IN loR LvI: 36. but he was so strong-willed and proud that. Seduction (Influence) 112. Defense 3. Music (Artistic) 55. Knows all levels of Open Essence and Mage Spell lists. Diplomacy (Influence) 66. Music 55. Ambush la. Appearance: 103. They. Melee OB 9. PR 101. Adrenal Defense 30. Skiing 35. Runes 83. Contortions 45. Leadership 84. Read Runes 83. In 86.sible while worn. Pr 101. FEATUR'S PRINCIPAL hEMS (I) IN MERP Hits: 130 Melee OB: 130 Missile OB: 120 AT: None (120). Perception I 10. Missile OB 9. + I on Water. Telekinesis. IT 86. Race: Noldo.FEATUR(I)~ By his name alone one can guess that Featur was dose to the Feanturi. Sta. Stalk/Hide 100. He slipped away and took the Helcaraxe crossing alone. Publicspeaking (Influence) 42. fell to his charms-as did many of the Malar. Swimming 67. "Spirit Master"). ACting 122. RM Profession: Mentalist. Cloaking. "Lord Spirit" /"Lord of Spirits"?). the fair twins were lured by the guile of Morgoth. Subduing 80. invi. allows fr·eeuse on MERP Sound/Light list or RM Mentalist Brilliance limo 30th lvl. Born of the House ofFinrod. The Lord of the Valar allowed Featur to re-enter Valinor and forgave him for his evil deeds. PEA TUR LoR Profession: Bard. and allows him to manipulate the Enchanted Ardan Cards. Martial Arts Striking 50. Damage Resistance to 20th. Mathematics (Lore) 66. Mandos suggested that Featur might yet have a mission to fulfill in Endor. and gained great insights into the ways ofSpltlts. MERP Profession: Mage. Heruthule (Q. MERP:constant ProtectionIll. RM Stats: St 100. Agility 3. CO 99. orb on a gold chain. Ring-Made by Aule. General 4. AG 100. Mind's Door to 30th. Featur fled to Angband with Morgoth and the Silmarils. Fb. Climbing 80. Staves & W~ds 83. Feanor was the greatest to listen to Melkor. Healing. Names: (S. Me 99. Channeling 28. Enchanted Card Deck-v-Ardan Deck. MERP Skills: Acrobatics 45. MERP Stars: ST 100.

Directed Spells 95. Stat-gazing 60. MERP Spells: 108 PP (xS multiplier). MERP Skills: Acting 72. Read Runes 66. Me 99. Ambush 20. Qu 101. Signaling 80. RM Profession: Mystic. Em 99. 120 AT: I (105). Beleriand. Acting 72. Signaling 80.FEATUR(TI)* Identical in almost every way to her brother. Stalk/Hide 100. Skiing 45. Knows spells on the Open Essence and Mage Spell lists. Angband. RM Skills. Re 96. Adrenal Defense 30. IT 86. RM Stars: St 100. Stalk/Hide 100. Knows all Base Mystic to 30th lvl: Mentalist Telekinesis. Strategy /T actics (Lore) 80. Cookery 40. CO 99. The Illusionist. Appearance: 103. Administration (Influence) 45. Leadership (Influence) 65. Ag 100. Mathematics (Lore) 45. Star-gazing (Sky-Watching) 60. Sense Mastery. FEATUR (II) IN MERP Hits: 130 Melee OBi 130 Missile OBi 120 AT: None (105). Staves & Wands 66. Linguistics 14*. SD 87. Names: S. Strategy/Tactics 80. RM Spells: 108 PP (xS multiplier). Ambush 20. . Home: Valinor. Diplomacy 30. MERP Profession: Mage. Skiing (Athletic) 45. Swimming 30. Heruthule (Q. Public-speaking (Influence) 65. Public-speaking 65. Race: Nolde. MERP Stats: ST 100. Mathematics 45. Directed Spells 95.As Morgoth's page she dwelt within the very halls of Thangorodrim and became an integral member of the Ardan Council when the Black Enemy charged his most trusted servants with the destruction of the Sun and Moon. Seduction (Influence) 112. Runes 66. In 86. Administration 45. Meditation 70. Lofty Bridge. Use Item 66. Featur differed only in that her service to evil never wavered . Pr 101. Cookery 40. "Lord Spirit"/"Lord of Spirits". Falsification (Craft) 80. Swimming 30. Diplomacy (Influence) 30. FEATUR (II) LvI: 36. Unbarring Ways.. IG 100. HATUR (II) IN ROLEMASTER Hits: 130 Melee OB: 130 Missile OB. Seduction I 12. "Spirit Master"). PR 101. AG 100. SpeIImastery 8 I. Leadership 65. Mind Disease to 20th. Meditation 70. Perception 90. Falsification 80. Angkirya in MCtmakan. Co 99. Subduing 75. Rapid Ways to 20th. Evil Mentalist Mind Death. Perception 90.

Speed. "Lord Black-heart").: +30 DB. Defense 3.600. FEATUR (Ill) IN ROLEMASTER ITEMS Pendant-Crystal orb on a gold chain. Public Speaking 75. (Ill) MERP / RM: x4 PP multiplier. IG 95.FEA TIJR (II) IN LoR LoR Profession: Bard. Defense 2. Featur lived as a highwayman in Eriador in the Third Age. Item Analysis. FEATUR (III). 72. Concentration. LoR Experience Points: 24. Movement 3. MERP Hits: 70 Melee OB: 75 Missile OB: AT: No (70). RM Profession: Mystic. 44. Clairvoyance. LoR Spells: Luck. Card Deck-Ardan Deck. Names: Featur (S. casts Shield three times each day. Music 65. Intelligence 0. Melee OB 6. creates enhanced Blur effect . and trickery his favored outlet for high spirits. MERP/RM: +20 OB. Ag 81. Acting 90. Seduction (Influence) 90. 40~41. MERP/RM: +25 OB . PR67. Jacket-Fashioned of black leather. Arevorn (S. o« 92. Camouflage. FiJATUR (III)'s PRINCIPAL ITEMS (III) LvI: 8. Subterfuge 8. FEATUR RM Spells: 16 PP (x4 PP multiplier). Me 47. Camouflage. Rumors that he was. General 2.. Agility 3. MERP Profession: Mage. see Ard:rna. 2 I. MERP Spells: 16 PP (x4 PP multiplier). RM Skills: Swim 42. Magical 8. Subterfuge 4. his disposition was mischievous. Endurance 140. FEATUR IN Long Kynac-Forgee! of a tough blackalloy.000.. Missile OB 0. "Master of Spirits"). Throwing Kynac-Retums via flying to its wielder from up to 200 feet away. IT 39. FEA TUR +25. Public Speaking 75. His presence was commanding and his gaze unnerving: one eye was ice-blue and the other emerald green. Race: Half-elf (Duna"dan/Noldo). Stalk/Hide 44. Magical L Endurance 51. Perception 3. Perception 30. Agility 3. Intelligence 4. AG 87. silver fillet. Shield. Featur (III) knows all the Mystic Base lists and the Open Mentalist Brilliance list to 20th level. Em 95. . Ride 87. Charm Animal. Acrobatics 72. Riding 87. In 31. Missile OB 8. Pr 100. LoR Stats: Strength 0. Melee OB 9. Base Spell OB is (III) IN LoR LoR Profession: Bard. General 5. protects head as a helm. LoR Stats: Strength 3. Perception 8. MERP Stats: ST 54. Acting 90. MERP/ RM: +20 DB. Co 83. he was said to have been a buUy. Perception 30. LoR Experience Points: 9. Seduction 90. Trevor Aran. Certainly. Featur (III) knows all the Open Essence lists. RM Stats: St 54. LoR Spells: Balance. Enchanted SeeICE's Court oj Ardor 17. He adopted the Dunnish custom of treating the head hair with a lime wash. Staves & Wands 54. the reincarnation of'Peatur (the male twin) of Ardor have no basis in fact. MERP:+ 30 DB. Movement 2. and thus his cropped tresses were pure white and stood up in spikes. in fact. Appearance: 102. PPx5. FEATUR'S (II) PRINOPAL MERP Skills: Acrobatics Stalk/Hide (Influence) Swim 42. RM. Home: Eriador. SO 33. Music (Artistic) 65. Use Item 54. allows free use on Mentalist Brilliance list to 30th lvl. Hits: 70 Melee OB: 75 Missile OB:AT: I (70). Re 73. Allows free use of the Light Way list. Ring-Siver bane! set with a black pearl. Bracelet-Silver Headband--A set with onyx. CO 83.

Read Runes 70. Speed.. Alchemist lists to 30th IvI. Seduction 30.xccson spedal materials. Swimming 40. See ICE's Lsrien 22.. must be used in special pi. MERP/RM. Appearance: 96. Sailing (AthletiC) 35. FENDOME IN LvI: 35. Smithing (Craft) IOI. armor. Re 81. Qu 99. In Ost-in-Edhil he befriended Galadriel and shared her suspicion of Annatar.900. known only to certain individuals or groups (such as the Gwaith-i-Mirdain). MERP Stats: ST 94. Leather-working (Craft) 70. IT 82. Disarm Trap 50. Meditation 50. Use Item 80. Music (Artistic) 64. Signaling 70. see note above. AG 100. Em 96. Earring-PPx5 Boots-Of Javelin-Can (Alchemist).~ +30 OB. MERP Profession: Mage. CO 98. Star-gazing (Sky-Watching) 62. Note: M. coal black hair. Runes 70. LoR Experience Points: 27. Missile OB 9. Staves & Wands 80. =Ithilnaur. In 82. MERP Skills: Administration (Influence) 60. Leadership (Influence) 45.on of many of his kindred-perhaps extinguished by guilt over his rash acts as a youth. Disarm Trap 50. "Dusk's Door"). . Stalk/Hide 80. MERP/RM: +30 OB. Beleriand. Quiet and methodical. he lacks the burning passi. Singing (Influence) 64. +8 to all general (smithing.ERP rules do not cover alchemy--ne creation of enchanted articles-Because. Subterfuge 6. Race: Nolde. crafting) maneuver attempts. Mere cleverness or skill or book-learning does nol s!iffice. Leadership 45. Home: Valinor. Mathematics 61. Crafting (Craft) I I I. Appraisal 78. Directed Spells 50. Signaling 70. Magical 6. Swimming 40. Fendome in many ways exemplifies the Noldo appearance: grey eyes.. IG 96. Me 79. Names: LoR LoR Profession: Bard. General 6. Stalk/Hide 80. Endurance 153.. unfortunately. Publicspeaking (Influence) 40. LoR Stats: Strength 3. Appraisal 78. He was one of the most vocal proponents of the pursuit ofMorgoth. in Middle-earth. Stat-gazing 62. RM Profession: Alchemist. SD 87. Ost-in-Edhil. Directed Spells 50. Pick Lock 90. Mathematics (Lore) 61. MERP Spells: 70 PP (x5 PP multiplier). Meditation 50. Fendome was a master smith during the heyday ofEregion. Leather-working 70. RM Stats: St 94. Agility 3. Sword-. Perception 80. Ag 100. Their warnings fell. Pt 98. Seduction (Influence) 30. Sailing 35. Knows all Open Essence lists. Architecture 80. SpeHmastery 45.FENDOME* The Warden and one of the Lords of Mfrdaithrond. Smithing 101. Movement 3. Co 98. Protection from Magic. water/mist running. LoR Spells: Item Analysis. Unique rituals. Music 64. embedding magical properties into weapons.. Luck. FENDOME FENDOME IN ROLEMASTER Hits: I70 Melee OB: ISO Missile OB: ISO AT: 17 (90). Closed Essence to 10th RM Spells: 70 PP (xS PP multiplier)' Knows all base lvl. and other articles is much more than a systematic process. 56. Defense 3. Pick Lock 90. Intelligence 4. Perception 7. be thrown 300' with no range penalty. Linguistics 12*. on deaf ears. Crafting I I 1. Architecture (Lore) 80. Melee OB 9. Perception 80. FENDOMIi'S ITEMS OF NOTE FENDOMIi IN MERP Hits: 170 Melee OB: ISO Missile OB: ISO AT: Chain (90). (S. RM Skills: Administration 60.. Pr 98. Singing 64. and a strong build. Publicspeaking 40.

