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  • Purity
  • Corruption
  • -Albion's Most Wanted
  • -Barnum's Image Capturing Device
  • -The Love Letter
  • Bower Lake
  • Bowerstone
  • Bowerstone Old Town
  • Rookridge Road, Bowerstone Road
  • Rookridge: Hobbe Cave
  • Rookridge: Oakfield Road
  • Oakfield
  • Brightwood
  • Brightwood Road: Bandit Road (Brightwood)
  • Brightwood Road, Westcliff
  • Howling Halls
  • Westcliff
  • Wraithmarsh
  • Bloodstone
  • The Shadow Court
  • The Tattered Spire
  • Bartender
  • Blacksmithing
  • Woodcutting
  • Assassination Requests
  • Bounty Hunting
  • Civilian Displacement
  • Bowerstone The Archaeologist
  • Bandit Coast – 1 Key(s)
  • Bloodstone – 5 Key(s)
  • Bower Lake - 4 Key(s)
  • Bowerstone Cemetary - 4 Key(s)
  • Bowerstone Market - 3 Key(s)
  • Bowerstone Old Town - 3 Key(s)
  • Brightwood - 5 Key(s)
  • Fairfax Gardens - 2 Key(s)
  • Guild Cave - 1 Key(s)
  • Oakfield - 6 Key(s)
  • Rookridge - 6 Key(s)
  • Wraithmarsh - 6 Key(s)
  • Bowerstone Cemetary
  • Bowerstone Lake
  • Fairfax Gardens
  • Rookridge
  • Westcliff Road
  • Daniel Acaba
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Available: She will have more requests after each Hero quest is completed so check back post
Hero of Strength, Will and Skill.

Head up the road that leads to Fairfax castle and you will end up in the gardens. Follow the
glowing trail to reach the Archaeologist Bella. She will ask you to help her find ancient artifacts
so agree to do so to begin this quest. The first artifact is located "in the oldest part of the city",
this means you will have to go to Old Town obviously. Once you arrive there your dog will start
to sniff out a dig spot so follow him until you reach an alley where you must dig to find an
ancient scroll. Bring this back to Bella to complete the first part of this quest for some renown.

Now she will offer you another mission, this one points to
an area that has the ruins of the Old Kingdom with a
cathedral of shadows that overlooks the ocean. This is
pretty obviously referring to the Temple of Shadows near
Oakfield which has the Old Kingdom ruins of the
Wellspring. Head to Rookridge road and once again follow
your dog. He will lead you to the Rookridge Inn and then
up a hill nearby to a spot overlooking the Temple of
Shadows. Dig here to get yet another scroll and return it to
Bella for some more renown.

Talk to her yet again to get another research note.
This one is located where the dead dwell. While it
could be a few different places where you've found
a fair bit of undead go to the Bowerstone
Cemetary, The Graveyard section. Once you
appear there the dog will lead you off the road and
into another section of the graveyard. After taking
out some Hobbes you can dig up this third artifact.
Take it back to her for yet more renown.

After you complete the Hero of Will quest you will
be able to do more quests for Bella. Go back to her
and you will be given a paper that mentions
Temple, Life and Rebirth on it. This is pretty
obvious. Go to Oakfield and your doggie will lead
you to a place along the path to the temple where
you can hop over the wall and dig for the scroll.
Bring it back to Bella for more Renown.

For your fifth request she is going to ask you to
go to a place that has long been home to
wanderers and travellers. To the Gypsy camp!
Fast travel on over to the camp and your dog will
bark. Just follow him and he will lead you to a
spot in the middle of the camp, dig there to get
the scroll. Bring it back to Bella for yet another
renown boost and one more quest.

Once more into the field for archaeology! This
scroll is located in a dense forest that lies in the
shadow of a tower. Well there's only one place
that we know of that matches that description;
Brightwood. Before you fast travel there make
sure that you're ready for some trouble. Fight
off the Spire Guards, Commandants and a Spire
and follow the doggie to the spot where you
must dig.

This one can be a bit trickier though, there are
two places you could see as being "a winding
path by the ocean" but the Bandit Road fits the
bill best. Head on over to there, entering from
Brightwood, and start making your way along
the path. The dig spot is located along a small,
winding trail along the cliff face of this area
much like the scroll dictates. Fight off all of the
enemies here, go to the end of the trail and dig to
get the scroll.

Now this one is a bit more vague than all the others
especially if you haven’t explored. In a cave by a
beach somewhere, not far from where one of the
previous artifacts were found. To get to this location
fast travel to the Hobbe caves and make your way
all the way through them to the other end. When
you get outside go into the water and swim to the
right to the beach here. Go into the Gemstone
Grotto and follow your dog to find the artifact.

Next make your way to Wraithmarsh, toward The Sunken Farm. When you appear, defeat the
banshee and then follow the dog across the standing water and along the trail beyond. There's a
short stone gate to the right where you can head up a hill toward the entrance to the temple.
There's also a large tree to the left as you start up the slope. You can dig near the base of this
tree to find the scroll.

