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2. DD Using Bio-robotics 3. Smart Note Taker 4. Clos Architecture in OPS 5. 4G Wireless Systems 6. Wearable Bio-Sensors 7. Poly Fuse 8. Non Visible Imaging 9. Modular Embedded Internet Software Support 10. Nuclear Batteries-Daintiest Dynamos 11. MILSTD 1553B 12. Micro Electronic Pill 13. MOBILE IPv6 14. Chip Morphing 15. Challenges in the Migration to 4G 16. CAN 17. BIT for Intelligent system design 18. A 64 Point Fourier Transform Chip 19. Anthropomorphic Robot hand: Gifu Hand II 20. ANN for misuse detection 21. Adaptive Optics in Ground Based Telescopes 22. Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors 23. IBOC Technology 24. Honeypots 25. Immersion Lithography 26. Grating Light Valve Display Technology 27. Fractal Antennas 28. HART Communication 29. E-Textiles 30. Electro Dynamic Tether

Wireless LAN Security 40. Low Energy Efficient Wireless Communication Network Design 38.323 53. Wideband Sigma Delta PLL Modulator 59. FPGA in Space 32. Metamorphic Robots 37. User Identification Through Keystroke Biometrics 43. Virtual Retinal Display 45. Ultra Conductors 48. Optical Packet Switching Network . Optical Switching 63. Co-operative cache based data access in ad hoc networks 34. Compact peripheral component interconnect (CPCI) 57. Speed Detection of moving vehicle using speed cameras 62. Optical Satellite Communication 64. Self Phasing Antenna Array 49. Service Aware Intelligent GGSN 51. Mesh Radio 36. DV Libraries and the Internet 33. Voice morphing 60. Wireless DSL 41. Push Technology 52. VISNAV 61. Fluorescent Multi-layer Disc 55. Wireless Microserver 42. Role of Internet Technology in Future Mobile Data System 50. Ultrasonic Motor 44. Indoor Geolocation 39.31. Digital Visual Interface 56. Signaling System 47. Datalogger 58. Mesh Topology 35. GMPLS 54. Spectrum Pooling 46. H.

Bluetooth Based Smart Sensor Networks 86. Carbon Nanotube Flow Sensors 91. Mobile Virtual Reality Service 75. Analog-Digital Hybrid Modulation 79. White LED 90.a novel method 81. CorDECT 88. Radio Frequency Light Sources 68. QoS in Cellular Networks Based on MPT 69. Multisensor Fusion and Integration 73. Pervasive Computing 95. Class-D Amplifiers 82. Artificial Intelligence Substation Control 80. Optical Burst Switching 85. Navbelt and Guidicane 72. Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry 94. SATRACK 66.65. Speech Compression . An Efficient Algorithm for iris pattern 78. RAID 97. Iontophoresis 93. Adaptive Blind Noise Suppression 77. Smart Pixel Arrays 76. Project Oxygen 70. Holographic Data Storage . Cellular Positioning 92. Optical Networking and Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing 84. Polymer Memory 71. MOCT 74. Crusoe Processor 67. Digital Audio's Final Frontier-Class D Amplifier 83. E-Intelligence 89. Laser Communications 87. Passive Millimeter-Wave 96.

Spintronics 102. 110. 122. 128. 127. 104. 125. Bio-Molecular Computing Code Division Duplexing Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Utility Fog VLSI Computations Tunable Lasers HAAPS Daknet Digital Light Processing Free Space Laser Communications Millipede Distributed Integrated Circuits AC Performance Of Nanoelectronics High Performance DSP Architectures FinFET Technology Stream Processor GPRS Free Space Optics FDDI E-Nose Embryonics Approach Towards Integrated Circuits Embedded Systems and Information Appliances Electronic Data Interchange DSP Processor Direct to Home Television (DTH) Digital Subscriber Line Digital HUBUB Crusoe . 126. Organic Display 99. 111.98. 119. 121. 120. 109. 108. 124. 115. 113. 123. 114. Ovonic Unified Memory 101. Symbian OS 100. 130. 107. 112. 116. 118. 105. E-Commerce 103. 106. 117. 129.

