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Published by: Thuo Herbert on Mar 15, 2011
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Public Relations Plan Overview

The [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] staff will develop and implement a comprehensive public relations plan and timeline that fits the budget, targets the desired markets and promotes the [YOUR ORGANIZATION PRODUCT OR SERVICE]. The objectives of our promotional efforts will be to:
y y y y y

Increase awareness of available services Increase donations Position [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] as a positive, vital force in the community Establish viable working partnerships with business and industry [or other group(s)] Increase positive recognition, enthusiasm and support for [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] as a leader in delivery of quality [list services].

This strong, working public relations plan will include:
y y y y

Identifying and targeting existing markets Identifying and targeting partnership opportunities for business and industry [or other groups] Identifying reasonable timelines to achieve the desired goals Developing appropriate tools to effectively communicate the desired message or messages to [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] target markets as follows:

Internal Markets
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] clients Board members Staff Advisors/committees Vendors Alumni Volunteers Additional internal audiences identified by your organization

External Markets, Current and Potential
1. General population markets including the following current and potential markets in [city/state/region]: o Families and individuals seeking assistance from your organization o Women o Men o Elderly o Adolescents o Children o Donors

Publicize awards through appropriate media including "hometown" news items. Political markets including legislators. news pictures. (click here for event checklist) Special Event . homes in the immediate geographic location 6. heighten public awareness and enlist active moral and financial support for [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] as a [list type of resource] for the [give community name]. volunteer and staff winners. Establish committee. email and web features. Tactics: Staff Recognition Recognize and reinforce staff recognition of the important role each member plays in the public image of [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] y y y y y y y y Invite staff participation in public relations activities Provide a paging system to provide immediate assistance Promote staff via news releases. Business and economic community including o Employers o Referral agencies and social support organizations 3. Promote image of [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] by publicizing success stories of volunteers and staff through monthly awards in publications/ press/email Develop and present award certificates and prizes to client. fairs. Strategy: Utilize proven communications tools to effectively reach the target audiences. Prepare budget. Write and supervise production of appropriate materials. Publicize event. Design interactive activities/entertainment for guests. radio/television appearances and interview opportunities as appropriate Assist staff in obtaining speaking opportunities Assist staff in preparing for appearances at expos. Neighbors . Open House Enhance visibility and image through annual public open house. Community service leaders and organizations 4. parades. trade shows.2. mayor and civic officials 5. etc. Coordinate invitations and events.businesses. News media Page 2 Goal: Increase enrollment.

Legislative Update Research. design. internal audiences and media. write and produce brochures giving information on specific programs available through your organization. staff. staff and board members. current and prospective donors. produce and distribute by in house mail. economic and social welfare of the community and include features on organizational success stories. regular mail and/or email.Identify and coordinate participation opportunities for [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] in community and charitable events. Focus is on contribution of [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] to the educational. prospective contacts. local. Distribute brochures to target publics including business and industry. design. Publications Examples Newsletters Research. a quarterly newsletter to business and civic. advisory committees. . write. regional and state political leaders. Performance Measures Increased awareness and heightened support and enthusiasm for [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME]. design and supervise production of publications developed to reach each of the target audiences with the appropriate message as well as continue to develop and maintain [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] mail and email lists of contacts. write. board members.. write and distribute (mail or hand carry) Legislative Update describing your organization and its programs to lawmakers. articles which position your organization as a significant contributing force to the economy and as a partner with business and government in overall contribution to the community. business and industry leaders. Publications Research. lawmakers. community. friends. administration. programs and courses designed to help others. volunteers and clients` through mailed requests as well as through various public and private entities. Page 3 Descriptive Brochures Research.

to include obtaining contacts for follow-up and evaluation Develop materials and incentives to draw customers to trade show booths Make speeches as required Write speeches as required Parades Increase and maintain visibility with general public by appearance in community parades. etc. help coordinate recruiting volunteers to appear. career fairs. update and maintain trade show display booth Identify appropriate trade show opportunities at school/business/educational/community trade shows/expos on year-round basis Schedule and arrange for booth setup at trade shows. hand-outs. Develop materials and incentives to draw customers to trade show booth Recruit staff volunteers to assist with display staffing Train staff on booth set up. design. chambers of commerce. email and through advisory committees. write description for announcer. etc. Work with staff members on development and delivery of appropriate printed materials packages as needed for direct mail and/or personal contact. boards of Realtors. . In order to take advantage of these opportunities we will: y y y y y y y y y Research. Tours and Display Opportunities In order to establish and maintain a high visibility image in the community. design and produce appropriate promotional materials as needed. etc. write. letters. Promotional Materials Research. Distribute via mail. publicize participation. organize. Supervise making application. including invitations. Appearances.Fliers Design and produce fliers as needed for programs. it is important to identify opportunities for personal visits and appearances to [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] projected by the target publics. Video and Website Materials In the ongoing effort to more effectively reach the audience targets with information about [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME]. temporary agencies. schools. explore opportunities for Internet access. obtaining insurance forms. including development of a [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] website and publicize website access information/address.

