The Creation.

of me First Chocolate Chip Cookie 1

The Nadonal Chocolate Chip Cookie Contest 13

The Recipes for the. 47 Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

in the World 17

Index 82

Our sincere thanks to all the cookie bakers who sent us their most delicious, chocolate chip cookie recipes and who made this contest so difficult-but a Teal joy-to judge.

A thank YOll also to all the journalists who spread the news about the contest and! helped to make it such a success.

And, finally, B special thank you to OUI friends and! associates who baked and ate more chocolate chip cookies than they ever thought existed.


1930 was nor the happiest year in American history. The stock market had come crashing down the year before and me Great Depression was just beginning.

But, in a small shoe-manufacturing town in Massachusetts about rwell()' miles south of Boston, something very goad was, about to happen.

Until 1930. the most notable thing about Whitman, Massachusetts, was char a young man named Paul Revere had spent some time in a local foundry learning how to make cannons .. In 1930, however, somethillg else wasco happen that woeld affect just about every person in the CQumry.,

10 that year Ruth and Kenneth Wake6eld opened a new restaurant in a historic house in Whiooan that local legend said was once the home of Frank Vinny Smith, the noted American .marine painter. Since the house was across the road from the ton ga~es on (he old Boston-to-New Bedford T umplke, the Wakefi·elds named [hei.r new resraurant me T 1)11 House.

The couple was exceptionally well qualified to own and operate a restaurant. Ruth had a degree in dietetics from Framingham State Col· lege, and Kenneth had been a steward for a steamship tine. For thirty,seven years, until 1967 when they sold me restaurant and retired, the


Wake:fields were well-known and gracious hosts. offering outstanding food and elegant service in a colonial atmosphere. Life magazine featured the Toll House as one of the finest places. to dine in the United States.

Bur all that success came after 1930, when the W'akeiields. like millions of others. were learning to make do with less during the hardest economic times in American hlstorv.

One day Ruth Wakefield was preparing B beEch ot Butter Drop-no cookies, a favorite recipe dating' mom colonial times, that called for nuts. But since she had none, she cut up a semisweet chocolate bar and added the small bits and pieces of chocolate to the cookie dosgh, Mrs. Wakefield expected the pieces of chocolate to melr, bur instead of melting, the pieces of chocolate remained hard-and. quire unexpectedly. me chocola e chip cookie was created.

'The fantastic new chocolate chip cookie was an instant success, and both the cookie ~d the Toll House became famous throLlgi-uOU[ the whole country.

During World War Il, the Wakeiieldssent chocolate chip cookies to American servicemen all over me world.

After seeing the great popularity of her cookie creation, Mrs.

Wakefield got in touch with the Nestle Company, the manufacturer of the chocolate bar she had cut up to use in place of the nuts for her Drop-Do recipe. At her suggestion, the CQmpany began makings chocolate bar that was scored so it could be broken up into small pieces for everyone who wanted to make their own chocolate chip COOKies. A

special chopper was also included to help break the chocolate up into Little pieces."

The next step was the lntroduedon of small pieces of chocoIare-me chocolate chips aharare 5'0 well loved today.

The chocolate chip cookie created by Ruth Wakefield is now known everywhere, of cours , as me Toll House cookie.

The present owners of the Toll House restaurant, David and Donald Saccone, have a small factory in the back where they make about 15,000 pounds of chocolate chip cookies each week. The cookies are now sold in retail shops in New England, me Saccones hope to expand throughOlIt the United. States so that the original ToU House cookies can be enjoyed from coast to coast~jllSt as the many variations on this delicious theme already are .

• According ro Nude. the oompany that made the ehocolate bar dha:t Ruth Wakefield cur up in 1930 to iCTeare [he IillSt chocolate chip cookie, home bakers in the Unired Sm~C5 during 1982 made more man 7 blllion chocolate ehlp cookies usmg Toll House Momls fIrom Nestl!!..



© by the Nestle Company

2!4 cupssifred. {flinT

~ teaspoon 1xtki11g soda ~ re.aspooo. salt .

~ cup sof~ or 5horl:ming J,t.. cup gTan.l.Ja:ted SugllT

J/" cup brown sugar, jinnl:y packed I It'rupoon iJ!triiUa

!/1 rea.spoon. warer

2 eMS

~ J2,·oul1c.e paclwge. (2 cups) Sfrni-SweeIReal:

Chocolate Mmsm

~ ,cup Iloofsely dwpped '!>Juts

Preheat oven to :37'5° F.

Sift together Bour. baking soda. and salti set aside. bl.ltotr or sholtl:.el'1ling., sugar, broW'll sugar,vanilla, and. water;, beae till creamy., Beat if! eggs. Addfiour mixture; mix well, Stir in Semi-Sweet Real Chocolate Morsels and nuts. Drop by well-rounded haLf teaspoonfuls oneo greased cookie sheets. Bake for 10 to 12. minutes. Makes 100 m'O~ inch cookies,



e 1975 l'FACCCC

I cup (2 slicks) margarine. slJfrened.

¥.f cup light In-oom slIgar. fimll:y packd .vi cup granulaw.! SlIga1'

I reaspoon tIIlllilla

I teaspoon UIllI2T'

"2 mediurn-5iz:oo !.'~

2!-1 cups si{wJ. aU~(Jr.rrpose 1lo11f I teaspoon baking soda

V) !eGSpoon salt

2 cup,s raisins

I ~kage (11 oum;es) semiswee~ clwco!are Pieces

Preheat oven to 375Q F.

Beat softened margarine. brown and white sugars, vanilla, w.arer, and eggs in a large bowl with elecmc mixer until creamy and thoroughly blended. By hand, stir in, flOUT, baking soda, andsalt until well mixed. Stir in raisins and chocolate pieces. Using teaspoon 'from measuring set, spoon dough 0'1' teaspeonfuls onto cookie sheets. Allow 1 to H~ inches between cookies for spreading. Bake for 8 minutes, Of until eeokies are nicely browned. depending on how crisp or well done you like them. Makes about 6 dozen.



© 19'82 Hershey Foods Corporation

r cup smel'ling or % CliP !meter or mcrrgarine,


I cup gran ulttred .sugar

V1 CJ,Ip brown sugar, }irm!, packed I r:erupoon vanilla

Z ,eggs

2 cups ,,,ruifred aU.purpose flour 1 ~P«m baking $oda

1 cup Reese's Peanut Bu[Uf' FltJ.oore4 Chips J cup HeJ3M]'s Semi~SIC.IUI CIwcoItue ClUps

Preheat oven to 350" IF.

Creem shortening or buerer or margarine, Sligar, brown sugar, and vanilla until light and fluffy. Add eggs and beat well. Combine flour and baking soda; add [0 creamed mixture .. Stir in peanut butter Chips and chocolate chips. Drop by teaspoonfuls onto ungreased cookie she~c. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes or until lightty brownedl Cool slightly; remove to wire rack and cool completely. Makes about 5 dozen 2Yi.inch cockles,



%, lb.'

iii a¢I' gnm~ sup J cup. lmNm. rugar

!If ~ Ui:JJlilIa v..~~

4: emp

J:YI cufls fIma

~ ~ baking •

J pac~ (6 0JmCI!S} ~ ~ ckiJq

Preheat ovm to, 350" F.

Mix butter; wruteancl brown !Sugar Illt slow speed fur .lmiJlllltSi add vanilla.sah. and egp. Mix jngredima.l'or Z ·mi(lute at: slow .speed. then for 2 mm.uta 3[ high spe£d. Add flom and baking soda; mix until .Iiow b blended. inm III smooth dough. Add chocolam dips and mixlbr 1 m.i.nttte at tow speed. Spoon off cookies 0.1100 cookie pan and bake for approximatelv8 minutes.



fmmtbe: Gnim:rcleUi Original Chocolate Cookklok" Second EdltloR, copyrighlled 1982 by me Ghw.mieUi Chocol;i£1!; Company, reprinred with permission of the Ghlrardelli Chocolate Company. Ghirardelli lsa res:isrerec! rnademar:k of ,me GoldeR Cram Cc:nup3iJl1l •.

VI mp bulleT CIT ~ ufrerd

% CliP padu!.d :brown mgar, finn!, packed J ~ Mandy jlatmlng

3 ~ dark tom SJ"fP 1 egg

J rup diad ~ 'mimi .{mil J l4 CUp$ floUT

J ~ pumpkin pie lpice ~ faIlPOOI1 ~ y~ rerupoon:so.k .

J ~ (6 OIDIW) OhimrdelIi Semi-Sweet

Choookue Chip!

