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: Standard Operational Procedure ( S O P ) : All Assistant Sous Chef Izzi Surabaya

1 Check e-mail and kitchen log book daily 2 Check all opening preparations, food quality, standard recipe, taste, limits and 86 items daily 3 Check all cleanliness at dishwashing station, freezer and chiller and expo station before and after operational daily 4 Check all equipment and utensil ( all ready to use, any trouble or need for replaced and repaired ) daily 5 Check all kitchen staff grooming begin from head until safety shoes daily 6 Check all form order twice ( for lunch and dinner ) before supplied to store man daily 7 Check all food flow ( fast or slow ), restaurant revenue from product mix ( Aloha manager ) daily 8 Scheduling all kitchen staff ( on Friday for 1 week future ) 9 Maintaint all kitchen operational, staff grap test and food standard gramation to avoid high cost daily 10 Check calculation of dough, dough ball and cakes balanched sheet daily 11 Controlling store requisition / purchase order to supplier 12 Check all utensil and equipment, cleanliness all kitchen round after closing 13 Check ending stock all item weekly 14 Send all inventory and kitchen staffing up date report to sous chef ( Monday evening latest ) 15 Report about staff growth, staff problem weekly

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