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SVSTEM,A'frC STU1)Y 01, HYPNOTISM, "':1) [1) 1 11..:J , JV. N'I' J'\ 1 TllI~RA1\·'11,' ",.) . _ :\... '1' . ... . 1\·1 PEUTJCSJ ET .
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not expect this hook to stand upon its literary merits; for UlU;OUlHl in principle, felicity of diction cannot save it, at d if SOHl1l1, homeliness of expression cannot destroy it. My >rirnary object ill offering it to the public is to assist in hrin iug J l:-;ydlOlogy ivithin the domain of the exact sciences. That this has never hccn accomplished is owing to the Iact
it is that )() successful attempt hus been made to formulate a working- J ypnthr.;sili sufflciently comprehensive to embrace all psychic llll en »ncna. I t has, however, long been felt by the ablest thin crs of our time that all psychic manifestations of the


n intellect, normal UI" abnormal, whether designated by the nar» of mesmerism, hypnotism, somnambulism, trance, spiritism, dernonolouy, miracle, mental therapeutics, genius, or insanity, arc ill some wa.y related i and COt1S(XIU(,mtly, that they arc t ) he n.:fl'lT~<l to some gelU~ral11rillcipl<.! or law, which, once uncle I'S toorl, will siin pH fy and correlate thl! wh 01 c s uhjcct-ma tter, and possihly remove it from the domain of the supernatural, The London Society for Psychical Research, whose ramification: extend all over the civilized world, was organized for the purppse of makin~ a systematic search for that law. The Scci .ty numbers among its membership ninny of the ablest scie: tists now living. Its methods of investigation nrc purely scici tift(·, and painstnking to the last degree, and its field embt':i.c's all psychic phenomena. It has already accumulated arnl verified n vast array of facts of the most transcendent intc est and importance. In the mean time a large number of tho, lilcst scientists of Europe and America have been pursuing inde xmdcnt Investigruione in the phenomena of hvnnotism. The , too have accumulated facts and discovered principles of vast lmportaucc, csp(~d;tlly in the field of mental theraneutics, prlnciples which also throw a flood of light upon the general .tHthj ict of Psychology.


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W ASHfNGTOlf~ D. I have done this for two reasons: first. C.psycbic phenomena._. J. I t:::aml{It but be aware that my conclusions sometimes oppose tile precose ived opinions of others. an second. an I have tentatively formulated a working hypothesis for the systematic study of all classes of . to the end th t the fundamental law of psychic phenomena may be discov red. I desire t say that I claim no credit for this work. H. October 2ft 1 Join www. save that which is d e to an bonest desire to promote the truth {OJ' its own sake. my h is as the true one will be compelled l!nOl'e freqnently than ve been to renounce his former tonvictions. it was not for the purpose of sustaining any precoocei opinions of my own j far from it. instead of confining myself to experimental researches my own. acco nts of which I find in the literature current on the subject.forgottenbooks. But no ODe who accepts. hus accumulated and verified.~gen. This vastarray of facts. If at the close of the book I have se med to trespass upon the forbidden field of tht:oJogical discuss on. due credit to hum integrity. I have ot hesitated to follow it to its legitimate CODclusion in every fi Id which I have entered.tific classific tion and to read this book in HIGH-QUALITY . that I might avoid the accusation of having conducted a series of experim nts for the purpose of sustaining a pet theory of my own. Sincerely believing in the correctness of my h}'P')tbesis. and to give due weight to human testimony. In the following pages I ave attempted such a ciassification of verified phenomena. and awaitin&. would seem to justify at'least a tentative e art to apply to them the processes of induction. T. It was because I was in 'stibly led to my conclusions by the terms of my hypothesis ' the inflexible logic of its application. because I hold that substantial progress cannot made in science until one is ready to accord.HIGH-QUALITY VI SAMPLE PAGE P EFACE. In coaclusion. It wil be observed that I have availed myself largely of the labors 0 others.

Its Premlses tho Result of Snggcstiol). .'\i..Duality of Mintl.. CHAPTgR INTR<)J')UCT<W. Line of Thought ..uM...Unlvcrsulity of the Law o Suggestion . .r. -Auto-Suggestlcn. . . 27 CHAPTER Rl':ASONINn· POWf':RS Oli' TUg 'I'wn UI... -1 )ogma~ tism of Subjective Iutelllgencc.. . .Suggestion. ..- Spiritism. or Syllogifltlc.•. -I.Hypnotic Interview with SocratoR. H) CHAP'l'ER VUA!. -.'I'hcorlcs of J Iypnotism and (!slnt!riKm.11 YlJothesis.Illustrations hy Hypnotism.l'f!r~iHttmcy in following' 11.-luI)jecti vc " M inds. -ll.D.The Gre k Philosophy..A I 'sycholo ical 11ypothe.Swcchmlmrg. The Subjective Mind incapable of Inductive Re ~oning. SU(:r.. . .e-e Intervlew with 1\ Phil isophlc Pil{.forgottenbooks. . .Reason from an A}I~ sumcd Major I'remise.nttty.Its Processes always Deductive.ichauH" Law of :-luggestioll..Illustrations from II ypuotism. .Mental 'I'hcrapcnt its.The Pig affirms tho "I )('Jctrine of Rdncarnat on. . . "Ohjectivu" aucl .The Early Chri:-ltian Fathers. Hug .HIGH-QUALITY SAMPLE PAGE C()N]~EN·TS.Their I J is tinc:ti e J ) i[(L!r(!JlCCH aut! Modes of Operation.Incapable 0 Centroversial Argument. .'! necessary. The Doctrine of the Trinity of Mall.The N e tonian ypothesi». . .The Sulljt:t:tivrJ M inti a 'J )istint:t I'.ITY ANn 11. .-A Working I ypothesis for Psychology Iormulated. . r-r PA(.'\ Three Tenus... 33 Join www.Y.TIll! Atomic 'I'heory.. MINDS nIl" "EREN'fJA'rF..-I htality in Modern Philosophy. .l Iermetlc Philmwphy..Tt N cccssity of a Work to read this book in HIGH-QUALITY .gs1'rON.ted.