156. 135. 143. 159. 148. 158. 137. 133. 152. 153. 134. 150. 142. 164. 165. 155. 138. 140. 154. 147. 149. 151. 160. 144. 161. Bio-metrics Augmented Reality Asynchronous Transfer Mode Artifical Eye AI for Speech Recognition Treating Cardiac Disease With Catheter-Based Tissue Heating Surround Sound System Space Time Adaptive Processing Real Time System Interface Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Quantum Dot Lasers Plasma Antennas Organic Light Emitting Diode Narrow Band & Broad Band ISDN Nanotechnology Led Wireless Laser Communication Systems Josephson Junction Introduction to the Internet Protocols Imagine Cellular Communications Heliodisplay Optical Mouse Time Division Multiple Access Element Management System Extended Markup Language Synchronous Optical Network Dig Water CRT Display Satellite Radio TV System Robotics Wireless Application Protocol Synchronous Optical Networking Cellular Radio Optic Fibre Cable . 141. 163. 146.131. 157. 162. 139. 136. 145. 132.

170. 177. 190. 187. 174. Infinite Dimensional Vector Space Low Voltage Differential Signal Plasma Display GPRS Landmine Detection Using Impulse Ground Penetrating Radar NRAM GSM Wireless Intelligent Network Integrated Voice and Data MEMS Smart Quill Automatic Number Plate Recognition Optical Camouflage Smart Fabrics Java Ring Internet Protocol Television FireWire Night Vision Technology RD RAM Implementation Of Zoom FFT in Ultrasonic Blood Flow Analysis Military Radars Modern Irrigation System Towards Fuzzy Smart Cameras in Embedded Systems Spin Valve Transistor Moletronics. 188. 194. 181. 173. 197.166. 182. 184. 195. 175. 191. 192. 171. 186.an invisible technology Laser Communications Solar Power Satellites MIMO Wireless Channels Fractal Robots Stereoscopic Imaging Ultra-Wideband Home Networking Digital Cinema . 178. 189. 172. 193. 198. 179. 167. 180. 168. 185. 176. 196. 169. 183.

224. 218. 203. 228. 231. 226. 213. 201. 230. 206. 227. 208. 212. 219. 202. 200. 220. 204. 210. 229. 221. 232. 211. 216. 214.199. 215. 209. 217. 205. 222. 225. Face Recognition Technology Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter Automatic Teller Machine Wavelength Division Multiplexing Object Oriented Concepts Frequency Division Multiple Access Real-Time Obstacle Avoidance Delay Tolerant Networking EDGE Psychoacoustics Integer Fast Fourier Transform Worldwide Inter operatibility for Microwave Access Code Division Multiple Access Optical Coherence Tomography Symbian OS Home Networking Guided Missiles AC Performance Of Nanoelectronics Acoustics BiCMOS technology Fuzzy based Washing Machine Low Memory Color Image Zero Tree Coding Stealth Fighter Border Security Using Wireless Integrated Network Sensors A Basic Touch-Sensor Screen System GSM Security And Encryption Design of 2-D Filters using a Parallel Processor Architecture Software-Defined Radio Smart Dust Adaptive Blind Noise Suppression An Efficient Algorithm for iris pattern Significance of real-time transport Protocol in VOIP Storage Area Networks Quantum Information Technology . 207. 223.

249. 240. 251. 250. 262. 257. 246. 245. 254. 259. 248. 243. Money Pad. 256. 238. 263. 264. 239. 244. 255. 247. 236. 237. 235. 242. 260. 261. 258. 253. 241. 252.233. 265. 234. The Future Wallet Buffer overflow attack : A potential problem and its Implications Robotic Surgery Swarm intelligence & traffic Safety Smart card Cellular Through Remote Control Switch Terrestrial Trunked Radio HVAC Electronics Meet Animal Brains Satellite Radio Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence Line-Reflect-Reflect Technique Low Power UART Design for Serial Data Communication Light emitting polymers Cruise Control Devices Boiler Instrumentation and Controls SPECT Sensors on 3D Digitization Asynchronous Chips Optical packet switch architectures Digital Audio Broadcasting Cellular Neural Network FRAM Wireless Fidelity Synthetic Aperture Radar System Touch Screens Tempest and Echelon VoCable Data Compression Techniques Fractal Image Compression Computer Aided Process Planning Space Shuttles and its Advancements Space Robotics .

