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Starcraft Owner's Manual

Starcraft Owner's Manual

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Published by Diane Farley Cook

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Published by: Diane Farley Cook on Mar 15, 2011
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" ~



F I dl c- • ".....,....' I'

, 0 '. mg "ampln,g'I,la,I.~ers

To our 'tt$tomers~ loryar:tr safety am;i that of Or/1ers" if is I1€Ces'st'lry tha: you read am1 11l1ric'rstand this entir« ltuJ.lmalp.rior to' yo.ur{irstcnltlp.rng excursto«:

.Aslheowner of this Starcraft brandprGduet: !Iou are ,ellg,lble foractliue Ilnembercshiip in the Star'Craft Cam:per Club

Fur dletai Is 'Wr;te~

Di~ecto,", ·Starnraft Caimpelll' Chjlb iii P.O. Bo.x 176 ·Osceoilla, IN 4656'1-0176

The Starcraft Camper Club consists 01 the Starcraf't BV owners from coast to coast who enjoy orgl.anized recreational vehicle activity. Asa member, you can attend several of the campinq events organized each year by your state chapter and lnternatlonal offilce.Each Jully, you can spend a week at the Starcraft Internationall Camper ClllUb RaUy -- an event thatattracts hundreds of Starcraft famllies from, alii over North Ame,rictt. Ilf that's not enough to convince you" here are more reasons why you should [oln:

• Fri,endsh ip Ra lIi,es

• Region.al RalHes

., Y;early Iinternatio:nal Ralilly

.. New Melmbe,rshiip Ki't a Membership Pla,que • Chatter Newspapeir

.. Discounts en Atl.as~ C,ampg'roundl Guides and Magazines • Club Campiing with other Starcraft Melmtbers


D('.H Sl.;]r{;'r.;af~: C~m::;L1m~'I'::

CL"II'~gt'.1Ill~mlons 01'1 your purchase l1t .i S!al'l'r.,.r! FW, on behalf at SI~l~'l'I\;lfr IIV. ~IH.'" W(" ~h(' Sr..lJ"('J'~~n ern P~~lIY(,,'~~S.lln!l,'r Y('.JL,I UlH' \ .... 1" rrnestwe k:IJI1'1t.' r

\Nf: g~'(',~ ny V'll~k' !'h", ('(Iiilrid~'i'l(\' Y!"'HJpl~lC~'tl: in Sl'~l i'(i"~l H by Y"~il.i r recent pt.! rch .lSii ilgd";('i 5. i (Ill , \\\' ~HI,,~ equally cgnfidenl VOU \·vI,11 have manvvears of nleasanr ~{V exnerlences in your new Starcraft because off

~I ~ III 1 .r ,f r ,I'

our contlnumg dcdlcatton of providing you with the most complete brand of C0I15U!l1Cr sansfacnon in [he

~(V I'nduslry todav: .S.TAI:'CI~AFL

ILl help ,1SSlH(~ vour conttnuod satisfactiun and (l.'njO)lJmmt of your Srarcralt Wl' request ycm 1~1Ik('

the U~n~' righ l n~,:JVV 1~'1 :::lmly ·,;m d und~rsL;md all Q~ lh~> i !Tr~ll"ITl.l ~~~}n ';)nd p~ mph k'll~ ~"'l~ pp] i~'(,,! with y\H~I'

St.'.! rcraft. The O\i\JIlC'T'S 1·'v:l'lnu.a~ i~ <:! n i nva] uablc r('S(}~1 rcc con hl~ning ~m"c'n.~ nt recommend .. llii(l!1S on plroper u ~agE', matnrertanceand servtc i ng of your Sta rcratt, A~ew m i mires SpL?'rH learnmg the tuner ions IJf the systems on YC)lLI r Starcra rt piLUS the in stalla tlon and upera tlcn of oJ ny appl i~l nc(:'s SUIJplk(jI with your Sl'c'll"ll'ilf:t can reduct:' ot' di111In.'Hl' future problems, ~:.,HlH'~ to properly matnratn vour RV wi~II'('sulll iin denial (If wmT~1:nly.

It tsvc r y lm portant 1\,1 V"llicltll(.' ~] II o.'l,,"·r..~i.llnpJ nyl ng ~~\rvk'(,,' \.'\!\~ rl~HHi~'s, Pk' .. ~:S!;' to' kc .1 m i tUUIC' now to complete the regiS!r~lliolll cardsand rnar! the cards to the respective manufacturers; I.Otlay.

If you should require scrvtcc, an authorized S~ar(r.]h RV DCJlc'T can properly service your Srarcraft, as well ~IS .~.I'1S\.'Ver other qucsrlons you m.~~y have.

Thank you fm- pur('has,~ng.l Stare-raft Vi,lc hope YOlI arc- andwill continue fa be - sattsfled with yt.1ur RV and will red frl~I.' loiJ recommend ,,1 Sl<lH':Tarll to uther members uf yum family, YI.HJU' rl'h.'n{.hi and I'H.?i~~I"II"Dlii"S ~1:-:; well,

Mosl Cl~rd~Jllv.

Si,.:il'('r .. rt FJlnil~i of [m.r)lujy\'~'~

Table of Contents

S1'~,I~;:i~ ,\ I' ~ I"~ ~1,1111t-;'~~ C il.MI ,~~~ i l !~"d !,I:!~ \'V /'i,W.,I~,I\N'I'" •• , •• ", •• , ••• , •• ", •• , ••• J

SI'I:GAIl. S,\ITIT Pll0(UHJIU':!;"" •••• " " •.• , .. , •. , " .. , , ••• (]

l:-':ThtoLlu..:no:>.' ..•• " .•. ' ' .. , ' •• , .. ", .. ",.", " ...•.. , •.• , ,7

De.lk'II":; IH\":lp~1n5ibiliqr " , , " .. , , , "j

owocr 's r~CS p>i..1 n s i hi Itt y ., "" , " " " ' " 7

tnsurancc C\~W'l'i"lg~ '"' .. , , ,'"'",, ""',"" , """'.,," , .. ,. '" j'

D(';!h.'r R~'vj~',,,\.',,, .. ,,,, , ,., , "" .. , .. , , .. , ,." , ,." , •• , , ']

Pm,-PU\N.\!rr,n. I' PRI:-D:I:.L'!\,I::~~Y .. " .. " " .. " , •• ", •• , , .•• , .. " S.

Ilill."l'i Hl(,'quil'l'itl~I'C!l , ,." , ' .. , , ", , ' .. , "" S

Wil\, I·[.uncss/:r.i,~rail lnstallation , , " .. S

Bn:ak,-·t\:w':1Y Switch. , ," ",. ,." .... , ,." " .. " .. " " .. " , .. " 1l

[I~lily \Vh~'j .... r ~.l~I'( "", ," , " ''"' ,,' , "" , .. ",.,' .. ,' , "" ""'" ". i':l

coupler ,.,", ; .. ,. , , " .. , ' .. "''''''''' " , , .. , ''', , s

s.li dy (, h <1 in I nstella t:1 on , " , ,. , " , , ~'

"'ll~'iy -ch,lil'l U~;'lI£:II., '" "" , .. , ", .. " , , "" ".,." "'" ",.,,' ",'",' ", .• \I'

MfU'lr~'r$ , " , ,,'" "., ,,' """ , .. " '9

IJ'I'(lp.'1nL! St'r-Llp , .. "" , ,,' , ,''''''', ""'''' " .. '" , , ""." , .. iJ'

Pr~F-TI!l~,vn CIIII'(1{ ""."." "." ". ,."' "', ,"" ', .•• , •• " , •• " , , 10

'I'llII!' PI~i'jr;i~R l'ICN , , ,'H , ' ' , 10

S.ulltl'f.I.' Vil~llCI" ,\ly;-H~~IiI " .. " .. ""."." , .. , .. " "' """" .. ".".I,(')

[:r..1I11(, (-, RlIl1In;iIl~~ {i>l;'';u "'''' ,' ,.", •• , ,""", ,,' ;", .. "." .. , ,.1 0

Spaf(~ Bulbs " " " " ', , " .. ,,' "", .. , 1,0

"'ILI~~'[IILI'"!~1!!~.".~.I~.nl~n'~"n'l~I.,'I.,' .. ==.i"'=: .. =iIi'i:i liEI'i~~I'!~'! I~I !,'II I.' I'IRI I.'I"'~I~., , ... ~ I:

rJlf'ivjn~ , ... ""' ... , .. ,,, .. "., .. , .... ,,,. , ,.",', , .. , ... , .•. " .. , ,,' ..• ,," ... , II

t~r,]ki ng Ilt r':mer~~enlCy SIOp~ , " "" ". "." " , .. " II

l~l,'!'i.1W,'I"f c.:jmr~·I' '''".,,' ".,,", , "" ", ,""'" " .. ,,' , .. ,'" "" .. , ", '" II

S\'v,]yiIlP •. _ , , , ,., ," , •• " .. ,'''' '''''''''''' , .. ,'" , .. , .. " .. , .. _ II

~;I'.:ldL'~; " , ,., ,,, ,""", '" "" .. , , "." II

R;jI;I\ii1;r~ II I'" 1'I i 1.1 -; j. II~·II'II" !I~I II.,.~LII.~II.,I.~ ••• , I~I I,g, 1,11".' '.,1., I ~

Tlrc Changc.. _ _ , , II

r i rt· ~ , " " . '. " , , " , " , ""' , , ." "" .. " ,,, , , .• " ' , ,~

\Vh'~';;"1 i.Li~.~ Nu ts. ""''',,' , , ,., , , .,'" " .. , , .. , .. ".... 2

1~l:'d(:'r.:lllll(orrnatloi1 Stic~('r , , ,." , ,., , .. , , .. " .. " .. , ,."., ..... ,...... .2

L~).HI Limits .l!id w¢i~hi Di:;,tl'n~!ll'ILm .. "., '" , .. , .. " .. "'" 2

Lll'J: or T."I~ILE I ••. " ,.;;, , , " , " , .. " 1

r\~t.'l C.J!rrylng Cap'Llciiy L. ,~, ""''';0 '''~I ,_.""_" __ . . __ ..•. ,. __ . .••..•.. .••. .•• :2

I ~ ~lJ;1 ~ \,;\h,",~ i~~ 11 ~ , .. ~. ~ I I . jo Ii' i I· ~! I I' •• ' I ~ I I •• I I ••• I. I I •• I , , •• I I OJ I I "" I I .. I I I .' I ••• , • .... ""'!

Axil' yVdgh[ (,'\\VI' .. , .. , , , , , , "....... 2

['ot.;11 vehtclc V\idglh~ (V\OVL."., , , 2

\,~\}\"i~h~ II i=:Hrnbl!~:i,~l'll ~ 1~,~lu'ailH [,},,!ifHli ai'i.li1~~~."~.,, •• ,., " •• ," I ,,,.,, I.. .,

I :lUch-h)- \V~~ight· ~~J~lc·io ~ _ _ _ , ,', ~. J

'I', .... II'! 1 I: Lll,\U CA!., U!l ,'I.Iij.~N" " .. ", .• , .. " •• "". " .. ,," , ".""., ,,",'''''''' ,.. ).

E:.: l'I'lllni'l SI'1-U~' (~IL'N ~1:,lnll"Lllrr Mi~l.ri'L'i) ., "., , •• , •. , t e , ,.", •• ,,' ".. 'i

EXII:!{!(Jf.:, Sl:.I U!' ($1 !lll:nIH mnFl!;) """" ""' •• , ".,',."."".. 6

IN Illmm SII I L11' ' ' ,' " .. "." ', ,.,,',., , ',., ,.,,,., "" .. " .. " ". (')

Sink Cabinets " , , , , .. " , , .. " .• ,. 6

'I',]Ok5 _ "." ,., '" """ , ,.. of;.

Bcd~ "''',." "",,,, , ,' ,.,' , " , .. , "" , ,,,,, .. ,, '" , .. , ,.,' ,., " •. ,., ". 'C)

C;1rry-(lut R.1[lgS ; , , .... , , , , ,., , .. , .. " ... , .. , ... ,... 6

D!'<~p':;, I~"!;li,!wr LLlofJ InstOJ.II.:lliLlI1 , , ,., .... ,," '" "" ..• , ,.. 7

At;1 I ":;'l111:\' hi"l II ,WII~r..~ M<111 Sr:T-lIl" "', ,,., , .. "., "." .... ".. 7

Step 011{~I".1ti()11 , , .. " .. " " " " , ,.......... 7

~r'~t"- .. Ulr'~~ the A\\,Ir'~!~vl' & ~,~r'i[I'l~J1 Ruulrtr"." , " H •• ~~ ••• _, ••• 7

!H.lllkl·:ml i ind'l."~j'\\""~l~' Irl'~L.l ""'1 ion lnsrructions , ,.,... 7

Sp-JIT Tire lrrstallaticn.; ""'" "" '" , .. , ,.,'.... ,S

U~lll1!.:'~ fl.lIllwr 1!i~~.lJII.,Hk11'" .. ",,,' "'''.'''"'' ,, .• '' , '''' t\

BUill; Li1;hII11l-1 . .:lI'IJ!I(;H1", ".,", "" " "." •. " "... .B

li,.:Hh~r~llrI'~l.,dH'l'l,i~,m "" ,,,,,,;, ... ,.,. ,,' ,." .. " '''' ". "" '''" "'" """" I. ')

\;V.nTI< SYS1TMS ''',. """.,,"' '"" ,." ', , " ,." 19

\1V<Ili.~'r l'iJb,." ".,.,,""', , , I·~

Sil'lk Dr.l,in ." " " ,,,.,.,, ,, ,.,, .. ,,.,,,, ,,"',, .. ,,",, , :1~)

Demand 11llmp" , , ,.".",20

\,\(:"1['1.'1' I :I,l'.,ll.cr ,.,' ,., .. ", "., , , .. , ,."',,.' .. ,., ,'",",', ""',"""'" , , ", , ... , 20

1 2: V~~II C"1~'~·I.'nC' Toil.;-!' " ". ,." , .. " .. " , .. , , "', ,,'" "'" 2(1

Shower "" , .. , , , , , ". "'" 2(1

$.H'litlilirllg the "\'.111'1.'1' SI(II"'tW 'i':l11 k " " "." " 11

[1r,ainill~ the W'lt{'U' svsrcrn and Hearer , " " "." .. , 20

\,'lfi!'ll,~ril.:ung the W.lln SYSf(,1ll , .. " .. , , ._,.,,, ,.21

EI:.I':L.,' .. t·!u!""~u S~':!'i ~~:.\,I, ""."'.R,' •• ".m."'.M"'."'''.",M., " •• i I~.i li.I'<I~i I~I'I".! I.! !"!"!". 21

110 Volt ,.v: , " .. " .. " , .. ,."", ,,',, i

('Ir~~ull' l!v('rlo.:ld _, " , ~ I

I V'QII' n -., "" " "." "',." "" ,,' , ". ", , , , ,,::t I

Ek{"tl':iL' Brak-t!s , , .• , ,., ".",", .. " .. " 22

~.! ili'H'AN !.: .~'~"~' rorM ., •• ", .• " •• ,,, •. ', •• ,',.,', •• '"'''''''' " •••• ',., ''', •• ' .••• ". ,'.", .••.• ' •••• 1:.2

Silfl~,!rt' I'F~lP~Hl>i,,' Buulc"",,;, .. ,,.,., .. , ,, ,, .. ,',, 2,')

Double Prupane BuLtI,(.'s ,." ,.,' , , " 2J

ALHl'l S~\\'II('h uver V,llv!"', "".,', ,"'" .• " .. , ',." ', ' 2·1

nillillg PrOpc11l.'b' Fk'llk'~ "''', ... , , ... , .... , , , ,.", .. " , .. , " .. ,' 2-l

PTOI,l.:l rl·~' Ihm.k~ l\il.:lll'lh:l:l",rK(~ ,,,, ,,"" ' •.. ", .. " , ~4

P'hl;ll,"iiln'l" UMt~ CI'l~'~'k .. ,'" ..... " ,'"'''', ,,''''' " .. '" ,""''' '"""'"., ~.'I

lil.~gllll.:l1:():r , " .. " '" . " , ." . " , .. " " , , ,_ ~.4

I-'I·e(!7.oC-Llp " .. , ,." , , .. ,:!4

1.~r'·r·I:' S'~ .. !io·I·,·p.,~ li~1 I~II"'&I , •• , ,."." •••• ~."., '.".~.II •••••• ~." •••••• '.II'd ~i i.II,,1 .2-!1

T ,U( 1'- OO\\'i:'<l (~\,(.lN SLlIJHl UT ,,'~OL1 us) , , , .. , , .. , .. ",., ,., 2.5

~rH,l'I'iur, ," .• """"'" '"" ", , .. , ,.," .. , , ,,,., , ' ,., ..!:,

I~)\~~rio!' I. I i 1-11-·111' , .•• ~ ,,,g, 'L'.' .... ,,,g, ,., , ... , '''~' , •• " •• , ,.,' , •• ' •• , I ".~i" 1.1 ,-I .15

T.~K[-IJOW;\: (~ULIt:Ollll' .\:I~)l'In.:;;) , , " "" ' " '5

'IH,~ rlor, , .. , "" '" "'" ,,, '." " .. , ,." .. , , ;." , .. ,,' '"'" 25

E.~!Qri()r "" , .. , .. , , ,." ,." , , ,., , .. , " " ""',",'" .. , 25

M,t"(UILIi.NHJ U:--, , ••• , •• ", ", •• " •• , ,."',, •• , •• ",.", ••• '" ,'."., ,2 <!

I\ppli,"m\'·~·s. i!'.' i\of.·('l·:!o~~l~I'I~·~·~ .. "" '" "'" , , ,' ,., ... , ,., ' •. ,,'" '" .~~;

Furnace ' .. , " .. , , , , '- , ,' "" .. " , ,_ 26

\V~ll,t'r H('~)I('r."" "',"' , , _ '- .. , " J l!

I~~'fjf~~~:r.'~o! "',' .. " " " "" ". "" "" '" "''' ".,." "" ". "" ,." ,,' , ;!(i

il.nrr CondiiiOrlcr " , , , ,., "" " , , ,." ~(l

FII:,I:, SArI::I~' " , , , .. , .. '" '"" "."." ""'" .. ' ''"" .. ' •. ~ j

r-irt: 1~;>.;linllLqr~h~r I.t,~l·., i.iilli:;O,." "" '" "" "., ,.," " , :l7

ElncrgC'nc), [:d'ls , " .. ,,' ., ,.:, _ 17

elllll! W! ~iili',1i Lbr '"., ""' "."'" '''''''.' ' ' ,'",,'," 2 i

S'H,m~Ji~U' " , .. " "" ".,." .. ,,', .•••. , ; .•. , , •.• , .. , , , ,," 2 7

(\~N U:I: 'ssr iOi'o.l , •.• , .. , •.• , •• , , •• ", , •• , , •• ,,,.,,,,., •. , .. ,. , , , •.. , ,,, 2 11

EIf~'{·IS, ~~f I.~l!'n -~L·I'I!l/C\"lUI \.I\ .. \:'.~1I1CI· D'l'I,'l'l'iim~'y """ •. "" .. , •. zs

ConlTollin,fl Coml,,:ns.:'UOI'l .. , , , , ,., 2.'5

\!\l'hRllM .. ,orV I{rl'.,\dR~, '''''''' "" '''" , ' .. " , , , .. 28

~1'.I!~q1.,I' &- SI HVlrl' 'ili .... i~'1 ..... ""', •. " •.• ""', .. """"."" ,,",, ,,.,,"" 2~j

S'!.iI.Nl",'tl!,[) (II.~I' " .. " ,"" ".,,"" '""' " ,." .. ,', ,,,,.,,, :10

RT 5:1 !~II'!o. " , ,." .. "' ",'," " , "' , ,, •• .11.

T"'1 F'\III~I' l'Ai;i' .\:-.Ji,l .1'1,:1.'\1 NTi':;""'\ 'Ii"j ." .. " •• , ", .. " "." .. "., .. ",.32

SFIlMI. NlIMnr:1I1 InENTII'I~:An(li\' F')I1M , ".33

OI'·!'iUto.! IA/':U\.:I !TS ••• , ".,,"" """,",',,, ' ",,,' ,, __ , "., , " •• J.l

12, Vnl,T S~HI':I\'ArI<'; " , " , , ""' .. , "" __ ". :~'!

('IIIA:;;~IS, SC IlL~ili,\lK ., •••.•. , , •• ", ••• r enrnerr ••• ",', J..5

C':iN'I'I:;""!"H!'~, l~N 11M:>' 'I. Dl!bll~ SI I'-III' .;""., •• ,,,., ,., , , , " .. """, ••• lfl

lb[i:-rn;:>.'Nli\~. SI:\'I\ F,\1I"-'~'1 S"'Il'ACj: ", " ••. ,,, ,,, _. 36


'warranty - Starcraft RV,lnc~


Star,craft R'V:" Ilf"c,. ~;'St~r'Craf'~",1 W,HlrTi!jInts each w,~w fold·down c'il!tmPing tfOJiU"l!" nh~ "ProdYc1:"llt mOlili'lu'O!!ctyre~ to be rree '~r'Om aEl'r>e:c:ts in m,EireriilJl and workmal1ship under normal non-cemmerclal U:',H;' and S~t'l.liCIl, 'lor tw,ati'.i'e (12) cQnsecu~ijve months '(tram th,e date ot fl~st ~etail p'Ulrchas,!l - with tlhifll axc!l!ption of the extended wan,anty on tile Intemallli'ter system, the roof, tliuE floor and tau'! tent on aU model,s - su,oject to tn.eterms {lIn" coi'll:litimlS listed Ibelow. Hils W.!Iff"uty is not tr,~m:sfl;!rrabile.

1. WARRANT'OR, Thi~ w~'rr.mty is gr,arliled lJY stareratt RV, lnc., P~O. SOli. 400, 'Topek,a" IN 46571"

2:. PAiRTIIES TO WHOMI WARRANTY liS EX.TENDED. Thi!s wluranty shall be ~xl:endled onlly to the orilginal owner of tile Product (Oth(!f tl1,an f'OI· r~sl!l(! 1!.I!ie. Of ~n the ordinary course 0" the buyer's, bU5Iin,e,ss,) provided that the product lis normailly uSQdfor personal, f';:1l!1l ily or Ih OU5'e hold pUl1poses" This w,Hfanty PS not trans:f,err<lble to any other party. For Stare rnfl PmduGts usod COInmemiallly .. this warr.mty IS, valid for thilrty (3(l~ days after the date of original purchase from an authortzed Star.cralft dealler. SUlch 30·day warr~i"IIty~15a OJpplies 1:0, lOut: 15 not limit-edl Nl, lutHis placed in :rentml Or OOi'ilOnstll'lIt(l'1i" sQJr'Vice by d@'i.li~r (H' other p'OIrties,;

a. OWN E R O'BUGArION$.nn~ oWl1er~s r'espO'rlS~ ble-t(l fnlspe'ct the Product prio!l" to ,sig lIi:l1!) ~if'Hil' ;'I'i!'i5r,tle"tion and ,A~ GllJiptflll'lI::e Declarati.on" s'e.cti'on of the "OWlliEllr Protection Warranty Regois'l!ratJol'll",. Floor cO'verlln.g is warralli1i1:ed against gOl!Jg~$. cuts and tears 0 rilly iii In'oted prio,!' 1'0 I"Qta~i I d{lli\lory. AI'~Y nontunclio!l~d 011" c{"':lm~t~c f.l,roiblem!O must be reported prior to rah'lli I delivery to I::i~. covered by tlhiis wanalrity, The owner i5 re:5poIil5ibllefo:r no,rm3,11 mainionane,g as deSl\:ribed in the Owner's Manua,l and s@palr.atnlly warr .. nted cODIJpone,nts op(!,ration ma,nuals.

n'iJ(!~'owner j~s ite!1po!1sible for normal Inllint:eiulln,ce as ,desc!'ibad iil'll the OWl'iQJr'$ M~ulU.;!Ill; HQw!t'V€lI", minor adjYstmen'ts (such a,s adjuSilmenfs to the iinterior or extenor doors, propane, regula/lor, pressure cabinet latches, etc., wiU be performed by 'he dea,le'f dUfill1glil:e first 90 days 0' wam:mly coverage. Thereafter, such adjustmer1lls ,are the responsibility of' tlhe owner as normal maintenan e;1il' unless requi red a5 a dir!ll'[;t result of repa i r 'on- fI<=pla G:IEIIl11Q1I11t of a de'fecUve pari ~nlltler ththS warralil1lty.

4. DEALER OBUGATIONS. B,y ;:J,gree.rlflent wi'lh the manufacturer, the deeler ~5 obligated to rnaintajn the Product prior to rsta iii sa Ie'. lO perrorm a detali 11e<1 pre-del illery inspectiiCi'rll with theeustesner <lililid to repair or repla,ce ,any parIS necessary to COI-·' N)'cl defects in m.rte:rIElI OJ' wor:km,'ln~,hip prior flO d'elivery"

It is,thm de3,1'1l!r"srl!!!spon:sibility t,o ~submitth:e Owne,r ProtectiionWarr.anty Regi5,tr,a't~olll to :Stall'ClraH fOlr ttu,! custom,er and p,ro\/~de a cop~ (I,~ 'tihiis reg,istrartlon, to, tlhe cU5b"mef.


<I. ILIFTER SY5TfiMI;: The litterlOy:stem on tlhe prcdi.lC't is wamn1ited by St.fiIFCfaH to tI1lC Qri9il~al retaill owner for ~ limited product I!ifetime o,f his or her ownershipto be tree fromfunetional defects il1l l1laterial and workm,cllri:shilP. Thils warraifilty will provide both IPOlirts and labor r,eq!!Jire,dI to cOlrr,ec't <lny detects in materiall or wOlriklTIl:1l'19hiip,

Tile t'Oiil,1 wliliiglU, in, ·~WditiQI1'Q UlQ st1i!lndard roof' .md eenvas conngYfatio'i'l,thatc{m be added to the iift(lr$y:s;tell1 ~!O ngt to exceed 175 lBS fOr the a-stage ~ifl'er system. These figures, are ih~ iI'Otal~ comb;fned weigfllt of items; such <lIS 'lihe air. cnnditioner, Ale pmp ,paCik.~lg<i, OIw{':!ling. bike ,r'ack, boat rnc'ik. e'!:c, Atl!V co·mbilled weilght ::IlbOIJEl tlhese fli,guNl's wm 'void thell~fter w.alnr8111iItv"

IE XC I!.US,IUHS 'TO i.,1 FTEFi: SY$,TIEM WA,FlFlANty;~ A!i'i!r datmag~ cay !led by i mpro.pelJ' in 5t'illllaliionil maiinle:n~ltII(:e" or to POI If; alterat~il)ns to, the lifilell' ~s.yste'm:l or uSe m other than Staflcli"aH r.Dcomlmendedi parts. Normal ClldjuSitmelillts tn the II~" S:Y,lIt'l!bm are covornd f·oll" the ifl rst '12 mOinths only. N,or.ma I use. '1Iltealr ;a rid 'tear ,an d excessive exposure to, the e..lemenl5 are nof c)ovl!lired.

b. IFLOOR: Gouges and cuts in, li'nolleum not noted at time of delivery, nor,ma,1 wear and tear, 01" damages, ,caused by standin'g water wiilll n'ot be ,c,oven!i:I ,undlelrwarl"an,ty.

~.1ENTASSEMBII.,Y: T'h~t(lol!lt 'l!>1!;~mbly ls V!i'Y'rmnte.difor 7' years 'from tht¢ da1e af purchne .• l'gain~t tl.lfl>ctiOrlil~ dcfec:ts, in material and workmanship, Sewlil1g defects, zipper problemsand leaks wi:1I be covered for the first year only, inQludilfigi parts" labor and shipp~l!"Ig_ Problems sll,Jcl'~ as these :wIH be re,paired by sendil1g the tell1t seetien back to t1111l!' Slarcrmt preductlon plant,

EXCL,U,SI DiNS TID TENlT ASSEfJlI!U. Y WA,Fl:F!:ANTY~ R 'P§'.~ofil;:ml (~J')I(1!,;=> noted rntl:1 me ot deli\l'ervh $hrj~)k<1.ge,f'lding., mildew" soild:tlg andltcl'r' discollonHion" and dry rotting win not be oQovored by this warranty;,

d,. ROOF;: nl§ roof 'is wananted to tne Olrigi~~al OWtlN oll1ily '[,011" a limited product nif,@time of his or her ownersh~p to be ~ree from 'functional defects ili'llma'l,eirial Md 'WQr[:;,fl1~!1ship, P~r~!; will bQ cQven::d t'QI"C\ler !Ult [labor and shipping tor the first twC'J, ye~rs, (mily.