V, itujJ chapped peaw I/~ cup olh.~ aLTllOI'Ids Ih cup ClIITWJ(.1

14 ·red CtZIlIhed chern!!, q~


Preheat oven to 35o.~ F.

Cream butter with brown sugar, brandy fllavoriog, and com SyruPi add egg and beat until very light. Coat caadted fruit with L tablespoon of the flour. set aside. Sifr remaining ffiour with pumpkin ple spice, baking powder. and salt. Sor dry ingredients into creamed mixture. Add fruit. chocolate chips, pecans, almonds, and currants. Chin dough l hour. Drop by heaping teaspoon onto greased baking sheet. Top each cookie with piece of cherry. Bake for 8 to 10 minutes. Coolon rack. Store in covered ccnraieers several days to soften and age. Makes 4Vi! dozen cookies.



There are more different kinds of contests than anyone person can Count but what GOuld be more worthwhile and rewarding than aseareh for the be-sr chocolate chip cookies in the world]

Looking forwa.rd 'to collecting, cataloging, baking, eating. and choosing [he best chocolate chip rookies. we sent COntest announcements 1:0 hundreds of newspapers and magazines, describing me' competition and offering honor and recognition for the elite of this great American classic.

The news weat out and! the cookies came back. We received Over 3,000 recipes, from (he rocky coast of Maine [0 the flowered islands of Hawaii, from the mist ofPuget Sound in Washington Stare to the Everglades in Plcrida.

We received recipes, for big cookies and Ilrele rookies, for bard cookies and! sofit cookies, and (01" round cookies and :square cookies. There were cookies wi'[h outs and cookies with fruit, cookies with oatmeal and cookies with rum, cookies with yogurt and cookies with wheat germ. But aU the cookies had one ingredient in common- chocolate chips.

Recipes were sorted, recorded, and studied, and cookies were mixed, baked, and eaten. And finally, after and eating, more cookies




Rosemary Kay Taoom<ll, Washington

I ,ClIP granulated. sugar 2 eggs

3 terujXl<ms tlanlUa

4r.e1l$pooru Ilruifr,ed aU.~urpose Jk!lf'f

:2 jars: (12 ounces 1ZiWh} dry-rOO3ted peal1:lttS j pad"lge (12 ounce) chocolate chiPli

Preheat ovelilJ to 350" .F.

Com.bine the slIl;gar, eggs, vanilla, and .Sourr in blender and mix on high for 2 minutes, Remove to bowl; sdr In peansns and! chocolate chips. Drop dough by tablespoonfuls onto greased cookie sheets, :3 inches apart, and bake for 10 to 12 rnLnutes. Remove immedia~e[y 'lTom biking sheets and coolon racks. Makes .. dozen large cookies.

Note: This recipe works in a food peocessor, too.

Cookie dough can also be spread in II. 13 x 9'112 X 2-inch baking dish and baked (or as to 20 minutes, or until itt springs back when eesred, Let cool and rhen cut into squares. Makes aboue )0 two-.inch. squmre cookies.



Pat Sullivan Rochester. New York l YJ clIPs ~ifred all·purpose jlmJr

Vi reasPOO!1' baking powder

\If teaspoon sal.

t cup ,bllcteI'

I' CI~P brollm mgar. fomb packEd l' ~Poon!llln.illa

I'll rablespool1s in.smm coffee powder I poc.lwge (6 Dunces) chocolate chips o cup chfJopped' nuIS

Preheat oven to 3500 F.

Stfr together floW'. baking powder. and salt; set aside. Beat together butter, sugar, vanilla, and instant coffee powder. Adell dry ingredients. Mix well. Stir in chocolate chips and! chopped nuts. Press dOl.lgh into greased 15)(,10 x I-tnch baking pan, Bike for 20 to 25 minutes, or until ii,ghtly browned, Cur into bars of desired size while srill warm. Makes about 30 large cookies or 60' small cookies.

The biggest ,hocolate sooPt:UTe ooer made was a4. 484-polmd.1 O-Joothigh. EasteT ~gg 1M! was corurruaed til Melbmmw. AuslTalia.




Carol lngeml Hammonton, New Jersey l cu,p marg¢tril'if (01 more ~. ~). ~qfitnd ¥~cup uanllkued mgpr


Ilh uaspOO'l'lS wniUo

2 ~~ unsifuul a/i-p:urpOJfl flour 1 IEru"poon mit

2 package:s (one I2-owu:e and one 6-ou11I:e) ~emisweeldl.lX'olau 'hi{l$

I ~p chopped nut!

Preheat oven to J50°f_

Mix together, by hand, ¥~ oop of the margarine. !he sugar, egg. and vanilla unell well blended. CombineB.ollland salt. then blend i.ntoegg mixture. Mix In 'the 6'olJlnce package chocolate chips. Shape dough by hand into logs, 1 inches long .. Place on ungteased cookie sheet. Bake fur 12 to 14 minutes. Coolon racks,

Meanwhile, melt the 12,ounce package ehocolare chips and remaining \4. cup margarine Over hot water. Stir unrilsmoorh, If mixtl.lfe is too thick, add more mru:garine, 1 tablespoon at a Hm.e.,. unrl] it is the right consistency_

Oil' ends of cookies into chocolate coadngand roll in nuts. Place on n.cks~ or on wax paper undl set. Makes about SO cookies.


Genrude Lilian Tomk W~lmington, Delaware

COOKIES I ~ c:upswuifted aJl.~se' flour If.! reaspoon bIking ,poo.der '!l.zIWPOOO baking':soda


2 square.5LmSWeerened chocalaw III Cup brown sugar

VZ c:up granulamd ~gar IItlL$OOn vanilla

Y.l 'cup WID" cream or I:ruumnilJc Iqg

Vz W/J /Wl, dwpJd peams

J jlacqe (6 ()UItCeSJ semisWf1!1 cAocolare drips


v.z cup "malted bu.,.

1 ~ T~~ oocoo jXlW'!er

, mhIe.s/)Wrl rn.tl4nt a;ff-ee. ~ lin I ~~

lVz C1lIU con[miona's stp J ~ teaspoons bnm&,



2 OUI'1CeJ (1 sqlwresj SmI.UUIe",r baking chocolate I tablespoon brandy or r r.ablespooti caffee

.3 wblespoon.s!mrrer

Preheat oven t 37SC' F.

Stir together flour, baking powder, and baking soda and set aside.

Melt together butter and unsweetened chocolate. Cool. Beat into cooled chocolate mixture the sugars, vanilla, sour cream or buttermilk, and egg. Stir in fl.OIlr mixrure, pecans, and chocolate chips. Roll barter into balls the size of a tablespoon and place 2 inches apart om a greased cookiesheer, Dip the borrom of a. drinking glass into granulated sugar and flatten balls of doug,h. Bake for about 10 minutes; do not overbake. Cool 01'1. racks.

Meanwhile, make frosting. Beat together butter and cocoa powder, Add sugar, coffee, and brandy. Beat until fluffy. If cream is too stiff, add a lew drop of water at a time 1:0 make a better spreading consistency. Sandwich me cookies ..

Make glaze by melting chocolate and brandy or coffee in small saucepan. over hot water, stirring until smooth. Stir in butter, 1 eablespoon at a time. Drizzle glaze on sandwiched cookie. Let cool and set. Store in airtight container. Makes about 30 d.ouble sandWich cookies.


, I

I •

Preheat oven. to 350· P.

Sift together flour, baking soda, baking powder, and salt; set aside. Beat together margarine and peanut butter until smooth. Gradually

add the sugars, mlxing unrll well blended. Add eggs, one at a time. beatins thoroughly after each one. Add ~illa.

Add lour mixture to peanut butter mixture in three additions and sour cream in two; be.ginning and ending with flour. Mix well after each addition. Add oatmeal and chocolate chips and blend well,

Scoop dough with a small ice cream dipper and place on lightly greased cookie sheet. Grease bottom of drinking glass, dip in sugar and then press the balls of dough down co a thickness of ¥e inch. Bake for about 20 minutes (to mlnutes 01"1 bottom rack and then 10 minutes on upper rack). Coolon racks and store in a right container. Makes about 3 dozen cookies.


n II
'" 5'"
"' ...
I'i ~
3;- 5
"," ~
~ ~
I ~ l
.J_ lJ N OQ


jan Thompson FaiIflllX, VLTginia I!I! cups unsifted hard·wheal fio:UT

I teaspoon baking so&.

