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Process Interventions

Mainsail Associates, Inc. is available to provide or support both long and short-term
Organizational Effectiveness interventions. We work with business leaders who want to take
advantage of Organizational Effectiveness technologies and become more proactive in driving
and managing change throughout their organizations. Mainsail knows that companies often
struggle with these issues and are sometimes disappointed with the outcomes. We can help
you design interventions in the context of the systems model, giving you a greater probability
of success.

l Organization design
l Team development
l Change acceleration
l Working through transitions
l New Leader assimilation
l Conflict resolution
l Teaming norms and behaviors
l Goal setting
l Improving lateral relations in complex organizations
l Process mapping
l Responsibility charting
l Change Management
n The discipline of change management should become an integral part of the
fabric of the organization.
n Always keep a systems perspective in mind.
n Create a clear vision and roadmap for change.
n Mobilize support and commitment through involvement and communications.
n Assess stakeholder reactions and develop plans to minimize resistance.
n Align organizational structure and support systems to make the change
take root.

“I have worked with Mainsail Associates

and its Systems Model while holding
policy-influencing roles in several
organizations. It has a broad, value-
adding capability as a framework for
planning and implementing constructive
organizational change.”
—Carlos Perea, Chief HR Officer Contact Us
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