What is the Cabling between 2 Similar Devices and 2 Dissimilar Devices for Network Cabling?

Cabling is very important in Networking. Between Two Similar Devices: Cross Cabling is used in networking. Between two Dissimilar Devices: Stright Cabling is used in Networking.

how much memory is required to install windows vista
512 MB of Random Access Memory.

What is meant by AT and ATX ?
Advanced technology & Advanced technology Extended 0


Re: What is meant by AT and ATX ?
the mean of AT and ATX is inthe AT system u have to switch off the system manualy whereas in the ATX the system switched off automatically

Re: What is the difference between OS and IOS ?
os is software that boots the pc and ios sofftware used for router.

What is the Command Used to Convert a StandAlone PC into Domain Controller? In RUN type:0
dcpromo and follow the instructions

Saurabh Seth

What is the Command Used to Convert a StandAlone PC into Domain Controller?
dcpromo comand can be used to convert a standlone PC into Domain controller. The same command can be used to change the domain controller into a standlone PC.

What is the Cable called for connecting Hard Disk to MotherBoard ?
There r two types of cables are there they are IDE and SATA

what is the name of the Jack used for Network Setup between one computer to Another and from computer to another device?

what is active directory partication ?
An application directory partition is a directory partition that is replicated only to specific domain


what is domain controller ?
Domain controller is a server that control or responsible of provide to host access of all resoure like printer,files,mail within tthe domain

what is diffrents betweeen ntfs and fat ?
FAT (FAT16 and FAT32) and NTFS are two methods for storing data on a hard drive. The hard drive has to either be formatted using one or the other or can be converted from one to the other (usually FAT to NTFS) using a system tool NTFS is a high-performance and self-healing file system proprietary to Windows XP 2000 NT which supports file-level security compression and auditing. It also supports large volumes and powerful storage solution such as RAID. The most important new feature of NTFS is the ability to encrypt files and folders to protect your sensitive data

why we use class c IP address most
The only reason seems to be is, coz Class C has very less number of host allocated and due to which the wastage of IP's is very less. For eg. even if you take complete subnet into use then also at max the hosts will be 254. now, 8 bits remained for hosts so as per the formula 2 power 8 - 2 and that comes to 256-2 = 254 so these host ip's are very less as compared to other classes, therefore CLASS C is used more.

how to configure a Network Printer ??
Go to start menu - find Printers - find all - select the desired printer & follow the wizard - Flag the "set as default printer " check box - apply - finish.

what is firewall and types of it?
Firewall is a collection of programs which is use to prevent unauthorized access to or from a private network. It can be define in two categories. The following categories are. 1. 2. Software based Hardware based

what is topologies?
Topologies are the physical stracture of the networ. topology types:

Bus Tree Star Mesh Hybrid

what is vpn ? and what is the main advatages?
VPN Virtual Private Network it is configure on the file of over LAN n/W to access it remotely with all access



what is vpn ? and what is the main advatages?
Vpn - Means Virtual Private Networks. The Advantages are: 1. Data Access will be faster because less trafic. 2. Data will be safety and secure. 3. Intruders will be prevented by Authentication.

what is ads? main advantages ads?
active directory services is a windows directory service which store the uerfull informaction about the network it is a multipurpose directory services it use to centrilized the database user computer and print the main advantage of active directory -is uer to centerlized the the database and centrilized the administrator they can manage the network remotely and give the security in the network active directory contains many thins domain domain controller org unit tree forest

what is dhcp? what is the uses and advantages?
DHCP: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. DHCP servers r used for assigning ip addresses for client's dynamically. no need to apply ip statically for client by admin.

what is tcp/ip? what is the use?
TCP/IP is a identification of network and it is communication between two or more periferal devises.

what is swith,hub and router?
Hub:-Layer 1,brodcasting,it perform the inbuilt

fuction of reapeater.port 4-16 Switch:-layer 2,Unicasting,multicolision domain,H/w based ASIC Router:-layer 3,used to connect two different network

what are the types protocols?
15 Netstat 21 FTP 23 Telnet 25 SMTP 42 WINS 53 DNS 67 Bootp 68 DHCP 80 HTTP 88 Kerberos 101 HOSTNAME 110 POP3 119 NNTP 123 NTP (Network time protocol) 139 NetBIOS 161 SNMP 389 LDAP

what is networking?
networking means communication between two are more computer and they share some informaction like databse print A network is simply a collection of computers or other hardware devices that are connected together, either physically or logically, using special hardware and software, to allow them to exchange information

what is a protocol?
protocal is the set of rules for transfor of data b/w source to destination.protocal cal can have following rules 1 same data formate of data . 2 error checking