tiol\l'I of 11!1 1'Iwnl1 mena of "Gcnius.A !"lll~~Ht!('n [lagc:-.. . ttl A PI)\kath til 10 lIw Solution of Problems of InK:tnity. cal Conclusions. .\l: in till! I n:.· '1'111: t'.Practical Observations.n~t. gists. ~. Rush.l':IUIt Indian Fakirs..'.. -_ Extraordinary Feats of Memory Language recovcrcd. -Dangers of Subjective Control.• .Me surem en t of 'I' htillUl.OhHcrv. .Sir William 11am iIton 's V it: vs .Ar~:'" Macaulay's Eluimac of I'lId~ .Opilli<}fl1'.-Clay.( :I't~at ( ImtOl'H.Stwt.1 tlrtihtllm'f! Views.U\t~. lnddullt!l.lin peare ·lla (:01\ I 'rl tit II!Ill...Talent tor !'oetry <Lnd ~[~icd!:vdnlll"d by Abnorma! Conditions. . J Improvisation.Musical Prodlgles.Thu Power POI4" sessed by ~.(k.Whnk remembered hy an Illiterate Unknown Tongues explained. .< I!JliCfVa t 101\~ ql Dr. .'unctionR of ObJ«c- Join www.<:: .giarir:lm -. . . .The Origin and ilC~ of M uslc.Napoleon ]Junal artu.. • CHAPTER PERECT MEMORY OF TilE IV.Ttml. . dming f !lneH:i. . I'M... . nf !'~)'(hql(). the Musical Prodigy.U nconscious __:_tjl.CrIVP.tkal Prodigies. .The Lightning Cn1culalo.. . .. .The Subjective ill Art..Measuremtmt of orin c.. .. A rt .. the M.l"iltg in .Talent fur J'rawing t:volvcd hy Madness.·k :lIld !kh!l:w Scrv:tI t (ad.Willd Tom.. Practical Illustrations. .Madness i .Its Practical Significance.Joli1t'tOy's Testimony.Solution of the Sh n k .Illulttrutivtl ncklents. .! Element in Poetic Compcsition. -Reasons for Ll lilatinn~ uf SlIhjl·('ti\·I' Power.-!)atrkk Henry. ~.. . -Tho Normal 1..\tH! !'lwi ry.. . ~ Sh.HIGH-QUALITY viii SAMPLE PAGE CONTENT... .lEtT!VI': MINp. ~jnt\ll11 u(lH\von!\mn:lO. .1 Iypnotlc Subjects.t!cu· Estimate of Poets. PERCEPI'ION OF THE FIXED LA S Of Three Sub-Classes of Mental I'heno una.forgottenbooks..SfH. . Snhjl'nivt. .I Iis Recognitl 11\ of t hi.Zorah Coli iur . ..!' Confirmed by Hypnotic"!w:ttt"-Poets..Webster.ttltln and Intuitive Perception.l leal Prodigy. . tions of Natural Law . t (. st Il.Mathcm:l.jQ CHAPTI~R SUB]F.". ~ Distinction between Results of Ohj ctlve t':du to read this book in HIGH-QUALITY . .L ml llywl1. . MEMORV «( 11JIitllUr/). . ~ l'rani..j-« Resuscitation of Knowk tl). . o1g CHAPTER V• NATtJlU:. .The Result of 11\1: (Jpl:ra-. . .

The Limitations ius Earthly State of Subjective In tellionly.sigllifi nee of Ilrakl's Discoveries not appreciated.llce-s HJ~tkilig l!1!::~.. .History of the Sciellce. 75 CHAPTER VIII.Faillife Consistent with Honesty of Mediums .org to read this book in HIGH-QUALITY .forgottenbooks.The Acadcmiciaus.Career.~OVl)ry. .. . III. The Subjective Mind incapable of Controversial Arp. Eli'I"EeTS 01" AllVERSE SUGGESTION. R~:t:apitlllatit)1l of I'oinhs Sr CHAPTER HVPNOTISM Mesmeric IX.-Infltlellc' of the Early Meamcrists. .TIll: Seybert Commisxion.The Presen 0 of an A VOWI. . . Case.Gr·: by its Limitations.-lts Kit ship to l'fl.The .- . Warfare of the Schools.The Nancy School and the I'aris School c mparccl.IESl\II. .-The Fluidic Mind of the Operntotv-e--The Th~ory. Power of the Soul .l mcnt.HIGH-QUALITY SAMPLE PAGE IX CONTENTS.Till! So 11rces of it:-. . )iRI. 62 CHAPTI':R VII. . ti vc Intelligence. .How demoralized. Ph euo 1\ ena.I . . . .Omniscience cannot -111l1uction is Inquiry. .:RISM MethQd~. . .cot SdlOo1. .General Conclusions .hop.tribute of .'jE. Re-baptism of the Sc·un"e.A Sceptical A urlicnce demoralizes it.Llanucnious Conduions n.:'111 red by Spiritists. of Medicine. .Lil!halllt'!I Theory of SUg" gC!ltiOll..IIrui cl 's Processes no t prod ucti vc of I I ip.Th u C IHl. . r Reform ia Terminology suggcllted.'I'he SUCCllRROl'S of The Royal Academy esmer. gl!llCC pertains to nod demonstrated ruason inductively. . . -l'en:cp ion the Conclusions regardi 19 the til' Greatest Discovery in I'sychic Sciullcc..lwn(i. J' rro rs.The Fluidic Theory.I Iypnotism Q£ nimals. .aho uch ere and IIi. . (continued ANI) Jl. . .:(! Sceptk prevents Sl\cc1.The Law of Sugp. .dkilH.Its offer to Clairvoyants.. ..~ssflllExhihition (If Su hj ccti vel 'h CHOn} una. . -I Jr.r Mesmerization of Animals. IIVI'NOTISM AND MESMERISM. . Hrald'~! Effl:cls of llraid's Discoveries..Adverse Snggcsiolt the Cause of Fail uru ill all Cases. Failure to earn Ruward. .l-e-Tbeir Join www.lts Idiotic I'r ·judices. A t.I'ossible Lack of T( lepathic Couditions ill Bishop ':-. -The Mesmeric 'I'h cory.Th H 0 ynl Academy of M\. . .