Head straight to Bloodstone by way of the Bloodstone Mansion point. Head down the main path
through the front gate, and keep to the road until you come to a fork in the road that goes left and
right around a triangular patch of foliage with a short brick wall around most of it. You can head
straight ahead to pass through a narrow opening into the area, and almost as soon as you do you
should dig to find the scroll in the small space.

For the next one take the warp to Guild Cave. The only option is The Chamber of Fate, so go
ahead and choose that. When you appear within the cave, the dog will immediately run down
the narrow bridge behind you, so follow him into a room where beetles attack. Defeat them, then
head along the passageway to the right. Follow the trail as it continues downward, to a room
where a second group of beetles attack. Defeat them, then dig near the base of a bookcase turned
on its side (just to the left of the opening leading to a circular area with a bunch of bookcases).
You'll find the scroll.

This is the final artifact so let’s get it underway. Take the warp to Bloodstone, but this time
choose the entrance that takes you to Reaver's Rear Passage. When you appear within it, you'll
need to travel for awhile. You'll defeat around three or four groups of enemies, including one set
in the room with the ramps leading throughout. After that, you should come to a room with
standing water, where you can dig on the solid ground after defeating that group of enemies.
The final scroll is yours.

With the final scroll in hand, return to Belle in Fairfax Gardens for the last time. In this instance,
you'll have to travel down the short slope just beyond where you usually find her standing. She'll
now be waiting in front of a doorway. After you hand her the scroll, she'll be able to open the
door. You'll have to accept one final leg of the quest to proceed.

When you accept, you'll appear in the tomb. Head down the ramp toward the main room and
this will trigger a battle with one of the floating triangular devices so familiar to you by now.

Defeat them as usual, then open the nearby treasure chest to receive a precious stone called The
Archons Dream.

As you head up the stairs, Belle will meet you. She wants the stone, in exchange for gold. You
can either accept, or kill her and leave with the stone yourself. The stone is worth 100,000 and
she'll offer only 50,000 gold, but by this point you probably don't even need the money so you
should only worry about your fame. Either way, you'll receive 1000 renown, but killing her will
of course make you more evil (50 points' worth) and handing over the stone will count as good
(50 points' worth). The quest is officially over at last.

*The Bard
Walk with him around town to each of the shops and he will tell you about each of the shops that
you go to. There doesn't seem to be anything too important to be said about this quest besides it's
good for some flavor. Later on however you will meet him in the Sandgoose in Oakfield where
you can pay him to sing a song about you for ten gold. This is good for a laugh and nets an
achievement plus it boosts your Renown.

*Red Harvest

Available: After completing the Brightwood section of the Hero of Will quests.
You can find the guy who starts this mission hanging out under the bridge in the Marketplace,
just follow the trail. After you talk to Arfur yet again he points you in the direction of his bandit
buddies in Brightwood. Quick travel over there and follow the trail to their hideout and, as
instructed, whistle three times to get them to come out.

After something of a humerous exchange between you and the bandits you will be told to kill
farmer Giles. They don't want you going into the basement though or they'll kill you themselves.
Whatever. Head on over to the farm and you will note that Giles has a good eight or so guards
helping him keep an eye out for any attacks. You're going to have to thin them out with spells or
ranged type attacks before you try closing in. They're not particularly hard with the lone
exception of Giles who can take a serious beating.

Once they're all dead you can head down into the basement and open up the chest here to get an
early draft of Giles autobiography. Read it and you will find out why the others were so
desperate to keep you from finding the book. Too bad for them. And they're not happy that you
did so, you're going to have to kill them off. Take out the three of them to complete the quest.

*The Summoners

Location: Old Town, Path to Cemetary
Available: After speaking to the Abbott

Treasure Chests

- Inside a mausoleum on the upper level

Silver Chests

- Near a statue you will pass
- In a mausoleum near where you got the Norminomicon

This is a pretty simple quest, all things considered. Head on over to the path that leads to the
cemetary and you will see two men bickering over who is the one responsible for the summoning
up of the undead Hollow Men army. Accept the quest and go into the graveyard. By simply
following the glowing trail you will cut your way, slowly but steadily, through the 100 required
Hollow Men and then be able to go and simply grab the Norminomicon.

*Love Hurts

Location: Cemetary, Graveyard Mansion
Available: After reaching Bloodstone for the first time

Treasure Chests

- TB Tomb: When you reach the tomb itself you can open it for a Silver Key.
- TB Tomb: Break the wall across from the tomb to find another chest.
- Grey Tomb: After jumping down into the sandy area search behind where you landed to find it
behind a pillar.
- Grey Tomb: To the left of the location of the target container.

