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Questions & Test for Site Engineers

Questions & Test for Site Engineers

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Interview Questions

A. General 1. Tell us about your experience and why you think you are qualified for this position. 2. Why do you want to work at ASI? 3. Why are you leaving your current place of work? OR Why did you leave your last place of work?

4. How much notice for your resignation does your current employer need? 5. The position is based in Khogyani and will require frequent travel in the district, also to neighboring districts: SZD and PWA. How do you feel about this? 6. ASI would not be responsible to accommodate you in the district or pay for your transportation to/from work (you get an allowance for this each month). Would you accept this if given the job? A. Project & Development experience 1. What experiences have you had in construction and project management? What did your daily duties involve? 2. What community engagement experience did you have in those roles? 3. Tell us about some of the challenges you faced. 4. Tell us about a specific problem/challenge when implementing a project in the community and how you overcame it or solved it.

A. Civil Engineering 1. What is the comprehensive strength for concrete? 2. How can one know proportions of cement, sand, aggregate in different types of grades like M5, M10, M20, and M30? 3. What does M200 concrete stand for? And what will be the proportions of the materials e.g. cement and sand for such a concrete?

Construction 1. Calculate the cement bags to complete the construction of the wall.What are the basic technical documents required for a construction project? _____________________________________________________________________________ Test Questions A. Please do not consider calculation of PCC under the wall and PCC over the wall.1 is the cross section for a retaining wall. The length of the wall is equal to 200 meter. 2. . Total volume (Quantity) of the stones to complete construction of the wall. What would be the percentage of the mortar in stone masonry work? How much will be the maximum size of the sand while doing stone masonry work? 5. Why we need to do PCC? 9. Attached in Figure 1. b. please calculate the following: a.4. What is Shuttering? How it is done on site? 7. Calculate the number of the bricks (22x12x6) Cm for One cubic meter of bricks masonry work if the percentage of the mortar is 30%. What is the meaning of bearing capacity of soil? 10. What is the minimum & maximum compressive strength n/mm2 of M30 mix design cube? 6. Total volume of the sand to complete the wall. What are the basic safety measures you apply on the construction site? 8. c.

Using AutoCAD draw the following cross section in Figure 1.1 and do the necessary calculations for the blanks. A.2 _________________________________________________________________________________ . Design 1. please calculate the number of the skilled and unskilled labors to complete the job.d. e. Draw the table in Figure 1. Please write the formula for checking the stability of the wall against overturning. 2. Only for stone masonry work.

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