Strategy: Recognize the importance of the public relations role of each staff member in promoting the [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME]. Tactics: Assist staff as follows: y y y y y y y Provide information sources to staff Hold seminar on marketing for staff Invite staff participation in public relations activities Obtain free publicity on staff accomplishments via news releases. etc. fairs. Hold regular promotional brainstorming sessions with staff Encourage staff to engage in community service activities Performance Measures: . enlist active support for [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] as a valuable community resource. news pictures. radio/television appearances and interview opportunities Assist staff in appearances at expos. trade shows.Additional promotional ideas (click here for 101 Promotional Ideas) y y y y y y y y y Award/recognition banquets Award/recognition/networking breakfasts Award/recognition/networking luncheons/business after hours Make buttons promoting events Provide certificates of recognition Join chambers of commerce Join service clubs Obtain a proclamation from the mayor/governor promoting your special day/month Write a newspaper column about your services Page 4 Assisting Staff in Promoting Goodwill for the Organization Goal: Increase visibility. parades.

Establish and maintain updated working file of decision makers in the business community. appearances and speaking opportunities generated by network participation through the news media. Generating Strong Business Community Ties Provide appropriate tools for identifying and targeting business and industry partners. Community business organizations 3. raising awareness. Asian Chamber. Personal business contacts 4. Women's Chamber. increasing volunteer base and positioning organization as a leader [list products/services]. Indian Chamber 2. Provide appropriate exposure of partnerships. Strategy: . Strengthening and Devloping Political Relationships Goal: Increase funding and support of [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME]. Hispanic Chamber. Performance Measures: Strengthen current and develop new business relationships. Develop and deliver appropriate sales tools and promotions packages as needed for direct mail and/or personal contact with audiences above.Increased enrollment and heightened support and enthusiasm for [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] . bringing new revenue potential. Work with chambers of commerce to provide businesses with information organization services. Chambers of commerce including the Business Chambers. Black Chamber. Network with: 1. Civic organizations Suggest ways for members of staff to personally network with business.

Tactics: Continue to develop materials to inform boards. Performance Measures: Increased funds translating to continuation of programs. Designate and work with staff political liaison/lobbyist to communicate needs to boards. heighten public awareness and support of [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] as a valuable educational and training resource. referral agencies and political entities. its role and contribution to the community with business and industry.Work to increase awareness of [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME]. lawmakers and other political entities of [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] products/services. Strategy: . News Media Relations Goal: Increase enrollment. Keep lawmakers informed about [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] and its successful track record. Build and maintain alumni/donor lists. better equipment and service to the community and business. lawmakers and others with periodic visits to ensure continued funding. coordinate and attend annual coffee for lawmakers at the capitol. visit with clients and inform them of [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] products/services. lawmakers and others on [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] activities. Prepare quarterly impact materials to update boards. school board and other political relationships by inviting key representative to tour physical plant. Schedule. Work with political liaison/lobbyist to cultivate legislative. Work with staff to identify specific organizational needs and encourage business to make equipment and/or financial donations to [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME]. producing and distributing invitations and newsletter for legislators.

magazines. . working with newspapers. TV.Name a staff member to act as mass media contact for [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME]. radio. cable outlets on a year-round basis to develop good press relations as follows: Tactics: Radio y y y y y y y Write and supervise distribution of press kits and news releases Book interviews and appearances Feed stories and ideas for live coverage Do taped interviews Line up taped interviews Develop ideas and book guests for live broadcasts Provide materials for station website Television y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y Write and supervise distribution of news kits and news releases Book appearances Work with special projects editors on ideas for special features Feed stories and ideas for live coverage Provide materials for station website Provide information for taped coverage Provide information and incentive ideas for live coverage and coordinate with crews Work with special projects editors on ideas for documentaries Provide copy and information for Cable TV and public access channels Write and supervise distribution of press kits and news releases Feed ideas to business editors Feed ideas to entertainment editors Contact picture desks on photo opportunities Feed stories and ideas for live coverage Provide materials for publication website Performance Measures: Increased awareness and exposure resulting in increased support and enrollment. Advertising Goal: Increase enrollment and awareness of [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] among target publics.

research opportunities and place ads in media which fit the target markets as required for [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME]. supervise production of video advertisements Create and produce print advertisements Script and distribute broadcast PSAs as required Budget and place telephone directory advertising Buy and design billboards/busboards Performance Measures: Increased exposure to target audiences resulting in increased awareness and assistance. Internet and print advertisements Script. Tactics: y y y y y y Budget and place buys for TV. .Strategy: Develop appropriate advertising budgets and materials. radio. film.

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