Make your way on over to the Graveyard Mansion and knock on the door. A man named Victor
will open a slot in the door and try to chase you off before he asks if you're willing to help him
out. All he needs you to do is gather up a bunch of body parts for his scientific experiment.
Grave robbing? Oh boy, where do I sign up for that?! Oh wait... he wants specific body parts...
Lady who? This isn't going to turn out very well.

Your first stop is the Hobbe Cave along Rookridge Road to Oakfield. Once you're inside make
your way to the room where the Hobbes came out of the barrels the first time you where here.
Once here your dog will indicate where you need to dig to get her lower body.

The next part is going to be just a bit tougher to get to, it seems this part was stashed in
Twinblades tomb in Wraithmarsh. Getting here is a toughie but it’s a bit easier to access if you
leave from Bloodstone. Start heading backwards and cut a swath in the direction the glowing
trail leads you to.

Pretty much as soon as you enter this place you're going to be attacked by Hollow Men. Kill
them off and head into the larger room. Burn up the plants that are blocking off the stairs with a
fire spell and go up to the switch. Go ahead and stand on the switch to activate a Flit Switch,
shoot this to bring it within melee range. Hitting it will make it move again so shoot it to open up
the door. Go up the stairs, past the spikes and step on the switch at this dead end. Double back to
the spiked hallway and shoot the Flit Switch to open the door that was near the switch here.

This is going to allow a few undead to reach your position but it opens the door at the dead end.
Go forward and you will enter a room with a switch and a statue. Step on the switch to activate
the statue and then perform the chicken expression on it. This will open up one of the doors here
but ignore it for the moment and go through the left door, taking out the Hollow Men who come.
Now go through the right door but be ready for a pair of Elder Hollow Men to ambush you in the
narrow room.

In the next room you will have some more plants to burn out of the way before you can get to the
switch again. Step on it to open a door now double back to the expression statue and enter the
left door. The porticullis here will have been opened so pass under it and step on the switch here
to activate a Flit Switch. Shoot it to open up the door on the lower level. Jump down and pass on
through the door to reach a large circular chamber.

There is an army of undead waiting to ambush you in this room including a few Elder Hollow
Men. If you can charge up a level five fire or shock spell then you can devastate their numbers
before they really get to gang up on you before taking out the stragglers. Look to the left side of
the room (from the door) and you will see an odd glowing shape. Shoot it to start a flit switch
moving around the room, keep on shooting it to open the right door.

Run down the hallway before the flaming gargoyle trap hits you and step on the switch here.
Now go back to the circular room and go through the center door. Go up the spiral staircase here
being mindful of more Hollow Men attacks and continue on until you reach Twinblades tomb.
Yet more Hollow Men will spawn in here so take them out before doing anything else. The torso
is stashed in a box in the corner. Grab that and then bust the wall next to it to clear a path to the
exit and head on back to the gravekeeper and give it to him. Only one more!

The last piece is located in a Tomb in the Fairfax Garden. Follow the glowing trail into the tomb
and hop down to the lower level and open the sarcophagus here. Grab the head from inside of it
and some beetles will begin attacking you from all over. Kill them off and slowly begin
following the glowing trail to get the heck out of here. Take the head back to the gravekeeper
and stand back to watch his experiment play itself out.

Follow him to the basement and stand back and watch as he reanimates the dead body into an
undead... hottie? Holy crap. She might be an undead creature under a love spell but she is really
cute. Too cute for him. If you wanted to be a nice guy you could leave and let her fall in love
with him but she's better than him. Stay there until the timer runs out and you've got yourself a
devoted but slightly creepy wife to call your own.

NOTE: If you're going to marry the zombie chick make sure to propose to her, lead her outside
and buy the mansion. She likes staying here but she will leave for good if you buy the mansion
without proposing to her.

*The Cemetary Mansion

Location: Cemetary, Graveyard Mansion
Available: You must purchase the Graveyard Mansion after completing Love Hurts

Treasure Chests

- After getting the Stone of Myr'Bregoth you can see a chest to the side of a cage containing a
- After completing the Flit Switch room it will be right before the entrance to the next room off
to the left.

This mission is obtained by getting the key from buying the Graveyard Mansion. Set this as your
active quest and it will lead you to a previously locked gate off of the main trail. Your goal here
is to find the secret treasure of this cavern although as you start heading in deeper you're going a
Hollow Man voice will try to warn you off. Ignore it and just keep going deeper until you pass
by some tombs. In the next room is a chest containing one of three legendary gems, The Stone of

As you head back you will notice that the tombs are busted now and the wall has been opened
up. Pass on through a broken wall in the back of the tomb and jump down. A large group of
Hollow Men will attack so take them out until the door opens up to allow you through. In this
room you will have to move from platform to platform taking shots at the Flit Switches as you

In the next room you must either hand the gem over (a pansy move) or kill them all off. You
know what needs to be done, start taking them out. They give you plenty of time to charge up a
level five spell and whack the talking guy in the head so do so and then start fighting everybody.
They aren't particularly hard and if you have a high level Force Push then you can knock people
off the ledge here to make your job easier. Keep on hacking until they're all dead and you have
condemned their souls to eternal torment, woohoo! Head on out of there and enjoy your reward.