1M tefLS.I'1mn salt

4 tablespoons Olltler lAmp sban:ening

Vl ClIP granulatJed ll(~r ~ cup dnT:k brown sugar I .!arge egg

J lOO!/IDOn IXlniUti

V1 ~mp coarse!)' chopped Uloll1u!S ~ CliP /ltJkd COCOlU.j(

Vi'CUj!l choc:o!are cltip,s

Preheat oven ro 3750 F.

Mix 'together 8our, baking soda. and saJr. Beat together butter; shortening, and sugars. Add egg and vanilla and bear well. Add dry ingredients. Mix in walnuts, coconut, and chocolate chips, Divide dough into 1 Zequal parts. Flatten each part into a JY2 inch round. Place on. greased. baking sheet and bake on lowest shelf of oven for 1S minutes. Even ifcookies Iook underbaked, take them OILlt. Coolon racks, Makes 12 large cookies.



Kim Sze.IUeD5tein Oceanport, New Jersey

2 cups sifted all-purpose f/nur I llIClSJ;ioon baking soda

Iff ~pwn salt

J !e.a$poon grol"ul cinnamon Vi I.ea5poon ground ",Ulmeg \12 cup butter or margarine Vz cup gr~mJnt:ed, SlQ!ar

If.! cup darkbrow:n sUgar. firm!) packed 1 ~gg

J cup apple1allce I cup rolled oats

Vz cup see~ raistin:s Y.z cup chopped Ritts

V1 cup sem~weet dwcolate chips

Preheat oven to 375D F.

Sift together Aour, :baking soda, salt, cinnamon, and nueneg, set aside. In a Img,e bowl, using an electric mixer. beat hurter and gradually add the sugars. Beat until light and fluffy. Add egg and beat until blended. On low speed, add applesauce and sifted dry ingredients. Beat just Wltil all ingredients are blended together, using a rubber spatula to


scrape down sides of bowl. Stir in the oats. raisins, nuts, and ehocolate chips. Drop dough by level tablespoonfuls onto ungreased cookie sheets. about 1 inch apart. Bake 8 minutes. or until cookies are lightly browned. Remove 'iromediarely from cookie sheets to racks to cool completely. Makes about 5 dozen.

Two tI!01km; in Switzerland were urresred ill 19BO far h)'ing w seU sUire secrets ro Cmna and Russia. The infmmarirJn they tme offering in:cluded fOJ'T.'j recipes fur mal<mg chocolate.


Of all the dwcolale chip mterprises. eelS,l, !he besl knoom is TI\e Famm.cs Amos Chacolllle Chip, Cookie. The companJ was founded try, Wall, Amos .• a /DnI1e1' dteamca! ~ with fil'lllm:ial ,backing from sev~ era! HollyUl()l)dllorable.s.. including Helen Rdd)" Bit! CruITj.and MM-' \lin Ga)e"

Ma~ his choc()1rue chiP cookie just Uk he· \I!I()~!d an)' other limporWIU cele:bril1. he 1uu foshiooed Famous Amos bumper $lickm, Tslairts, Du!tQnS, gold-plated choco!ace c!tip pendl:mcs, cookie jars, baselxt/l caps. and ,et!en p.os(ers. Personal televisio1l appearances by Amos exrol~ Ung his cookie MI,II! indlukd ABC's GI'lQI:! Morning America" ,the Mike Douglas Show, I[M Dinah Shore Show, and me MeN Griffin Show.

The Famous Amm Clwco!tzce Chip Cookie is sold net only in !he campanis own. stores bul also in some of me most p:!'e£rigiow; s!D'l"es in America: B.!oorm'ng&des, Neiman-Mella!:s. HidsOTl'S, John WQlu1- nwker, and M cmhall Field.

Encourage your cookies as !he bake' ... 1t11k to r1tem and watch rhem close!)'. It might be necessary In nan me .lTtl)' IlTOImd if Jour 0WIli bakes unevenl). Glu.e )lour rookl(iS laue alUl ~'U grow up w, be wry !,Hlm] and !aS1)'. Good luck. and have a w:ry &rown da".

-Famous Amos



Estelle K. Gliffe Palos Hills, Illinois

3 c-ups uruifced a/l,p:U1!'fXlse jltJur I teaspoon sall

2 r.erupoons baking poo.wler I cup OOI:lieT' Of 1'IItII'(arine I ClIp granular.rd sugar

2 eggs

2 .tablespoons milk

I teaSpoon oonilkl !4 cup cJwp~d nuts

J pac~ pisr:achiG pudding mix

I padwge (6 ou~) ,hocoJare chips Confectioner'.s sugar (opliarwL)

Preheat Oven ro 375" F.

Sift together flour, salt, and baking powder; set aside. Beat together bl.ltter and sugar .. Add eggs, milk, and vanill.a and beat until creamy. Add dry ingredlents, stirring with hands or spoon until stiff dough forms.

Take out orne quarter of the dough and PUt into a small bowl. Add chopped nuts to thls mlxture. Add pistachio pudding mix and all but V4


(UP of the chocolate chips [0 the remaining dough. Shape teaspoonfuls of this dough lnro balls, and place about l!h inches apart on a lightly greased cookie sheet. Cover bottom of a drinking glass with a damp cloth and flatten baMs of dough.

Shape chopped-nut dough mixture mto marble-sized balls and place on top of flattened pistachio cookies. Lightly place one of the re erved chocolate chips lnto each marble-sued ball of dough. pointed side up. Bake for 8 ito 10 minutes. or until done. Cool on racks, If desired, dust with confectioners sugar. Makes about 5 dozen cookies.

Ch.ocolme WtJ.5 introduced into Ellrope in 1528 lry dte greal Spanish ,explorer Hemaru!o CQ"I"~, who brought it bock from Mexico. II became an inslant hi!,wilh KillR Charles V and his f"1l}'u.i COUTt, and,. frJ using' mOnks hiddm away in mOlUlS!eri<?s to ptOCes5 the coooa OOaltS, chocolate remained' a Spanish seem fer neorb one hlmdred years.

TM secret was JiIW.U~ Ie! Oil! Iry an Italian tral/eler named Amonio Cllfleui, who 1.0011 some chocolate home wilh him from Spain. lr was qllickl, embraced Iry the IraI.ian rulers, and, chen, through a series of '1Tryal marriages, chvcoktu! s{1read from IraJ) co AII.nrio., from Awtria w France. emd from France to England.




1'ht: United SWIeS makes more chocolate dian all)' other country and is {"flowed. in Eltm, by West German,. me Nedlttland$, rtInd Great Britain. Penru,!vllnia is the ,leading .Sla.te in c~ocolate .prOOocOOn.


Rosie Lichte Loganvllle, Wi&:onsin 2 eggs. ,be4fer1

I CliP S(Jl!Il' cream

III mp Inlffel', softened

2 cups packaged bisOlI! mix

2 packagl!s (4 liz ()lintel e.achJ 1l1.5!anr dwcotare pudding mix

j Jxlc:kage (6 ounces) semisweel cM<:okue cltips liz t'IiP chopped nullS

Preheat oven [0 350" F.

Stir together eggs, sour cream, butrer, hiscuit mix, and pudding mix.

Stir in chocolate chips and nuts, Drop by teaspocafuls.onto ungreased cookie sheets. Bake about 12 minutes. Makes 6 dozen cookies.



Gloria B. Williams Moorestown, New Jersey

1 rnp umif ted ,1llI-pu11Jo.i1! floUT 'I. LelI$poon bakil1f powder

YI teaspoon baking soda

Vi reo.spoon salt

Vi cup bwrer

Vi cup gramdared sugar'

!-S ,cuP brown sligar, }rrnb packed I egg

j I&ISfloon vanilla

I ,rup Grap.enw.s FlakeJ

V1 cup chopped 1il£1(~~jnt.lts (ji!bem)

I package (6 oUl1ces!' choco!a~ chips

Preheat oven to 3750 F.

Milt t,ogelher floUJ[, baking powder, baking soda, and s-alt; set aside.

Beat butter:j blend ill sugars and beat well. Beat in egg and vanilla. Add dry ingredients, cereal. nuts, and chocolate chips, mixing until just blended. Drop by teaspoonfuls on ungreased baking sheets. about 2- inches apart, Bake for aboue 1O minutes; do not overbake. Cookies will puff up and then Ratten. Cool slightiy in pan before removing to racks to cool. Makes about 2 dozen cookies.