EXCLUSIONIS TO THIE,RIQOF WARR:ANTY: This warranty prowilsion fer the roof docs not include Ir,outine malinten<mce, su:rfaceflnlsh, resealing, or da,mage due to t,he insta.lI:ationl of llIio:nstanda,t'd eqy!pme.nt~

NOTIE;' SilOW loildl~ must: be removed rrom '.tle reerte iivoid darmlge.

REiiMINDER~ Warran~Des for 'the' lifter 5Y5tem; roof and bill,t flss~mbly are n01 transferrable .. md ilfe limitedl to fUl1di';I!l<1,1 defects"


6 .• PARTS COVERED. Oli':!liV ~ll'tllfoIlQw~lI"Ig j:HIr:tS are eovered ul;d!l-.rthi~ warra!il'V: i(~) Fm,me, be ely.! r.oM, lifter 5Y!l~:em. iHiid cab IItl1e1ry m~nuhlc:ture,d by S1!l1fCrwl:.

(b) IIlI~tillll'·illtiQ~ wonk pl1i"l'ifQmwd bll'S~arGr,;Ift c;m"ompol1t:llrnts l"Iot lIl1<1nlJ11aot!LJred by St~rrcraft.

(c) cusmon COV1e,rS., uphollslery. pr~valcy curtains. and drapes Hire wanantE!d<'i"gai!lst d~f,e'cts in Dlli1O.t@rials or wo"km1lins.hiip and will be "epa~red 0" rep~':II:;edatSt[:ln::lfa~1l~5 sole di,!!cretion lIndeir thisw,a.rranty if IrehlrrH~d Ibry aln authQr,l?:ed ·~t;!lrl;;r ... " d~~,~~r' to ·the .st<'lmrafl production plilirlrt.

~d~ Floor CO'il€ltillg is W.;1IIHrmG:o 1!IIgainst gouges, cuts, and te-OlIIS ornl;y if noted prierto r,etail delivery.

7. LIIM ITAli',I!ONS ANID EXCILIUSIONS. ~tems. not cH)v'e'red by this warr,anty ~,ncllude! but are n ot ~imitJ;!dlo~

(a) '[',ires, whee~s, fiuma,c'B'S,ciOn'!lelrters, IlBfrigerat.cl'rs, air eondltloners, and WaH~it heaters, brakes and n.~,nn!!'lg g~,;Ir. tr;l<i,l.ti!,t;s, water pUn':! PS'r ;in d all other :J pp Ihlhc:>es: which awe dire,eUy w~rl'.:mted bV the~r n~spe{)tlve manufacturers" Sta~c mft W<lrranlts ih1,stalllaUon oi'ily' for these items.

[b} Exle.nllai p<lIlint and surtaee finishes an the rQQ,f, frarliN:: and bodv or the camper are 110~ wananted beyond the r\!~ .. H d~I~'\Il?ry dfltc" Any iilnflL;:,nfcGtiolnl~ slloulid i~Q noted 'b:.t "l:nle bLJj,'Y~'Hr :<limd corre,cted by tITle 5eHill9 dealer prlor to delliillery.

{c} C.llnV<lS, fabfiic,. andcushiollS are not W<'!lrrallllted<lg<J1inst shlril1kag:~. fadiingr discolorntior:l, soi~illg, dry m,tting, or m~lldew,

fell} Amy rilonfun(;tioni:l~ orcoslliiletie problems 'that are not. noted pi'lor' W retaill d:el~vety .. Minot:" limptNfec1Jimm which do not aH,ect th~:;:I,.I~t:ablil~ty of tl'll'@v(lhiclafor it!li I n:tcmlod use,

fe) Normal Wefl:r ~Indte~rr' ~b!.ii5e, negUe-ct !lrnd d'iJliTUJge flFomtile U50e of improper cte.aniit1>9 ageilt!~ to a.iiiY P<<.1t't Ciiftlle c;;]lmpe~.

Normal a nd iro~tune- mainteln:anoe S~ich as in:Sp'ecition~, lub:ricatii:llg, 8djus~iments, tigliltelilling of screws, tightening of lug fI uts, .!ieallinUr de~r1illg, Or dSllhanges :lIris:irilQ from the raii~tlre to h:;'I\re Il'iI!1liint!1!nilli1ICe performed m, ,ouUI!1!!!d ~n t1i!<I:!!' Qwner~ m~nll,J:;\l1 .8Indf(J r the component marumls ..

~f), Damag'e incurred by lig~ttt'1:irtg, hail, floods, ca:ndOinsa1tiion, windi, and exposure to corrcslse .<'Iltmostphere and utllTB;;!sonable tise,am:iden.ts, andalteratlona, Tillis wo'uld also :llmHlude damegesom:::urr,llng as a resulit of Op'~r:!lti!19 tIIu~ flVover unimproved roads. Wheel alignment 01' adjustments to axlle.5 when c:a,used 1J:v improper mannenance •. Iloading Of do:llll1llllge from road hazards, including off-road ~tra\lel, whEl'e~ damage or balancing (ilr damage reslU!l:tingl from, tire ~aillJres ..

,~gl Extl1'l'I €.:qlens.es such :!:'IS tr::lIIlSpOlrl.,-.tion to and fl'om dea!le'if or m,mutaoturing pl.~r!1t ~ocaHoll. loas 01 timer, loss of pay. :I!o!ls 01 w.eof tITle' CiJmpef, in1c.onveni,eMlc'E!,. c()mmerc:i:al~ loss, towing charges" bus tares, valhiclc rental, inGidental 't;;hliillf'g,eS SthCI1i as t€lII.lllphone calils or ~'odg.urlg billlisr service ca~is or <:IlrI.y other im::;lidelilltal Or eonsequentlal damages or other ill~(:;~d!i!n.tal~ or conse'quet)tial d~,lll·1'l<ges ~olher Ull1ll1 h~.i>l~It)' to the, pL'!:nson.}

'(h)SinCEl' SlalircraiJt has nocon1roll ove r wherla', when or hOW Oil Uilil ls u~@d or storedlr any pmbilcll1flls or damages 0 cell rringa S OJ re.suH o~ these con diUOr1SWii i~ not be covered lfy~his :warmnlty. This also iltl!dlJdes·dam<Jlges d(ln~ by rodents, ins.eets,etc.

INOliE~ R,U!cr~ .. tilonal vehiGlesarl;! built for t!Jrnpol'ary liv~ng <lind not for permanent uwenin:g 1P1~lces. To use a recroatiionall \liahicllt! .<J~ful~l·ljme livrr~9 qlY<l rterr:s. you !:ir1l.lM UIM¢r$t~li1d ,1Idvcr$C Gol'lditli!Cli1S milY c'evel op, Service {)alllls(or warnmty w'Ork <lI ro not (;o\'!ered on permanent setups,

8,. R:EMEDY. Cal ~ tn!:! 3llJtho.riZBd StammH l)ea!ler from whom you purehased ymilr !PlmdtU(lt or the nearest <lIl,Itil<f)r:t2!::!d St<ll reraft D¢;)ll¢f. Rell)ort your IJlrQIJIEtm <llld aml~19$ f(;w ~nl ~ppo~l1ltm¢nt T1lkaUtu:: Product at thc!>chcaulled lime to 'the dea~e:r Wilm your COiPY of nile Owner ProtecUon Warranty Registratioll. Only :aulthmiz.ed Sta,t"Craift Dre.al!e:rs I1J1J:;1Y perform warranty oblligatiioll1s, If ,. S~ .. rCr1!!n Al,ltlh'Q<rl.z~d D~!l~l!!rl!; !'I~,t 3r\taUi!lll:l~~ Ii!! Y0l,lr a~ar writlllo St:Jrcr.,.f·t R;V W[lrr~~lty Dep~rtment to arrGUl90 prompt "no prop0.rscrvilCI4l to your Pmduct.

The' date of retalill sale is establijshed by the signed Owneir Protecti"n \IV:;1lTamy Re9lIstralli'Qn. U dwilrng the unexpired (h~r a tion or the (Hfigl!n::111 warr:ant.y, ~IF1Y p~rts 011" ilm:!:tali:!tlilon work clo"",e,,~d ibryllh is warm,nty proves to b~ de·1i@c~ljvil;l ,In materi~ II 01" wOlr~Un!lllnl" shup" St:arcmft at i~s, option, shan Irep~ir or lfepl<lGe the defec:tivoe p,atts. POili'lS .md ~<1bor shall be at St::Jln::f3itit's expense but: no~ translPortaltio:fI costs. This StafClI'aift warranty is void ualess your Owner Protectlcn W<lliiFanty RegistrationtQrm is rsturned to St:;:lrOrlliIU,

9.IPROCEDURE IFOR:OBTA~NIt\lG PERFORMANICE UNIDER THIS WARR_AN"Ii"f. ln onjQrto Qbt,~lin! pertorrnance under this warranty, 1Dh(l owner I'lnus:t promptly ,U,rn no event later than thirty (30} days :att'eIF discovellY of lhe dete(lt~ gii\i'e notuce: ot jjhe defeGl t)Q!lI'!~~~1horiled SttiWCrl\'dt Dem ler. If rop.n lr or rep~:<I!c:emel1t by an autl"lorl:!::ed Sttlrcl'.d't DG<!lor is d~t{frmin!!ld by SMrcraU tiD be il1!'fl' practiG<ilI, the owner s.~lla II wdte Oil' ce II tll'Hl StalmraH Warraltrty Services for insitHJ~iQn5 tQ return tile diefe-ctive part: Or pr(!ldru.ct.

110. DIESIGN CHANGES.. Staremftt reserves the rig!ht to rna ke Chi1I11Qles in the des~9n or Inateria II of its Product wi1th,ou1i .i I:}C ur,ring ~Iny obligatii,(),n 'to illcolrpor.nt~' ;5!IL.I,ch C:~l<l!nge!ii in IH1Y Product j:I,rnlliou!;.ly m",md<lctl!.m~d or 'l~Il;'~lrtn~{ld.

111. EN1IIRE WARRANTY. ThisW'<lIrt'OItIty 1!1'101:11 bJ;l[lIII'El:t'()d Qiflly iii WI'iltiI19' Si9i'1 ed bi{1Ii nlCtHiCetOf SWr,r;;:t.iIft •. It may not be <'ilitl;lfGd Or ex~erllded oralll,y., olr :im writiing bv any dealer Or other person"

112. S!EVERI'liY. Whenever PQ,~s~ble each provlsion 01 this Wllimmty shall he ~l1terpnHed, so as tiO' be efl'eativre and! valid lL.ifilder ,jppliGiiblc It;lw. If ony provision olU'ii5 wtlrr,~i'ity tffiniiU be :pooniib~ted by or detenf11~!'ied Mw~lid und~t' o;uw ~;IllpliG::Jo~c 1.1W, su:c:1i1> provisuon sh<J1( be im:ffectwe onl'ytio tlliH'O! f!x::t~nt 011 such prroll.ihiiIJion 011 invaliditv. without imr<llilidat:im,g the remainder of sud, IP,~'O ... is:iorl or plroviisiollS, cOr1:lOili'rled in tbi'5 warrant'll'.

13,. EXObUSIONS, ANID IIMPblED WARRAlHTII~S.Tilirs wai'f'<lrl1rty ~pplli,&s only t.o products sold ~t retail by D!1ilLithoriz,ed Starc~~1ft de·a!I@F in th~ IlJinii:ted St .. 1te'~ or C<l111!1dia.

The eustemer i6 lld'ViSi\'ld te oilsE'J'rve 'tt~e recorTnlmoEmded gross weight limil!!: ::IIUb:.oo to 'l:llo Product and itlstrlicti'Q'11S for load distrni'bvUon cO\lerii!'d ln U~e owners rnanuat, The Product is null a cargo tmg:ll[llr; CQmnwrcialus-eor rernals o·f YlOlJ'r Product, mlsusa, and abuse, negl"ed or operation over unimproved roads willi void this warr,anity. This, warranty does. not CQlli@f damage iil1lcll.lrred by ligl1:ting, wiru:J:, hai.l, f1loods ,[!tild cxposur· to corro$iv: ~tlT1Q5phere amI unrc<ls,ollable use, iJCi:c,idCl'd~,. And iiilltcr,atiol1s"

This w.;)rra,nly dO@lS Ro't CQver damage's ,eause'd by failure to fJ'eri'Orm normal 'routine maintienanice as. instl'iuc1i-cd iin the iindiviidlual ·Stan:r-af1 Owner's Manlllal olr iindillidual manufacturer's Qpeli'a~;i-ollll lililstrUictions providl@d witlh yo,ur P!I'Odlu.:;:,t.

SfalrclI'afl: sh-all mot be reslPcmOiblle or lil;ab~e'~or ~n.dill1ectolf cOlil15:equentmall di3mag~~ of any kilmdl. H'owever, <llri:5illl,!!I. Inclludilngt bu't-liiJotl~m,jted ·11:0" 1055 O'f use .of 31111iV products, moss o,f t~mie,. il'!,(lOnVEmh;!,n,ce-, ,01' hilc.idental or cons@quen'Ua!1 damages with res.pect to, -pernon5, bl1ll5ine55 Of property. Wh.ethor3S3 res!.!llt (I'r br:eacllii ofw.alrl"a,ntyj hcglio-once ,Dr oth,erwise" Sta.rcraH's liaibillity shall bo IlilmitE!d so,lel" ~o the sales prj,eeo 'or at Stalf'c:rafi's olption, rnpair or replacement o:f the 9VQd5 01' c,omponent.lparts. not m~eti"g the quaiUtv Ollil.d ::;pecineations warranted"

No 'otllliell' warranty" expre~sed 'Of iimplliied, shall!1 appl,y, including :llny iim,pliad W';uiranlly of Inerch.illfiitability, Or of fitness 1,ora partiocu:lar iPurpose,and any SLllch il11pll~@d wa,rralnties are eJ(,pressly dlselalraed. llillho @v·@lfIftthal: aiPplic,able I~w' p,revents the d'sc,lalimer 01 any iliiil1p,lied warrant.ie5,. thelill stl:ch i-mp~i~d w,allf'·anties shan be IniiITilited to. the duratioll'll CI-f this exp-ressed wa rra nt)l.

Note:: Some sit a tes do. noil alliow· ta~ limit3'il:i'oli:ls oonl hiow ~o'ng all iml!l,liedi Willff,<rlnty 101;5, • .5" 'Or (b) tIDe Il:lIi:c~usionlS or Ilimiita'tio":;!, 'of In,c.I'deflital air· con,s,e([luenUa,1 darmagc-5,! 5'0 the abtlVe lilnitaltimlls ;:!Il!IId ellcluslolns mav n,ot apply to, :~ou.

This warranty give's YOlJ specifie iegall riglhl'lS., iOInd you milry <l11:s:o !loilve other rights which V<lrty from slate '1'0' sti'lle.

If you believe that yourlle,hiide has a defect which coulld cause a crash or could cause injury Or deatn, yO'lJ should iirmncdiiately lirnr'o'rr~ the N.ttlio()n~ I Hiigl1w<l,Y Tlfatlli·c Safety Admifll~h'<IUQn (Nt-ITSAI in addi'I.iOIl 10 flotn'IYling ,slafcr.an.

If NHT8A receives siml'Ii!l1" compl,iiints" i1 i'illiiiry open an inv,~stiglilion lind, Dr it flndls tli1!!1t n !l<i,f~hi' rJiefe'ct exlsts in a ~)rQUP 01 vehicles, it may order ,<I ree;alll~ <lind remedy- carnpa i gn, However, NHnSA cannot baco me lin VOlV9Cl illindlividlu iii I problems between yo,w, your dealer, 'Of Sli:llN:raft.

To COFl,tiilct N'HTSA, 'lOY mrny eitller Clill:1 UiC- Aut.o S1iifetjl Hotllinl~ ~oll,-tll'r:l{J al '1-8.QO-~4-9<;393 ,~or' 366··00123. i.I'iI Wrl91i'linllgt.oF], D'.C. a real or wTioo tor NIIHTSA, U's.A" [)epalrl me nt Oof Transpo rl,a~iiorl" Was!h i'ngfIon., !D.C" 2005901. YiOI!J {;<l111l also ofJti:lll1l otlh er i nlform;;]Uon about .nO'loll" 'lfehiclles:afety fra,m the Hotiin,e.


Special Safety Procedures

In a'rellar to m&)l~e' your camping ex,p.erienctl' <Ii Sar€! Ol"1e, it is importantthat EVEAVONEwho ii5 gloin9 to use youfcamper be t.unlll,arw,lth t:h~ QPI':lr!Jlting i",~:!tn.qct.ioni!H: ontained in this manual, The 1oUowin9 are aome s.afe-ty pOints which are dis-mJs:scd more hilly later in this manillal, but we wallt to EMPH.ASIZE TH.A.T YOU READ' TlllEIM HERE ,AS WIEU.:

1. L,earn to, dlrill",e with yOILlir unit. Driv~n9 wirth ,altl"a~II'.u lirs not thrl!' same as dri~'ilng your car. You must: take time and Qret UiiC lnstrucnon (" n eoc'!; ssi.'t.rV)1 to learn tile '~itr(l!'Qnt driviing charactensncs and maneuvering procedures ~see TOWING EOUIIPMENT alnd DRIVING IRUilLES sectiOrl'llS, in this rru'i.nua'lf)..

2. Know how to N:5pond to a propane I!eak. A pr'Ol)ane 119<3 It cou~d cause an exp I oslon.




- - - _. - - . .

1_ Edoilguish . .:my open tlamas, pHot ligltits imd ~~lilmQld!'i9 m,<!tefi,,'!~,

~', DQ not h;rl,lch dedricall switches.

3- Sh!d off the ptapanl!i supply at the container valve!s} or propene .5'l.!ppJy oonI16(l·I,ion ..

4. Open do-ors and oUmlr v,en1iil~1ijn5l (iI,pe-nin.gs.

Ii, L9avH tl1o[; area IJ"nl~1 mJor clleOlr!S.

(ii, Ha'IJe tille propane system ciileck.e~ '~!Ild Il! .. k,~igli;i i;lQllIro'i;i ~QrNH:tQcl bo~cm) 1I9;illg, again.

F:AIUH'1;E "'1"0 CO Mrl'i'" COW LO


DEAlH OR SEf:1110US INJURY. loo-yU

3. D'O HOT use propan,e wihih! tlravcli n9. The main propane service valve must be shut 0'11 wl'lilletn'.l!.ualing because of the d,.mger or iii fire er explosiall if a prOIPi:lillC' line under 'pre5sur,e were ruptured ill all accident, ln additiolJll to !b9ing unsefe, ut is IILLEGAL in 13Cl~f1i'eJ :;:late:s '10 opliir!l'te ,n P'r'O P!o".If'!G i;ip~pU,~Jn,ce whille tihe' vehicle rs in monon.

4. IRe'i IUngl tlte propa ne bo,ttl(;lo. Nle'IJ(l r smo ke or liglnta n open fI~un@ oil.her i ni slidie yo u i' ILmit; or ne ~ r it w!~ lie th>lij proj;l'" n 0' bottle is bein,g refilled. US9.m approved leak detector kit or s.oapy water solution willen chacikliflg for leaks; never use an ape I'll fll a 1111 1;1 .. To nvoid arm explosion wlhenyou rein:stalll iI'OUr boUlle, mak;e sure that 01.1111 valves are oft and prillot lights out BEF'ORIE. YOU OPEN THiEl SERVICE VAiLVE ON THE RE'FIIl.LED BOTTL E.

5 .• Co,akln'g.. Glr!O!<J,t caution should be exercised wlhe,rl cooking hl~id¢ YOUir camp~t:, C,ool<in.g devic~~ emiit e·xhilusl tumes whiich contain odIe-adliy cartrcn monoxide, Combtlls~iorn also co nsu rnes .oxygen whioh is. necess ;:l.ry for breath ung to sus fa i n Ii'fe; therefol"lEl, steps must bo t:illk,L'IlI' to diisbuf5e C<llrbOiil mot'ilox!ide' and supply- co m bustlon air in ordiB"r toavo ~d esphyxlatl on .. Open the root V¢II'H ami a WiindQw to provtdc !:!.d()ql.!~ti;i il1;i,fllU a iiQf1 when cookilllg, PQ.ti<lblfl cookinq devices, indl'llding grills and stove-s." whll,e!l burn wood or enareoal shoulld never be used unsiirJ'c your camper, i1iii they may C<lIUSe' 'l"iN! orr asphy.X"ia1ioll.



CookriJlg ollipplli<llnces need fresh air fO\F5<rl'e oper-dtio,n,

Before operatio·n:

1, Open overhead vent Of tun'! on exnaust fan.

2. ()pen wlindow.



WARNIING;; ProP,OIiIl1J!!! lContai.ne.rs shall! not be pla,codl Oil" 5to,ted in5iideth~ .. u!hi;!:!:~e. PropOIrne c,ornta,ii!1Ij;!,rs 3ra equippedl with .safety devices tha't rellewE!'exces,shle P!,'9ssuro by discharging propa!'le. t.o the; aimosphere.


,6·. Water. When~ dlslnfeetaru or artltiIreeze solution has bCii:1"i put into U'j;i~, l.,illiiritiS w0I1er syst-eHl. dQ !l'ot usc thosV!iitelm until it h~s been tho rough Iy fl ushed with wamr. Starcrart r~c'OlTIm(lnds tha:t ym~ f,illl the water 5ys'tem wl'th w,ater '" -6 tiimlll5l t,o OlS:slUlie that it. has been f!lu~;hed thoFOugMy. Keep children away hom the liniit tll1'tilthe wa~&r i:ss;a~etQ' drink. Us,e ol1llly the 'foliowil1Q1 typos Of fcilltifre'e.ze: {A)f3JO% glyc:er,ol, by weight in water, undilulted, 01'" (B) 2:2"1" magnesium chloride by weight,il'll wale!', Jjlh"itlli~uted. Sto,re bQyght pClt:!!bl~, 1")0111 tQ!lI;iig· AV;,mtDfre'e:ze mOllY be used,

WARNlliNIG;: Automoti .... e, r.adia.turr or' wrindshl~eld W',a$lher .uiltifr.ooz:e could be iha,nnfull orfaltal if swallowed. Do not use them lin the- t,resh water s~tst:em or to prote'ct dr",~~ tr.;Jlps fram free(z:ill'lg.

1, Ho(!,kuIP to ¢,ampgro,und clectriicali 5J5item. Th!l powe'~ cord providleli with YOtJrf unlt ls nrorrnailly adequate, but if yo~. need anextenslen, be slire-to US@ 3 a·wire extenaion C(II'ei rated for atlaast 30 <Imps. 11 you use a 2-wir-e 'e,xte'llsion core or a cheater ,plug with the tturdpin removed •. your unit would not be properly '9r'Quncled ,anti someone cO'i.de! receive a seriolls, eveln ~a'tal, shock, Your s.ys.tem mign1: burn out a pow,er cortl r!:1ited at. less tI~,el"i 30 ,!Imps.

WARNII,N:G:: If m>lingrll '1 0, volt ,appllj,.ulIl!;:-E!!'S aul:!;iiide the ()iOimpe'r~ use ,ornlljl' ti~c el!:Ull'io'r recepllilcl'e which ls protected by ill GF'II (grou:ndf1lUllt" Int@rrup't\elr'I, circLllit. brreal!c!er toO· pII'otellt .ag'ainst: eleetlfi'ciilis h oc Ii:.

a.Towingl ~o u:r 'Itch i ele, N,ever tralvell 'iN i til a It I'lch IllO LI Iltl f'lig b'lillow or more th .. n ;3 Rrnches above ;a 1,,!"v~11 trnacr, 01' a hitch we-ig hi that overloed s the tow !J,e hide axle. Carretulilly ealeul a te 81101 foillowthe weignlt e~,p,E1cHy i!1l:stru'ctiofl:!l con!agj1ed In thls manua],


Fo.~d]ng Camping Trailer Owner's Manual

Prjnlcd in U 5./\,5/2004

,I ntro d 1.1 cti on

This; manualeentains operating and ffii:llintenance information that will h'lmiliarizeyol!J wrth your Ill,nit, along wiithson:n,!! f1l!!',lptu~ !>1l999sHonsta get: 'you stilF1ied. Mlust ilrmfcnmiltticn ~pp,llie5 to the hili n.ng'B' of camping trailers Sf-arcraft RV m<lII'l'I!lI!factums; $p@c.ifi(: cllarillct~!'i~tic:s QfCiert~il1 Ylf"!it:~ OjJre c~e'lrlly Utledl, IPhotoglrapihs of unfamiller i,terns w~1111 hellp you qllick:ly become acquainted wi'l!hthem,

D(,.JJlcr's RC~p'OL~sillJ'liH1.y

Your St:nI'Oir€lfl RV da:;)I'~t ji':;; r¢$norl$,~bll;l 1Qr ~@rvi(J~!"!9 '!(Q~~r warranty clalirns ~JridelrS,tan;,raft's Warranty Pro9t'" rn, bL.rt lie doe~ rh@t h~ mself 'W'arra nt the unit The eleale!' ~s aloo respoll1:siblie fUlf IPre~deHl\lery in:spectiO!'n on aU r'li1ilW Iunits ~oW 10 his cus~om9r.s, <llI1ci rOlF the Hj.~alc.'ir 1~<~I·h~w Q~~cribed below,

Owner's Rcsp'Qns.i'biHty

P,roper mallntenance and care ~f you,r Sltareraft RVuniit willi help YOUI I:!ct'tOlr ~Injo)"thl!lls<lif!l!' operation 01' li!'QUf ulnit and wlill h.l!llp you aa:h ieve lower operati:ng costs a,

Regular and prop,er malintenancesh,ol.ddl be perfDrmed ,as ~"1II:liiC,;]lItQd iinillhe maiinlt!lIl11an(::fOl :!OectilQf'! oOf thi& nlanulall.

I ili'!,U:ra il~'C COvcr.llgc

Make sure yOILir lInilt ,its ilfilsun;:d. Contact )!"olulr in:!RJ ranee age~lt II::fiI1i'lJr to picki!ng IJ p ¥,our unit for infortlna1i on conoomlng your policy c,oven.'l:ge.

P('Hlfc.l' Hc\'iew

At tine time of d.e.llivery wemcoimm(lnd tlhefoHowing steps be tak .. eil:l:

1, Fi:¢'I.!'h~w th¢ OWrr1.~!"i~ lM"Iri!UI!ilI~ with the ~e"igr, ,it !NH! !ii<!'I,'e any Iquestions, he has the eJ(pet~is!e to answer them 1l1l']d exp~alin Sljlc~h tlniilllgs As hitch reqlUiremen1s andthe wl;liglht information, decal,

2. Go througJl the compllete setup pmcedillire <lInd visua 1:ly in:SlPe-ctlh~ unit ~Qr 'lIl1ym~rr1or 1ldj'!.I!,!>tm~nt5 yCN..! 'fee:11 nrc necessarv. H a lie tille die allier die'niilonstm,te the o;pelf .. t~Q'~ 0·1 a~11 applliartoes, systems" and eptions;

3. OnOe you're silU!i·fi,j;:d tht:ilt'J/o~' lind'cr$t~i'id Uile inti!!wn.ail ~"cl external Worklill9lS, road test it with th;e de-allier. ilf you are not all'!)adl,( tamiliO'lr with oomeli!'lgl and bae king proeedures, ),OI.I'lllllpp:reci1lte tn<JVllng a veite:ralnl witihyol[.Il,

4..TIli5· mOj~ be <l gQ(ldtinle'toc'om;idel" purchl'lsilflg! the W.1~owing items thalt. are mentloned ~h,rou,ghoUit the manual, 'lrheslIi! items will provide ~ ~il'aaJtQr ca.pacity f·ei' c~mpin~ Ci'H,iQ ;lInd enjoymeiti'lt.

a) Ili1lectrie Brake COrl'troi - The trailer brakes, ifso equipped" can be operiltetl sepa r .. 1c~y for sl,.Irl;lr'$t!JIPPing .and be'tilt'r bad weather ha.rn.dling.