*Evil in Wraithmarsh

Location: Marketplace, Cow and Corset Inn
Available: After reaching Bloodstone for the first time

Treasure Chests

- Stashed between two of the wooden walls inside the well.
- To the right of where Max and Sam are standing

Make your way to the Bowerstone Marketplace and go upstairs inside the Cow and Corest to
find Max and Sams mother. Talking to her she will send you all the way to Wraithmarsh to save
these two idiots from themselves. Once yo reach the Wraithmarsh follow the glowing trail until
you reach a well, go down the ladder into it. As soon as you arrive you will be accosted by
undead, start taking out the Hollow Men and rush forward to save Sam and Max Freelance
Police from the Hollow Men that are attacking them.

Once you've rescued them from themselves they warn you that a Banshee is attacking
Bloodstone as we speak. *sigh* Head back to the city and go to the docks. The Banshee will
summon up her spawn, as usual, so wipe them out with a spell and then aim and blow her away.
It's surprisingly easy to finish this.

*Castle Fairfax

Location: Fairfax Gardens
Available: After completing the game

Treasure Chests

- Inside one of the four cages where the enemies are contained.
- At the bottom of the large room with undead Hobbes, jump off the platform at the bottom of the
room to reach a treasure chest.
- In the deepest level of the tomb in the room with the Flit Switch.
- To the right of the first treasure chest in a darkened corner.
- There are four treasure chests in the room with the potion.

Silver Chests

- To the left of the throne itself in the throne room.


- After diving into the deepest point of Fairfax Tombs

Once you have completed the game you will be able to go ahead and purchase the Fairfax castle.
It carries the steep price of 1,000,000 gold but the bed has a whole slew of rather nice bonuses.
Plus if you get married and move your spouse here they will absolutely love the place. Once
you've purchased it and checked it out head for the bed and take a snooze. When you wake up
your butler will tell you about the bandits that are attacking the castle.

Cut through the bandits that are just outside of your bedroom and make your way towards the
library. When you get to the center of the throne room you will have to fight off a rather large
wave of enemies but they should be no real threat at this point in the game. Then run towards the
library, taking out any of the bandits as you go. Upon arrival in the library a group of bandits will
attack as well as a powerful Bandit Chief. A high level spell will weaken them enough for you to
finish them in melee but you might have to take some damage to get the spell off.

As soon as the last bandit has died your butler will inform you that he is quitting your service
due to how dangerous the job is. But he does open the way into the Fairfax Tomb before he goes,
this is apparently how the bandits got into the castle. The moment you head down there more
bandits will attack you so start taking them out as you move. Break the boards and start heading
down into the tunnel yet deeper.

You will reach a room with two levers to pull and some caged enemies. Go around the room and
use your high level spells to wipe out the enemies while they are still contained. Once they're all
dead go ahead and pull the levers to open the porticullis in your path. Go through and start
fighting your way to the bottom of this large room. Move forward and then dive into the hole to
reach the deepest point of the tombs.

From here swim forward and you will reach a group of Hobbes that need a good beating. Wipe
them out and turn towards the Flit Switch. Hit it, follow where it goes quickly and hit it again
and then melee it at the third location. This will open up the door. In the next room you will have
to kill two bugs before you can deal with the switch. It will be red at first, this means you have to
hit it with a spell. Use a Force Push or Shock to hit it the first time and then shoot it twice more
to open this door.

You have reached the deepest chamber of the dungeon and your reward is a bunch of treasure
chests and a potion of gender-bending! If you've ever wanted to be the opposite gender this is
your chance. Use it now if you ever plan to do so, once you leave here it'Grab up the potion and
start heading out of the dungeon into the Bowerstone Cemetary.

12. Other Side Quests By Area (MINOR)

*A Bridge Too Far

Location: Oakfield, Sandgoose - Upper level
Available: After speaking to the Abbott
It seems that Barnum "bought" the bridge that leads to Bowerstone from Oakfield and he can't
use it because some bandits have set up shop here. Bah, this isn't a problem at all. Head on over
to the Rookridge Inn on the Oakfield road and you will hear some bandits talking about warning
the boss. Essentially you're going to have to head along the path here, up and past a mining area,
while fighting off bandits all the while.

The only real difficulty comes when you are on the mine cart tracks and fight the harder bandits.
These bandits are bigger and hard to stagger so you want to keep hitting and moving until you
take him down. Once they're gone you can catch Dash hiding up on top of a rock formation so
shoot him once to take him out. The chest behind him will net you a set of the Bandit clothing.
Return to Barnum for some Renown and his Thesaurus.

