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college essay

college essay

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Published by: joannmariej on Mar 15, 2011
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hvJo Ann Johnson Film As Lit 4* 10/10/10 The Language of Love My world has and always will be saturated with

priviledges. As a teenager growing up in Marin, the richest county in our nation, my life consisted of $200 dollar brand-name jeans, getting driven around in my Dad¶s five-series BMW, and the annual summer vacation. Not once did I ever stop to consider that I was alone in this. After all, every other teenager around me had the exact same lifestyle. past summer changed everything. On a sudden whim, I made the decision to sign up with the AMIGOS program, an organization that sends high school students from all over the nation to spend 6-8 weeks in a Latin American country. There, our purpose was to improve conditions of the community we are placed in and teach the locals various pieces of knowledges. With this assignment in mind, I immediately saw myself as a catalyst for change - I was going to make a huge impact on their lives. Little did I know that it was going to be the other way around. My assignment was in a small community located in the harsh nforests of Nicaragua. I slept on a dirt floor, woke up each morning to chickens trying to cuddle up with me, ³washed´ my clothes by imitating a

carpeted home. my varied food options. Then she offered me some. It took one incident. pouring a freezing bucket of rain water on myself. I hated everything about it. and helped kill the chicken that was later on my plate. I would be finally be coming home. my tempurpetic bed. But then that week. everything that my home had to offer. I kept a journal in which all I would talk about was how much I wanted to go home. Finally. a young girl who had followed me around since I first arrived. malnourished and angry. and attempting to communicate with my family who felt the need to make fun of every sing thing I tried to say. the last week came.group of topless Nicaraguan women by repeattedly hitting my t-shirts on a rock. it hit me. reading a book. eating rice and beans for each and every meal. I was sitting outside with Abigail. She called my name and I looked up to her holding what appeared to be a small empty chip bag that she found on the ground. I was thoroughly convinced I was going to die there. A smile formed across her face as she undid the bag and hungrily licked the remaining crumbs. My day consisted of waking up with the sun. I hated it. I cried almost everday and became introverted to all that attempted to talk to me. reading my book while she wondered around squeaking something in Spanish every so often. I missed my cozy. . my working toilet. I was lonely. electricity.

finally finished writing the request for a grant for potable water in the town. I belonged here. That summer. I immediatey ran to my adobe home and hugged my host mother and brother. I took fully advantage of my last week: I talked to everyone in town. My final night was filled with tears as I said goodbye to my new home. California was no longer my home ± this was. I loved her. learned how to make tortillas. laughed at the chickens as they scurried across my sleeping bag. Somehow. fell in love with my rice and beans and was able to laugh at my terrible Spanish. I loved everything about this place. I had managed to find second family even though not many words were ever exchanged. . spent my evenings coloring with my host brother.Heres a child with not even decent food to eat offering the white stranger who had moved into her villiage and had yet to make an obvious change. I truly discovered that love has no boundries. We came from completely different worlds and yet were still able to form a bond that could never be broken. trying as hard as possible to express my feelings for everything they had given me. embraced the cold water of the bucket. I am forever in debt to the family that never gave up on me.

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