Lucille Boyce Burbank, Ca,l.ioornia J cup. plw. 2 wblespoons a1J-puv;ose /Win"

!12 ~txxm baking 3",,"

!Ii teaspoon salt:

!h .c:wp lruf!eT or ~hortmin:g

% cup light brown sugar, jirml, /)ackeJ .1'ttllSpoon.vantlla

r egg, weU be,a.1m1

H cup (601.mces,) choc,olare chips JA cup palaEO chips, rnulwd

Preheat oven to 375" F.

Sift together '80ur, soda, and salt; set asi.dl!. Beat t'Ogetner butter or shortening and brown sugar IJintil fluffy. Add vanilla and egg, beating well Gradually add dry ingredients and mix thoroughly. Stir in chocolate chips and potatothips. Drop by teaspoonfuls onto un,greased cookie sheers, about 2 inches apart, Bake for 10 to 12 minutes; until lighdy browned. Coolon racks. Makes: aboutt 5 dozen cookies,



Mae Jones Rochester, New YOlk 2' cups sifred alI-purpose flmu'

I l!eIlSpaon baking sOOn.

I reaspoon. ~It .

~ ,cup wlwac gmn

I ~ ~'homning

r cup brown st:lgGT

1 eup gran~ sugar 2e;ggs

VI a4p plain )Ogwl

I V2 tea5pooru ~Ua: 2 ntps rolled. oars

I package (12 aunces)choco/are chills

Preheat oven [0 375" F.

Sift together flour, bakrng soda. and salt; stir in wheat germ and set aside. Beat together shortening and sugars. Adell eggs, yogun, and. vanilla and beat by hand 1 minute. Add dry lngredients, then stir in oats and chocolate chips; mix well. Drop bv rounded teaspoonfuls onto greased cookie sheets, about Z inches apart. & tor 8 to 12 minutes, depending on whether you like them soft and cl1lewy or brown and crunchy. Cool slightly on sheets before' removing [0 racks to coot Makes about 6 dozen cookies.




I lr;t>-
.... '
i9 0,
; ~'
!J s
, §"§:
s ~
~ 0'0'
:I ...

:e_ I:>
-, ~
~ ~.
J ~ Preheat oven to 375Q f.

Sift mgerher flour, clnnamon, salt, and baking sodaisetaslde, Beat [Ogether margarine, lard. sugars, eggs, and vanilla. Add dry ingredients and oatmeal [0 creamed mixture. Mix together well, Add nuts, chocelate chips, and dates and nux wen. Shape dough into three bars and wrap in waxed paper. Place bars in refrigerator or freezer overnight.

Using a very sharp knlfe, slice bars into cookies Va inch thick. Bake, as needed, on greased cookie heet for 12 minutes. Coolon racks, Makes 8 dozen.



Karen E. Giard Colratn, Massachusetts

2 cups 'UTI5iJtal all'j:Jllrpose /loUT I I£a5POon baking sOOo

!h teaspoon salt

Vz cup .shortening

'1'1 cup chunk, pe""n~L bult£!' 2 fiilll

1 ~ grarmlar.ed sugar !I! cup lrnxOll sugar

I teaspoon ~'IIfflUa

I tablespoon warer

I package (12 ounces) l"hoc>olar.e chips

Preheat oven to 3500 F.

Stir togerher flour, baking soda, and sale; set aside. Beat shortening, peancc burrer; eggs, sugars, vanilla, and water until creamy. Add dry ingredients and blend well. Srir in chocolare chips. Drop by teaspoonful onto lightly greased baking heers, about 2 inches apart. Balke fOr 10 to n minutes. Coolon racks. Makes about 70 cookies.



V3 CliP maraschino c/umie5, drained and dwpped, plus abmu IS maraschino cherries, CU,[ inw qt«Ulers, far decormian

!;l ClIP shredded coconut

I package (6 Oll1!oes) chouolate chips 2 Vl cups f;umfl,akes, cru.shed

Preheat oven tOI .3750 F.

Sift together flour, baking powder, aking soda, and salt; set aside.

Beat togemer snonening and sugar. Add eggs, milk, and vanilla and beat well. Blend in dry illgredien£.S gradually. Mix moroughly. Add nuts, dares, and chopped! maraschino cherries and mix well. Stir in chocolate chips and coconut. Drop by rounded teaspoonfuls into the crushedoomOakes. Toss lightly [0 coae dough and form into balls. Place on greased cookie heets, about 1 Vi inches apart, and top each cookie with a maraschino cherry quarter. Bake far 12 to 15 minutes, Coolon racks. Makes, about 5 dozen cookies.

The American EntTe:PTene'lCTs Associarioo, tI Vusint!ss' and de· lIelopment tngallizalion based In Los Angeles, publishes an il'Lfmtaion manual feUing how CO set liP and operall~ )'OlIT awn chocola!e ,hi~ cookie

shop. -



Susan L. Warfield Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

6 cups aJt.p!trpos~ floUT J leaspoon baking soda

.2 tea.!ipooru baking powder l ~JlOOl't saI~

r ilJcups l/tctrterting

.2 V4 cups granulared sugar 3 egtl5

.2 !easpoon5l1llniila

I' cu~ coolood fresh pumpkin.

]' package (12 ollnces)' semuwee·[ chocolate· "ups 1 cup chopped nutS

Preheat oven to 375= F.

Sift together flour, baking soda, baking powder. and salt; set aside.

Beat together shortening and sugar. Beat in eggs and vanilla until well blended, Acid pumpkin and mix well. Add dry ingredients and blend well. Stk in chocolate chips and nuts, Drop by heaping tablespoonfuls onto greased cookie sheets about 2 inches apart, and flatten slightlv. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes; do not brown. Coolon racks. Makes about 4 dozen4-loch cookies.



Carol Ann Zyminski St. Louis. Missouri

41/2 cups lifud aU-purpose /lour 2 f£aspooru baking soda

2 ,lea5poons sak

, ClIP margarine

~ mp shorren[ng

I v.iC'ups I:mJ,wn sugar, liml, packed I VI Cl'pS gRlll"lared sligar

4 ,eggs:

2 feaspoons ooni/l.a I ~ea:spoon WilleT

I package (12 0 UJ'IC'eS) dlOCO!ale chip! 2 C1lPS Grape Nuts cereal

Preheat oven to 375D F.

Sift together flour, baking soda, and salt; set aside. Beat together shortening, margarine, and sugars undl creamy, 'Beat in eggs. Beat in. vanilla and water. Add dry ingredients, a lierle at II time. Stir in chocolate chips and Grape Nuts. Drop by teaspoonfuls onro greased cookie sheets. about 2: inches apart. Bake for 8 to 10 minutes. Coolon racks" Makes 200 two-inch cookies.


TILe NelrM CompGn,. ~I!ltich introduced crnx:olale cJu~s back in 1939, now /mldlla$ abo:w 250 million of them each day.

A:mD!18 the CfJunmes of die world. !he Un/led Stares ·is· iT! J'evmzh plaa in !he arnou:nc of choooialie ecuen per person each ,ear. em !he al!er~e. e«h American eat:s 10 pounds annuall,. By cOmparison, Swi!~land Is fin! wirh 22 pounds per' cap,jlll fo.Uowed try. England (lS,.4 pounds). West G!11'mIlny (13.8 pounds), Belgit,", (13.6 pounds), and Sweden and AltSrria tied ,at I ,I. 6 PCuM.! each.



Mrs. Hardin Dockins Sandpoint, Idaho

I cup unsifred all-pu.,pose flour J tea.spoon baking jX1Wder

!t4 teaspoon salt

V2 cup tJearmt lnarer

VI cup bucleT or margarine, sop.ene.d !.1 cup granulated sugar

\6 cup brown ~ug(IT, firml) p!l£W 2,ew

I r:ea.spoon ~'aJili/1a

I lJl,JClwge (6 olim:e5) Sf'I'Ili5Uleei chOCOUUf chip.

Preheatoven to 3600 F,

Mix together flour, baking powder. and salt; set aside. Beat together peanut butter and butter with sugars until fluffy. Beat in eggs and vanilla until blended; stir in dry ingredients until blended. Mix in cbocolate chips. Spread in greased 8 x .x Z-incb pan. Bake ror 30 to 35 mlnures, do not overbake. Cool in pan and cur into squares. Makes about 16 two-inch-square cockles,


Marue:ruma, the emp!!To:rof·me A2:cec Indians in Merico, was rhe lint known chocoholic. Each day he would drink tikJ ~s of chocalaU! wMe smring 4norher IWO thousand ruP3 10 his royal household.