*The Sculptor

While technically a Job this is a quest in that it nets you Renown instead of gold. By following
the golden trail to the Sculptors house you will be offered to have a statue chiseled in your honor.
It's simple really, all you need to do is strike a pose and hold the expression until she tells you to
release it. If you fail and miss the mark on releasing it you will get only about 10 Renown or so.
If you hit it properly you can get 100 Renown for the first one. After this each time you find a
new plinth somewhere across the land you can comission her to build another statue for you
there to get yet more Renown. Locations of the plinths are listed below:

- Oakfield: Nearby the Sandgoose. This is where the first, free, statue that she sculpts of you will
be placed.
- Fairfax: Inside the giant circular fountain.
- Brightwood: Next to the ruined castle in the north part of town.
- Westcliff: Located near the shooting range
- Bloodstone: Near the docks area

*The Temple of Shadows / Sacrificing to the Shadows

Location: Rookridge, Oakfield Road
Available: After speaking to the Abbott

Treasure Chests

- Right up the left side of the building
- Next to the sacrificial wheel
- In a room off to the side of the sacrificial wheel

The Temple of Shadows is located outside of Oakfield. Simply fast travel to the village and then
follow the glowing trail to the Temple.

To join up with the Temple of Shadows cult you must eat 5 Crunchy Chicks right there which
means you need to be quite evil to get into this place. So when you're ready to do so stand in
front of Tarquin and he will give them to you and munch away! Once you're done the gate will
open so you can go inside. Head down the stairs here to enter the actual Temple. This is where
you can bring innocent people to be sacrificed for fun and profit. If you bring enough of them to
get the 2,000 points you will be able to do the Rite of Unhallowed Wickedness. By killing your
spouse at midnight, 12 AM, you will recieve the Maelstrom, a powerful long sword that does
extra damage to good people, like guards and monks.

*Oakfield Massacre

Available: After completing the Hero of Light quests.
While some will undoubtably end up helping the Temple of Light, those of us who have been
working with the Temple of Shadows will be helping them cleanse Oakfield of the taint of the
Light. Head to the Temple of Shadows and talk to Cornelius Grim to find out what you need to
do; wipe out the entire population of Oakfield. So head on over that way and talk to the two
Cultists there, they set you on your path of destruction and then you're free to destroy! Head to
the Sandgoose and kill everyone you see, then wander the fields a bit before you return to the
Sandgoose. If you keep going back and forth like this you'll get all of the citizens with ease.
Then return to Cornelius for your reward.

NOTE: If you return to Oakfield after this you will be charged for all of the murders you
committed. So either stay away or be ready for community service.

*Hobbe Squatters

Available: After completing the Hero of Light quests.
Head on over to the Temple of Light and you will find a strange man who is dressed as a very
ugly woman. Seems that his cave is being infested by a bunch of Hobbes so it's time to head on
over and clean it out. Make your way on over to Echo Mine and go on inside. You will get
locked in once you pass through the door with a wheel on it. Bah. This place is rather thick with
Hobbes but just proceed forward, cutting down any in your path. Scour the ground and tables for
books that are pieces from someones diary.

Once all of the Hobbes are dead make your way back to the entrance of the mine where Tony
locked you in. Seems that he is the person in those diary pages and now he wants to kill you for
killing his Hobbe tribe. One shot should be all it takes to kill him and you can be on your way.


*Westcliff Development

Available: As soon as you arrive in Westcliff
If you look around Westcliff when you arrive there for the first time you will find Barnum again.
Seems he's looking for someone to help with an investment to help develop Westcliff into a real
town and not just the camp that it is now. There are two options here and they both bear mention:


: Don't give him the money. This means that the camp will always remain as a haven for
bandits and such. However it doesn't profit you in any fashion, nor do you get any good or evil.

: If you give him the 5,000 gold he asks for you will get back 15,000 later on, a tidy profit. In
addition it grows into a town which you can purchase homes in and invest money there. This is
the more profitable but it becomes a fairly respectable place barring the really cute hooker. Take
your pick although the second option is most definitely the preferred one.

*The Crucible Champion

Available: After completing the Hero of Will quest
At any point after you have completed the Hero of Will quest you will be able to return to the
Crucible and challenge it once again. It's a great way to get a whole lot of experience really fast
and you can get a good amount of money from doing this. There is a reward for completing the
Crucible again; if you can complete it with an 7/7 perfect run you will get a legendary weapon.
This is easier said than done as the sixth and eight rounds are fairly difficult to beat under par
time, good use of ranged attacks and spells can make them easier but it's still pretty rough. The
Chopper is worth all of the trouble you will go through to get it though.



Available: After reaching Bloodstone
Set this as your active quest and follow the glowing trail. You will hear two people talking;
Sister Bev and Brother Toby. It seems that Toby wants to clean up Bloodstone and make it a
place of less corruption. This doesn't really hold too much interest for us evil sorts but there
might be some profit in it so we might as well humor him for a bit.

The first thing you're supposed to get is the Mutton of Eternal Hope. Follow the glowing trail to
the house, sneak in and get it from a cabinet. Be careful as you’re doing this if you’re good since
this is stealing and you don’t want to get too much evil for swiping things across the city.

