Good Morning!

ME=Ladies and Gentleman! The galaxy of intellectuals, invited guests, faculty members and
my dear friends. I am Hardik joshi and this is my colleague Mounesh± how different is this morning! Dear friends, you will discover yourself as the colors of this intra management fest unfold!

MOUNESH=Well, my first and foremost duty - On behalf of my classmates We both
welcome you all to Intra management fest KSHITIJ 2011. Management today combines creative, business, organizational, analytical and other skills to produce effective goal-oriented results! Some of the key functions in management includes learning to delegate, planning and organizing, communicating clearly, controlling situations, motivating employees, adapting to change, constantly innovating and thinking of new ideas, building a good team and delivering results which are not just figure -bound but results that also focus on overall growth and development.

Its my pleasure to have you all with us ± Let us welcome our Honorable Chairman Mr. Suresh Kumar, estimed Principal sir, respected faculty members and my dear friends. So let me welcome my colleague kirti patel to give away the welcome speech«.. Welcome speech by kirti««

Let us welcome our Chairman Mr. Suresh Kumar (Boque will be given by Kushal) Principal (Hardik Modi) MD( Dipankar) HOD (Geetha) Prof Manjula ( Mehul) Prof Rajini ( Mithul) Prof Shetty ( Javed Alam) Prof Leela ( Chetan )

the Godess of knowledge. Lets create a history« Now its activity time ." So friends try your best for the success.Now. May I request our dignitories to step here and ligthen the lamp« Sir Please« Speech by Chairman«. Guys lets contribute to the success of this intra management fest«. only that we try our best. I wish you all the very best«. Speech by Principal«« "Life doesn't require that we be the best. we will have our traditional auspicious LAMP-LIGHTENING ceremony as a tribute to Mother Saraswati.. try to be as efficient as possible«.

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