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YO CANTOUN TANGO v By ASTORPIAZZOLLA c.rghr Rcic$ed .plrishl O l958Edilions Univerelles Copr.

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ln New York the young Ptazzolla tuned into the vlbrant jazz scene and bandleaders such as Duke Elllngton and Cab Calloway. In 2001 AmadeusPresspublished AstorPiazzolla:A Memoir. Ieaturingbandoneon alongsideviolin. wlth the composer Alberto Ginastera and others.Asour Asron Ptnzzot-te Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992) was the foremostcomposerand ambassador tango oI music. Piazzolla continued to study classical music. a type of button accordion that is the principal vorce of tango. counterpolnt. In Argentina.and other techniquesinspired by modern classicalcomposition and jazz orchestras. In 1960 he formed his seminalgroup Quinteto TangoNuevo. Piazzolla left behind a huge body of mu:ic-more than 750 works-and classic recordings such as Adiris Nonino and Tango: Zero Hour. and the Kronos Quartet (Five Tango Sensations). In lhe ensuingyearsPiazzolla'' music increasingly used dissonance. jazz vlbraphonist Gary Burton (The New Tango).In 1986. as well as collaborations with artists as diverse as poet/author Jorge Luis Borges (El Tango). laying the did groundwork for what become known as tangonuelo-r. and began playing music from the classical repertoire. Back in Argentina in the late 1950s. where tango is a source of national pride and rdentity. Piazzolrla just that. metrical shifts. and bass. Piazzolla's music was featured in the Broadway hit Tango Argentino.ew tango. guitar. piano. Piazzollawas born in 1921 in Mar del Plata. the remarkable life story (as told to journalist Natalio Gorin) of one of the 20th century's true musical iconoclasts. Piazzolla'scomposition "Buenos Aires" won him a scholarship ro study in Paris with Nadia Boulanger. who carried the slgnature sound of Argentina to clubs and concert halls around the world. age 12. and ln the late 1960s even Argentinas military government criticized Piazzollalbr being too avant-garde. some tango purists were incensed by these radical departures from tradition. At he received his first bandoneon.on the coastsouth of BuenosAires.who encouragedhim to find his own voice by tapping into his passion for tango. In 1954. Piazzolla joined the popular tango orchestra of Anibal Tioilo and-while sti1l a teenager-established himself asa talentedbandoneon player and arranger. . too. Soon after his family returned to Argentina in 1937.but lived in New York City from 1924 to 1937. In Argentina.

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ES PAUL MARTIAL ANdASTOR 3 t l.By Y\.-------- f l't .-l 3 -Io Coda$ 3 =7t= lttf _l Editions Univeselles Copyright 1961 @ Copyright Renewcd .\.r!f .

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.By ASTOR r I t(f r rf r ??== ltQ?? L-.1 ?? t-J Copyright @ 1957Editions UniveNlles Copydehl R€newed All RighlsReservedUsedby Pemission .

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DJDI\ I AI\IA By ROBERT AUGUSTEEN ? ?l I il2. == .q= 7'l l-J Copyrieht 1957Editions O Unive6elles Copynght Renewed Al1RightsRcscilcd Used Penission by . ? Cl I 12. lr? f ' = . J t- i!i 7 'r-r #- (r frrt ll.TI\.

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By ASTOR Copyrigbt@ i960Edirions Unileselles copyright Renewed Al1Rights ReseNed Usedby Pemission .

/--= 2nd time D.'=. /---l---. only) . .-'1--l-. al Fine (Key changeis fbr D. t a-\ ---:---.To nextsection 2.C.--=- .C. ll /'--=> ------t----.

By ASTOR -rJ Copyrighr 1963 @ EdiionsUnile$elles Copyright Renewed All RiehtsReservedUsed Pemission by .

-"---LL= (Lu -:---\ F hu =z=f...--2 .---:=-' F-. F I I F-= a tt a- .1.. a=fr 4t -tFl a To Coda$ CODA D.C.I a . al Coda a /\.J' .2 --+ -.

(Sansta prdsence) By GUY FAVREAU. ALBERT AB BEN SOUSSAN ASTORPIA and ---:-:-t' rr TI ? I -TTTITI ttl ? -? ffrf T=TT==T- lrlpal Copyrighl 1957Editions O U.i!€aolles Copynght Re.ewed AU tughtsRese(ed Uscdby Permission .

-.] r (i r t r trl .r_ b_r_- i- I I I " r) r l-r = ...-:______-..r.\.r -tt_= L_-u EJJJ =t==t =T .....\ nil t-t* tTtl #-t .- All-l J- ri: -l-r p --ta 1 J .

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