Elizabeth Vanyo Cleveland, Ohio I cup plw 2 !ablespoons aU.purpose flour

V, reatpoon b.Jktng soda

Yl cup runler

6 ULblespooTU g:ranulared sugar

6 mblespocm.s Gan{ecriCllU!fs Silgtrr, sifwl 1 egg

liz teas/100n 'IItInillo

J package (6 olmces) chocolclle chips

Preheat oven to 3500 F.

Sift together flour and baking soda; set aside. Beat together butte-r and sugars. Beat ill egg and vanilla. Adld dry ingredients. Stir in choco-late chips. Drop by teaspoonfuls onto ungreased cookie sheets. about 2 inches apart. Bake for 13 mmuees, or unril light brown. Coolon racks. Makes about 50 cookies.


Bloomingdale's, !he chic and [rend, .c:Iepartmmt .nare, was sued far $7,000,000 Iry Mn:rioo SlwJbilI, !ill associate netu~ prodllCfl" iU NBC, wl\o said w stOl1! wru 5fUing a chocolate chip cookie mt:!de from I1er recipe utithou~ 1'11,-1 ng royalties.

The swr,e admiloted 1M!, 'J~, the were .telling a chocolak chiP cookie caller.! Blool'Il'ingdale's Good Coo~ie Inn" 00, il was 1'101 mode from Ms. SUIa,bill's rllci/Je.

The di.spwe tvas firlllily seu:l£d out of ,CDlm elm! one CMI ~il)p:ic[U're !he plaintiff. ihe defendant, and Uw lawyers aU sining around a polished teakwood c€lnference table resol1lling their differences 0tIl!T clwcolaU! chip cookies cmd milk.



Kathy Frisbie Costa Mesa, california

2 cups sifted !iiU~tmrpose flour f wa,spoan baking soda

VI !e/lSpoofl :salt

J ICUp SMnerung

I ,cup granulaud SugllT ,2 egg;s

I can (B'1f ll1.mces) amhed pineapple with juiGe J rnbltsPOIm "anilln

1 ,"ups quick oa[mea!

I ctlp choppd nutl,

!Ii ClIP shredded cocon'ut

, packogg (12 ounces) chocolate chips

Preheat oven [0 3150 F.

Sift together flour, aklng soda. and salt; et aside. Beat [ogethe.r shortening and sugar, 'Beat in eggs undl fluffy. Sdr in pineapple, vanilla, and dry ingredients. Blendwell, Stir in oatmeal" nuts, coconut, and chocolate chips. Drop by teaspoonfuls onto ungreased cookie sheers, about 2, inches apart. Bake for l2 to 15 minures. Coolon racks. Makes about 6 dozen cookies.


111 a daring and de~ action, ,he Ca1'lOllian gooemmem helped ,six American ,di/Jloma!S f!5ctIPe from fran while 50 mMs were being held rosrage in !he AmfT'ican Embrus)l in 'fll'.'teran.

The respol1Se in !he Unilfd SIlUeS fO !his &raman, episode !,I.W a tremeMolQ' OlUPOUring of praise and gmlil,udc fur d\:e CaIUllliaru. in,· eluding relephllne cal1s, teiE:grams. flowen, ~i" the shape of • leaves, CMmpa,gne, and in"italIOTlS for lunches and dilil~.

Altmg wilh everyl1ing else, die Canadian Consuwre General in New York TieceiIJed It IWO-paund bag of ch.oco/.a,Le dup coo/aa with II TlQIe signed "Two Americans"wlw More: "Canadia1'lS are chocolale chiP aU !he 'W'CI)I. "



Mrs. Lollis Smith Fort Lauderdale, Fllotida

2 ¥.! cups cake, flo,,'

j r.eospoan bakiIlg soda y~ ~porm. srut

I' cup mm,er ar margarine ¥.t cup gnlfluklre.l S'Ug1il' .y. CiIIp brown sugar

I .!empcton lJ(milla 2ew

I WUp!lQl'l hone)'

f package (12 OUJlce:s) clwcalitr.e chii'S ~ cup chopped I1UU

Preheat oven to' 375° F.

Sift cog.eciler flour, baking soda, and salt. Beat together butter and sugars. Beat in vanllla until creamv.Beat in ·eggs, one 8[ a time:, then honey. Blend well. Add dry ingliedienlsi mix welt S{jr inchooola.te chips and nuts. Drop by reaspoDf'l.fuls onto greased cookie sheet, about 2 inches, apart .. Bake about W minutes. Coolon raeks, Makes about 100 rookies.



Karen Mldgarden Hoople, North Dakota r cu~ sifted aU-plirpose flour

'Ii r.e.asPoon baking powder

Va ~POOll baking soda

'Ii ~poo.n sal!

!IJ cup fmt!eT or margarine" melted 1 C!lP bruW11 51~ar. firml) paclced 1 egg

J wbkspOOIl hot waler J V4 r.easpoons tlaniiia '11 cup chopped nutS

I paclcQge (6 ounces) ~emisweec chocouue cIlip$ I CliP minianm! marshmallows

Preheat oven [0 3500 F.

Sift together {lour, baking powder, baking soda. and salt; set aside.

With electric mixer, beat melted butter and brown sugar on medium speed till blended. Beat in egg. hot water, and vanilla. Add dry ingredients, one chird at a time, m.i~ing well each time. Stir in nuts. Spread dough in two greased 9'-ifllch pie places .. Sprinkle each pie with half the checolaee chipsand half the marshmallows. Bake for 20 minutes. Cool 'in pans on rack. Cur each pie into 8 pieces. Serves 16..



Pau]a Pace Bonne Terre, Missouri l'll cu,tls si{wl, alHnuprue /loUT

v. ,cup ,C'ommeru .

1 reaspOOi'l bakin,&' .pmvder V~ Ilaspootl. salt

¥. Clip !dmrrenI~g

,v.. c:upgral'lIik1 red. sugar 1 egg

I i~pOOIil tIlITlil1a

~ "..p chornlare chiP's

'Preheat oven to 3S(;t F.

Sift: together flour, cornmeal. baking powder, and salti seeastde, Beat together shortening and sugar. Add egg and vanlllasnd beat welt Add dry ingredients .. Stir in. chocolate chips. Drop by Of!~:O greased cookie sheet. Bake for about 15 minutes, unti] Hgbtly browned. Coolon racks. Makes aboar 3 dozen cookies.

King ,Lo,lis XIV of Fmnce ~Mb!ishd !he tJositi01'l of Royal Chocolate Maker to .!he Kil1g.



Mrs. Wayne' Reberts New Ulm, Minnesota

.2 CirP·~· sifr:eclall.purpose {Eour I teaspocm baking ~oda

I censIJoon cream af lImar v.. reaspoon .sale

!II Cl4P buller

VI cup slununing

!ll cup brown $ugar

~ cup granula!ed sugar I egg

I ,teaspoon 'wmi!1n .y.. cup brakenl'1l!!!5

, p.acknge (6 ounces) clwcola~ chips

Pl'Ieheair: oven [00 350'" F.

Sift mgethef flour, baking soda, Cream of tartar, and salt; set aside.

Bear together shortening, butter, and ugars, Beat in egg and vanilla, Add sifred dry lngredlenrs. Fold in nuts and chocolate chips. Roll intO [balls the ize of a walnut, roll in sugar. Place on greased cookie sheets. Bake 10 to lZ minutes. Coolon racks. Makes about 60 cookies.



Douglas P. Foglietta Glenwood. Illlnols

l cup 1Mtel'

V. cup broom 51~g!lr

¥t cup granulated Sligar 2 eggs. bealen

~ teaspoon baking soda Jll!asj.loon kat water

2!4 cups sifled aIL-purpose floW" I [OOS>pooti salt

J rea:;poon or more creme de coooo (dark) J CliP chopped maurdamia nuts

(OT )lour choice)

I package (6 QUliIW) chocolnte dLips

Preheat oven [00 375° f.

Beat rrogether butter and sugars. Add me beaten eggs and the rest of me ingredients ill order listed; fold in the nuts and chocolate chips last. Drop by teaspoonfuls onto greased cookie sheets and bake fO'[ 10 to 12 minutes. Makes about 90 cookies.



Debbie T akacs Fresno. California I package delli/'s food chocoklu cake mix

J canon (8 ounces) cherry )ogun

J egg, light" beaten -

2 wl),lespoons margarine. melted ¥l, cup c~opped nUll

I pac~ (6 ClinceS) chocola~ chj~s

Preheat oven to 3,50° F.

Stir 'together cake mix, yogurt, egg, and margarine until thoroughly mixed. Fold in nuts and chocolate chips. Drop by~easpootiuls onto ungreased cookie sheets. Bake for 12, to 15 minutes. Makes about 90 cookies.