What is the difference between subnet mask and default subnet mask
the main diffrense between subnet mask and default sunet mask is that a subnet mask tell about the from which calss any network ip address is belonged.where as a default sumnet mask doesnot difine the the claases of ip address it only define the route of a prtocall

What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS where u can use HTTPS
HTTP(Hypter Text Transfer Protocol) HTTP commmunicate between web server and web browser. HTTP is responsible for sending request from a web client

(Browser) to a Web Server and returing web content(Web Pages) from the server. HTTPS(Secure Hypter Text Transfer Protocol) Secure communication between web server & wer browser. HTTPS handles credit card transactions & other seneitive data.The default TCP PORT of HTTPS is 443.

peer to peer network use in home and small office setup this network all of computers use in data to shareing and no any computers server and clints

What is the requirement of Subnet Mast in IP addressing ?
subnet mask is used to identify network bit and host bit is called as subnet mask. it is used to identify system ip address and also which ip addres using now we able to understand . subnetmask class a=

which port number you use when installing DHCP
DHCP uses 2 port numbers 67 and 68 67 for server 68 for clint default port is 67

If you have 500 systems how can u assign IP Addresses range
use a subnet mask of /23( as it will support up to 510 hosts along with any desire private IP range.

What does the ping -l 1000 -n 100 command do?
Ping -l 1000 -n 100 here -l is used to send the buffer size and -n is used to send the number of echo request to send there 1000 is the buffer size and 100 is the echo request to send

You have the following Network ID: What is the IP range for your network?
It ranges from - But the usable address are from - it is the broadcast address - will be the ip address of next range we can use 30 hostes in this network

How to take backup of Outlook Express explain all the steps in detail.
Open the outlook express and click on tools-optionmaintenance-store folder sysem show the outlook backup Choose this path and copy the mail folder than your outlook backup process is complete.

what is default gateway what is its use in router
defualt gateway is address of router and router is use to

connect two or more ip addresses To bypass a well defined websense appliance, you can try using an Internet proxy service by setting IE to point to a proxy server. If that doesn't work, you can try to hard code another IP address- but you would have to have some skills on how to set this and know which IP's are not assigned dynamically on your network. If the policy is well defined and the appliance is setup properly, it should be such that you can't get around it.

What is FSB?
fsb means front side bus.It is acully like processor .It is also increse the system speed.

what is diffrance between NAT & PAT
NAT is Network address Translation ( ip address translate from local ip to global ip and vice versa) PAT is Port address translation ( port are translate from local to global ip's ) like on port 8080 web service port 80 will work on PAT . it more over NAT only.

what is ram , hard disk ,processor,motherboard ,bios and use of
RAM - RAm means Random Access Memoty, which is also called the primary or main memory. Data is temporarily stored in this memory.It is a volatile memory. Hard Disk: It is one kind of secondary storage device. All kinds of data are stored in different drives of the Hard disk. Processor: It can be said the central nervous system of the computer. It can also be called CPU (Central Processing Unit) which mainly consists of two units - ALU ( Arithmatic and Logical Unit) and CU ( Control Unit). All kinds of Arithmatic and logical operation are coordinated by this section of a computer system. Motherboard: The motherboard is a circuit board on which all the discrete components like processor, HDD, FDD, Sound card or VGA card etc are attached. Now a days,many components are made built-in to the motherboard. BIOS: Basic Input Output Setup, stored in ROM in a PC

what is patch panel? what is the use
Patch panel is like Switch Board and all systems LAN interface connected to this panel. This panel work as mediator between switch and system or LAN and WAN connectivity....

what is uplink?
Uplink port provides the Connectivity between Two Or more Network Devices in the Network.

How can i check registry of the New Installing software.

what is the use of PING command?
PING : It troubleshoots connection between ur computer

and any other computer on the internet or network

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