NOTE: Be careful while doing these since you will be stealing from the homes. Make sure
nobody is around to see you or they will attack you to kill. This could lead to a brawl with most
of the people in the city if things go poorly.

Next he wants you to get the Wine of Forgiveness, follow the glowing trail once more and search
this house to find it. Bring it back to him and you're tasked to get the Sacred Pie of Kindness.
Much like the other two pieces you will have to sneak into someones house and snatch it. Lastly
he wants you to get him a hooker so that he can show her the error of his ways. Tell one to
follow you into his house and you will be asked to leave him with her. Suspicious much...

Leave the house and one of the men on the streets will tell you the truth about "Brother" Toby.
That little rat used us did he? Go back to the house and keep knocking on the door until he opens
it up. The minute that he does so step on inside, turn the safety off and chop him to pieces. That
completes that and noboy will even miss the blighter.

*Treasure Island of Doom!

Available: After reaching Bloodstone

Treasure Chests

- Along the path to the cave past the thorny bushes.

You have to talk to good ol' Salty Jack in the tavern here to get this started. Before he spills the
beans you will have to buy him a drink so get a beer and give it to him. After you've gotten the
quest make your way to the far side of town, following the glowing trail, and you will reach a
staircase that is being blocked by some thorny plants. Burn them up and follow the road past
them to reach the cave you must enter called the Sinkhole.

Go forward until you reach a dead end and dive down into the water. This gets you into the
caverns and nets you the Cliff Diver achievement. Follow the trail past the ship, up the stairs and
go into the tunnels. Open the door here and you will be attacked by a huge number of ghost
pirates. It's best to stand in the doorway and to fire off level three or four offensive spells. You
can kill them about as fast as they spawn in by doing this and not really risk yourself.

Once they're all dead go up the stairs and break barrels and boxes until you reveal a switch. Step
on this to open the door and then go on through. Go all the way on up to the captains
bedchamber and search the bedside table for the key to the chest and then open it up. This nets
you a lever, take it and start heading back the way you came until you're back outside the
tunnels. Use the lever on the mechanism here to raise the water level and bring the ship to you.

Walk onto the deck of the ship and you will be attacked by some pirates while the captain
watches. Keep on killing ghosts until the captain himself attacks you. After you kill about three
waves the captain will come to attack you personally along with his retinue of yet more ghosts.
While his sword attacks are strong he isn't too bad and his Gust spell is more annoying than
damaging. If you use Time Control to slow everything down a level five fire or shock spell will
decimate his ghosts and weaken him for an easy kill.

Once you've taken him out you will get a treasure map. Now walk over to the wheel of the ship
and it will take you to the Lion's Head Isle. You can search this place to find all of Captain
Dread's Treasure. If you wish to leave the island just go up to the wheel again and it will take
you back to Bloodstone.

You appear next at Lion's Head Isle. There are 10 treasures (money bags containing 1500 gold
apiece) that you'll need to find. From where you appear, head forward along the side of the ship,
which is broken in half. There's a campfire burning between the two halves. Walk past the
campfire and you'll find that you can enter the second half of the ship to find a treasure chest.
That's 1 out of 10.

Now continue toward the end of the ship. Here, a stream is to your left, which you can pass
through as beetles attack. Take care of them, but don't continue up the trail to the left just yet.
Instead, head off to the right and swim through the water there to come around a rocky area and
find a little beach with a treasure chest on it. You've found 2 out of 10.

Return to where you killed the beetles and this time head up the trail. Here, along the left side of
the path, you'll find some glowing brambles. Slash them down, as well as the beetles that swarm
you, then vault from the ledge onto the deck of the ruined ship below. Now open the treasure
chest that waits there. That's 3 out of 10.

Return to where you destroyed the brambles and continue along the trail as it heads toward the
right. It'll reach a dead-end precipice. Look along the left side and there's a ledge not far below
with a moss-covered chest sitting on it. Drop down to that chest and search it. That makes 4 out
of 10 money bags.

Drop down again from there, into the water below. Swim left and check under the waterfalls.
You'll find that you can head behind one to a small, grassy ledge where a treasure chest waits.
That's 5 out of 10.

Now, you've probably noticed the main island of land at the center of the lagoon. Head there
now and as you climb out of the water, be ready to take care of several beetles with your pistol.
Then check near the base of the tree to find a treasure chest. This should now make 6 out of 10
treasures found.

Roam around the island for a moment and your dog will likely start sniffing. Let him look
around and he'll find a place to dig along the edge of the island, which will unearth a Money
Bag. That's 7 out of 10 treasures.

While you're here, there's one more easy treasure to grab. Look around the edge of the island
and you should find a dive point where you can dive to find another Money bag. You're now up
to 8 out of 10.

