Depth of Field

An advanced technique to emphasize an element in a photograph.
Saturday, July 17, 2010

in comparison to other areas of the photo. depth of field refers to the area of the photo that is in reasonable focus.What is depth of field? Technically. Blurry In focus Blurry Saturday. July 17. 2010 .

Note here that the Ttokebi at the front is sharper than those in the background. Saturday. July 17.What is depth of field? A depth of field shot uses focus to draw attention to a particular object in a photograph. This can be used to convey emotion. and allows a photographer to communicate themes and ideas. 2010 .

Of course. Saturday. Note that the area behind the dog is a bit blurry in comparison to the dog.How to modify depth of field Depth of field relies on one thing: Aperture. Higher aperture numbers (example. 2010 . higher aperture numbers means a smaller hole for the light to travel through. July 17. F22) allow us to selectively manipulate the depth of focus in a photo. which is the subject of this photo.

Try it out Switch your camera to aperture priority mode. Used without permission. Saturday. which will require a slower shutter speed. Image copyright Sean McHugh. Select a higher aperture value. A tripod is advisable for lowerlight situations. This is usually an A on the mode dial of most cameras. 2010 . July 17. Note that closing the aperture to a higher f-number will result in less light falling onto the image sensor.

July 17. 2010 .Resources Cambridge in Colour DoF Tutorial James Madison University: DoF Simulator Luminous Landscape DoF Tutorial DP Challenge: Depth of Field for Digital Cameras Saturday.

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