Finarfin forsook Feanor's march into exile and repented of rebellion against the Valar. Strategy/Tactics 180. Music (Artistic) 175. the youngest son of Finwe. Ambush 20. Muscle Law. +50 on moving maneuvers. RM Profession: Fighter (Paladin). and Calm Spirits lists to 10th Iv!. May deflect directed spells 3x/ rnd may be thrown as a battle axe 1500'. Riding ISO. Runes 125. Meditation 181. He was forgiven and allowed to dwell in Tirion forever after. MERP/RM: +75 OB. Climbing 240. Ambush 20. Dance 65. Orodreth. LoR Experience Points: 55. MERP/RM: +50 to visual perception rolls. CO 107. Helm (Tholthoron)-(S. Race: Noldo. Finarfin married Earwen and produced five children. Music 175. constant AlkaT. Swimming 240. Leadership (Influence) 205. "Shield of the Wind") Full shield of clear laen. FINARFIN RM Skills: Acrobatics 130. Pr 109. Administration 100. IT 102. wearer resists all spells at +75. Names: Finarphir. Aegnor. leading many of his people back to dwell in Valinor. Missile OB 12. Martial Arts Sweeps 90. Staves & Wands 135. Singing 160. In 102. Seduction 165. Intelligence 4. Acting 90. Linguistics 21*. Home: Ararnan. white eog. Perception 215. negates 50% of head crits. He was deterred by the Kinslaying and the Doom of Mandos. Em 92. Read Runes 125. Singing (Influence) 160. Cast 100 PP / day from Wind Law (RM to IvI25). Agility 5. St 107. Bone Law. Concussion's Ways. Meditation 181. Naturally. LoR Stats: Strength 5. Strategy/Tactics (Lore) 180. Subduing 200. RM acts as True Armor (Lvi 50 Elemental Shields).500. "Eagle Helm") Golden mithril helm with a flying eagle as a crest. Because Finarfin's mother was of the Vanyar. "High Armor") White eog plate. all noteworthy: Finrod. Climbing 240. and white eog. Use Item I35. SO 103. Speed. Seduction (Influence) 165. Diving 90. Angrod. Hits: 275 Melee OB: 490 Missile OB: 490 AT: 20 (240).Finarfin was the commander of his people in the Great Battle. resembling Vanyar more than Noldor. . Diplomacy (Influence) I 10. Diving (Athletic) 90. LoR Spells: Calm. and Galadriel. Movement 4. wielder does not fumble and cannot be stunned. Me 94. Analysis. First Aid 145. Acting 90. Hasu X 5x/day. light blue laen faceplate: wearer may transform into a giant eagle Ix/day. MERP Hits: 275 Melee OB: 490 Missile OB: 490 AT: Plate (240). Life Mastery. Swimming 240. Frenzy 190. Martial Arts Sweeps 90. RM Stats: Co 107. FINARFIN IN ROLEMASTER Sword (Ainacrist)-(S. Shield. Shield (SulthalionHS. FINARFIN's PRINCIPAL ITEMS LvI: T25. ST 107. Armor (ArennonHS. His mother was the Vanya maiden Indis: therefore Finarfin was brother to Fingolfin and half-brother to Feanor. Perception 215. Stalk/Hide 200. Caving 80.RM Landing True 10. Perception II. Athletic Games (Athletic) 120. Item MERP Profession:W arrior. Stalk/Hide 200. Publicspeaking (Influence) 175. flies back to wielder in one round. FINARFIN IN LoR LoR Profession: Warrior. MERP Landing with a maximum distance of 10. "Holy Sword") Broadsword. Skiing (Athletic) 120. He tried to remain apart from the disputes of the Noldor and only reluctantly joined in their pursuit ofMorgoth. Luck. Caving 80. General 9. Defense 7. Skiing 120. attacking spell must save vs a 50th level spell or be effected as MERP Protection III or RM Spell Bending Trul. First Aid 145. Leadership 205. maneuver penalties reduced to 0..000'. Subterfuge 10. Nerve Law.. Appearance: 108. Magical 7.FINARFIN Finarfin was a Noldo prince. RM Spells: 500 PP (x6 PP multiplier). MERP Skills: Acrobatics 130. Athletic Games 120. Diplomacy 110. Tracking 170. mithril. Knows Purifications. Re 96. Administration (Influence) 100. Tracking 170. AT:PI/20 (+75 DB): MERP acts as Protection Ill. Finarfin was very tall (7'5"). Blood Law. PR 109. Ag 107. MERP/RM:.000' . Endurance 312. Qu 106. Publicspeaking 175. Organ Law. +75 OB battle axe. hits as a two-handed sword doing triple concussion hits. IG 96. MERP Stats: AG 107. Riding ISO. Dance (Athletic) 65. MERP/RM: +50 DB. MERP Spells: 500 PP (x6 PP multiplier) Knows all Animist and Open Channeling Spells. Eldamar. Concentration. both he and his descendents were blonde and fair. Melee OB 12. He was the wisest and fairest of Finwe's children. FINARFIN IN Healing.

Directed Spells 40. Use Item 80. impatient. Swimming 20. 176. Finculin swifty fell into Annatar's trap and became a useful (if unwitting) tool of the disguised Dark Lord. Music (Artistic) 60. Star-gazing (SkyWatching) 25. Smithing (Cr. "Hair of Golden-red"). Trickery 30.FIN'S LESSER ITEM OF NOTE Ring-Summons miles. attracting the praise of his uncle Celebrimbor-and the Lord of Gifts. Note: MERP rules do not cover alchemy--Ibe creation 0/ enchanted artjcles~Because. Meditation 35. Appraisa147. PR roo. Knows all Open Essence lists. armOT. Architecture (Lore) 60. Annatar. 83. MERP Skills: Acrobatics 60. Crafting (Craft) 70. Unique rituals. Seduction (Influence) 85. Weather-watching (Sky-Watching) 25. Pick Lock 70. MERP/RM: PPx6 (Channeling).FINAB. Finculin roo . Leather-working (Craft) 45. 305. embedding magical properties into weapons. 84. see note above. Athletic Games (Athletic) 45. must be used in special places on special materials. traits he shared with his ancestor Feanor. a Great Eagle if such is within roo FINCULIN Lvl. Home. MERP Stats: ST 99.. Mere cleverness or skill or book-learning does not niffice. 88. AG 99. and other articles is mucb more than a systematic process. in MidJle-eaTth. he abandoned all interests except smithing. Although Finculin was not corrupted. Read Runes 90. 25 I. 85. Mathematics (Lore) 80. Race: Nolde. known only 10 certain individuals or groups (such as the Gwaith-i-M{Tdain). Read Sil60. Leadership (Influence) 62. the smith proved himself to be very skilled. becoming obsessed with his craft. CO 98. triples rate of healing spells. Publicspeaking (Influence) 52. Acting 50. 306. MERP Spells: PP (xS PP Multiplier). Osr-in-Edhil. FINCULIN IN MERP Hits: 160 Melee OB: 170 Missile OB: 180 AT: Chain (60). Eager to learn. A youthful member of the Gwairh-i-Mlrdain. IT 88.aft) 60. 20. passionate. Stalk/Hide 60. IG 80. Perception 80. Names: (S. FINCULIN* Curious. MERP Profession: Mage. Singing (Influence) 45. and prideful all describe Finculin.

RM Stars: Co 76. FINDUILAS IN ROLEMASTER MERP / RM: casts MERP Light Vor RM Alkar 3x/ day. FINCULIN IN FINDUILAS Finduilas was at Noldo princess and daughter of Orodreth (who was brother to Finrod and son ofFinarfin). CO 76. Music 60. Diplomacy (Influence) 60. Trickery 30. Caving 75. Gwindor released her from her commitment to him. Unbarring Ways. FINDUILAS LvI: 20. Stalk/Hide 60. RM Skills: Acrobatics 60. Subterfuge 4. Linguistics 9'". SO 60. I 00. Leadership 62. RM Profession: Bard. Appearance: 102. Mathematics 80. Swimming 20.. Smithing 60. Swimming 65. Star-gazing 25. adds 30 to all RRs vs Essence. Stalk/Hide 95. LoR Experience Points: 20. RM Spells: 100 PP (x5 PP multiplier). Star-gazing (SkyWatching) 25. Directed Spells 50. Defense 3. fINCULIN's I PRINOPAL ITE. Diplomacy 60. IT 100. Ern 89.1. Em rOI. Knows all Bard lists to 20th lvI. Climbing 50. Essence Lofty Bridge. Strenght. LoR LoR Profession: Bard. Directed Spells 40. Me 98. Read Runes 120. MERP Stats: AG 96. FINDUILAS IN MERP Hits: 85 Melee OB: 145 Missile OB: 130 AT: None (68). Agility 5. Beloved by Gwindor. Appraisal 98. Perception 110. Star-gaze 25. Perception no. Names: Faelivrin. of Slaying those creatures. He was embarking for Dor-lomin in search of Morwen and Nienor when Finduilas was captured by Orcs during the assault on Natrgothrond. Public-speaking (Influence) 81. Turin failed in this duty due to the deception ofGlaurung. Melee OB 10. Music 96. Dance (Athletic) 135. Protection from Magic. heals wearer 3 hits/ MERP Skills: Ambush 12. Singing (Influence) 86. Me 75. . Staves & Wands 90. Physical Enhancement. Caving 75. Singing 45.. Runes 120. Swim 65. RM Spells: 100 PP (x5 PP multiplier). Use Item 90. knows the Illusions. 56. Climbing 50. Linguistics 7*. Appearance: IO I. Appraisal 98. RM Stats: St 99. MERP/RM: +20 to all forging operations. She was murdered by her captors when the Haladin ambushed them at the Crossings ofTeiglin. Athletic Games (Athletic) 45. Finduikls will cast True Aura . Crafting 70. Qu 89.MS Sword (OagnirdraugHS. MERP Spells: IOO PP (x5 PP multiplier) .FINCULIN IN ROLEMASTER Hits: 160 Melt:e OB: 170 Missile OB: 180 AT: 17 (60). Ag 96. Meditation 65. and topaz. Staves & Wands 80. I MERP Profession: Bard. Strength 5. Ride 100. RM Profession: Alchemist. Stalk/Hide 95. Magical 4. MERP/RM: +30 OB. "Wolf's Bane") An ithilnaur short sword. Athletic Games 45. PPx5.he has the opportunity. FINCULIN's LESSER hEMS OF NOTE Hits: 85 Melee OB: 145 Missile OB: 130 AT: 3 (68). Intelligence 3. LoR Spells: Concentration. Public-speaking 81. Appraisal 47. In 88. IG 105. T ools-Set of forging tools. MERP/RM: +20 DB. See ICE's Lorien 23. Race: Noldo. Sustenance. Runes 90. Finduilas fell in love with Turin when he came to Nargothrond. Diving 75. MERP/RM: +25 OB. Publicspeaking 52. Sound/light Ways lists to 5th lvl. In 100. SO 80. Knows all Alchemist Base lists to 20th IvI. Seduction (Influence) 9I. Pr 100. Endurance 1 10. Essence Hand to 10th. ST 60. Note. Spell-mastery 35. Weatherwatching 25. Music (Artistic) 96. Missile OB 10. Diving (Athletic) 75. Architecture 60. Fire Bolt. 53-54. Leather-working 45. PR 105. Re 90. Ag 99. LoR Stats. Dance 135. Pr 105. Seduction 85. Bow-Composite. knows 5 Open Mentalist lists to 5th lvl. Co 98. St 60.. Seduction 9I. Re 81. which glows neat wolves and wargs.Knows all Bard Base lists. Meditation 65. Ring-Mithril rod. Riding 100. Item Analysis. Directed Spells 50. Perception 80. RM Skills: Ambush 12. Mithril Chain. Qu IOO. General 3. Athletic Games 45. Pick Lock 70. Sing 86. Acting 50. Perception 4. Movement 3. Meditation 35. but bound Turin to be Finduilas' protectot. Home: Nargothrond.