Sugj. Join www. .a w.!1 1IWI In' I '1'1! c'ln it selves. . ..ti!H~! L .'I\:I-It imou v :lIlli' "'Wi.f f VII' or notism in Jurisprudence.. Methods and their Effects. 'II._._.a' nf Ill!' '1 i. Preservation of Offspring.1 t 1111: . -'" ! .I hi: :\ 1""'>1.'I'amcrs 'f '.tl)~t incth'c A 1i(II·SU~~~.Miracles of the Ch urch. .~lI!u:-4lrllli!!lI1i of the Theory.'I:lI F" 'die Theory requires LUl I " Mesroerigm aile! Hypnotism sharply dral '1~. t:.. c:O.. -' 'h t' "J.\ 111 t HI.hl. U~.. .\jl!.-~' V 1t..Premonitions c:<plnhwd. AND CR! IE.I'Iw Alh'p'" . . .org to read this book in HIGH-QUALITY hili . .11' Ruvisiou.-The 1'1\.J~' a Test.Objm:t vu COlltrol of Sllh.chooh._')(.!''. .So-called '~Tests" dt:Hcrii )ed al d i:xl!l.Producing a Hlilt(jf by • tl~«t~l(tlul1.1\ !'Sl1\!'Il~.d.10:1. -l'rimitive Mall..IIIL·.'! \\.J)(lctnni ntis! \)111 lII(1l1(lpolil': the Forces of Nature.1)(. . -~.Mind Cure 11'1Anclent 'I'imes.Letters of Hlol)o. . .-:. -.~ Hf the Su.>-'(!! ('. . .The Inxtin :t nf I ka! 11.A Willing' SubJt:t:t IWC\:14l-W }'.t I f atill~ II.A t 11\iv"I~ 'j I I.! tIm ".t'v..!ranicl.~\ era! Conclusions .!'o\.. Tbuir TI1I'or\ml. . -~ !ICIIIIlII'lfr •• t!Vt' ~xperhnents.ullI'd:~""?": . -~ 1'1" '1..l I'. ." 105 CHAPTER HYPNOTISM X.How to acquire the 1'OWl' '.! 'I" J'tiShnmmlity from I Iarm.I!I"l\ of Animals distinguished from the II yplll 111.\1 j. .hm I ndifference on Ncar Approac h I j cat h -.~h. ~ Iktuhdnl'" Experiments.en IIH mended.. .: \'. .. list illd ii III I. Platform Experiments misleading.i. -Dog-Trainers.~ t.. .. .Profess or Gregory's V it' 1\'<"\.Thu Three 'orm."'.Self-I 'ruservat il) 1.1\1:->1':. IIllifltly ~ Stigmata.The Modem !.\Vii! .I!. .: 1'>l1l!"n~1H Tele athic Powers developed hy M eS!lI as:-"!"tllerapeutit: Agent.11 Tone of Subjects when mesmcriacd.( .l\rh:lh<J( 1 n ( 11.Moderu Aut hori t ips . PSYCHO-THgRAPEUTT iistorical Notcs. ..1 11 'II ! 'f .I\~'A Touch.d Ftlllnl"n.~ CHAPTER XI :'S. -.1 y Conditions of Success..:-i.Illustrative Incid en ts. . II\.1 l\!" f .t'r 1'1\1::.Views of Paracelsus and Pomp lIi1u.~~t!yc MimI.111<1 \\' ild Beasts.11 Secrets impossible to obtain. .?:Ke_s _il!l£!! Ar· counts.-.. .HIGH-QUALITY SAMPLE PAGE x CONTENTS.teH tiw C tim iuaI :\!III t! ill II impossible.Decudcn« nomen a under Braid's Methocl!'!. .l'l. .. The True Hypothesis applicablt) to AU Sy tcm"l. ·.T1H~il' V 111'0 luuulit y . ...1 ".lIIl1..!" -Methods employed in uach.Sl1gg '::ltiUll lH"I!:t:l" ~lv' "\rlrtuous. --". .The l"olly of A 1vur<l!' {. .Clairaudience. Tllt' Ila'IHtlfl of Socrates. l"iUtTI''1'1ftd SUf(~:"~ tion of Suicide impos::IilJJe.forgottenbooks. -~ I! i.

Conditions necesof Jesus. .:.. .Phenomena of Drea s.HIGH-QUALITY SAMPLE PAGE Xl PAGE CONTENTS. etc. . . .. I OF MENTAL THERAPEUTICS. ". Illustrative' Incidents..Reiety for Psychical Research. .. . . 1ENTAL THERAPEtiTICS Recapitulation of Propo itions. ..forgottenbooks. ~uring.. ':_ Th ey claim too much.Importance of Fay Healing requires Me notism. rable Mental Environment. .Mr. -Treatment by HypMethods. .-Subje The Necessary Men Example of Christ. Discussion of Variou General Conclusions tive Control of Bodily Functions. ." .al Conditions. . .The ers arising from too Radical Change.Bernheim's Practical Value of th of the Theory..Self-Healing by Auto. .org to read this book in HIGH-QUALITY . .The Illogical Limitations ncy of Telepathic Suggestion. . .Dan . of Mesmerism. 176 RAFTER A NEW SYSTEM OF XIV.The Precepts and Subjective Faith alone required.Potency encyof Cures. .Na ural Sleep the Most Perfect State of Passivity.Systems.. . .Illustrative Experiments .Perf ct Passivity required for Therapeutic Suggestions. .Illustrative Cases.Subjective Mind controllable by S~Ji9"n.Demonstrative Experiments. . . .They demonstrate the Theory of Diagnosis by Intuition. . (continued). ea1ing at a Distance of One Thousand Join www.Christian Science.The Subjective Mind can be caused to convey Telepathic Messages during Sleep..The Exampl Suggestion Divisions.c= Natural Sleep the Best Condition attainable both for Healer and Patient.Mental and Oral Sugatment.Christian Scientists handiories. jective Mind.Pot searches of the So Gurney's Experiment Effluent Emanations. .Hypnotic Sleep and Natural Sleep identical.Mental tal Conditions. ..The System. 0 161 XIII.Per sary. .a ural Sleep. I44 Methods classified in T gestions.... Telepathy the Normal eans of Communication between Subj ective Minds. .".N. .Absent T capped by Absurd Th Use of Drugs. . .. . Passivity a Necessity on the Part of the Operator.

-It Field not yet clearly defined. .. .The Phenomena a mitted.Simple Experiments in Telepathy. .s~ .Telepat ic Visio..HIGH-QUALITY XlI SAMPLE PAGE CONTENTS. . Miles. . .The Example of Christ. . ..-Spirit of the Jack of Club .An Affecting Interview of the Sitter wi h Himself .-Convincing Character of Alleged C mrnunications. -Space does no the Sub j ecti ve Mind. . .Il.Spirit Identity. . . .-Morle of Operation.Their Honest Bel ef in the Phenomena.-Explained by the to read this book in HIGH-QUALITY .Reasons.: CHAPTER XV. .:_: Subsidiary Hypothesis. . . Mediums not necessarily dishonest. . exist for ught the trabismus y-making aler.di.Deductions.Telepathic Explanations. .Suggestion explains aU. .1!l!!:s. .The Power absolute. . .T ir Significance.Ad vice to Ch ristian S The Control of Dreams.Telepathy invades its A dent Domain.Visions of Inanimate Things as well as ot Deceased Persons. cured.Allan Kardec Observations. .k Power in 1{e..The Patient's not overtaxed.Limited by Mediu 's Intelligence.Within of All. tive Memory.-It promotes the Health of the H Method of Universal Utility. . .The Primary Lesson in Spiritistic Investigation. ..It is controlled by Suggestion. .forgottenbooks.Obj ective Habits of Th only Adverse Factor. ..-Subjec. . .Diseases treated.Their Supernajural Origin denied.Its Characteristics. .Mediumi ic Frauds.Clairvoyance.Self-Healing its m tant Function.. -1'~le'patb..Wonderful Exhibition-. .-Distance no Obstacle. THE PHENOMENA OF SPIRmSM Various Classes of Phenomena.Practical Conclusions. . shall he live again?-The Problem at solved by Spiritistic Phenomena. If a Man die. .. . . .Four Ways of explain' g his Test Case . 219 Join www.-Not a Good Mon Scheme.Method of Self-Healing. .His Supre e Test. . .·.Phen mena fail in Presence of Scepticism.Illustr ions from Hypnotism.A Typical Se ance. " . . THE PHENOMENA OF SPIRITISM.An I ntelligen Dynamic Force. .General Cone usions . (continu d). . 2( CHAPTER XVI. . . .-A st Imporhe Reach Credulity ial Remeentists.Telepathic Explanation_.of Teiepathic Power.Mate dies not to be ignored.His Illogical Conclusions. . .