277. 270.266. 275. 287. 269. 295. 298. 278. 283. 284. 290. 276. 281. 271. 279. 288. 285. 267. 274. 286. 268.D IC's Sensors on 3D Digitization Fuzzy Logic Simputer Wavelet Video Processing Technology IP Telephony . 294. 280. 273. 297. 292. 282. 296. 289. 272. 293.The Next Generation Protocol Driving Optical Network Evolution Radio Network Controller Wireless Networked Digital Devices 3. Welding Robots Sensotronic Brake Control Mobile IP Power System Contingencies Lightning Protection Using LFAM Wideband Sigma Delta PLL Modulator Bioinformatics Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography Animatronics Molecular Electronics Cellonics Technology Cellular Digital Packet Data CT Scanning Continuously variable transmission (CVT) High-availability power systems Redundancy options IGCT Iris Scanning ISO Loop magnetic couplers LWIP Image Authentication Techniques Seasonal Influence on Safety of Substation Grounding Wavelet transforms Cyberterrorism Ipv6 . 291.

308. Landmine detection using impulse ground penetrating radar k. i. 306. MOCT g. Image Authentication Techniques o. f. d. . 302. Optical Switching c. 303. Ovonic Unified Memory b. Multisensor Fusion and Integration f. Optical Computing Technology d. Micromechanical System for System-on-Chip Connectivity i. MEMS Switches h. g. Line-Reflect-Reflect Technique j. Integration of IT in machine tools m. e. Free Space Optics Electronic Seminar Topics Ovonic Unified Memory Optical Switching Optical Computing Technology NavBelt and GuideCane Multisensor Fusion and Integration MOCT MEMS Switches Micromechanical System for System-on-Chip Connectivity Line-Reflect-Reflect Technique 307. Integrated Power Electronics Module n. a. RPR PH Control Technique using Fuzzy Logic Multisensor Fusion and Integration Integrated Power Electronics Module HDMI H. 305. NavBelt and GuideCane e.323 GMPLS Latest Seminar topics a. 300.299. h. 304. Interactive Voice Response System l. c. b. 301.

Electronic Applications of carbon Nano Tubes . Cruise Control Devices v. Boiler Instrumentation and Controls w. NanoTechnology ff. Coffee Analysis With An Electronic Nose r. MIMO Wireless Channels: Capacity and Performance Prediction hh. Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing t. Image Processing & Compression Techniques bb. Design Of 2-D Filters Using A Parallel Processor Architecture ee. Cable Modems z. Interactive Voice Response System l. nn. Real-Time Image Processing Applied To Traffic ± Queue Detection Algorithm ii. Evolution of Embedded Systems kk. Face Recognition Technology q. Crusoe Processor u. Integrated Power Electronics Module n. Landmine detection using impulse ground penetrating radar k. Robotics dd. Image Authentication Techniques o.j. Integration of IT in machine tools m. Biomagnetism x. Wearable Bio-Sensors s. Global Positioning System aa. RTOS -VxWorks jj. Wireless internet access: 3g vs wi-fi oo. Optical Burst Switching Psycho Physiological Credibility Assessment mm. MICROCONTROLLER BASED POWER THEFT IDENTIFICATION cc. BiCMOS Technology y. Free Space Optics p. Bluetooth Based Smart Sensor Networks gg. Emerging Trends In Robotics ll. The Thought Translation Device (Ttd) pp.