Fingolfin was a great tactician: perceiving the infinite strength of Angband against assault upon his arrival in Endor. Use Item 145. He percejved the defeat of the Nolder on every front and understood fully the irresistible and unbreakable might ofMorgoth's hoardes. Movement 4. Fingolfin was the second son of Finwe: his mother was Indis. Navigation (Lore) 85. Acting roO. Race: Noldo. Subduing 220. He was blonde like the Vanyar. His deployment contained Morgoth for more than 400 years. perceptivity. In 104. Diving 75. Acting 100. 2lO-11. Seduction (Influence) ISO. Perception 8. Although the strongest. Magical 6. Concentration. Defense 3. Dancer's Garb and Cape. Charm Animals. ReadSi1209. Ambush 36. Martial Arts Stalking 145. Swimming 190.225. Appraisal 90. It came to pass after the Dagor Bragollach forced the High King to retreat with all his forces. Me 96. Martial Arts Sweeps 130. In a rage of despair. Strategy/ T aeries 200. Subterfuge 7. LoR Experience Points: 17. Athletic Games (Athletic) 120. Harp-Small and played with a bow. Music 180. with a shrewd tactical mind and unrivaled gifts of leadership. MERP Profession: Warrior. FlNGOLFIN IN ROLEMASIER Hits: 300 Melee OB: 565 Missile OB: 545 AT: 20 (303)' RM Profession: Fighter. (+33 DB). Item Analysis. There Fingolfin challenged the Black Enemy to single combat. Stalk/Hide 175. Skiing 140. Names: King of the North.FlNDUILAS IN LoR LvI: 135. most valiant of all the Naldo warriors. 2 Z6. Signaling 145. Endurance 68. Tumbling (Athletic) 190. Diplomacy (Influence) 190. Fletching 152. Frenzy 200. LoR Stats: Strength 2. Runes 145. Short Sword-Grey MERP/RM: laen +35 OB. Though there could only be one result from such a battle (his own death). MERP/RM: AT: No/3 Ligbl Vor RM True Aura 3x/ day. Martial Arts Sweeps 130. casts MERE MERP Skills: Acrobatics 160. 2l3. . Tumbling 190. Singing (Influence) 135. RM Skills: Acrobatics 160. Read Runes 145. Fletching (Craft) 152. a natural hero among heroes. Ambush 36. Athletic Games 120. Leadership (Influence) 235. PPx5 (Bard). Leadership 235. Star-gazing 121. Tracking I 86. Administration ISO. FINGOLFIN IN MERP Hits: 300 Melee OB: 565 Missile OB: 545 AT: Plate (303). Fingolfin's finish is the stuff of legends and song. Luck. Agility 3. and ability to forgive. he avoided the earthshaking assaults of the deadly mace Grond long enough to wound his Vala foe no less than seven times. Seduction ISO. RM Stats: Co 110. Public-speaking (Influence) 175. Sailing (Athletic) 80. FINGOLFIN LoR Profession: Bard. Strategy/Tactics (Lore) 200. Navigation 85.100. Re 99. Stalk/Hide 175. Star-gazing (Sky-Watching) 121. St II I. Qu IIO. his temperate response to an insult and attack by Feanor displayed an exceptional wisdom. extremely taU (7'7"). Perception 200. Sailing 80. FlNDUILAS' ITEMS OF NOTE Home: Aman. casts a 20th lvl Sleep spell when a critical is inflicted for I md/IO% failure. Riding 2ID. Tracking I 86. General 4. MERP Stars: AG 109. MERP Spells: 675 PP (x4 PP multiplier). CO 110. Riding 210. Signaling 145. he charged alone across the burning plains ofArd-galen to the very gates of Angband. RM Spells: 675 PP (x4 PP multiplier). He was given the High Kingship by Maedhros after the death of Feanor. Linguistics 16*. Diving (Athletic) 75. IG 99. Singing 135. and possessed of a muscular physique. Dance (Athletic) 140. he laid the foundation for the defensive Elvish siege line. Em 94. 2 Z4. Diplomacy 190. Weatherwatching (Sky-Watching) ISO. he died in single combat against Morgoth-the greatest champion of good against the greatest force of evil. Staves & Wands 145. ST lIO. Missile OB 9. Ag 109. Adrenal Moves 140. Meditation 195. Skiing (Athletic) 140. Weather-watching ISO. 305. Sustenance. Climbing 240. Araman. Pr 107. IT 104. Music (Attistic) 180. Appearance: 107. Intelligence 5. Meditation 195. Knows all Open and Closed Channeling lists to 10th Ivl. FINGOLFIN A great Noldo prince. PR 107. Knows all Open Channeling lists to 10th Ivl. Helcaraxe. Dance 140. Melee OB 9. Swimming 190. SO 100. Public-speaking 175. Perception 200. Appraisa190. Climbing 240. Administration (Influence) ISO. Martial Arts Striking 145. LoR Spells: Calm. Hithlum. Fingolfin had the gaze of eagles.

but also for his strength and courage. 152. Fingon was blonde after the nature of his family.119. He found Feanor's eldest son hanging from a precipice. It is '?f slaying armor and shields at Ivl 100 (enchanted items get a RR based on their level of enchantment). Singing (Influence) 123. MERP/RM: AT: Pl/20 (+88 DB). Strategy /T actics (Lore) 190. Fingon was called the Valiant. Long Bow-Triple concussion damage. RM constant Displacement ill. Swimming 215. Defense 8. Names: (S. Angrod. Agility 9. Acting 140. Fingon led the hosts of Fingolfin in the Kinslaying. "Cloak of Shields") Great animated cloak with woven filaments of shalk and ogamur. charmed. MERP Skills. highly intelligent. Noldo. FINGON LvI: 120. Engon rescued Maedhros from his bondage. MERP Profession: Warrior. MERP Spells: 720 PP (x4 pp multiplier).7/. of white cog. fire 2 arrows/ rnd with no penalty. Speed. First Aid 205. radii. Armor (BelegennonHS. or possessed. Leadership (Influence) 200.FINGOLFIN IN LoR LoR Profession: Warrior. 113. Movement 5. Read sa 60. all Open Essence and Mage Base lists. negates 50% of all criticals to the wearer. Skiing (Athletic) I I 2. the father of Gil-galad. Mithrim. "Chill Star") Two-handed sword. IG 106. Magical IS. Endurance 352. Fletching (Craft) 172. Diving (Athletic) IIS. and will never fumble. 69. 147. LoR Stars: Strength 9. 154. Riding 225. Star-gazing (SkyWatching) I I I. Strength. too. 83-90. the FINGON IN MERP Alkar. Cloak (Collothalion)----(S. dear laen. 143. Commander"). lO8-09. Climbing 215. Publicspeaking (Influence) 160. and Aegnor. Fingolfin . 150. Knows all of the following lists to 10th lvl: Blood Ways ( except Area of Effect is self). constant MERP Light V. With the help of the Great Eagle Thorondor. Use Item I IS. strongly built. He was succeeded as High King by his brother Turgon. Intelligence 6. Findakano. and FINGON A Nolde prince. stunned unable to patry. PR 106. and High King of the Nolder from LA. Camouflage. Contortions 100.305. and adamant sapphires. Perception II. MERP Stars: AG 110. Meditation 180. In Eldamar he was very close to Maedhros. Melee OS 15. It is also "of Will": the wielder cannot be stunned. FINGOLFIN'S LESSER hEMS OF NOTE Hits: 275 Melee OB: 495 Missile OB: 485 AT: Plate (250). He climbed the shoulders ofThangorodrim in search of Maedhros.500. Race. 455-473. and hits multiplied x5. Music (Artistic) 165. doing additional Cold criticals and quadruple concussion damage. LoR Spells: Balance. It is Holy and "of Cold". LoR Experience Points: 71. Administration (Influence) 120. and he was one of the ones who favored the pursuit ofMorgoth and the Silmarils (even though his relationship with Feanor was not strong). Signaling I30. unencumbering. It casts constant Haste when drawn from the scabbard as well as a constant Utterlight V. FINGOLrnS PRINCIPAL ITEMS Sword (RingilHS. Luck. "Armor of Might") All white cog and mithril. his wrist encircled by a manacle fastened into the rock. Protection from Magic. MERP/RM: +75 DB. Missile OB 15. Stalk/Hide 185. mithril. made afraid. Athletic Games (Athletic) 160. made. For this act especially. Seduction (Influence) 141. Weather-watching (Sky-Watching) 90. IT 96. Fingon was slain by Balrogs in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad. and a powerful fighter. it continually whips and blows around the wearer during combat able to defend him as a wall shield. Foraging 145. Perception 140. Fingon took it upon himself to end the division between the House of Feanor and the House ofFingolfin. General 7. MERP/RM: +50 DB. It may cast up to 200PP / day from Ice Law (up to level 20) with all spells having ranges. II 1. requires strength of 104 to draw or string. 115. Read Runes IIS. Sailing (Athletic) 73. Navigation (Lore) 90. Subterfuge 10. tall (7'4"). "Golden-haired Valiant. 121. who had been captured by Morgoth. CO 108. Home: Eldamar. ST 109. Acrobatics 220. MERP/RM: +88 OB. Fingon was the eldest son ofFingolfin. Ambush 30. Tracking 155. 75. Dor-Iornin.


