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Informatica Getting Started Guide

Informatica Getting Started Guide

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Published by: tjanssen01 on Mar 16, 2011
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PowerCenter has a service-oriented architecture that provides the ability to scale services and
share resources across multiple machines. PowerCenter provides the PowerCenter domain to
support the administration of the PowerCenter services. A domain is the primary unit for
management and administration of services in PowerCenter.

A domain contains the following components:

A nodes runs service processes, which is the runtime representation of an application service
running on a node.

You use the PowerCenter Administration Console to manage the domain.

A domain can be a mixed-version domain or a single-version domain. In a mixed-version
domain, you can run multiple versions of services. In a single-version domain, you can run
one version of services.

If you have the high availability option, you can scale services and eliminate single points of
failure for services. The Service Manager and application services can continue running
despite temporary network or hardware failures. High availability includes resilience,
failover, and recovery for services and tasks in a domain.

The following figure shows a sample domain with three nodes:

This domain has a master gateway on Node 1. Node 2 runs an Integration Service, and Node
3 runs the Repository Service.

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