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ITIL Foundations

ITIL Foundations

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Basics of ITIL foundation course
Basics of ITIL foundation course

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Published by: jay_hyd on Mar 16, 2011
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In recent years, IT Service Management has developed into a field in its own right.
Organisations are now so dependent on the automation of large parts of their business
processes that the quality of IT services and the synchronisation of these services with the
needs of the organisation are now essential to their survival.
This introduction to IT Service Management aims to provide a thorough introduction to the
field. It not only provides a convenient introduction to the books in the IT Infrastructure
Library (ITIL), but also serves as the first step to prepare for the Foundation Certificate
exam in IT Service Management.

It contains a wealth of practical experience collected by the editorial board. It is based on
the latest edition of the ITIL books on Service Support and Service Delivery.

This course aims to provide an effective introduction to the dynamic area of IT Service
Management, and will be useful even for those not preparing for the exam. However, it does
not pretend to have the answers to all the questions that arise in a field so multifaceted as
IT Service Management. Instead, it aims to encourage discussions and to compare the best
practices with the learner's own experience.

We expect that this course will fulfill a clear need, and it deserves not just to be read and
studied, but also to be used wisely in practice.

Gerard Blokdijk, Managing Director The Art of Service

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