152. Caving 205. RM Stats: Co 108. First Aid 190. repairs itself in 24 hours. Swimming 215. x5 concussion hits. Stalk/Hide 185.. Singing 123. Finrod was reknowned for not only his great strength and power. . Foraging 110. Diving I IS.. 191. Adrenal Moves ISO. Felagund (5. MERP Stats: AG 106. FINGON'S Broadsword-Of cold or fire: doing either an. Knows all Open and Closed Mentalism lists to 10th lvl. He was one of the leaders of the host of Fingolfin. Home: Eldamar. He joined the quest for the Silmarils only reluctantly and suffered the separation of his beloved Amarie of the Vanyar. ReadSi160. Meditation 180. SO 92. and lycanthropes. Fletching (Craft) 145. General S. Movement 5.constant Haste. Weather-watching 90. Administration (Influence) 100. Ambush 30. ST 105. 193-94. Acting 120. Missile OB 14. Melee OB 14. Appearance: 105. Master of Caves. Race: Naldo. Acting 140. In 96. Qu 108. later requested Finrod's help in the 5ilmaril quest. 192. 85. Endurance 329. Meditation 360. CO 107. Magical 5. Then he was prompted in a dream by Ulrno to built a stronghold more secure. Staves & Wands II S. loyalty. FINGON IN Lok loR Profession: Scout. RM Skills. 121. 100. Athletic Games 160. MERP/RM: +75 OB. MERP Skills: Acrobatics 180. MERP/RM: +50 DB. Perception 140. Linguistics 20*. additional Heat or Cold critical. He first settled in Beleriand and built the remarkable fortress city of Minas Tirith. Minas Tirith. Finrod was the first of the Eldar to encounter the Edain and he taught them in Beleriand. FINROD LvI: I IS. Nom. Me 90. that had been Minas Tirith. He was friend to the Adan lord Barahir of the House of Beor.FINGON IN ROLEMASTER Hits: 275 Melee OB: 495 Missile OB: 485 AT: 20 (250). Foraging 145. Names: (5. Angror. the eldest offspring and son of Finarfin. Strategy / Tactics 190. First Aid 205. Navigation 90. Tracking ISS. Acrobatics 220. "Cave Hewer"). and there he delved the legendary halls of Nargothrond. Beren. Mathematics (Lore) 95.358. RM Profession: Fighter. Contortions 100. Public-speaking 160. Findarato. flies 500' to hand of wielder at a thought. Speed. Fletching 172. Leadership (Influence) 182. Thingol ofDoriath told him of the Caverns ofNarog. casts 50PP day from MERP Blood W ays (usable only on self). Finrod was brother to Orodrerh. Subduing 205. Perception 10. 109~II. Pt 106. Diving (Athletic) 105. Aegnor.. RM Spells: 720 PP (x4 PP multiplier). the Faithful. Re 94. 1G 105. and for his brilliance as an architect. 119. Diplomacy (Influence) 130. Nargothrond. MERP/RM: +60 OB. 189. Finrod accompanied Beren and was imprisoned by Sauron in T ol-in-Gaurhoth. Skiing 112. ITEMS OF NOTE FINROD A great Noldo prince. MERP/RM: AT: Pl/20 (+75 DB). He was rescued from Orcs in the Dagor Bragollach by Barahir to whom Finrod gave a ring as a pledge of aid to his house. capitol of the largest Naldo realm in Beleriand. Em 99.. Climbing 2IS. Frenzy 210. Administration 120. but also for his wisdom. son of Barahir. fires 2 arrows/rnd no penalty. if slaying Orcs. RM Self Healing) Long Bow-Triple concussion damage. justice. Concentration. Firebolt or Ireboll +50 x5 hits range 500' Sx/ day. Agility 6. 84. Ambush 30. Music 165. l60. lI6. Z6. Friend of Men. Shield. and Galadriel. T 01 Sirion. "Haireminent one"). He was truly one of the most noble of the NoIdor and so carried himself. St 109. as was common for his house. LoR Spells: Calm. Full Shield-. 87. Armor-Unencumbering.205. Seduction 141. Lord of the Caves. Athletic Games (Athletic) ISO. loR Stats: Strength 7. Finrod was tall (7'4") and blonde. Camouflage. Intelligence 4. PR lOS. IT 102. Dance (Athletic) 185. Repairs itself. unencumbering. MERP Profession: Bard. (5. l54. Leather-working (Craft) 110. Architecture (Lore) 245. Signaling 130. Runes 1 IS. Subterfuge 10. Leadership 200. Clairvoyance. Riding 225. "Golden-haired Champion"). Defense 7. who remained behind in Aman. Climbing 200. Star-gazing II I. FINROD IN MERP Hits: 250 Melee OB: 450 Missile OB: 440 AT: Plate (215). Sailing 73. Ag 110. Trolls. LoR Experience Points: 65. He was imprisoned in the dungeons of the great tower he himself had built and slain by a werewolf.

Shield.358. Singing (Influence) 140. l69-72. Athletic Games 150. Hammer Dulcimer w /Hammers-Mallorn and tasarang with golden mithril fittings. Finwe was slain by Morgoth defending the home and treasury of his son. negates 50% head crits. Music 170. no penalites. Like [hem he was slain by Morgoth for the Silmarils. 506. MERP/RM: +60 OBi 5x/dally can throw Lightening Bolt +50 x5 hits to 500' may throw lOOPP/day up to 10th from MERP Light Law or Sound/Light Ways. Administration 100. Signaling 145. double concussion hits. In 102. allows Mentalism casting. FINROD'S ITEMS OF NOTE Broadsword-Laen with white eog edges. loR Experience Points: 57. yet Finwe loved Feanor more than any other of his kin. Music (Artistic) 170. Finwe married Indis of the Vanyar. l74. Feanor opposed his father's second marriage.900. RM Light's Way. Me 108. Rope Mastery 90. Sailing (Athletic) 145. it is recounted that. Finwe himself accompanied the exile. Perception 210. General 7. and there was strife because ofit for many years. LoR St. 73. Adrenal Moves ISO. loR loR Profession: Bard (Warrior). RM Stats: Co 107. After long grief. Seduction 125. Star-gazing (SkyWatching) 80. Caving 205. Runes 165. FlNROD IN ROLEMASTER Full Shield-Clear hen and mithril rim. Fire Bolt. Re 108.lts: Strength 8. and Elwe). of light:.. but later recaptured by T urgon (his grandson) and encased in gold by him. may be ridden on water or air 200'/ rod MERP /RM: +50 DB Armor-Unencumbering. Read Runes 165. Pr 105. MERP/RM: Songs lists attacks at +30. constant MERP Light Vor RM Atkar. and his calming influence on the rash Noldor. Drawing Table & Tools-Laen. Strategy/Tactics (Lore) 148. Signaling 145. Skiing 80. Qu 104. Luck. or Light Molding. Use Item 165. Appearance: 106. concern for the welfare of all. RM Spells: 575 PP (x6 PP multiplier). 114. He was known for his wise counsel. St 105. Stalk/Hide 195. Leadership 182. knows all Open Essence and Channeling to 10th lvl. Meditation 125. durations and ranges are doubled. and she bore his first son Feanor and then died. This relic was called the Scarlet Heart and became the emblem of the King's folk in Gondolin. Endurance 286. Olwe. Missile OB 14. Sailing 145. Subterfuge 11. Navigation 113.. Em 99. Public-speaking ISO. Protection from Magic. Acting 120. Acrobatics 180. Ambush 30. Linguistics 21*. Speed. very tall (7'8"). When Feanor was banished and went to his fortress Formenos. ueui 453. knows a1l Open and Closed Mentalism to 20th lvl. 305. Knows all Bard Base lists. Fletching 145. Climbing 200. Diplomacy 130. Finwe was majestic in appearance. RM Displacement ill constant. Intelligence 8. Stalk/Hide 195. Knows all Bard lists to 50th lvl. Singing 140. Foraging 110. l40-43. Tracking ISO. and she gave him two sons: Fingolfin and Finarfin. Swimming 200. In The Book oj Lost Tales. MERP Spells: 575 PP (x6 PP multiplier). following Finwe's death. may become an ornate mithril full helm at a thought MERP/RM: PPx6 (Mentalism). Architecture 245.85. loR Spells: Balance. Agility 8. Subduing 190. 356. l28-30. Calm. Skiing (Athletic) 80. his heart was taken by Orcs. First Aid 190. MERP/RM: +50 math and architecture maneuvers. Staves & Wands 165. Ag 106.90. So it was that when Morgoth stole the Silmarils from Feanor's armory.125. on a critical target receives a point blank +50 lightening bolt. Strategy/Tactics 148. Riding 180. Melee OB 14. I 75-76. Hits: 250 Melee OB: 450 Missile OB:. Headband-s-Of galvorn and mithril. SD 102. Frenzy 195. Read Sil6I. Light Law. Movement 6. Magical 5. Swimming 200. Rope Mastery 90. FINROD IN FINWE Finwe was the first High King of the Nolder and one of the four who led the Eldar on the Great Journey from Middle-earth to Amari in the beginning (the others were Ingwe.306. Leather-working IIO. Navigation (Lore) 113. Tracking ISO. 440 AT: 20 (215). Perception I I. Even though Finwe was untouched by the shame that was to come upon his house in years ahead. and having long black hair and grey eyes soft with compassion. RM Skills. 120-21. Mathematics 95. Dance 185. RM Profession: Bard (Fighter). Public-speaking (Influence) ISO. does not encumber. 109. MERP/RM: AT Pl/20 (+60 DB). Diving 105. Seduction (Influence) 125. Star-gazing 80. He married the Nolde lady Mlriel. . he perished for the same cause as two of his sons: Feanor and Fingolfin. Perception 2 10. Clairvoyance. 15l-52. Riding 180. l24. Defense 7.

Crafting 200. hits as a mounted lance 5]1( damage giving Crush. Riding 190. Administration 200. Frenzy 240. charm. First Aid 200. MERP Profession: Animist. FINWE IN ROLEMAsTER Hits: 370 Melee OB: 350 Missile OB: AT: 20 (220). Music (Artistic) 241. Leadership (Influence) 281. Impact. . Re 108. Read Runes 225. LoR Einwe FlNWE IN MERP Hits: 370 Melee OB: 350 Missile OB: AT: Plate (220). Knows all Open Channeling lists to 10th lvl. Skiing 90. Swimming 265. ° LoR Stats: Strength 8. MERP Spells: 1120 PP (xI2 PP multiplier). Star-gazing 180.5. In 110. Subterfuge 7. Endurance 462. Forrnenos. Runes 22. Martial Arts Stalking ISO. IG 108.. St 106. Agility 8. First Aid 200. Foraging 195. Athletic Games 200. LoR Spells: All.5. ST 106. MERP/RM: +10 DB. all spells cast by wearer cost half the normal amount of power points. Martial Arts Sweeps ISO. knows all Open and Closed Channeling lists to 50th Ivl. MERP Utterligbt. Staves & Wands 240. CO 106. Diving (Athletic) 170. Fletching 210. MERP/RM: AT: PI/20 (+88 DB). Climbing 265. Directed Spells 210. formed of braided limbs of the Two Trees. Herding 100. FINWttS PRINCIPAL ITEMS MERP Stars: AG 110. Herding 100. Perception 240. Public-speaking (Influence) 250. Subduing 230. wielder protected by constant MERP Protection ill.890. Singing (Influence) 250. Singing 250. IN FINWE LoR Profession: Bard. control. Staff (Aldatar)-(Q. "Father of Staves") PPxI2 for any realm. Strategy/Tactics 120. Mathematics (Lore) 90. General 8. Perception 240. Defense 6.W arching) 200. PR II0. Dance 175. Adrenal Moves 160. Meditation 145. MERP Skills: Acrobatics 180. Use Item 240. Magical 11. Diplomacy (Influence) 200. Crafting (Craft) 200. RM Stats: Co 106. Leadership 281. Skiing (Athletic) 90. Seduction (Influence) 160.I FINWE LvI: 140. knows Animist and Astologer base lists to 50th lvl. or possession. "Crown of Glory") Crown of golden mithril. Diving 170. precious stones. Meditation 145. Linguistics 40*. Strategy/Tactics (Lore) 120. Athletic Games (Athletic) 200. Stargazing (Sky-Watching) 180.. Perception 12. Martial Arts Striking 150. RM Resistmce True and Protections True. Movement 7. At will the wielder may desire a target that has been struck to suffer the attack of a +50 point blank fireball (only the target and his gear suffers this blast). Climbing 265. laen. RM Aura Blaze and Displacement Vat wilL Crown (AglartholHQ. Em 108. Mathematics 90. IT lIO. Leatherworking (Craft) 85. Riding 190. Spellmastery 169. Missile OB 13. Weather-watching (Sky. Weather-watching 200. Tirion. Swimming 265. Crown negates 50% of head crits. Leatherworking 85. Music 241. Robes (Collatar)-(Q. Administration (Influence) 200. Appearance: 109. Public-speaking 250. Melee OB I3. MERP/RM: + 100 OS. stun. Dance (Athletic) 17. SD 106. Ag IlO. LoR Experience Points: 82. Qu 106. On any head strike the weapon must save vs a 50th level oj slaying weapons. Diplomacy 200. Fletching (Craft) 210. Wearer is immune to fear. Directed Spells 210. Astrologer). Me lIO. Seduction 160. Home: Aman. Marcial Arts Sweeps ISO. RM Skills: Acrobatics 180. The center prominent stone is a sapphire Feanorean lamp which shines on its own. "Father's Robe") Gleaming white. Foraging 195. Race: Naldo. o RM Profession: Cleric (Animist. Knows base Cleric lists to 100th lvl. RM Spells: 1120 PP (xI2 PP multiplier). Pr IIO.. and Unbalancing Criticals. Intelligence 8. Adrenal Defense 50.