Ib) Vol~age ILiI1,e !Monitor - This lilllsyol!ll check th~lIolt<lge emering your tJrailer, Jf ~he volta,ge in the e~mpground drops, your appliafll::es may !Je dalm:agled.

c} Or{llil1'- A bhi!ICI!t ~,",fdij;,\n hosf;'! !!!i1olJlld be used to di$thilgl~1 ~~h the dr,ait~ from ~11,ewhite fresh w,a1te:r hose.

d~ St3b.ii~nzer Jaei<s-, WIhi;l'J1 a1 the ~QUiI" eomers of YQI.]If unit, tl1ey pnlvi,tJe Hdded st;!llJillity.

e) Hose/(:~l¥ F~IIII - Just in caee a city waiter ~OQl<up is pru,vided at your campsite, carry 01 white g.arclen hose,

f.I W.EI'ter- P~5:slJre R;ed~jGor -W~terlpraSslu r~'!.it tl1e' C:itmpiSitJl m,ay be more than 60 PSI, A reducer w~111 protect your watll;!!r' 1111'1,e-s "rom bursting.

~} Ii)(Jenls!o.tlIC~rd~F'GriU5einhe36fQotGCI]r(j !~rQ\I!ded is not ~orlg el'lough to reach th:ecampsittellookup, Use a hea,vli 3.iwirt:l.yp¢ f.;l:dC111S'~0!1: n.rtl:l'd for 30 amp U:e~l9~tl9~ wire).

h}S~ep IRamp - Use to h,,"'e~ thetn:'1i1er if ~lrH':! campsite is ~lOt ~Qvel. It C!<In 'be bUlilllilt horne ~$ing 2:>::Ql;i,

Pre-Planning / Pre-Dellverv

[l(,lUy \'Vli~c·c] .I,,,l:d, ~ All Mo.;h:rs

A top~quaillity Class U MX~ll, proPfHily inslailled to F,n~:riyour ~r<li~~t I.~\I~~ tse ss.e·~~ti.all flO r trol.!b!e~~lr~e toWi!l.g'. Or;, a ~ I~H s mf~·ce, moasu rc from tho IL}ot:1tOllH of ~ h~ h".@m@ to. the '9 round und elf thle fro!li~ alnd malt of [he un it Wlumtil, I!!fS~ me:::u;:urlE!m·I!!!,nlt:~ ~gn:le. m·(!:uu!n!l·fN)m tll,eto p o,f tlll·1i:! CIO'L~ pier to th e 9 F'O'U !lid, Thls is ylJliJl' IMlitch hejglhit. TlhilS int(lrm;a.tion wm be liIeeded by the in·st.)III(;!r' of' youl:" hlt~h" Th(!! ~lHir.:h n~[I'u;re.s 01, 21!l1,ch ball!.

WARNIIING,~ NIEVER :travell wffilh iill hitch set UlpU~i.'It dloe:5 not ma kelh e trai~er' and tow 1IIchic Ie ~GlII'ei.. Do lllIot aWI~cw!!;he h i1:c:h we ight:HI ov'e!ltoOid tlille tQW 'oIehi c~e~5 rear • .,dle •. IF a iiihi,lIre to comlpilycou'ld resliIl.·t infl"afl~c ha2!.~ll'Id, pc!'!)!!" Ih .. ,!'!dl~I"9" damOlgl!l' t<)lh·~ t~ vl)lhiil:l~, ot~.<liilure ,ofth,e traih~r .ade,.lire'5 <11111<1 bearings. These r.esuU:ihg f'<'!illulf'e!S are IfIIO;~ w.ar,ran1i;alble.

NonCE: With the eXc.·eIPtio!'!1 of threE!' mode.ls, 11701 ~ .707 a,nd 2106.<'1111 fold dOWlil1 >camper A-fram,e assembliies, f1lr€! design,ed ~DI" us~ of .;11 wei~ghtdi:~tlribY~il!l!gl hi ~~h.

'\.'Vi I.'C .E-~.;ll:I.:H~'~s!Pig["lJI' .1.nSla.I'II..'Ii1 lion

1iI"I~ddUionllo ~I hHch. Y'QU w~II~!:l~~!':;I ne~d to ,1Um;;h 'th~ C'i!lI1"'I~~r pigtO']iltothe tOiw~ng veh iGle ,e·lleGt;rica I ha rness, Co ntac1. your tow veillicle .cJiea,ler for corr,EH::t gauges, of wire,. conlne'ctian .. ss~st"llce. heavy duty flasher and .~mltel')J iso~a~or Ii~ nece:ssal'Y, tor chargirlg~he ilaUery iln yOlur unit.

M<'lllu;! cert<'lin the Inst a llli<J!Uon all~ws s·I_Jltflc·h?!'~tsl"l(: kfor turningl, but 111-0~ el1mJQih to tQUCU~ the '9irOi.JlnOI, Althouglh UI!G f.act0ll"l !1~s <llready te$~ed yQ~~r electriic,<'!,11 .soy.stem., check ",1:1 I~ght:s MfOIi"C Y0i..i tow.

[l.~'!~!.lIk-t\W'ly SwU,h

Sl:(lrcrOlU fold·(lQwn, c<lll'llpin,gtr<li~ers; tillat have been equipped withe,lleotrje brakes are ,also s~ppliedwlth a breaktliWIlIY !l,wiiU:!l Wllielh iiS c~)p!~ble Qr {I,p~ r'ali fig the bl'alk(lS: i n Cil~,!il the' boiler and toW' vehicle a:re sepalrated,

An 00 board deelP cycle battery can supplly power tOU:'1,e brak('ls t.l1,rougl" Hie brealK !lW'Ayswitch.

lhe bre:Jlk i<Jwayswitch 1:loluIl9cr C;1,oII'(l shoLJlld l'l,e GOll!lf!ic::tcd tiD the tow v.e:hiicIB with enallJglll sll<lC:~ to auew the '!J~hicllf! to turn without actull]ltin'£l the swit:ch. Use rnneyebolt fa. liU~ch th·~ cabll@to tow \l~hiclle"s bumpf!r, DO NOli 11,('IOp th~C;1blli@ QV!;!.lfthl;! h~t~h r,~,II, <1JURoh ~t to the hock onthe s~fe~y ehalf!, OIF attach it ilil iiinry other mal'lin,er that miSM c.,)U5'lcm.IIlI:H"oak· away fJ;!ah.lu!!s to ope-r.ate accidentally"

W:ARNI~NG~ NEVER use the- bireOi,k-awaV·5Wliteh 015 a p,i1ir"kini!J brake. The eUlrrelllt needed '11:0 IOpera;te the bra kesi will drain the b-attery in ill shorttilme and the bra:kiE!!s w~~1 reliE!<llse When tlil,e VQltaige faiils .•

G .. mper~~ln:: (iolor Yellmv



nnd tirE:en 111til~ Large 8I<ack

fllliiClionl NILU lirouml Bigl'.t Tum/stop I lilt llirt1ffJtop Ole':Jr.;IfII;'~ Ligtlh, B!'lk!'I~; Cliarw~ LinH

Car H~t.up

GarIn-line Itig 111 "rt!rIllStvp, Ltlf~ T~jntl{~;IJI.m HurlJ1in\.l Ligt~r:. BmklJ f;~H!HI:~!l1-l1

B;ilH~i l' !H' Is!YJalor (~~Jfle(1I

Tum the cr,anlk clockwise to raise the camper to cennact W. er di$cQ!nne:~t fIfO!"" th~ tow '<I~hioll!l!, F()!C tnl!\I<'!!I. r~tn~~t tn@ dolly W~Hlilil (crallliking counter Gloa.kw'i~H!:~ several lilncitH;ls o'f1f th~ ground and rel1101l'e the Wh@Bi, stOWing iit. in 1!h,e camper or the 1011# vcl1 ~c:le ..

Fi!,:, .2, D~ll1,t wl:~t"'1 i'l~ki~~ Ire-tr.lIClcd tr .• l\ldl pO'~~Uon,

Fii~, I.

St<ncr.lt~ dnll~y Whil;d jade


10 operate the ecupler, II itt. the latch lever" Whille h old ilng the !<.lb:::,h 1~\I'~lr "'P. p!o!llll the IOll'j,(;:,h !"!IQ~iI;l ~llp-w"r~ ,imd r~ .. rwOl!~II, Tb~ rnechanlsm slidies rearward to operate ball c'IIa.Ili1IP, To .Ilatch On t,lm b<!II., s.impliy sllic:le the meehanjsm fonwalrd ..

NOTE: Stan:ra ft. C()i.lID~,eirS ar.e net adj ustableIor b<!111i t. S~{I Fig~, a & 4.

HOTE.': For safety, and to prevent p(Js:sib~e ulll.alc.hil1g, <lI1i lr01lvler CQuplle'f ~a~cltle's,. when~n lnms:il. shQuldl be secured wlitha safety pnn" a 1J4~ belt, Or a padlock.




..... .. ~!~~.~~ III I

Fig" "1" :5t.aF;:I·.lf~ ;::oupk~' upen.

Sa f·e Iy <.: ,11.1 ill I nst al J a t i 4) 11


Fohi-Fnnv» CtUUI,a Sllr~'/J' Clmirl /lrs'HlIntiuu:

1- ThrE!,ald the chain into the tlF'ame structuretram therLmders,ide wlir¢ir'~' th@ COUpll;lf 'lnd A.··frame joln, threading the clh'El,in around the [aelc tube,

2. Center the chain for equal lengths oneaen side.

3. With chains at eqtulilll',en,gth5 im5~lrt0,l3/8· x 1·,11'2" g~ade 5 bolt wirlh a SIS" washer through a lirl'k. of each ehajn, as ejose t.o. the coupler as, p(lssib.~Il!. wah a second wa:si1@r'and a ~QCl!f:flut. t!i.irned fh..lish with 'till.'! {lind Q·f tile bollt. See Fig, 5 &: SA.

Hfl, _" s: ~J\. Slarcr<th Si'lfcqr d,,] il'l im!.,!! !.~"d and bolted.

S.lIfl~l.y Ch.i1in lIS~lg~C

eros s U1r!Ol' s·OIfe-t.y c nailt'il!ii, pi"ovvced With YOUf earn rJer, U IT'i ele'r the "A" frame <lInd attach them to ·tlhe hitch pll,aUorm, or to eyeb(llt~ in~ta,lllcd ill the towing vehi·cle.

NOTE.,: State nli3ulaOons If'eqluii'e tltHn the siJfety chains, must be creased ~I~der the tonque to prevent a hjtch or coupUIFlgffilllH'e fironm droPPV1ig the· t.QnglUl~ olilth~ read, If a chatn is damaged., regullations pmhibit welding' 011" splic~lng a new II,eng'lh of clh:!llin to it. Ro!placl;!! thee'lltlre ·chain (.Illd hOQ;k a.s:sembly.

Provjjde 'i9'IlClu:gh slack to. tum corners. freely, but do not aJ low the c,hain to diril,g On the pavement.


The mirrors em your cm IHUS~ "_U·ow YOll te see beyond your traiiler. A set of auxiliary mirrors are linvalulllbll,B' dllJ'rilng b <!Jck hrlg and (Jril;!~llg. Most fllre: not perm anent <:liIfld ar-e q U i!(:.kly iliistaUed or IrcmovllId ..

Propane ser-u p

If th() de~liI\lr hag flot already dorrne 80, r!lqu{ls't he iflst:aU the propane boflle :Imldlu ,and botl:~e(s~ ~5 weill 3S makethe necessary connections to t1h·e regrulaJtor and bulkh~a<l For IIf'I!!tl"l:lIC;tiO'i15, check Ull\! Owner!s Padket. Either t,hrdii1iln:raft deales or a qUlalitiedprOIl<lfledealershould then 1fillithe boUle"ls) and choc ka II ccnneencns wii til a I(mk d'eieetll,r 31'1Jd a 1150 check the [JlrOpane' rcgullam,r to eUSUI19' proper propane pressm>e 10 tile applialrwfls.

NOTE:: Che'bk stm:e reglulatio.lis where you ;intend t,o tr~vel oonceminq n:s·trict,ions for propane bottles and ,equipment

WAIRNING: The propan'l! service valve: must be shl,l'toff v.rhlil~ tr~yeli"g., lFailull'c to c'DIIIi~I,.mi.1)' re~ult in a fi,lr,e or.explosiion if in'omhledilll1 Oiln a,ccident.

NO'TE.: St~lrCrtl't [RV. linG .. is lfIoilmspcl"Isihlre rer ~)ersont'll rnjury or property darnage resulting~rom improperlv maill1tained p,ropane a,pplian,t;.es and .sy.stt!'!Il1:S_

Hitching & Coupling


Interiior Lights Off

V;ents" Dooni'i .& Drawers.

Re1iirigerator & Ice Box Loose Items.

Tires~ WheelllL.l!..lg INuts* ILig~lts - both vehicles' HOSC5 (draiin &. 'fill) Power Co:rd Step" Stabimizllng Jacks~' Access doors & IHaJitches ....

Propal'll~ IBO"tt!~e($:)

Hlb::h~ Safety Ctu,ln::f' 8re-ak-Away Switch Connector" Front Jack'"' Milii'r,ots·


Closed & s~curod Seoculr,~d wi'th'travelll·ock Stomd or I~~hed down


PliO pe'rly' inflated 8, in '9'i)od c: QliIldit:iofil Tight

Br.ake, tumin~1; headlights, and talillightsal~ WOI',k Disconnectedl 's, ;:stot,ad., Cap5S{lOYFed Disconnected '& stereo

PUSlH3d in


Closed & lo,c:lked

C'Ol1ll1le<c~ions. secured &. service vallve elosec


Pr,operly c:rQssed & attached Pr,operly' attached


Pr,operly tldjlJs·te1d

'Ii NOTE; Wlh~i'!Iever yCy dep~ rt from honle" a gas: $ti)i'tion. rest i1fea Or camp!>.i te, 'take some ti me to carefl,lUy perform these speciric .e.nEH:l';:s.

Trip Preparation

SaniU:t.I!W~UN SyshHn

'frJ assure ,c'omplem :senitatiion ,of your tltrin'kii n,g water ~!JPPty. yol.! sheuldeleanse a new sl1stem or on.e 'tihal may ,hav·e be-en cOi'ltEiminnted. Re-m:i t,v~~r~'r "';II,~MP,r.~. pag1e 19, and then pro'c@~d as follows:

1. Mix. a seluuen 0' ItHI~JSe'hold b]eO'.lcl, (5% sodium tlypoclhloriite) O!!nd WOliileif (1l4 cUp. of bleach peri gilillo'riI of water for eaeh 15 gal., tank -capa,ciityJ'.

2. PO!.lr ttI!s m u:duro l!ltovoU r'w,atelf tank, camp le'te·lly fillh1l9 thetalnk,andw<i1:eFr..ei.'ih~r; Open eacM'H,lc~,t Ulntil water' flows. s',eadiil,y, then tiUlm orf alii taucets.

S. Aillow U"e s(l,I'uti.ol"1to work. for three hours,

4. D min .a nd ., oroughlly tllu sh the sys,tern wilh fresh water 14.6 flushB's).

WARNING: 1)0 NOIf U5e cQflli!lmlniEllt'Qd :S),lOtQIn yntU it has bee'lil clean~d ;1ilnd t.horiQughlr fluslliied .4 - 6 tI,ushes,) wl"it! w<lite'r~ Keep oIlhlldirnn 3/WiIIJl' f'wn; !Unit unili I tho, water is s,a'fe to' dri n k.

NO'TE: ~f" the chlQri'l1~ t<'ll$taor odor linqera, pouir one (Wii,i1 c,f villieglli'" mixed with fivegillllofl!O of wa'ler into the talt1k. Drive;a hit and let the vehicle motion <lgitatethis !lolU'Uon: allow to !;ijt <I dow or two. Then olrain, -rill, .md fl ush <lgOliin witl11're:s h walter ..

Ft.unl' &: Runnililg Gear

Check the wheellhil!'J n!.l'ts before your first tr,ip and ag,a i n after 2.5, '100, and 500 miles, and ,every 5001 mli!les tlll#ffl3:toor. They sho'lIld b,('j ~ept torqued 't'o 50 10, 75flt./LBS. Aluminum wheolls sh,ould be torqued to 85 ft.fLBS.

Ch,(!'ck the lure iilrdl8itiiorn again,s'tU'ui! manutaofurera roccHil'llmeil1dl;lJtioln,s~ as shown onma lur¢ ffi;idlll"w'ali. AlsQohe.c1+i: the rims and hubs ~Dr road damage" andc:hle-ck [ack every :2~O Iniles,.

SI) .... I"~ nll:rb~

The IDulb:s Iused lin tI'le ()iearancc Illiglhts,. tailligI'litS, and intelnor liglhts are stan dard ,automotive types usually avai I'able at service st>l,tio!'lls and aute paRS stores. VOl.!! ml)Y wish to purchase spares ln <iOV,i.mOle to avoid' an inconvenierrce later, Use the size s:pecmed.

Side· Mlilll'lker-. " " .. " .. n ••• " •••••••• , "." •••••• _ •• _ •••••• C ~ 9'4

Tail 8< ilJHI., , •• " ••.•••• ;., , , , .•• , •• , •. ",. ", , •• ",.11 ;151

Bunk t.i'8Iht ,,, •• , " •• " •• ,." , .. , .. , 111·41

Pat.io." " .. " .. , .. , , ;,., .. , , "." ..•. " C92:2

See your towing v'i)i)hiole owner's manuall for ttl,S IHstitlg of liglht bulbs and ruses,

Tra i lering


You may need a liUlle experi,ence 1'0 'gain assurance and become falmiiliar with the feell (;IIi t,owing a tri.'liler. Practice ~Icce~elratinfll, tl"imin9~ backJn!IJ, OlI,Jld bl',ak~n9 at hOHla under fal'ilorable conditiQriS· before )10 UI t<l,ke a tr~p, By do~ n 9 thii~s. you wtl~ get em idea of the effeot of thef'lddith:!!~t!l weight tlnd IM!Qlth otYO~~lr I,II1~t This will hellp YO'U to rertli~H:rllber to allow greah:l,r dist .. mces '01" safe passing ;Olnd l5tOppi~lgl,

S.ome ~t:.!'te'5 re-qyjrc slow m 0'1111111,9 'Io'~~11,ol e'5 0 t"Ih!'lIo~wl1JY reads topull off at the flrs1i: opportunity Whelll€Ver s€lver<l~ \fehh::::i'Gl'~ hllll'e' lined up beh~ncl them, W'<1~t~ng to pOlSS .. This ts a ~I)urtes;y Ih~1: miig~lt p!rotlll,e:t yCrL~fI'Olfiii1filpMicnt dl'uver~ WilL) Inay P~I~S you WiUM)1lR enough r<lOII1l.

Drilving tips::

1., Mo've into tJr.'lHic s~lJwly aI'fId 3GG(llcr;]t~ 9fad~~~II:y.

2:. Stay in 11ile right lane as muoh as pos5ib~e •. AHllow f\35ter 'IIe1'iliti~~s the ri gilt or way"

a,; Be~iore passirilg .a !>I'ower v'elh ii,",lle, be eelHai!n ~;nm you have slLlffidenit speed and Ihi:ghway spalce available to ~<!t~ly ,ool'l'llpl~oo th~ ~!i" t'!.O'lJlv~r. Si~,!~ ... II' <.l11110l1f'l~ ~h!l!ngees. .Allow enot~ghl room between yOi~ and thevehicle you passlJeklre r·elliming to the l'ighit lane,

II>, Wlmn tu ril ing" !:!Will!91 wide of tilL'! G'~,I rb, Tile ill n iit Willi uwn c loser 10 the G~rb UN<H"l y!our car.

5. :Shift to 1lI lower ge.ar W~um either a,:scendin~JI or dlescentili If] 9 <I h!ill Or stee'p gf<lQ e';,

6. Avoid sl,Jdden stOops"

Hraking: '& iEmcrgcnc;:y Stops

Al1ti:cupate stops weH inadv:ance so' )I"OIUI can :avoid panic iltops whicll C~Ji1 Cil!.i!ie iI"o,mcampelrtiQ jlilIG,k.l!t:nife'. rl'::iiilm~r1ij in po:ssiblle accldent alnrd iinjulry ..

When a,d.~lUsood cormct~y. the linaki\l COl11troller i;n your tow ven,icle !ilnoYI'~ ~ppW ·the CliiTilper It)riil,k'~5, iif ~,o equllpped, slightliy before the brakes onthe tow venliclctai<eeff@c:t This 'Will alloud tll~~ tr:Jit'ld~nifly of 'th~ m]m~:l{!r te JOiC 1iI1k:ll i~1\e i ~~Il~e~g ®'!'lcy braking !'l~tul;Jtiom; or on slick paeement,

~~ u n.nvay Camper

lin the event your camper sJlIould ciiscorm"IH::t from th~ hitd~ (lltl the t(llWv~hi(lll;l, rcdtJlce yntJl' spe'edl sllowlynl'1d ed9{! over into the shiOlllldm<lISi soon as you Co;lrrl do so s<111'elj,'\ PUJperly connected :safety chams wiill ~.€H;!P thB C;;llllp!i!r ~O~llli1<eot~d to the '~)(jIW vehicle.

someollle place Wh!}f':ll blocks 1!gaiflst the t,ai!er tires, Then reie:as,e:the br~!ke-5 :ii1Cl!wlyunti~~tlIe unit is ::itoppOO by the iJl()o[:iois. App~ the p:alrking brakeand place I:Ih~ 1i:ranSiml'lli~skll:l i,n park I~Qr il~ 'Yl!lar if m,3flIl,ml tll"a!l~mis~i~f!),


'Tlti!> is !:l, ~I';lill best lelilrned from experiielnee, pern:1ps lin f,I,n, empty parking lot. PI a,ce 'yollJlrsetf so your approach will tavor !l'Q~~r len vil€'W;; cal'flp~itr,: to the ifll'ft!, for'!\lX:03Jmpl~, S'taIl:ion ~om~one at. the rear or '~he UlfI,it to make sure 'everything is clear and hlill~IP g'u ide 'Iou. Plla ce yOIlJ If Ih!andall!he bottom of the stee.lfing whe!;!1 andlmo\lQ it u~) the d~rectlron YO~I warn the tl'Oi!~lerto goO, If tne t,railer starts to jackl!mife, stoo, p:uill f!O,rw:ardenoug:h1 t:o align the ~lIlit$, a tlrd try <!'Iigail'!,.

When ba,ckingi,ruu YOilll,r' e.nnp:site, remember to, ~~sa Watan'l <'ilborve tor oranlcliles and l,ilTillb,5 thaJt GOH~d harm your unlit.

'1'j rc Change

A. tiirec.n8Jli'Ilge on t~1e road may present extra prob!ems ane.l dislr.:H:Uons, Be cara['LIII'. Turnl 011 the lu,!;rnnj warning nasiloui and ~Siet up flares or waHlling lighrts.. Block the oppcsltetire. When misiing the trailer,uls¢ a$d~3Qr ,g,~, f1,vd .. ~~Ii~lyp~ j"~1k: on a wood b~ock d irrect:ly unde,r themailn beaml just be~l illd the ,I):!e, DO NOT'use a bU!11!P,er jaok .

It the traller f'!"U'!st be len: on the .iack wl!1i i ~¢ YQ I,! ,gl~t~hQ t~lr~ repailred, placea b~oc~, or sO!l1'"'thilng more sail id and SUD5hmtiaii til~;;)n the ~ a ek, next to or near the j aek, di rectly un dertiheframe rnali., iOeam. Lower tl1!l3' jaclk, putting mOI'~ ,of the ir<] iiler W,e i {1m on tlh e bllQ eli!. BLO'CK. T'H E lIRAII,LER Wilil EELS BIEFDiR,E:'II'OIU UNHITCH.

B!C'fQn~ jOilIckill19 ~~~~ thelr<l!lllelr, ~CH)Se:t1 alii the wheel lug 1'I11t30, Jacik tJP the trailer until Ule wnee,1 spins freeJy. RemO\l.e '~he wheel ~l!!QI IUI'I.S mild t~c,~ wlheel amd 'tirQ, Rotifl'!ovi;;' the center C<lIP I'n:mll th~ wheel ami set it in the new Whl€H}1. pialce the In<fil'W Wll(N;!I.<H'I,d tire Olfll the !l,UO. Hand ti'glntelll ~ulg tJII.Jts liJ'ei!19' ,Oarrefu;I' ~o center" tn~ cQ~m~ll!rs~nk wih~e-llhQle'50n tlhe chal::nff!md ~ug nuts. LiglM!y seat the lug huts wlith 1i:me lugl w!1rilnch. lower '~!r(!ller on to gro~nd .. Ti{~lht€ln whe~! Ilug 1'I~lt!; to 50-7:5 toot pounds in t.he altr<tmate paUenl1 ,3;.5,.2,4, ~,3,.2,4 Of' 1, 3" 5, 2,4·, 6,

RIEMIEM.8,ERJ A'rter changing whe@l~ it. I!!; 1,I1~!'Y important to ct:iBGk th@ wlh.lElGlllug nuts fortigiiltnes,s at 25; 1I00,SIDO ,md ~ve.ry 500 lIni ~es thereafter to assure Ug Mness. See all so the Service In 'croat CU.'lrt on p.aglE! :29.

DO NOT return a lire to yO!LH" Slarcmft Doa~€r or to S'i;arcrafi: IRV" inc. Tlres are w<llftan1ed sep1lJrately by eaeh tire m3n'LVf~GtI.Jrclr; C.Oflt:ilct tl'lQ UrrG rnanUlrOiietUlF1ilr .oil' his .. u~:nlol'i:zre,r,l dealer. C heck th~ t~n;! W:;l nr<lllty ~ If1 the Starcraft ,owners P;:J(:k~t t i"rto,O! me wi'th yO'l~ r uniit.

s VI' ~'\I'y:i nM.

n lI"OUf llfa~,le F :;;ti:llrt5 t;o 5W~ry olrfishlaii i DO N or I~t UIP 0111 the ,g,[~S 01" applly the car brakes, A'II'o.id qlllJ!ick corrective :stB0:rln!9 d~a~1ge:s. Klaep a steady or si~9htllV inCr!Hl,Sed pre-Si>!i.il~e' on tirle' Ha!r:; peda.11 (genU" apply the traHe,rbrail!.e,. if so eqUiilPPBd) to gain conlro~,~hcl'1 gmdual~y :tll.ow down1, Winds or passing \I'~hicl~s, -can C<l'~lse sO me 5W<l1I", but if ~~. eentlnuee. followthl] p'nm:H~d~,m~ above to regain control and carefullYPl!J1I ottine !load andi,c:h@'ck for thecOlUise, such <I:!>, I.ow~il~e pn;!o5'5!Jr~', ~c.o!le wt1e~lllu9 nuts, improper Ilm:lding (rear he.:livv}, car SUSP'BliIIs'ion or alignmelnt. {) r' tow vehk i!!!:· ~11 ~.deq ll'~~CV.


IA!;li~lIllc~ng y'cmr speed, lJl:o~n9l.!.1 Ilower trriul!;.mli.!is~on !'iH'Ilge or shriRir'lglto .[) Ilower gear will assist im IluaknlTlgand uphiU itwinl

he~R) pi'eVe~1!t me 'IH~giIIIH~ from ove rheat!i ri.g. Il's, !1::J,~st not 'to park F;i g .. (). 'J'~ r(' {'.,] p<1 ('I r Y' <lllid P I.'e~:;; LlTI.~ s I'-~ t·~ m l' Ill.

Oil .. gradie, burt if it ~s lti1e'Cessary, applv Ute brakes filllfld have



Prope rtir,e i n:flatiolil iis:e.>;;tlr¢lnely imflorl~Ht. 'Plr¢S$'Jf\¢':(I ~(lt trailer iircSrlI'C ~1i91h~r lh"ll~ c.utilres" The eorract prElSSli,lretor allY tin~ is ~tated on the til','>! sidewall. GeneraUy, tli1e ()<lP.1O(~ Ity I[)~ the Nrc il5 £.t;3too nn pOU I1ds followed by 1!lMfl requ i rnd ~ir :prrQssaJlre as PS.I!. !FI[JHowilllg ,::IJe !typical calPillcities.1!'l!ld pressures.

5.30)0::'112 1J.30 l'!12 678-13 El.7&-13

S1'1 75 130D 100

IO:1d r a n~lC' IB load ran~c' C l~l'In r"ng~ 16 IQ,~d r;;u'9!;" C ~t,l"ltj nmge e

840~ @55PSI 1045:V '@ {\lOPS! ~ 0015;'1 '@ q,~PSI '13;1511 '@ OOP$1 '1 S(l(lll '~M p·SI

sn 00 aCID 1 iJ.C ~ollJd r;Jr1~C 0 HMiril '@:50 PSI

Tralil erc<III''go canryini9 oalP<'IcTties are Ibased 01111 tnre cs pac.ities •.