1n 1785. Thomas Jeffmrm sent 11 IeaeT 10 lohn Admns in which he wrote !hat "The Sltperiorily of chacollul? drink, ,bod! far healtll and ncmrishlMflt. win soon gi~'e it rhe same PTeieTrnCe. over lea and coffee in

Americaulhich ,j I' has in S-pain." -


The :namesaf l~ new cookieemparitaru dMTh' adwrtise their wam; Tlwl Cookie P/m::e in Los Angele:s. Ods SpItMmt)'ST' Old T~ Cookie m SWIi Francisco. ,!he Chi,!ry~ in Bas«m, The Coo~ WQ!'ks~We Got Your Cookie. tmd, the Cookie C~h Co. in, Nett! York. And'rMail), slwppingrenrm luwe cMin &wbli:lhmerll:.:i like The Cookie Madl.ina, r.he Frunou.s Choco/a(e Chip Cookie, The Cookie The Cookie Ca,per, T!\.g Cookie F~IOIl. The C[lilkie of the Moom. and, The Origi. nal Cookie COIT\Pilnjl.

The prize lOT the most born:Ixlsltj(: 'rnrme of all has W gO' [Q' II :$tQ'II'f: In willi rhe uJ'~ claim,: Absolutei)' The Be.sf Chocolate Chip Cookie in New' Y(J1k City.



SW>3n Hardison Franklin, Maine

.2 CtlPS sifted aU.pu:lI1X1se flDur 1 teaspoon baking soda

1 terupQQTl dnnamvn

l' rw;poon nutmeg

h w&ptJOl'I raIl

VI cup 51wrlening

I cup lorange marmalade J egg

I tec.lSpGm1 vanilla

.1 .pac~e (6 ounces) dwa:llate chips 1 cup chopped. w{jjmru

Preheat oven to JSO° F.

Sift tog,ether flour, baking soda •. cinnamon, nutmeg, and! salt; set aside. Beat together shortening and marmalade. Beat in egg and vanilla .. Add sifted dl)' ingredients. Stir in chocolate chips and walnuts. Drop by teaspoonfuls onto greased cookie sheet'S, about 2 inches apart ... Bake for 10 to 15minU!tes. Coolon racks. Makes about 70 cookies.


ChoCDIa.Ie chiP cookies have alsobeclJll'lf' (I ualued: s)'mbolic gifr :rigllt liP r1tere wim "Sa), it wim jlDweTs" and "When 1ol.,cnre enougflw send the 'wry 11e.rt."


Joy M. Han Lucedale. Mississippi III cup mmer aT margarine (melted)

I ,mp graham crcu:ker crumbs

I cup shredded cocc:nuc

1 ~ka,~i 6 ounces), cltocoklll! d\.ips

1 packag2 (6 Oltl:l~s) burrerscmch chip~

l can (13 '01{rteeS) stVeelmed c~ed mil& I CliP chopped ,pecans

Preheat oven to 3,25° F.

Grease a 9 x U-inch pan. Make layeIS l!.sing the seven ingredients lisredabove in the order given. Bake for 25 minuces. LeI: cool and then C.Ut intc blocks. Makes about 30 two-Inch square cookies.


When !he Bli!i_sl! .imposed a I@( on I&I mtln)' A~ coL.mists switched. III hal chooolateas tIidT Mwehotd drink.

Baker's Chocowre claims the ·o!dest groary rradernm-k in the [}nit.!tl~ Stll!E.S, a. painting cn1led "Til! Bealllliftt! Chocolate· GirL"

The girl in the painting is AnM &:Icrauj,wlw 'was IWI'king ina ,Moc,o!ttle slwp in Vienna hack in 1745 when she met .PrinGe Dimch· Slejn, an Au.slTian rtoblerntm. The) Jell in love,got msn1.ed, and !he' new bride IwJ her pon:raiir patlued. nat in the tUlia! farrnalgoum, but In. tI Sel' dress leT'~1ig c~oc:olale.

The painting fOIll!d ifS (Vll) to the Dresden AT. GaIIer:Y in Gem!M)!, WOOfil was seen in fS62!ryMeptesid.ent af Baker's Chocolale. He' liked "The 8eauitiftJ Chocolate Gir{" so much clw.t lie. adop.w1 .her ss the syrnbG! of hi.s companj'.



Merna M. Moulton Attica. Kansas.

1 VI ClipS Llmifred aI1-purposej1oll'1' 1 le£LIpoon sal!

1 !tlIS/.lOOlI bahmg ~i'.1OO

1 cupchlink, peatltil blllrtr ~ cup ll'UiJ'garine

1 !It C1tpS ,"own ~'[Igaf j cu.p graruu!aied sugar 4 BJtI!? weI! bca!efl

1 £I'llS/JOOru wniCW

3 cups quick oo.lmelil

I pac~gJ! (12' ounces) d\oculale chips

Preheat oven to 375° F.

Stir together flour. alt, and baking soda' set aside. Beat together peanut butter, margarine" lI11d ugars. Add eggs and vamlla and beat well. Add dry Ingredients. Mix: well, Stir in oatmeal and chocolare chips. Shape il1(O rolls and refrlgcl'3[e ovem .. ight.

Slice \I. Inch rhics; Bake 0[1 ungreased cookie sheer W minutes, or IlmtiJI browned. Makes 6 dozen cookies.



Rum Roberts La Place. Lout iana V. cup butte!'

III cup granulated lugar I egg

Vl Wl!"poon IIIlnilk!

Ih reaspoon almond eXlT<1C1 J cup cfuJpped a!momd.s

2 cups sifted a!l·fJurpose /knIT

f package (6 ounces) semi.swee. choco.!41e chips

Preheat. oven to 3750 F.

Beat together butter with sugar until light. Add egg, beating 'Well.

Add vanilla and almond extract with £lour, miJejng unnl well blended. Lightly stir in almonds and chocolate chips. Drop by teaspoonfuls onto cookie sheet, about 1 inch span .. Bake for S. to 10 minutes, until a delicate brown, Makes 4Vz dozen cookies.


Ac.mrding 10 Profe5~or joan GI!tS5OW afCalu:rnbia UlIlillf':rsit" ru ljlwred in Snack Food tTIllgaVm. chm:olate chip cookies atre so admired aM iksfrM /Jec{luse: "Tills COUI1l:try is goiTW mT(lu,gh9J1 enllmWltli f'l'II'IonOMl trauma, ami people doi't'[ know what rIO belietNl. Th2:re.fDYe, we're I/el)' Jwcepli'b!e w mitI,P we am rTUSl-M<e ,(I linle chocolate ch.ipcookie we can actuaU;:t see c(miing Dul (jfw OWil!,"

It is impo55f~J.e UI w, exacd, hllw many chaoo!ale chiP cookies are ealen ~1Il'l')' )lear bCCtitlSe no one kllow~. Bljt oocording 10 N~o, rn:te: of dte" major cool«e bakmg com/lmtias in. [11& Unire,Q Stale.:!, more than 200 million .pounds of packaged' choc-olale ,chip cookie-sare said anntIllU,·,

Thiliu an ilmCJtlTII eqlUilI in wel,t:ht CD netub 3 bauleships, fflOl'"e dllm 500 [WI:! .Ioodtd Boeing 747 juli11ffl. close W 100,000 Iltt!omobil&s. OJ aboul 15,000 .ftippoPf.llamwes.




Hugh Poole Conyers, Georgia


I CliP ,pll:U 2 mb!espoon.s unsifted ,aU~~pwpoxe /!mir ~. leasj)oon baking soda.

!12 IeasPoon laIC

o/} cup butter or l1I(ITganne Vl CLIP granulared s:ugrrr

Vl cup dark brown sugar

J;" wupoon peppenninl jlavorillg I egg

I packoge (6 oumru) semisweel 1:Jh0000iare c:hip~ 1/1 ClIP clwpped walnuts


3 fablespOrJn5 butU!T or JlWrg(Jri~. JQfneneJ Ill.! cups c011fecrionl?J'J sugar

Few dmp5 grEen loud coloring

1 iabtespooru Ilea"}' cream

J/~tetl5poon IJllpptmnini jlolJaring



1j)aG~ (6 OI!Ii'~l' semiswee! c:hocolam chips 4 rablespooru butU!T 01 margarine

Preheat oven to 375Q F.

Mix together BOllI, baking oda, and salt; set aside. Beat butter and gradually add the twO sugars. Beat until light and smooth. Beat in the flavoring and egg. Add dry ingredients, blending well. Stir in chocolate chips and walnuts. Drop by teaspoonfuls onro greased cookie sheets, about 1 inch apart. Bake for 8 to 10 minutes. or until lighdy browned. Coolon racks.

