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Russia.Introduction A grouping acronym referring to the countries of Brazil. o 25. and China.but they have the potential to form a powerful economic bloc These four countries are among the biggest and fastest growing emerging markets Already BRIC accounts for: o 40 per cent of the world's population. India. o 40 per cent of global GDP . These countries aren¶t a political alliance . Term was first prominently used in a Goldman Sachs report from 2003.9 per cent of its total geographic area. A grouping acronym referring to the countries of Brazil. Russia. India.

.Dreaming with BRIC : The path to 2050  China s economy will surpass Germany in the next few years .  BRIC currency could appreciate by 300% over the next 50 years. and the US by 2041.  India s growth rate will be the highest-not China s and it will overtake Japan by 2032. Japan by 2015.

. Russia-A smooth political transition An easy case for globalization  Undue emphasis on economics over politics  Disregard of cultural values  Russia can still benefit from a globalized world without undertaking painful reform.INDIA A Wise Elephant Trends  Number of people in absolute poverty has declined sharply  Exports have boomed  Foreign exchange reserves are ample for the first time in history  Newfound economic dynamism has shifted the balance of leaders priorities from geopolitical goals to mutual economic interests.

China.Unleashing The Caged Tiger  China s successes are associated with liberalization and globalization. but also on institutionalizing globalization Assimilation of best practices from across the globe .   China focused not only on opening economy.THE B IN BRIC: Unlocking Brazil s Growth POTENTIAL The uneasy emergence of an economic leader in Latin America  One of the fastest growing economies in the last century  But over-reliance on agricultural commodity exports resulted in a development marked by boom and bust  Focus on equitable development has resulted in significant poverty reduction  Brazilian economy becoming less dependent on exports  A global leader in renewable fuels.

Emerging Markets-Opportunities of BRIC ‡ High growth rates ‡ Increased foreign direct investments ‡ Huge investments in infrastructure ‡ Huge middle class boosting demand ‡ Abundant supply of educated cheap workforce ‡ High potential for outsourcing work specially India ‡ Domestic/global mergers/acquisitions ‡ Technology up gradations ‡ Abundant agri/mineral resources ‡ Commodity markets expanding fast .

Emerging market-challenges of BRIC ‡ Volatile markets ‡ Unstable macro-economic policies ‡ Natural disasters ‡ Setback in rain dependent agri sector bring down GDP growth rates ‡ Currency appreciation for export led economies ‡ Weak infrastructure ‡ Slowdown in FDI/increasing interest rates in USA ‡ Steep increase in energy cost .

‡ Attacked the rule of dollar as the primary international currency and suggested new global reserves currency. This was the second BRIC summit. stable and predictable ‡ The 2010 BRIC summit took place in Brasilia. diversified.BRIC SUMMIT ‡ BRIC countries met for their first summit on 16 June 2009. . i.e. discussed the current global financial crisis. 2010. global development. Brazil on April 16. Russia. in Yekaterinburg.

It is worth revisiting the original formulations on the significance of these four major countries that were made by representatives of a major American investment bank. .Importance of BRIC The importance of BRIC in the world economy has increased manifold since the acronym was first coined nearly seven years ago. Few could have imagined then how the American economy would collapse and bring down with it much of the rest of the world.

Germany. opticals and medical equipment. oil. plastic. oil and minerals fuels. Germany. US. CHINA 1. China. fruits and nuts. chemical products. electronics. metal ores. South Korea. steel. Singapore. RUSSIA 237.7 billion (dollar) Machinery. Imports-partners US. Japan. plastics. organic chemicals.BRIC Imports BRAZIL Total imports Commodities imports 187. Pharmaceutical products. Machinery. Germany. Germany. optical and medical instruments. semi-finished metal products. Argentina. Hong Kong. . Arabia. meat. chemicals.* INDIA 327 billion (dollar) Crude oil. UAE. Vehicles. Taiwan. automotive parts. US. fertilizer. Saudi Ukraine. iron. China. precious stones. Australia. Italy.307 trillion (dollar) Electrical and other Machinery. China. electrical and transport equipment.3 billion (dollar) Machinery. US. Japan. iron and steel.

autos. Ukraine. soybeans. Italy. footwear.BRIC Exports Brazil Total exports 199. China. wood and wood products. UAE. iron ore. South Korea. Germany Netherlands. US. precious stones. chemicals. natural gas. Russia 376. apparel. Exportscommodities Exports-partners China. optical and medical equipment. Hong Kong. Germany. US. data processing equipment. textiles. apparel. .7 billion (dollar) Petroleum and petroleum products. coffee. vehicles. iron and steel. China US. civilian and military manufactures. Germany. China 1. Turkey. India 201 billion (dollar) Petroleum products.7 billion (dollar) Transport equipment. iron and steel. Japan. machinery. metals. Argentina. Netherlands.506 trillion (dollar) Electrical and other machinery. chemicals.

Economic trends of BRIC countries  Sub-prime mortgage prices  Foreign Investment  Evolving Economies .

higher level of education ‡More nascent entrepreneurs ‡Less established entrpreneurs . higher education ‡More not working ‡More nascent entrepreneurs ‡Less established entrepreneurs INDIA ‡More females ‡More home makers ‡Lower income.Comparative analysis of BRIC countries BRAZIL ‡Higher income. lower level of education ‡More not working ‡More nascent entrepreneurs ‡Less owner of functioning business RUSSIA ‡More nascent entrepreneurs ‡Less owners of functioning business ‡Less think that new business leads to high level of status and respect CHINA ‡Less negative business experience ‡More work part time ‡Higher income.

Between 2000 and 2005 BRIC contributed roughly 28% of global growth in US dollar terms and 55% In purchasing power parity terms. .Conclusion BRIC accounts for 15% of the global economy and 42% of global currency reserves.

Title BRIC .

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