However, DO. NOT tmderilllflale a tilr'e because yoliOire ulildorlo,.ded ..

Rf:lg ullarly ch~ck the ture alir press~.ri1! when lihe tin~$ a:rl;li co I d, The tire pl"e!ii;sure rnav Incr'etlse due to 11catgenemted whille' lr.!lveling. DO NOT b le,ed the air frorna hOI tire. .. U nder inUal.edl tires dIM::lrea~Hl the load linlilit, tend lo~Way,!ilhortel1 tread .Iife, ;l1ti1d can mil hot. Ove'ni~llflaling causes a bouncy; nJugh rldethat lnereases SIllOClk I~oads on a~11 eejlllipment ai'bdCOill'ten~'s. Atmua~ tirrearJid whee'l bOilancing ,cain he-Ip give better tire m~leagle.

"Jir'es sholl,1l Ud be inspected r:egul.ail'ly, Cheek tor u t'i,eVe!l wea'r:, road dllilflagle,. foreign objects,. bulgllingl. or peeli1llilg.

Repll:;Jce atim wnen i1 is: worn to 1/16" d(lPth in two or !TIOI'll! adjlaJcml'l: gmoves, or to the I,evel of thet:readi rid i,C:(lltOIFS; mlolded Into the bottom of <the treadgro,o'll'es.

New camper ~i!re5 shoul~d be of the same 5il2;I:::" ply r<ltilil'gl, and I.oad rrange as the tires t.hev repillce,!lfld t!hi,ev should be de:!>ig nalted rOlf tr<:liler :service'.

'Wheel Lllg Nun;

Before t~w~."g tine camper, make sl.Ire that the wheel h"9 nuts are tight. Or! a trip, check. the wlheelltllg nutsfrequentl'll ~nd~igh~e~1 them whenev'eili" neces;s<!ry, S,ee S-en-oice lnterll,ff' Ch<'lrt, page· 29 ami ff~ C)I)<lrlge,. page 11. IBefore using your new c;Jlmpe:r hJ'rthe fif:1it. tiIlTIC;ttr'fl wheel ~jjg 1!'1IUts shoUld be torqued wi1!ll. aJ 1!\orql!!l@wrnnchby(!"th@wyouor yom deall~r" TW(lhl€l l1nd tll1vrte'en inch wheell!ug rIilJ~'!ii: !lihou:I'd be iOil"q~.UilC 10 SO~,o 7S Ill .. ~bs.. If the trrai.ler .ils eq uipped wilth alllJlru,imJ m w:h'freDs, itJr:nQue th~ lug nub to. 85 ft Ib:;, Whe(!l~ th<1tcom~ off., or bolts th<!lt brealk because Ul:ey are: loose, are not. a wa rr.anty matter. Ret:er to the DeJder Opeta'tj'on, Maimenance Bnd Service M8rH.laJ iin :V0l.lr StarcraH Ow~~el!"'s Padke'l.

l~cdcJ',,111 Intorm~uj·"'ln Sticker

A (f~Qer<'l11'y req~ired) sticl<;elf, wl~ich i!>loo(:ated Q!1! IJIhe rO<Jlosjde 'frame of t:l'l,e camping trailer lists the unit serial numbernlt1id the gmsSi v'!:!:I1:i:cI0 w~ight Hlilingi {GV1N"BjlfQF a spcci1fic tlre siZ'ril. W!!light IimUts for tihe frame and a)(~e are ;also ~i$t~d.

1,(}.;Idi U~nih> ..lm~d 'Wc:ight: Db:~!'ib~!tiO!li

Tillie tires, axle, and UH:: t)it{:'h, li:~pport the c!lltire weighlt of the trailer; :For :~ .. f~ty" ~ild to pir~~~!'1I,t dam~g~'tQ th11!'~~ POltfu;; D' 'the ea.rnper, m3)(~I't1IUm ~o .. dl ~!imitf,O halla b~Hll!1' ·t;tst;J,blll·shadi for each Stalr(;rafl: camper; These limiib are published om the INFORMA'fIOINSTIIC.KER. Dam,age or accide:rilt. caused by overloadinglor implroper Iloading wm void .",IlY and all portions ot your' camper's warraln~y.

When 10'ilidi,Ilg 'for 1I nlp.dlstribut.e ~IM~' weight of loo~e ~tem!1!, evenly aroundllhe inside af the c;] m per. Heavy obj'ects should be stored at: floor l@v~1 3I"1d~~CiIUmd t'fi Ipr1l)!:v!]lnts:hifti!lig and possible darlil,a'!ille ~otlhe· GalTI;per. AiSsign permmlently aarriea ~oose i,tems a fixed storagle IIlre3. Use iil/,It> J : .i.~liI1'jl C'jlJfulmhlll,s, page 13, t,o Ihe~p you determine 'the best we~ght d~strib~tio·f'I.

LI se of Table I

"Ji'able 1 is designed to provid,@an easy method of calcu~a1t~ng a camper's lond ()an'Y~rlg COl paclty (H· tocl~til! rmllf1 ~the w~ig hI: dlstrlbuticsn ilf'lElI loaded Gllmpelr; The c:illlculation5 ~~sted iii the Tcabie can be comlJ,uted by ·", ... e:iigh~ng the loaded eamper and YSin'9 the figL.lJ'e5 ff(if1\ll Ule wei'ght jlnlo.n-nation stjolker~

NI.HC 01 n:y ii n g C a 1'.:1: d: ~ y

The carrying capac:~ty can be determined by' weighing the EMPTY e3lri!1per aFilcd S~lbtiraoting the actual weight 'rom 'the GVWR.


An ea 5'11' way to find HH~' hlU,ch w~ig~H 01"1 Ul¢ roauor $11 hio me li!'S~ln,g a bath room scare and a ,4:.::4,

Measure trom the bottom ,O'~ the fnl'meQf your lev~1 (;i]lmpliWlo' the grm.md,. jl!!l:st in front 01 the tire, Fr·om (hi~ mtil~ il'ur~m.~nt,. $l,Iblr·1i!I(ll tile: he:iglt, l o~ your scale and mIl a 4x4 to the rema:ining figure .. Zero the scale w~th the 4x4 on the scale,

Block. t'he trauler wlh.e'els, Ralilselli(1! tongu(l jack until the 4.:-::4 and the S onle can slide uIH'Jerneatl'l. lower tll.etongul;) untii j~ rests on the 4:..:;4" "lih~ wel~ght showllI iils the hitch wenght.

Axle WdghJ LAtV)

Hite a;.:;le wei gilt c;O!tl be det~rruined by wei.gh~ng the IIQaded cil mper with bot h tire!i (H1 the !l,C.n lies .. W~,~gt:r one tire.ri 01. tim!: to de'l~rl!l1~!1e1:jhe weig!firt dishrilbl,liJlol1l be1tv.r!l·~lilthe right almrd left side's OfUM~ camper.

Total V"'hide VVt'igh I. (V\.v)

The to'ta~ VEi!nlicleweigi1t (VW) ciiJn be deb~"mlined bywe~.ghiflg the lQADE[) CAMPER with both tnresllond~lhr:e dolly wheell Oil UU~ scales.

Wdght Distr~buHcJ~l& R;l'!til'lg [)(~finHi{Jus~

Cij rgo (:fll'tyi mig cllI:pacity fOlrll'our u nit: Is derln ed on a we:ight label placed in yO~~lr unit Refer ito' UiH~' l a bl1l'~ contalned ill YOUir l~lnlit f'o,r SPtH~ i:rk, wei'9ht I n.'ol"ll'mrtion, p(!Ii"ta.1 nln'9!tQ you r UIFI it. TJ1Ii$ wei~8lht l .. bl;l'li('; .f.llf\fi)((ldi Qn the in:side of 1) cabinet doo'n;.

N,OTIE: Will ile every eHoirl isma de to providie an accurate w~i9ht,. ~t i~ po~~il::i,lle that the wei'9lht: of your speciiric !Unit may !,I.ar)' fro:m tll1r:e weigh1 shown on, Mlle la bel.

Crag,g Ax;I@ W@igM Ratin;g (CAWlR) - The vallie !ll,Peci~ied by the veil lole manufacturer as the mOJ!ximuIT! IOOld c<!n"yi 119 capacity of a si "9 I e ""!lle s:ys:itefill,.<lISO measured at the tire 91rmmd interta(:ie.s.

Gros,s Combination W.iglli!t fl!a~i!,!'g tG,CW'R) ,-IMQ"I!l~ tnc maxilmum permissible lo,adeclweigl~~t at thefl!ny ioaded t,owil!'1g vi:lhicla incllI,ldifl'9' p'''!!!iilell'1!g~r~ (tQ!' In(ltoll'iiz~d products 150 pounds each}; all C'iH'glO, ~Iuids;. etc •• plus tlhe weight of the hlllll'!!' ~o!:l.ded tQwed vel1iiiCile.

Gross Yehicle WeHJht Raliingl ~GVWR} .~ MeOlfl!> tile maxim,um permissible weight ,otthe tr·aliler; The G,VWR. is eCIILjlal to er grealter than 'thji! sum ,0' ~1fiIe- unload{ild vflhifJWe W9'igl1t pilUS the net G:urying !~i]p:Jlcity ...

Unl,oadled Veihiicle Welight (UVW) - Means~:he weight .of the traill~r ~$ blL.llilt ~t th~ fa(;tQry. If lIpplliGab~le. it inclllldes full geiriJ.eraltor ruel, ern91irne'Qil, alilid cOQlants,. ill"h~ UVW does nOit ulildude c:a.rgO·, Fresh 'w,<llter, pmpane,. or dEMlller install:e",:J alcc'els:soriia's.


Hlllt: Car!'llli!:'!g Capacity [NICCt _, M@~~u: tihe mOl)!u!nwfl w@ight o~ ailll personel bel(llng~ngs; food, f,resh water. propane, tQO'~Si' d~alier h:J:stalied aeeesserles, etc." that can be ca rried by the trl'Jile'if. Nee is, eqlu>tl to o,r [I'ess than GVWR minas UVW Tongue or H:itc~ Wei9'h~"

f'.ollowing are a eoup:~e 5itil"lp[lerorlnulas ~Oe)(ipr,e5s, 'the above:

UVW '" Nee :::. G'IlWR


:: NCe

l-lit!Ch-IO-\>\Idg.lu .RaUo

to"s~llrl!: pirop~r .md !;.l1e 11!i!1 lilt! i Iflg '0' yIQur ciilmper b'~ i1il'uJ you II" taw venide, c<lrgo 'S,hOI~ild be dis~n1 butedl so that 9 to '12 lPerCNE!li'It .ot the tiD't::ril weiiglht ~s on the 1~litch b~ II. Total we i ght is [loaded" :re3dy to travel weight, 'llVh~tih~,ould be less thalli G,\lW R, but never more than GVWf1:, A:llso, when dli,s1i"iibul!il'lg load, !be' 'O,<lrehl~ I'!IQt, to exoe-edGAWR

NOiJI:l: T,l!ie total tire ea,padty {:e. g •. 5.30-12C @1045 each x :2. =2:(90) is .li1lot required 10 equal G:VWR 5uIlDe9' to ~ 2: percent w~U be on t.he hitch b.;dil. For eX!IImpllet.o! ~Olrnper cO~lld nll!\IeiJI GVWR of 2:.,340' pOIU nds, which, a~ flrst 9 h:lnce, would 3Jppell r to o,verlo'!i!ld ~ .p:!Iir'o' '1.2" load r2lng~ C tires with a total munibi.nod capac:ity of 2,090 IPguli1ds.l~n fa(;t they are rJiii1t overloaded OJIS 2,340 - :28~ ~12%, ot 23<W} equala .:2:,05'9.,31 pounds undelrUH;! cQimlcll'i'1led tii'e capacity of 2.,1090.

Table j t Load Calculattons

C a leu 1.1 I i 0 IiiI

The Gross V@hicle Weilght Ra.tirng (GV\i\lR) M in us thet:O~~11 w~ight ·of t:h~ gmpty tr~ill~1i" Equa Is the rlJet GAFiRYI[NG GAPACHY

The weligh~ of the lelft wheell (with load}

Pil[g,J~ the wC;:lg M c;>f the rlgh:tvl!heel (with load) Equalslthe .AXLE WErnGHIT (AW)'

TheGn;)$~ A:.;I1i1l Wl?ight R~t'n9 o{GAWFI) M~'m .. !$ th~ /JI.W of the ~o'<ldledl C.(llmlPClr Tu~'~s if ~he GAWR ha:!O be't,!nIlL'I:;ce~d~H::I

The<Jlc;tl!,.!~' hit:cn w!1light (witin !Q;O]lq.) PIII"I~t!f1!)!!A.:de W,eight (with ~Q<Jd)

Equalls til.!';! lOYA.l V,E:HIIClE WEIGHT or UU! camper

The Gros5 Vehi~l~ Weiglhl.R01,ting {(WWRj

Mil1Ju:; the TOTAL. WE~GHf o~UH:~lo~dedi camper TeU,s ~f the GVWR has been e:x:c~,~ded


The weight of the riglht and ~ert wheel $Inoliid os f!pproxim~taly equ~l.

lhe AW 5hou[lld be ili~5<s than theGAWR.

NOTE: If the t,ongllJe weight is below '9°1[,

011' above ',4'% or th~ tOla~ w~li.ght. m.<lk~ ch.alngesun thee weight distribution to bringl the tongue weight withiln limits.


The TOTAL WEIGHT of the loaded ea ~'i1!p er s.liIoul<:l De [less than GVW'R.

• Hw ll,W ~.,n ~w ~r\'H;'nni!t~~d hV \ydHhing '\,vHh !~~l~h II res ~)!1 !!w ~,,:~\"!,It,· .11 ~h~ ~~,1!1W ~im~~. I~~n ~.!d1,,·-w-,~!.i,Jk wl,;'lf~!~1 ~ilii srribut iI.1!~ ~.~ mli(l! b ~ gct~ n~il!l ~q ~! 1111~~s:s i;',~ ~ h $i de ii S Wi.,'iigh ~'d se p<l rarcl y-

Exterior Set ... Up (n·011 slideout models)

B~f\Cm~ sllilt~ng up: 11 a boat, ibiiql'c 185,. or al'!!JI' Iuggagle is b(l~ng tr!:N'I5IP,olnmd. rClilH)Ve litfN)fTII the rcof c.i:lr.rl,er BEIFORE raising the roof" Block the ira iler wl:i1e,s Is. whCm(lV'Il:lir you unhitch. ,DO iNoT ralse CIF ~oweiF the root wUh tille st<lbl!!~e'r ~~~:k~ 3'!llt The [acks may induGesome twist 11m ~he frame Wfliclh could th,rowtlhe i ifit system tempora1rily' out of ~,I:ignment. Rausli rig or i·O'w~ rilt1lg th~ rClo~ ~lnd!\l·r·lhe~![J co n·tJitiolm!i ·eould cause ch'llml'lge 10 the Ime" s.ystem.

REIMEMBER.: Thestabilizclf jacks should not be used to I@'\iel t~le (;~mper.Rel@~~E1' the roo' IfitCllltli!!ii BE:: FOR E ~1.1emptil'ig 110 cmnlk up the mot. FAILURE TO DO SOWlbL RESULT liN DAMA.GIE TO T.HE L.lFfiE.R SYSfElIM. whiiQh wiill not be CQv·@l(la by W1:lU(llltV.

NO'TEI: C.anolPY or add-aJ-lroonm options should be Olrtt~Ch(;!d to ~J~e c;<lnlptl!rb~fQ"t!l tim rcof is f:l,i!;;ed .. C~ mping tra il~rsaql,lilPp,ed withl awniln g:s 5:hou Id n,:lI1C the ~:10 lies a,nd other hardwarE! Ire moved fro mtlhe' root- m Ol,mt~d !l:'OI~lng ~'OI'!>~,

1. Po~Hion the tr,ai~er ona level spot and lower the doml' wheell ]<JJck. until the dolly wheel touches the ground. R.eleas,8: the e(H,Ipl~r plld C!i'mllll< tile l~ck dowrn '1Jillitili the ~oulPlel' is cif~ .• H· of the hitclii, ball. When setHng up on sott groulnd. place a board ulnder tho do~ly wheel.

2:, Re.le!.lse U~e roof ~.al~hes.S.a'a lFig. 7.

3, Slide thecrank handle ~nto the- I}rank sh<:liU ,,'nd 1~ ... n thil;!' cr~nk l1 .. ndle ·el'o,ek.wiese '!Jii1.ti~ red 9:a~~~e wire becQJnes tislht. DO NOT OVI:R~CR:ANK THE WINCHI.

4,. After the nmf has been f<'llis:ed, sel tllH'l s'la,bi I irzer j ac:ks .. The main comer ]:ullks afl1l' IB,AL screW jacKs which are e:ranlk (!!per~ted" To OIP-er<JJte ti1~ HAL scrE!"wjacks, simply pl'ace crank htUlidf,e onto shliln and UJIi'Il. To lower, UJnl -clock,wls'!i: .• To mtr(l~ti' t~lrli1e counter cleo k.wvse.

:5, Fine! be(j s·uPPQ!is under bed mars. iH!<lIl'91 tronl "'U" beldi supports'tH'! front wall, p1la c iirlg legs i r1 A·ft~lirli!~· o!'Mk(lt hQI(l~ ctosest to :front wall. Ha rllg rel!l:f scissor!> UipportS '(Hn re:a r wallI, pll.~clng legs I~~ bump,er ~Iot-~, Se~ Fig.,. 8,9 :and 1I:L

5. Pull beds 0 u t.1 ~~St<1I1I Sliin giG hJOGSILIIPI)ortl; 011, fro!nrt beds u !iIi n 9 A~fr<lime brackethole toward coupler; tarr'ger ·c<nnpers wiith GO· b~d!> Oil the r~'<!r wiH :ai~Q hw,,~ ~illlgll@ 'hd~1il $IUPPOI1S.

CA!U110NI; The bunk blr-.il(: e~ mlu:!;It ibl!ll'fil Ipl'ace b~.\Qf'e p,wlll ingout the bu nk. l'1iI(! :bIUIiI,k will 111101 SIlIIPIPO:rt itse·lf. D3mOilge to the slide m.eeiilan,isM ,could r·esult.

7. Zip do'w!'l 'th!:!1 tent <!It thofoLlir U1'hm; .• The bu~~ken,d slide ,pall!P.11 gOBS blEttWI;l(!1l ~ha ~iftelf andfjh E! wa ~I cap,/bed slide IT!] mddill1lg. Veh::ro the bunkend s,h:le pa nel to the walll cap/bed 81 ide 0'11:: lhe~iner,~. Wnl!p the nHe'r wate r C~Ve'r5 ''-! re !:.l'nd til"lie lifier,il nt! velcro to time tentside panel. Se@ Hgs" 11 A. .& 11K

I"~H" .I ~A c'.lH~ Il H, VdC'm f.'Jj~lcn",r uu C(jonHH'~ ((1111 \\,.111 (',~p![~('d :;Hd~' mQkljn~},

lL Wraplhe bu r1lk~mj sid~ P<i ']QI~ ~ Ild r;l'r 1h~bod ad g(;ls. ho,ok~ 1'1£1 the :;hock cord ~oops around the metal rlEltain~n. on the under sid~ of tl~1!l! b!i!d~'d9iI';!$" St'l!e F~9, 1:2:,

rig, II 2, tlS~IJ].~ shock cord' retainers on bertom ,of hunk,

9, lnsid e the u [lit, In the b ulillkend, c~up the overhead support po 11'3 <Hlto the t~lit bow, wlli!::,n, will be li<lyil"g) on U, e bed illat. 1P1U!:.h the support polle and tent bo,wllJp and out, rais:ingthe bunke~ld. ~nsert ~:he adjuster en d of :SUPPOIr1 into the bra c:1i:@t on the inside of ~he If()Q~ end bOil r'~. Ad,~ ust the Ie n gth of 11h1a S~ppoll1: har at the adj ulster 'Ul1l:iJII~h@ bun k'eno ca twas is light. Sll~ F~gs, 13A. 13B.& t4.

10. Rel'ease the $cr,e'e'Iii, door from the roof by h..Jmingi the twist locks. SJWilllg tt'li!} door dow.n to tlhe' ~.ower door, Ut'~ up ,lind ~iIl~,N~~rt tile tfill'S:, fo,~jlnd at the !Jotloli1'il o,f the screen dCHlr, into the llIotches I ocated ~!1 the topofthe door posits :i III the

.1 j;

$idewaH!il .. S~e Fig~. 1M 8: HiS, Atthlj,ii top otthe!lcree'~~ dam;, push '1ihe b~fold h~n9'il!I;fl,;1t against tfle roof side bO,[lH:l, pos,iitionilt1lg U"ne two wh lte tu n1, buttons tJa Come [hi ro lIgh th"" sn~rl:s; 11'1 the hirn'M. furn th elwo tu m ilutto 1115 90 degree:)! to hold tll'Hi:!' Screen doer .agairllsUlhio:- roo,f.

1'1, Fas:ten U-,e l:alchth.a1 holds the s,omen door <lr!d lower cH:Hlr logethe1r;

12" AittO'lch tlhecanvas: to ~he sereen door w:ith the \I,~lcIrO strips ..

I·igtor iI:(:t~~ polk· (~,.,,1., 11~'~~ llIoi. shm.v~ {(lI'd,1I'itvL

- . - - ~.

ng,I'I ..

·ft'.]! SI!!PP(~II'1 h.u,

ng" I .5r\ [)J ~ :':,U,

T.ll~ iJ11 IH1!·t(HD] ~,t M;~1."~'n door,

Exterior Setup (sltdcour models)

Exteriior s.etup of slideout moddcaJmpers is the same as all others. See pages 14 &1:5. Sell I.l!p of Uil'ri!s~~deout rcom ts as fol!m'i5;

1. IPulU OlLllt theSilkl~OIL!lt IlJIlltlll it stops,

2:. ruck :$Iideou~ ten~,ilnt,otei'U ratOlliner under t~~e velclro strip and Hflel'1 !plies:;, ontothe velcro on both enda .oif 51 ideout See IFlg. 1,6,

3. h15~dle the s~ido:out t¢rU. 1'000isl'll the b'l!l!likend tent in~he same manner as ~~,efmlt1lt arid rear bunkends,

NOTE~ 'Wh@tl s.'I!!tti ~9 ll,Ip ~ sllldeoL.d cam per, YOl.lI'111 flind a 1/8"' wilillbo:ard shee~: ontln,e 11001' Ul1dG!r~h& :.1 ideout rollers, The purpose of liltle ShBBt of wOlin board is to protect 'In,e' 1100r '!Iil:nyi cJiLJrllng Havel lln,e millers nl,PV make impresslions il"l tlrlll~ viny:1 wh~~h ~$ un .. vo~d(llble" Such imp,ression,s, wl~~ not be cCllvii1i!'ed undii1ir w.,.r.l"anty. Y:Oll unay di&cartlll ~.l1e board if you are nctceneerned ,abOl.U minor roller iliil"l,pr,essiorls in jjl:ii,e~loor vinyL It you choo,se 1,0 !,:!!>Q 'lh!e; b·Q<ll!"i;l, !i'lQn~ it uneer ~ tied Imilttres'i t:iiiilti.l you are ready to travel again," Wrll!,m closing the eampe!'" !:liV tihc boa~d on the 'flo,or.rt a s.lligl:1i.t angle so that one roller ~t a time will ro~~ up 011 the board. If <I III! roll~e,,5 hit the board Bdg'9 ·at the-same time, the board willi ~I'i,c,e. See Fig. 117.

____jJ Interior see-up Sink cabmer

Fo,lld·OVer .. Swi"9 thc()~bit1l~t 'into pl~lc~ on Ih@ b .. ~~ cabi neil •. See IFig. 11,6.

Fig:. is. !!o.ld-(Jv~'r Sin.k.


NOTE; Stor~ tiilll:lle5 inside overnight and dUriin91 bad wearther.

All tables <lire of the frl9'eStOlnding :tyiP@'1 unhook tHiJIrf! l1e1ta~ulng strap to free 1!he' I·egls, !.!if!WW and I'ocli! iifl position.

For travel" thie tablle· stows between the dinette seats, be SLm~ that the taible extrusion is inserted in the wall e:drusion correctlv.


The bed elilds, 011 either end of the trailer are rated torr appr-o!lilTla~eUy1 000 lS8..

WARNi~N'G;: DO NOT leave ,childrell1l unatte:nded ilil1he bunk. e.nds. Aehilld miight work hi9 war (JIllt between the Ibll!!;1,k ,and the' t.e,nt and become ,caught in the elastic strappill1lg, or.all tOo the gl"CN.lndl.

.AsiClie from tli1,e bunk ends, Mnli:!t ood~ arL".: made using ci~hci' the ttables orgi~'L!Icho. The tables are placed on SIiJPPQlrts, bl1ltw~oo tll'~ dinette se<l~. 'The ~e.,t back cushlons ~re s.:pread OIjjlC't th;-e iabiGJ.

Carry-Out Range

A carry-QlL!lt ral!il.ge is s1ta ru;fard on mo!s~ models, rrt can be' used ins:idethe Gfllnp,err, 'orouts'l:dc, Itlia I)g iug em title e.'o:~eirior sidewall'!. A prop.:m~ 1i1~1I hQ~'~, wiffi[ .~ 'q"'~'GI'; di$CQ~ nectt i~s p:r(N!idl~d a~ both IOGations, 1£1 m:ak,f!' tih,e pro'parH!' connectirotl. the slmtoft n3ndle must beat rigl1!t :.mSllos to the COli.lp:l~r. Sf;l~ FigSi. 19A &; 1196. Puilltihe canar on the coupler towawdi the hose while I ns,erri:1 ng the male fitting onthe stove bOl(.!l\'Iito the c:o~Jpler.'Once cormected, push il:h0 collar baclk tow<1lrd the 1"1ilng@ makil119 the eenneetlon, Rotate tim shutofd' IHllrld~>i!l. making it iparalieU with the coupler; turning en the prcpane and locllililrlg ~necfiuplcr,. lommove, reverse 1"lus pro' cess.

Figs. 119l\ & 1911t Quk~'k dii,!:;"()!1:IH'd~ f(lr (\lny-olll[ ,.l!lg~.

When usedoutslde, the n.:llng:e hangs onarn extruslc n on the door aide si dewallll, to the rear of tne door. The nell: hose with the pmp:ane quick diilsconnect isflound iin 3 hatulil, ~ikethe lOne lIIsed for the IPOWC'[ cord. See Pigl. 30.

FOlriralleU" stow 'the por:lablc I'ango I~~sld(! 01'1 tim 1IIoor: [l'e'Pending onthe IllIl odE'i~, .:il5tm,,'e' bmcket, li'It;elhe one onthe outside of theeamper, is provided on aeabfnet fronl: wal.l or diMtt~ fro'nt $~e Fig. 20.

,11\ \lll'jJWilf1'g l:abel h~!i belen lccated ill the cooking ,ami'] to remind you to provide alUl, adeq'lWlate SUIPP 1''1'" of fresh ,!:lJi:r tOil" combu!1Otion. Unl~ke ,~~ome~! ~lhEt ameunt ofo)(ygel'll suppiV is limited due to~he size of the camper; li?mlperventil:a1Ji:on whel1 using the ,cooking ;)ppli:anr:::!I:l will ;]I\lo~d the dl<!ngers of <ls,phyxiatio,n, It is especia Illy import ... nit tha~ (;OIJ,kililg appl~aMe.s not be u:;ed fDr comfort ne3tirng as the danger for asphyxiation


1,10 gre<.l!H,r when the applliaflCe:5af\e m,ed ~Qr !Qli'Ilg periods 0'[ tiime. Also, see S,..eclHI' ria/fry l)u)adr.tt~s, pag.e S.

NOTE: Store the ran9'E:! itllsllde overnight and cliLur.lng bad W(lather"


--- -- -----


Cook!ln!J1~ppllilln,ces needfre'5·tl, i9i~r for si!l1~ Qpermiol1,

BerO'm gpefDtiom

t. Olpe~ O'\i'lerll;e;adl vent ertum on gXhitilUlt 19 n,

2.- OpoDn window.