and his face held the weighty wisdom of the mighty who hold others' lives in trust.000. RM Profession: Fighter. PR94. Leadership 92. All maneuvers are GALADOR IN LoR LoR Profession: Warrior. GALADoR's PRINCIPAL ITEMS +50. Pr 97. Although she took no oaths. AG 93. Imladris. MERP/RM: They may cast any Running spell off the MERP Moving Ways or RM Lofty Movements list at will. Seduction (Influence) 36. Appearance: 91. L6rien. Race: Naldo. She was strong willed. She departed Tirion in Aman with her brothers to fight in the war against Morgoth. 79) 305. His black hair fell to his shoulders. Me 59. and desired a realm of her own there to rule. 69-72. As the son of Irnrazor the NUmen6rean and Mithrellas. Qu 100. she accepted the waning of the Elve's presence in Ender. Swim 85. Because of her deeds against Sauron. in the guarded realm ofDoriath. Swim 85. GALADRIEL The daughter of Fmarfin. that she met her future husband Celeborn. Eregion. Climb 72. Galadriel was considered to be the equal of Feanor. Read Sil52~53. . Artanis. Stalk/ Hide 45. At last. RM Stats: St 100. she-like the rest of the Deep Elves-suffered the Ban of the Valar and was forbidden to return to Aman after Morgoth's defeat. His person was imposing. The Eldar enjoyed athletic games as well as mental exercise. It Can be so used up to five times a days. Melee OB 7. MERP Spells: None. and most especially her refusal to accept the One Ring when it was freely offered. an Elven maid who accompanied Nimrodel when she fled the outskirts ofL6rien. 60~62. Em 67. Intelligence 2. RM Skills: Acrobatics 45. MERP/RM: +20 Missile OB. Home: Dol Amroth. comparable in height toher brothers. Missile OB 7. General 2. Race: Half-elf (Numen6rean/Elf). Re 85. Lady of the Golden Wood. Co 89. Climb 72. It was in Beleriand. the Ban was lifted and she sailed into the Uttermost West with the other Ringbearers. Leadership (Influence) 92. 316. "Lord of Trees"). RM Spells: None. Movement 3.Boots (Nimril PalandaI)-{Q. with the end of the Third Age. they are studded with 88 large diamonds. and competitive. Defense 2. GALADOR IN ROLEMASTER Hits: 145 Melee OB: 191 Missile OB: 180 AT: 17 (105). she was enamored with the wide lands of Middle-earth. CO 89. he stood 6'4". Diving (Athletic) 74. Strategy & Tactics (Lore) 79. Agility 4. and the White Lady. Perception 81. Dance 76. Adrenal Defense 78. she grew to be very tall (6'4"). Ag 86. MERP Profession: Warrior. Diving 74. MERP Stats: ST 100. Read UT 248. he was of the Peredhil. however. LvI: 60(90). "Brilliant White Boots of Travel") Beautiful white boots which come to mid-thigh. Boat Handling 79. Lebennin. GALADRIEL LvI: 20. Magical 2. IT 73. a mithril circlet about his brow swept his locks back and held them in place. GALADOR IN MERP Hits: 145 Melee OB: 191 Missile OB: 180 AT: PI (105). Boat Handling 79. Names: Galador (S. 63-65. and GaladrieI proved again and again that she was the equal of any of the Noldo Lords in both depth of thought and athletic ability. Names: Alatariel. Stalk/ Hide 45. Nerwen. Home: Undying Lands: Beleriand (in Doriath). 75. SD 90. Broadsword-The enchanted blade never loses its razor-sharp edge. In 87. Subterfuge 6. Born in the Undying Lands to Finarfin and Earwen of Alqualonde. Longbow. felt no desire to return. Seduction 36. LoR Stats: Strength S. Galador was very protective of his younger sister Gilmith GALADOR Circlet-The mithril circlet allows Galador to tell whether or not someone speaking to him is telling the truth. superior to him in many ways. Strategy & Tactics 79. LoR Experience Points: 21. GALADOR Galador was the first Prince and Lord of Dol Amroth. Perception 7. LoR Spells: None. Perception 81. Galadriel. MERP/RM: +25 OB. L6rien. 1G 76. MERP Skills: Acrobatics 45. Dance (Artistic) 76. and the land was bettered by her presence. also called Lady of the Noldor. Endurance 94. So it was for many ages of the world that Galadriel remained in Middle-earth. Adrenal Moves 90.

Crafting 81. Strategy/Tactics (Lore) 96. Perception 156. These spells can also be enacted with a radius to shield an entire area. Stalk/ Hide 120. Singing 116. Movement 7. Endurance 398. Mathematics 85. AG 100. the following Open and Closed Mentalist lists to SOth: Brilliance. Directed Spells 90. Blood Mastery. Melee DB 10. Stalk/Hide 120. Each ring was the center of an Elven haven where the passage of days is not felt. GeneralS. This was especially true in Lorien. LoR Spells: All. Agility 6. not only for him or her. Movement. Diplomacy 132. Foraging 120. . Missile OB 10. Mind Mastery. Meditation 121. PR 102. and the following Lay Healer Base lists to 20th: Muscle mastery. Nenya's power is a function of its wielder. multifaceted gem of adamant. Rope Mastery 68. but those around them.800. Me 94. Galadriel possesses all Seer and Mystic Base Lists to 50th level. Qu 101. In appearance. Read Runes 1 I 1. Diplomacy (Influence) 132. forged by Celebrimbor alone. Perception 9. and in fact keep at bay the decays of Time itself. Appearance: MERP Profession: Mage. Climbing 96. Meditation 121. RM Skills: Acting 70. Linguistics 3S'l'. Trickery 65. Navigation 97. Runes III. Administration (Influence) 100. Cookery 60. Leatherworking 45. Diving (Athletic) 60. Doubles RR level of wearer when resisting the Dark Lord's detection powers. Subduing 85. Publicspeaking (Influence) 114. MERP/RM: (1) Continuous MERP Unseen. Hits: I8S Melee OS: 170 Missile OS: 190 AT: 20 (120). RMMystic Base Hiding Unpresena. Like all true artifacts. CO 100. Illusions. Galadriel was able to bring all of central Lorien within the protective borders. Rope Mastery 68. Administration 100. are unsullied by the evil hand of the Dark Lord. has the Mentalist Base list Mind Speech to 20th 102. delicate band of mithril holding a clear. Navigation (Lore) 97. Foraging 120. In 100. Spell Resistance. Channeling 90. Galadriel possesses all Open and Closed Essence. Mind's Door. Climbing 96. Nerve and Organ Mastery. Mathematics (Lore) 85. LoR Experience Points: 64. Strategy/Tactics 96. GALADRIEL'S PRINCIPAL ITEMS MERP Spells: 360 PP (x9 multiplier). Weather-watching (SkyWatching) 88. Staves & Wands 121. Swimming 102. Nondetect. RM Profession: Seer (Mystic). Ag 100. Music 126. Adrenal Defense 50. Co 100. Fletching 90. Magical 9. Nenya was an elegant. The Elven Rings were made to aid their wearer in learning. Architecture 60. only the Three Elven Rings. Skiing 45. St 95. Dance 76. 105. Wood-carving 46.ding 80. First Aid 145. and the wielder is associated with that place. Architecture (Lore) 60. RM Stars. Leather-working (Craft) 45. Plate (IS). Skiing (Athletic) 45. Athletic Games 130. Re 96. Cookery 60. Defense 9. Perception 156. healing and understanding. Seduction 106. Ri. and all Open Channeling and Animist lists to 10th IvI. Singing (Influence) 116.!/u5ion and RM Aura oj MiifeeL This power is most effective when the ring has been in one place for an extended period of time. Time flows in strange ways. First Aid 145. Riding 80. Trickery 65. Subterfuge 8. Radius is a function of the wearer's level and intrinsic power. Herding 100. Weather-watching 88. Intelligence 7. She also Hits: 185 Melee OB: 170 Missile OB. In Nenya's case.GALADRIEL IN MERP RM Spells: 360 PP (x9 multiplier). Fletching (Craft) 90. 190 AT. Awareness. (2) Continuous CQ. Swimming 102.IG IT 100. Leadership 131. They had the power to hold off the Shadow. LoR St. where Galadriel held sway. Em 101. Nenya-(White Ring of Water) Of all the twenty Rings of Power. level. and Mentalist Inner Wall. Star-gazing 109. GALADRlEL IN loR LoR Profession: Bard. Athletic Games ( Athletic) 130. Leadership (Influence) 131. Music (Artistic) 126. Crafting (Craft) 81. MERP Skills: Acting 70. Dance (Athletic) 76. Wood-carving (Craft) 46. a crystalline material of great beauty and harder than diamond. Pr 102. Use Item 121. Star-gazing (Sky-Watching) 109. SO 98. Directed Spells 90. MERP Stats: ST 95. Spell-mastery 92. Diving 60.ats: Strength S. Seduction (Influence) 106. Concussion Mastery. Telekinesis. Public-speaking 114. GALADRIEL IN ROLEMASTER. Bone Mastery. Herding 100.

Eva Clerics Magicians and Sorcerers. The Elessar-(Given in the Second Age by Galadriel to Celebrlan. (6) Wearer regenerates 3 hits/rod upon herself or anyone she touches. the Mirror will show swift. The images often are drawn from the viewer's subconscious. (5) Allows wearer to freely employ all MERP Mage Base lists. 3019. MERP/RM: Enhances the range and scope of the MEKP Direct Channeling list: RM Seer spells in the Future Visiom. (3) Preservation True: a power beyond the norm. these robes are naturally silvery-white in color. and future. is highly the function of the intrinsic might of the wearer. then to Arwen.A. MERP/RM: +33 OBi will cast Ligbtning . set with a large oval emerald. Galadriel GALADRlEL's OTHER ITEMS OF NOTE MERP/RM: (I) Continuous Prayer. Long Knife (TintelpeHQ. often combining them into a series of visions. +100 to hiding. (4) +33 to Constitution Bonus and Defensive Bonus.Bolt300' 3x/day. delivers a Cold critical (of same severity as any other given). Past Visions. living things do not die. Robes of Aman-Woven in the Light of the Trees. and Liquid Manipulation lists to user's level. and can be misleading . RM Mentalist Brilliance. can be fired twice per round without penalty. (8) Acts as a PPx9 (any profession). Longbow-Double normal range.) In appearance. is oj S14ying Orcs. and is a Holy weapon. (2) PPx6 (any profession). the Elessar is a brooch in the form of an eagle with spread wings. Manipulated with caution and skill. it is perilous. especially when used by someone unfamiliar with it.iftaken too IiteraHy. and wearer is impervious to all heat and cold. Ranges variable but usually 10IOOx normal range listed. MERP/RM: +33 OB. with virtually unlimited range in time and distance. IT is similar in nature and effect to the power of the Three Elven Rings (though not nearly as powerful): time seems to pass slowly within the area under the influence of the Elessar. fleeting visions. "Silver Spark") Uses the broadsword table.ends within a 30' radius. present.(3) Continuous Prayer (RR and maneuver bonus): +30 to all light near Servants of Morgoth/SauroIll. then entrusted to Galadriel to be given to Aragorn in mid T. The MirraI' of Gahdriel-A Seer focus device. MERP/RM:See Gil-galad below. as with all items of such power. . In such cases. (7) Wearer cannot be stunned. and age at a very reduced rate. AT PI/20 (+30 DB). However. like that of the Three. and True Perception lists. Gas Manipulation. and all arrows fired from the bow are Holy. This power. often far away. but can change to any color or mottling at the wearer's thought. Robes also cast RM Mystic Base Displacement Vat a thought. of past. It glows with a. it is a very powerful aid.