Now head away from the island a grass-lined bank along one side of the lagoon that should be
plainly visible not far away at all. Climb up that area and you'll find that the trail heads up to the
cliffs above. There, you'll see a passage leading left where some bats are waiting. Before you go
there, look right and you can drop down to a ledge a bit to grab a Silver Key.

Do so if you're collecting those and drop down to the water, then swim back right and climb up
the trail so that you're again looking at the bats hanging from the ceiling. Now proceed through
that area, taking care of them with your gun. Partway through, you'll notice a weak wall along
the left side. Break open the wooden barrier to find a little treasure room. Open the chest there.
That's 9 out of 10.

Now return to the corridor that had the beetles and continue along it to what is now your left.
You'll come to a ledge. Drop down and then open the treasure chest that waits there for another
Money Bag. You've now obtained all 10 of the treasures.

Your next goal is to return to the Salty Jack. That should be as easy as dropping down the bank
ahead of you, then following the golden trail of light left and then back right as it loops around
the broken ship that you encountered upon first reaching the Isle. When you reach your
destination the ship you used to arrive here you'll head up to the wheel and press 'A' to ride
the ship back to the edge of Bloodstone.

When you arrive, you'll automatically be met by the old pirate who told you the story of the
ghost and his ship. You'll also receive 7500 renown as a reward.

*The Sketch Fragments

Available: After completing the Hero of Will quest.
When you return to land you will notice that occasionally bandits
will attack you by ambush. They're no harder than other bandits so
take them out and you will get an item, the First Sketch Piece. After
this you will come across more bandits as you travel and eventually
get a Second Sketch Piece that, when put with the first, shows what
appears to be some sort of crab. After this you can get the third piece
which turns the paper into a map. Lastly some assassins will ambush
you either inside of a town or close to it, kill them to get the last of
the sketch pieces. This segues into the mission just below, The Hit.

*The Hit

Available: After completing the Sketch Fragments

Treasure Chests

- Off to the right of the path just after entering the Fortress.
- After the first bandit ambush here go up the stairs to the right to find it.

Now that we know where the Highwaymen are sending assassins at us from it's time to go there
and do something about it. Head on over to Brightwood and follow the trail into the Forsaken
Fortress. Start heading forward and when you go up the stairs you will be ambushed by some
bandits. Make use of Time Control here and then begin fighting. There are a few Highwaymen
who will rush you and there are some more up the stairs to the left. Try to draw the Highwaymen
back down the stairs to stop the shooters on the stairs from reaching you and use a few powerful
spells, and your gun, to wipe them out. Then go back in and kill all the people on the stairs.

As you move forward the leader of the Highwaymen, Darius, will taunt you and then run away.
You can't hurt him so don't bother and just chase after him. When you go up the stairs he used
some more Highwaymen will jump out at you, kill them and keep chasing Darius.

Eventually you will corner him and some more Highwaymen will jump out to help him try to kill
you. He's about as strong as one of the Commandants but he doesn't have much Will to help him
out. He uses his sword and a Time Control dash attack but it isn't a threat. A few high level spells
makes work of him and his cronies.

*Something Rotten

Location: Rookridge Inn
Available: After reaching Bloodstone
It seems that there is a strange smell filling up the Rookridge Inn and making it impossible for
him to do business. Make your way on over to the Inn and go talk to the bar owner. It seems that
his water supply has gone totally rancid for some reason. Follow the glowing trail to the
Wellspring Cavern and head on inside.

It seems that a Rock Troll has set up shop here and its ruining the water supply. Wait... how did
he fit in here? In either case take him out like you did in the Crucible, this shouldn't be an issue.
Make sure to get the treasure chests in here as well as any dig spots. Now head on back to the Inn
for your renown. You can now purchase the Inn for a fairly small sum of money.

*Brightwood Tower

Location: Brightwood Forest
Available: Upon completion of the Hero of Will quests.

Treasure Chests

- In the belfry area right near the bed.

Head on over to the Brightwood Tower and defeat any Spire Guards and Shards who harass you
before going up to the door of the tower. You can purchase it now for about 190,000 gold pieces.
Once you do so you will find a note from Garth that explains he has a strange bed up in the attic
we couldn't get to before. Go inside and climb up the ladder all the way in the belfry looking area
to reach an attic with only a bed. Whenever you're ready for the quest sleep here.

You will awaken in the Nightmare Hollow as a young child but with all of your combat
capabilities. Follow the path to reach a chest and when you search it you will find a rather bizarre
letter. The chest will then teleport away and the glowing trail will appear, follow it to reach the
chest in this area. When you reach the note that it gives you this time you will be attacked by
some bugs, take them out and the chest will teleport away.

Follow the trail again and you will reach a grassy area where the chest will send a horde of
Hobbes after you. These are the big red ones that do a lot of damage and dance around your
attacks so do be careful. A shock spell will make your life a lot easier even if it means sucking
up some damage to get it off. Once the last of them is dead the chest will teleport and you must
follow the trail again. When you reach the chest it will summon up some Hollow Men, Elders
and regular ones. Take them out to force the chest to move again.