~ltiW UFiV. D!l4-'1IilC

DI'al,e HCMincl' 'Cord InsClI.nllrioUi

To prevent tine' posslibiliity M dr,apes entering' flame .lirea at ranqe, irilsta:111 drapes as follows,

L Thill dr!! pe~ th~t ha'l!~ strrlpssewn 'to. 1:f11e bottom are ~o be hung bcnlind tho nmga .. u~ a,

2. Thread the shock cord ~A) thmlllgh~he :Ioops ol:ll1the dr~p~ ~tr<!p (B).

3. Att'lI(,he<Jlch end 01 the sho,,,k. com to the plastUc puilley fC) mounted on the ood slicl!e extrusion_

Accessory Installatlon and Set-Up'

Step Operation Fow s~ngll,e steps:

1. Lift: front of step andl pu'lll ouWi~l'd to disQngl~:8~ the eros's bar on the back. of the step from th.e; notch at the Nj,l!I;' of~h~ ~Wot~ in tho s't!l!P ~Ide frl'lmes,

2. :Sl~da :step 'OU~ u~ltil the cross ba,lion 'liM, back of the step hits the emJ 'Of llt"iJe slots ~n the steIP side fr:1l!ll1es a'i;;the front end. I.IQfwew front (It ~t(!IP to ~r~g!.lg@ ::oIQL,

3, To stow the' step for travel', lift tih!::fllOnt Iilnd Qff step, push in, then Ilower front of st!;!IPio engage ret:enHon notch. SEl'e Figs. :2.tA & 21 B.

~f1s~~111ing the !\:\\'nlng& Screen .Room

The awnil1g arlldl screen room 1}lIaii.t:lUllefor 'l!'0ur ,lleW S1arct"aH'1!eiint ,C,!! mlfu1r af'~ II'nal'luf:actmed by DOlme1:ie., Refer to the Insitrucitions provided by Oome~j,c for each of theSi~ ~cc~::!!!!Qri~r:o,

NOlTE: FOlr ,added Sie'Cl.:Ilrity Or in windy Woalthor. the !'!pl!'ights ShOlllldi be anchored to the 'gllfOulllld wilth hook !ltHl<e~. The ;WWit;i!19 is net desi9nl~d to W~h:5tilnd winds '9r'~at@r than 15 m.p.h, Roll '~p your awning if ycilU suspect winds o~ t:lil,is mag n~tude approaching" it it is r .. ~nlln g, li'ower one of the front comer posts, abou14" to allow the water to escape.

Btl !1k rind IIi dC8·t\\:v",'Y' Ins~:.':'iII!I~l~it.'1U h~~h·u",'~.i.l:m~ lll,:'U" ,f,'m,( I~'i.~ fJl,ly

1. Attach male snaps to thli! bottolll side of the sllideol.ilt blilnk board at: the two earners ~see' Drawil1lgJ 1 ).,

2, SnjJIp tile hid¢:I!lW~ly vinyl skirt com,a;, 'rem<;lle!1lfUi!pS kltih,e, corner male snaps. The!!, are located dirndly abovl;! the st~,ke hook s!ots in the hide.away' skirt_


S, Afl ,ax;i:sting mallesl1ap.s sho'uld be' filst:e!,ned t~~lhe b~~~k. board, Use 'the fem<lile snaJp ilioca!ted on the hideaway sliili1 to $fj,i:i(;:e the mal~ ~!1~r~,

4. Insert four metal stake l1!oo,,"sthrouglh t11,~ metal gr,oliili'lmets on ~lhe bottom .of tI'1i@ skirt" Pr~ssfi.rmly into the grQl!lfld. (See IIOmw~ng2.'1

:U:L I~ /t ,/


f '. •

~"- <, '1. ~.:i'l

-J------:--~- ...... -. ,

--I 0, i





1 I




Mlltll- p;i,rn (W i1,t,i;i.P r'iIj·1

. 1~ :Si"iL~"':\ - "'~" I~E-·II ....I

l~. :C:1I~i'X hrr eco


I hiT r ruon ur 'IlTjidl I: l':i

BO'llTQM VI!!W a~S.uDE-OUT 113.1\.01( BUMK

nllilJll1tiilii i1h!:...oT!t'i "Fi~ li!!'il ~II\!I i.., i_iIIi'i!i1n t,L!"~jjl!i.Jj~ !~pS"'!!I1'i1

Dr.lwill~~ II

SIl"H,e Tire 111!!;,\t.ilriaU1l11

All S~3rt::rnf;t5, havo ii re0l1i"sp,'1r(; tire rn,onn1. as:sembly'. for inst1lIUllltion. p:roc~e-d as foll'~owsl~ee Drawin9 3):

1, Iinsert bolt {A) tihmug'f1 tf~fi!I sq U3Jn:l 11 Ellii;! ~r!the :spOl!!',e 1ijre b:rac:keit (D).

2,. Holdiing bolt {A) .in pllace, slide otile reta~nE!'If washer (BI Q'o'>ar thre~d portic!I1 of !bolt.

a" FOilllQW stelPS 1 .& 2 f!Or bo~lhl 1;)0.111.5;

41., Place the spar,~ tir@ OIl!;!r1tM e two bolt's and a~tach !,,!y~ (C) "'Mt~ghit!i!'n 51H:!.llrely.

1)rawil1H .1,. St<1rcraH spare [ire bracket, bolr, \ .... "HhNS & aut as.~.cll~biy.

Clofh,cs Hanger IIfISt.:d~""Holl

TIh~ cllilti1r!ts h<lng~r .m<.!y b() ,il'll~t~llil,ed <IS ·!>!h,oWfI belQwo:!It 'the .approprialt'e lo.cation" dlepencing onwhat mode 1 camper you I; a 'oI'e.

2W7 2-~.(}7


l70:7 2',o6 ,NH


170'1 lW(:i NW

INo Clo,th:es Bar

:Bunk Ught 111st.aU.ttion

Dohl':l'~ liglhl,ts tloYlf CO!'1itO!I~h a 12 vol~ PQ'We:r.~iaJl;lkfo!' cOil1llne'ct~n9 remote b!ull,kligh,ts:,. See Figl. 22 &. ,23.

1. Place; 11'1;1), 12 velt light wt ''!'I~dpOlenIt 00 the 'tent roO'f.md Sm'lP it to the tent support bar, The. '(;l(Ird s:hO'liJilld be extended toward the light receptacle •.

.2,. It is rCQQmmcmjM U10flt yay wrap tile: (;ol'd Oll'{llilld l~ll'1ll SI~:l>port bar a m,ihim urn (!if two times.

3 •. Ilrls,crt the eowdi plug'into tho '12 vol'l: .ilack ~n the dom~ light.

CAUTION: 12l1'olt.liightiil'lQ will pll'\Oduce heat .. Care :!!!hg;uld be,tOlllien When hl!!ndling the tix,ture after the' light has been On 1101' some time.


f,;ilg .. U.

nunkellJ domneli:glll:.


sHd~t'lm dt~I'I!I(' ~iglu.

Ihl1. I~ r yll ~u!l[ 0!11 n~l t i tom

The battfH'Y raekjs standard 0111 all .A4!f'ames, NQ oaver is ava.ill·a,ble. See Figs. 2:4A., B,:Hld C. Refer to will1ing schematle in lhl<! b<.!ock of tile book.

INOTE; Als>o read about batterry f\IInoCtioll1 ill discussion of 11~ ""'Q~t electlric<'!1 on page 21.

Fig- 24{\, 2<Ht

I mflm~!H modl!'1 n"~U:i''Y r.lck ,1I'~' l:i c a f i 0 !lIS,

F~~. ;:HC.

I.) iUt~ H~ 11 t mo did battery rack '~r)l~ I il!.;<ll i -" 11 s.

NOTE; O'I.!!t" I:mltt~ry clmrge hi'llmess,oQlltoill~ t'I fU~!l\, When,ever a b~ili~ry c!1iiI;ar:g1eo line is connected to a tow 'IIehicll.e· b<lttery,.1:hat clh.[llI'ge line sho'!!ld also be fu.s.ed ;::ItthCl tow vebi(:le b:atter)l". IFUIse according to wire siz.e. PI charge Illine sllo'wid be Imlinimum 10 gauge· wire wi,th a; 30 .£!mp ~yse.

Fresh water rnalY be .supplied to. the sink f.rom one o·f two !lourc,cs:: elitti"l(lr ·al wM~1I" toill'1lk O!'!JI~"ltl! wat.(I!, hQo·k.!Jp. F~':w:t.u!'e!O to,," both scureea are located .adjacent to each other O[]I th,e, same side of the a1a,mperandalt'e label·ed.

You !ilhQlIldi in~t~n ~ p1f'0S~Yrn ... it~h.!c(!r in ~he ,!:;ampg,fQul'iid faucet that willi Ii mit the presstllire ro 60 PSI if the source pressure exceeds that. ammmt. lih:e G~ty water b'l"Pi"sse~ Ine JI"itl~rf1'<:1i walter tank, butdoes ~ill the wate, he<lb~i:, O]pen a [hiot water f·alucet to help nu 'the heate.r ~an:k:. In either case, put only cllaalt1 ddnkoblQ wat'll;!" in thl!! ~Y8t(,lm,

Wamr"!> moved through the sy!Stem by <112 Ioio>l'twateir pump or city water pressure.

Water fills

The!reOllre two waiter 'rills. on S'h;ii'Ci'!illrt ca.ii'ipeffi. Se'il:' fj'!;ll. 2!l and F~g.. 26. lIhQ city water fill uses a ho,seCOillnectiOiIii1 which can be used to pmv:ide water ,pressure without the use ofithe 12 Yolt pump. ThQ CQ'Ull"dry or ,jgravilty" water fi i i h. Y!Oiildto. p our water .into the stera 91e tanlk when water noolk ups are .liiIiOt aV(llllla ole.

!Jig. 2~';,

CUy \\'.ll~·' su.

Hg.26. C,r<lvlt~iwa.lltl' mL


When an opti,omtl watelr heater ~s ,il!1~t~II@(:I OJ, cOI1\r()ntil(l11til tllotlco~d mixing ~aucel wm be inst:a'lled.lhiisfaucel wilill ope,rate 01'1'12: volt demand piJmp Or ~it-y wot~I" pressure,

S~ 11[.' n~'.lJn

Thl(l OUIUotil'l: portfo~ the 5ihk dNHn i$loGi)!ted direCl:Uy beneat:h the s;ink an2'O'J, underthe trailer, Conn~ct a black glarden .hI,os,em, th.o >!>Ink dr,<!11!"1 thl:h,Jlr~ .. rid rUi1 It to a IPOlJrk!l~rvl~1:l ~cpUc QI,dlet or dmin dirlZictly into .rl portable holding tank..

NOTE: Silnk dlralitllage Unouglli1 a geM'dlen hos,ewiU be very i1OliO'W. Th{l ~ong~r u,~ hQ:i~' is, th~ slow¢r it 'Will dl'oilli.

ToO <;!\i'o'id eerttaminating your WOlt~r sys1am, use ~white hose for fresh water and a bllaok hose lor tllra~ml,ge, If yOlu l!I!>1l! l:u.aclk'l1l1!ii, pOlii!'lt. (llr lo.1Jb'l1ll U'~n'.

Bell1.' IU~ Pu m~~

The pre sSUIre in the ~ntern<ll w;<ItEirsyst1Elrt1l eomestrom Oil 12 volil del'l'1Iaml pump,. O!)e!t1IH~et<lucet thefirs;t time' y,ou turn 011 tll¢ (j.[!! tl'll 11 r,,d l:l ~i'lfl pill flti II tile water Haws; s;tcmd ily, tnenc IIQscthie fa!)I~~t Whe,tl! the sy~~!n ~~ pr~~~l,Jlriized. the pump wull stay oN' !'lIOtill you l!S~ 'W'OIti1!r. 1"h~lltll'$pUlln!=i' turns on to meet the dmm'lnd. If it turns on bllltWeen bJi!'H~S" check the sy~tem for I!elall!\s. Do not run the pu,mpwilen the t(l,nk us empty, Be~ore breaki n 9 oli m,p", han the r:a~llnp switiCln tQ Qff i'l rid make sl.Ir-e iti:. 'oft by turnin 9 0 n the cold WOlter faucelt,. When you' Ire sure the pump ls oft, clOSE:!' the taueet, See ~Iqj' ,r under _<;li,fMJ~~·.page 21,for ,,'old weatlliH PIrQt!lJlC'tion.

\!Vatcr I ~Cilltcr

The wamr he.:1ltelr willf~1I1 .;l utomllil:ica~ i'll' either fnJr:IIl the fresh waoo!I"t.10korwherl {lO:t':! rli;!1i;l'ti;!d te th~ cit)!' watertim. Whell'riillu.ng tho tr@'5h w~t'l1ir t'llnk, O~HHl :11 hQrt \iVa~~r f<l'uGet brieflly, wiitlhl the pump swiikh "()N!'" 1toallow the water healer to. 1',i U. Make su re tne W<!1e'r' neMef' I!>ful.l! before trying to light it,

NOTE~ See 1he ~ns1'ructio ns provided bytliw manufacturer of the water heater fair important opem1lng. and !satety in formation.

NOTE.:: When dra~nling the water heater, use a 1-HUi" sockeUo remove the dr<l,in ph.l!ll. 'The drain plh,w iis .1:'1180 tne saclrifida~ anode wlhieh pwtects the tank from chi\!muc::~U de,telriof.ation and el:eetro~y.!S~s. As the w~tew 11elJlte'r ts ll'!H'ldilnd I'lIged. tille <.!i1lodie will deplett;!, It wW have a rather diI5gUs,ting, eaten away appe.alr,amce. fhis ls nor~.31," W"'(l~ ciomp~e;tI;!J~y 011" mos;Uy' go,'1e, it.shoulld be replaced.

12 Vol't C~lss,el.me Toilet

A¥iilli labile es an optlon on some models the 1.2'1,10 It re(l!!\ol~~~a1lir! 9 toi~git i sa eOlTIp~ernly ~H~.llr-CiCH1,tauned Ullit: that r..eqlilires ne oijts'lde warelr eennectlon or linl!iitle holldin'5;! ·tal1k .• Complle'te op,eratiflgl ilnstructio.l']s are included il1l the mla.nufa·etur,er's liter'a'lur,e' in U11e OWliar'lo Packoe!"


Before: .,hUWIIliT i.Jlsei remove the cap from nile shower (jlr:air) under t:1i:H',:floor I1lrnd replace it withi a 90 degl""ee hose nUullg" provh:1,ed w~th 'th~ ~hQ~r QI'H!OIl'!. I!;lther (lOm1@Gt t(l ~ port~~ie' hold i nlg ta r1k or use a QlaJn:Fen hose to. drailr:ii nt.o the pa.rk:servliceet"3 bu~k(l,t" A "V" eormect:ioWi to thE!: sinlk drain wiillwedl!loe' the amount of hose rle,eded.

To use theshowe'r be SlIre 'the (iJlrain is open. 'Open the t'al.lcets unt.i.l! the water fl.owsstead ilv.Use tJhe'''ON/OFF''~wit;c 11, On the slh.ower head to wet down alnld lhe~ sh'ut ,o"~hle wat;er; Th~~ maintallil5 proper telll'l perature and conserves w<lte,r. O~Qe 'fUln~ lathered, ltowitch "ON" <.\lltld rliltilse,

NOT!E~ 10 plrnverlt e)(C,e'55,ive moisture bui~dl!p, l!IS.a cross-v'!!mtimatJ~on whEm the weather perrmts, but also gp~!1 thot1! It~ !'!It,

S!l!lmZ,li ng 'h,l,~ W~ t(~~· St()!'~1gC Tan k

SOlllitize tnrafresh w.nerstorage tank lPeriomc:ally~$ii1g ClM'lOlFvrnJ solution followed bysever:;all clear water Mrlsl;!s.

Prepare a :sol'[jtioltli or1 14 Cl!!Ip! of ~louse'h:okl·tylPGl< ILqlllkl chil.o:run.e bleach to one galUo~l atwater for ~ac1115 glill~n'i1i t3illi!; ciJpilcity.

Close drains and valves, POIlWchllo:rillie solmiorl ilnto the stOrLlge tank, and comple'le f~llling the tank. with fr~sh water.,

OP~!1 ~ali,H~ets in tUIiI', tmtil w!]ter 1'~ows st~dUy to piU!"g~ <!ir fmmlili1lEls.

TCljp oifftli'le tank withrresh wa,terandaJ~(lwtlm srnution to work rQr tB1!\!l!i€: 11QUi"3.

IDrainthe- t.!~lk ~ndfl~'~hUll;l emire 5:y5~(lmwitl1 freslll wlruter,

Ilf the ,ohlorine taste Ilingero, pour a sQ~iJiI:km of one q~~art of virlegar <:Ind flly~ g<!lh;l!l$. !!;If iresh w:ah:w iil1[o the iank!llnd .. llIow it to t\~maii'l~ll@r{l fO,ra dii·Y or two, agitate.dl by the- normal motion of dri\i'ing_ Thr;!ll, drain the itank and fl:ushthe syst.em untill the vinegar tnslie d'1S:£lIP'pel!r5.

WARNING: DO No.T use c:oniamiinllrted system unUI it h.!.'s been cleaned O!l!ld thorooghl,'llliIi$h¢d 14 ~ 6 1iil~~hl!i!'st, With water; Keep chii~dlren a'IV.a,. from unit unUI the wat~r ils sate ·tn dlll\ink ..

U!".lhl~!ilg th~ VV(M(,:'r Systcm.lnd He,al."'!'

IfU'1ie carnper ilsto be store"'l i~] temperatures beiQ'wfreez:~ngl, therresh water syster:n S!ho~ld be dminl1ld as f(}l~ows:

1, iEmj;lt!.y th~ 1N)~1~ w~t~1" ~~Qr.!!g~ lanik: by a !ll!llliin'Q the 'MII~h: dr,!'!ln vl!l~",e, M the tarilikiSdlbo'!le the' floor. the "a~vl1! is a:ll tllle end of the tank and is accessed from inside- the e a mp~r. If Ule :tan II i5 under the flo'o[', i n U~e frame, the tOlllk drOlI"n li3 IIJI1:der the til oar als,o,11Q the rear ot the tan Ik. Qff to the $id~, hm~'g!il1l'9 from th~ 1r~rn~, The d!,;:'Iilil$llhi!1it .ijlroooofl'!,sed 'from iI1,!>idie the camper a re atta~hed direC'tly to th'e' 'end of the tan k wi1th <!i place 01' white hose connected, whicl1 passes throlUlgh U'le floor. RoQ'ta1le' the v~I'I,Ie Ih"'l~nl ~etoOope F1I the 'Valv~ to dr1llln the tank, The d rai n valve for 'talnks iIJ nder Ule,floor is 01 pUlsU".pulll "'1" Irr'!.!!f!dl~, Th OP0n u,~ valv,e, I~ull tlhe hllm~llle outwrnrd. To close the valve, push me hancU,e' bacr.>_ ill1.

2. 'Tutin the pump to "On" and open cCl~d wa,ter faucets.

3. Thlm U, €' pump to "OW' when the ,~ow 0' water ~t(;l,pS,

4. i()pen tlhi[l drains on the hot and 001'01 w.ater PillE!'S tooated under 11!oor of unit '1100 drains eensist of ma~e pipe thread rittil1gs WliUlS;CfeW (H1ClllpS. S~'e' iFijig. 27',

5. Open the dirain \l'alve 0''", th,e bottom or the water heater, as well as the water heater safew y, n lv~. SHHl flUg, 28.

Fig- 27_

!,{lW p~i!t! dl'.,JI1~ - :ty!'i~"lL

1:lg. 21t

W,jj I~' r [1~'.'I ~.~:'i': ~; i',~~;\;:; U if~ relief valve <'II h}lp,di"adn \'.' h.!{,!' ,m (~d~' 'H" be 'W'~tL

D(l! INOT run the pump w;iithout water in the system. Always kG-ep th,~ pump' ~wi1ah '''oU'' Wher, U~Q sy'stiem is empty or when c'onneclted to city wa1eif. RlIniil~ng the 1~IL~m,p dry (HUll damag.e i'~ <111101 will void tile W!lU'!'EHlty.

NOT(!l, when dlralil"ll~ngl t!h:e water heater, use: ;]1 ~~1'!16" I>ook,et to 'remove the dr~vn IPh.J'g. The dra!ill p~ug i~ 0'1180 the sacriitiic.ial anode wlhiich IProi~cts the tanlk from ch~!1i:IIic.,.1 d'l!!terio!"<.!tiQ!"I ~J1d ~I ~C'trQIIY:!l~s, As 'till;! w<lter heater ~s used <lInd ages, the anode willi deplete. It ...viiI! have a ratlhier disgu:;;t~ng, eaten away' ·1I.pP{l.ar.1nl,C(L This lis !loorm~l. WltH~inl completely Ot tn'C'stly gone" it should be replaced,

\'Vin~·etizin.gl.he \V.,l[cr sysrcm

Onae }l'm.!1 have dra ined tli'l@ wat!$r svstBm.; as ,i tlistrucrted above,. the '5Y,5t~m can be winteri:o:.~d ~n two waY::i.Thc first step" in e:iither approach" iiis 1:0 pmJ!r at least a half ·gailion of r:H.lt:abl@ ... ~l,ti'rr~e~~ into th@ w~ter t",I'!,I!c, Tllum tur !'I,on 'thl!) pumiP to dmw anHfr,ee.ze thmugh the w,ater pUiliiTlp,'IIhus wlimeriz:ilngl the pu.mp. You m.ay' use sta,re' b'olLllght petabte, non toxie RV .a i1~jfreeZJe'.

iif lI"Oll choose to do so, you ,t;,iilln 'II\!'~lnlteriZce the wholl-etmiler wiith 8.lilItifreez:·e. Thii:s will requkerJdd'iHonal antiireez.e .. I'f your ea mper hO,ll:!O Oii Wa1ei" liieOlter,y,o,iIj will n,~ed to mi'i,ke,or pUlrcl'i:ilise, ameans of bypassi Ii'Ig the water heater, so as not totliiU it with .~Intit!'~~z~, IPWlmg 1.l,ntlj'froo!¥ZB 'thro!Ygh1.l11 WOliter liM~,Hld ;;JU f.auoots.

The best way to willlteriz:e is to use air. Vou can purchaseac your Ilac ... 1 hardwOl!'I:!~toM. or P()fh.iJIP~ from your dealer;.cn,oygh iP<lrts "1:0 adiOlpt the dty water fil:1 eonnectlon t~ an air. h~se eonnect.i.on. Silrtnply' bl.ow alill water out. by openmg a~1 dmll"lls and tallloC6'ls, Sa't regLl~ator for not mlutethan 60 PSI.

RIEMIEMBER" you must use .R\, antiifrele'.z:e to w~nteriz!ethe P~Hl:IP, ellen, H y,tllI w~ntelriize with 3iir.

WARNINGi: Aut:omotiveor windshield washer type antifrcecze !;:illn be fatal lit ·!Jwa;~lowed. :1]0 NOT U$l:l' them in tfhefresh w,ater systeml.

Electrical System

~ W Volt AC.

'10 "!'!\olt AC f.l,(,}Willr i!O di!l'Otributadtotholil C<lll"IIIlfj!l!f tl'u"()!Jlgln, 'the canverter, Two circuiit breakers ci:ln be found on the I'eoft fnJont of theeenverter face, Unllock. the metOd!11 do(w ~or access .. The

15 <Imp break.eir powerS 'the eo:nIVette:r ana tin!l' reeepts in the C<lH'Ipelr; The 20 OIl'll p bre,a k,er. is JOlr an air cc rldiitio nero To powell" the c(llrlve!1elrand int.:e'ri,or recepts, find1lhe sn amp pOWll!lf eerden tile off door 5idooftna .c.m1Plijr (Ioc<ll~d lin, ~ tQUri,d 1M.<'lltch). See iFii'9i.30, page 22. iPil!lll~l1ie co rdlouti3lnc plugl inte 'the carnp,grotili"ld power stand. Most ,campgrounds provid~30 <limp r..:;!c,ept)s. A:vo~d cheater plugls and 15 or :20 amp recepts as much as p(lss;iib~e, You caa plugl in'tu a 15 Or .2.0 amp reeept, but you wil!1 not bel {lll';!~¢ 19 I'll!'i! {In ~Ir cQIF1,d,UQt1I!;!,r, lif 11 Q VQ~t AC powered devices alre IU sed' outside 'l:hecalifi'iper, USe the GIFI pro'tected recept on the door side ext'e:r~or side w~!II.

C i r('uU Overload

10 reset il ci rel~il breii k@F aUitl:r!\iJnl o\1-elr~oad; 1. 'Turn off a~1 electrleel appflanees.

2- I'le!soetthe bt'\!all'\er by t!Hrrllil1l'91 it momentarilly to the "OFIF" posiilio·nl"th~ i1 b~ck to "ONI".

j)~t!1lrmin~ why ~he elreult Ine<llker "tripped". The CiillU~e ceuld be an overloaded cilrcuU, a faUiUy applianoe (orr other Ipie'ce ot elec1:ricail:iquipIfiOllQ,> or d&feetivD wi'rj,f'i~.

WARNING,~ D'O NOT use a 15 lamp e.)(telfl's:iolil curd (In campEH's t.halt have t'l31i!1 atm:p p,ower cOl\d" olr l:IiSO al cheater p~l,Ilg that wouldeiliminale the gl1uundiin 9 cii!'(!uit IIt!h,ird wire~on the pO'wercord.. F'ail:lilfe to I:amp.y Gould t$$Ii.IUi!f! e~e·"triCiaI8hock and/or f~!I"e.

12 Vol~t OC

12vollt DC power to the ilnterior of the CaJm.pe.r is ~m~plied by an onbua rd battery. or by the COllvellte,r when the c'amiper is p~ LJlgged into, 110 volt AC power. R.lu1Inlng ~ights are power.E::d by the tow v<:li'iIlclc ijJlQ ~ll'ill fus:e:d in the tow v\I;lhlcle, An, g'ii1,boO,Oln::t1 batl:~ty ils charged by-the co:~:wer~er and Gi'ln be char'9led by the 'toW' veh.lcille, provlided the t,OVl!' vehicle i;s wiired '{)or' 'that: purpose.

R:~fef t,o the 12: volt sclhematic aJt.th·e' end of tnis owner's l'ntlniual 'tor pigtaii~ 1111 00 1C!i..ip.

TI1'L':: !'ui1iningl lights, brake ~i8ht$ amI turn slgna,l!!! !I.lre' w~l"ed to operate on~' 2 volt power from t:h,e tow vehicle .. The ili1lteriar IlgM!! ilnd ,op,tions, a:f wBt·er pump, furna,r:e and ,!!:iec!tria toil~lllt operate on 12 yolt DC: supplied by the C onverter; or ;!lIn, onboard baUery.lhe converter sw~tches automatiicallyto o:atterywhen powef!(!,!i:I down,.

NOTE: When 31 charrgj)l I,ilne is illJsta!lIed to charg.e an on.boa:rd b.attelry, the factor~y baUer'll c!ha!rg:e hameas, which is 10 ga'u ge. COl ble~ co Iillmit\l:!> a 30 amp fuse ~u the battery. When the: towvehlicle is wired, use at II(laJst 10 g<l!Jg~ w~rn. wh~l!lhl"!.I!!t llliso be 'ru!!,ed at t.ne tow ve!i1ic;le battery •. There ml.!s:t be a ~llIse, appropr~:ately sized, a,t ei'lch paw'er source.

Pr9.!'QH9~d b",Uery 1W~.g. Q!"19~g t~rm!>t~r!llJgo@ w~U~thQ .b~~ry con n,ected 'to the eOn;,.ert:er wi II rum a DaHery down, theretore lreQluiifill1lg r,echarglinlg ... To minim,i'ze batt9ry draw down, use a deep c:ycll,e batter~:I!' wlith In·en les5 thl'lnlS0 !iTlim.l~e:s of !"DiSC-NO. Conser'll'e power use, Wire YO'Llilf camper and to''iJ vehicle to clf~l~rg¢ the b~tt¢ry' while in tromsit.

TMI,e c(I!w!;!rler l!!s,ad in tMa' :2005 campers Is an alii ele.otronie converter llsingl the latest ,high 'l.eclh circu:itry and, "lihelfe~Qre eM' p'Mdnce ~tead'l, {:!Ie.an (HJtput, V'Qlt<l!Qe, ~V~lI':! dUlr.~ng low or ilIig,h. inlPl,I~U'oltage lIariaHo;tJl,s. All oenverters have charging


cO'.!p.,.bll!tyfrom~, I!ow trllckle- c;h<'!r9'~ to 1'iI100>:iml!.1!mI I:n~tp'U!'t 01' 30< amps"

To accese the 111 (I volt AC circulit breakers the 12. Y<,olt DC

o!Jtput.11,J~gs, !!!nd th~ b~tti~r~ to co'n'li~.rt!l!r h.!!;i!l, 01P~n down the pl<u:;t~c door; The-fuse to ~hEi' fm right il!;, the battell!' to converter fus e.