Combine all ingredients for M[NT FROSTING and blend until creamy.

Spread on cooled cookies. Refrigerate while maklflJil GLAZE TOPPING.

Combine all glaze topping ingredients and melt in top of double bailer over simmering water. Blend well. Spread glaze over mint-frosted. cookies. Refrigeratie. Makes about 4 dozen cookies.

11 is esnma.ted by food indu.stry officials mal ,OJIU!' half of aU cookie.s baJwd a:I home are chocu!are chip coo~ies.


Captain Cookie, (l CTe4live bakery deUtIeIJ seruioe. wiU deU4!EtF II 15· pGllIld. 2 VI !OOl-in-dUlmeter chocolate chip ccolde lanywhere ,in lhe New Ymk Cit, area [or $J50.

The Chipwich is an ic.e cream sandwich 1TJIlde Ulirll chocoklle chiP cookies. I~ wru creared by Richard LaMoua.who 5penr monr.hsin II we kir.ehen he had ~et up in (he basement of h~ [ather's Muse in Brookl,n developing II chocolate chip cooll.1e rlw U/(mJd not gel sOID from lhe ice: aeam.

laMotta has became 11 millionaire and gained 20 tmuruis Jince invent-

ing d~e ChilJWich. .



Elaine A. Carsey Omaha, Nebraska

4 ~ cups sifted aIl~purpore f/D1f1' 2 teaspooru: &akli1g 5000;

2 teaspoons ~a'l

2 ClipS JOOrtming

,1'/2 cwps granuiated Sligar 1 i/2 Cl<Ips Urcwn 511Fr

2 temp00r;5, wniila

I teaspoon WIl~

4 eggs

J ,ClLpcnopped pelum~

Jpackog;e{ J:Z OInwes) ,hocolace chips

Preheat oven to 375" F.

Sift together flour, bakin,g soda, and salt; set aside. Beat shortening, sugars, vanilla. ami water Unfit c.reaml'. Beat in eggs, one' at a time. Add dry ingredients and mix welt. Stir in peanuts and. chocolare chips. Dl'Op by teaspoonfuls onto greased cookie sheets" about 2 inches apart. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes. Makes aboue 98 cookies.


1\e 16,000 ,anmmlliisiwrs !Q Hf'fshe,"s Chocolate Woild in Hf'f~hty. PenlU),lwn.ia, learn dw Hershey is the~ largesl single lLSeT of olmonds in die United S!r.Ite5 (""I of rhe:m grown in California.' and duzt rherom· pan)' did no admfising during dle /iTS I sin:y-eiglu ,MTl II was inbusi. ness. And rlie c.hoctJ/nle' kisses: jlT51[ made in 1907. are produced I1l die r,ate oj 20 miUicm ,(I day.

Opal N. Kingsbury Windsor. WiJ;coru;in


112 cuf.! butter

2 Ollru:e.s (2 5qUilTe5) uruweetened chocolare I' cup brown sugar, firmly packed



!Ii cup bunermilk

1 Yz CUlls sifted all-purpose floUT v. tea:lf,oon baking soda,


Yl ceaspoon baking powder '4 lea$Oon saJl

'/2 cup dwpped ,walnw:s

J paekDge (6 ollnces) dlOcolau chips,preferably mine J1atlOre!l


4 Illblespooru butter

], lable$PO<m!i Iln~wee!eJ:led cocoo poorder ,2 teasfJOOru irui4nccoffee Powder

Dash oj salt

2!h cups si([ed can/ecnoner's sugar I ~ reospoons ,vanilla


50 walnul halues, 0lI' IlS needed

Preheat oven to 375° F.

Melr butter and chocolate together in saucepan. Cool 10 minutes.

Stir in brown sugar. Beat in egg, vanilla, and buttermilk, Sift together dry ingredients and add to egg mixture; mix well. Stir in nucs and chocolate chip s, Drop by teaspoonfuls onto greased cookie sheet. about 2 inches apart. Bake for about 10 minutes. Cool on racks,

Meanwhile, make rros[ing. Beat together butter. cocoa powder, instant coffee powder. and salt. Beat in sugar, vanilla. and enough milk fot a, spreading consistency. Spread MOCHA FROSTING on cooled cookies and top each with a walnut half. Makes about 50 cookies.



Mrs. Pasqualia Or.ansky Richboro,Pennsylvania: !.1 ~p gramdareJ sugar

YJ cup oUlIe oil o:r melmd btl!!(!'/' !l2cupwl:uer

fteaspoon 1xIkirIg' powder

!.1 cup seedLess raisins, soaked overnight in .r ,ClIP'

wow and I tablespoon rum, drained.

J package (6 OlinCf.5) serni.swe·el dwco1ate chips ~ cup pine nms

~ h;t1SpOOl'l salt

-4 cups all-Imrpose floUT Con{ec!!'anm ~!~r (o~donal)i

Preheer oven to 3750 f.

Mix together, oil. warer, baking powder. drail'lledraisins, chocclare chips, pine nuts, and! salt. Add floUir md mix well. Drop by 2· teaspoonfuls onto uogreased cookie sheets, about 2. inches apart. Bake for 12 mirll.!tes. Coolon racks and sprinkle with confectioners sugar, if desired. Store in airtight containers to keep well. Makes ahoU:t 611i dozen cookies.


Alice Wallace Caballo, New Mexico Vl bo (9'11 ounces) Jellow 01 chocolm:e caIce mu .z ~s

r ClIP .brown .sugar, firmly packed 2 wb2espooll5 mebd btill.e'1

:2 ttahlespoons hone)

I Ctl:IJ molm£ c.hiPl

I cup dlOp{H!d waJJllUU or /JeCans

Preheat oven to 3500' F.

Combine all ingredients in large bowl until just blended. Spread in a wdl.·greased 9 X 13-inch baking pan. Bake 30 minutes. Cur in~o bars or squares, Makes abeut 30 two-inch squares.

Napoleon alwa)'5 (anita chocolate with lilllJi on miliU!l') ",~gns cmd would em it WMn!ver he~lI~ quick tmerg)'.


Beatris G. de Ordonez San Antonio. Texas

.2!4 cup~ ~iif!ed .u.r~purpOSil f/cmr f leaspoon oo~lng soda

I IWSpoon salt

I cup granulated n.gar

Vl cup hrDWIII sugar, :firm!, packed 1 eggs

f IWSfloorl mniUa

}' cup lJegerabk sflortening r cup chopped mm

r Vl cups chocofnce ckips

JA CI~p cQanely chopped caru:lied pineapple

¥4 cup COO1'!ie!;)I dtnpped. rea or green (or borh) candied cherries

Preheat oven to 37Sa F.

Stir together flour. soda, and salt. Add the sugars, eggs, vanilla, and shortening. Blend rho roughly. Stir in nuts, chips, and candied pineapple and cherries. Drop by teaspoonfuls onto ungreased baking sheets, about 2 inches apart. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes. Coolon racks, Makes about 100 cookies.


Chris Harris Honolulu, Hawaii

J cup li:llSifted aU-purpose }lour J ~poon baking soda

Vl teaspoon sall

¥t cup margarine

J 113 CU(LI broom Sligar, firmly packed 2 eggs

1 te.alpOO11 wmilla 2 -v" cups quid~ oa:r.s

I/., cup plain wheat germ

J padwge (6 omlCfS)' .semisweet chocolare chips

Preheat oven co 3,500 F.

Sdr together Hour, baking soda, and salt. Beae rogether marga..rine and sugar until light and fluffy. Blend in eggs and vanilla. Add dry ingredients and mix well. Sdr tn oats, wheat germ, and chocolate pieces. Drop by tablespoonfuls onto greased cookie sheets, about 2 inches apart, Bake for 15 to 17 minutes or unci I lightly browned, Cool on racks. Memes about 2 dozen cookies.



Lots Magnus Louisville. Kel1Jtl.Icky

I cup sffi!ed all-purpose flour III lea$./JOOI'I baking soda

Yl teaspoon salt

\12 f1oul'ld sweet baking chocolme !1 rup burteT or shonening

M cup gral11daood sugar

14 cup brown sugur, finn!ypacked r egg, 'well bealen

* cup chopped pecans I lablespoon l.Ianilln

Preheat Oven to 350· F.