l(encc.. PhilmHlphy.Environ'pedm(ms. .t\ m-ien t and Mmi ern Superstitions relating to Ttallcc.TIw Prayer of Faithv--« ( )llsl~!4i'li()n.LO>ls of [clcntity. operated. ~ rowt h and ('1) Sf \\))l~mlnus I 'rnp(ll'd"{ 1)R.>'! i'.t'Diug-kal ('iI'l:rn'. ~ It is a l luman inl..!(! I' lau dwt k wit It I'll ItS }i ri t 1-1. .-it !naks aliiI his !).~. .TIll: 1J Iluence of Suggel-ltion. .AutoLa..--iJf Clairaudicuco.J ts Evo· )ut i(l!l.Devils out of F.Multiple Pcrscmu. ."_ PilO~l!d !-1dcntHk Tests.-Thc {oly Physical and M entnl t\ ttit tid' .m(~l'ic Se!!l'l~.('}airvoY<1lll'..lllap.I )efinitio\ls of the Term • •_ .Their H.'TS.w.S. hy tll() \ r 1\i versal Eai'lily .-Ih:liglous S tltt!»u> founded 01\ Trtlnc(J.Tho ~HAPTER 1'HF: PHYSr XIX.!vd:ltlnIlM.Swt~11 1)Ill"1-(. .Possible EX[lhuwtion.\1''1'1<:1{ TilE XVIfL «("«)}Itilll/ttl). .. . . .\.ion. .. Ji:X!WrillH. . . . . .(~t 1) t lw ln w of Suggestion..11 ~l'mI·I. - m.. . Ou II I'ersonality.\VOI! lllt:nl <If (.lsilion.~ ychumutry. Mt~r. (CtJJltillllCrl). ~ Moclcm Instnnces.NA en' Sl'llUl'lSM 1'1 II:..Orthodoxy antI t lilterminxy. .!<eH.el1i.. ~51 \V rit Ing. l'HENOi\-JENA The Intelligence mnnif 8tf!J(I. .. .Conditiona rCtluil'litc.\'l\lO\l. . .Theil" Ilouudary Lines ill 'I'ru to read this book in HIGH-QUALITY .:N/\ ()]o' xvn.SI I'rofessor Deuton's lerful Vision» of the Ancient . . I'I!ENI ):\1 ..forgottenbooks. .Clairantlicl\ce. -{'mctical (11.! and Telepathy.M.(:IlVl:rlil."\ I [Ol\St'.)1: ive and H\l1!ji.(. - i':xphlllUtion on Tt:kpathk l'rind]ict{. i{1:Ill.Mental llllJm'~si( ms. .''.1'(}. . AI.litlll. Insanity somdilllc~ n::·mlls f~(ttl Iguoram:e of t.lwl 'j.l.'I'rauce. . . . . .I 'n:lll! III iUno.A I'r of ()( the Dual I Iypothesis.V :-liOl)l4 ~~LtJ~~) Vir~in.()1 Ij 1.!divc Visions.!d Oil Trnncc Visions. ."The .(~rit~l\ al Ph Hnw lp h y..A Luwyur's Ex]1I:rit'lKI!.ExperinH.'l'hoir U urellahillty.. (HAPTER Tim I'HENO:'lI .HIGH-QUALITY SAMPLE PAGE XU1 CON1'b.Inherent Prolll\blHtt 8.Ca!'!til1~ out Devils.'lltS. ell<' HP!tUTI:.11 (qmldl. - Tht: l'kunh M(\ lificat ions.lity . .The Hest Join www. C. . . ..The Element Ilf 'I'elcputhy. .• . .Its Slow <. .Sill 'it. -.Clmrm:lcril'ltics.he Cause.(if Pruyer. 1'.uh: The I'lan chct te and Telupa thy.~ph'iti/"!lh.'1'1 Ii Ca!ole of Ansel Ilourne. ill (gnonmcc of the A Law of SIIRJ{(.NT.Vision:!.t\ I'icce of Mortar from 0\11s of 'I'll ings .!Ills in Hypnotism cornpared. . . .trlcallh· E:umpl .

Power t create Phantasms demonstrated.".G~ ROt Conclusions.sIDns.C nditions necessary.Spirit Photo aphy. . . .The same in an Cases. ifference in Degree.No General n telligence manifested. . Spiritistic Phenomena Life beyond the Grave.~ ere Ho~. .A Rem rkable Case. TION AND PREMATURE BURIAL.A Livin of T elepath y and Su A \V onderful Slate. Kind.Eliphas Levi's Views.Investigations of the ndon Society for Psychical Research. . .Sumrllogism.Witches. . . .Ghosts the Creations of the Subjective Entity.Magicians. .Dero onstration of n Unexpected Phenomenon.Slate.. . . .Spirit" M terialization." .HIGH-QUALITY xiv Conditions. . PAGE Organism necessary. . . 27 r Ghosts. .forgottenbooks.Other Salient Peculiarities.W .Haunted Hoi1SeS.Scientific In yes gations. . established.R_emarkable Cases.Conclusio~s .Proj ection of the "Astral Body.e y Suggestion. . .Telepa thic and Psychod in Perlection.0 not constitute Valid Evidence of a An Argument for Immortality. . .Phan tasms not Spirits.-Ghosts neit er prove nor disprove Immortality. -. Ph ysical Power display its Mundane Origin.Crystal Visions.D' Assier's Statetaeats. .Ghosts Intensified T~thic V.Proposi~.ANew Classification. . Join www. . .pa hic Phenomena. SAMPLE PAGE CONTENTS. -Conditions of Obj ctivity and Persistency. ing to read this book in HIGH-QUALITY . 286 APTER XXI. not in.Tentative Classification of Phenomena.The Laws gestion pre vail. .Writing.Raising the DeviL . . .mary of Results.E bodied Thoughts.Uniform Cb cteristics.

