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64 CM Solar Powered Satellites Case Neg

64 CM Solar Powered Satellites Case Neg

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Published by: Christian Jones on Mar 15, 2011
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Military readiness is the lowest in history now – their impacts should already
have happened

Roxana Tiron, staff writer for The Hill (Capitol Hill newspaper), 11-25-07, “Members warn of ‘national crisis’ in military
readiness,” http://thehill.com/leading-the-news/members-warn-of-national-crisis-in-military-readiness-2007-11-25.html [Tandet]

Although Democrats in Congress have not been able to force an Iraq withdrawal, two House Armed Services Committee
leaders are sounding the alarm that readiness shortfalls could prevent the U.S. military from responding to new threats at
home and abroad.

Reps. Solomon Ortiz (D-Texas), the chairman of the Armed Services Readiness subcommittee, and Neil Abercrombie (D-
Hawaii), chairman of the Air and Land Forces subcommittee, this week introduced a resolution detailing the challenges facing
the military and the resulting impact on national security.

The two veteran lawmakers are working on getting co-sponsors for the bill, and the Armed Services panel could have a hearing
on the issue at the beginning of next year.

“While the Congress has been unable to agree on policy related to Iraq in veto-proof numbers, we should all be able to agree on
one thing: the U.S. military constitutes our first and last line of protection – and they are in a world of hurt,” Ortiz said
in a joint statement accompanying the resolution.

Our military’s ground forces are broken by the ongoing operations, particularly in Iraq, and we are watching the making
of a full blown national security crisis
,” Ortiz added.


Solar-Powered Satellites Neg
DDI 2008 – Clark/Martin Lab

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