Instructions: Full Marks: 30

a. All questions are compulsory. b. Answer questions 1 to 5 in the space under the questions and remaining other in sheets enclosed with the question paper. c. Question no. 1 to 5 carries 1 marks each. d. Question no. 6 to 10 carries 4 marks each. e. Question no. 11 carries 5 mark.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

What is Modulation? Draw the equation of DSB. Draw the relation between  and  ? What is the relation in equation form for envelope in AM wave? What is the difference between FM and PM?

6. Derive the relation of Power in AM and respectively deduce the current relationship. 7. With the help diagram and equations explain the working of Square Law Modulator. 8. What is the significance of DC to 0.75 MHz in VSB? Explain why amplification frequency is reduced to half in the receiver end. 9. Deduce the equation for DSB in AM wave. 10. With the help of block diagram, explain the principle of obtaining SSB/SC. State the advantages of SSB/SC over conventional DSB/SC.

11. Why overlapping of USB of one FM channel with LSB of adjacent FM channel occurs. How to remove this phenomenon. An AM broadcast station operates at its maximum allowed total output of 100 KW at 90 % modulation. How much of this power is the intelligence signal ?

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