(:n~tltl~1' 1'(lw\~r> to read this book in HIGH-QUALITY . I) 'I'rauce-Spunkcrs . .~J's uf M eel imush ij1. .'I'h« Imporuu <:. The Normal Relations of th ' Objective and Subjective Faculties... .- Join www.. . The Word Pm'tlt in It" ppllcatlon to Psychic Phenomena. Definition.. The Causes. < ••• I )~ll\g(.. ... . In.. . Aiment Tl·catnwnt. . ... . ~ The Condition!'!. - I III moral 'I \:ud(. .forgottenbooks.- !l1.: (.Ol'an lM odium Ten c lency toward.\: of trw Law of "0 SIlgW1Sti.:. .imitatio» of Suhjct:tive POwers and Rl:sponsihilitics in this Lif.1 t consti lutes Man l'AGn a Fn:l' Moral Agent.Modern . .Faith esaential then n. LUll their Creator Facilities for bidf· Pr.Seven Scientilic Steps.The ()ricntalist~.Concluaions ..· Healing the Sick. .1'::-:0 teric 1)01. . 33~ THE..~ Their I"n.u inn.An F itOIM of the Law of Suggestion.k. . .: trines reserved for Modern .. now.- The Sclentific Accurac of lliH Stntcments..Tilt: No 'n):! J Functions of tht! Soul in Earthly Lif e.Scient ifi c Reasons.:rs All1H nnal Fxerd"'l: of Subjective Power. lml H~cility. .Errors of th e (lid I hilosoplicrs.Illustrative Incidellt~. .The F: inship of the Soul to tim\. JII:y I gll..Tilt! 'I'rnnsceue lunt Vel's qf j he S oul.. Hhip. an it '/. J~I CI APTER TH": ['HVSICAL MANlln:""H'A'l'IONS AND PHILOSOPHY OF CHRlS'!'. ..n:at :-.s ieuce confirms the New 'l'estnmcntv-« Internal gvidcJlc~ of t e Truth of the History of JeHu/.Th« Spitit of Truth.tllmhlinK"Hlo .':'_ Nothing discovered that JmlUs did not know.~' ['l!V\~.!.HIGH-QUALITY SAMPLE PAGE xv ON 7'ft'NTS.~ Po vers and FtlIlCtiOI1~. 'l"i Ie!'".. . . .The Exoteric and the J ':I'lotmic 1)0 ct ri WH.. aJl( 1 M oral J h:gra· rl.. .Secrecy enjoined.The Limitation f the Powers of the Ohj cct ivc Mind . . .J )<lIlj.I.Natural Uclusiou.-Tha Power to heal transmitted to al Future Generations.. t: mdu!li()m.-Jai· rus' I)nughh!r.e-« of N ervous I Ji. . . :. Unbelief ill the Physical History of l:hrh\t. .-.~ \\laming}.: \If a K llIIW1L'<1). XXIII. CH(\PTER PRACTICAL CUN 'LUSIONS XXII.Its. to proclaim the Scientific Truth. ANI) SUGGESTIONS.T1Hdr 1 )l~til1l:tlvl.I'a ral Jh!s. Red iHC()Val'Y of the !-i cien cc of Mental Therapeutics in Moe ern Times.The In fin ite W isdom displayed in tb ir I )istrilmtiOl). cicnce to discover. . .JUSH:! the ftl'~ The Doctrine of ("aith. PHVHICAL MANU' :5TATtoNS OF CHRIST (continued). .!.

.-Intuitive Perc ption of the Laws of the Soul.His Perception of Spiri ual Laws.a. ceptive Powers of the Soul. .His Manhood and its Li itations. . . . .re Rewards and Punishments.The Three Temptations illustrative. . The Necessity of Signs and Wonders.Illus ative Incident. . . God wiU "Render 10~ ~ acco~g to his Deeds.The Conscious Existen e of the Soul. .The reat Lesson to ~1ankind. . .Simon the Sorcerer.Jesus ~e first to ~ the Doctri e of Immortality. . Join www. 359 CHAPTER THE SPIRITUAL PffiLOSOPH CHRIST. .. .The Declarations of Christ." Spiritual Penalties for Vio1. .Miracle not a Necessa Explanation of the Power of Christ. . .HIGH-QUALITY xvi SAMPLE PAGE CONTENTS. . 374 CHAPTER REWARDS AND The C~rist:s Mission.He mean j ust what He said.Presumptive Evidence of His Knowledge of Spiritu I Laws.He gave it a DefilUte Status in Philos phy. .Chao ic State of Spiritual -:.Jesus knew the w'.Phenomena of Hypn tism illustrative. . PAGE Subjective Faith only required.Inherent Probabilities.Chris constantl~ controlled by Reason. and always acted within its Limitations. .Our Warranty of Title as Sons of God.The Doctrines of the Church.Condition precedent to Immortality.tioas Spmtual Law.The in against the Holy of ~DCCeSS Philosophy oy m HlS T~e.The Law of Suggestion applied. Signs and Wonders as to read this book in HIGH-QUALITY .for ottenbooks. .Belief esse Hal to Salvation.Lite al Extinction of the Soul through Unbelief. .Propos tions.-His Consummate Wisdom.The Variou Doctrines in Vogue. . . . . . . .Conclusions.His Doctrine new to the World. • .Faith the ssential Condition. . • • .Belief will not avert the Consequenc s of Sin.".The Normal Exercise of Sub] e tive Power. hrist's Work was for All Time. but SCientifically co ect.Scepticis constitutes a Fatal Suggestion. -His Subjective Powers subservient.The Per. hence not Immortal-Christ as a Saviour of ouls.Souls of Animals have no Conscic s Existence. .The "Spoken Word. . . _ The Doctrine of Fnta.

- iOUlj Ly.:.hd~ eien c...: Ill. .) cd M· u .t.DI1 . I II -..xvii pII:n.- u1for dUlliwn ~ Q£ (.Y.'!l i." 1jl M. .~ob.nd W Th ~~ I~. .il.: Ug.1i1.· tin~t af (l~h ip. • 'I e I '" ill!.f Hr. Jcneml "I'IIK :I1ud l' '11: ycb 0\ '1:I:It. t'gume I 11 t h 1\ U1.U llVCrJli.I I~'1. :UH.:1.d .t)U j:Ii I '~~n.rnill t Irinl j)l~ (Ii OJ.•• •• oIQO lBI B FDlJ'DllmI!oow.r'lJ..'I I . . (.\l Mat! it 1l!C. (l~1() Love.. I. l . f) r the ~ 00 ~\.l2tll. linn.:C'ti In.l.Hyl1tl DiUc ! tim\!!. .\lliIl~ b 1i m:-.:slunl:: ~in. (.. t:mory~ - _..1.l.)n (j UHJ I' [h\! ~~I L~u :lll (~ W ~I Ul'rll.Th!. P1l. 1~ .

ur ltit such an hypothesi phenomena 'P1:rt:UninR iii ttl amI fu.k:n.calcd ftorn nme nn e:QC.I"J. irlecl 1. Nc.m-~l! 1.i. ~Js=."fIliml.1 I r )llI'lJl~b: tlICC~"'" J~~hul~.rml.nV()lY«1 my waa 1Cf5.. or ntiurJ. • mbjec:t of hu num inlJe within the domoln nomy.:y Iuroll.j.!I!.1jllli.. - !::~~rllli='" .cilt· -t."I:~·nlattt.. rfnnt rnl the fmtnulc.uniM hy t 11 ~ T[A]~ progr :1bsenee its 1I.l! in It !lUte I~lily 11.1 c:u\ lll'ntl~rly t tH:i~(~:\.W ()F I.'l'.'Wt. ie N'~ni:\n TJ)1l('tb~..l ~U:l.)ty 1m!!.plritil!.y cenNewton pramlltwned •th C1'~ntL1I\1ly. Im:viout to "the ~( 1\~t11~ uian lly~thtlt nd itl!l 'Vt't:lfi. l[1 r~)r rL1m'nn~lmy)the it! ry~ It C!'nnhles (Inc e zm nI FDlJ'Dllm I!oou I .'t.~ ttl aric:!t+ Uut t a revolutkm uf clnpiTid!'l thl.:-.. . seieaee..

. all that is possible II II a 14"'-1 for the felt. will Prlnci .bstrac:t An ilppe to the j9.t will deever evo~e ~ the e. taetedl e zm n FDlJ'Dllm ith that at smdIed Boo I .the en. It u tagoniatic fac.

atom il" at all to fumU Ill...lII1 . (Or man.iled duty of :r wo!... If the tD~ ~or f3. te of the length correct e zmI n FDlJ'Dllm I I!oou I I I -. nor is take: co_ _..~ob. thilt in re useful c theory.'1c· it aside e:ry that ently did not co tioDs 1J'e cal cul e...

