21 C 1 mm 5 mm 1mm 10 mm 3 No OK OK 3.5 mm 10 mm STD 5 6.5 Kg 1 mm 5 mm 1mm OK 3 No OK OK OK OK 42 cN


5 6.5

Motor Name AUTOCONE 21-c Suction fan motor M1 Blower motor M4 Conveyor motor M62 Package motor M8 Dust fan motor-1 M41 Dust fan motor-2 M42 Dust fan motor-3 M43 Dust fan motor-4 M44 Dust fan motor-5 M45 Motor Name Autocone 338 suction fan motor blower motor bobbin conveyor motor dust fan motor-1 dust fan motor-2 dust fan motor-3 dust fan motor-4 dust fan motor-5

4 0.25 0.4 TOTAL KW 1.4 0.4 0.4 K.4 0.5 0.2 0.4 0.5 0.4 0.4 0.2 0.5 1.2 0.75 0.K.4 .4 0.4 0.W Rated AMP QTY TOTAL KW 11 1.4 0.2 0.4 0.5 0.4 0.2 0.4 0.2 0.2 0.5 3 1.4 0.2 0.2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 15 1.5 0.2 0.4 0.2 0.5 0.2 1 1 1 1 1 Rated AMP QTY 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1.4 0.2 1.W 20.4 7.

Entry of the value in cN at which the yarn tension is to be regulated. This entry depends on the type of yarn guide drum installed. The range of value depends on the type of yarn guide drum being used.326mm> or <1.YARN TENSION MODE There are two options that can be selected i) CONTROL ii) REGULATED I) CONTROL = entry of a definite tension value (tension code) for the complete unwinding of the bobbin ii) REGULATE = Yarn tension is regulated at the value entered under yarn tension (in cN) YARN TENSION CODE : Entry when "yarn tension mode" is set at COMNTROL.. or after each package doffing cycle.DRUM DRIVE 1 -SPEED Linear yarn velocity while winding..00 this causes emergency stop at 326MM or 12. 710846 yds> NOTE: LENGTH CORRECTION AND CALCULATION OF ITS FACTOR SAME AS FOR DIAMETER 4 . Be absolutely sure to take into consideration the value already entered when calculating the correction factor: Diameter correction factor = old correction factor * (nominal diameter/actual diameter(practical value) <. < 0….00) 3 Nominal yarn length When winding for uniform diameter of all packages the Informator automatically sets the nominal length to "0" = ind The degree of precison of the yarn-length measuring feature is fine-tuned via length correction. <5000….100> YARN TENSION : Entry only with "yarn tension mode" set at REGULATE.83 inches) 2 diameter correction the diameter correction factor represents a tuning factor intended to increase the degree of diameter precision. The entry alters the tension disc pressure and thus the yarn tension (Higer value = higher tension).57…. At power restoration after power failure. <250…2000 mpm (meter per minute)> 2-REVERSE DRUM DRIVE Entry for optimization of "Upper end pick-up" <SLOW-MEDIUM-FAST> DELIVERY PACKAGE 1NOMINAL DIAMETER When winding dor uniform yarn length per package the informator automatically sets the nominal-diameter to "0.650000M> or <5468 …. taking the ribbon breaker feature into consideration.12.8000…1. it takes approx 40 Seconds until a diameter value is re-calculated <40mm….. 100 (cN) > .8 Inches(max diameter capaqcity of 338) The degree of precisoin of the diameter control feature is fine tuned via diameter correction.2000> nominal 1. < 1….

100> . ection. The range of values tension). < 0….00" ox 40 Seconds of diameter precision.nominal-diameter to "0. he correction factor: nominal length to "0" = indefinite.

803 7.99 4852054.08 2.99 4852054.79 Wastages (extra being incurred due to YF ) Hard waste/ 100km/machine Hard waste /64 km/cone 9675 yds 0.733 nil 1.35 Over all average results extra cutting on whole machine time taken in each cut total time taken hrs for splice efficiency loss 24 hrs length can be wound @ 100 % eff (km) extra length that can be wound due to eff save / spindle same 8 sec 2.01 lbs Time losses time loss per day due to schlafhorst 338 production loss due to extra timing total production loss Cost(@Rs.5 sec 1.Calculations based on average values of YF schlafhorst 338 Muratec 21-C 75 60 4500 8 sec 2.416 -1.15 yds 9 ltr 68.219 9.14 Difference nil 2 sec -0.08 schlafhorst 338 Muratec 21-C same 6 sec 1.511 78 72.58 lbs 103.2 0.22 75 60 4500 6. 9000/bag) .15 yds 9 ltr 68.80 Descriptions Average yarn faults per 100 km/spindle spindles per machine cutting on whole machine time taken in each cut total time taken per nine macines for every cut there is a splice yarn consumed per splice compressed air per splice total yarn consumed on extra cutting lbs total air consumed on extra cuts 2.244 78 70.

56 149032.5km/macine extra air consumed /63. of cones hard waste on total prod.production of 9 machines/day total no.9000/bag) Rs compressed Air consumption extra air consumed/100km/macine extra air consumed /63.59 418800 ltr/hour Rs./month cost (bag@ Rs. Unit(BTU) Cost of 1KWH Cost of extra units consumed 468 bags 11232 69 16./day hard waste on total prod. 4/unit .5km/spindle total air consumed on 9 machines capacity of 45KW comp air compresser compressor working Extra consumption of elec.

51 % @ 100 % efficiency per nine machines due to schlafhorst 338 ue to extra timing 1.12 total time taken in splice 3504261. tension.96 sec 2.8 hr efficiency lost 7.23 min total faults per day 539117. additional and system faults are not in in calculation plus Yarn joints on cop change are also not considered in calculation if all machines are schlafhorst 338 total frames ring 20 spindle per frame 960 total spindle 19200 nominal Ne 20 OPS 13 total bags/day 468 length per cone meters 63997.32 total length wound per day 718822. other machine faults i.73 . these YF values related to per 100 Km.83 km average winding speed 1300 m/min doff time one cone 49.76 cuts per cone 47998.12 total time taken in splice 4312936.83 km average winding speed 1300 m/min doff time one cone 49.32 total length wound per day 718822.23 min total faults per day 539117.76 cuts per cone 47998.Lets suppose both machines are running 20s co cmh pk ctn and avg YF are same on both machines.24 % @ 100 % efficiency per nine machines if all machines are muratec 21 c total frames ring 20 spindle per frame 960 total spindle 19200 nominal Ne 20 OPS 13 total bags/day 468 length per cone meters 63997.22 hr efficiency lost 9.e. suppose the total production capacity of mill is : average number of spindles on one machine = 60 spindles (auto cone) suppose total of 9 auto cone machines are required to fulfill the below target production the faults given are only classimat faults .28 sec 1.


both machines. nd system faults are not included .

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