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ITIL Foundations

ITIL Foundations

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Basics of ITIL foundation course
Basics of ITIL foundation course

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Published by: jay_hyd on Mar 16, 2011
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As with every process there is an Input and an Output.

The main input to this process are incidents. As shown in below Incidents can come
from many sources like users, management Information or infrastructure monitoring tools.

The Input for Incident Management mostly comes from users, but can have other
sources as well like management Information or Detection Systems.

The outputs of the process are RFC’s, resolved and closed Incidents, management
information and communication to the customer.

This concept is illustrated in the following diagram. The centre diamond shows the
activities of Incident Management.

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Material do Curso de ITIL


The activities included in Incident Management are:

• Incident detection and recording
• Classification and initial support
• Investigation and diagnosis
• Resolution and recovery
• Incident closure Incident ownership, monitoring, tracking and communication

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