DI1 I . IWlg'S its.~ob. day J and to a ry aplaDad o lBIB FDlJ'Dllm I!oou I I II

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm I I I!oou I -.lII1 I I .~ob.

hel!S6. ad paiD. conf[ictiDg ate opinions Some of the bi:wte IS to . and the the modem --.~ WiE!splO1U siiints. orbid mtelequaUy ab~ . N en.t aud eac h others with eDt resort of eptaace of 'Of faith. One basic theory t nmhipg ~. t once unto es cause .5 us that each of these "SJ'S~ rfuI results ~ the way of der the gear the "hole e zm n FDlJ'Dllm I!oou II . 3. the reatrakesJ of he.

That i!1I to Sii.~ob.t it .y.its emp that eL dent i tb.a.DI1 I I . each endo~ e zm n FDlJ'Dllm I!oou -.

other a ibntcs b sufli lent to ghhc e zm n FDlJ'Dllm I!oou I .IfIENA.

~~ eir eeacept es of esiste .--~~~~~~_.--~.


read the '.!iti.. and in . =-. a»d ttlJigt1lce.\ r to "lid the to..uarure of the nr ~ nor hat.: byiDnri house Ii natle performed. or .h~ body. !le.. In :J. the po$'$(!>$ di. of the hypnotic r.. o:ft..of somna the most It of vW:ian.1! that rhe line of w~mn- recogoiz:ed it is._ ..eQ • er.nst$~ It i!i his Its high by me The 'iF""""""_... It also has e most j ! til pop:nluly e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boo

jI! e zm n FDlJ'Dllm Boo I -. II II .or man in the til' 'Uemible to .

be made to it. .e i! told th lR'ilI act the d that he is the gu~ 11 in intoxicati onder stored to ah fiushed.1. The and func ~~~ ~ltv~=~- .

.----- .noh.-. foraDltm1.DI1 ..OP es YC HJC J' o lBI B FDlJ'Dllm I I I I!oou I I I _.

It ~~ ne teadlly c:onc. 1111 fot-aottmhoooh.bove appea:s to ba: e zm n FDlJ'Dllm I I!oow..m ONE or the ud objecti. I -..:.= tiOll.hre rn~-indu . I..otis:lD~ or felUl of persoDl in amazement 10 an the a. . The 0 bject.of ~gn. Let it hen:: be the:PO'RrS and fun =htbited ill the profound bypu:.eded to when bis attent:ion ~ e be briefly stated rna. 0 powen and methods been noted by my subjf:ct.Df1 I . 1 'The mhjective r soning.

........~ . it will nate infer~. is ~/' :replied itit and introdtlce: clailll~ the pm proCI::UO'r: ou ~I) !:Jim..hll'ayl' ind never da. and w.a( -.u a ndition he pos.g:uht!fr f All :sha.34 1n other ""'urd'S l b~ never ."i..IIl~ :mAAC5tlon...1y on.~~ is a..riven ed to derhilo~ rjhy. dcduciW~ .(I.lld C(.l state.....01'1- "41$ cem- wbl) 'fin !nail. ~p:oi. p14ce te . series neral F rinith.. ..les .d..n. he will ir l....... -. urul ement of a whLtt rn. e premise ton..-.

lU!ASON IIiG C looked in the lth a look of the ntenance. D ered the :I3lIppo$e being ~ the professor tha and anxiou . bo1¥ed reverence.fbI!!" (a fonnal presc:Dta arrassment. .


tion with a. ~I In a t he had lived buli:st knew it. after nica.. at a subseque-. the sonmatnbu- at there is. very leam~ e zm n FDlJ'Dllm I I!oou I .nt hil unnec:e:ssary to a.37 Iy 'MIlS.

noh.e zm n FDlJ'Dllm I I!oou _.lII1 . 11·-·"fi---- foraDltm1.

TWO MINDS. 39 11 to impress upon ming subjective e zm n FDlJ'Dllm I I!oou I .

DI1 I .I -.~ob.



l1ton, in bis ~~ es The phenome

,.a few






It to st be remembered tbal " eo these th~ pto ion bi~w little .af the pht!Domena In the t of present knaw1eds on thltt su


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'Wal Ull

lit to tC!tostnize: n .lFl!'i["9 J_ I n'pcil td 1jIII holol.:' pa550ij.,'¥J'i.





th cmirol.:: uccu t'Ili.:Y+ xovcred my hol,.';LI tl lIb n:yj ng
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b"ddfl i h i~~~ I\nci~t M

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm I!oou



and bad btw:tluned in e waG .$ ken; 50 th.a..t




Out wileD. ty of k,=-eping

:9 t!

DOt ::!iily that

did cot UII.Q t spoke it ill

the: t she us.ed any

necessary to expr f a r.hil.d ~ knowl

, Vall.

.I e zm n FDlJ'Dllm I!oou




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J1J1d$b'afio~.!i l\nrcr. - h:!f Pr.c laticn oi Prtlbl " Gt!llilll.. .. ~ Na .Arl.iB1:!I_ - M.aea1l11 Df Sllbjl:!Cfi:ve Co

Poeb.. -llt.

COGJpositioll. gi:&ri&'Ct'I~ - ~II. of the Sluk!p~

is that I ter 81e
T 'thQught

of the mind is


to offer a f.eW" p yokred, drawn f



to apply those pri 1ems of every.da.y thus far we have tion:.s of the S'1:J bj diseased or in a d [ective senses in
~r the purpose

es to the soln ce, It _.:ill





FDlJ'DllmI!oou I I



_.f......DItm1.noh.DI1 .-.,.-----

o &oDd to stu in rest as!i1lted.rol1~en to suppos. race and phers 1II'ho and a fc:r.Il:~i.propositions e.e storehouse ited as to i the very na house divid a Q)1lttolf Ilicipality~ a ~gati'lj'e mankind. sb:ill find i ene~!iI e Izm n FDlJ'Dllm I I!oou I .

.)' intt:llecf ~ biective Damel'i it perfection ~ PlIS and bl:Defit or all eo individU2.DI1 .ca.t Ol1i1! . wa.$0 will see aJ.. abdi.~q to U!tnp co will be leadil ~lum~ cee at $:Ubjecti".ti. ere he ~Ilii tel. Tn the rom...b and its mllUD the obi~ctive t~ !9nb~c. In o lBI FDlJ'DllmI!oou -. :resou:c15.subjhe be will by WeI dily nan dpc iIlt problem.~ob.d that the mbjective by sa ' l pcwer is.l eombined lrit.J.

e Inn FDlJ'Dllm I I I!oou .

I 11·-·r---- foraDltm1. :t:...etult frotn til .comes a real e ti connlsioDJ. •ODt t:roe or f.are fAlse or b!r tllays rema:t COllCerJling ell· IDd true to tLltnIe. C' ...reQl~ ..rHE LA W OF PSyCHIC (J words.. but the premises dedactive reasonings of just. logical~ gyUoglUically ther the p..d. No truer sta !ill •eetire meatal aetlon coald are just.noh. remuk c:~ made re app1ie!i in & mark~ degre in all the greater poets t ees..DI1 .sI.. Certainly the 'illbje 1heir ~ The ~e:r 0 o I [)I [) FDlJ'Dllm I I!oou I I _.. wiU take Been in perfection whtn chil h one of them is supposed will flee in it:Jkcted tenor ion aA:en b... t: j and no one need& to __ . such is the despo e so jective mind..