Use Item 100. GAlDOR LvI. Music (Artistic) 77. Important 3018. GAllON Galion was the long time Silvan butler ofKing Thranduil. SO 101. At that point he was informed by Gandalf that Saruman had misled them. RM Profession: Animist. IN Hits. Directed Spells 70. Fletching (Craft) 65. Perception 135. Stalk/Hide 70. 28. Gambling 42. General 4. and the trust which Cirdan felt for the Elf. Climbing 60. Sailing ( Athletic) I 16. Perception 80. Leather-working 45. LoR Experience Points: 18. 12 Open and Closed lists to 20th lvl. Me 99. Weatherwatching (Sky-Watching) 102. MERP OB: 60 Armor--Sea-drake skin. Fletching 65. acts as a normal shield. MERP Profession: Animist.. Calm. Perception 9. CO 8O. Meditation 82. 327-28. Agility 3. Signaling 9 I. Riding 65. Home: Mirkwood (the Woodland GAllON Realm). Signaling 91. Charm Animals. Knows all Animist Base lists to 10th lvl. Diplomacy 80. his knowledge of the people of the Grey Havens. Leadership (Influence) 82. may cast 20 PP / daily from MERP Moving Ways. Navigation 96.900.A. Qu 94. Appearance: 98. MERP/RM: vers. Climbing 120. Mathematics (Lore) 84. Read LotR I 315.IG 95. MERP Skills: Caving 50. RM Skins: Acting 80. It was he who asked for proofs of the identity of the One Ring and also requested news of any advice from Saruman.GALDOR Galdor was the messenger from Grdan to the Council ofElrond. ST 86. Staves & Wands Swimming 120. MERP Stars: AG 90. Runes Sailing 16. may breathe underwater. LoR Spells: Balance. Hits: 100 Melee OB: IIS Missile OB: 60 AT: 12 (75). casts Sudden Light 4x/ day. LoR Stats: Strength 2. RM Stars: Co 92. PR 97. Race: Silvan Elf. Singing (Influence) 45. MERP/RM: +30 to moving maneuvers. Stargazing 98. Missile OB 7. MERP Profession: Bard. Diving (Athletic) 85. Ag 90. Meditation 82. Wood-carving (Craft) 25. knows 5 Open Channeling lists to 5th lvl. Elven Boots-Silent +50 to stalking and hiding maneu- MERP Skills: Acting 80. Knows all Bard Base lists to 10th lvl. 92. Weather-watching 102. Use Item 65. Navigation (Lore) 96. Mathematics 84. Read Runes 65. Stalk/Hide I SO. Music (Artistic) 41. Item Analysis. Dates: AttendeJ the Council RM Spells: 84 PP (x5 PP multipli. MERP/RM: AT: RL/I2 (+30 DB). 85 Melee OB: 110 Missile AT: Chain (70). Cirdan chose Galdor for the errand because ofGaldor's astute mental faculties and wisdom. Magical 5. IT 101. Concentration. Diplomacy (Influence) 80. GALDOR'S LESSER ITEMS OF NOTE if ElronJ in T. Re 100. Climbing 120. Leather-working (Craft) 52. GALDOR IN ROLEMASfER step. Glaive--Large mithril blade on a mallorn staff. Defense 3. Administration (Influence) 60. Em 98. Singing 67. CO ST84. Diving (Athletic) 35. Publicspeaking 80. . roo. Public-speaking (Influence) 80. Riding 65. Race: Sinda. Star-gazing (Sky-Watching) 98. MERP/RM: +25 OB: PPxS (Channeling). Intelligence 4. Leadership 82. Swinuning 80. Melee OB 7. Swimming 120. IT 79. GALDOR IN Hits: 100 Melee OB: 115 Missile AT: Rigid Leather (75). Perception 135. Linguistics 26*. Luck. Singing (Influence) 67. wearer may swim as fast as he may run. Movement 4. MERP OB: 105 MERP Stats: AG 94. Administration 60. GALDOR IN LoR LoR Profession: Bard. Home: Grey Havens. Healing. SubterfUge 10. GALION Lvh 14. IG 100. Pr 97. Directed Spells 70. Riding 65. Read Runes 100. RM Lofty Movements to level 10. Clairvoyance. Thus it may be assumed that he was a Sinda Elf. Music 77. r roo. A dedicated under-achiever. PR 98. Leatherworking (Craft) 45. MERP Spells: 84 PP (x5 PP multiplier). 12 Open lists to IOrh Ivl. Endurance 86. MERP Spells: 28 PP (x3 PP multiplier). St 84. Stalk/Hide ISO. In 101. Elven Diving 85. Knows all Animist base lists to 25th lvl. Galion's notorious winebibbing and his careless partying with Thranduil's chief guard permitted Bilbo and his company to escape.

SO 63. Singing 45. Swinuning 90. MERP Skills: Acrobatics 80. Pr 98. LoR Experience Points: 37. Two-handed Sword. Hits: 195 Melee OB: 275 Missile OB: 240 AT: 20 (170). Movement 3. Riding 100. Shield. RM Spells: 28 PP (x3 PP multiplier). In tot. Frenzy IIO. Knows all Ranger Base lists to 10th lvl. Subterfuge 9. GillON's LESSER ITEMS OF NOTE Luck. He was captured by Morgoth during the Dagor Bragollach and blinded. LoR Experience Points: 15. GAUON IN LoR LoR Profession: Bard. Appearance: 99. GELMIR'S PIUNClPAL ITEMS Plate Armor. Two Daggers. GELMIR IN ROLEMASTER RM Profession: Bard. Linguistics 16*. Music 41. Acting 95. Climbing 60. Agility 4. 473. Gelrnir was the son of Guilin and brother to Gwindor. Ag lOI. Runes 65. Caving 50. Staves & Wands 70. Armor. St 102. Dance (Athletic) 40. uasu ies. Read Runes 70. First Aid 105. LoR Stats: Strength 2. Ambush 20.600. Stalk/Hide 130. MERP Stats: AG 101. Diving 35. Stalk/Hide 70. Perception 10. Melee OB 13. RM Skills: Acrobatics 80. Intelligence 2.A. Linguistics 5*. Magical 6. Athletic Games (Athletic) 90. MERP/RM: +30 DB. Defense 5. Singing 70. . Re 81. IT 10L PR 98. Ambush 20. Perception 8. Knows all Bard Base lists to 10th lvl. Movement 4. Me 94. GELMIR A noble Noldo from Nargothrond. Lute--+ 10 to Bard base attack spell rolls. Swimming 90. Athletic Games 90.. Wood-carving 25. First Aid 105. Disarm Trap 85. (+20 DB). Stalk/ Hide 130. Adrenal Moves 80.GALION IN ROLEMASTER Hits: 85 Melee OB: I IO Missile OB: 105 AT: 13 (70). Gambling 42. Missile OB 13. LoR Stats: Strength 5. Use Item 70. Short Sword-Additional Electrical crits one degree less. Strategy /T actics (Lore) 88. MERP Profession: Ranger.800. SO 96. durations of spells cast with lute are doubled. Riding 100. Sustenance. knows 5 Open lists to Sth IvL Appearance: 97. Diving 60. Swimming 80. Me 97. LvI: 55. MERP/RM: +25 OB. Singing (Influence) 70. Perception I 10. Music 65. Pick Lock 80.. AU Open Channeling lists to 10th Iv!. Contortions 80. Pr 98. GELMIR IN MERP/RM: AT: Ch/I3 Target Shield. . and slain before the walls of Barad Eithe]. This terrible fate motived the mad charge of his brother against Angband. Strategy/Tactics 88. Climbing 120. RM Profession: Ranger. Endurance 58. GELMIR loR LoR Profession: Bard. Concentration. MERP /RM: +20 DB. Caving 50. LoR Spells: Balance. Qu 101. Magical 4. Home: Nargothrond. CO 99. GELMIRIN MERP Hits: 195 Melee OB: 275 Missile OB: 240 AT: Plate (170). Leadership (Influence) 90. Music (Artistic) 65. Intelligence 5. Perception 80. Missile OB 8. Re 92. Subterfuge 10. General 5. Pick Lock 80. RM Spells: 165 PP (x3 pp multiplier). RM Stats: Co 99. 191. Knows all Ranger Base lists to 25th lvl. Meditation 50. Qu 90. LoR Spells: Charm Animals. All Open Channeling lists to 20th lvl. Ag 94. Agility 2. Important Dates: died l. MERP Spells: 165 PP (x3 PP multiplier). Camouflage. IG 98. Endurance 163. Riding 65. casts ISeh level SIMpwhen delivers a crit 3x/ daily. mutilated. Melee OB 8. Dance 40. Contortions 80. Staves & Wands 65. Defense 3. St 86. Em 87. Concentration. Fletching 65. General 4. Disarm Trap 85. In 79. Diving (Athletic) 60. Race: Noldo. ST 102. MERP/RM: Bard PPx3 Read Hob Z73-76. Fletching (Craft) 65. Leadership 90. RM Stats: Co 80. Em 98. Meditation 50. Later he was tortured. Runes 70. MERP/RM: +15 OB. Sustenance. RM Skills: Caving 50. Acting 95. Perception 110. Leather-working 52. Healing. MERP/RM: +35 06. Climbing 120.

01' driven away their wives and . IG 73. SO 100.GILD OR INGLORION A Noldo of the House of Pin rod. 99. He and the Elves under his authority traveled primarily within the bounds of Lindon. witty conversation. "Starlord"). Ag 91. Tracking 99. Climb 99. Music (Artistic) 90. Ride 94. the Raenar Dirnen. Read Runes 64. RM Profession: Ranger. Pr 99. GILDOR INGLORION LvI: 30. CO 105. and regal of bearing. GilJor MERP Skills: Acrobatics 75. MERP Profession: Ranger. Diving 84. Perception 101. Tracking ro. Names: Gildor Inglorion (S. Ingiorio. His insight was both blessing and curse: from it stemmed wisdom and terrible weariness. slain. Boat Handling 76. Stalk/Hide I Riding 94. AG 89.. Runes 64. Em 68. Swim 89. Re 77. RM Skills: Acrobatics 75. Gilder was ready to leave the lands of Middle-earth with them.. PR 100. Gildor encountered Frodo. a bit of advice. In 105. Swim 89. throughout the later Third Age. He could perceive much that remained hidden to lesser folk. MERP Stats: ST 98. Gildor was tall. Stalk/Hide 110. The Man and tbe NoLlo are not one and the same individual. Sam.I \ . with infrequent sojourns to Rivendell to visit their kin in that haven.hildren. He and his companions rendered aid to the frightened Little Folk-· who had just sighted a Black Rider-proffering a festal supper. Base SpeU OB 35. GILDOR INGLORION IN ROLEMASTER Hits: 185 Melee OB: 180 Missile OB: 190 AT: 17 (120). IT 105. Co 105. RM Stats: St 98. Music 90. Base Spell OB is +35. Race: Noldo. Me 100. Merry. When the Ringbearers set sail for the West. Perception tor. His dark hair harbored strands of silver. Climb 99. ). Qu 87. During one of these trips to Imladris. Gildor 1nglorion knows all the Ranger Base lists and the Open Channeling lists. his charcoal grey eyes shone with the light of stars. and Pippin as the Hobbits departed the Shire. GILDOR rnGLORION IN MERP Hits: 18S Melee OB: 180 Missile OB: 190 AT: PI (120). and a safe refuge for the night. slim. Boat Handling 76. MERP Spells: ISO PP (x3 PP multiplier). Home: Rivendell. Gildor led one of the Wandering Companies. Diving 84. Note: Gildor bore the same given name as one oj the Edain: one oj the twelve warriors who lived to remain loyal to Barahir after Morgoth had destroyed their dwellings in Dorthonion and captured.

