Kutztown’s Arts Bash

Beginning May 6, 2011, Kutztown, Pennsylvania, will celebrate Arts Festival, with Plein Air contests, musical events, and other arts related activities. The grand finale will occur on Saturday, May 14, 2011, from 10 a.m. to 5 P.M. when the Kutztown Community Partnership holds its Arts Bash, a one-day festival of visual and performing arts, representing fine art, arts organizations, crafts, music, theater, dance, food (new in 2011!), children’s activities, and strolling entertainers. We would like to invite you to participate in what is sure to be a dynamic and festive event.
We are accepting applications from artists and fine crafters who offer original handmade works only, not resale items. There is no application fee. Arts Bash is an indoor/outdoor, rain or shine event. Space rental for a 10 by 10 foot area is $35 per artisan with an additional $5 fee for electricity, if desired. We are interested in artists who are willing to demonstrate their craft to the public throughout the day, and will offer a $10 discount to demonstrators. Please note: indoor space is limited and will be awarded on a first come first serve basis according to the postmarked date. Please consider exhibiting alongside professional artisans and craftspeople at the majestic Kutztown Area Historical Society’s 1892 Building. For more information on attending the event, participating as an artist or craftsperson, to print an application, or to volunteer, please visit www.kutztownpa.org and click on the “Art” tab. We look forward to your participation in this year’s Arts Bash! Very truly yours,

Martha Blackwood Arts Bash Event Co-Leader 610-683-9665 martha.k.blackwood@gmail.com

Joanne Lapic Arts Bash Event Co-Leader 610-683-0744 joannelapic@hometownu.com

Kutztown’s Arts Bash
Crafters Intent to Participate in Arts Bash Event
Sat May 14, 2011 - 10 a.m. – 6 P.M. – Kutztown Area Historical Society, Whiteoak and Normal Ave, Kutztown, PA

Entry Information
Crafter’s name _________________________________________________________________________________________ Mailing address _____________________________________ City _____________________ State Zip __________________ Phone ____________________ Cell phone ______________________ Email_______________________________________ Website URL___________________________________________________________________________________________ Description of items you are selling _________________________________________________________________________ Category: ______ fiber arts ______ jewelry/accessories ______other – please describe____________ ______ home décor ______ paintings/drawings/prints _____________________________________ ______ dolls/toys ______ pottery _____________________________________

Number of Space Rental(s): ______ $35 each Number of Space Rental(s): ______ $25 each IF DEMONSTRATING CRAFT Electric Access Needed: _______ $5 (Please bring your own extension cords) Indoor/Outdoor Preference: _____________ (Please specify. We will honor requests on a first come/first served basis) Special requests________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Space rental is for use of property in parcels of approximately 10' x 10' for the above date and times. Each parcel will be marked and mowed and registrants will not exceed the space given for each registered space. One crafter per space. Participants may put a canopy/shelter that must not encroach on spaces on either side of their rented space. Please bring with you all tables, table covers, and chairs you may need. Set-up for Arts Bash will begin at 8 a.m. All set-up must be completed by the start of the show at 10 a.m. Arts Bash will not be cancelled for weather conditions, please be prepared for any type of weather - refunds will not be made due to weather. This is a family event. Alcohol and drugs are prohibited. Kutztown Community Partnership and the Kutztown Area Historical Society are not responsible for damage or theft to registrants’ personal property, which includes vehicles, trailers, tables, canopies/tents, for sale items, food, purses, or any personal property that is brought onto the above property during the Arts Bash on the date listed above. Kutztown Community Partnership and the Kutztown Area Historical Society are not responsible for any injuries to registrants that may occur on the premises while setting up, attending/selling or tearing down the craft day. Electric will be provided, if requested. Arts Bash is a craft sale-we require that items sold must be uniquely made by the crafter, no resale of premade items. We will limit the amount of repeat type items (i.e. jewelry, rugs, glassware, crocheted/knitted items, etc.) so that we represent a wide variety of crafting items for sale. No home party sales, dealers, imports, or manufactured items will be accepted at this craft venue. Please register early to ensure your items are involved in this craft fair. Preparing for departure before 6 P.M. is strictly prohibited. Please complete this application, include a WEBSITE LINK OR PHOTOS OF YOUR WORK, and mail along with your check to: Kutztown Community Partnership 324 West Main Street, Kutztown, PA 19530 Photos cannot be returned.

Registration deadline is April 22, 2011.
Kutztown Community Partnership is a community-driven, non-profit organization dedicated to the economic revitalization and preservation of downtown Kutztown.

Entry Agreement (required for participation)
By entering Arts Bash, I affirm that I have read the entire Crafters Intent to Participate and by signing this entry form I agree to be bound by all terms, guidelines, and restrictions outlined in it. The registrant/participant’s signature makes this a legal and binding contract for Arts Bash 2011 craft fair event.

Signature _________________________________________________________ Date ________________________________

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