U5tibl leunil:l.lII1 ·-·TI---- ..1lger of the dual Many of amples of domiJ:I readers ttill eadi1y Kubla foUows:~I !' e I zm n FDfZ(I!Im I!oouI n _. I foraDltm1.a splendid inexb!i.g and dl.noh.

be went fi A ians. Faili ng ~sult: f men than h· thefe he: • j ~r. lay.c:ni 0 f"e. object by under the. i pR51::lIt mese atsa y that they ! 1"~ c:omposi .DI1 I .54 domain :r.ti Socrates. in entertained OpL Lotd Maea. so stanza. of up :! ma. Il!i IUbjeded o lBIB FDlJ'Dllm I!oou I I I -. or his own c thing that he cou by whom tb. seems to to po~ simiiar to cb for wi! us.~ob.. IHIIi_.nUesa.

CCCIun Dg the . the resulr. 901Det..h.authonhip 0 1nd are ~h in the e zm n FDlJ'Dllm I!oou -.. This iI.q reptoduee thus reprodoced dition.hi.e audience..DI1 I I I . but it impu:lvise PQ~~ De in t.are oft being very c que nt I e.~ob. er c i!.

He also the'! him with t only r of their thoughts relations cloqucnc I zm n FDlJ'Dllm I!oou I I I .ytol4 ence that taDt. contact age. e reading! n or bit! DrB.eemed.

~ob.u e znrn I -.lII1 II I I .

tt.DI1 . !!Ii. When [ the snan to my ived him 3.!1 dlstfn ..~ob. L~W OF t e pah::rter author. 6e~ and 1'1- g :.. :ske. . lOll get sltti~ ptrSCa.form ud eeler m time :It tbe j '7 steppjng to gitlal wen before.g f~m a...n_ 'III -.l1.the ma.58 T.H.l5itt« came.hic.

my was by e zmII FDlJ'DllmI I!oou I I n I atteu brought " . to !ilubjecti'+t: lay that en ano to answ-lr a question er felt too inw howevert a promise ld stop him I e expiration the s1tirts ehin~and e it DO 'W.59 hundred ai:uvity.II!Ii mpMtically " repeated. I the arfut conditioD'S i. ·lDes '"when wben 'the to be s wh~ to condition.de6nite ty the pat the Jr'U3h or evo'k· spl rati on a\. Henry will "on of the others.D.

e Inn FDlJ'Dllm I I I!oou II .

::lll.i.~ob.lII1 I II .'hen en .hom the e Izm n FDlJ'Dllm I!oou I -.:111 III'bj t.l~1 the atkll1 upon obj y whHt has b tive senses CI Ut1lj its k.p~ntly prod the su bjecti 1u order 110t at on . bUshed '.nowl quired by obj 1 pUW1!~ of : e to its pc rfcc by ubjt:C1ivc erous : one rah :Colburn.

~ob.vcetc PHENOMENA. e zm n FDlJ'Dllm I!oou I I -.DI1 .

Tbia $l in. ~ wid:! so to take rapid. "'mdd ron.!Ii8!::i e zm n FDlJ'Dllm I!oou I III .as !!tilU: gniil. or Du. right id tipJiCii.ezpedi .test seceeds other q.mber plal:eSO . ansiDg duee.

66 g ty~:m. -cnlty wnk frnm wbllt bas hue tbis chl!d ~. :!5~ tior:J. of ~d be ~dlf:llt.j e :rt=plil!d.S. Il e zm n FDlJ'Dllm I!oou .

. fc: \Ii y!!US try teacbi ng a calcula tar.tions wI!: disappotnuoen traming. A d.I'ERCBP'1"IO depend. II could add a e zm n FDlJ'Dllm OOU I • .ved no benefi he wu end such cases.=nt on b· in the: raLsiog d develop in school calcela- calc. On he portion to hi! ri.ula.

seemed Iy CQUld be re- ~ Kis capaa be aware of fa.:r.l]ing rain air. .is added the te values of it r snch powen be i. knOIWi that p t:ransitioD as at figu re in a .hc: rent of !Ii 0 bj ec:tive of the prinis the Degro DOt only blind tion in point objective iIl- • Almost heard.

lII1 I .~ob.human all other _fled The Jl the :faeu ty e zm nI FDlJ'Dllm I!oou I I -.

ehe u prom.I~e 't~ wi~ ami be never failed to u.1arl)' e t OR Sutlda)t!i t~y were tum~d i. and haviDg fiDi.i.t-t§t dught OT made to poerform any lAbo 1!l:1!n.a .hoJd li1 in the mottling at a crn:a.. wl::11 knowu to the Ole or a dog which ' it i£ time to .u:$. On n:.n of the hott9t.~ob. Thii fud rhe dog by :K. informatioll. departure I aDd never fail nee at ~ $(I1l'S hotlse.. take hi:!5.farge pl th~~ Sta.Ys ~il1 handled i but i( one was '[u~ion jt qou "fith the grea.lrilh M1ii 9i j esta acq of and other dome of empJoyme!lt.'!i raised iQ .a:y dinnet-hour 'fiiL'!i th~ FJ:IWe as 0:0 twO honf~ earlier Lhatl that adopt Ii ment.t!eman.dil.IlO1ifies o lBIB FDlJ'Dllm I!oou II I -. At preei k he n tifi~ the &mily th. Hi!.on timeRlre to be wd. write!" ---. Ar the h .h he or mt:de~ They we re in rising.Q maturitft one of the t P an -e!. the tegula1to.DI1 I . -own mea] :Seem'!i to be He At th. ~ or 'l!ta! OIlCe own~ . upon w](mt three miJ ~Il.ret o'clock he .gu lar work.n to rfit.&lDily of tllA!.blisbment .fi' in the .comed and ent-ert<Li On ~k~day!l the dinaer-heur a t e saOleI and cODseqn~. E~TJ' Sunday he e home dinlLer.Itl}' be an ~ meal an 1m)' to regular !IL:)IJ~ dog~ harses. It WiLti the habit of the e W. i&Dd gift! no ODe any peaee ~ntil b"ed..5 !.pritu..ta. had come !.r.iS red regularlyl iRl:l:l:lediateiy e ~~ :&om the table.

JoUH'royJ phers 0 France. weI" "i!! exhibi S\lbjet:t5 and m ordtna enables ne to awake a wb. It i nOt because he t time.e~ to do so M. floor kitchen or a. in sp __ fore going to sl~ he It i. for he (oed until the dined. t 0 hours later. rug on he is time to "is t he ircheu and gi -ng dmner. d from r regular hours a.JI the ] . by aulmals. ods or inrtru e Izm n FDlJ'Dllm I!oou .