First Aid 125. but was slain. MERP /RM: +20 Missile OB. Knows all Base Bard lists to 10th lvl. Gn. Signaling 146. perceptive. Read Runes 170. Singing (Influence) 125. though they did not know his true identity. LoR: +2 Missile OB. LvI: 100. 3441! with Elmdil) overthrew Sauron. Perception 210. Weather-watching (Sky. Longbow-Sends arrows far and true. only a quarter as much as usual is needed.-GA1. Important Dates: S. Base Spell OS is +35. Strategy/Tactics (Lore) 185. MERP Profession: Warrior. Gil-galad renewed the alliance with the surviving NUmen6reans and defeated Sauron again in the Wars of the Last Alliance. MERP Stars: AG 103. Concentration.ADIN MERP Hits: 225 Melee OB: 430 Missile OB: 340 AT: Plate (240). and most consistent leaders. IT 107. And that realm remained safe when Sauron openly assaulted Eregion and laid waste to Eriador. originally Ereinion "Son of Kings"). Skiing (Athletic) 97. Music (Artistic) 140. Race: Naldo. Public-speaking (Influence) 152. fleeing to the Isle of Balar. GIL-GALAD Staff. he was saved from the aftermath that claimed so many women and children by his father who sent his young son to dwell with Clrdan the shipwright in the Havens of Falas. ST 102. 3434 difeated Sauro" in theBattl& oj Dag()1'laJ. LoR Spells: Charm Animal. The weapon's range is doubled. noblest.. Stargazing (Sky-Watching) 112. LoR Experience Points: 33. Speed. Defense 4. Clairvoyance. Names: (S. Broadsword-The blade glows whenever Orcs or Trolls are within 1000'.oOR INGLORION's PR1NCIPAL ITEMS When Sauron again rose to power. Martial Arts Striking ISO. Climbing 200. Melee OB 10. Martial Arrs Sweeps ISO. GIL-GALAD MERP Skills: Acrobatics I 10. falling in single combat with Sauron. the golden hair of his august lineage. PPx3. Dance (Athletic) 140. and the penetrating blue eyes of the Vanyar. Pr 105. GILDOR INGLORION IN LoR LoR Profession: Ranger. Agility 3. He escaped also the sack of the Havens. Grr. Sauron was forced to concentrate his power in the south and east. Diplomacy (Influence) 165. The High King himself. Intelligence 4. LoR: +3 Defense. Administration (Influence) 180. Only Gil-galad and his people doubted Annatar.The enchanted staff permits the bearer to walk four times as far as normal without rest. Leadership (Influence) 200. CO 100. then lived in the Havens. Protection from Magic. Physically he possessed the remarkable physique of the greatest Noldo princes (716 tl). Had it not been for the preservation of the One Ring-cla. Directed Spells 110. however. Meditation 165. Riding 170. . LoR: +2 Damage. Though he was born before the Dagor Bragollach. MERP Spells: 600 PP (xIO PP multiplier).cl. Gil-galad was the last of the Noldo High Kings. General 3. Perception 7. When rest is taken.Watching) 122. Subterfuge 8. His realm of Lindon was the longest lasting EIven kingdom in Endor. then a fugitive on the Isle of Balar. Read LotR. When Celeborn departed Harlindon. Fletching (Craft) 110. Magical 4. Appearance: 95. and a faultless judge of character and intent. Seduction (Influence) I 12.A. Sailing (Athletic) 98. the remaining Grey-elves also pledged themselves to Gil-galad. Note: DB includes Alkar from Veil oj Lindon. Following the deaths of Fingon and T urgon. LoR Stars: Strength 4. Stalk/Hide 200. Movement 4. DB rises to 340 with Bladeturn or Dif1L. (S. Architecture (Lore) 165. I l16-124. he became High King of the Nolder. Gil-galad was one of Middle-earth's greatest.imed by Isuldur as weregild for the deaths of his father and brother-the victory over Sauron would have been complete. He descended from a line of poweful rulers: the son ofFingon. was slain in the final battle. +2 Damage. IG lOS. Swimming 180.S. most honorable.A. MERP/RM: +25 OB. Athletic Games (Athletic) ISO. Navigation (Lore) 120.RM Spells: ISO PP (x3 multiplier). Boots-Permit the user to pass over any sort of ground without leaving any tracks. He was wise. eleventh king ofNUrnenor. who was the son of Fin we. the Lord of Gifts. With the aid of'Tar-Minastir. Missile OB I I. MERP/RM: AT PI/l7.900. then Gil-galad Ereinion. Use Item ISO. all Open Channeling and Essence lists. Tabard-Confers protection on the wearer as though it were plate armor. who was the son ofFingolfin. Healing. Endurance 134. Luck. Diving (Athletic) 120.. Home: Born in Hirhlum. Gildor Inglorion knows all the Ranger lists and the Open Channeling lists. "Star of Radiance"). The imposter was not admitted into Lindon. and his fair-seeming guise. Acting 100. then served as Lord of Lindon.

Fletching 110. GILMITH Gilmith was a fair maiden with long. She was slender and stood a statuesque 6'0". GIL-GALAn IN LoR LoR Profession: Bard. Em 105. 286. Climbing 200. MERP/RM: +50 DB. General 7. Qu 104. Sailing 98. Public-speaking 152. Endurance 213. GILMITH Lvl: 18. Defense 8. Ag 103. Ice Bolt (5x hits). Her smiling countenance contrasted strongly with the sober lines of her brother's face. Protects the wielder vs any cold and the draining power of undead. Martial Arts Stalking ISO.293-94. 332. RM Stats: Co 100. 453-55.GIL-GALAD'S PRINCIPAL ITEMS The Great Spear (Aeglos HS. Regmeration V. DB rises to Robes of Am an-Naturally silver-white. Race: Half-elf (NUrnen6rean/EIf). Weather-watching 122. LoR Stats: Strength 7. Meditation 165. RM Displacement V The White Crown-Woven from sprigs of the White Tree. "Star-ember"). Pr 105. LotRlI1389. Directed Spells 110. negates 50% of head criticals.244. open. Bladeturn I. Architecture 165. Skiing 97. Signaling 146. In 107.. Perception I L Magical 7.290. Home: Dol Arnroth. Holy. Subduing 180. Read Z96. Diving 120. "Snow Point" or "Icicle") Made of pure white eog. Frenzy 160. Seduction 112. Hits: 225 Melee OB: 430 Missile OB: 340 AT: 20 (240). Martial Arts Sweeps ISO. Staves & Wands ISO. MERF/RM: +88 OB. Aeglos with Gil-galad was destroyed by Sauron's Gauntlet of Slaying on the slopes of Orodruin. RM. The Veil of Lindon-A cape with the same coloring properties as Gil-galad's Robes of Aman. SO 104. Music 140. The Cil-galad GIL-GALAD IN ROLEMASTER Ring of Air (Vilya)--See entry covering Elrond. LoR Experience Points: 57. Athletic Games 150. 2/ rnd: MERP Resistm« except bonus is +50. Protection from Magic. 452. Strength. RM Skills: Acrobatics 110. Riding 170. Navigation 120. Me lOS. But Gil-galad's fatal contest with Sauron permitted Elendil to strike Sauron down. LoR Spells: Balance. Adrenal Moves 100. and happy. Gilmith was the daughter of Imrazor the Numenorean and Mithrellas. Runes 170. Adrenal Defense 50. Luck. Speed. RM Profession: Fighter (Astrologer). 247. adds 100 to hiding. Singing 125. RM Spells: 600 PP (xIO PP multiplier). at 50th level of ability.305. LotRI 83. can cast MERP Light V. a companion to the maiden Nimrodel. Acting 100. additional Cold and Impact criticals. Missile OB 13. 292. Perception 210. they change to any desired coloring and/or mottling. maintain concentration spells without concentration for I rnd/lvI. Names: Gimlith (S. Agility 7. Fire Bolt. Dance 140. Galador seemed to have inherited only the grimmer side of his parents' natures. PPxI 0 all professions. Star-gazing I 12. St 102. . swirls to defend its wearer like a full shield. Diplomacy 165. She translated her inner joy into song and music. 3Z9-320. triple concussion criticals. Movement 6. protects as a full helm. Her demeanor was always pleasant. 254. and Resistena True. Note: DB includesAlkar from Veil of Lindon. Gilmith's dulcet voice accompanied by harmonies on the harp charmed many an informal audience of courtiers. 287. Swimming 180. First Aid 125.257. Linguistics 30*.000. Trading 130. Appearance: 105. Subterfuge II. all Open Channeling and Mentalism lists to 20th lvl. Intelligence 6. Spell-mastery 85.250. Administration 180. RM Alkar at will. Stalk/Hide 200. sa is« 340 witb Bladeturn or DifiLct. IT can cast the following spells 3x/ daily each. Strategy/Tactics 185. Knows all Base Astrologer lists to 50th IvI. Re 106. MERP/RM: AT: PI/20 (+88 DB). dark locks and light-filled grey eyes. Melee OB 14. 267. Leadership 200.

