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Organizational Study at Kamco-rahees - Copy

Organizational Study at Kamco-rahees - Copy

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Published by: RAHEES on Mar 16, 2011
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Welfare Programmes can be classified in 6 categories. They are:-

1. Essentials :- It includes items directly needed by employees during production and in

case of emergency. ex- Goggles, Draught relief fund, funeral expenses etc.

2. Work Security :- It refers to items of support given by the company for immediate

protective element while performing a job. These benefits are given individually, section

wise or company as a whole. Eg-LIC Schemes, accident benefits, personnel accident

benefits, insurance, first aid etc.

3. Health care facilities :- It involves canteen and medical facilities. Example – ESI, Medical

Reimbursement etc.

4. Well being and Motivation :- It is aimed at developing a sense of loyalty and boosting

morale. Example – House building advance, loans, contribution to recreation etc.

5. Work surrounding facilities :- KAMCO provides spittoons, latrines, canteen facilities,

reading room, television, recreation etc.

6. Training and education :- It helps the employees to perform better in work place and attain

self actualisation. It includes expert training expenses and counselling charges.

7. Cool drinking water, Welfare officer, washing allowances, Occupational safety, first aid

boxes, canteens etc.

8. Shift allowances are as follows :

1. First shift – Rs 5/day.


2. Second shift – Rs 7/day.

3. Third shift – Rs 8/day.

1. Attendance bonus: For no absence during a month 3 days wages is given. For half day,

1 ½ days wage will be given.

2. Special allowance Rs. 60 given to all employees.

3. Missed meal allowance: Rs 18 given to security staff coming for 3rd

shift i.e. 12 am to 8

pm Rs 24 given to workman on Sundays/holidays, when canteen is not functioning.

4. Milk allowance: ¼ litre of milk given to welders and workmen engaged in

painting/phosphate plant.

5. School advance of Rs 1800/- is given to employees.

6. Conveyance allowance for purchasing cycle, scooter, cars, loans are given to

employees above Deputy Manager grade. For minimum 5 years of experience is required to

avail car and scooter loans. Interest is 10%.

7. Employees are given festival allowances of Rs 5000/- ever year in connection with

onam, ramzan, Christmas etc. The amount is recovered in 10 equal instalments.

8. Transport subsidy of Rs 70/- given to all employees. KAMCO is not having vehicles

for transportation. Second shift employees are provided with vehicles on contract basis and

subsidized coupons.

9. Medical check-up:- For selected employer in the technical department they provide

medical check-up in a year. It depends upon the nature of work.

10. First aid during the work, if any accident occurs first aid will be provided to workers.

11. The other allowances are cash handling allowances, house rent allowances, overtime

allowances, uniform stitching allowances etc. A full fledged canteen is functioning at


KAMCO. It provides healthy and hygienic food at subsidised rates to the workers and

employees working at various shifts.

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