N,OT'E:: Do !lot IUI:g;~ .r~pl .. ce!!'n,@!'ItJL,!$~~ w!tlh hi9lu;lr amrHlli"a'gle In:rlii 111{15.

These converters willi not. sellif destruct wlhe,n subjected to :;;hQlrt c,irc!U~ts Qr'OIlQI'I'O~d~, Ai'! !rI,tomal' ()V(li"~o<Jdl~111ort ,e;i.-cui,t sensor will shutthe converter dowrJ.1f thi!; ovedo-adh;!hmt d remit situation develops and '12. 1Iolt DC output ceases, determine tine Ct!'uiO~ ,Hil'c! Ilgca~ion. ,11\ short circuit wil! sh'i.Jlt1,n,e cCIFilYener

down Illlstarntlly, ellen before a! :fiLlise is Mown!. A. red LED.at Fig. 29. St<llrcrah killl swirche s

any o'r the '~u:=(l ~~e .. tion!!; iI~dic:at'O~ ;!I1::!,low~" 'l!.Ii!I~ (M" QIPOI'I 1ZV

GirGlIi'~ strclil1:!S011 loose '0'1' cut wiin:!. OIilGe tlilefauitt is e orrected,

UH:: corwertar win come 011] agl3in" It o:In output. fuse has been

blown, !FepIIilCe' ~t When the col1verlef '12 voU DC o'UllP~it has slmt. down, 110 von Ae willi still I be ava ilable i 1111 the C:.HTI!PtH';

An, M; iliH)llt. ~use is bum. i'~rio theoircuTt board to protect me converter bO'Olrd from ~li9h AC \loltagie input :spikJes.,. If tha AC input f~se blows, tllle-re will be 1:1012 volt output" but you will sml h~v@ 1 ilO vo ItAO illi the CtillTlrJ €r r'ilcel[)t~. n ¢ AC iri p~H fuse' ls repia'C!:N:lble,

nlle converter ~llas <uilaLitorllatic' battery maintenance prQce$~or which k~~p~ the buttery chi1lr9~d whil~ the Im:it i~ p,)1 u9ged in, This preven ts overc h'<i:rging 'o~ Ulle b<l~lel!Y and! a lso p,)revents .stiHatingl ()J 'Mie battewy. Bec.:iulse or oil'C;llit de.sign, UlQ corwoert@!', what~ not in o,par<l1ioltil, win draw cmreFlt ~rtlm the baUery ona ~1 average ot 10 mill i <ilm pe res .. AddiHolt1l,a Ily. the ~)I"OI~·a fl~ dlli:t¢ct(:!r will draw <11 f.mrux~ rrHlle!y 15 mi~ ~itlmp ¢i:'€!s.Ta avoida d!e>ad bane'rydur~ng l'Ong te'rim s:tor<lge.i. whiich will OC'CI,JIr lin 110 to 2.0 days, (h.'i!IP·endlng O~1 battery contlilion, discorlil1l;!iCt tile bat1~ry 1ilrQmtl1~ conivcti!1llr; Th~s, can 1)'0 accQrliIplii:>ill,;::d by ~1) discor:l~~eO'tir:lg t~1e pos~tive battel)' cable, (2) lPulllling 1he2!O amp hl~n~ iln th¢ l,~tI.~rv to C(lnvener IrlOllrness al 'the battery, Of ~3) p~JTlingl the baU:€,ry to converter fuse ~tl thi;! CQI~vet1Bf, lhis fuse is located <It the far rigM end ot the 'fuse- bleck in me rigntf .... ce oftne coti1ve!'ter. fA. fell:! WiraC<.!11 M sei!1}iI1l cOining i't)'to the ruse hQlder,

When i n ~ 2: 'loU. mode, a re1'rig erater (I peraites on bl<lttery !power Q:nly,THIE REFRI'GERATOA SHOULD NlE.YER BE \v.REDIO OPiERAIE FROM TIHE CONYER1i&R, as the Irefrigerator r~quilres, I~nore powe~ tti,!'m tl''H'l c,o!werter C::I;III~ supply, Tine 11:2 volt mode for the- lt1;!frige'Ir<ltQlr is ::11 mailflteln;mco mode QJ~ly"to be used onlly while 111 tr<'lJnsHt The retrigemtor ca~ld be powcf~d by o1Ilil (lnb()ard ba~.tery, but onlly if iil is being charged by the tow vehiicle, Prefelrably. the r>ef,riigoerat:or shouUdI be IPowered d i recUy from t'h e tow vehicl('!~hroughthe C·~)r:li5 sis plug .• Wih~ln:I1Qt int)ralll~it.·tI11g:mfrigerato:r:SiholiJld be mpropane H10d(!, or t,o 111(1 VQ!t AC: m,oQe" Se>@ ~h~ 12 IIQlt ~~h~m;:!l1J1Q <It tli:e I.HiCk of tl,iis malnlual.

I\IO"I!1:~ All s.1:,.~cmftfoh:H.!Qwn cmnpoeors !h<lve !o;iU swit.Gh~~ '1ar the: doitie 'i~I1t~, hiti'lli3GIIli iilirU:! re1i:ti~crrn:oi', See I=ii~, :2Et TI:N:lSe sw~tches are mQunted iltl<ll br<'lcke.t wh:i'ch is ~<l5tened to the 'ro~d·ov,er 5il~lk: base cabinet:. Wli,enthe

cabil1e't is set up to l,iI~e. 1:2.\1' pow~r is suplP'liied tothe dome Ug ht:s and furnaCE! tlm:l'uigh th@se s·'~",itches;, The .~ XII' pow~r to the rc:fFiEler~tQr lscut oft ~'1t~ille5aItU;!time tlh.r(Hl,IlgI1 one of these switches_

t:rom 1':2:\1' powe'!' U !>uplPli~d to th~ ~witc'h OJ!lIdth!':l n:lfrig!;lr<Jtol" Elwitch to '12:'11 ON ..

E~et.~tdc nir,,'.kes

Eleetri," br<llk.'!l:'s are powered by the t.OW V'l<:hilc:ile a,nl,cl (l,re <!l'~hjated by ~Hllelle~trol:1iiG !]:ontJtl;)lller m(l~nled under the d<liSh lim front o~ the diri:ver" The brakes wM1l1 operate autQmatic<'llII~~ during d~c~l~rOl'liQfli er ean lJQ f'~nd opor'!l,le:d .. o.Olil·ill{)lctilon to the tu<lliller is providied for ~n the car-l-o-Gamljer pigta,il and the trai,lcII" chassis harness, Inst;'lill and adjiusl an elle<:t,rol1lic brake. co moo,1 ~e'r <lGc(lrding to irnanuractiUrer &f)e-cifiC<l~i(l m~.s.I'iI:t? 12 V91t !fkhematic" See. also, Service Intei'V!!# C/18rt, p.age 29.

Propane SYStCI11

Prop:nn,~ is an e~1'iicient, irnexpe flI5~ve, portable ~uellhflt. bums r,~~dily with inlten~e he lin. H is ~!s~d 'rQr oc:Q'ok!!1g, ~!,e<!ti~'9, <iI~'1d mJrilgeraHon. The prop,<ine SySteilM, 31re de.siglneda rid buiit t~ riglid-.!.,~<!!nd.~rd~, Th~v <l.~ t.@:Sted before 1@:iI'II'ing th~ fElctol'Y andl w~th proper care and m,aintevli(jlrlGe they are sate, IE)(_OElf1t fQ·!" .sim,pie conne,ctil:H'I ti:gh~enilnlg, take yQILlr unil to the' elealer for propane prob~ems, Tit1e propane botueshould <l1""<lYIl be m.l!ed and the Iregulator checked by an authorjzed propt.ll'll;.> s WI ppl~er, R()>Old 'thr;) m<!n'l!lf~ct!!,i! !11~w~j i!l$tlrm::tio r~~ I) ~rore LJI:iiing 1llny propane alpplialliN.';.e'.

NOIE; STARCAAF'f RV, Inc. is not msponsiible for p¢: r:$:O t]I{I~i ni I,ny Or pli'oper!:y Ci] m!l';lg~ fe5'ullt.i ng from ~Inpr(iper use or m<lJilOt'l\lnanCe of propane appliances er syst.elms.

Pt'QIJ~n1(l ha$ :lj. distinc-tive odor ~ycMJ might oCi'UiCe this as )!"QIWllight the appl.iances) .. It YOlulsmell propane, immedia,tely IlifI'V<!stllgat~ the SOI,JIr'C(!!. Tlh'~ P1'QP~1l0 ~::;o heavler th~Hl,Oi!lir ;;tlnd seWes. i!1IQW ,,1"1,"<115. It .couldG<lIlJ:;i!:l sllIffoGatiol'1 nrcreate a lire

When the cabinet ls iln tlf~€ 101 d d own or travel position, the ha,~<'!rd, Yeu r (:~mlp-!#r has instaH~dj on the inside, an propane

dOnl,e 1 igllt!$1) rKlhlrnacl1IWm not QP¢r~t¢ (lu14l to. tll¢ i1m iSWitc;M$ d¢ttu'::~Qf. R~~d the' p:i"Olpane detector oWln,er's manl~ .. I<!md

cutting off the power supply, The refrig€ ral!l)r wullltih en operate understand how ntt operates.


WARNINO,~ DO ;NOir bring Q,r $tQrli! 'H'op~ne ,colntaidersl' gasoline. or other flammable II.iquid5 inside the camper., IPll'Opan,j! bGtU~$ ~Iro equ i pp ~d wUh :sa'!!';!ty dlevic!1!s w1J:!iich lIeliie·y,e excessilte pre551i111fe by d'i5'chialrlling pro'p3Ii1@ to the ,atlmosph,e~e,. A,n hmprnp~rrly u'Si,j!d 011" IPoolMly tIi1,ainta,ilned [plropane system .can ,caUse ,3 tim o'r e,xplo:S,iol!l'.

To. ope'rate <lny plfopa.ne appllli,imce, be sure ::JJ1I~lpp~iaIHl>t!lS a re. off, 'lhenopen the serv~ce V<llve 0 n the o'!Jtlile, fell nd g,lil! tho j"A"fralne. Atfirsl some air in the propane linemay escape as YOIl] open :a vaiv~, ~.XtiI19L,.1i~hhl0 VO~lr iight~r. ILiiu~'wi~'~ wh~n you close t~'I!!;! botHe' service v,alve, some prt!'p,ane remajms ln the line unless yOt~ light a burner t,t! burn oU the ,[l)!ces!;, TiJrn til e< bUfiler 'off when lheflame boo rn!> gUt.

As 0,1 September t, 1997, we have been using the ITiI€W Type I: OPI[I val\le {overrm pre:ven'tion dellice)on 3i11 p~opane t~.mks (4·.40 ILis,,), Ot1! <iiil RV products, This new Type I OPD valve il5 de$~gne~ with both ma I'e ex:terlill<lill and ferna le lnternal threadlrlg. 11: willi accept th¢old POL. and n~9~!lator YOl.lirt;l 'IC~!,u.tQmed ito S!i!'li#ingl <lInd lit wm accept the' n r&W Type I hose connection, which be C<1ll!e' rna mJatory September '11 ,1900 !)~l'1!I.111 pmlP<line tanks 4·40 !bs." which It1H;lW eenneees the de~aclliled re'glull,<ltot to the ital1k_

T~Hl new 1)if;le I OPU \lalve now con't.:aiins a float operated valve whkht S'I1LflS. off pr()p.m,@ ~rJ,tli!ringthe t.mlk when b~il!i9 1i lied, at the 00 'Yo .11e-vel" p rev-,ent. 111;9 Qiie FMlhig. It also contains a !'lew, improved, IlnOf¢ ~¢!l$itivCi ¢)I;Ce3S now v<!lvt\ whrcli1 will: prcIJ@nt Irnopilt1,e- esca,p~~ig mto the atmosplhelf€ an aU full t;lI~ If; s wlt:1f! ""1;1 hOo&e'$ () r reg'u l~tQrs co nnecterl, On Ute old tan k vallves, you coutd QP~11 the \I'·allv'El' and ernpty the tank into l'llle atJmosphie<r~,_18e(;ause o~ the new, 1'I\1,(1re sensltiveexcess flow \lli'Ilve, w.L'l mil m list le~rn b oW to op~n l~nk \I~lv~!l. Aft~" fiI:ItI ng a tank <llndl f@c,onll~~1H;:tingl itto the Ilm.pane sys~em, yO!J MUST O.I=I,!}rI tho 1'yp!l! ,IOP[I tanik:\I<llve SLOWLY . .opeillingi the lanik qliJiclft:rry win ioek: out the nt'!iW e:xcessnow valve, preveii1th1g pmpc;Jn!Il How ilillto the propane syste~n. If thls happens, close the v~h,,''e, wait a few seeenus al1d reopen SLQWIL.Y. n~i~ Ilt'lW e,)[CeS5 '~Iow vallie will~ not ~o.ck; out when <l!~ ;i!ppll~ance." saeh ~s a ·fum.:.!c:'t:!i.cOln~s Otll.

Reg,l n:1tI n 9 ~lld tal~il'!s Ii1Jn(l VllIlveiS,,~ nd nll~ now ffl'9lWatio~113 !MOW in e1'fud: As of Oct'Ol;u;!r 1:, 1996" any propane tank, 4-40 Ibs." which has maeiled It!: 12-ye;l.r Ire-l}ertWric:atio~l, date ,(1.2: jHiHilrs from d.,:l'te of m;Jl"luf"u;rtul'1\l stamped gntQtl1>E!' tankj, must e'iilher be replaced or tie'titled with the new Type .1 OPD valve . .11 wil,! prQbilbly be ~,",s~e:>:pellS"Veto rCipl~Gelh~l'lnkOl~ iii r~ .. I~'cof)m~!lt 1I:allfe will Iii kely be more Bj[pet1i$ive th,awl ~ new tank witilil a ne .... TlIiP'El I OPD V1!~!;t(]' on it

Tlhe new Type lOPE) \lal\l<e i5~'il5ily i(!ellll;ifi~IJII~ ii' lh~~ it Ii:;; '" 3-SDded hllll1dlle wiil:h OPD cast ilnto the IhO! ndle. The new Type I hose eormection II ses tim axti;lrnal thre'ad ling on the Type IOPD V<1!hre and bl<1c k. olFgreel1l plastle, The neW regulations mam:.latinl9 this new propane eqlJiJ'HllfH;:11it ~n~ nll~$ were cf!i!<'!ted and e,stOlbllll~hed by th,e f'o,iIFP:A (1NIJtiol1rn~ Fire ProtectiOfi .As~Qc;,i,ill~Qn~ <lnd are administered by the RVIA. S~I;!' Fig. 3~.

Hg, 31. New {)P~',



1. E:diil!lgU~5h ,any Q'J)elntlames. nllot li~hlts a!!t~J ~!I sm(lkli~g nlilhNiiialr;.

2. [){l not touch eilec-trii~~li ,o;;wii'e[~~.

3" Shut ott th,p- prop~i~(!' ~HIJm[v at UI~ ,Q.(>iTtillllcr ~~,1"8{:>} {ltr pmp<.lne supply '~(I'n!nlllll.iion"

<I,. (l1P'en n!'l(l,I'S aod ether \i'CI1lUI~ltilll'J <)p8inliM9~',

5.. Le:!t'o'e!he al'E!!I'U~lti.l odor elcars.

5, H:iI:~~ the:! wQmu,~ ~)f1llQ~n CiM~"'ljdl afld ~~.a:k:;:!~o ~t!!tm::'B' m!orr,~dl!l:I be{iQ,1'P- Ln~i!l19 ii9a~n.


Oe;_tI,iH! OR SER'GiLI'S IIN.!iUITIY. .nfl !1(1

Singll" P:rOlh'l!U.' BoUie

S~f!glle pnlp.all'l~ bottl¢$ ~~ "l'Q~,mt~dI 1,(;1' .. br'l~k:et er tr~v weld,ed to the A-traln-'H:~i li:E>itlg He down hook stmps,. See Figs, 3M &. 3:2.B"

[)mllb~c' Propane BonJes

Doubl'e InOp,all'il€ bottles come iil'~s;talled 011 some modells., ihic'mg'Ll!I'<'!IQr is $Qmewhat. cliifl"ere:ltl!t frQrnth~lt 0,11 the~i!1giEl' botlll~, and' the hold down brackets are different. Heller to th~ p.llotoqr.npfl'9,. See iFii!]. 33 and Pig. 34,

rlg,3.1, AlH~~ 8 \;V~ tch over valve,

r-ig~. H,.

U~~ubtl': pt"'(lp.l!H' Il{lUh.:' i~1~1.1IIT.]I~i~11l.

') -,


Au to Swi rc h OYe I' Va Jve

Tih~ <'Illllto :switch over valve is part of 'l:1TIi.e pressure reglLll'rlfltol' alml isat t.he top ,Oof tlhe ,regILllII,[tor. INotucethe pllastlc dOI11l(l wllth Oil, pop up red/gr~en itildlicaWr. Tille pwpose gf the ;:;wit>c11 OlVer ~s to an()r~vau'l.ornlatic switcl'iiiing from an emptytanktothe S€Doond, pre$llH1fn~biy r'ulll t~nk" S~!t Fig, 33.

WI~~n twQflJ!! tan ks alre installed~ OPIil'If'I' both1ank vliIll\te6" Wh~1"I one tank goes ,empty, a. ilea 'rid'caltor' willi PO:P up in the dome. The val~~ will {I'ulQm~tic<llllly!;witci~ to th~ tull 't~li'!k, 0", thle fwnlt ot 1J11~ swit.ch (liver valve is a black plaI5ti'C: le'oler" Move t~1,e' !ever ~O'Ward the full tan,k. Wlhicn,e'ol'er WrJ.y you move it, H willi be tQ the flUll tan'k. Once YOli halve moved the lever toward ~lhie ~lull tank, tihe '9reern~lr'Idic<itor wH111 again appear. YOILll malY now el(l~e lhG V<!lhr~Of! th~ Ilmpty t~nk, romov(!! the ~;)nk ilnd have it reflilled. Rellli'llst:all tile full tanik, connectthe hose arid open tthe t.mk \t<.dve,.

NO'TE~ B01:1:11 tank villves IlI1IU:it bf)! open in Oird~r for ~!JJtQ 'Switch over too Q =UI~

Fun Ilg Propane Rou.h,~~~,

'Vur.tll aJi propane ,<lppliances in the camper to th1;! "OFF'" positionl, and ollose tne service valve-on top of tlll¢ prop;Jin¢ bottle(sl fli rilgerhglht. tDiSIDonne:c~ PO L ~:Ut Il'iglhH1aJ!ld 1lhrread} froml!ho ProP"IU! bOittle, tli>e.nr remove the boUle(s)fro.m the mounti mgl frame"

Take the hotUe(s:j to an aruthorized! prop,ulle supplier to be rm1;)di,A,lway,!>tri'llr1oS port tihe bottle lin a n upright: posi ti(l!~.

Wt'i'(~nl l:nsb';i!lliing ~med OoUI,~s;, f(llsf¢1"I tll11;l tlottl~ (s)secnrely to tlhe camper; attachthe mgullator, andiMAKE SU'RE THAT ALL PFlOPANIEAPPLI.ANIOES AfllE SHUT OFF BEfORE OPIEIUNG IHIE SEIR,VICEVAILVE. Th@ ~~lrvii'(;ev<l11,!'1;! shQ'ulld be closed when thH:: campingtll"aille'1' i,s It:i@t i~~ lise,

WARNIIN'G. DO NOT smolke or Ist,rike 01 IinlatlChr a'r IIIlseany kind 0.1 open. ~I<I.me near propane bottles WIl'en they nll'D b~i!'!9 fm~d_ A fjf>eor e!i:ph:;:!>ion may t"eSl!lllt •.

PrOp.illlitL nor tle MaintC-I~~al1l('C

A fI~9ubrlo!' dU$t .colier or O! bottlle C over should be used at al~1 times. iPn) pane bottiles s~mUrld be Imptff~to from rust arndl painted whiite (or so me othel' l1rig.hiy lir;lf!~ct i'lIl;! color) to Iredl.~'c e' exp a 1l5kmo~ prQP,HlIC bc(:;::uJ~U~' Off I, ~iilt"

p<!f'()panc tine Chcc, .. k

AFt e'if E!<'I(;h refiU and each 5,000 rn il~es or (l1l{IH"y 30 days tim

propane line shroulld be cltueCked_

ca~eck 'l11~pro'P<!!I!Hl Ur! e CO'liu'!(!et~o 11 SI!!> follow!:>:

a) Tum Ci'ft<ll~ l)llt'!le'rs. and Ipilot lig:tns.

b) Op,enl the door and windiows"

Ci) Op!l!uthe I~mp,a,ile home ~elrvilce valve.

d} l~st ,<1111 Iline cCFlllectiiorHl, with ar'l f:lPI~rov~d 1~<!It:, de~.ector, bubble solutton Qf'SO;JPY' wat~l"" DO NOT u ~e ;;Im~noni""c I"~Q rri !'11~ ~Q!lJtlom; o·r <!110P r;)'11 'fllllnH'l. if bubbles ~ndiiGilte a leak, iligMB'nl the !(:onllecti{ln~ ~mtil bubbles stop." 11 t:;Iubbi~!> p1;!Ir:s:is:t, cresetheservloe

\"a~\le <ind CQnhu~~ yOur StarCf;']ft dei;l!~cr or atitnori,i!;Qd plrop<me supplliler;


The reg~llator pi'eSSUI'€: should b@ checcl<ed periodically to ~nS'lj!fe eUicie-nt opel'~tJio!li of tille .ilpplif,irlccs. Tile correct Iline pressure f or alill ot the propane a PIP,lian ees is eleven .~ 1! II ~ inc~~es


of wata!f cohnnn press'lilre. Miost, p.ropane sUlppliers hOI'!,"·'" the equipment to m,i3like this oihleGk ~Olf YO'll1; lnne plfes:5l.11l'e should be tested at I"M;:1'S~ ev,e:ry si:o:. Imonth.

NOTE:: Propane regulators must ~lwaY5 be ~nst~ned wi~h regu lallor ve.rlltfacU!'lg downward .. ReglUiatom that amlil 01 lin eo'm~<!rtm~'n,t~ hO!J\I'1;! bea'rI quipped with!;! p!'otectivi!!' cover. Malke sure that: re'guiator ventfaces


Freeze--ulp of propane bottles is Ulsualliv caused by one of thl!"~0 thifll9~;

1 .. iMoistlum in the boUle.

2.. A 9 reater demasrd than the bottile capacitv a,t a partucLlli~1:"


YOWl can liSe tne!;;,e preeai.rtiOhs to pre'Ver1t this prnblerm~ 1". Use Irnoistll.m;)"fl"ee IPr'op:aoe.

2. Keep the service lIaih.!'es, elosed durill1l.gs:torage.

3. H~v!iil In¢ d¢;!II¢I'~(Jd ;)InlwdrQ'~~ m~tn''''IU;l!',

U mol stu re is present, 11<1\1'1;.' the d~aler pUIFg'e th;!;IhQttle, Sin ce propane dees not v<3!por.i!z(l as r,<llp~,"ly i n co'~d weather, nOrn'lai c,~milnd.!li m:::ily be,COnle excC'5siv1.';i ,aild ca~ls(l ~I r¢frigoratiQil e<t'I'l;'!ct whichc<ln f~ezoe up the reg ulator; VOl! r deal,e r-oan teU you about ~p pUtmc:e de Inn nrds whictn ,C,1]ln be ~i!"I e't by lI',our bottle O:IIl:various t0m perah.lr(ls.

Lift"cr System

All $1:;)Iln::r<ilft ~i1l¢I' !l:y!j.t~~MfHl ar~ br.:!k~ w~nch 'c,p'sli"t~d, When -'10 ti ar<'lnlk. the toof 'L,i p, the wei~ght of them of Ii sui timateiy SUPI)Orted by ,;I locked,u:p brake rneehanlem iinside t.he wil1<:h. To ~owar tlt1Hi!' roof. you simply tum the clralnk n.mdle. ecunter c I oc,kwise. 'Once the bra ke releases, it wiill COITlti mile to sillip as VO~il CQIi'itiliill¢ tOCi"~!irk, ~.IIowilri9 ~I ~frH;lolh d!!l!i!c~lri,t. If y(l~~ swp cratlikinl9i' going up or down, the brake and p.i\lwll hrolld U'H~' roof in place"

Wheli'l!crat;,ldi'i9 tli(! lroot ~ip, yg~~ WlL.i~t h~~~r ~I ~of:!l~f!II"ilou~ cl~,ck~~lg $OI~llld, nne cllic:k:ingl is a sprinnl'oaded pawl d~d~ng across a toothed wheel between the brake padis. U b; this f~awllam.1 tQ·oUIH~d whe'e'IU~,ll p:!1lysicallly 51.1ppOOt!lS HiH~ roof" U yo~ do not healr the dkking, BEWARE, tlile roof ml:ly ~all~. ~~ lM I~~WI di~~!lg<B.gCl~ Md tlll~ Iroof f.~b. th~ crOlnk h.mdl(,\l will spin rapidly ami 'FII1~ely. Garehilly lowe:r the mof <lind take your c';:Hi:1Il)eW toa S.tarcraJt Dealer fO.1I repairs, Thlisfaillure, whru!e p.Qs$~b!Eil. '$ r<!l!\e, $~e Fig. 35,

When Ilower~n9 tih e roo r, y(l~ will ~~(I~ hear tli1e c I ickil1l'QI SOoUlrI,eI beeause the brake lis .sl~pping, not tmnilng"

Stan::rii'lf~ winch es de not have up and dO''o!JlnI :stop>s_lihey have' only an up st·op indii;ator in the: form 'ot i'i red ci)b~'ii: between 'the lowell' side walll and the roof. Over crenkinq, or cr.1nk;ilng 8g,aitll{lt a latct,€,d dowl!'1 roof, can IIHIVQSl!riolJs eo I'Isequenc'e's in the form Qlf bent frame members, ruptured s;pring tubes, or broken cablea,

DO Nle,'r FO'RQE1'''O IUNLATCH! ROO F LA'TCHES. se rl ell.! 5 dam "'ge can OGGur -whiGh is. riot Wi:! rranted,

Attelr raising 'the camper roof, the li~te.r arm safety posts must be in:!ltalled as~hQwn. Th~ sa1,CYty PQ~t:!!! ~hould be itl:stailled in QPposftecorners, left front and righ~ rear-or might front and lieU realF.

For oare iilrid mainilenalr1!(Nll '0. the lifter syst~m. see the Service Il'it.(:rval Chart on p,tlge 2.9 and Standard Care on pages 30. & :31.

N'OTE.: It- m.e~lrn,ani eal, 0plIraUonal, or le'il€llllE!!S!i dit1l1cu lUes develop with the IntteF Si)!stem ilnYOUF c:mlffip1l!r, eont ... et a Starcraft Diea Icr.

Ilrrl1il "';-"":'.i~ '1 l.r!i .. 1

Take-Down (non slideout models)


1. Zip up the plastic windows and close the eurtams, or liemO'VQ them from t ~e eu rta in 'ira,cks, Clo·sethe rno1 vent, and un:zj;p thecansas corners three fourths o~ the way.

2:.. 1\I.r'.111 'the Irangl£' control knobs b:l "POFP', arid 'tilu'n on the f!JJrmlICEl' propan e v~llvo and 1!h~ thermo slat. Pll~ tti'e' :sin[k cabinet. in~o its storaqe posjtlon,

3.lilJrn off the interior light,!>, the POI,'tlO Ught Place 'the ,c,arryoll~ range in its stcraqe posiition. Stom the t;ibll~ and the seat. cushions ..

4. Unfii'5tien the vellcrothat hoB!ds thc bUl'ilk (lllid:s, to ~he lop IOIf the sidiewaili. RemoVl<l the overhead poles and stere them under tll1e bUI!1,k~ custuons. F-,old downthe bed bows and allose or remove itle pdvacy dir<ilpcs. T111~ bed bows t:l1I~st!be down all the way to p·Jre'ifent damag9 to the. bunk e'~d C"IiJ)\I',a:s_

5. D~tMh 'tll$'Oalj'lVa$ ~idi~wa!'! Oap!:!rrorn the ~~r~'~n door f!'<H'i~'e. :swing the screen door to the 1"001, and secure lit in place"

,6. Make sur'E! that iJ,I~II'CHl:!JC items arc stow'i:id proPQrly~md that nothlnn sticks up above tiH~ side'walls.


t. SllUt off the service, valve on the pmpane bottle"

2, lurnthe' watEi'r hEinie!' .uml r,efrigci"ntor plrO[pl!iI'iC controls tn "OFF".