Movement 3. PR 103. GILMITH's PRlNOPAL ITEMS MERP Skills: Acrobatics 70. Seduction (Influence) 74. Diving 54. Em 80. Martial Arts Striking 90. Appearance: 104. Climbing 110. Swimming 100. Martial Arts Sweeps 70. Stalk/Hide 121. Co 87. Pick Lock 76. Martial Arts Sweeps 70. Use Item 56. Swimming 100. Diving (Athletic)80. RM Stars: St 103. MERP Stats: ST 67. Seduction (Influence) 86. Perception I 16. In 76. Administration (Influence) 90.MITH . Perception 116. Acting 100. Subduing I 12. IT 86. Re 58. Agility 2. Acrobatics 70. Magical I. Dance (Athletic) 70. The effect lasts for 1 hour and can be used once per day. SO 87. Ag 1O0. Boat Handling 76. however.400. and lord of the House of the Golden Flower. Public-speaking (Influence) 8 I. Leadership 92.. GLORFINDEL Lvl: 50. RM Profession: Bard. Skiing 54. IG 99. Dance 70. RM Spells: 54 PP (+ 3 Spell Adder). MERP Skills: Acrobatics 85. Fletching (Craft) 65. MERP Profession: Warrior. Tumble (Athletic) 74. Swim 85. 95 Melee OB: 96 Missile OB: 106 AT: I (55). o« Read UT 248. General 3. Disarm Trap 66. Caving 50.. Diplomacy (Influence) 60. Base Spell OB is +25. IG 100. Singing 80. MERP Stats: ST 103. Star-gazing (Sky-Watching) 93. CO lOI. Public-speaking 81. Gilmith knows all the Bard Base lists. SO 104. Boat Handling 76. linguistics I4Q. RM Stats: St 67. Perception 9I. Climb 92. Both the Elf-lord and the Balrog fell to their deaths. RM Spells: None. Tumbling 74. MERP Profession: Bard. Athletic Games I 10. Athletic Games (Athletic) 1 10. Intellige. MERP Spells: None. Pt 100. Appearance: 99. Glorfrndd was of the house ofFinarfin. Music (Artistic) 100. LoR LoR Profession: Bard. LoR Stats: Strength 0. First Aid 90. Administration 90. Em 98.. Endurance 71. Strategy/ T aeries 102. Hits: 220 Melee OB: 306 Missile OB: 256 AT: 20 (135). roo. MERP/RM: +20 Missile DB. +3 spell adder. CO 101. Seduction 86. Race: Naldo. Stalk/Hide 85. Acting 1O0.Gll. AG IT 99. MERP Spells: 54 PP (+3 spell adder). Riding 106. Tracking 94. Me 99 Re 100. Gll. Music (Artistic) 104. Star-gazing 93. 102. Martial Arts Stalking 90. GWRFlNDEL IN ROLEMASTER Lute--An enchanted instrument that enhances a Bard's abilities. Tracking 94. "Golden-haired GLORFINDEL One")' IN Hits:. CO 87. Dance 96. Names: (Q. Longbow. First Aid 90. Glorfindel engaged the demon in single combat while the others escaped. Runes 65. LoR Experience Points: 17. Qu 98. Riding 106. Diving 54. Home. Missile OB 7. Read Runes 86. later Gondolin. Perception 91.MITH IN ROLEMASTER GLORFINDEL (I) A valiant captain of the guard in Gondolin. PR 94. Read Runes 65. Diplomacy 60. In 99. Seduction 74. Stalk/ Hide 85. Weather-watch (Sky-Watch) 82. Melee OB 7. The party was attacked by an evil force led by a Balrog. Leadership (Influence) 92. Caving 50. Defense 3. Glorfindel escaped the sack of that city and aided in T uor's and Idril's flight. . Singing (Influence) 80. Gilmith knows all the Bard Base lists. Runes 86. Climb 92. Adrenal Moves 100. Skiing (Athletic) 54. Frenzy 100. AG 84. Disarm Trap 66. Ag 69.IN MERP Hits: 95 Melee OB: 96 Missile OB: 106 AT: No (55). loR Spells: All. Perception 7. Swim 85. MERP/RM: +20 to user's Base Spell OB for any spells from the Base Bard lists. Music 100. Diving 80. RM Profession: Fighter. Base Spell OB is +5. Strategy/Tactics (Lore) r02. Pr 103. Weather-watching 82. RM Skills. RM Skills: Acrobatics 85. Bracelet-Wearer may appear to be someone else. Stalk/Hide 121. Pick Lock 76. Fletching 65. Aman. The change in appearance does not affect the wearer's clothing or belongings. Staves & Wands 56. Music 104.nce 2. Subterfuge 6. Climbing 110.. Me 96. GILMITH IN MERP Hits: 220 Melee OB: 306 Missile OB: 256 AT: Plate (135). Dance (Artistic) 96.

Administration (Influence) 70. head of the House of the Golden Flower-this Glorfindel was a Nolde prince of great strength and lineage. rot. Missile OB 12. Intelligence 3. 301-2. Public-speaking (Influence) 72. MERP/RM: AT Pl/20 (+30 DB). Beleriand. Defense 5. Wood-carving (Craft) 35. Bow of Power-Possessing 3x normal range and delivering 2x normal concussion hits. (S. Calninqee was Holy and Of Slaying demons. "Golden-haired"). GLORFINOEL ROLEMASTER IN Hits: 225 Melee OB: 29 I Missile OB: 265 AT: 17 (110). Diplomacy (Influence) II I. Movement 4. Read Runes 76. Few of his kind remained in Middle-earth by the end of the Third Age. . MERP Spells: 200 PP (x6 PP multiplier). He led a force in the Last Alliance of Men and Elves. and survived the downfall of Eregion and the War of the Elves and Sauron. General 6. Subterfuge 8. GLORFINDEL MERP IN Hits: 225 Melee OB: 291 Missile OB: 265 AT: Plate (110). Tracking 92. Disarm Trap 56. Martial Arts Sweeps 80. Perception 126. MERP/RM: +60 OB. Perception 8. Skiing (Athletic) 65. Not only strong. Stalk/Hide 131. chief of the Guardians of Rivendell. IG 102. Names: Read Sil237. bright blue eyes and golden hair. Fletching (Craft) 70. Climbing 120. Home: Aman. MERP Profession: Warrior (Bard). Charm Animals. MERP/RM: +30 DB. GLORFINDEL'S LESSERITEMSOF NOTE Shield-Of steel and white eog. CO 101. Use Item 56. Speed. GLORFINDEL'S PRINCIPAL ITEMS Sword (CalninqueHQ. Seduction (Influence) 85. "White Cleaving") A twohanded sword. it was of dear laen with an edge of white eog. Endurance 250. He departed the Undying Lands with his brethren (though somewhat reluctantly). LoR Stats: Strength 6. Agility 4. MERP Skills: Acrobatics 80. Star-gazing (SkyWatching) 88. Glorfindel was accounted one of the Wise. and attended the Council ofElrond. Music (Artistic) 91. AG IT 91. Swimming 90. LoR Spells: Camouflage. Riding 136. Imladris. Foraging 83. fought valiantly against Morgoth. He sailed into the West with the Ringbearers at the end of the Third Age. Pick Lock 76. Strategy/Tactics (Lore) 108. with dear. First Aid 106. Race: Noldo (House of Finarfin). Leadership (Influence) 84.800. the wielder is Hasted whenever he draws the weapon. GLORFlNOEL LvI: 50. Eregion. Diving (Athletic) 81. Glorfindel was tall (6'10") and strong. Not least among his accomplishments was no doubt the instruction of Aragorn in the ways of combat. LoR Experience Points: 46. Healing.GLORF1NDEL LoR IN LoR Profession: Bard. Dance (Athletic) 86. Weather-watching (Sky-Watching) 106. as well as commanding the Elven army which defeated Angmar in the Battle of Fornosr (TA 1975). Martial Arts Striking 80. it protects while not encumbering. Tumbling (Athletic) 85. Sure oat-A sleeveless overgarment of white doth. Glorfindel knows all Bard Base and Open Essence lists to 10th lvl. Acting 80. MERP Stats: ST r02. PR 102. Athletic Games (Athletic) 91. The wielder is immune to all heat and cold. RM Profession: Fighter (Mentalist). Caving 50. Glo1jindel GLORFINDEL (ll) Though not to be confused with another Glorfindela Lieutenant of Turgon in Gondolin. Melee OB 13. Magical 4.

GLORFINDEL'S PRJNCIPAL ITEMS Healing. and delivers 3x normal concussion hits. CO 99. Melee OB 14. Swim 90. LotRIIl309. Circlet-Acts as a fun helm. Publicspeaking (Influence) 9 I. "Dread Abomination") not to be confused with the Maia Sauron: Morlin (S. as if he knew the Channeling Purifications and Concussion's Ways/Surface Ways lis ts to 10th level. Co tot. Perception 126.. Amaru. Athletic Games 91. Missile OB 13. Frenzy 80. He never wavered from his dedication to bring dowp the Sun and the Moon. Bracelets-Protect the lower arms as greaves and prevent wrist/forearm criticals 60% of the time. In 9 I. Strategy/Tactics (Lore) 85. Perception 8. although perhaps he was at times less than wholly enthusiastic. GLORFINDEL's LESSER ITEMS OF NOTE RM Spells: 200 PP (x6 PP multiplier). Gorthaur spend much of his time either in his dark cavern or abroad acting as Amaru. Administration (Influence) 76.293-99. Em 94. Signaling 55. MERP/RM: +30 DB. . Concentration. Home: Beleriand. Macilr6men has a blade of golden alloy with a huge topaz orb in the pommel Orcs suffer a -30 penalty to their RR's and are at 50 when attacking Glorfindel. MERP Skills: Acting 56. Widder is also HrHled at will. is a Holy weapon. Riding 136. Forage 83. Martial Arts Sweeps 80. Caving 50.400. Stalk/Hide 13 I. Runes 76. Tumbling 85. IG 86. "Quiet Darkness"). 315. acts as the MERP Utterlight or RM Astrologer spell Aura Blaze. Leadership (Influence) 103. IT WI. 'The Abominable". Climb I20. Diplomacy I I I. LoR Read LotR I 280-86. and the -25 penalty to all attackers is continuous as long as the sword is drawn. Tabard-White. The sword also confers FireannQr on its wielder. Weather-watching (Sky-Watching) 80. LoR Profession: Bard. The tunic provides protection. First Aid 106. Qu 102. Subterfuge 9. Movement 4. when drawn. Race: Noldo. Use Item 82. and Cloaking to 10th lvl. Traceless Passing and +50 to climbing. Disarm Trap 56. Me 92. . PR 100. MERP Spells: 105 PP (x6 multiplier). Martial Arts Strikes 80. Defense 5. Linguistics 23*. Mathematics (Lore) 80. Appearance: 104. GORTHAUR IN MERP Hits: 125 Melee OB: 130 Missile OB: AT: Chain (100). Tracking 92. LoR Stats: Strength 6. Directed Spells 95. but does not encumber. Wielder is able to parry even missile weapons. Names: (S. Music 91. Ag 101. Gorthaur was fairly tall (6'8") with brown hair and hazel eyes. Brilliance to 20th lvl. Of average build. Mind Mastery. except Blinding attack is to all within 30'. with [he emblem of his house on the breast. it is gold with a yellow topaz. Perception 70. Skiing 65. is a PPx6 (Mentalism) and will cast lllvisibility 6x/ day. Weather-watching 106.F1NDEL'S SPECIAL POWERS Healing-Like many of the greater Elves who lived in Aman. Luck. Navigation (Lore) 68. GLORFINDEL IN Cloak. LvI: 35. Knows all Base Animist and Mage spells. regenerates wearer at the rate of 3 hits/rnd. Diplomacy (Influence) 70. Climbing 46. Star-gazing 88. as well as silent movement. Read Runes 80. GLOR. Diving 81. ° MERP Profession: Animist. Endurance 286. MERP / RM. RM Skills: Acrobatics 80. MERP/RM: AT PI/I7 (+30 DB). LorgUn (Gold-glerun)-A lesser Elven ring fashioned by Celebrimbor before the Great Rings were forged with Annatar's help. Intelligence 3. Stalk/Hide 89. Magical 4. Dance 86. Glorfindel possessed some limited intrinsic healing powers. Seduction (Influence) 75. Agility 4. The sword cannot be fumbled if held by an Elf. Trickery 76. GlorfindeI's comrades within 30' gain +30 to all RR's (including morale). Act 80. Aurax-Dur in Mumakan. LoR Spells: Camouflage. Bcots-s-Elven boots. SO 98. +50 to hiding bonuses. GORTHAUR* A shadowy figure in the Court of Ardor. AG 100. Administration 70. Leadership 84. Falsification (Craft) 90. Seduction 85. Fletch 70. god of Mumakan. MERP/RM: confer aU of the Ranger Running spells upon the wearer. 3~8-61. Public-speaking 72. General 5. MERP/RM: +45 OB. Pr 102. Strategy/Tactics 108. GORTHAUR Sword (Macilr6men HSunrise Sword) A lightweight two-handed sword. Re 89. MElli' Stars: ST 98. Subduing 115. Staves & Wands 56. LoR Experience Points: 50. The High Priest. Pick Lock 76. Wood-carving 35. Glorfindel knows Mentalist base Mind Speech and Presence lists to lath lvI. Swimming 66. Adrenal Moves 100.RM Stats: St 102.

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