Sift together flour, baking soda" and salt; set aside. Cut each small square of chocolate into 6 Or 8 pieces; set aside. Beat together butter and sugars. Beat Ln egg. Add dry ingredients, in two pans. Stir in DUes, chocolate, and vanilla. Drop by teaspoonfuls onto greased cookie sheets, about 1 inches apart" Bake for 10 to 12 minutes. Coolon. racks. Makes 50 cookies.



Almond Chip Drops, 68 Amos, Wally, 33

Applesauce Spice Cookies. 30-31

Baker's Cl1ocolate, 66

Banana Chocolate Chips, 76

Banks, Mrs, John E., 28 Bavarian-Mint Chippers, 21 "Beauciful Chocolate Girl, The," 66 Bovee, Lucille, 39

Brandywine Sandwich Cookies. 24-25

Buckel, MI'li. Jack" 44

Butter Drop-Do Cookies, 4-S

Captain Cookie, n Carletn, Antonio, JS Cal'5ey, Elaine A" 73 Casanova, 28 Charles V, 35 Chewy Chip Bars, 78

Chip-an-Chip Cookies. 39 Chipwich, n

Checo-Grape Nut Crunchles, 49 Chocolate

amount eaten, in various countries,


drinks" 52, 62. 66

introduction of, into Europe, 35 maker of, in French court, 59 Montezuma'li lillie of, 52 Napoleon's use of, 78

objects made from. 20, 46 Penn5ylvania as leadmg stare in

production of, 37

prod ucti.on of. in vartous COIJ11 tries,


recipes for, as state secrets, 31 and romance, 28

salivation on mention of, 42

scien ilk name of, meaning of. 26 spread of, through Europe, 35


Chocolate Chip Angel Cookies, 60 Chccolase ell ipc.ook le(s)

delivery oflarge, n

d.esirabiliry of. 69

enterprises, 5, 33

first, creatiorn. or, 4-5

as gifts, 56, 65

home·ba~ed, proponiol"lof. 71 ice cream sandwich, 12

lawsult concerning, 53

!!lumber of, made IlSlng Toll House MOTSeI~. 5

packaged, number sold annually. 69 .

stores, JJ, 47. 53, 6]·

Choeolaee Chip Melt-a-Ways, 52 Choeolate Chip Olltmeall)ate Cookies, 42-43

Chocolate Chip Pistachio Cookies,


Chocolate Chip Pizza, 58

Chocolate Drop Oatmeal Cockles, n Chocolate Glare, 15

ChllcolateJewd Drops, 46-47 Chocolate kisses, 74

Chocolate Pudding and Cream

Dream~. 37

Chocolate Softies. 59' Choco]a[(! Yogurt Mel@,62 Choco-Nut Dainties •. 23 Choco-Pumpkin Chips, 48 Chrisrmascookies, 10- U! 79 Chunky Chippers, 45

Cmnamon Marmalade Morsels, 64 Claiborne, Craig, 42

Coconut Biggies, 29

Coco-Pecan Chips, 'iI4

Coffee brandy frosting. 24, ZS Cortez, Hernando, 35

Date Cookies. Chocelare Chip Oat-

meal, 42-43

Davies. Mrs. W.O., 46 Derby City Cbips, III Dockins, Mrs. Hmlin, 5!

Famous Am05 Chocolate Chip Company, 7, 33

Famous Amos Raisin-Filled Chocohue Chip Cookies, 7

Famous Chocolate Chip Cookie, The, 9

foglieua. Douglas P., 61 frisbie, Kathy, 55



colfee brandy, 24. 25 mint, 70, 71

mocha, 75

Gawleel Teeny Beppers Mlnt.choco-

late Chip Cookies. 70-'7l GbirardeUi Chocolate Company, 10 Giard, Karen E., 45


chocolate. IS:

topping. 72

Oliffe. Estelle K, 34 Oocd 'N OatS Nuggets, 80

Grape Nut Crunehtes, Choeo-, 49 Qussow, joan, 69

Hall" Joy M., 65 Hardison, Susan. 6'11 Harris, Chris, 80 Hazelnut Flakies, 38

Hershey Foods Corpcratioo, S, 74 Hone¥ Chips, 57

Hummel, Eleanor, 36

lee cream !;andwich. n Ingeml. Carol. 23

ltalian Chocolate Crup Cookies, 77 Jet1emJA, Thomas, 62

Jones. Mae, 41

Kay, Rosemary, 19

Kelman, Janet, 40

Kingsbury, Opal N .• 74'

Kiss€], Anile. 76

Krispy Delights, 6'7

laMotta, 'Richard. n

Lichte, Rosie, 31

Lolllis XlV. 59

Macadamia Cremes, 61 Mae's Cowboy Cookies, 41 Magnus, lois, 81

Malted Chip, 54 Marmalade Morsels, Cinnamon. 64 Mele-In-rhe-Mouth Squares, 60S Meringue Teasers, 28

Midgaroen, Karim, 58

Min't Chippers. Bavarian-, 21 Mint-Chocolate Chip Cookies,

Gawlee! Teeny Boppers, 7,0--71 Mint frosting, 70" 71

Mocha Chip Bars, 20

Mocha. Frosted Drops, 74-75 Mocha frosting, 75 Montezuma, 52

Molilton. Merna M,. 67


Napoleon., 78

National Chocolate Chip Cookie

Conrest, 15-16

Nestle Company, 3, 4, 5, 50

Noel Chocolate Chip Cookies, 79 Nut Dainties, Choco-, 23

Osrmeal Cookies, Chocolate Drop, 2Z

Oatmeal Ceunchtes, Plneapple-, 55 Oatmeal Dare Cookies, Chocolate Chip, 42-43

Oatmeal Peanut Burrer Wonders,


Oatmeal Yumrnles, 32

Oats Nugge ,Good 'N, 80 Orange Cream Chip • 36 Oranskv, Mrs. Pasquaha, 77 Ordonez, Bearriz G. de, 79 Original ToU Hou e Cookies, 6

PII(;e, Paula, 59

Peanut Butter Squares, 51

Peanut Burrer Wonde~, Oatmeal,


Peanut Cluster, 19

Pea nutty Chocolate Chips, 73 Pecan Chips, Coco-, 44

Pierrosky, Margaret Ann, 22 Pineapple-Oarmeal Cnmchles, 55 Pistachio Cookies, Chocolate Chip.


Pim, Chocolate Clllp, 58 Poole, Hugh. 70

Pumpkin Chips, Choco-, 48

Raisin-Filled Choeolare Chip Cook·

ies, Famous Amos, 7 Reese's Cookies, 8 Roberts, Mrs. Wayne, 60 Roberts, Ruth, 68

Saccone, David, 5

accone, D nald, 5

andwi h Cookies, Brandywine, 24-25

hober, Grace, 26 Seamster, Dorothy. 32 Smith, Mrs. Louis. 57 Smithson, jeaneree, 54


Spice Cookie", App!e-sauce, 30-31 SuUiwn, Pat, 20

Swaybill,. Marion, 53

Sweet and Whole-Wheat Cookies, 40 Sieruensl:eitl, Kim" 30

Takacs. Debbie, 62 Thompson, Jan,. 29

Toll House cocktes, 4-5

Toll House Cooktes. Original, 6 Toll House Mornel!!

chocolate chip cookies made from., llIumber of, .S

number produced. 50

Toll House resw.urant, 3-4, 5 Tcmtc, Gertmde Li.llan., Z4 Toppen, M[S. Donald, 42

Vanyo, Ell%abeth, 52 VoUmer1 CfPress, Zl

Wakefield. Kenneth, 3-4 Wakefield, Ruth, 3-4. :5

Wallace, Alice. 18

War6eld, Susan L, 48 Whole~Whear Cookies. Sweet and.


WUliams, Gloria B., 38

Yuletide Chocolate Chip Coo'ldes; 10-11

YOgJm MelLS, Chocolate, 6Z

Zycbinski, Carol Aan, 49'


, I




"I am looking at this new cookbook and I am salivating." -Sacramento UI'Lion Chocolate chip cookies are a true American delicacy: at the Toll House restaurant near Boston, Ruth Wakefield invented the ver)' first "toll house" cookies with chopped-up bits ofa Nestle's chocolate bar.

Originally inspired by a contest to fwd the best cookies in the nation, The 47 Best Chocolauo Chip Cookies in [he Wmtd spans the kitchens of America from Muskegon, Michigan, to Costa. Mesa, California-and includes delectable tidbits of cookie lore (did you know that Napoleon always carried chocolate inrc bartle with him for quide energy?). The only thing better than 'this book is a box of chocolate chip cookies!


lPJtRY AND HONEY Z!sMAN live in East Windsor, New Jersev.

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