3. [D,lsconnect theelectJrical! and water heokups, and s;witch th~ rerrig !;tr .. lor to U~ VQIt ~~ 0 per"'~iloll 'I,I'~'a '~h e CiY'tsi,de ilic:'c:e&:5 panal, See Fig,s_ 36 .&37', page 26.

4. IJnras,tel1l the velcrn that holds the lifter covers in pla,e,e. i.Jrilfil$t&n tile veicrQ and :sliock cordllo·QPs tilUlt I'wld tho canvas to the underside of the bunk ends" and fold the c a rqvas 'j;n 11enltly. Fold the bunkend s,iide curttai.ns and plaee on. top o:f 'the bed with ~he outside of the panel's ~g.ii1iIn5t the outside 0" U"e bUlllkelld top" Layout !:IS lI:I,eat as possiblll' a'il'o,~d,j."g bunched !,iF} tQilt lTIat~fii",,~, Pull the eerners of the bl.Iii'llkend 0,11 Q" l.~~e corners of the hed to prei,t1e'nt Uieliili being damag€id aJt the end of t.he' Will.! cap (:led slides whell'! plJl!!hnng 'thl!l b{ld I,r],.

5. On 60" and 1;!lrger beds" IromQVEi tll@ O'lJit@f' single ~ube bed supports which are not hookedoverthe end wall- Sliidethelbeds iinto the cOiImp ~r. Store the bedl bra CIt'S Bud $IJPP(l,rI;~ ullde r the bed mats .. The beds MUST be pushed ill bef'ore Ilowerililg the roof, even part way, to aVQid tearlngl the tent. side panels,

6." IRo1ract U;Ie;stabilizerjaC'ks up t.o ttii,jii tr,i1iveIIPO!litnoil"

~AUliION~ 1io keep 'the [Iiftersfr'om bindilng~ Faisl) the stalbilllz.er jacks BEF'ORE, I'oweringl th@ roof.,

7_ Loweir' the r,oo·t by W,ming the ~U'l:.er erarrk in a G(JIulnterG~g'Gii<whm diri9'ctiof1l" Keep tJl'1'9' canvas tucked ins,i'de the camper and _II <lW~y from the ~iner posts to, p:1"e~enl::te<lirs ~nd r~p5. Do Inot pinch 'the CaliWii S bi:!tw~@n the !l001 and tl'l~ sidewall.

NO'TE~ 1'1 an ;awnirl'gl ora screen mum option is I.lsed, they Willi be all'sier to remo,y,e' when ~l1e roof is at :iii cenvenient wQr~jng height. Hooll-mounted awnings; should hOlve the pOII'e,s and I'ii'lfteri!: removed or coilapsed as the roof is lowere(l

e. Lower th@ roof and lat:ch the Iroof latches. !1 S'tow the S'l~p.

Take-Down Islldeoui models)

Takedow,1'I fer sli(itlllO'iJilmodel campers .• excep,t fol' 'the slideollIt itsel:f, is the 5iill~ml' as ::IInY other (;.[1 rnper, Bo'fOI"l;! lowe1ring the root, the sfldeout must. he knocked dowill ami pushedlr»


1. R:~move $!liirJ¢Qut dill'lllilUe oushio'r'II3. Stli)W ~~<!t back cuslh I,OriS il"l ol'lle (:ITneft-e searl. Stow :seat Gusf"l~Oli1lS wlFilerevervo~ C~1IIl find Sipac~_ Fold s,e.at backs dO':w,i:'II and :st.'Ow table,

2. IR,amove bl.Hlkend tent: support pol~. Stow tilldel'b!te! malt.

Fold tent bow down ontn dinette.


t. Unfasten the "fellero and puln the tent ~Uit cfthe tent retatner 011 the front ~Ilia 1'1!i! .. r sllides oir U1'e' slideout mom. See FiIQ" 116, page' Hi

2. Push tllid€out mom in ..

3. P'ullll ~Iideout tent o1l1:sidQ camper" al!o,w:iin,g jit to Ihang down on the outside Q~ S l:ioleou1: be~ore ,puslhi~ng bed into, camper. When beds ~re i 111, reph;lliO-~ 'tile: $![I ~Ml.Jl t~nt ln $idoi!! th~ ~!:l mp~r 'on ,top of~il10 beds.Tih ls p:rocedure is perf,ormed .:to. ;a'!J,oid dam1.lging til·e ;slidi9Qut. 'tent Whe<n rnJl:shing the beds into the C1lJmper ..


,,1\ P'P U ~11,1 ,'C,S; & i\HCS,SIO Ii le to

A.lthough the appIianc@t.s Op!1!lOIt'e muclh ~jke the ones in your home, care.l1..Ii~'!I' rlli'<ld tho operation ;ol:lldlll'l~l!1Jtemm(le instn.lctions" Spe-ciiHc: instruction sheets" rtI1irltmis, and warml1ty can::I$ .. r~ found in Ute owner'5 packet, or areattached to the appliance. C(m~pl'e'le the warranty c~nlIs. mlilUthem 3:5 indllc:i'it('ld. ~Iml rec,ordi each unit's model alllld serial number on, th(1 page p:ro,vided at the end of~hi~ manual,

Open nO'ln~e ,cCN'1mbl.l!Ot~o 1"1, con~·l.!lme5 o::>:ygen f;rom U1:('l mir, F!~I'I'H'! burli1lif1g propane lmils each haee an outsicl~ fna'5h a~lr sliJlpplly; ex.c.epl For the-rang'l!LDQ NOT ILllse the range t:o heat: yotlil" c,~mpe,r;, .Also, 5ee SpedfJ' S'afefy Procedures, Dagle 6.

WARN!IINIG. I.OI,WS In sOimes;tallieS prolhibit the op,ei'atiOi'll 0'1 any propane appl i01ln c;e' wlhi~e, jill! motioDi because ottli'U! dang@ra,ffifle o:rexp,losion ii'iI!f'!I p rop~n~' Ii!ll!il!' !.!nd(l'r pre5:!Our'oIl' hilppelos:'!;a' be· rUIPturedilil alII 3!ccidlClnt.


Stm"cr,rnft >Campers cain be eqluiPIJed wHh ~m propane fUIlfn.Oil'Oe which has a nm~ot.e thermosli'ilt Whieln oper'<lt~ng the fl,Jllfn!~,ce" make sure that the lilililetlexn!liust venit is free fro.11ITi ob!ibu G~iOI'I~.

A kill switchl h<l5 ibae'n j~)s·talll eel uncleI!' U~e mOl,i'eable top of thlB! si nil! cab i net ~n alii campers. ihe kin swii ld~ ensures that. the hmltciCC caWll'lII'I While i f1I lr~n:sit. TIh!'li si,nk eabi !'il&t ~m~!O~ b~ in the setup pOSi1N'on tor thehmlaJce 10 run. The sw~tch interrupts '11"oth,e-rI-rICl:~tat ciro!ul t, Care ShOl~~d be taken i~l sto rillg a rli cles under this lQab.in~t to in$~Jlrl;! !1Qt: ~li:::;:cQI~I~e'Ct:i",g U~e w:i'res from thQ!'iwitch_

The' th ... rmostat atse has <In onll'oH swi lch ail tIle IJol1:am. A.~llIitil tlhe manutacturer's ih~~ln,l(:~iion$ t~wrc;l~lghIV b!;l'JQre'open!ti!1'9 the f,uJllaC~_


\o\{a.rc~' neater

T'h!lI~~'~·recQ\I!l!r:v propaIM;.I'ired wate!l' heater ptovides a contlnuous SIU pplV of Ih,ot w::Ilter..

lnstructlons for- ~ighting and operatic 11. of th~ w<l1te r IU1!at(!l"f.I r"i!

I oo:at:od in t.I'.~' water Itlie!1tero;omptl rtlfi,ent w I~ Iie:::h is <i ccessi ble frcmthe outstde of tim trailer,

INO'E~ New chamber c(J.ating5 may give oft 1lJ slight odo,~ Ul¢ firstr(!lj!;' hI) Ulr~Qf II :ll!:,


A three·w<lil !"e'flrj'9,era,lo't' 115 offered ,Boom op1iOilM,1'llle standard ie,e, box. ,in tent campers, A refrngeratol' h35 thr,ee {Jper.i'iI.tili~g modes: pro pi1ln~ an ,1111 0 VQ I t AC, Wi1 ilch <,Irl;l p rtrna ry, 'lI~d 12 volt DC which is for intransit use oml}!"

PmlP<l1ne or 110 "alit AC s nO!IJ lid be used ~i(l get lhe refnigeratDr cold itl1iti1'l,II'lI !il1~W fat cQI1ililnUOus op¢r~tklll wfllil~ p ... !'k~dI. Th~

1.2 volt DC Uln)d'~' ls <I~eOlpOrar'i maijn,~enat1ce mode ~I1IY<it1ld Colll ON LV be ,used 10 lkeep~hte re'r niger..nOon' !Cold wlh u!e travel ing. In 'the 112 volt IDe mCl~I@ 'Ih@ r~rrig@r!ilt,o,r wi,li n.:!IF1 (:)11 <l b<,lU~ry dlmwing 110 amps eentinuously as the'lre is 111'0 ttilermo,start ~n the 12voll DC mode.

The batiery toO wh~(:h the .ro~l!'ige-r.ator Is connected must be Gontili'l uc u5iliy Ghlillfged by the~OW veil iGle" 111 tM power SOUlr(;1o is an on Iboard battery, the battery must be chalfged by11hlB!tow \lelh,icII;lO)lH!~H'nOllto,r. ()tJI'iH\~l'rwl ae, ,oorme,ot the rnt:rigi!~rl'!tor ,to the' tuw vehicle battery. NE,VER connect the refrigerator to 1Jhi,e converter; RE,MEMIBE,Rto sw~tchtmm '112 '1101'1: DC to pmpal'1le er 110 '!Iol't .AC when 5toppedfQr ,e.I'l~!enlded per~od6, or when, at the OampHl'Oli n d. See" aliso, EJectrh:;al Syt>lem", p~oe .2:1,

Mo.re detailed In5tructicm!l will be found iiln th e marnJ~',aobulirer'l:l owner's mOl rmal pelrt<:lliln ~ng tu sta rt uP. 0 peratiollil Hind defro5tirug of the re!hligerator.

NOTE: O~l !;ilec'trl~al 5WII'tl;;h~s, I ~ o.M' ,m(J 0 :0; 011'.

Severnll $!.J199cslion:,i to ,reduce the "'o.oling iOllld ~1'1ll:

t. COQlltlhe, rl~ gill before departure in propane or 110 '11'0 ~t A.C mode ..

12, IF'nlle:z~ cit" pre~oolthe itiem5 yOL~ CI:J.i'iI"

:3, Park your camper in thie $hadle, Af~~1i' eal(lh trip" -empty ~nd olean U~~ ~1riiglei'ato,i' (or h:;:e boxolo Usew'.:nTn sO<tj:iy watel'" (dish SQ.[J pl' and Wi p~ dry. Prop tlh,~, 000 r QP~n when llIH'! un it ils not iin UI~ ..

Fi~. l ti ~lIli~-1 F i~. Ji. I~effrjgt~rahn

('011 trols.

/\ i r ICond~tW()l1Ier

.AIl Qpt~oll'ilallailr C'Clndlilt!ioner is aval~lal:ilie to provide comfort cCI'olilrlg dmiing Ule W~iI'ln!;lUlmlrl1e,r !'Il10Ilths,.

Alii 200~ fo id clQWIl'I ca mper rc ofs; .. re Me ·readly 01 Iii sie-.ntla rd eq~lipliTile~t

Sb,m::ndl RV, lnc, wm not be responsible for <lnv damaqes re!wllti!1g from tlhe .ns~Oilialt,!on ~f ilny 1i;1111C!~proyed ... ~~ lllondit~Oln.eIi'S.


NO'TE: The lOla.~ weigln, iii:] addUiion to the standard roof and eanvas c'onrvgw'io!tioli'l,lli'l'lt can beaiCIded to ~he liner system ns not to exceed 1175 ILBS fiGlrthE! 3-stage lifter g'Ygte~rl, These fi,glures aile the total ctHl'1Iu,ined weigtlt (ll~ items such as~he aliI' >cond~tlioner~ Ale pre!, pa()k:age, aWlr1I i Iill!), bike mek, bo,a l rack, etc. Any co m bi,r1Ied wei.g,ht abov'El Ilhese ti<guf'as win vo,id ~~,e liner wafrOilnl1(.


M:alke certain ,j;iveryon!;i ~1t1 your' party ls 'amillar wUIl the ~!'!'H~Wgl~!lCl{ tOO1!b,JM.SO~ y!Our tm.iler, I,o,eation Or exil'3, and IOGat~lilrli and operation of Ui!l;lfin;:oe:ding uisn,er.

I::ilrc l~~Hngui.sh(~r Lm:.aUOIiIS

Fire extingluishers are loeated c,1!os@'to the entrance door Qf the lr.<!!iler, mOl.lntl;ld on the wan' or side ot' ,Ilc:abiinet Know where theextil['l,guisherr i51ociatcdOindCHECK IT FlRiQ U EMILY 11:.0 aS,sulre that it is iin 9100d worki~1 9 ,oonditlllo!l.

mf IiIIfire doe~ ~t'" rt, g'(l'i ~II p~op~~ OL!ltside.. U se the tli re extio9luishielr. H the ~ire cannot beextinglJl~~i1ac;l q'!,Ii<=Idy, GET OUI! eloISe ~he pmJl~nesBt"!J'ic!!! valve, .md calli the~illre depart:me~t., DO NOT te=etlter Uile unlit untill off~GiaJS d(lclalrQ iit sate.

Relplace a used fire ,exting~llis.her as saon as possible.

IEmelfgen(~y E)(.iJs

E;ml1l!"!9~~l~y ~:l!ii~~ il!f~ icl~nm~.gd by ~!~ '11:::;(!l" ~n~ker IO'Gated ()!i'i the ceilirig (iii' on bUt'ilk end pane], See Fig. 38. !Make SUire that ev,e'ryone who uses the camper ,knows wlnllr(! the exits 0i1f'E!' andl j:sab!e to eperatethem in 0.1111 ,emergernev.

ln the ll!lll~k:e'lly' e:vel'lt of .an emergency, grab ~h:e zipper plJIli at the' lower edg,e M the 'tent .. assemMlv a!. nile eerner ,liUe·!" post and pull ~lP. TWs s<:!!11le proce,ciure can [be u;5ec ,Illt all four corner litter posts.

Preven'~~0111 is: tJ~,e best fO:rrfrI 01' safety. Follow the sa me' r!,llle'Si you woumd <It horne.

FolIQ<wthe propane s:ysteim in:s:trUC'l.Hons c:areflJllly and perform

U~e perJiodic: m,aiitltenalnce suggestiions. 11. DO' NOT 5nlokc in, be,a.

2. DO NOT (N~'elf'l,o;a!d electric a ~ cireuit5.

3 •. DO NOT UI5e ma.tche-s, candl@Si, olr !Iighters as fila !! I!! light!;O,

4. DO II,HJT store flammable liqluiid5 ill1l5,ide the camlll'!;!I!,.

!;i" DO NOT' p'Qrm it ~liJ,iild r~n ig IP~<Q" with tihc ptopliU'Ie or ele,c'lIriCa~ applliances ..

Cold Weather Use

!'( t:he ea ~1!1 per is to be used durilng itjrne wi.nrnr me t1till.s.,seV!e'<l~ prolllGf.lluHo n,$ mll'51 b~ l<'lken~

t. Do not ~15e the' :S~[lI'ilC tor comfort hll;!atJing., Asphyxia'lliorli could result:,

2. Use f.I Mlntox:i(; .. nUflll!fl!:zesQ~uUo!1 iln the W~U'!ll' 5V6hi'll'1I, or Ib,llow the system dry,.

3. 00 not <lit:tempt t.o r:!lis,e th e root wtl.~!'! ttl,e tempei'a:tlir~ is belo'w 20" IF WiUlllJut pre=warming thcin~e'riQr. Title 'ilir!'yl windows or bUlnk. ends may crack,

4. Do notl.l!S{) butan'flil nyour propane >!lV5tem. It will !'1ot 'vaporize below 32" F. Propalle will cotlJltinue to' v;l,porize to 44~ below zero, Note that ~eat.iln90onsumes prapana rapid lyse, monitor tnesupply (:~.oselly,

5,. 'When co,okin:g, k;eel) the vent andlor window open to prevent c,ondietlsa.tio!lJ bU!lldup andl p,o:ss~bie asp hllYl!iation,

6, W~len campilngl.iin cold w·eathGF, crass venti l.altio,1l'I helps $!Ow c;olf1ld¢n~01!Uonh~l'"mi!iilg on 'th~ can,,'-,n:;;:.

NOT'E: Open the c:almipm~\Il;!ry two mont hs and inspedlts genera ~ condifrtion.

If ins'ttefild of using' Y,HJlr GOlI,l'IlIper dl.!lring the wintc'l" months YOu must store it,fo.llowthe!se steps~

1, me ~n it: 0 ut tll~or,o~lghly. Fh~"~Qv'e <,11111 ,p~rish i!ll:da or u:9,aJbloe food ~nd medicine. Wipe ~he :refrigemtor out with a d!<Hl1!lp {:Io,th <:I!ldbakingsoda and le<lvethB door propped cpen, VaclJiiJmm~ ~pho!stery <lInd remov,e ilill tIM,!:: st1iI~Jl$ .. Ciea Fli the tloor, Re~ ove d ra pedes and dean and $tolre them il'llsildethe unlt,

2, Shut on the propane OLiUBt v@llI-e a1I; the tanks,

3. Lelf€,II1thll' unit fo,r good drainage. Open ~II the f~I,JC.:t$ Olrldth~ dmil'l valve on the wat~r h~~t~f, R~mo'\lo tl~e drain cap.to ~mlPltythe pipes and t'elillsti:lIUhe cap. ClI'O's>£'! alii the f<ll.!cets and drailt'is., IB~ow out w:atl!lr heater.

4. Pour about H2 cup of poti'l!b~'Il'l R'll ;arntif!1B!!<!:9 (,or one of the solutlons .listed below] IntQ th.;! S~fllkanJd sh(w.elr dr9!lins t.o prevent fu:e.2:ing. If:so eQluipped, i't~I'i th~ 12 IIQlt pump to make cert:!l~n that i~ is; pl:'"Qtect~d by tne <llrntifreeze solulio Ill.

ill 60% Glyc:!!!ro!, by w\!~!ght in W$tew, u!1dikllt~d,

b.22% M a glnies~l~m Chloride, by weight in water!

IUlm;:I!II!uted •.

WARH[IN Q~ Auto motilvEI, radiatlOli', 0'" 'Winds'li'liio~d w,3sh@t"antifree'Ze could befata.1 ill 5wallllowed. IDO NO'T use them ilMlhe fJe~h "'"'ter s}I'&t:em.

5 . .squ~r1t graphite lubricant into an door lloc:ks and alPply Il,Ib ri,c~1CI tto the door' hili'il 9¢$·,

tL Whenever po:ssible'j block the tlraii'er up, ta,king tlhe' wel9h'l on 1:!hi,e wli1'eells .. Jiack andbloc;k the trailer ;at tJiiIC frtllrl"hll" not tl~'!1i OlIxlle beam. R,~ducetir¢ IP,re$~,i;.I~

to abolll14 PSI. Spin the wheels to coat all! roilier bearlnlQ5 ::H'Itd races will; gma!l~" lhi5proc:edl~re wm pro,llotllgi tire me, reducing maGlkiilng., pre1ffl~'t rUIS'I. from eendensatlon inside the whilfl@ll bt;'!~ri ~9$, and extend tOr'~ion ,",;Ii;!e !ift;! by ifedulI::;:ing ~ilxlle set1ilelli'1IHlt d'll!If~1'I19 IlOng term s~ora:ge. [DO .NOlf use sitabmzer jacks to I[nft the campecr,

71. Compl'e-te nubriC~iWJ!lO~ the winch liUer !IIystem ;alld cable, as dt?%lrtibed inthe Standl<ird Caire secHon, p!,l~~,& .30 & 3~, s!1,()lJld be c:onlP~eted be'fioro ~'Oi1g peri-ods of stonagl1! 'Ito pl"i!~ve!1t rust 001' ccrrnslcn tram da rna gling moving pa rts,

B. WI)I)( tr.fllill~r WHh an 1J1!.JIlQlTlobiille wax.


9. mUhe tmlk::t!is c~ol,l\~~dwith pl<'!~.tic orrc<!f!lvO!!~. t~H! dO'bi,r and/or mof VI\!r:it ShQljlld be .opened to, provide adequate lIenlilaUOt1l' &0 that moisture will evapor,llte.

to. Sweep snoW' off the roof <IS 50Cln as pos!llibllll", D,a N~OT alloiw SlrlOw to' <:i'i:;Ii:;llilImlulate because the wenglht iin <ldditi air'! lQ rree:zing .~ ndthaw~ !19, m;!i'li' d;llm~g~' the ro'ot Damage due 10 slIch i3 ccndltlcn wi IIII not be cQllered under w<'Iina,tlty.

NO'TE: Ii at :alII possibie, Wtil' reeemmenel stQrirng Ule unit jhs~de.

Effc(·t~., o€ Long 'rcnn/Cool \NcalhcF Occup.lncy

YOI,U' tll!l'!itc'<!.m pe-r w~s desig ned prilifl'81,rIi liy ror recreati onal US.!! and sho rtterm oceupa r1cy. ~t' yCM~ ex pec~lO liv'e in YOlJlr camper fIJI' e!'>.l,el1decil per,i.Qd~ ·of Ull'l~, or ~nl' cold or COOII weathelr, be p,r>epa red to deal w~tl1i cO r1delfl!'i~tio ri, {U'I d tn~ hu rr!1r.! CQr1IdHio I1S that .nay be em:mJlnte.md" The n,Qnnal activijt~es of e-Velli a 'S~'Il[;l1! f!llu!'1b~r otoccup<lnts I~' the lrelat'ively S.~l'Ht~~ 'lI,olull'1I:le o{ <II modern recreatlonal 'IIBhicle, with its thin wal~s arlid tiglhit ccnstructlon, \!.I,i'II J!i!'<'l~ to r<llpildsaturatiQn ot thealr inside the miller a nd the i!'ppe:ijirii n,GC ,M vis nl)lll)' Inoistura~e 5 rJe~laU,y duri ng cold weat~l@1L

Estimates illi'ldicate~~~at a familly OfrOUIF Can lIaponize up Wt!1ir(H! .gl<lIlQn5 Of WMilJf (Iaily tlflrou~l' bfQaUliing, eookit'iSh battn~rl'fJI, and was.hingl" Unl~S$ tihfis vaper'ls carrfed outside itwilil. GO~,dC1f!~'~O'1il the ~.'~ide o:r the tent sides Olr bUlokend cei~ i I1g as mcisture, 1Wi! cold we@lther,i:t will! appear as 'rm",t. or ice, It may aliso condense in thtri w""I:~s or tihe ce,lIlingaml appear as stajns 'on tl!~e paneling .• (:;ondens~tiO!1i ~s .il fUIl(:tiiQnot n<lllJM al~ul is not a warranty matter.

Ci.:mtl'oU! !~g Con lit·n.!'","! lhHi

mntervor condensilitioll ,Oalli be fM'i,j(Nild ~dljlru rI 9 col!dw>E!<'!lher) w~ththe fallow,in g steps:

1, V~l!1tnate with outside ;ail'. P<3it"li'aiiyop~n 01. rOQ,f 'IIe~1t and windowlS; to Ilrov~de c:otUrroll,ed drcul:irl:iO'n of outs~dB ,;Iir to tha inside of title tr,Clii~er:'. Thls will iincre:ase the h!C\ating ICild On Ul[l nJlrnl~,c~:O(Hn1llwh .. t!, but it wilill greiiltly reduce cIQnd~nSi<Jti(ln, You shoiJlld ~i!lGr,ea5e venritilatiionwhlil"rl ~Ollng'e "'I,linb~rs of peoille are IPir'es:e-~,:t.

INOTE: EV'~'~lwnen it ,is r.~i!'l!i!i'!,g (l'r ~1'!()W'h,!!g. o,ut9h'Je. ait is 11I1ILlH;:h dlf[er~h.a n iltil tedor iii ir and wli I ~ effectiv:i3IV rcdl,lce condensati,oll.

2. 1,1"stall a del~ II fIflI id i'rier. TIi1g use of' a dell IJI m i d~1i!I!r wi II~ !fed l.I~e the need for ou1~ide venHlat.h)tl. As .<! l'e!;l~lti the heating load olntihe f!l,ilfna:c;e wHl be reduced ..

Your new unit Is the r.g.su~t of St<lr~r;:!Jft's dedic a Ho!l to pr-ovide a !product tha'!: wiill aS8U~~ yenrs gf c:~ m ping er'ljoym>ll!lnil:. This ded~c.aHOri is extended thwIJ9h the de50ign, i:lng in~!i!l'1ing!. tirld i1r'I,ai1t.,ilf8liC,lurillQ ~~. we~1 ~,~ cl!I~tQmC'r s~rlliO(l !!Inc! !:"apO!l!.ro!>. Should a prob~em devellop with yo Ur new StaH:raft <IS a ,rresulrt of WOdJ'll<ilnship or mate,rj,als, we want H corrected and back inl $Ii)tvi:(:i¢ jW::t o;IS rm,~(l~', <lnd jUlst. as qUlickly as y,OI.l tio.

The' 'first place to seek:. oOltr,ecHon of a warranty problem is alw~ysat the dealelrship w,t';(,ere ),I(loI!J bought the braill,er, There i$ a ·fi'lEilw(lrk O~ de.d'iiHs aCHlIS5 the' UnilecJ State:.> and C~;rnadlfi who are authorlaed '~O perform waJrran:t.y repair work,

!lForp.rompl,eUicient service, please usa your Owner PrQtectiQ!1 S!l!rv!ce Ident.~fic:ation C:ard Oltthe S,tl')t'cr.':lti;!3ervicing dealer orf<'i!c!litll where Uu~ relPCllnrS <ire being made ..

iK"eeplng the respect and satlstaetion 01' eur customers iis Fi10slrl'!iIPQi"tanl al St.u'-cran:.

