ENG 099.

2521 | ³Where I¶m From´ Instructor Beth Schwartzapfel

Student _______________________ Lab assignment, 3/15/11

For each of the following sentences, identify the subject and the verb. Then, add an adverb, an adjective, or both, depending on the sentence. (If there¶s a noun, add an adjective; if there¶s a verb, add an adverb.) ruthlessly difficult Example: Beth ^ assigns ^ homework. subj verb 1. Bharati Mukherjee is a writer. She immigrated to this country from India. 2. I ride my bicycle to school. 3. The homework is easy. 4. Yesterday, Shendell taught us a vocabulary word. 5. Kyle will teach us a vocabulary word tomorrow. 6. Our lab meets on Tuesdays in room E-147. 7. On Wednesday, we will discuss Bharati Mukherjee¶s essay, ³Two Ways of Being in America.´

Now, do the opposite: ³clean up´ the following sentences. Free them from clutter. Eliminate unnecessary words. Replace ³fancy´ words with simpler ones. 1. It is obligatory for persons who bear the onus of responsibility for the lives of others to maintain maximal standards of ethical comportment.

2. For example, practitioners of medicine, officers of the law, and facilitators of learning should recognize the power of their positions.

3. It would be instructive for prospective wearers of the badge to consider the case of Justin Volpe, a member of New York¶s finest who was adjudged culpable of assaulting a man he had seized by legal warrant.

Finally, pick three sentences from your diagnostic essay that are ³cluttered´ or unclear. (If you don¶t have your diagnostic essay, you can choose sentences from your homework.) Write them on the reverse of this sheet. For each sentence, answer the questions, ³what was I trying to say?´ and ³did I say it?´ Identify the subject and the verb, and then re-write the sentence so that the meaning is clear.

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