Multiplexing (DWDM) iii. Spin Valve Transistor eee. Low Memory Color Image Zero Tree Coding uu. vv. FACE RECOGNITION USING NEURAL NETWORKS BIO-MEDICAL INSTRUMENATION COMPUTER AIDED ww. Nano Technology mmm. Nanopolymer Technology tt. Fuzzy Logic ss. Wireless Technology ± Bluetooth jjj. NANOTECHNOLOGY-ASSEMBLER DESIGN AND NANO-COMMUNICATION Transient Stability Assessment Using Neural Networks ccc. Home Networking . Smart Cameras in Embedded Systems rrr. fff. Steganography In Images rr.A New Revolution In Memories Artificial Neural Networks aaa. qqq. Mpeg-4 Video Compression ooo. WISENET-Wireless Sensor Network Optical Networking And Dense Wavelength Division hhh. Prototype System Design For Telemedicine Using Fixed Wireless Internet Optical Mouse kkk. Semiconductor Devices. Data Security zz. lll. Military Radars Quantum Computing nnn. Implementation Of Zoom Fft In Ultrasonic Blood Flow Analysis Using Tms320c5x/6x(Code Composer) Dsp Processor.qq. FIELD OF VISION xx. GSM Security And Encryption ddd. An efficient algorithm for iris pattern recognition using 2D Gabor wavelet transformation in Matlab ggg. Palladium Cryptography yy. Data Security In Wireless Networks ppp. bbb.

Analog-Digital Hybrid Modulation An ATM with an EYE uuu. .sss. Efficient Implementation Of Cryptographically Useful´Large´ Boolean Functions ttt.

327. 330. 328. 322.bomb Field Emission Display Screen E-Intelligence Grid Network . 320. 312. 321. 319. Embedded OS for Real-Time Applications Performance Evaluation of Efficient and Reliable Routing Protocols 310. 329. 318. 315. 325. 313. 326. for Fixed-Power Sensor Networks 311. 323. Self Healing Robots WiMAX Blue eyes Smart Note Taker Wideband sigma delta modulator Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) 4G Wireless Technologies Beamed Power Transmission from Solar Power Satellites Chameleon Chips Coding and Modulation for a Hostile Channel AUDIO SPOTLIGHTING ASSYMETRIC DIGITAL SUBSCRIBER LINE (ADSL) EUVL Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Wearable Bio-Sensors Halo Networks E. 317. 314. 316. 324.309.

k Dielectrics MEMS Switches Mobile Virtual Reality Services Molecular Electronics FACE RECOGNITION USING Neural Network Neural Networks Protein Memories for Computers Quantum Dot Laser Robotics in Biomemics-Snake Robot SOI POWER DEVICES Thermomechanical Data Storager Thin Displays Mapping & Positioning 3D ICs Asynchronous Chips BLAST Blu-ray Disc . 349. 347. 348. 332. Fermi-FET Technology Future Satellite Communication HDD Embedded DSR iSCSI Local Multipoint Distribution Servicer Brain Machine Interface Low . 352. 338. 335. 340. 342. 334. 343. 353. 344. 351. 339. 345. 346. 350. 341. 336. 333.331. 337.

11n ±New Generation Wireless Standard Power paper Plasma Display Movie Distribution FRAM Fully Integrated CMOS GPS Radio Genetic Programming Graphics Processing Unit HVAC Light-Emitting Polymers Low Power UART Design for Serial Data Communication PPSN . 363. 362. 356. 360. 365. 358. 375. 369. 374. 368. Cellular Neural Networks Compact peripheral component interconnect Crusoe processor Digital audio broadcasting Delay Tolerant Networking Distributed wireless communication system Electronics Meet Animal Brains Embedded DRAM Face Recognition Technology Ferroelectric memory Sony Dynamic Digital Sound IEEE 802. 372. 361. 366. 376. 373. 371. 367. 355. 359. 370. 357. 364.354.

377. 381. 385. 378. 383. 379. 386. Optical Satellite Communication Ovonic Unified Memory Polymer Memory Space Mouse Project Oxygen QoS in Cellular Networks Based on MPT RESILIENT PACKET RING Networks Smart Dust Smart sensors Steganography . 384. 382. 380.

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