Colegio Santo Domingo Padres Dominicos Departamento de Inglés

Eighth Grade

Placement Test Exercises “Will vs Going to”
Name: ______________________________________________________ Grade: 8th Grade A B C
BE GOING TO - To talk about future Plans

WILL / WON’T - To talk about predictions - When we decide to do something at the time of speaking 1. By the year 2022, the population will be 10,000 million 2. A: Let’s have a party B: Great! We’ll invite a lot of people.

1. I’m going to the mall tomorrow. 2. I’m going to study in London next year.

I. Complete the sentences using will (‘ll) or (be) going to. 1. A: Why are you turning on the television? B: I’m going to watch the news. (I / watch) 2. A: Ok, I’ve just realised. I haven’t got any money. B: Well, don’t worry. ________________________ you some. (I/ lend) 3. A: I’ve got a headache. B: Wait a second and ________________________ an aspirin for you. (I / get) 4. A: I’ve decided to repaint this room. B: Oh, have you? What colour ________________________ it? (you / paint) 5. Be quick, or you ________________________ your train. (you/ miss) 6. I think people ________________________ English everywhere in 2050. ( speak) 7. A: Are you going shopping? B: Yes, ________________________ something for dinner. (I /buy)

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