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73 n deal st cone lusioa bjecrive envi d. n abled r know 1 aga. It is It is our leo 'With. our ph e zm n FDlJ'Dllm II!oou I .FNATURE. e latn orNa t of the slow usions re To wppose wledg~ by n of the D~ity !i In:fi.Wtc Illt boasted ~'go ~ noblest a esseotiaUy linence. mind.

74 has perished. g~it will imbibe all U: from i tOO e 1 I n FDlJ'Dllm I I I I!oou II . and th eil is lift ey~ that worJd \v ere a truth is t the 5Oul. unrram ell by the . prisons it and binds it earth J f truth* tlnlll1 peded by the boricus .the sllbj ti mind -functions.

al Acade to earl • •~I:.aUwe l1=L l In Bl:l!ll) ~ t '9rilh bject is .- .a remits pU all tof distre9s zm nI FDlJ'Dllm I!oouI I .d!i.." .~ 1. Ho...

Witbout lowed o lBIB FDlJ'Dllm I!oou I I I I -.s. velope..:t amect1. wards.~ob. in dismal performe ~vu In 18 appoin a I magnetis ablest sci vestigati other thi that $Om that sadi the fiDge .Sbic~ and trust .hole ttl" &Bank Mr- L.DI1 . ofeud.

y. dy d~ II! fact ro mediums.m 5.u flihlUS.:e' aware of cODditions ~tO ~~ w to sa. E1rfY e zm n FDlJ'Dllm I!oou .. liable Exhibi' 'EVery O. - It W. that theo term .77 manyatte this mone VolutD.

and :sne ~Ilf'ril: titlej su governed by th clare that rica 1 audic:n eo SIlbjecr: .DI1 II .\sYCHIC PHENO~ ENA~ otism.t "on. of the tpeak~ by at~to e zm n FDlJ'Dllm I!oou I I -. and it potent as e one whic The ~ ilJD.~ob. the dttlar.

lII1 II I .for! as re ad'ie~e: rugga tion.: a.ject cannot be :IV!" pre-seDt. 1n the case of Bi~ op. hi5 very pre come by ce is unrealii y of the hJIm. the eperaier. tic.~ob. accounted . the tipl.. It Wil$ fimdamentnl condi . It is obvious tl"I:Lt the e zm n FDlJ'Dllm I!oou I I I -.pplj~ witb IJU fi enabled hiln to lead t $e1f~inrinccJ.

e zm n FDlJ'Dllm I Boo III I _.lII1 rr=:': .noh. foraDltm1.80 to prnctic: auditors.

mool an ThI!lU". tbt: <:aU!e th-e tn.:!cSi ~-- ooti!im 0' Theory- -M by the dis tant the of the Stlbj tevi. Tha.~on!:li !5l." -Tl.. the !mbj~ e zm DIJ'DIIm I!oou .cle iu. present da or Since th totheatt phetmllu~ aaee.l.

bov~ .......82 rilE LAW OF 'SVCHfC PH .11: and "' facts .......""""". and some a.

rly in tbe study !!Oroehow ~J~ t cal. beings.i. He e Planerarum er. t foUows thai at e fie world alto it by the l III the ea.83 jgDon. e his cure!! with Ertificial y such rnearu. but aftet. in the and the G j C is apt to be aeurther en. a C&tholic e zm n FDlJ'Dllm II!oou I I I . be o the largest obtained by to eoatraonly an ap· o One fact it.nce~ in the hands they may be dogJnilJ which drove tio in the early h mself.

of a cOIlcbl a e force ean that this e zm n DIJ'DIIm I II OOU I .tIi tiODI witnOllt meaD!iI. animal magneti des the ll. :roceg.en ~W aWi1)~ .

:ppointedJ com- vestigatio b~ . y as if the orders . F u .tude: of aU ma.au5ed . majOJi ty of whom rism was brought still r a few. II ecafor it in that respect. and p . them to 0 spoken.a.85 i. by indubitable that pcROns could be by CODtac1.ce. shouJd Mesmer's theory of ) Si yes made a disctlvery that.u'R. They t. so fa:r revi\"ed the ln~ A£ade. r. Delenee. e was 11. their own d i::!ico'i~ n:her i.Stigatiou~ is into exile! followed by edical of Medic] ne. yaa. II would W3jons It which it directed to the deter- new invetltiga rion... ~ m and demo It metm-=rlsm. and the This was power of clail1'oyancl!l U W"ay1. posed of body. althongh e 1 II) FDlJ'Dllm I I II I!oou .~ d the lame to ~.til my!tticiBm in ditnly Ot5i and tbe drains of practice of M~srQer-."tlnd t once ~~~d from the That the.aas scieDtists m their c mittee pursued its ind its and scieD~ ed the investigatit:lD Y1~gm. j and nized the art by Iirst of gentle manip~. miDatloD firmed te5ts.~ a.

i!. it rests s of the as it may seem bk:h was. whi promnot witnes:s 'entist as bytbl a~ tism.nt and n pla~ Hence it folio that In meuts in the hi het pbemake due allo ance for the aature of esperi·b.nessed the eir reality~ this r. as against report aft~r fi~ ~.ility cf 51Jggesti b.a\'ing e possibilities of ggest10n ted.he in e zm n FDlJ'Dllm I!oouI . wit.56 the pes- of e1· be here ai.I"$ of laborious. conS to aD simply ive results.

c:an. and not ."ngless as ap-fied the power ri.

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.. ODe it of doubt- 's book there fence.... His t the "Value of countrymen . hy~ logic would train in expre says tical.. e is \0 jumping im. . e magnetic. ticn.a......s e fou.. ~ and many ~xtended his gwhi.. without the ... Li~· ts and in t 866 ueh that .indepeD~ lnftuenclZ: con ble... b t does tell) in ced b e ypootic con cond i· .nde r of hypnct::ism.

c hose Derus icable on of Mesmer: deDt ofsug. tbe stibjec~ and will Oil is directed. ~ hypnoti. that it ind e pen. subtle: ftuid e zmIn FDlJ'Dllm III!oou . health en tal action phenol'llena tion. the result of es.~ is also the netic stale: phenomena ysicaJ.

forr.also noe Can be inTheir GODcluzm n FDlJ'Dllm I I!oou I bt ypnotic eondl- .edge f be su bject.1.91 obedience to ese effect c best be prot that the c be produced owJ.o~ constltutes e.1 is c. and to the crcd it of psychologic.oustantly .a+ They . which~ when r propoadtion ofhypa mena n in some.

~ob.DI1 I I .! TH£ LA W OF PS tor in the inrl th !i i.Q:.!i not true c to a few well~ disceveries ma hypnotic con 5 commentat-o prove that 'on of lhe by 11 erism were to ~!I11!nt of the cirenl tn~ o I lBIB FDlJ'Dllm I!oou I I I -.

DI1 .be II -.93 be was: ena of than a ".~ob.

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e chalk e hen III .95 i animals b l)im:scl! in C:telmak~:!I llOUtlCW m~-C" state. H authors in anihypnotic: ·des the 'IN ttll tht!! entiened. were un.. piltC:nt ex e zm n FDlJ'Dllm I!oou I I I .~ theory that . In his elusion.nni.a. with thtU.

e zm FDlJ'Dllm I!oou I .

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00 e zm n FDfZ(I!Im r I Boo I .

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