For Release: March 14, 2011 Contact: Stephen Madarasz Director of Communications (518) 257-1270 Statement by CSEA to New

York Times article alleging abuse in developmental disabilities system Charges made by an article in yesterday's Sunday New York Times alleging systemic abuse in the state developmental disabilities system are serious and disturbing. Abuse of clients under any circumstance is not acceptable and should not be tolerated. However, allegations are just that until proven. In the state system there is a disciplinary process that ultimately includes a determination by an independent arbitrator. Both Labor and Management agree to abide by the arbitrator’s decision. By law, CSEA and other labor unions have a duty of fair representation to provide individuals with a vigorous defense if they are brought up on charges. The employer is obligated to prove the charges. The neutral arbitrator can also rule on the appropriateness of the penalties. CSEA represents about 18,000 people working with individuals with Developmental Disabilities. Most are some of the most caring and dedicated professionals you will ever meet. Keep some perspective here: Only a tiny fraction of employees are ever brought up on disciplinary charges. We all want better care for people with developmental disabilities and CSEA members are committed to that goal. -30-

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