This time the chest will leap you to a hilltop with a lone tree where it will summon up a Banshee
and some Hollow Men. All things considered this is really easy if you're a Will user. Charge up a
high level spell once you've finished reading the note from Chesty and unleash it against the
Hollow Men and Banshee spawn. This should take out the children and stagger, if not kill, the
Elder Hollow Men. Now turn your gun to the Banshee, aim a bit and shoot her to death.

Turn and follow the glowing trail across a bridge and through a metal fence inside of what
appears to be a mausoleum. Searching the chest this time causes it to unleash a group of
Balverines at you two at a time. Use your magic and ranged attacks to make short work of them.
Open Chesty up when he reappears to get the Diamond of Sorrow, a piece of Chesty. Make your
way to the bed to sleep and reappear in the real world.

* Archons Knot

Location: Brightwood Tower
Available: After you purchase Brightwood Tower

Treasure Chests

- Off to the left side of the path after getting through the second Flit Switch spike puzzle.

Go up to the level that the Cullis gate is on and look to to the left, towards the stairs. There is a
break in the railing here, jump off of it into a hole in the tower. This leads you into a hidden
dungeon known as Archons knot. This place is a giant puzzle labyrinth, not a whole lot of
combat but it's still pretty dangerous at times. Swim into the tunnel forward and go straight until
you reach the first chamber. Turn to your left and shoot the Flit Switch there to open the door.

Head into the tunnel and make your way up the stairs to reach a room with a strange spiked floor.
There is a particular way that you must cross the spikes or you will be hit by them and stopped
from going forward. Shoot the Flit Switch to reveal the pattern you must move shown by candles
on the wall and open the door. Move as the candles illustrate and you will reach the door, strike
the now blue Flit Switch to open it up and proceeed through. If you hit a point where you're
unsure of where to proceed simply don't step on any tiles with skeletons on them.

Proceed upstairs and pass by the caged Flit Switch and expression statue. Go up the stairs and
you will reach more spiked tiles. Step on the blue switch here and go back to the expression
statue. Use the Bloodlust Roar expression to shut off the statue and let the Flit Switch out. Run
back up to the spike room and follow the pattern that the switch makes every time you hit it. This
movement shows you the safe path over the spikes. Just move carefully, hit it and then follow it,
repeat until you're safe at the door.

Once again follow the stairs up, go across the path and exit to the roof of this area. Here you will
find a treasure chest you can open to get the best Legendary Weapon, the Daichi, from a chest.

*Rescue Charlie

Location: Bower Lake, Gypsy Camp
Available: After arriving in Bloodstone for the first time.

Treasure Chests

- Near the Tomb of Heroes entrance a treasure chest has been unearthed hidden behind a log.
- Behind a pillar to the right after you come down the steps into the inner chamber of the tomb.
- Hidden behind a pillar in the room where you locate Charlie, just left of the entrance to the
- Near the switch that opens the door out of the tomb.

Make your way to the Gypsy camp and go to the bridge that overlooks Bower Lake. You will see
a woman standing there, sobbing a bit at her lost grandson. Agree to go look for him and then
head out of the gypsy camp and head to the right. You will soon see that the ground here looks
like it was dug up and a tomb of some sort has been revealed. Enter the Tomb of Heroes.

Head forward past the little camping spot and go down the stairs into the water filled inner
chamber. Follow the glowing trail through the middle door and keep moving until you pass
through a broken door. You will find a man fighting off a Hollow Man, run forward and kill it to
help him out.

It turns out that this is Charlie, an adventurer and not some little boy. He will recognize the note
from his grandmother but ignore it and ask you to help him open the sarcophagus. Sure, what
could go wrong with a little graverobbery? Charlie needs you to hold off the Hollow Men while
he picks the lock on the tomb so stand your ground and begin charging up a spell. Fire it off
when the Hollow Men bunch up nearby you and blow the living crud out of them.

They come in a few waves but even the Elder Hollow Men are fairly weak at this point. Once
he's finished picking the lock go ahead over and push it open. What you get is... what you might
have hoped for or expected.

Fight off the horde of enemies that comes out after you here and once the last of them is dead
you can start fighting your way out of here. Make your way back to the inner chamber with the
pool and go through the other, previously closed, door.

As you head through this narrow tunnel a large number of undead will begin to swarm you, fight
them off and keep pushing on forward. Step on the switch when you finally reach it and make
your way out of the tomb. His granny is near the exit so walk him over to end this quest.

13. Appendix (APP)

* Silver Keys (KEYS)

As you play through the game, you’ll no doubt run across a few Silver Keys. Collecting them all,
though, is much more of a substantive task than just happening across the half dozen or so you’ll
find by accident. There are 50 Silver Keys in all, and their locations are broken down here. For a
little extra help, check the pause screen for a breakdown by area of how many Silver Keys are in
the area versus how many you have found.

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