Wf! <Ire pnHJld of tne quallity Qf our dealer.s and they can hOl,ndl!!# jll,lst abQvt .any pmblem that migiht come up with your Unlit If yoUfi~'W,afte!' going to the dealer, that you do not receive saitisfactnon, you may write;

St;n~r,;)H RV Wananty Se,f"I!Iiices P.O., B,Q,l{ 458

1"Oj:l.j}l!i:o]l, IN 46571

Service 8:' Service Chart

Ihle Qpen~tion5 ~isted Ii n the SelVi ce Gha rt shoul!d b'iS p0r1'ormed on a re{J!ular basis, I'f you a Fe nO~. prepared or eqlJl~pped t,o handlle these st.elp.s, please li'Iavc~hem. p~lI1Qlrlned by YOII,JW St~!,9r~f~ Oe0Jh:r er Qther qualiifiied servle,e teehnielan .•

SEI1V~CE 1.L'\!·l'.EIRVAl~

I,:~e,h ·,1)0 ! ,.nf~O 2,:Hk~ .l.tluo 5,UUt) W,O~W
-r.i'~lr'/ Mi~L'~/ j\lih.·~i :\.'ril,·~! MHt'~/ :\Ii ~;,;o,~/ i\m~~/
W~'c:kl~' )0' day 90 d"y -" l.11l111t h s b months Yt'£Hly )i.~' !'V 10;,. :Fr' !.I.~' r~' r f~'1'!!,~'~' I~:

Pack wheel b~a riilt'igiS_.,,,, __ ."." _" •••••.•• , , ••••• , .. "n , •• "., •• , ••. , •• , •• , •• , •• " •••• " •• " •• , •• , •• , •• " •• "." •• , .. , •• , •• , •• , •• " •••••••. , •••• ,' "'" ,.,.,'_,.,""_ ,_. __ '"',,. X

Check bralke opel'<!ition "',., , .• , , '" ,. '"", .. ,""'" '" .".,' '" X

Ad~llSIt b1ralkes" ,.,' ",. " , , '.,,, ,." "', ". "., "'1,, I'" •. " •. " ·•· .. ·.·,,' ·1· .. · ," .,," eo, , ••• ,., •• " "., .. X

Smvi GI5 blr:<lk~s .,"''" __ ,_'"_"" ,_, __ , __ .. , __ , __ . __ . __ . .. __ . - • . __ . __ ,,, .. , .. "., "., , .. , .. " " .. ",."'"."",.,,, .. ,, .. " "."',,., .. "' , , .. " .. , , .. '""'_, ''" __ , __ __ X

Ilr,'spect, sat'eity ehrnins ~HH~" nH, .... H~HIiM H'I ~~ I ~i I ~ii I'ii~ ~ii~ M'i ~i'i iii I ~i I" X

Inspect \!JIi,ni Il9 ""_ ,,,'"_, . __ . __ . __ ,_. __ . .. __ . __ . __ . , __ . __ . __ . _ X

Ch ~·c·k. tifl~ IIlf i~lkl!~ ,e, W~~llr" .. , •. ,., ..••..•. ,.", .•. , , .•. ,.".,,, ,., , X

Ins<p~c:t 111ilitch ,com po~~e~1ts." •• - •• - ._. ' _ X

llLllbl'ic;JJte coupler latiolll 8.. secket.. , __ , __ . __ .. __ "_----_ .. -_- ._, ,'""". , , .. , .. , .n , .x

lli.Jll)r~c::alte 11iiln ge:s ~~ ~~,I·~~·~~,.,~~,.,~.,,! ;:~'II'~'I~; I'~" ~F." ~~~ ~ii,I;:;& I;:;; I;; I ~,.,~~,I,~ii,I,~~LI,ii~ Ili~ i'.~ ;1." ~~~~.; ;,;,.,;,;,~ ,., ;,.,i ~.,,~,; II •• ~;' I ".,"., •• , •• ,." I.""." "'." ".",,.,, ~.",""" ",,,,,,,,~.,,~,,,!,~,!,!,~~!!!~ !.!~ !'~~ !'!;! ~,,~ ~!~ !i~~'~~ X

lu bdcahl loc ks .• " ,., ...•.• """'""'"''"'_''_ .. ,_,, . __ , __ . .. __ .. __ . __ , ",." , "."., , , •• ""'."' •• "' •• "'.""'.""'." " •• "." " •• ,,, ,, •• , .•• , •• , , ",.",.,,'_, X:

I ns,r){I'c~l .a!lId ch;t:au V!l!nt~, .. "" "'" ,"" , .. , .. ' .. I , , .. ," I .. , "' .. , "'1 "., ••. , .•• , , •. ".",,, , .• , •• , , •• ,.",." , •• , •• "." "." •• " •• , •• , •• , •• " •• " ,.,,',.,' X

Check II U'9 nut t'orq UIE! '" '"_ '" .. __ . __ , __ , __ , ,_- __ -_,'"., __ .,,, _" , .. , .. ,""." •• " .• X

Sani!!i,z:e f!'!2:'sh watell" SV:l:lem ., .. , .. , .. , .••.•••.••. , ... ,.,., ... , ... , ... , , , .. , .. , ,." ,_, " _ .. __ ' .. ' __ __ ., .••.. .,., .. , .. , .•• , .••.. X

Clean drap€ls <lIn d ilnt~r~'OI' fabrics , ". ,..", ' ••.• , .. , •.. ' , I • ·1 I , , , ••••••• , ••• , ••• , •• , •• , •• " •• " , , "., •• , , •• , , •• , .•• , X_'

II FllspEHJl e,x~eJiior5eams Bllrld open ings! , .. , , "." ,'",'""'" __ ,_, , __ . -_, __ , __ , __ , X

A,r,:'scal !Il:l:xtelf~O'" :S1~alr1fl;S all(l o~J'~nli~lg:5:1o'~~ ~~.! .. !~!!!!!~ !,~,! !o!,!,~~",,~~,! ~~'I ~~ I'!!~ l'n'I:H·~""'U~,~" ... ;;~ I,U ~~'I'U'I'~~'I·;'''~,r.~ ~;'I,';,i', i·i·1 'J';"'~'; ~;'n"';'~·I·.,1 ,'.'1 "'''''.~ I." IJ." .~'lJn"." I." , •• , •• ! •• !'~,,!,!,!,,!~, .x

C~eaJn battery cablles/tBtTnillals "'''''''"''''''". _" __ , __ , .. __ . __ . __ . __ , "_ •• , ", •• , .. """",.", •••.•• " .. " , •• , •• " •••• ",. , :X

C h€'c II. b~It:t€'1i'Y fill i,e~ lev~ll~ " •. ,. , ,., .. , .. , ••.• "" ••. , .. '''' .. I'" ", "'" I .. I .. , " .• __ "." .. , .. , .. ,. X

Iinspect suspensron ., .. , .. , .. '" " .. , .. , .. , " '"",.,,''''',.,,' '_' ' ' •• ' •• ' , .• , " •.•..•..•..•..• , .. "." .. " .. , .. , .. , .. " , .x

Tan k dischalrge fli liter "'"" ••. , .. " ••. " , , .. , .•• , .••. " , .•• , "., ",.",.'" ",.", .. '" .. - , __ .. ". _' _ •.• X

c h~N::'k, clean .u1d Iluibl1i,c eWinch (s'e'e· S'tOlI!H~ard Gare~' .. ,.,' ', , ,', , , , ..• , ..•... , , .. ,,.. ".,. "." "." "." ". " .. ",. , .. ,,,.,, ".,' ,., .. , ,. " .. " X

G I"ease m aster tlu b 0 rI lift: syst:e m , .• , n .. " •• , •• , •• " " •• " •• " •• " •• " •• " •• ,.." • .,,, , ,,,.,,,'""'""_, .. __ • __ • _-. ."., .. , .. , ,. X

"T!w '~'~',.ll ,lion!;!: ~IH' ~·dg!..':; ~),{ Ih~' I'~)(lr .:lI1d _.t Ihl" eorucrs et tiE' U'"il":l slwul.d he dlo:.·dh·tl l'\"~ry om) Ib~,~ ..

'C~w~:I~ 111<" :rLl1)f r1,~f d,~m,1~~' fMH:h "Q~ ~~II,nl"'WII'l'~ fl'LII", K,~llii~f: ~~[C*'\:C~~ !'~\'ql!~'!Hly. 1."".lIli.l!:~I w Ilw 1!l{1~' ~.!n n!.~LIH 111 Il',1j,k~ ;111 d ~ Li h ~t'~1 IH':n ~ da m,,:Jg,(,' H1 i!'1! w~ i~1'~ P,;]!!H (1' ~ iii (. II T<l'ilk r,


Standard Care


Ap[l,II:i<1lllce's C!~d~l t'\d th hot. S(')d !"~' wa u-r.

CC) LHI h.'rt{ll"~ ('I\',:I~l ~'J!! h ho I, ~~lIJ flY W<lI,~I',

:s I u ~ !.bW ,~t~PI \,l'P i'I,,~I,(~ ~I ~""ri~'! :;.

Slm'~' L.I ~~,' .1 ppr,iTl i'i tII~' ~I~"~ n~·r~ •• 1 i~d ':~l,ll Wilh fi 1m ~1'i'\I~rfM.1 h k~ oil ;11'! ~~) r ~'k' .111 i nH,

Ih' f~·ig~·'r.i1 h.1 i' 1~~'nHW'" lcod ,.lll:~,i l',~~: 111 1:1 tp,

1I ph Q 1 s If!"}' 1~1 br~(

Fi!hrk hlil!1l Lyp<: cleaners or 11<11)<11 w~ldl wit~l WJITn !;oar)~' WJ!Ler.

V~nyl Vl.nyl, dl~"'!ll'l'.

Pi :ljiL'~ t ) I "I p~"~ ~!ms,t b1.' h.m~1 W(I.!li'wd 1I ~i!'g ", I~' II d '~k!1:' il~~!~ L Ml-d drH~p~'d J~ 'Y'.

V~ 1li)'1 rI~)(H l.I ~~, Lll'~~' I'W' nl! "'~',l~" " i'HI V\,',l i ~'r" i'l 11 ::;L:' wdJ. .;md f~' 11~\\,v 'Wi t I~ .1 dl~'m' f~'l'~I\' w.~}; IJI"

((N~rhnr, [.',!uh'.:lkn( III (,'bla~l~ he~~ r!..'MgIL~).

\MI ~H~W~! r~;

I't,'-fil1l~;I!~{,1 LI:,~' iHl!I:-:;~' iHlid fl,It'!liHII~' ,"I,!~; ~jl pL;!I~h, t;l'WI' ~',:I'l,lfh~ .md !:..;r'~i,:'h,~~: wi'll'l ,~ wa~ ']I~Hl t'[.~il"l rlli~wl'l' I)J" mcJ1..:hing pmt:-' stick.

51 ~ incd Sa nd and re-sta ill <15 I eq LI: i red,

n!..'fl, Sid dc"~ I'c~r.iod i("lul, riJ(:,]I' i ~1f!i wi t h .1 ~,i I koJrl I,' I u b rka n~ wi II ell hancc til l' C.1S(' ~~~. ,ilh'F.il i~I" .:I:i,d J~i'.;,,\I~il]l; !!':i~'k lik

I·~r<lm,,·, ~:uilnuHg Cilt'cik <l[ least e\"-'ry HJOlJ rrulcs (or twk:c' ,j :';<~,j':-'l'!IJ. l~iTl~" with w;ii('r ,;1 r!~'r ~"llt

G~·.H ~,~ ~~lwnlli,·.:iI' ~'~uIMmlrMI'ltln, III.:'P'll II I .:1~ I~"·"'~li.~"ry,

I~im~ & H~~1J:n.; (le,111 and 1\'r,linl <11' needed,

Wiled tug NtH:> Ul<'(;k H.'r\ll~l!.· Ilwl'fst 2:5.100. and 500 mik~ <m<11 ('\-,!..TY SUI) milt's there.1fteL

~I\! S~,[:{!'II B,t:;;~ rlings Lubrication. Obtai 11 11 C\-\! c~)H or ~~In:; <1 rid ii't.' pdd{ ~~'Hh h if:h I (~m I"~J,,][ LlI-':' WilL"'] h~'.1 i'l !l08: r.~ ,~,.~!:~, p~' I !>~,~"\: !,',,'! I! 'I ,,"I \'.! j l:h ,!!!.

Hr"k'~~,,, ..: Ih·~' k Ili~Hi'H s ~>r "Kii~i:H I f ih:~·~k~1. r:>~:~, :S~'ll'k~' Im~'ITIl i ,; I'mn)

Lhl~ly ~V~wd II,H:h (",11( ~hl\",l(l..;_ rlf;h,ly wlth .:,)o;h; ~'i~'.iM" lul», will~ \VI} ·In.

Couph:[ \Vfl~,'dl h~'.~rillg ~n·<!tw on the release lever end socket.

Ba III \!Vh~d h(~;, r~ 11 g f.:n'.J :-.t' [I r '~L '.'l p.

~'n~p.'f1IL:: t:-h('d~ .111 ~iil~"" fur ertmps or a<llll.'lge. Ch,~'c,j( ~'or k'<ll(~ With, SOilPY W<lt'::'L

r' ro;,;;;:m I'~' r~'H~i i., ~w lin ~ I' r~'}; :'~I r~' I:; II IJli~~ I')~:I 'LlI \,WI h'l n~1 L"! I H, ,',.HIII t prl iJ '.!W' bottteswhitc as n,,'c<·~~s,~~y.

l..'V~I~r Check all hoses. luWngi>. and connccttuns for sinn~ 01 1~"1kJg.(~.

1-'l!Il f.;: D~~~h'l,~,&'" (;: h ~~ck~~d ,lilt:! d~',lfl ('(I. ~,w ilii'"tv w,,;;kr:-..ysQ,' rn wh{' n i'lt" 'Ikd. i s(,'~' p.~ ~(,' In,




",\,b r asi ves

Dry cluan ~ ng. [) I:y d l'.U' i ng.

~]i'V ;;l W.i!1 ~!ili~1,'" ~T'I!!~: ill !:loI;! wi"l,~l1in.~,

Lis~" ~,~~ W1~W', h~~r~,h d(',1i1~~'r~, .1kClhol" 01" petroleum base solvents,

~:I: L L i I],~L~~ i::{!~~ il u hr i (,:.:I:n:1 (~:n ~LiI'l1lHII~tliIIllB: C'UI'\I,'~ ,"!iilhl

~~ pl':i 0 I.:; t·,~~l'y. <11~ it (L) nld produc e ~tilb'l~.

nv~! ~,~ uudvr i.n!·I'!iI,illn, !dlh~~r mil y ~ ... iIll Sf: pFc:~hll.~ rns,

1b.:I.:Id d;UI~'l!~'~~,

S~~~· D~'~:Ll.;r i\xk M;lm~,,;]J] kl!" {'i1ul'loll':']"


O~'l' rfill:i nil: boule S" refilli I~g \vit h ~:!lRi!~1.' nllWVilH M !i~:,'r fl'~ilH'.

1\I.lLw!'in~ w<l:11.!'1" ~O srand irl 1',.11110:

M~ l'!' ,~ ~ rll", '!,,],~ ~11 m: h I!'!""~~ u i'~,

1 IO'l),1dr~~; lip 10 <In lmfi'li"tli:H,lr '~~lly W.11! ~ r "~~f! f!'~';: j:j t'!l \"" i ~ h t' ~H fi f.~ ~ dwdkl!l~; \,vhdlh~'I' <! pr\~~:O;Lli'~'

n~{1 LI(~h~g (~(mll,l i:!r ~!> i'l~.qH I:r,~:d.

It IlrmJ.l nn!lw ~!\i!l!r i1n P";!.

S·~1\ .. f\lD}\n:D CARE

11(1 Vo~ t AC iL-.:~ mi ne w.i res and .gn:nmd

t\t~:~ I I!;! !'Y nil L [I;! r~1 '~:h(','r,; I ILl'~1 i rl I L" .... .:!ol IW i,~,,' ,~ ! n,~:11 ~ h, !~;'>l'r"~ I i,~ !1~t)d- K':!,~' Ii 1;'>1 rfj I II'<~ I;;, dC'" n, L}i~<;"(Hltn ~T I [>;!H ~'r}' r 1\;'111 ~'I,.' n \iii;' n'~' r 'k'F III II ~~ klITRI ~lllT .. g('.

H re Px H.ntf,.l!i L~h ~'r I~c su rl' I't is c-n<1 !'ged. C 11CCf.: pr~~~~.L1. 1'1:' Imot") t h Iy .11Hli nore 011 mS,I"~c t ion t<1H'

PiW,1 I I .01" CO!il!].r;t;t(loF nR'o.:~ wi res a rid in ~i.lII'.1 ~Oli.

Mlnm.litltltnl,.lFih~i- l.lse w<1rm.~.D<1py w,lt('r lmlkl ,kt(,f£<.",Ul and . ., f.oft bristled brush. '\";h:.: with a

j!l1'TI~'~' Iv .{\ 1;:-\ I' I.i'''~ i'l.' H ~ i u.il)r.l ... il\'\·' Ih,p lid ~ I r p.l" I,t'W, I:~ ..

Lucks Lubricate With W·'Wilil\'.

1~t)(I,~ ~'5c ~';Nmi s :111 speer :1~ ,1~M,t l'~:(~ry ()O d",~~':._ C hec lc kfr £1,1 r ~ <1 nd r(' caul I~ II s~ n~~ <1 ~ ,.~'1 i 1','\ :Lluw !'rh~'lll"!(' ~~';Ik'r t:~\I,:ijkll'k rr(~m St;r~~-r,:.:r!~, ~I!' ,!rK~~lw~' br,'ll~j ~A r'U rt' '11J(N,l ':;i I I ~"Llm' raul k. 1\ !:'oi~lill r i.r~l.;~'dw\' ~Iwu Id k f:t., I k\\·v~'d 'h,\r t he r'~l~l f h' il I

and 5(r~W!;. This pwcedl~I{' must he done <It k~,lst once <1 ye,lir or sooner i.i I'n."I·'~'S~,~I,~ ~'.

!r:X I ru ~ i ~1 !~.~ t\ II HI~~u 1-1.1 J'~' \ .. ,"''\x~'~i wi, 11 ,1 fW~'~~ !W !lj.1~)r,Hr\!~' 1i~1 LI i\1 ~1!' I','~H ... ' ·W.1); ~ ~\ 11 ~'i]~ pre!;l~rVl~ ~i1c tJlnish J]ml ,woKI piHil]~~ ..

S;~,1!"~:r;l~t Url~'r I"~I~('~'I \',1hk f",'r rr"Jyifl!o!.- In~p'."':!~pl"ill~\ I\Jlw~ ,'IIl~I' t.priflg W[>l' ~·I).IHl-~'<:~k'.r~~

~,y~~ ~'i~) ,"I'! 11~."!!!;!~' I' I! U b~' .~ ltd W~ L' I'~: I~~ I' ,,1,ll1h'l~~~" I:'; rL'.' ~~' ilhl~ ter n:h~" ,~IlIH~.' II y, 1\,"','1 ~~r(,~l:;'c ze rk!; <1rl' 11 rovidcd on Ihe IYh15~l' I' HI h, (1rw good p II TIl P o,f 8f"'-'<1·St'· S 11OlI:.Id ht, f"u rf'.Cci.'·ll L L hie:'!.: k 11:'Il{.'I'~ [0.1 CI<1 m.il£({:., Sc:O 1'1 ng ,11'1 d rn:t~duril <.,1 m (11;,:·,,,,,., Ill_

l uh I·,i,.-,:III I." lti I I 1 "r 1',1 y :'! 11~1.'~,l~IW,

VVill,dl 1'i.~I,)\'\f do!J~m with bi1,Jb pressure ~~ir,

i'\I'~~lly ;J k'\\! t;I,,,,l"~ ,.of 11::-,:111 rn,~,;hilw (.'il ~.Irl tile {';~bl'L: drilf{' ~hail Ixd! wul the hl',1 ke ~!u (t hoi ~, Abo) ;~ p~.'ly", r ~"iV d I'l)P~' "jllj~ I l),lll ! h.' pm\'!: 1.)jVlH ~ h"i'! I.,.)

r rcvent :.~' i ,;1,;1 r~' l n I~t cl k king \vh~ n I' ,1 I:; i n:r.~ ~\)~)n,

t\ir C(J~dl~iV!H':r Ck';~1"! ~:~'ar'1)r;WII" ;.md (;'l'm.lt'rl~~;'r ·l;I.,nb·, Hlt'T, ;lIld r'ilrl. ((!HI" VlH~i,k (A wnditio·IK'r Ivill'n net in lIS,,-,".


U\l~wd'i I! i!l ~ ~j r !trw :I ~(~tl hi 11~'vd below ~~I;;ll ~~~,

Nol 1'~~V I'l!.~ i ilH <In cr II Sic',

Allhl:;.i ves , w,l:ih ilngo I' cW<ll.!dll!~ In Iwt ~Lm,

Oil grease or Rf<lptlih_' (I,ll ~ih~r,~ I~ r ~:.,1 hl~~:'>,

1 kil ~'Y' 'l!j ~ {~Ir nrre •• \>t? ~)n e.~pl.}~~'d gears ,11HI t!trc<ukd shaft, Avo if I ''111-}' ~Pl·;.l¥ ILlhd~',HH en I'I';III~~' mech.llthrn:-;,

RT Series

rig. 4 51\ ~' 45.t1.

P ~l ~~ ~ (!,~ s h ~~'\fj>,~ ng tront M<1Jl(' un 11 If I' in locked .U10

~! ~11 ockc d' p!.~:> i ~ le u, A I ~ 0., ·t: ,,! q:;o ~ i cdowns <lH' vislbk In 1rrH: deck pll"lt~'.

Tile RI S,~rie:5 i5 ,oftlile5~me qiJi.aIIHy <is tile regular St<'irCi'OiU ~dneLip. The exceptiont iis a much i1e .. vier h'ilm~ '-inti fi.innill'Si gear, TII'H:: 1 OR'l.is a fami.1!i air floorlpl!al1 on tine ihte1dJVier cni3Jssis, The 11 FIT 1L5 a Tilew HocHiplalll, with a m II eh long,e:r frame" This IO!lg,er tlrO"lm,e allowstQ!, .. l 52" .;101; 81" >e,;.:.tl;lrlor (l;:,!!fgO plOlt1orm 011 till!! ~If'ont ,of th() tr.<!i.l()lr; rhis plo:!Uorm Is cO!'l'lplete with move, abol!;! gatA;l5' alllciOl dlamond pl<lrte<i~uminum deck wnth tle dOiwn !brackets for use wiith many diHerent types 01 carogo" 'J1iI~$ deCilk sholl.lliid ,noil: blil ioad@d t:o exeeed 700 Ibs. hitch we~g'hL






It ls lrnportant to precondition your canvas before your flrst camplnq hip by' uslnqths fo~lolA!'ing steps: 1 , Ssl~up camper rnaking sure a.11 wi~'l(im'Vg are zipped closed and all vents and dams are crosed.

2.., Using a spray, rather than a. stream.frorn your garden hose lhoroughly wei. entire canvas and a~llow to dry.

S, After dryit1~ sp,my aga~n and check for any leaks to the interlor of tile camper.

4. Any stubborn leaks may 1'9 sealed using 3M Scotch Guard Protector for fabric ir:J a011'08011 spray fol':lowing cirscuons on U1El container,

5. Complete application is recommended '~O further resist any staining that may occur as wel~ as provide complete water repeillency.

6- Allow t-o cornplele~y dry before clo.sing down unit


Suggested' cI~~rtI~lngl prooscure for E)~I Tsnt Fabrics are as follows:

.~ - Use clean tap water with mild detergent ann soft bristle brush, then rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residue,




2 Cnecl{ interiDr for any ~eakage a.ftGlr nnss and allow to thmoug~llly a.ir dlll'Y.

3. Upon ccrnpletlcn of each c:1.raaninlg it may again be necessary 10 apply-3M 8GOtC~1 Guard Protector for fabric, to assure water repeiliellcy if cleml~ngl process has removed it


1. DO. tllorouglil~Y c~@alll wllle,never b~rcj d'rOjpp~ngs, til''@@ gap or diJn becomes apparent.

2. DO. El,PIP~Y Scotch Guard Fabric Protector allY time accidental contact wiU~ lneect IR.epellent, Hair Spray or Suntara Lotion occurs.

3- DO NOTfoild down unit wet tor Bny extended period of trne. If canvas mLiSE be storedwet, open unit ~Q IhorQughly dry as soon as possible ..

~'- 0'0 INOT allowtne sunto dry moisture (rain or d€w) lnto vinyll. MoisWr€ combneo willl dust: and dirt will result ln stains W:lliich w~H be almost impossible 10 remove.

Serial Number Identification Form

TI18 toll lowing 'nfmmat~on will be neces.salty if one af yourr appliances requires. warranty service, Filii ~rl the available irdoru'1~alion tIS 3001'1 as pos!5ible.

IH:ttll P.M E NT


Door IKey


lReFwi'geirator/lce Box

Water Hleater


Option Weights

OP'rlON Tires:


5.30' x 12(c) .•...... " .•................... 20 lBS

.811 75- x80D13C , .. , , .. , ,., .. , .. , , '" .30 lBS

Vinyl Tire Cover, , .. , , 0.7 LB

Villi'll BotUeCover: Single _ ". " . . .. 1,4 LB

[)Quble , , .. , .. , , ,. 2 lBS

BicycJ,e Carrrier , .........•............ "" .••• "23 LBS

Boat Rack .•.. " ........•........ , .. , , , .. , .11 LBS

Seit:"Stol1':img Awnil'9; 7' ..•. ,., 24 LBS

9' .••••. , .• , , , .• " ., , .••.••..• ' .27 L15S

11' .•• '" . , '. , ' .• , . , , .' ,29 ll3S

Screen Room: 7' , , , .. , '" 119.7 LBS

e'unk ligllrt •.•. " . " •.•.•. " . ,. , , ., . " .• , " • , .•••• 1.5 LBS DQILIlbie propane' IBo[t;lles wlA,uto Regulartor ••••• 19 bBS

SaMeI)!' Gauge. , ..•.•....•.•.• , .... , .• , ..• , . , •.• :2 LBS

Subu rba n FUit"'!i,ace ••••••••• , • " ••.•.••••.••• 19 LBS Belr'gerator::

3·'Way 1[lDometic R 1M 2:~ 93ll .•......•..•....... 32 LBS 3-way l(tlDometic RM 4223 - Sllideout$) .•.... 54.5 LBS

Ailr Conaitioner Prep Kit. . _. _ " ....•. 25 LeS

Water Heater wlFaucBt & Pump 22.2 LBS

E~ectt'lic i8!rakes •.•......•.•..............•.. 9 LBS

Outside 11 I) Volt Reoe'pt , , 1 lEl

,Step. , •.••••• , , , • , • , , , .. , • , , .. , • , , , .•••• , .• , 2-9,8 LB:!S,

C !Q"the·s Bar • , ••• " • , , .,' ••• ,. • , , • , ••• , , ., ••• , .1 !.,!;!

'Outside Show!;!r " 5 LBS

Outside Ac:ces:!'i Door .•••••• , •••••••• , ••••• 1.5 LBS

COlweitl~ence Package, , •••• , •••••••• , •• , , •• :E:H5 I.BS

D,e~ U !I,e Pa c kalge .•.•... , , • " •...••• " ••••••. , , ., ,,12 L,BS

Space' Station .. , , , . , ..•.•. , , . 4.7 LB:8






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Centennial EntranceDoor Set-up

,Arter unl100ki I'Ig and lev13,lingl 0·11 m per. Gr,1lnk the roof liP and set U'Q€stabiH<l:er j~c.l<s_.ln~taJ'1 all the bed braces and pull IboU~ be ds OILJ t. Set !J p 'the bUlt1,kend!; un d .zipp~r tho tfl!ll'l p~ r~el$ closed at aach liift~r.

Urlla1ch. the' twO' win'91 catches. on the of!' dCiOI' side o;r the trill i~er'tl'l il,t life hQlcililg Uiee'I"it!t"oOin cail' doolrlo thecem n 9. Let tlli1'Iil' door han!} on the cables. 011 the door side (If the traiIIEHl", yOII,J wi ~I !lee d tQ ~in thf.il llfltrarn ee' doc r 51 ii9111[ly to un hook it tmm til1e stora ge bra cket, Move the door toward tH11e off door sidle ot till a tmilcr sliglhtly toaillow downWl'lrd ill'H1V'ement of. the doo:r,

Lower the dQ'Q!, ~:~~,.,tnb!y whil'(l 'pushin'9 the entire door ·out.sideoHhe carnpe1r_ Thetop ofthn door wii III remain inside the ,cn,mpcr. LiH the door vei1iicn,lIy whHe' tilting th& 'lop or the door IJ nder the IrQ of sldebo ~n::I. Turn the two. wing catches loceted en tihe UIO" ~ldQbo~rd to hold 'the top of the door secure~y, Opern the door ii.llid IPld11 rnward Oil ~he sides of the rJOQ'f trarae ~lll'Iljl lit is seated ir~ 'the elo,or j.linbs, Tut'lltti,e t'Ol,lr 'Wing eatehes on tPle door frame to secure it ito the jamb's. F-.;]st\cli1~lhe tent panel Velcro to the entrance door Ve!crQ,

To store dOQ,!, for ttti'li,el. reverse this proc~d.!.lr,e.

Centennial Sink Faucet Storage

Il3efolre closing the c~nnping!raiIQrdownl! it n~ impcrt.arn 'that the sIIr1k taucet he lowe'red to allow-the beds to be IPushed in,. OHmrwis,e, sertcus c,j]tiJ'i,tlge to, thl'Ei' faI..lC'9't :spout wi'll occur.

Turn the silnk. faucet .:;opout b)w<ird 'thesinl!c:. Grabllfrlg the IOU" slmped h'lIndl~ll'.in tii'H:t moveable coantertep wit.hl one' hand, lIin ~Uigh~ly wlliletufilili9 tlhe~hul!'Iilb Ilock with, thl;l o~l1imr hand. RelealS1!l the hold 0 n, the "U" shaped halndlea nd the co uertertop W'vtl, '<Iuc,e1 will genUy lower il'Ho tn¢ (;~iiit~t bel'iind the' s,ink.

The faucet spout should be turned unto the s:iin'k before tryillig to push the beds in", I'r not-lift the mQveablE! eeuntertep by ·the "U''' shaped haltldlle higlh cnm.Jsh tgtl.!rn the spo,ut tile eerrset direction.



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